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  • comradekatara
    19.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    non-exhaustive list of things that sokka does after the war ends, in no particular order:

    helps to reconstruct the southern water tribe with katara

    creates a library in the southern water tribe to preserve items of historical/cultural significance that were stolen from them by the fire nation (since returned, courtesy of firelord zuko)

    consistently refers to this library as "[his] baby," startling many acquaintances into believing that he is now a father

    invents a bunch of new technologies, including but not limited to radios, wrist watches, and falafel (that last one was specifically a gift for aang)

    studies every subject he can possibly learn at ba sing se university whenever he happens to already be in town so as to call king kuei an idiot to his face

    teaches extremely sought-after, highly exclusive seminars in which he discusses his research (and anything else that happens to pop into his mind) with a select group of particularly dedicated students

    popularizes the field referred to as bending theory, or more broadly, spirit mechanics/metaspirituality, in which he strives to understand the physics of the spirit world, both in terms of how it operates in its own distinct realm, and how it intersects with the material plane, in modes such as bending

    finds a way into the spirit world (without having to actually meditate because he's fucking terrible at that)

    reunites with yue, who helps him with his research (because she a) was a human not too long ago, and therefore understands sokka's perspective in a way that most spirits absolutely would not b) is a big ol nerd)

    befriends a bunch of powerful spirits who think that he is, without a doubt, the weirdest human guy they have ever met (and are, naturally, extremely fond of him)

    facts wan shi tong, he who knows ten thousand things, must contend with:

    the kid who hit him over the head with a book while yelling "learn this!" (or something equally inane, at any rate) is currently the world's leading scholar on most matters, and actually seems to value knowledge for knowledge's sake a hell of a lot

    if he does not unban those water tribe kids and the avatar from his library, he will have to face the moon spirit's (extremely passive aggressive) wrath for all eternity

    ten thousand things might not actually be that many things :/

    #thinking abt the process of sokka being allowed back into The Library lmao #he personally doesnt care all that much #but yue really advocates on his behalf #also she hears the story about how he hit that big ol owl over the head with a book and high fives him #(she hates wan shi tong he reminds her of all her dads most annoying friends ://) #sokka #wan shi tong #sokkaxyue#yue#postwargaang#reyuenion #also the last bullet point is a joke #to be clear i am aware that it is a saying #and not literal #please dont reply guy me i KNOW its not literal I KNO W #ok thanks in advance!!!!!! :)) #and to be clear the reference to him inventing the radio is relevant bc in lok wan shi tong does not know how radios work #so i think thats a fun little connection to make #anyway...
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  • 187days
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Day Thirty-Five

    I got my first “you’ve been exposed to Covid” notification today, meaning one of my students was actually present in class while positive for the virus. Till now, when any of my students tested positive, they’d been symptomatic and stayed home so I was never exposed. I’m not stressed about it because I’m vaccinated, I was never within ten feet of this student for more than a minute or so at a time, we all wear masks, and I feel fine. It did spook some of my colleagues who got the same notification, though. I understand that reaction, especially if they’ve got young kids at home, but... I dunno... maybe I’m too pandemic fatigued to be spooked anymore? Like, I don’t have the energy for that? 


    Today felt all out of whack even before that. According to my Block 2 class, it’s because there was a Monday football game and that just threw off the routine. Today didn’t feel like a Tuesday, we don’t know why it’s not the end of the week, etc, etc...

    World was pretty simple and low-stress, though: we read, we discussed current events (an oil spill off the California coast, an attack on a school bus, Colin Powell’s death, the bow and arrow attack in Norway, the Sox win over the Rays, the stabbing of the British MP, etc, etc...), and then I assigned a reading on Hinduism and Buddhism. I gave students the option to annotate it or fill in a learning chart about it, and also had online and print copies. It’s interesting to see who chose what method of completing the assignment. Options are good!

    Less good: the students who decided to have a pencil fight during Block 4.


