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  • hxuse-xf-black
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Harry: What were you doing out so late?

    James Sirius: Well, it started when-

    Ginny: Five words or less.

    James Sirius, counting on his fingers: I. Had. A. Date.

    James Sirius:

    James Sirius: Bitch.

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  • just-an-introverts-world
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Okay but imagine someone *finally* making a Harry Potter tv show and giving us the Hinny we deserve 🥺

    #harry potter#ginny weasley #harry x ginny #hinny #my first ever hinny post #someone please make this happen
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  • longlivelupin
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    all my otps are just - dark haired dumbass and light haired "why am i married to this dumbass" dumbass

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  • lalunexa
    19.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𖥔 ۫.🍂 ⋄ .☁️・。.・🧹⊹ ׅ𖥔

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  • hinnymood
    19.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Harry : *sees someone doing something stupid*

    Harry: what an idiot.

    Harry : * realises it's Ginny*

    Harry : WAIT that's MY idiot.

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  • ao3feed-harryginny
    19.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Brittle Heart

    by circerian

    “I’m nothing but the ghost of what we had. I’m the ashes of the burning love you extinguished with a kiss on my cheek and crude confession.”

    Words: 3780, Chapters: 1/4, Language: English

    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Theodore Nott, Luna Lovegood

    Relationships: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood/Theodore Nott, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

    Additional Tags: Pregnancy, Angst, HEA, Angst with a Happy Ending, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Cheating, Infidelity, Explicit Sexual Content, Oral Sex, Daddy Draco, Mom Hermione, dramione - Freeform, commitment issues, Low Self-Esteem, Depression, Anxiety

    Read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3m0QKx3

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  • bicanthropus
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i'm doing a complete harry potter re-write, and i'll be real.

    i have no idea who i want to pair harry with.

    will i do a polyamorous relationship where both him and luna are dating ginny? maybe. will i pair him with neville and ginny with luna? maybe. will i leave it vague and open? maybe.

    it's one of the few things that i don't know about the re-write series and what i'm changing.

    #harry potter#hinny#linny #harry x neville
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  • ginnwxley
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    “i mIsS gInNy wEasLey” “i mIsS hArRy pOtTer” you know what else you’re missing? your fucking homework. go fucking do them

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  • ginnwxley
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ginny: i could literally kiss you

    harry: cool


    ron: you literally just said “cool”?

    harry: i panicked okay? and its not like you did much better when hermione kissed you!

    ron: i said “thankyou” which is still much better than “cool”!


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  • ao3feed-harryginny
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lost Souls

    by Minttulatte

    A drabble of an old idea from 2013 where the Wizarding World's source of magic is stolen by thieves from another world and when they succeed at stealing the crystal, due to a unfortunate turn of events Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are sucked through the portal into the dying world of Maxima along with a mysterious girl known as Azalea. Together they will try to find their way back home before Harry loses his life due to having lost all of his magical powers.

    Characters may or may not be OOC as this is the first time since 2006 I've written fanfiction with The Golden Trio Era characters so don't come and kill me in the comments! ;_;

    Words: 1249, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Spooktober 2021

    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Azalea Jing Anhala (OC)

    Relationships: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

    Additional Tags: loss of magic AU, post apocalyptic, Apocalypse, Hinny, author has no regrets, Inspired by Final Fantasy XIII, Drama, Tragedy, Horror, Survival Horror, Valhalla, slight hinny, journey into another world, a dying world, Mentions of War, yes i made ginny the stronger one, girl power runs the show, Spooktober 2021

    Read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3aOSSRS

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  • ao3feed-harryginny
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Rise of the Valkyrie

    by AlwaysPeachy

    It was over. The war was finally over. The pain, the hatred, the bigotry, all washed away in a sea of peace and forgiveness. With Voldemort dead and his horcruxes destroyed the magical world would, at long last, begin to heal and eventually transform into a place of freedom, love and acceptance.

    At least that’s what I used to believe, all those years ago.

    It turns out that humanity has an uncanny knack for repeating its own mistakes, especially within the magical world. Voldemort’s death changed nothing. In the end, I watched from afar as his spirit of violence and hate lived on in the people who had once defied him. I knew what needed to be done. I made new allies, pulled new heists and formed a brand new identity. They once called me Hermione Granger; a plain-but-ambitious girl.

    Now, they call me Valkyrie.

    The woman who set the world on fire.

    Words: 6740, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

    Categories: F/F, F/M

    Characters: Hermione Granger, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood

    Relationships: Hermione Granger/Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

    Additional Tags: Bellamione - Freeform, Post-War, AU, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, POV First Person, Dark, LGBTQ Themes, Plot, Political Alliances, BAMF Hermione Granger, Angst, Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, BDSM, S&M, WIP, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Additional Warnings Apply, Tags May Change

    Read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3AU6kym

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  • hinnysphoenix
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Harry : *chugs the 8th glass of Firewhisky* *slams it down on the table* *ruffles up his hair*

    *shouts at large* : Oy ginger ! Wanna come join me for a round of salsa ? tango ? dance ?

    Ron : *pushing through the crowd* excuse me- er…excuse me , Best Man coming through…- HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?

    Ginny : *gathering up her bride’s gown* ayeee !! WHY NOT green eyes with scar super sexy?

