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  • I have a teacher that is so nice to me always checks on me and welcomes me with tight hugs and kisses and always makes sure to tell me he’s so proud of me even when I’m not satisfied with myself every single day, he does that every single day and I’m super determined to have the best at GPA to make him prouder because he always says he believes in me more than anyone else can because he sees my true potentials , I love him so much and I’m so grateful I have met such a great person in my life

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  • In this segment of “stuff I say when I’m sleep deprived”:

    I went up to my friends and I forgot what I meant to say and so I just said “spatula” and looked to my friend (for confirmation I guess) and I think I thought I said “I have big sad”

    They started laughing and I was really confused for a solid few minutes

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  • Dear Fellow US High School Students (tw: school shootings),

    All over my local news and national news this past few days has been a shooting at a high school in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh West HS. My high school. The thing is, it wasn’t a full-blown shooting like columbine or parkland. A student walked into the student resource officer’s office, stabbing him multiple times until the officer pulled out his gun, shooting the student. It may not seem like that big of a deal from the outside.

    I was in a room just a short walk away. About a full hallway I would say. It took me until today, 3 days since the event, to really remember some of the details before I ran out of the building. I remember a bang, yelling, and running. Teens running from the surrounding classrooms outside, and my teacher said, “are they just messing around?” People kept running, my teacher told us to get under desks, after realizing it was serious, and after what felt like only a few seconds, told us to run.

    I grabbed my keys and my phone, I was nearing a panic attack already. Everyone was running and one teacher was standing, pointing everyone towards the door. Everything felt rushed and panicked. We had no idea what was happening.

    Sprinting outside, not even really registering what was happening, not really noticing that I was running, I slipped and fell on some ice. Even in the waves of panicked students, a few stopped to ask me if I was alright.

    Everyone was running across the street to the mosque which, I later found out, was unlocked by a friend of mine for over 100 students. Getting to the top of the mosque’s steps, I turned around, realizing I couldn’t find my best friend, who I swore was by my side when I left. Out of breath, I whispered his name as students pushed past me, until I gave up and was pushed inside, tears rolling down my cheeks.

    A minute or so later, he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug and I couldn’t have been more relieved. I pulled out my phone, wet with snow from my fall, and called my mom, whom I had texted while under a classroom table: “something is happening.” On the phone, she told me to calm down while getting into her car since she was thankfully off of work that day.

    In the mosque, while I had calmed down a little, I didn’t know what had happened to my friends, whether they were okay, and what was actually going on. I cried while hugging my best friend, worrying about my little sister, my girlfriend, and my other friends.

    Eventually I had gotten in touch with friends who were either still in the school, safe, or who had run to the local middle school, about 0.5 miles away. Everything was a blur. Soon we left the mosque, heading to the local middle school on a small bus. My mom met me when I got off, crying into my shoulder, but still unable to take me home.

    Hundreds of high schoolers, crammed in a small, middle school gym for 2-3 hours as a long line of parents waited. While I just wanted to go home and sleep, I found my friends and I knew my little sister was fine, and that was all that really mattered.

    In the gym, people were crying, hugging, and talking about what had happened. It turned out that the student who had stabbed the officer had posted on Snapchat at 1:50 am, stating, “today’s the day.” From what we know, he had only planned to kill the officer, but who knows what would have happened if he had gotten a hold of his gun.

    I just want to say, that while I mostly wrote this out for myself, to get all of my feelings out after the first day back at school since, please please please, if you hear or see something, say something. If just one person had reported the Snapchat story, this may not have happened. The student could have been stopped and received the help he needed before committing a crime that will land him in jail/prison for quite a while. The rest of the school could have been saved from this traumatic experience.

    I know my experience may not be as terrible as those who have survived full-blown shootings, and I can’t imagine and I don’t want to, but this is terrible enough for me to realize the importance of speaking up. Thank you to those who have read this far and please, speak up when you hear or see a threat because even if it’s a joke, you can’t risk to take the chance.

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  • “Who was the leader of Russia?”

    “Definitely not a black guy”

    -my history class studying for our test today

    #history#high school #american high school #public school
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  • i really went for the full art student look today, and Let Me Tell You that was not the best look to go with when visiting a public high school

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  • WEST BEND – When a basketball team cannot generate consistent offense, it puts immense pressure on said team to lock down the defensive end of the floor.

    West Bend West was solid at times defensively in its home North Shore Conference game against Whitefish Bay on Friday night, but simply could not get into a rhythm offensively in a 53-29 loss. The Blue Dukes wore the Spartans down with a deliberate offensive pace and active hands on defense.