    GOV was pretty simple, too. We watched Secretary Blinkin’s statement about Colin Powell, I finished taking budget questions, and then I assigned a paper. My students have to research one of NH’s senators or representatives, and write a paper that includes a brief biography, a summary of the policy issues they’ve worked on, and an analysis of their efficacy as a member of Congress. Before I assigned the paper, I had them brainstorm criteria for efficacy, so that was my segue. 

    I spent most of my prep time grading, but also took a minute to chat with Mrs. W about her upcoming contemporary world issues class. We’re going to sit down and discuss it more at a later date; she just wanted to pick my brain a bit today.

    #teaching#teachblr#edublr#educhums#education#teacher#high school#social studies #day thirty five #Mrs. W #conversations about current events
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  • batarangsoundsdumb
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #yes yes yes yes yes yes #but also arguments with bruce #bruce: listen jason you cannot keep doing this- there's a way we solve cases through logic- not violence and- #bruce: what are you doing #jason miming out fucking someone: that's what i- that's what i did- what i did- with your- with your girlfriend lmaooo #jason goes around the cave to high five the mannequins with the old robin suits like a champion #i'm still a big fan of aroace jason tho #i see it like this: one side of my brain -> NO :) jason #other side of my brain: lmao i fucked your mom last night- AND ILL DO IT AGAIN! jason #they can coexist in fanon. nothing is real #jason todd #talia al ghul #(yes jason sort of canonically fucked talia you should ask junkoandthediamonds about it but dont like fuck w/their askbox lmao) #(best defense against weirdos in your askbox is to just go inactive randomly. am i even still on tumblr? youll never know) #junkoandthediamonds is like the best person to go to for comic proof tho like they know everything probably #damian wayne#robin#red hood#dc#dcu#dc comics#ask#bataranswers
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  • grandmafc
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    we’re not losing!

    #high fiving like you did anything smh have some shame you clowns #rm lb#ucl lb
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  • oz-the-great-and-yeet
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Shshfkdkne it’s so funny seeing home chefs on chopped or other cooking shows when they don’t know the lingo,,, ‘hot behind’ ‘knife behind’ nah fam they r just running around and these classic chefs r like 👀👀👀

    #I do a cruel chuckle #it’s funny but in like a culture clash kind of way #like when someone goes in for a hand shake but they get a hug #like when someone raises their hand and someone gives them a high five #like when someone bows and the other person thinks they r tying their shoe or smth #anyways #oz watches actual tv #chopped
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  • ozpins-halfway-house
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #this was a great question #I am giving you a high five rn #answers of hope #mercury black #oz's halfway house au
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  • guqin-and-flute
    19.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    ✋ Gimme high five with the AU I should attempt to write in next when I wake up

    #i have SUCH A BAD TIME CHOOSING THINGS #i get paralyzed by my own indecision. so I'm outsourcing #and getting high fives #- 3zun Raise Jingyi. -PtL. -Modern 3zun -xiyao. are the main ones I'm working on currently #if i can't write... I'm gonna try to make text post memes so i do SOMETHING #my stuff#tbd #also good night
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  • pinsandvinegar
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    it's perfectly s f w because I got overwhelmed and couldn't finish the last drawing, luckily (?)

    #sketches#figure study#sketchbook#oc#werewolf #admit you know these references for a high five and instant death #:)
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  • riotdyke
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    searched the entire world for a green suit for a wedding I’m in this weekend, and now that I have it, I would like to wear the pants to Every Single Formal Event I attend for the rest of my life. also learned in the process of taking these photos that I’m vain enough to post them on tumblr but not vain enough to remember to fix my shirt collar, apparently

    #I spilled soap on said pants five minutes after taking these and am praying to every god that it does not leave a mark #Anyway now I’m not allowed to touch this suit again until the wedding #lesbian style#butch#butch outfit #also ps does anyone know how to get chalk stains out of suit? I do not have time to get it dry cleaned #face #brb turning this account I’ve had since freshman year of high school into a fashion blog for my 23 year old self #jk… unless?
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  • incorrect-skylanders-dragons
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Headcanon: High Five

    His older brothers are named One Up, Two Cents, Three Green, and Four Eyes. He also has two baby sisters named Six Shooter and Lucky Seven.