    George : *more drunk than Uncle Bilius could ever have been* scoot off bitches I’m playing Macarena !

    Ron : for Merlin’s sake…

    10 mins and 10 shots later…


    Guests : *half leaving half vibing* 

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  • hermiones-amortentia
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Me in the HP fandom shipping Romione, Hinny, Jily: who gives a fuck about fanon nonsense?

    Me in the ATLA fandom shipping Zutara: who gives a fuck about canon?

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  • geetikarandamgirl
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ships which basically suck and shouldn’t exist.

    Also why the heck is Snarry and Drarry more popular than Hinny?

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  • adriannalovesthestars
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    When Harry gets drunk

    Harry: Ginny, your hair...it's so red

    Ginny: What about it?

    Harry: Has it always been this red?

    Ginny: Yes

    Harry, tearing up: Amazing

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  • thebiwholived
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    fic: and i've been keeping all the letters (also on ao3)

    Harry and Ginny and a moment of quiet in which they might begin to heal just a little. Whumptober Prompt #16: On a Need to Know Basis | recovery + scars + aftermath

    Ginny slid her fingers up along the warm skin of Harry’s stomach. She glanced up at him for permission. His Adam’s apple bobbed once in his throat. His brows drew together just briefly, but he nodded. She moved slow and deliberate, giving him time to change his mind, and lifted the hem of his t-shirt. He sat up to help her tug it the rest of the way off then laid back against her pillows again as his shirt joined hers on the floor.

    His ribs and collarbones were more prominent than she remembered. It made her heart ache.

    Harry’s eyes tracked her every movement as she silently trailed her hand across his chest. She stopped when her fingers met the unfamiliar raised skin over his heart. She looked up again, asking the unspoken question.

    “Horcrux,” he said steady and low. “Got stuck. Hermione had to cut it off.”

    Ginny nodded, dozens of questions floating to the front of her mind. Harry would answer them later, she knew, if he wanted to. His hand came up to wrap loosely around hers on his chest. Her eyes drifted down, catching sight of other marks on his forearm. Her other hand reached out to trace them.

    “Nagini got hold of me,” Harry murmured. “Same time actually. Busy day, that one.”

    There was a faint spark of amusement in his eyes. Ginny gave him a small smile and shook her head. His hand left hers and stroked beneath her collarbone along a thin white line, his expression sobering.

    “Amycus Carrow. Got caught trying to sneak a first year out of detention.”

    Goosebumps rose over her skin as Harry’s thumb traced the hollow of her throat. He was quiet for a moment. She flattened her palm over his heart and enjoyed the feeling of his chest rising and falling with breath.

    “I’m—” Harry began to say, but she shushed him with a finger over his lips.

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there, he was going to tell her.

    So was she. But it wouldn’t change what either of them had been through, or the fact that it couldn’t have been helped.

    It was enough that they were both here right now, together, and alive.

    Harry’s fingers brushed another raised line above her elbow, and Ginny let them. She leaned down until her lips were an inch away from his. “Stinging hex,” she whispered and closed the distance.

    Harry’s hand slid up into her hair, holding her neck gently. She ran a hand lightly down his side and leaned down further until their bodies were pressed together. Ginny had been crying so much the past few weeks she didn’t think she had any tears left in her, but with the brilliant, soft feeling of so much of her skin against Harry’s she felt she could have started all over again.

    Their lips broke apart and Ginny shifted, tucking herself into Harry’s side. His arm came around to hold her close. He idly started to play with her hair again, and she laid her head on his chest, contentment washing over her.

    Ginny had so many questions for him, and she knew Harry had his own to ask her. But for the moment they lay quietly curled together on her narrow bed, soaking in the beat of each other’s hearts and the sound of the rain outside the window.

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  • slytherin-marauder
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    "I can fix him" great but he can fix you too. Both of you have loads of baggage.

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  • chaoticbritishqueen
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The broken plate: (TW implied/referenced child abuse)

    The plate fell on the floor with a smash. Harry felt a jolt of panic run through him, he didn't want to be yelled at. Going to pick up the pieces, he felt the plate apear in his hand. As though the plate never fell. Did he imagine it breaking?

    He looked up and saw his Aunt. Her face looked furious. "Cupboard. Now, Boy." "But the plate is whole? It's not broken" "you know what you did."

    He didn't, one moment the plate was fine, the next it wasn't. He froze as his Aunt walked up to him, grabbed him by the arm, before dragging him onto the cupboard. "This is what happens, when you do something unnatural." "BUT i didn't do anything!" "Don't LIE to me, boy" the cupboard door shut on him, and he was alone with the spiders. All over an unbroken plate.

    A few years later, Harry, went to hogwarts and was in lesson. "Repairo" was the spell they were learning. Mcgonagall told them to break a plate, and fix it.

    But no matter how hard Harry tried, he just couldn't fix the plate. Hermione tried to help. Ron distracted her, so that it wasn't a big deal. But the plate stayed broken. "Here, Potter" Mcgonagall said passing him a broken gobstone. "Try this." And to his amazement, the spell worked, he could fix the stone. Mcgonagall looked slightly sad though. Hermione looked at him questioningly. But those expressions were forgotten the second ron Ron patted him on the back saying "well done, mate!"

