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    15.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Crew Members’ Greatest Replicator Crimes:

    Scotty: On Robbie Burns Day, replicator mysteriously only produced haggis or vegan haggis

    Bones: Secretly replicates plomeek soup when he thinks Spock isn’t looking because he actually really likes it

    Jim: After drinking alien wine, attempted to replicate entire corn maze because “I miss Iowa, Bones”

    Chapel: Got into philosophical argument with replicator over why it could produce a chocolate sundae, but not a chocolate Tuesday or Wednesday. Replicator had existential crisis and required repair

    Sulu: “What do you have?” “A replicated knife!” “NO-”

    Chekov: Prefaces every replicator order with “Russian,” whether the food is specific to Russia or not

    Spock: Secretly replicates peach cobbler when he thinks Bones isn’t looking because he actually really likes it

    Jim (again): Fell asleep in Mess Hall with arms lovingly cradling 17 orders of replicated mozzarella sticks

    Uhura: Just uses the replicator according to regulation; what’s wrong with you people

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    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sulu: Hey, why are people always like, "hey is that a drug?" when they see something remotely pill-shaped in my hand?

    Sulu: Like seriously, if I got within five feet of a recreational drug, I would pass out from fear.

    Sulu: This is an eraser.

    #source: @mystlx_messenger on insta #tw: drug reference #same sulu same #star trek #star trek tos #star trek: tos #lt sulu#lieutenant sulu#hikaru sulu#mr sulu #mr. sulu #sulu#tos sulu #star trek memes #star trek incorrect quotes #incorrect star trek quotes
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    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Skybox Final Frontier trading card number 29, "An Eternity," 1994.

    #star trek tos #star trek cards #james t. kirk #hikaru sulu #star trek v: the final frontier
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  • hlabounty96
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Darkness Goes...

    October 14, 2021 (Panic Attack)

    Word Count: 2,003

    Heh, bet you thought I was just gonna leave the last one there. I'm not that mean. I honestly hope this makes sense, at the time it did. But now? I have no fracking idea. Eh, oh well enjoy it anyway!
    Remember kids, no beta so it's a little weird. You will see wild commas and typos in their native habitat. Love you all!


    He heard a voice. Panicked, and lost. They seemed so familiar that they made him turn in recognition as it echoed all around him. He had so many questions swirling inside his head and so much fear.

    Where am I?

    Who am I?


    Why am I so afraid?

    Turning around in a circle slowly he swallowed hard. The planet was dead. Trees were burnt out husks, the grass all but gone replaced with Obsidian glass. He faintly remembers blue skies but even that too was replaced by black clouds and rolling booms of thunder. The only light in this place was the occasional flash of lightning in the sky.

    He was alone.

    He needed to go. To run, to get away from it all.

    His heart raced as he stumbled through the dead landscape. He had no idea where he was going or why. Panic seemed to grip his very being. His heart pounding in his ears, his breathing erratic, coming out in pants. Everything seemed so cold but so hot as his head swam and his vision blurred. He almost didn’t see the cliff.

    Skidding to a sudden stop he wavered, his arms windmilling as he tried to regain what little balance he had. For a moment he could almost breathe out a sigh of relief. Well, that was until he saw what lie below him. His heart clenched painfully and what breath he had left in his lungs disappeared like air from a balloon. If it was even possible his heart quickened; a voice in the back of his mind whispered ‘Too fast, too fast! Slow it down,’ but he paid it no mind. He couldn’t if he wanted to anyway.


    That voice echoed again. It sounded as scared as he was and it made him want to find the voice. Let it know that everything was going to be okay, even though it would be a blatant lie. Because nothing is alright. All he can see is death, for what lies below him are piles and piles of bodies. Bright colors amongst the decay. Gold, blue, and red; stained with blood. Their faces left screaming out in pain and terror.

    He didn’t know if he wanted to scream or throw up. They all seemed so familiar. He felt as if he should know who they are. Were. Falling to his knees, he let the blackened glassed ground dig into his palms. The sharp shattered remnants of the Earth made him bleed, in more ways than one.

    “Doctor McCoy you must awaken,”

    This voice was different from the first. This one was more calm and collected, with a tinge of concern coloring at its edges. The voice was also something he knew but didn’t. Something in him wanted to shout back, argue. But he couldn’t find his voice. His fire was nothing but an ember that was flickering out in the wind.

    His heart slowed down from its hare pace to slow beats of defeat. “Doctor - Leonard you must see through this nightmare. It. Is. Not. Real.”

    Looking up he was startled to see a figure kneeling beside him. A hand rested hesitantly on his shoulder, “You’re heart cannot take much more,” the man urged quietly.

    “Bones, you gotta wake up.”

    The first voice was back, but closer now. Turning his head he sees another man crouching at his other side. His blue eyes like jewels in darkness, they were filled with concern and sadness.

    “Is this was you’re afraid of?” the blue-eyed man asked his gaze going from him to the bodies that littered the landscape.

    He simply shook his head his voice barely above a whisper as it rasped out of his mouth,

    “I - don’t…”

    “Your light is mine,”

    The air grew cold and the black clouds began to shift and swirl to the ground. It cast a dark shadow of a humanoid male creature, hunched and leaning on a tall staff, its jeweled end glowing green almost menacingly. The two men beside him rose swiftly and moved so they were shielding him from the old man.

