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  • Pensamientos intrusivos y una historia · Casita acogedora

    Pensamientos intrusivos y una historia · Casita acogedora

    cita de abuso doméstico


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  • El tercer hombre (1949)

    Un excelente film de intriga con un excelente trasfondo histórico, que además de mostrarnos como eran de difíciles y peculiares los años de posguerra en una tierra donde la guerra era un tema tabú, nos adentra en un argumento perfecto que a pesar de su posible previsibilidad, no deja de sorprender.

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  • Águilas van tras la historia, ganan y obligan a un decisivo partido ante Gigantes

    Águilas van tras la historia, ganan y obligan a un decisivo partido ante Gigantes

    Juan Lagares disparó un soberbio cuadrangular con las bases llenas que quebró un empate y terminó con cinco carreras remolcadas para impulsar a las Águilas Cibaeñas a disputar el séptimo juego que decidirá la Final del Cibao, al derrotar este domingo 6-5 a los Gigantes del Cibao, en el sexto partido de la serie que se celebró en el estadio Cibao.
    Las garras del águila prevalecieron por segundo…

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  • Seated Figure Pendant

    500 BC-AD 300

    Costa Rica 

    Provenience unknown, possibly looted


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  • Sentido: una revisión de la historia de Cyberpunk Ghost (TheSixthAxis)

    Sentido: una revisión de la historia de Cyberpunk Ghost (TheSixthAxis)

    TSA escribe: “Es el año 2083, y tu protagonista, una joven llamada Mei, se dirige a una cita en Neo Hong Kong. Una vez que llegas al bar, sin embargo, estás repentinamente enviado 100 años atrás. El bar ahora es un edificio abandonado, perseguido por los fantasmas de los antiguos residentes. Todos estos espíritus han sido deformados por una nube de energía oscura, convirtiéndolos en demonios, y…


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  • I just wanna say thank you to WIT studios for dropping Attack on Titan. Because as a Tokyo Ghoul fan, we all know what happens when a studio clings to the rights of an anime when they don’t have the resources or manpower to make it. Rushed story, fights that are left out entirely because they cost too much to animate, characters being left out and cut completely… WIT really did the right thing here by sitting down and probably saying: “look we can’t handle this anymore, if we try to make this in a time frame that is a reasonable wait for fans, it won’t be our best.” I think all of the producers and studios involved in Attack on Titan want to give the show a proper ending for the fans. Attack on Titan fans are PAMPERED compared to the treatment other fandoms got with their anime adaptions. If the rest of the anime is garbage from this point forward, I will humbly admit it. But I have to say, my standards are pretty low after witnessing the treatment Tokyo Ghoul re got by a studio that greedily kept the rights and then refused to give their animators what they needed to make it a worthy adaption. I like what MAPPA has done so far. Credit where credit is due.

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  • “Solo se ha juzgado una ínfima parte del aparato represivo”: el reclamo para que Argentina revele los archivos ocultos de la dictadura

    “Solo se ha juzgado una ínfima parte del aparato represivo”: el reclamo para que Argentina revele los archivos ocultos de la dictadura

    Argentina es reconocida en el mundo por su juzgamiento a criminales y genocidas de la última dictadura militar (1976-1983), luego de haber anulado en 2003 —durante el Gobierno de Néstor Kirchner— las leyes que garantizaban la impunidad de aquellos que cometieron delitos de lesa humanidad.

    Sin embargo, en ese país sudamericano muchos sostienen que el proceso de Memoria, Verdad y Justicia está…


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    #Crimenes de la Historia #Historia#Latinoamérica
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  • Messi, expulsado: historia de un hartazgo

    Messi, expulsado: historia de un hartazgo

    Con 2-3 en el marcador, el sentir del barcelonismo era unánime: “lo peor no es perder el título, sino la imagen que ha dado el equipo”. Sin embargo, lo más preocupante para la afición culé estaba aún por llegar: la expulsión de Messi, su primera como jugador del primer equipo del Barça y la cuarta de su carrera. Derrotas y frustraciones al margen, ver al crack rosarino alcanzar dichos límites de…

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  • image

    Queer brown voices on kokoelma esseitä ja haastatteluja latina/o hlbt aktivisteilta. Monet haastattelut kertovat aktivistiliikkeen muodostumisesta 1900-luvulla, joten tässä on historiallista näkökulmaa.

    Queer brown voices is a collection of essays and interviews from latina/o lgbt activists. Many of the interviews talk about the formation of the activist movement at the end of 20th century, so there’s also a historical point of view.

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  • El primer gobierno de Isabel II: La Constitución de 1845

    El primer gobierno de Isabel II: La Constitución de 1845

    Tras la proclamación de la Constitución de 1837 se hizo patente cual sería la característica más destacable del reinado de Isabel II: la alternancia del poder de los diferentes partidos políticos moderados y progresistas, algo que sin duda generaría una importante inestabilidad política que terminaría reflejándose en todas las esferas de la realidad española del siglo XIX.