    Many years after the war, he was taking with Teddy, the 12 year old was helping Harry make Dinner. "Hey bud, can you grab me a plate?" "Teddy reached up and the plate slipped in his grasp. The sound made both of them jump, Harry more than Teddy. "Oh Merlin! I'm sorry" He heard Teddy say. "Hey, hey, hey, no, no, no" Harry said, interrupting Teddy from more apologies, "don't be sorry, you haven't done anything wrong bud, it's just a plate." Getting his wand out, Harry pointed his wand at the plate and "repairo"

    The plate became one, as though it was never broken. "See, an easy fix bud. Rinse it off, and pass it back, yeah?" "Okay, Harry"

    He saw Hermione looking at him, the look on her face oddly familiar? "You fixed it" "yeah I guess I did" Harry realised. "Normally Ginny does it, doesn't she Harry" "Gin knew I couldn't get the spell" "What changed?"

    Now that was a question. He didn't really know. "I guess, I just didn't want Teddy to feel scared of a broken plate, like it's just a fucking plate. Why should a kid be scared to break a plate?"

    Hermione looked at him, eyes oddly bright, "it was more than a plate for you, wasn't it?" "It really was, Hermione"

    #harry potter #harry potter series #harry potter incorrect quotes #harry james potter #hermione granger #the golden trio #ron weasley #harry and ron #harry and Hermione #teddy lupin #harry and mcgonagall #professor mcgonagall#hinny#hinny hp#married hinny#godfather harry#ginny weasley#petunia#the dursleys #tw child neglect #TW child abuse
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  • celtics534
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    It Was Rare, I Was There Part III

    May I present chapter 3! This one is the reason this fic has been tagged NSFW so read at your own discretion ;) 

    Thank you all for the kind words about this fic! They mean a lot to me! I think this one will satisfy the week long wait!

    Also Read On: FF.net or AO3 


    Harry's entire body was on fire as Ginny's hands moved. They'd started bunched up in his shirt, then they were mapping out his chest, before moving over to his neck and hair. When her fingers had begun playing with the little hairs at the nape of his neck, Harry hadn't been able to contain his satisfied groan. She tasted amazing, a combination of chocolate (which they'd shared earlier that night) and strawberries (he assumed that was the flavor of her chapstick she kept on hand). He couldn't tear himself away from the intoxicating taste; he wanted more. 

     His hands fell to her hips as he pushed her back, making sure that his lips never left hers for more than a second. Their forced stop came in the form of the counter. Harry pressed himself as close as he could to her, lamenting their height difference. Then inspiration struck as his left hand brushed the cool granite surface. Without a word, Harry moved his hands down to cup her bum, nearly groaning at how perfect it felt, and lifted Ginny onto the counter. 

     Ginny let out a surprised noise when she landed on her stone counter but didn't say anything. Rather, her hands came back to the front of his shirt and pulled him back to her, placing him in between her legs. Harry moaned in disappointment as her mouth fell away from his, only to groan in satisfaction as she moved to a sensitive point on his neck. He started at the sudden pain from the little bite she made. Her tongue came next, soothing her enthusiasm. 

     As Ginny focused on his neck, Harry focused on her. He roamed his hands from her hips, across her stomach, and over to her back. His hands slid up her sides, riding her shirt up and allowing him access to her warm skin. He toyed with the clasp of her bra with numb fingers, waiting for a sign of approval or refusal. When her lips crashed back to his in a hot mind numbing kiss, Harry took that as her blessing. It took two tries, but eventually, the clasp broke apart. 

     The pesky bra was still hanging on to her shoulders, but Harry simply slipped underneath the loosened fabric. His fingers grazed against her skin to find her hard nipples. Ginny moaned into his mouth as he teased her gently. 

     When her hands broke away from him, Harry thought he’d done something wrong. He thought she was going to push him away, but instead, she reached for the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head. Harry’s breath hitched as she tossed the shirt and the loosened bra to the floor. He marveled at the freckles spreading across her toned stomach. It was like little constellations that existed just for his viewing. 

    Ginny didn’t seem to notice or care that Harry was in a trance as she tugged at the hem of his ratty sleep shirt. The next thing Harry knew, it was on the floor beside hers, and he was back in her personal bubble. His lips were at her neck this time. The scent of her drove him mad as it filled his nostrils. He didn’t know whether it was her shampoo, body soap, or perfume, but the mixture of vanilla and lavender was heady and intoxicating. Her fingers had threaded back into his hair, massaging his scalp in a way that made him nearly purr like a cat.     

     “Harry.” Ginny’s voice was low and overwhelmingly sexy. It made him push closer to her, craving as much of her as he could get. “Harry, we can’t —” She moaned as his teeth nipped at the pulse point fluttering in her neck. “We can’t get carried away.” 

     “Why?” The words sounded like they came from someone other than himself. He couldn’t even recognize himself in the deep throaty voice. His hands (which had been roaming across her recently exposed abdomen) moved up higher, settling on the curves of her incredible breasts. 

     “Be — because I’m st — still your guard.” Ginny’s body opposed her words as her breath hitched and her back arched into his touch.  She wanted this as much as he did, but her brain was talking her out of it. Harry wanted to shut off that voice in her head; he wanted to make her speechless with want. Want for him, the same he felt for her.