    The old man made of shadows and smoke lifted his head and grinned, his pale white wrinkled face showed that he was amused. With the wave of his staff a gust of biting, bone-chilling wind swept his protectors away. They cried out in pain as they landed hard on the stone ground. “Bones!”

    He snapped his head up eyes wide with fear. That’s all he felt, fear. Never-ending fear. His eyes met wide blue ones. “Remember who the fuck you are! You’re Doctor Leonard McCoy, and you don’t take this kind of shit! Not from me, not from Spock, not from the admirals, and sure as hell not from this asshole! Fight!”

    “The captain is right Doctor, this is a contest of wills. Your will is amongst the strongest I ever encountered. We can not fight this battle for you; we can support you from...as you would say ‘from the sidelines,’ “

    The word Vulcan suddenly popped into his head. The pointed eared man spoke with little emotion but his dark eyes said it all for him. The words left his lips before he truly understood exactly what he was saying,

    “I’m a doctor, not some kind of mind ninja!”

    Sitting up so he sat back on his heels, he cocked his head to the side. His blurred vision cleared as something within his mind stirred. Memories burned through him making his head ache, and pound, but he greeted the sensation happily. He remembers who he is, who he was, and most importantly he remembers those he loves.

    He’s Leonard McCoy. Lieutenant Commander Doctor Leonard McCoy. Bones.

    Scoffing he scowls at the cloaked misty figure before him. The creature hisses stepping hastily backward as Leonard got to his feet. Glancing over his right shoulder he sees Jim grinning from ear to ear. Glancing over his left shoulder he sees Spock bow his head minutely in respect and acknowledgment.

    ‘Christ he must be dreaming’

    “Damn hobgoblin I thought I told ya that I hate mind melds!”

    Spock looked almost sheepish, “I apologize Doctor, but time was of the essence.”

    Sighing Leonard rolled his shoulders turning his attention back to the humanoid man who was nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and misery. Though if he were to guess the creature in front of him only looked this way because that’s how Leonard imagined him. Gritting his teeth McCoy glared at his adversary, the enemy he has spent days trying to beat. Maybe more.

    The world around them rumbled and shook; it flickered between nightmare land and his usual dreamscape. Walking forward Leonard smirked, raising his hands in a “Look at this” gesture. The air around them changes, it gets lighter, less heavy with death, guilt, and despair.

    The ground melts under their feet back into a grassy field. The dark clouds parted revealing that blue sky he always dreams about. A soft warm breeze ruffles his hair and the sun begins to shine. A Georgia summer back on the farm brings a small smile to his face. The phantom before him howls in pain and anger,

    “I will consume your light!” it screeched surging forward with an outstretched clawed hand. McCoy crossed his arms, a pitying look on his face.

    “No. No, you won’t. You see and I take great pleasure in proving you wrong Spock, but I’m not alone here. I was never alone here. I was just too afraid to see the people I care about around me.”

    The phantom stopped in its tracks a look of confusion on its face. Spock and Jim moved so they were standing on either side of McCoy. They were taking his lead for once. With a genuine smile, Leonard jabbed his thumb so it pointed behind him.

    “My head, so my rules,” he growled. And one by one the crew of the Enterprise began to appear in beams of golden light, phasers drawn. All eight hundred of them were pissed off and ready for a fight. Jim whipped around and barked out a joyful laugh.

    Spock tilted his head as he watched the crew assemble around them. “Fascinating,” he murmured. McCoy crossed his arms in complete utter defiance and said in his usual dry southern drawl,

    “Now if you’d be so kind, get the fuck outta my head!” his head rolled lazily to the side so he could see everyone else, Jim and Spock specifically.

    “All of yeh,”

    The ground shook once more sending everyone but Leonard to the ground. The world around them seemed to swirl and spin almost sickeningly. And then there was nothing but dark.

    McCoy took an unnecessary deep calming breath. He looked around himself one more time; Georgia was gone, now replaced by endless stars. His thoughts were his own again and his memories intact. Just because he could he thought of his daughter, of his family. Their faces flashing by one by one. All smiling and safe.

    Relaxing slightly Leonard let go. He was ready to get up and get back to work.

    Of course, that’s if Christine lets him out of bed. He wasn’t optimistic.


    Leonard first felt the tube stuck down his throat. ‘Gah damnit’ he thought with a choked groan. The sound of a chair scraping and a body falling to the ground with a pained yelp caused him to crack open a single eye.

    “Hold on Len,” Christine reassured as she deactivated the various machines around him. Within a second she was back and removing the tube from his throat with quick gentle movement. Coughing violently, Leonard gagged and gasped his head spinning making his stomach churn. He blearily watched as Jim quickly rounded to the other side of the bed so he kept out of the way. The starship captain placed a hand on his shoulder in hopes of steadying him.

    “Easy now, you’re alright,” his head nurse soothed and the face of M’Benga filled his vision looking tired but happy. The Vulcan specialist spoke softly to Christine before turning his attention back to Leonard.