    La siguiente…


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    #Historia#Historia Contemporánea #Historia Contemporánea de España #Historia de España
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  • “Feathers and blood”


    Request? No

    Warnings- Cursing and inappropriate words. Slight blood.

    Pairings: Levi x Winged! Male! Reader.


    Never in my life would I think I’d be imprisoned by a group of unknown men or people. Who’d each time would do expierments on me.

    Each day, would be the same. Going inside my cell and taking some of my blood, ripping my beautiful feathers, which would leave me screaming in pain and agony as that shit hurt like hell. The ripped part having blood gushing all the way down, staining my feathers. But, I’ve gotten used to it, so all I could do was just stare at them with an unsatisfied face. They’d teach me how to fly, which I eventually learned when I was just a kid.

    I was about in my late 30’s, possibly early 40’s when they all just randomly disappeared. Of course they fed me, but today was weird since they didn’t come like the normal and average days. I sat on the floor, never having any space to spread and stretch my long wings.

    About an year has passed by, and I’m still yet to be alive. Weird, right? Well, I never died of hunger, I’d just starve. That’s all.

    I silently slept after days and days. Waiting for someone to come in, or so. That’s when I heard a loud screeching sound. I growled in annoyance as the screeching continued. Then I stopped when it stopped. The screeching sounded like a heavy door opening. I quickly hid in the shadows, far from the bars that kept me inside the cell.

    I heard footsteps walking closer towards my cell. I heard people talking, it was a good thing I knew English and different languages. They wanted me to learn just in case I’d be set free. Which never happened.

    “This place is fucking disgusting, who the hell was even kept in here?” A man said. M/n looked at the bars, seeing a faint light shinning brighter as the steps became louder.

    The question the male asked was something I didn’t understand. Disgusting? I mean, yea there’s dust and dead animals, but I mean. Really? I listened carefully, staying quiet as I rested my wings on my back.

    “This does look really dirty. How long have you known about this place, your majesty?” Asked another, slightly deeper voice. That’s when the whole quartette just stood infront of my cell, looking at it as they could, trying to see what was inside of it.

    “Not too long, just long enough to know that my father stayed here for so many times.” The blonde said. “Yea well your father was a fucking ass.” I mumbled. They all were shocked and startled, they stood quiet, trying to see what or who, said that.

    I smiled as I tried to contain my laugh. Though, I took my time seeing their features. I first looked at the female blonde, she looked like high royalty, couldn’t believe I was living inside the basement of royalty.

    The other blonde was a male, he looked like someone with high value, like the leader of a group or something. The brown haired, which they appeared to be a woman, or a male, possibly both. They also looked like a leader of a group. M/n walked closer, the gang seeing a hand, with long nails press against the hard and cold floor.

    “Who are you?” Asked the Blonde male. M/n ignored the question as he looked at the raven haired male. He looked short, which was adorable. M/n cleared his throat as he stood up, walking a bit closer. “Who are you?” I repeated. The gang looked shocked as they saw my features, though they couldn’t see my wings since I was standing a bit far from the bars,but close enough so they could see my height, body, and face.

    The brown haired person looked shocked as well. Everyone did. I started at them with a snarl and angry eyes. “Your majesty, do you have the keys to this cell?” The blonde one asked. The female looked at the male. She nodded. “Yea, but it might be an older one, I’ll be right back.” She said, walking away and only leaving the trio.

    “You never answered my question, blonde.” I said, staying in my position and place. The blonde guy hummed silently. “My name is Erwin Smith, they are Hanji Zoe, and he’s Levi Ackerman.” He answered. I quirked a brow as I scoffed heavily.

    “How long have you been in here…alone?” Blonde-I mean “Erwin” asked again. I sighed as I sat down, placing my back against the wall, the trio not being able to see me anymore. “About an year, or so.” I answered. The woman, or person, gasped loudly. “How?! No human has ever lived an year without eating!” She asked loudly, grabbing the bars as she tried to look for me.

    I hummed as I picked my nails. “I have my ways. I just slept, I guess.” I answered. “I’m back, and I brought this key.” Said the Blondie. “Oh goodie.” I mumbled. They looked back at me as they slowly unlocked the chamber, opening the barred door. I stood up and watched it open, but right before I could take a step towards freedom, I was tackled down by someone. I fell backwards onto my back, grunting loudly as my wings were squished.

    “Hey! Get off me!” I demanded. I rolled us over so I could be on top, growling at the person. My wings spreading naturally, to look big and fear-y. Hanji looked at me in amazement. “W-wings!” She yelled in excitement. Erwin, Levi, and Miss Majesty starring at me with wide eyes.

    “Wings?” Repeated the Queen. I believe she was queen. “How could that be possible?” Questioned Erwin. Levi just starring and staying quiet. With those deadpan eyes. The three were shocked, as Hanji was just amazed. “Can I touch them! Oh pretty please!” She begged. “What? No!” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t like being touched, especially my wings.” I answered. She pouted, but didn’t care, still reaching for my wings. “Hey-Hey! Get Hanji off me!” I yelled for help. Erwin and the queen cleared their throats, watching me struggle with Hanje.