     "So — do — you — want — me — to — stop?" Harry asked, each word punctuated with a kiss to her body. First her cheek, then neck, then sternum, eventually ending his heated trail at her breasts. Ginny’s breaths came in large, heavy gulps making her chest rise higher and easier for his mouth to reach. 

     "Want is completely irrelevant right now." Ginny groaned as his lips pressed light, teasing kisses from one side to the next. "Right now, I need — we should —" 

     Harry let his lips linger on her right nipple, his tongue lapping at her tantalizing form. Then with a great effort, he pulled back, pressing his lips to hers in a hard, quick kiss. When he pulled away, her eyes were glassy in that dazed and satisfied way his imagination always created in his fantasies. It sent another wave of desire through him. 

     "Ginny, tell me you don't want this… don't want me. Because I want you." Harry stared directly into her eyes. Knots twisted in his gut as he bore himself to her. It wasn't normal for him to be so forward when it came to women; typically, he was shy and a bit timid. But Harry couldn't hold back with her. He needed to get it all out in the open. He needed her to understand. "I want you all the time. It’s like everything in my world is burning, yet all I think about is you.” His hand came up to run through his hair in a frustrated motion. “I was in my father’s hospital room after he’d just been shot, yet my mind kept thinking about how good you looked standing there in that corner and wondered how your lips would feel against mine.” 

     She stared at him, her brown eyes wide and her mouth slightly agape. “I — I don’t.”

     He shook his head. “Don’t finish that sentence. Don’t say don’t, please.”


     Closing his eyes, Harry forced himself to breathe in and out. Blood pounded in his ears. He didn’t want to hear her denial. If she said it was all in the heat of the moment, he might just lose it. 

     When she spoke, her voice was so quiet, he could hardly hear her. “I don’t want to feel like this for you. I don’t want… I shouldn’t...But I can’t….” 

     He couldn’t resist looking at her, seeing those gorgeous eyes as she turned him away. It was self sadistic, but Harry needed to see her face. What he saw made a fisted clutch around his stomach. He’d expected an awkward, withdrawn smile, but that wasn’t it at all. She looked defeated, as if everything she said tortured her. 

     Instinctively his hands came to hers, unclenching tight fists. He kept his voice soft, hoping to ease some of her tension. “What do you mean you can’t? Can’t what?”

     She met his gaze, her mouth curling into a self-deprecating half-smile. “I can’t be with you in the way I want.”

     His heart started to thump a hard beat against his chest as bubbles of hope flared in his gut. “Why?” He lifted one palm to her cheek, cupping it. “We both want this. So why can’t we have it?”  

     Ginny’s face contorted into an irritated expression. “I’m your guard. It would be unprofessional for me to cross the line between protector and… and… more.” Her voice hitched on the last word. 

     So he had been right. She had been holding back for professionalism. Harry tried to think of what he could say that would make her forget that concern. "So… so we just need lines, right?" 

     "I — yes, we need to have boundaries. We can't —"

     "What if we allow our boundaries to allow… certain things?" Harry interrupted.

     Ginny's brow furrowed as she stared at him. "What do you mean?" 

     Harry took a deep breath, preparing to have her shoot him down. "Well, what if we agree to keep this”-- he gestured between them-- “to keep us private. No public displays or something." 

     She shook her head. "It's more than just avoiding things while in public, Harry. If I — if we are entangled, I won't be able to keep my head clear and make objective decisions in a dire situation." 

     He was still standing between her legs. Her tantalizing body emanated heat that he craved. Without thought, his fingers brushed against her exposed waist. Hoping to bring some levity to the serious discussion, he gave her a cocky grin. "I fog your head, do I?"

     Harry regretted his words almost instantly as Ginny pushed him away with an exasperated groan. She slid off the counter, grumbling as she collected her shirt. He heard the words prat and arrogant in her rambling. When she stood straight, her shirt was already on. She turned to look at him, her expression serious. "I can't let you get under my skin any more than you already do." She roughly poked a finger into his chest. "This can't happen again." 

     Before Harry could try and plead his case, or take back his pathetic joke, Ginny was back in her observation corner glaring daggers at the room… at him. 

     “Gin.” Harry started forward, but something in Ginny’s expression stopped him dead. With harsh realization, Harry knew trying to talk to her now would only result in cruel words and angry reprimands. Shoulders slumping, Harry bit back all the things he wanted to say and just bade her good night. Once inside his temporary room, Harry collapsed on the bed, his hands coming up to cover his face. There was no way he was going to be able to fall asleep, not with his mind so full of her. The taste, feel, sounds she made were playing on a hypnotic rerun in his head. His stomach knotted at the memory of her cold stare as he’d left the room. No… he wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight. 


     Ginny tried not to stare. She knew better. Staring at Harry would only result in more issues. Yet, no matter how much the logical side of her mind argued, her eyes never stopped watching him perform his workout. The way his biceps bulged and sweat dripped down his exposed back. Fuck… Ginny was only human, and she didn’t know any woman in her right mind that wouldn’t be watching him.

     The at-home gym set had been a compromise Harry had requested to compensate for his near lockdown situation. Bill and Lily had put extreme safeguards on Harry’s living situation after James’ shooting. He was only allowed to leave the safehouse for predetermined reasons (including visiting his parents and work). It made sense to keep Harry hidden as much as possible, decreasing the chance of one of Riddle’s hired men to find him. But on the flip side, that locked Harry and Ginny in the flat together without any distractions. 