    “It’s good to have you back Len, you gave us all quite a scare,” he said with a small smile before it melted into a concerned frown. “What do you remember?” he asked and McCoy really had to think about his answer. Clearing his throat and wetting his lips Leonard thought back,

    “I remember everyone falling into comas and after trying everything I knew I went to the things I didn’t. I looked at the artifact that you all had brought back and it gets fuzzy.”

    Jim squeezed his shoulder his grin turning into a little grimace like he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be happy or angry. “You saved our collective asses Bones! With little regard to yourself which we will be talking about later when you’re not on bed rest.”

    Leonard snorted at the not-so-subtle threat but nodded in understanding. Christine gently pressed a hypo into her boss’s neck watching the monitor above his head. She quietly talked with M’Benga who nodded with her in agreement. Sliding his eyes back to Jim and Spock Leonard gave them a small smile and “Thank you” before drifting off again.

    Spock tilted his head in confusion. Jim upon seeing the expression chuckled his grin bright, “We reminded him of who he is Spock, Bones is grateful for it. He once told me about a patient of his who had lost all of their memories and later their mind due to an illness and he said: Jim if that ever happens to me I dunno what I would do. What I have up here... “ Jim tapped his own head and then his heart, “and here is all that I am. I lose that then there’s no point,”

    Spock processed the words and inwardly agreed.

    Sickbay lapsed into calm familiar chaos and the Enterprise hummed happily under their feet. Its heart was no longer in danger.


    Everything: @lauraaan182,@chickadee-djarin,@cowenby2, @bluesclues-1234,@sayuri9908

    WhumpTober: @theatrevicki

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    Name: Hikaru Sulu

    Media: Star Trek

    Sexuality/Gender: gay/male

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    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Skybox Final Frontier trading card number 23, "Street Fight," 1994.

    #star trek tos #star trek cards #james t. kirk #hikaru sulu #star trek v: the final frontier
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    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Anyways Hikaru Sulu is neurodivergent

    #he has add or adhd #i know this because i have add and i said so #hikaru sulu #star trek tos #should i stop projecting on to random characters with almost no lines? maybe #but i wont
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    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Alternate cover for Stranger Worlds issue 6. Cover art by Elizabeth Beals, 2017.

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    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Nyota Uhura in the Original Series, continues.

    Episode 1x24, This Side of Paradise. The Enterprise comes into orbit of a planet. As often happens, some Uhura exposition sets us up: she has been broadcasting a signal, no response.

    Turns out they really aren’t expecting one; the planet has recently been blasted by some kind of radiation, and it isn’t survivable. Kirk and company beam down, and we don’t see Uhura again until mid-episode, as the plant spores, which cause euphoria but also complacency, spread on the ship. Kirk beams up and orders Uhura to put him through to Starfleet

    Uhura turns in her chair, a beatific smile on her face. She tells Kirk she can’t do that …. Because she has shorted out the system. Don’t forget, Uhura wears a red shirt and an engineering insignia. She is perfectly capable of sabotage! She wanders off the bridge, and seeing that Kirk is distraught, kindly tells him it really is for the best. We see her one more time in the episode, back at her station and hard and work when things return to normal.

    Episode 1x25, Devil in the Dark. Uhura isn’t in this one at all, sadly

    Episode 1x26, Errand of Mercy. This episode takes on more meaning from an in-universe perspective now that we know that Uhura probably joined Starfleet in the midst of the Federation-Klingon War, a war the Federation nearly lost. A strictly background role for Uhura here, though. She is on the bridge as troubling orders come in and when the ship is attacked by a Klingon warbird.

    They arrive at the planet and Uhura states that other Federation resources are reporting a fleet of Klingon ships. A short time later she is in the background, and visibly reacts when Kirk puts Sulu in command of the ship. Scotty is apparently not aboard or unavailable for some reason and this is the first time we see Sulu in command. It is a really great moment for Sulu, given the ship at a critical moment. You can see Uhura in the back, looking a little afraid and surprised. Also possibly a little proud?

    Sulu is keen to fight but Kirk orders him to run if the Klingon fleet arrives. Sure enough, the Klingon fleet arrives while Kirk and Spock are on the surface. Uhura is on the bridge as they are attacked again. Again, the new information from Discovery gives this episode a new twist. We are only a few years from the last Klingon war, and here the Enterprise is, apparently on the cusp of another. I can’t help but think what must be going through some of their minds. Some, like Uhura, are too young to have fought in the first. Spock was deployed with the Enterprise on a five year mission . But what about Kirk, Sulu, McCoy? Scott, if he is aboard? I appreciate how new content informs this episode.

    We don’t see Sulu ordering the ship away, but I imagine Sulu looking to Uhura for support as he does so. The Enterprise returns with more Federation ships, but the controls of all ships are suddenly too hot to touch, effectively ending the war. The bridge crew, Uhura included, are shaking out their burned hands. The controls were 350F, we are told (Fahrenheit, ha! No way Starfleet uses imperial) That is more than enough for a serious burn with even a short touch. I would imagine the everyone on duty got to visit sickbay for some dermal regeneration.

    One more brief appearance for her at her station in the background at the end while Kirk and Spock sum up the moral of the episode.