    “Hanji, that’s enough.” Erwin said. Hanji sighed and walked back out. I walked closer towards them. “There, ta-da! Surprised? Yea? Just get the experiments over with. I already wanna die.” I said. They all had a questionable face. That’s when Levi spoke.

    “You were experimented on?” He said, he had a monotone voice. I sighed and nodded. “Blondy’s dad or whatever did experiments on me. Wanting to know why I was born with wings. Though I don’t know who my “parents”, are, or how I came into life.” I said, creating air quotes as I said “Parents”. They all looked at each other. Then, my stomach growled. They all looked at me, then back at each other. “Oh, do y’all have any food? I’m fucking hungry in here.” I said. Hanji smiled proudly as she walked out with Erwin and the Queen. Saying a “We’ll get you food!” While walking out with them. I was now left with the shortie.

    “So, shortie, why’d you decide to stay?” I asked the man, walking closer to him, but still staying inside the cell. “What did you just call me? Brat.” He questioned. “You know what I said. Shortie.” I answered.

    Levi looked at the male. He seemed to have facial hair, and f/c feathered, wings. That seemed to be longer than three human bodies, or about half. “God you look musty.” Levi said.

    I chuckled and looked at the short man. “Yea, and what? Your gonna style me?” I said. He hummed quietly, quirking a brow. “Yea, maybe I am, I have a companion who knows how to clean people.” He answered. “You also fucking stink.” He added.

    ‘God, I believe having this winged man is going to be a fucking pain in the ass.’ Levi thought, as he starred at the winged male.

    #x male reader #levi ackerman #levi x reader #levi x male reader #erwin smith#aot erwin#commander erwin #Erwin got included #aot hanji#commander hanji#hanje zoe#hanji zoe #hanji got included #queen historia#historia#aot historia #aot x reader #aot fanfiction#levi aot #levi attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan #super wings
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  • No sé lo que se sentirá tener celos en una relación pero, te prometo que tener celos mientras no son nada se siente como la mierda.. idk porque me siento así, se supone que ni siquiera debería acordarme de él, porque fuck… han pasado 10 años ya. Y aun no te supero, debería de conocer a alguien y enamorarme pero es como que de la única persona de la que me enamoraré.. serás tú.

    El ver por tus redes sociales que estas con alguien, me lleva a imaginarme millones de escenarios. 

    Hoy vi unos videos y fotos de ustedes juntos riéndose y haciéndose bromas…. increíble como puedes con una sola publicación hacer mi día una mierda

    Ni siquiera sé porque publico eso, tal vez espero que algún día te topes con esta cuenta y leas todo.

    El otro día me preguntaron que porque no estaba con alguien, y yo me quede pensando todo el día en esa pregunta, me di cuenta que he evadido ha demasiados chicos solo porque en el fondo de mi corazón aún existe esa ilusión de poder estar juntos, de que algún día nos topemos y volvamos a ser los dos niños tímidos y enamorados que éramos.

    No lo sé… últimamente he pensado mucho en que no sigo enamorada de ti, si no que del niño romántico que me llevaba rosas y chocolates a mi casa, porque han pasado 10 años y ya no somos los mismos de antes, tu cambiaste y yo cambie.

    Solo espero que algún día nos topemos y te des cuenta de lo que perdiste, yo estaba dispuesta a darlo todo pero… tu atracción por la chica rubia (y en ese instante mi mejor amiga) era más que la que tenias por mi.

    Lo único que quiero es sacarme estos sentimientos y poder ver una foto tuya sin que se me revuelva el estomago y se me cierre la garganta, y así, poder mirarte de frente y de una vez por todas… SUPERARTE.


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  • ¿Cómo Predecir El Futuro? Historia Cíclica

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  • La minería en la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara (1.913)

    La minería en la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara (1.913)

    La Estadistica Minera de España, que cada año publicaba el Consejo de la Minería, presenta una foto fija de la situación de las minas en el país, de donde se pueden extraer datos referentes a la Sierra Norte de Guadalajara. Asi en 1.913:

    Expedientes presentados:17
    Concesiones en vigor: 241. En Alcorlo 4, Alcuñeza 1, Arroyo de Fraguas 4, Atance 1, La Bodera 18 , Bujalcayado 2, Bustares 5, Las…


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  • História do Mágico - PT BR (Identity V)

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  • La sorprendentemente oscura historia de los plátanos

    La sorprendentemente oscura historia de los plátanos

    Aunque los plátanos son técnicamente bayas , es fácil verlos como la niña de los ojos de la humanidad. En una encuesta de 2019, los plátanos superaron a las manzanas como la fruta más consumida por los estadounidenses (a través de Statista ). Aproximadamente 115,7 millones de toneladas métricas de bananas se cultivan en todo el mundo cada año, según WorldAtlas , lo que las sitúa…


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