     Since their little… incident the other night, Ginny had been trying to keep as much physical space between herself and Harry as possible. She kept vigilance in her corner, refusing to tempt fate and relax her guard. That, of course, didn’t prevent moments from happening when she came out of the loo or if she needed a glass of water and he was sitting at the tiny kitchen table. And those little moments would play on repeat in her head throughout the day. Like when their eyes would meet, or his hand would sometimes brush her arm… 

     Ginny clenched her jaw, focusing back to the wall. She needed to stop thinking about him like that. Hell, Ginny needed to stop thinking about Harry as anything more than a client. If only she could just dissociate him from these... desires. The problem was that since that first incident, Ginny couldn’t stop picturing how good he looked without a shirt… how dark his eyes became as he’d started to kiss down her neck… the way his lips had sent sparks of electricity through her body. 

     Ginny needed to get reassigned. She was in too deep; Ginny knew it. Which was why she’d contacted Bill the previous day and asked him to call her when he got the chance. Maybe Bill could come to be with Harry, and she could be Lily’s guard. The only reason she was paired with Harry was because they were near similar ages, and finding excuses for the two of them to be together was easy. Still, Ginny was confident she could think of a way to excuse her presence with Lily or even James.   

     Her eyes drifted back to Harry as he continued his reps. His body was turned away from her, giving a glorious view of his muscular back. He was currently working on some sort of rope pull machine that made the muscles on his back taunt and way too appealing. The beads of sweat careening down from the nape of his neck, down his exposed back, were too tantalizing. 

     When her phone started vibrating in her pocket, she praised the unknown caller for their distraction. Reading the caller ID, Ginny’s mood brightened even more. 

     “Harry.” She spoke for what seemed like the first time in days. “Bill is calling me.”

     Harry’s hands instantly dropped the ropes, his head spinning so he could look at her. “Is it about my dad?”

     The fear that clouded his green eyes pulled at her heart. She couldn’t tell him the truth about Bill’s call. The idea of telling him made butterflies pool in her gut. But she wouldn’t use James’ health as an excuse. “I don’t think so. But I am going to take the call in your room.” 

     His brow furrowed. She’d left the room to answer a call, and clearly, he noticed the change. “Okay, but why are you —”

     Ginny cut him off, not wanting to answer any questions he may have and not wanting to risk Bill hanging up. “Do not leave this room. I will be back in a few minutes.”

     Before he could reply, she was in his room, closing the door behind her. Ginny allowed herself one second to take a deep breath, to collect herself before clicking the answer button. 

     “‘Ello, Bill.”

     “Hey, Spitfire.” Bill’s said in his trademark deep voice. Ginny grimaced at the old nickname. “Why’d you call?”

     “I — I.” Her tongue had suddenly become two sizes too large, and the words she’d mentally practiced seemed to fly out of her head. She swallowed, hoping to dislodge whatever was lumped in her throat. 

     “Ginny?” Bill’s tone reminded her of childhood. Bill had always been there for her, always trying to make her feel better and happy. When she was sick, Bill would come up to her room with a bowl of soup and her favorite storybook. And this was just another situation that he would save her from, do whatever it took to make her better.  

     With a sudden rush of bravery, Ginny blurted, “I need to be reassigned.”

     There was silence on the other line. It went on for so long Ginny pulled the screen away from her cheek to check that she hadn’t been disconnected. When the receiver was back to her ear, Bill’s quiet voice finally spoke. “What’s happened?”

     “I — we —”

     “Has Potter done something to upset you?” 

     “No!” Ginny’s voice was a bit shrill, even to her own ear. She forced herself to take a breath before speaking again. “No. Nothing like that.”

     She could hear Bill let out a long sigh. “Okay, then what is it?”

     And here was the moment of truth. It was time to deal with Bill’s disappointment, which was nearly as bad as her mum’s. He wanted all his team to be professional, and Ginny had failed that miserably. Stealing herself, Ginny said, “Harry and I had a moment.”

     A beat of silence, then, “A moment? You’re going to have to explain that one, Ginny.”

     She licked her lips; the phantom taste of Harry lingered as the memories flooded her mind. “Harry and I kissed and… and I know it was unprofessional and it shouldn’t have happened. But it did, and I should be reassigned. I was thinking I could work with Lily, maybe pretend to be her niece from Ireland visiting for —”

     Bill cut off her rambling, his tone devoid of any emotion. “You and Harry kissed, so you want to be reassigned?”

     “I — I mean, yes, I should be reassigned. You know, keep things professional.” Ginny had always had an issue with blabbering when she was nervous, and this conversation with Bill was proving to be no exception. “I mean, the person guarding him shouldn’t be thinking about snogging him all the bloody time. Which is why you would be a much better guard for him. You wouldn’t be getting distracted by his bloody fantastic back muscles or —” 

     Again Bill spoke over her. “Ginny, you fancy him?” 

     Ginny froze, her nervous babble getting caught in her throat. He asked the one question she didn’t want to answer. The only question that made the butterflies in her gut swirl as if in a tornado. But there was no denying it at this point. She’d been gone for him for entirely too long for any lie to come off her tongue. 