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    12.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Shockingly for Sale

    October 12, 2021 (Electrocuted)

    Word Count: 3,117

    Okay, this one was fun to write. I'm actually quite proud of it and really hope ya'll enjoy reading it as much I did writing it. No beta so typos and mistakes will be present!

    Leonard McCoy had no idea where he was and how he got there. The last thing he remembers was bitching to Jim about them exploring a freezing wasteland. He was from Georgia, damnit. He wasn't meant for below zero freeze your balls off weather. He just wasn't. They were trudging through the snow, Chekov was spouting another obscure fact about Russia. Whether if it was true was a whole other thing. Being ahead of the group both Jim and the kid were attacked first. Len remembered surprise and a deep hot sensation settling into his bones before there was nothing at all.

    Cursing colorfully Leonard looked over at an unconscious Chekov and then at the elaborate cage they were stuck in. He was worried for the boy - the young man- the bloody wound on his head certainly looked worse than it was, but him being unconscious for a long period wasn’t a good thing.

    Without looking McCoy placed two expert fingers on the navigator’s neck. He breathed a semi-relieved sigh when he felt a steady heartbeat. Licking his too dry lips, Leonard stood up onto shaky feet. He turned in a slow circle getting a better view of his new surroundings. The cage was like nothing he has seen before. It was almost like a cube, transparent and bulky. It hung in the air like a glorified birdcage.

    “Just fucking wonderful,”

    Moving toward one of the four clear walls Leonard squinted his eyes and peered out into the darkness that surrounded them. What he saw made him want to throw up. There were hundreds of cube-like cages glittering in the darkness like soul-sucking stars. There were people in all of those cages shouting, screaming, and pounding against the hardened walls with alien fists. Leonard of course couldn’t hear any of it. Each cube must have had some sort of sound dampeners.

    Turning his head McCoy quickly moved to the right in hopes to see Jim or Spock. He was in luck. There in the cage next door was Jame’s “There’s no one on this planet” Kirk, waving his arms back and forth and jumping around like a maniac. Spock looked rather unimpressed. As usual. Snorting Leonard shot his best friend a look that said,

    ‘I can see you, you infant.’

    He raised his arms and gestured to his surroundings. Kirk frowned at the obvious question,

    ‘What in the fuck do we do now?’

    The starship Captian gave a huff and placed his hands on his hips. He was talking to Spock who was pretty deep in thought. Unable to hear any of the conversation Leonard decided he couldn’t just sit still and wait; he needed to do something. So he paced. Checked on Chekov, again. And paced some more.

    He skidded to a stop when the floor under his feet shifted. His cube was moving. Stumbling slightly Leonard shot a look at his best friend. Jim and Spock were watching with wide-eyed worry. Well, Jim was. Spock was as stoic as ever, but his eyes flashed with concern. Taking a deep breath McCoy kept his balance as the far clear wall of his cube cage shimmered and faded away.

    There aiming some pretty ridiculous-looking weaponry at him were the aliens that captured them on that arctic hell of a planet. Glancing down at the still unconscious Pavel, Leonard raised his hands hoping to convey that he wasn’t threatening.

    The aliens were humanoid in stature. Standing on two legs, used two of their four arms to aim their version of a phaser rifle at his head. They were imposing creatures. Above six feet and built like brick shit houses. One of them could snap McCoy in half without an issue. But they seemed to be the hired muscle because another figure moved into the cage.

    Leonard had to take a minute. His brain not really wrapping around the creature that now stood in front of him. The alien was short and fat. McCoy from his history and knowledge with newly discovered species had to guess that this alien was male. Maybe. You still can never really know until they actually told you. So he mentally stuck with “male” until he was informed otherwise.

    Furrowing his brows and cocking his head to the side Leonard McCoy was faced with an honest to got meatball with fur, beady eyes, and a long snout. His legs were short and his arms long; it reminded Leonard of one of Joanna’s drawings. The doctor clamped his mouth shut against any and all forms of sound; laughter, and obscene comments alike.

    Leonard backed up a couple of steps. Small obsidian eyes watched McCoy carefully and with extreme interest. Of course, McCoy was no Betazoid but something was not right, he felt the hairs on his arms and on the back of his neck stand on end. Everything in the air around him screamed, “Warning: Danger! Run the fuck away!”

    Except he had no place to go.

    The meatball shuddered, his fur puffing up as a purring keening sound came from him. He was satisfied with something, and Leonard had a bad feeling that he was the reason.

    Turning his head to glance over his shoulder he shouted for his best friend, momentarily forgetting that the starship captain couldn’t hear him.


    The meatball rumbled out an order its voice low as he waved a hand in Leonard’s direction. McCoy’s head snapped back as the two four-armed goons stomped toward him. Backing up further Leonard felt his back hit the wall of the cage behind him. The material was like pure energy and it tingled as he pressed up against it. Goon one, and goon two reached forward grabbing Leonard’s arms roughly. Yelping McCoy stumbled as he was yanked forward.