    “I just think, in general, we came out a little bit flat,” West coach Ryan Matenaer said. “We had guys that weren’t really competing in all their spots. From what we were last game against Homestead to how we came out now, it was just a different level of intensity and enthusiasm. Part of that falls on me as a coach.”

    “I was worried we would let down and not be the same team that we were in those first two games,” Whitefish Bay coach John Ricciardi said. “That wasn’t the case. I really thought that (junior guard) J.D. Cohen and (senior guard) Drew Garcia really gave us a lot of energy. They got their hands on a lot of balls, a lot of deflections. They were able to chase No. 5 (West junior guard Aaron Tennies) around a lot. The other guys; it just took a while to get in rhythm, but I really thought that J.D. and Drew really started us off and gave us that energy we needed.”

    Whitefish Bay had early momentum during the closely contested first six minutes. Spartans’ senior forward Lukas Broske had all six of West’s points during this stretch which produced a 7-6 Blue Dukes’ lead. Broske led the Spartans and all scorers with 15 points.

    “He took a year off from basketball last year,” said Matenaer of Broske. “He’s still kind of shaking off the rust and picking some things up. From the eye test, he was a guy who competed offensively and defensively. He was flying around and was a guy that we were pretty proud of the way he competed tonight.”

    The road squad established control after that with a 14-2 run that produced a 13-point advantage. Junior guard Jayden Jackson and sophomore forward Kamarion Ivory keyed the Blue Dukes’ rally, as each player scored four points during the flurry. Whitefish Bay had two steals during the run as well.

    “We got our hands on some balls and got out in transition a little bit,” said Ricciardi of his team’s big first-half run. “I think the bigger part of that 14-2 is the ‘2’. We were just not allowing them to score, not allowing them to get second shots. That allowed us to kind of methodically go on it. I don’t know if it was a run, but a marathon. I thought it was our defense, mostly, that did that for us.”

    Broske knocked down a 3-pointer just right of the top and junior guard Aaron Tennies had a layup and two free throws to produce a 7-2 run to get the Spartans within eight at 23-15. Jackson had possibly the highlight of the half with one minute to play when he drove the lane from the top and converted a twisting layup that helped the Blue Dukes to a 27-17 halftime lead. Jackson led Whitefish Bay’s balanced attack with 13 points.

    West inched a bit closer to begin the second half. Broske converted an open transition layup after the Spartans broke a press that they struggled with most of the game. Senior forward Brad Weber later knocked down a 3-pointer from the left wing to get the home squad within eight.

    “We need more movement,” said Matenaer of his team’s offensive struggles. “We’re a motion-based team. We just have to find a way to screen bodies better, curl harder. It just seemed like we were flat, even on the weak side. We didn’t really look to punch any gaps when we had the ball.”

    Whitefish Bay took off from there and never looked back. Garcia canned a triple from the left wing and Cohen and sophomore guard Ryan Carew each had steals and subsequent transition layups to key a 9-0 spurt to push the lead to 39-22. Carew later converted an inside shot and senior guard Kieran Heller hit a 3-pointer from the left baseline to open up a 21-point bulge. The Blue Dukes cruised to victory from there, with sophomore center Joe Brunner freeing himself for two layups down the stretch.

    “We want to be able to take great shots,” said Ricciardi of his team’s slower offensive pace. “That’s one of the hardest things to coach is to teach kids what a good shot is and what’s a bad shot. We’re still trying to figure that out. They’re getting much better at it. They’ve come around with that much faster than I thought.”

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  • Dump all my spur of the moment story ideas here before I forget them? Yes? Thanks.

    OKAY. (caps lock is like my favorite key if you couldn’t tell already.)

    So I’ve got two ideas that have stuck with me recently. Sakura centric fics, of course. MuliSaku dbl of course.

    Their both AU’s but the first one portrays Sakura as a princess of a small kingdom who is pretty wild, adventurous, and not at all like your traditional princess. Seeing no other way of marrying her off (as if he needs to) her father arranges a birthday ball sort of disguised as a speed dating arena for Sakura to meet her potential suitors. 

    The week of the ball, she ventures out into the kingdom in disguise and unknowingly encounters all the KEY suitors and makes such a striking first impression on them that they almost all forgo pursuing the princess and go for this civilian instead. When they get to the ball and see Sakura introduced as the princess, they’re each super convinced that Sakura will choose them over the others based on their unique encounters.

    It’ll make for an interesting party!

    Now the second idea is more modern. it’s another one of those Cinderella-esque stories. As if there’s not enough of those floating around. I’ve never written one though, and I’ve always wanted to! Anyway, the inspiration for this story came from Diamond Lover (Chinese Romance Drama. Watch it, it’s pretty good). 