     “I —” Her mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden. She cleared her throat. “I  — yes. I believe I do.“

     Silence fell between the siblings as Ginny waited for her lashing. But when Bill spoke, there was no bite to his words; hell, there was even something like amusement coming through the line. “So because you fancy him; because you kissed him, you want to be reassigned? Am I getting this right?”

     Sudden anger flashed through her system, making her words come out harsh. “Obviously, you should want me to be reassigned as well. You’re always talking to Ron and me about keeping things professional, and I’m rather certain snogging a ward isn’t on your list of professional behaviors.”

     Bill had the audacity to laugh. “That’s true. Snogging clients isn’t normally advised, but my sister’s happiness comes first.”

     Her jaw dropped as she tried to think of what to say. The best her garbled mind could come up with was, “What?”

     “Ginny.” Bill’s voice was back to that soft and soothing tone she related to safety and love. “I’m not such a tyrant that I only care about my business. You and Ron always come first, and if that means you and Potter are —”

     “Are you serious?!” Ginny couldn’t believe what was happening. Was Bill giving her permission to become involved with a ward? 

     Bill’s chuckle filled her ears. “Did I ever tell you how I met Fleur?”

     “Um, I think so.” The details were a little foggy in Ginny’s mind, but she could remember a few bits and pieces. “Weren’t you digging around France for some sort of eighteenth-century goblet or something?”

     “It was seventeenth-century, but yes, I was working on an assignment. As was Fleur.” Bill’s voice became slightly dreamy as the memories came to mind. “She was the assistant archaeologist we were working with. I was instantly attracted to her. Between her mind, witty personality, and her knock-out looks… I think I had fallen before I even knew there was a cliff.” 

     “Oookay.” Ginny had no idea where he was going with his romance novel. She’d witnessed the romantic yet disgusting way Fleur and her brother adored each other. There was no need to give it background. 

     Bill ignored her skeptic tone, continuing his story as if she’d never spoken. “The thing was my partner, and I had one rule, never get involved with someone assisting us. But I couldn’t resist her. It was like she had this overpowering charm that just drew me to her.”

     “So you got with her despite your own rule?” 

     “Oh, I didn’t give in for over a month, but then one night we were working through some ancient text when Fleur found something in the writing that gave us a big clue about where the goblet might be. In the excitement, she kissed me, something she meant to just be a happy, friendly thing, but the moment her lips were on mine…” Bill cleared his throat. “Well, needless to say, our friendship shifted to something more that night.”

     “What did Douglas say?” Ginny asked about Bill’s old partner. She knew the man had a bit of a temper.

     Bill laughed. “Oh, he let me have it when he found out. He yelled at me for a long time. He kept saying how I might have ruined our reputation, how I messed with the integrity of the case, basically all the things you’ve accused yourself of.”

     Ginny bit her lip, not liking the way Bill was turning his story back onto her. “And he was right, wasn’t he?”

     “We still found the goblet, so you tell me.”

     She huffed out a breath. “I mean… I guess not.” 

     “Douglas agreed, a few weeks after we’d come back home. Ginny, you understand what I’m getting at, don’t you?”

     “I — I.” Ginny did. The moral of his story was so blatant that even a child could see it. “Yeah.”

     Bill’s vindication was clear in his next words. “Then I’ll say, because I’m no hypocrite: if you truly fancy Harry, then I won’t stop or scold you.” 

     Ginny sucked in a deep breath. This was not at all what she’d expected from this conversation with her boss… but then again, he wasn’t really being her boss at that moment. Like he’d say, his sister came first. She released a shaky breath. “So… you won’t reassign me?”

     “Nope.” Bill popped the P. “Unless something happens that makes you uncomfortable, I think it’s in the best interest of the client, and my employee is for you to stay with Potter.” 

     “I —” Ginny sighed. “I guess I’ll let you go then.” 

     “Ginny,” She could practically feel Bill’s smile through the phone. “For what it’s worth, I like Harry, and I think you two will be good together.” Then without so much as a goodbye, the line went dead. 

     She tucked the mobile back into her pocket, trying to get possession of her manic thoughts. The only excuse she’d had for not being with Harry had just vanished in one phone call. Ginny sat down on the edge of Harry’s bed, letting her head fall into her hands. It was all so much. When she’d had an excuse, Ginny had been able to, albeit poorly, compartmentalize what she felt for Harry, but now with no logical blocker, all her feelings swirled right up to the surface. 

     Ginny hadn’t lied to Bill; she fancied Harry. She wanted him more than… well more than she had anyone in a long time. He appealed to her on every level, which wasn’t normal for her. It was easy for her to come up with red flags for men in her past. He was too clingy, he was too narcissistic, he was a Man U fan. The list went on, but with Harry… No flags were raised. 

     Fuck, it would have been so much easier if Bill had removed her! But at the same time, there was a claw that clenched around her gut every time she imagined leaving Harry. Ginny wasn’t ignorant. She knew what it all meant, but the question was, what was she going to do about it?


     Harry glanced over at his bedroom door for what felt like the millionth time. Ginny had been locked in there for well over twenty minutes, and he was starting to get nervous. What if Bill had told her something that was just too painful for her to say to him. His mind kept picturing the worst possible things. Something had happened to his mum; his father had a sudden heart attack, Sirius being lured into a shooting.