    “Delicate,” the meatball snapped gurgling in irritation. Goon two grunted out a snort in reply but they didn’t ease their grips. Leonard couldn’t get his feet to work as fast as they wanted, so they dragged him along. He couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

    The universal translator was having a hard time picking up whatever was being said. So far it had only been able to pick up little things, so Leonard had figure it all out on his own. And he didn’t like what he was hearing one bit. Things like, “pretties”, “Treasure,” “Collar,” and “obedience,” were being thrown around.

    When the fuzzy meatball with legs turned and said something to McCoy all the translator could pick up was a series of purrs, grunts, and snorts. Leonard raised an eyebrow at the creature in front of him and shook his head. The alien wasn’t pleased and appeared to be thinking, one long arm lifted and he reached out with his stubby fingers and took McCoy by the chin.

    Leonard wanted to jerk away and spit out some insults but the four-armed balls of muscle kept him in place. Mostly by tightening their grips in warning. The alien hummed and nodded in understanding, he knew Leonard couldn’t understand him so he uttered a single sound. And by some strange miracle, the translator picked it up.


    ‘My kidnapper’s name is Tiq. That’s just wonderful. Jesus, I hope Chekov is okay, the kid took one hell of a hit. Maybe if I play nice this asshole will give me medical supplies…’

    McCoy’s thoughts were abruptly and rudely interrupted by gravity. The steroid twins let him go. Groaning Leonard pushed himself up off of the hard stone floor so he resting on his knees instead of his face. TIQ gestured for him to get up and move to a patch of light, it was a perfect circle and it made the doctor very nervous. But his hesitation only got him a couple of new bruises.

    Stumbling to his feet McCoy entered the circle of light. Turning to face his captors he scowled and crossed his arms in as much defiance as he could muster. TIQ purred, chirped, and clicked and Leonard couldn’t tell if he were happy, amused, or annoyed. The two guards relaxed somewhat and their expressions were so much easier to read, and what Leonard saw he wasn’t encouraged.

    McCoy swallowed hard and jumped when two metal arms sprang from the ceiling their claw-like hands spinning and twirling around sounding like the antique drill his grandfather had. Leonard tried to move but he found that he couldn’t. Now he knows why the two goons were watching him with expressions full of amusement.

    The circle of light had some sort of paralytic effect. He hypothesized that it was something more psychological than anything else. The clawed hands pinched and snapped as they got closer and closer; and the closer they got the worse Leonard’s breathing became. ‘Calm down you idiot,’ he scolded himself and began to force his heart and breathing under control.

    Something cold clasped itself tightly around his neck. A resounding click echoing in his ears reminded him of a lock on a cage being slid home. The circle of light died and he didn’t have the energy to hold himself up anymore. Leonard fell to his knees once more and he had no desire to get back up again.

    TIQ and his groupies had other plans apparently. After ignoring the clicks, purs, and snorts McCoy felt a quick jolt of terrible pain. Clutching at the collar around his neck he looked up to see TIQ holding up a sleek-looking remote. Mind numb it took Leonard a moment to realize how much trouble he was truly in. TIQ pressed on the remote again and it left Leonard gasping and shuddering. The second jolt was significantly worse than the last.

    Struggling to his feet Leonard swayed dizzily. TIQ seemed much happier when his orders were followed. McCoy bit back the obscenities and nausea that climbed up his throat. He felt hollow as he was dragged back to his cage.


    Chekov was awake when he was pushed into his clear-cubed cell. The young navigator was sitting up against the far wall, but when saw McCoy he unsteadily scrambled to his feet. “Doctor are you alright?”

    Taking a relieved breath Leonard saw that Chekov was collar free and from the looks of things, so were Kirk and Spock. Jim’s eyes were wide with worry, his nose, forehead, and hands were pressed up against the wall of his prison. Spock stood calmly beside him and when McCoy’s gaze fell to him he merely pointed out into the distance, where the other cages hung like displays.

    Walking over -- with Chekov right at his shoulder -- Leonard saw what had them all so nervous. A holographic display of him was flickering for all to see and what appeared to be a countdown. He was startled to see that it was an auction. He was being auctioned off like cattle, or perhaps worse. “That’s not good,” he muttered and turned his attention back to Jim and Spock who were staring at him with anger. Jolted Leonard realized they weren’t staring at him but the collar around his neck.

    They had no choice but to watch the countdown with trepidation as it neared zero. When it did a bone-rattling boom echoed and shook everything around them. McCoy’s image with the timer shimmered away leaving behind a green symbol. Since it was an auction it must mean, “sold!”

    Not nearly enough time later TIQ was back with his two best friends. Glaring, Leonard crossed his arms keeping as far away from the door as possible. TIQ held up the remote threateningly and McCoy responded the only way he knew how; an incredibly rude gesture that seemed to be universal. McCoy was unsurprised when TIQ hit the button, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

    Falling to his knees, he felt almost detached from his body. His hands curled and uncurled, he kept his teeth clenched in an effort to keep from biting his tongue clean off. He heard the muffled worried shouts of Chekov and felt himself being dragged from the room. His entire body tingled uncomfortably, twitching here and there.

    Yelping Leonard suddenly hit the ground, painfully colliding with the rough grating of a ship’s ramp. Groggily he looked up but he couldn’t see much, everything blurred and bled together. Another long painful jolt rocked through him and McCoy couldn’t keep from screaming out. This jolt lasted much longer than the others, and Leonard saw it for what it was. A final warning. Obey or pay the price.

