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  • For: alexiethymia for the hitsuhina gift exchange! Feel free to check it out on AO3 too :) 

    Words: 2.3k

    Notes: Set post-manga ending and based off your lovely headcanon -

    -Renji, once when he was really drunk, consolingly put his hand on Hitsugaya’s shoulder as if to say he understood. Hitsugaya’s ensuing glare could freeze his soul and he then realized that it was only because he was Hinamori’s friend that he wasn’t cut down on the spot.

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    Let’s take a moment to treasure this innocent little sweetheart before her life takes a tragic turn.

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  • Rating: K+ for all the fluff

    Synopsis: Momo Hinamori didn’t quite know what she was in for when she was tasked to take care of Ichika.

    Characters/Pairings: Hitsuhina (of course!), a little Renruki and our favourite squad 10 vice captain Rangiku Matsumoto

    Word Count: 2.5k

    Author’s Notes: This is for @tinaillustrations​ as part of the Hitsuhina  2020 Exchange! I really was in between this and another fic but I love domestic fluff so this won out haha. It has been years since I have written fanfiction so I hope you enjoy it! I know I’m a little rusty but I cannot wait to share more with the Hitsuhina community! :)


    Momo Hinamori was having a good day. She had finished the work that Hirako-taicho had left her before he went to visit Hiyori-san in the Living World. She was almost done reading the book that Nanao had let her borrow. And it wasn’t even past noon.

    She stretched her arms in front of her. “I can’t wait to take a break!” She was just about to get started on another pile of documents when all of a sudden the door crashed open—Renjii stood panting, with a crazed expression and a baby carrier in his hand.

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    #hitsuhina#Hitsugaya Toushiro#toshiro hitsugaya#hinamori momo#momo hinamori#hitsuhina exchange #hitsuhina echange 2020 #canariie: my fics #hitsugaya x hinamori #bleach fanfiction #also excuse any typos or misspellings as i tried to wrap this up in time!
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    • Shinji: What should I do?
    • Hinamori: Oh... this is where I give you advice and pretend you're going to listen to it. I like this part.
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  • While Gin has been clipping Kira down to a obsequious man, Aizen worked up Momo’s loyal nature to ignite when necessary.
    Carrot v stick but neither got the better deal in the end.

    #what i'm saying is that momo is wild #and i love her for it #izuru kira#hinamori momo
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  • Childhood promises - Hisagi Shuhei


    “Shuhei wake up! It’s snowing!” (Your Name) says putting on her torn up shoes while running outside. Rukongai in the winter was harsh and they were poor but it didn’t mean they weren’t happy.

    “I’m coming!” He calls out putting on his robe and touching the white floor.

    She was playing with the snow and smiling. He shyly watched. “Come on!” She yelled out and grabbed his hand.

    “Ahh!” He protested and stood next to her and she smiled.

    “Let’s make something!”

    They made a snowman and laughed as it fell apart from their poor attempt of it.

    “I’m hungry (Your Name).” He says clutching his stomach.

    With a worried face she walks back into their house and looks at what they had left. “Here eat this.”

    It was the last of their rice balls they had.

    “But you won’t be able to have any.”

    (Your Name) smiles and gives it to Shuhei anyways. “It’s okay eat it.”

    Looking at the rice ball he broke it in half.

    “Thanks.” She smiles and eats it in one bite.

    Shuhei zones out in the office and smiles sadly to himself. He had missed (Your Name) deeply and regret being a weak friend at the time.

    He remembered he thought of her as family, they had no one. Although she was 5 years older than him (Your Name) worked hard for them.

    Shuhei remember she worked at a small stall in rukongai and she made enough money for them to live enough to survive. Although they starved from time to time they were happy.

    Kensei walks in with papers and places them on Shuhei desk. “Need these done by tomorrow.”

    “Okay Captain.”

    Kensei stares at Shuhei and walks out the office. He noticed that his Vice Captain had been spacing out recently but he didn’t want to push any matters that were unnecessary.

    “Are you okay (Your Name)?” Shuhei asks with teary eyes as he watched her wrapped a cut she got from work that day. “I’m okay thanks.”

    She smiles and sets down some hot soup she warmed up, although there was no rice today.

    “What did you do while I was gone?”

    “I played out in the fields with some friends.”

    “Fun, I’m glad you made it back safe.”

    “Actually… we were almost killed by a hollow.”