     Or what if it had to do with her family. He knew she was incredibly close to all her family; her dad, in particular, held a special place in her heart. What if her dad had been in a car accident and she was in there grieving. His heart thudded painfully against his chest. He had nearly gotten up to knock multiple times, but he wasn’t confident she’d welcome him. 

     After the other night… God, the other night had gone from the best moment of his life to one of the worst. Every time he looked at her, his chest hurt, and his stomach clenched. She was all he wanted, and she was right there in front of him… but Harry couldn’t have her. For the past few days, he’d been coming up with arguments, ways to break through her set rules, but nothing concrete ever came. No, every fucking time he opened his mouth to try and talk with her about it, all that came out was mumbled garble. 

     The clock on the wall ticked another minute passing. He would give her another thirty seconds before knocking. Just to check on her, see if she needed a glass of water or —

     As if she’d known about the deadline, the bedroom door creaked open, revealing a harassed-looking Ginny. Harry was instantly on his feet, moving her side. 

     “Ginny, what is it? What did Bill want? Is it my family?” The questions fired like bullets. Harry couldn’t have stopped them if he’d tried. “Is it your family? Your fath —”

     Her hand over his mouth cut him off. She took a deep breath before looking up into his eyes. The little stutter of his heart that always happened when he looked into her eyes, wasn’t lost on him, even in his anxious state. The silence was heavy between them as Ginny took a moment to compose herself. When she finally spoke, her voice was quiet. “Harry, I —” She licked her lips. “I couldn’t stop it.”

     Harry’s heart dropped out of his body, nausea bubbling into his stomach. His breathing became labored as something heavy fell onto his chest. “What? St — stop what?” His voice was muffled against her palm. 

     Ginny closed her eyes, swallowing hard. “Stop these — these fucking feelings.” Her eyes opened to reveal a hard, blazing look like the one from the other night that ignited every part of his body. And then it was like a dam broke, and everything came pouring out. Ginny removed her hand from his face and paced away, her footsteps heavy even on the carpeted floor. 

     “Why the fuck couldn’t this have just been a case? Why did I have to — to care for you more than any guard ever should?!” In her agitation, she paced quickly around the small sitting room, turning on her heel to move from one corner to the next. “I told myself I was going to come out here and just go back to business, that I would ignore the way you make my heart race and my hands shake when you get too close, but no!” 

     She struck out at the leg of the coffee table with a strong kick. “The second I fucking see you, my intentions all go to hell.” She rounded to face him, her flaming hair going every which way and her lips set in something near a snarl. Nothing had ever looked more beautiful to him than Ginny Weasley at that moment. “You were so worried, and all I can think is how I want to comfort you. How I want to kiss you. But then — then you’re asking about my family because you care about them, about me and I — ”

     He silenced her tangent in four quick steps and one hard kiss to her lips. Her response was instantaneous, her hands threaded into his hair. He pressed into her, his hands coming to grip at her hips. She gave back as good as she got, and it was Ginny who slid her tongue into his mouth first. His hands went to the hem of her shirt, lifting it just enough so his fingers touched bare flesh. 

     Ginny untangled her fingers, sliding them down the back of his neck. A trail of goosebumps followed her movement as she roamed down his bareback to grab at his hips. Harry groaned into her mouth as his body pressed closer to hers, more intimately against hers. He took the first step, leading her backward, back to the room she’d just vacated. This time there was no hesitation, no indecision from him or her. 

     It only took a few moments for the back of Ginny’s legs to bump into the side of the mattress. Harry’s hand lowered to the small of her back as he lowered her onto the bed, his body instantly covering hers. Her hands roamed back up to his neck, lacing through his hair. She slid her lips away from his mouth to maneuver them from one place on his jaw to a sensitive spot on his neck.

     The way her hair fanned across the starch white pillow was a work of art. Harry could have been happy just admiring her for hours, but that wasn’t going to happen. She pulled his mouth back to hers in a hungry kiss that sent his body into overdrive. When his fingers found the hem of her shirt, it came off over her head, landing unceremoniously on the floor. Next came her bra and trousers. Within seconds she was there before him, laying so tantalizingly, in nothing but simple black knickers. 

     His mouth went dry as he stared at her. Harry knew he must look like a moron, with his mouth agape and eyes wide, but he couldn’t help it. He pitied people who had never had the chance to see Ginny Weasley laying in their bed, exposed and just indescribably beautiful. The half-closed eyes, face and chest flushed, and a curl to her lips that practically screamed sin, it all hypnotized him.  

     When her fingers tugged at the drawstring of his workout shorts, Harry was pulled from his reverie. His hands dropped down to assist her, hooking the band of both his boxers and shorts, before sliding them down his hips and onto the floor. He moved to hover fully over her, their bare bodies pressed to each other in the most delectable way. 

     “Harry.” His name came from her lips like a benediction, sending him closer to the edge. When her lips came to suck at the pulse point on his neck, he couldn’t contain a groan. Her hands were moving in between them. His abdomen tightened as her fingers toying with the bit of hair near his navel. Harry was losing control faster than he wanted. If her hands moved just inches south, he was certain it would all end before it even began. He wanted this to be good for her, to not disappoint. 