    McCoy didn’t even realize that the collar stopped shocking him when he was forced up so he was on his knees. His muscles spasmed painfully and he’s fairly sure -- much to his extreme embarrassment -- his bladder had let go. Blinking away dark spots and shapes McCoy put on his best glare and scowl. His new “Owner” -- an Orion male -- sauntered over to him with a smile on his lips. Crouching down the man looked into his eyes and nodded in satisfaction. “He’s perfect. And a doctor you said?” he asked looking over his shoulder back at TIQ who just fluffed and chirped in confirmation.

    The man looked down at a PADD in his hand the smirk never leaving his lips. “Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy. Lieutenant Commander and CMO of the USS Enterprise,” he murmured reading the profile his captures must have put together. The Orion tapped at the PADD for a second and gave a mock pout,

    “As much as I would have loved the complete set...you were expensive enough as it was doctor. You may call me sir, or Thalin”

    Leonard’s scowl darkened his feelings on the matter clear. The Orion man chuckled and gently patted his stubbled cheek. “Not to worry Doctor you will be well taken care of,”

    “Can I give you some advice?” McCoy asked through clenched teeth, his eyes never leaving the man. TIQ raised the remote to give Leonard another zap but was stopped by a raised hand. Thalin cocked his head in amusement,

    “I’m curious,” he murmured. Taking a deep breath McCoy looked the man who bought him dead in the eye,

    “Son, you’re gonna regret your life choices. One of the things yeh don’t ever want to do is cross the crew of the Enterprise, and you’ve pissed off its captain and first officer. And most importantly you’ve pissed me the fuck off. So my advice Thalin is to run.”

    Thalin snorted and burst into laughter which prompted the others to join in. Leonard chuckled darkly and shook his head, his gaze fell to the floor before he raised it again. Thalin had taken the remote from TIQ still chortling and snickering like he had been told the funniest thing in the universe. He fiddled with the remote for a moment and sighed contently,

    “Thank you doctor but I’ll take my chances,” he said before his smile turned malicious. ‘Dumbass,’ Leonard thought a second before the unbearable pain hit. He had really hoped that he placed his money on the right bet. By the way things seemed to work around here either Jim or Spock would be next. Leonard banked on Spock because no matter the species they would always save the best for last. And Spock wouldn’t allow himself to be collared as Leonard had. McCoy just hoped Spock could hear him scream. It was the best --and quickest-- way to find him after all.

    Had it worked or was he just as fucked as before? Leonard couldn’t even tell how much time had passed.

    He knew he was screaming himself hoarse but for a moment he could almost hear another. A roar and shouted curses that would have made a cross quadrant trucker blush. The pain stopped but lingered in his bones and joints. He opened his eyes a fraction hissing as his muscles spasmed, the air was thick and he couldn’t breathe. His throat was closing.

    A hand rested on his shoulder a heavily accented voice shouting at him to “Stay awake Doctor!” running footsteps echoed in his head painfully like a stampede of spooked horses. He didn’t mind because he knew that mouth breathing from anywhere.

    “Took ya’ll long enough,” he choked out gasping. The collar was quickly broken and tossed away with a clatter.


    Jim’s voice was fading in and out but Leonard could only assume that the kid was making a plan to get the hell out and get back to the Enterprise. Mostly so they could come back and free everyone who had been taken. That would be a Jim thing to do, Leonard mused numbly.

    To him, it didn’t feel like time had passed at all. For all, he knew he was still on the ground with Jim and Spock hovering over him and Chekov nervously bouncing around the transport they must have taken. He could feel vibrations of a ship beneath him, a feeling he once hated but now took comfort in.

    It wasn’t until minutes -- hours? Days? -- later that he realized that he was back home. In sickbay with the soft familiar chirps, beeps, and the lemony disinfectant smell that he liked. As his senses came back to him Leonard heard more and more. His staff bustling quietly, -- though muffled. Must be in a private room his drugged tired mind supplied -- his heart monitor beeping steadily, the sound of softly murmured conversation nearby. Someone was visiting.

    Through the fog, Leonard tried to figure out who it was but they just seemed too far away. He felt heavy again. Simply being aware and thinking had cost Leonard all of his energy and he began to slip back down into the dark. But he didn’t want to go, some things in the dark haunted him. Made him want to never sleep again, maybe then the constant nightmares would stop.

    Someone took his hand and gave it a squeeze of reassurance and warmth, “Yer alright laddie. You’re home safe, Jim just popped out to catch some sleep.” It was Scotty. Scotty was his visitor. Another hand landed on his shoulder giving it a squeeze,

    “Someone will be here when you wake up. It’s okay we got you,” McCoy had to wrack his brain for a moment before a name floated by him. Sulu. Scotty and Sulu were watching over him. It was both surprising and unsurprising, they were his friends, he knew that. But he didn’t expect them to sit by his bed. Maybe it was because he always woke up with Jim or Spock there. He should have known everyone would take shifts to watch over him.

    Leonard internally smiled as he lazily drifted back into oblivion. He’ll be alright.