    “What?! Shuhei you could have gotten killed!”

    He looks down and starts to cry. “I know, I’m sorry I was so scared. I couldn’t do nothing. It was so big and strong. I didn’t want to leave you either.”

    (Your Name) pulls him to an embrace like a mother would and kissed his head. “It’s okay you are safe now.”

    “I met a Captain, and he saved my life. It made me realize that I wanna be a Shinigami when I’m older. I can take care of us and get strong!”

    (Your Name) laughs and ruffle his messy hair. “Okay one day, promise me.”

    “I promise!”

    The next morning they were rudely awakened when their door was knocked down and a group of men came in.

    Shuhei eyes frighten as (Your Name) became alert and pulled him behind her.

    “Your the bitch that sold us the fake metal.” One said and grabbed her harshly.

    “(Your Name)!” Shuhei yells and runs after her but she stops him.

    “Don’t come after me!”

    He panics and watches as she struggles to get off the grip of the men. They were dragging her somewhere unknown.

    “Leave her alone!” Shuhei screams and grabs the stick to hit the men.

    Shuhei was sent flying a few feet in the air as they punched him and his nose bleed. He wanted to cry but he was losing (Your Name).

    As they dragged her off Shuhei was left with one other dude as he beat Shuhei black and purple.

    Lying on the floor (Your Name) was out of sight as he cried and ran to find her.

    He screamed and fell to the ground.

    Shuhei grips his hand in a fist as he laid in bed looking at the ceiling. He thought about (Your Name) wondering if she ever survived.

    Rubbing his eyes he pushed the tears threatening to fall. She had sacrificed everything for them and he couldn’t even save her that day.

    The next morning Shuhei walked into the publishing office and greeted everyone with a smile. It was a new day and new opportunities waited for him.

    “Me and Renji are giving some rookies a tour of Soul Society wanna join me?” Kira asks him as Shuhei had to pass. “Um nah seems kinda boring but good luck though!”

    (Your Name) ended up stuck with a group of new comers like her as they toured the place, the blonde dude was kinda bland and gloomy but he showed everyone the important stuff which was the only thing that mattered.

    “What squad do you wanna join?” A girl as her as she looked around amazed at the place.

    “I’m not sure yet! I guess any that accepts me!”

    Passing all the barracks Kira goes into the editing room. “And this is where we publish all the paper work, stories and headlines. The head of editor and chief is Lieutenant of Squad 9.”

    Shuhei greets everyone and smiles talking about how fun and hard working the publishers are.

    (Your Name) looks at him with confusion. He didn’t state his name but he looked familiar to her. “My name is Hisagi Shuhei! I can’t wait to see what squad everyone joins!”

    “What a minute? That’s!”

    “Okay everyone follow me.” Kira boringly says and walks them out as she turns to find Shuhei but he was already gone talking to a few coworkers.

    “I guess I’ll catch up to him at another time. He’s so grown now.”

    She smiles knowing that he successfully took care of himself. Although the scar and 69 was new.

    “(Your Name)?” Shuhei calls out as she washes the rice for them that night.


    “Will you ever leave me for someone else?”

    She tilted her head in confusion and laughs. “What do you mean?”

    “Like if a guy came and you liked him.”

    “No silly, we have each other.”


    “I promise! Trust me when you get older all the ladies will swoon for you.”

    “He’s so hot!” A few girls giggled to themselves as they continued the tour.

    By night time came they entered a dorm place for all new comers. Tomorrow was the day that they picked their squad whether they wanted to be in it or not.

    (Your Name) was placed under the 6th squad, which to her seem pretty good because her Captain was a noble and everyone seemed fairly strong. Although she wasn’t nearly as good as a seated officer she didn’t mind working her way up.

    “Abarai Fukutaicho?” She calls out one day as he turns to her. “Um? Do you know where I can talk to Shuhei?”

    “Uh?? You mean like the Lieutenant from squad 9? Are y'all close like that?”

    “Yes, I’m his childhood friend. We lost contact a long time ago but I just found him.”

    Renji was bewildered, he didn’t know much about Shuhei past but it sounded a lot like him and Rukia so he couldn’t reject her.

    “Yeah I’ll let him know.”

    Shuhei was in the middle of a rush when Renji walked in. “Yo! Someone was asking for you!”

    “Not now! I’m kinda busy.” Shuhei states skimming through the papers rangiku messed up on.