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  • sanophiliac
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #rindou haitani would cease to check his bank account. #i'd have a closet just for my bags. #matter fact- TWO closets just for my bags. i need one to match every shirt i own. #he cries every time we pass a department store cause i have eyes like magnifying glasses #i notice the bags in the display and i'm already tugging on his sleeve #'you already have-' no i don't. i do not have it. i need it and i will get it. #what is he gonna do????? say no????????? #he calls ran like 'this is the third time this morning' and ran is like 'that's all?????? kon bought six bags by seven forty five' #ran doesn't know why rin calls to complain because they live the same life #lord help them both when we run into each other in the same store #they're praying to every high power that their card freezes or something but that don't stop us cause baybeeee!!!! #i know they got cash in they pockets! count it out! #lemme hear the money crinkle! lets go! #this hermes will not purchase itself! #asks.♕ #axhyudski i like bags n perfumes #im planning to get either hermes or gucci this christmas idk yet
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  • eatsbop
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #high five to you anon #how to fight #viral hit #why was this tagged 'this is very stupid' lmao i clicked on that accidentally anon #no disrespect
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  • to-make-room-for-the-toona
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #inbox #high five anon 🤚
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  • incorrect-skylanders-dragons
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Echo: (cram-studying for a test)

    Echo: ………. Argh!! (gets up, leaves the room)


    Echo: (comes back dragging High Five by the arm, plops him next to her, goes back to studying)

    High Five: (cuddles up to Echo) Better?

    Echo: Better.

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  • cisphobicfives
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    before you make lurien a paternal figure to the butler, THINK: is there literally any of this at all you can apply to herrah and hornet instead of the old man and someone he'd have presumably anything but a paternal relationship with. please. please. pl

    #and also does the phrase fucking in the city mean anythingto you #jestersvaguely #fr thoufh i'd rather read ten pages of them lowkey hating his guts (probably ooc unless done specific way + them not born w high class) #than a weird. Iurien being a dilf thing. the vibes are not his im sorry #literally all of the five knights have better vibes than he does (well. not ze'mer. i am sorry.) + HERRAHHS RIGHT THJEREE AGHH #if you want the city vibes even fucking soul mastrr of all people has more of a semi awkward dilf vibe than Iurien does #but if you eant someone GOOD at being a dad who runs the city look at hegemol! please! oh my gd #literally hallownrsts first dilf. have you seen sheos dialogue
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  • high-five-of-teenager-trashblog
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y'all, Woohyuk is something else. He literally messaged Michael J. Fox a link to an invite to his pop up store.

    He also wrote (rough translation): "Love and respect you, hyung-nim, you're invited."

    His fanboy agenda is on another level, and I respect him for it. This feels like he's a teenager sending a love note to his crush, and telling us about it. Hope it turns out well for him. 🤞

    #Jang Woohyuk#Woohyuk #h.o.t #high-five of teenagers #kpop#k-pop #back to the future
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  • deathwxtch
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    “  I’m  not  allowed  to  participate  in  the  fight  tournaments  downtown  since  last  time  two  years  ago.  Bummer.  “
    #{ max vc: it was Trendan Brendan Graydan and Okaydan's fault for being so weak } #☾ Rot and Decay (Ic) #☾ High on A Feeling... And Psychedelics (Crack) #☾ Harbinger of Death (Maxime) #☾ You May Proceed (Open Starter) #{ Max you launched five men onto the mayor's house's roof of course that's against the rules it's a hand-to-hand combat tournament }
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  • tgtg6ch
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    SixTONES ✋✋✋

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