    Everything: @lauraaan182, @chickadee-djarin, @cowenby2, @bluesclues-1234, @sayuri9908

    WhumpTober: @theatrevicki

    *Quick Note: I know most of you are all like "Why did Len wake up to Scotty and Sulu?" Well...here's the answer! It's a little inside joke with myself and I guess whoever does Bones whump. He ALWAYS wakes up to Jim and Spock and I wanted to be a rebel. 🤣

    #star trek aos #leonard mccoy #leonard bones mccoy #james t kirk #jim kirk#mister spock#pavel chekov#montgomery scott#hikaru sulu#whumptober2021#boneswhump #hailey the queen of typos
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    11.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    General Star Trek Headcanons for day 11 (Headcanons) and 16 (Worldbuilding) of Trektober 2021


    School has the same energy and attitude to learning as primary/elementary school but obviously learning gets more advanced as the years go on and the option to specialise is there as you get older

    Also people being different ages in different years isn't unheard of or too rare (I mean in AOS most of the crew would be child geniuses to be in the same position as TOS but in less time)

    I initially thought learning would be like on Vulcan with learning pits but this stopped any cool high school ideas for character backstories and also humans are social, creative creatures. Even if kids are loners, and there's less pressure to be forced into activities, it's still better to be around people than alone in a pit

    Perhaps classes are based around learning style with age as a secondary factor so kids who like to work alone work alone with some creativity, others who need more time are given more time without the separation of modern classes or the possible stigma of being the only one

    Human Sex Ed is well taught and not dependent on the school but alien sex Ed is a bit dependent on if you're near a big Starfleet outpost or not

    Creativity is encouraged, other pathways for life other than college/uni (such as entrepreneurship or apprenticeships etc) are taught and encouraged

    Basically in star trek times they recaptured the joy of learning that let people make discoveries in the past

    There's opportunities to specialise while having less pressure on grades and you're also looked after so money isn't too much of an issue

    Education, food, health, tech and infrastructure are well funded, as well as Starfleet

    Basically a lot is taken out of taxes of people who can afford it and in return you get everything you need to live so the only things you need to pay for are actual luxuries such as dining out or holidays and stuff

    This is definitely not a way for me to get my anger at society out of my system

    Characters and ship:

    Ben and Hikaru met in a garden centre, Chekov found Ben

    Ben is a marine biologist who's a year older than Hikaru and worked as a life guard on the beach while Hikaru was in the Academy

    Yes this meant a lot of Baywatch-esque scenes

    Ben calls Hikaru: Hiccup (from calling him Hik), Ru (from Hikaru) and Joey (Ru -> Kangaroo -> Baby Kangaroo -> Joey)

    Ben's family are a long line of fisherpeople? Fishermen? Idk the gender neutral term

    This means Hikaru gets lots of cute daddy daughter fishing trip pictures of Ben and Demora when away

    Crewmates with daddy issues tend to gravitate towards either Bones or Scotty or both purely because they radiate dad energy

    This is why Jim and Spock are so close to Bones and Jaylah and Chekov are kinda adopted by Scotty

    Uhura sings to Disney princess songs while washing her hair and yes this means she's a Disney princess

    Stuff like A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella and Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty

    Bones and Uhura have a ballroom dancing club in the rec room

    That's all I have, hope you enjoyed this!

    #leonard mccoy#bones#jim kirk#spock#benkaru#hikaru sulu#ben sulu#pavel chekov #jaylah star trek #jaylah#montgomery scott#nyota uhura#star trek #aos star trek #star trek aos #alternate original series #star trek alternate original series #tos #tos star trek #star trek tos #star trek the original series #the original series #aos #star trek headcanon #trektober 2021#trektober2021 #star trek worldbuilding #worldbuilding#my headcanons#bear writes
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    Skybox Final Frontier trading card number 15, "Mission Profile," 1994.

    #star trek tos #star trek cards #james t. kirk #pavel chekov#hikaru sulu #star trek v: the final frontier
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    the people have spoken! a sequel to this post 🔫

    #decided to make this it’s own individual post just in case it got lost as a reblog of the og #how could I deny the demands of the people #also sulu’s sad face #who could deny that #looking at you jim lol #hikaru sulu#Star Trek #star trek tos #Star Trek tos shore leave #star trek fanart #my art#sketch comic #ren watches star trek
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    No. 9 Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated (presumed dead)


    He could hear their voices. His mind was trapped inside a strange place, he couldn’t even describe. It felt like he was floating around.

    ‘He’s dead, Dr. McCoy...’

    That was the voice of Dr. Hudson. Her words sounded so sad. She was fighting back tears.

    But... he wasn’t dead. Or was he? He remembered that strange spider-like creature biting him. He had lost consciousness when its poison filled his body.

    So maybe he was dead. But then again... why did he still hear and feel things?

    ‘We need to start the autopsy.’

    Autopsy? No... no, no, no. They couldn’t perform an autopsy on him! He wasn’t dead!

    He wanted to scream. To tell them that he was still feeling things. But no words left his mouth.

    He could feel a blade touching his chest. Panic filled his whole body. But a moment later the blade was gone again.

    ‘I can’t do this, Hudson. I can’t.’