    “It’s (Your Name) she really wants to see you.” Renji says as Shuhei drops the papers and looks up shocked. “You mean it?!”

    “Yes, like she’s in my squad and everything.”

    “Where?! Where is she!” Shuhei yells with a big smile on his face as he gets up from his desk.

    “Woah woah calm down!” She’s over at the fields training-“ without letting Renji finish his sentence he made a run for it.

    Renji smiles and scoffs. He was happy knowing that the reunion was going to be a good one.

    Shuhei saw her with her sword training hard as she sweated and concentrated on her spiritual energy. ”(Your Name)!“ He yells out as she turns to him.

    She smiles and ran towards him as they pull each other in a embrace.

    "Shuhei! You’re so grown now!” She says and he crushes her with his inhuman strength now. “Well you’re so tiny!”

    They let go as they both couldn’t stop smiling. “How?” He says as she sat on the grass as he took a seat next to her.

    “Remember when they took me, I managed to escape but we were so far away I couldn’t find the way back home.”

    Shuhei groans and looks down. “If only I was strong back then, I would have saved you.”

    “It’s fine, you were a kid. I don’t blame you.”

    He smiles softly as she touches his face and he starts to blush. “What happen to your face?” She asks with concern.

    “Don’t worry, just battles and the 69 is something I got from the man that saved my life. He’s actually my captain now.”

    She laughs and lets go. “Well you succeeded, now you can protect me from now on.”

    2 years later

    “Why don’t you tell her!” Hinamori pouts at Shuhei trying to push him into the restaurant.

    “Be-because it’s weird! She was like an older sister to me.”

    “But you like her right?” Rangiku jumps in unintentionally popping her breast out as Shuhei looks away in awkwardness.

    “Better tell her before someone else beats you to it.” Kira adds looking into the restaurant spotting (Your Name) dressed in a nice kimono waiting for a certain childhood friend.

    “Come on! Renji even asked Kuchiki Taicho to reserve the best restaurant in Seireitei right now!” Hinamori says making Shuhei feel a bit guilty that Renji made the effort to beg his captain.

    “Oh fine fine fine! I was going to do it my own pace but since everyone is telling me to.”

    Shuhei takes a deep breath and enters the restaurant.

    “Shuhei!” She calls and waves him over.

    “Sorry I’m late, how was your day?”

    “It was good! I can’t believe you got a place like this for us!”

    Shuhei sweats a bit and drinks some water before answering. “Yeah me too.”

    “Ahh little Shuhei is so handsome now.” (Your Name) smiles and push the messy part front of his hair away from his eyes.

    He blushes and grabs her hands with his. “You’ve grown to a fine lady also… but you kept your promise.”

    “What promise?”

    “Remember when we were little, I didn’t want you to leave me for another man.”

    (Your Name) laughs and covers her mouth with her free hand and tighten her grip with his hand.

    “Of course, why would I want anyone else?”

    “I wouldn’t want anyone else but you (Your Name).” Shuhei confesses as she drops her smile.

    They had been through so much she could see a life with him and he could see a future with her. A future with laughter and happiness where they no longer starved or lived poor.

    “I’m making enough money for us and I’m strong enough to protect you now. That means I’m the man I told you I wanted to be and the man you deserve to have.”

    She chuckles and set their hands down on the table as she rubs it softly.

    “Always, I don’t see why we wouldn’t work out. The future tied us back together.”

    Shuhei grins like the child he once use to be and boldly kisses her from across the table.

    “I’ve been waiting for this for years, our first kiss.”

    “And many to come.” (Your Name) adds with a blush.

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    • Izuru: I think Captain Hitsugaya is really lucky.
    • Hinamori: Yeah? Why's that?
    • Izuru: Because he gets to be with you.
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  • My highlights from my momo playlist that i think fit her perfectly :

    Azealia banks-Miss Camaraderie

    Mitski-Washing Machine Heart


    Rihanna-Same ol Mistakes

    Mitski-Liquid Smooth

    Fka Twigs- Fallen alien

    Loona/Go Won-See Saw


    Rina Sawayama-Cyber Stockholm Syndrome

    Full playlist:☆here☆

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    Momo lleva a Shiro chan a comprar en el mundo de los vivos y está muy emocionada por comprar dulces humanos mientras el pequeño Shiro chan no le agrada como ven a Momo y los manera con la mirada

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    I’m Feeling like drawing angst angel momo

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