     Moving quickly, Harry started pressing kisses to every spot he could find. Her jaw, cheek, neck. His course continued downward, his entire body forging a trail until his lips were on her chest. Harry let his attention linger on her breasts, letting her sighs and moans guide him. He noticed her vocal satisfaction was louder while he focused on her left nipple, so he lapped it for a moment longer before continuing his determined path.

     He stopped at her thighs, his hands moved to her waist, toying with the elastic of her knickers. Her skin was hot as his mouth trailed up towards the edge of that simple cotton. When his tongue came out to taste through the fabric, Ginny cried out. Harry looked up past her flat stomach into her heavy-lidded eyes. 

     His fingers pulled lightly at her knickers. “May I?” 

     Ginny didn’t even try to speak but simply lifted her hips from the mattress, so Harry could slide the cotton off her. Without any hesitation, Harry moved back in, his tongue continuing from the spot he left off. With patience Harry didn’t know he possessed; he moved slowly, driving both of them mad. 

     When he finally reached his mark, Ginny moaned his name in the most glorious way he’d ever heard. Her fingers curled into his hair, holding tightly as he focused solely on her inarticulate signals. Like the way her fingers moved further down his scalp when she wanted his attention to drift or how her nails would dig in when he did something particularly well. He caressed his right hand down her side. The moment Harry added in one finger, Ginny bucked into him. When the second joined, Ginny’s whole body went taut, and her thighs closed around his head. Faintly, he could hear her crying out his name, but that didn’t distract him from his current task. He didn’t stop, riding out her pleasure, trying to keep his own from peaking. 

     After an eternity, yet no time at all, Ginny’s body slumped back into the mattress. Her legs opened up further, permitting him to move his attention up her body. He nipped at her flat stomach, lapped at the underside of her breast, sucked at her neck. When he reached her lips, he hesitated; Harry wasn’t sure of her preferences, after someone had —

     Ginny didn’t let his uncertainty last long as her fingers curled into his now thoroughly-mussed hair and she pulled his lips to hers. He groaned as her tongue mingled with his. His hips jerked as her nails dug into his back. The way his body pressed into her… fuck. Harry thought he could combust any minute. 

     He pulled away from Ginny’s mesmerizing lips to murmur. “Ginny, can we — can I —” Then he grunted as Ginny’s legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. 

     “If you don’t, I may kill you.” Ginny bit at his bottom lip. “I am licensed to kill, you know.” 

     He couldn’t resist laughing into her neck. She was absolutely bloody perfect. So sexy one moment, then making him laugh the next. It was right then when Harry knew he had completely fallen. There was no more denying it or stopping it. He was irreverently and utterly in love with her. 

     She pulled him from his deep thoughts as her lips found his. Her hips came up, encouraging him to follow her instructions. With the little finesse he still processed, Harry entered her. They moaned in unison as Harry started moving slowly, letting them both adjust. She was so warm and tight around him Harry knew he wasn’t going to last.

     His face buried into her neck, his tongue lapping at the mixture of her perfume and sweat that beading her skin. Harry could already feel his control leaving despite his best efforts. He tried to keep a steady rhythm, but the way she was moaning his name and obscenities was too much for him.  

     “Ginny, I can’t —” His voice was hoarse as he tried to explain. 

     Her fingers squeezed his hips. “I’m close, Harry. Just — touch me.” 

     Harry wasn’t sure if he could last long enough to do more than reach down, but he followed her orders. At first touch, her back arched. Second, made her moan. When her fingers slid down to his bum and squeezed, Harry couldn’t hold back any longer. His fingers fell away from her as his hips jerked once more before stilling in her. Faintly, over the pounding of his heart, he could hear Ginny calling out his name. She tightened delightfully around him, sending continuous waves of pleasure through him.  Her hands were hard on his bum as she held him against her. His mouth fell onto her neck as he pressed hot, open mouth kisses on her heated skin. 

     Her breath was hot on his shoulder as they both recovered. Harry could feel his entire body going slack, so before he collapsed and crushed her, he flipped them so she was on top. He could feel her hand crawl away from his bum, over to his hips as she lay atop him. Her head rested right on his chest, and he was sure she could hear the mad way it raced. 

     “Well.” Ginny sounded languid and sated, her body limp on his. “You definitely surpassed the Potter in my daydreams.” She patted his hip lightly. “So well done, you.”

     Harry’s laughter rumbled in his chest. “Glad to hear it.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I can say the same thing about you, Weasley.” 

     She pushed up so they were face to face. Her cheeks were still adorably flushed as she flashed him a cheeky grin. “Naturally.”

     This time his laugher came, outright. “You’re something, Ginny. I — ” The words caught in his throat as his pulse quickened. “I —”

     Ginny cut off his struggle with a hot, lingering kiss to his lips. When she pulled away, her eyes locked on his. They blazed with an intensity that sent a shiver up his spine. There was a seriousness to them that mixed with what Harry knew to be affection. “How about we talk about… all of this... after a kip?”

     “I —” He swallowed the lump in his throat but then nodded. He was too knackered to say anything right, anyways. Hell, his eyes were drooping at that moment, and her body’s warmth and weight were like the best-fitted blanket. “Stay with me?” 

     She kissed him once, letting her lips linger, before sliding off him and onto her side. Her head came to rest on his shoulder. “Just try to stop me.”

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