    Leonard. He was crying. He was crying for the man he loved so much.

    Scotty just wanted to tell him that he was alright. That he shouldn’t cry. He couldn’t.

    ‘Let me do it. You... you don’t have to be here.’

    No... Please. Leonard couldn’t allow her to do that. And he couldn’t leave him.

    On the inside Scott himself was crying violently. They would kill him!

    ‘I... I’ll stay.’

    The blade touched his skin again and suddenly there was a burning pain when he felt his body slowly getting cut open.

    He screamed in agony, but they couldn’t hear him.

    And suddenly there was another voice.

    ‘Stop it! Stop the autopsy!’

    Pavel. He could clearly make out the accent in that voice. What was the lad doing here?

    ‘Mr. Chekov?’

    ‘He’s not dead! Hika... Mr. Sulu talked to an inhabitant about that creature. It... it makes people seem dead! This is the cure they gave us.’

    Scotty was crying again. This time though it were tears of relief.

    ‘Oh my...’

    Leonard didn’t finish his sentence. Instead he yelled for Hudson to get a pain killer while he closed the open wound on the chest.

    When the cure and the pain killer were injected into his bloodstream, his body relaxed instantly. He would wake up any moment. It would be okay.

    ‘I’m sorry, Scotty. I’m so sorry.’

    He would tell his love that it was okay. After all... they couldn’t have known about it.

    But when he opened his eyes the first thing he did was to pull Leonard closer to him, kissing him like he had never kissed him before.


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    Skybox Final Frontier trading card number 7, "Blown Cover," 1994.

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    Captain Sulu appreciation post

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  • bearsinpotatosacks
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Observation Deck- Day 6- Trektober 2021

    Takes place in 2258 (accidentally posted this on 2nd of October instead of scheduling, oops 😬)


    Up here, away from the hustle and bustle of the ship, Chekov was finally alone with his thoughts. The hum of the engines was down in the depths of the ship, the beeping of the bridge was far above him and the silence was starting to sink in. 

    He wasn’t sure if he wanted the silence. The ship was friendly during his shifts, full of people to talk to. But he didn’t want to talk to them, not now, not today. Yet the silence was ever deafening. 

    Closing in on him, the darkness pressing on him as he let out a shaky sob. His heart was back in Russia yet he was here, out in space. The vacancy of it echoed and radiated pain throughout. He wished he could just not think about it, about her, but everything reminded him of her. 

    The door behind him opened and Chekov turned to see Hikaru walking in, struggling while holding a tray with two large bowls and steaming pots of what appeared to be green tea.


    Chekov sniffed and rubbed the tears from his red eyes. His cheeks were scratchy, hot and blotched. He probably looked a mess.


    “I got you some of Ben’s sadness stew, I programmed it into the replicator, thought you wouldn’t have eaten much today,” Hikaru placed the tray on the floor and sat down next to Pavel.


    “It’s the anniversary of your mum’s death, I couldn’t just leave you alone,”

    “You really didn’t have to,”

    Hikaru scoffed and handed him his stew, “You’re my friend, and after everything with Nero, living on the Enterprise, I thought I needed to check up on you more than ever,” he said. “Sometimes you forget that you’re only seventeen, most people on this ship are mid-twenties at least,”

    Chekov didn’t reply, just kept on slurping his stew. 

    Hikaru had been his roommate since day one, and both of them being minors when they joined allowed them to connect more than other roommates. He’d always looked out for him, something about him being thirteen when he enlisted didn’t sit right with him. 

    “It’s been nine years, I don’t know why it hurts so much,” Chekov said, tears running down his face. 

    “We’re in a new place, just faced a massive bad guy, everything’s changed, no wonder everything feels bad,”

    He was right. So many people dying, especially Commander Spock’s mother, had shaken him when he realised the date today. He hadn’t been able to look him in the eye for months and it had made working on the bridge difficult. How could he feel sad over his own mother, who got long death full of goodbyes, when he couldn't even give Spock that for his own?

    “That’s why we need to stick together, we know each other, can help each other,” Sulu continued. 

    He smiled and pulled him into a hug. Hikaru was warm but not suffocating. He smelt of the humidity in the botany lab, maybe he'd been talking to Ben, he always went there when he did. Perhaps it was because of the thick scent of water that reminded him of his marine biologist boyfriend.

    “Thanks,” Chekov said. “This stew is really good by the way,”

    “Yeah, it’s Ben’s speciality, says you can season it with your tears,”

    Chekov turned back to the stars just one pane of glass away. Although he didn't want to be around anyone, Hikaru wasn't just anyone. He was the only person he could handle on days like this. It was lovely to have such a close friend. 


    I headcanon that Chekov and Sulu joined Starfleet in 2254, Chekov was 13 and Sulu was 17.

    Don't worry, in my world, Hikaru and Ben met when he was 19 and Ben was 20, maybe they're relationship was initially slow paced but after Nero and Khan they realised they really love each other and didn't want to wait until another bad guy possibly killed Hikaru to get married etc. I really ship them, they just seem to domestic and casual and warm.

    Hope you enjoyed this!

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    this is what happened right

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    TOS Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek Fleet Command

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