    Sakura’s a nobody at her school. Pretty much everyone ignores her save for Naruto who is more of an acquaintance than anything else at the beginning of the story. At the end of the school year, right after summer break starts, Sakura gets into a terrible accident and has to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face. After months of recovery, she starts the new term late and arrives at school as a completely different person on the outside. Inside, she’s still the same Sakura. And when she starts getting all this attention, it really pisses her off! As a result, her true colors start to show! I mean, these jerks basically ignored her for all these years, I’d be pissed too!

    Anyway, these are just ideas! Maybe if some expresses interest, I might take the time to write out a few chapters and post them. Dunno!

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  • * me in chemistry *

    me: so what happens when you drink this blue shit ?

    teacher: you die



    Originally posted by fiftysmore

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  • 12/6/19 😐

    English was boring, as always. I have some homework and just submitted an essay for the class so that’s that.

    Math was nice until the teacher sorta lost his temper. This girl was on her phone while he was teaching and he went on a tangent. He said that he lost his temper yesterday because of phones and said that because of it, he kinda disliked himself. That makes me so sad because he’s so nice and he disliked himself a little. He said that he’ll go and chill out for a few minutes so he doesn’t yell at us. After the few minutes, he said, “I don’t mean to be rude, but if you’d like, you can transfer to [other teacher]’s class. Maybe she wouldn’t mind.” The rest of class was fine after this.

    PE was cool. We had a sub and it sadly wasn’t J, but whatever. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen J in a while and I was beginning to think that my school needed subs all the time. Anyway, I just walked around with these three girls while everyone else was walking or playing basketball.

    Choir was fun. We worked on dynamics and other techniques because we’re desperately trying to get ready for our concert that’s in seven school days.

    Biology was cool. A little boring, but it’s fine. I honestly never remember what happens in that class.

    Ethnic Studies was okay. We went to hang up posters for a the presentations tonight. My presentation was presented, but I wasn’t there because I had plans so someone else presented it for me.

    #school#high school#classes #report of the day
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  • hey those of you who are or are about to be dealing with finals, please remember to take care of yourselves! studying and school are important but so is your health, both mental and physical. make sure to get enough sleep, eat, stay hydrated, and be kind to yourself. take some breaks and don’t beat yourself up over things you struggle with or grades you’re not happy with. i believe in you! good luck on your exams!

    #okay everyone pls take care of yourself #but i lnow finals make that even more of a struggle lmao #anyone can rb #finals#exams#school#college#high school#studying#studying tips#positivity#motivation#self care#self love
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  • can you see the red in my cheeks?

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  • This is what happens when you fall for an (adorable) idiot


    Me: So I like (crush).

    Friend #1: Really? Why??

    Me: Well…


    Me: So this is my crush.

    Friend #2: OH MY GOD.

    Me: A-Are you okay??


    Me: *while playing a board game thing* Describe their taste in men.

    Friend #3’s answer: Weird.

    Me: Wow, just wow.


    Me: My crush is (crush).

    Friend #4: Out of all the people in this school you like him!?

    Me: *sigh* Yes.



    #no one understands #it's okay I still love him #he's my idiot #I find everyone's reactions hilarious too #crush#crushes#high school#sunshine#pretty boy #guys guess who i'm talking about again
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  • Hey. So recently we’ve been getting significantly more likes (THANK YOU!) and we just wanted to say we’re working on a longer story about Draco and Harry and also just a high school romantic type story. So yeah. Also if y’all want us to write about something we’d  L O V E  suggestions and prompts. You can reblog or drop an ask in our box. Thanks!

    -AB and MK

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  • Me: ‘I have no interest whatsoever in your commercial beauty shit..’

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  • can someone please tutor me in spanish, im struggling lmao

    #spanish #help a girl out #high school#school #someone be my tutor
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  • Scott pointed this out, loudly, in front of everyone. In the middle of art class.

    ‘Look, Jacqueline…I am saying this to help you: I can see you under the table.’

    Me: ‘Oh ,now this is when you suddenly decide  you are interested in a woman’s thighs?’

    IMO, I think Scott got abused and then wanted to find a scapegoat.  

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  • the most awkward thing about school? walking into the bathroom to see a girl crying with another girl comforting her, so you need to awkwardly walk past them to a bathroom stall and pee when she’s still crying… to that girl

    i’m sorry

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  • It’s senior assasin season which is basically where all the seniors put money in a pot and we all get assigned the name of a target whom of which we have to shoot with a water gun. You can’t be shot if you’re wearing a cape so that’s a common fashion trend now. It’s borderline stalking but hey whoever wins gets half the money and the rest goes to a charity which is pretty dang cool.

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