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    19.01.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    sasha just came home from historia's house. she went there to see ymir and ask for help on finding out if she was a lesbian or not. she still doesn't know.

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    19.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    « this world is cruel but i still love you »

    artist: whatamitoyou123 (twitter)

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    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    If i was Historia, i would consider this the peak of my existence tbh...

    #snk#aot #having two greatest people in the world kissing my hands would be a true blessing #levi ackerman#levi#rivai#hanji zoe#hanji#hange#historia reiss#historia
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    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Mom and daughter 💖

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    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The SNK girls at a sleepover

    Historia: I think I'm into girls.

    Mikasa, genuinely: isn't everyone into girls?

    Sasha: Reiner isn't.

    Mikasa, shocked: some people don't like girls??

    Ymir: I know right? Shocking. Unbelievable. Truly devastating.

    #this conversation came to me in a vision #i don't know how to tag this #yumihisu#mikasasha#mikahisu #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#yumikasu#yumikasa #mikasa x historia #ymir x historia #mikasa x sasha #ymir x historia x mikasa #mikasa ackerman#historia reiss#sasha blouse#ymir
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    18.01.2022 - 12 hours ago


    Anyone else out there that can't get over this ship???

    #yumihisu#cosplay #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #ymir aot#historia reiss#krista lenz
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    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago
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    18.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    冫like or reblog if you save or use

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  • thehollandaise
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    SNK Character's Favorite Food Headcanons

    God I'm getting hungry


    Nuclear Ramen, basically anything spicy


    Nigiri Sushi, she prefers food that is light and clean


    Waldorf Salad, bro just likes to eat healthy ok?


    Souvlaki, miss girl devours it off the stick


    Macaroni and cheese, he likes it baked with breadcrumbs


    Garlic Risotto, he is a fancy boy with refined tastes


    Pineapple Olive Pizza, a menace


    Tea Sandwiches, she loves how cute and simple they are


    Clam Chowder, especially the little soup crackers


    Baked Cod, he really loves seafood


    Steak, he is a grill-master and cooks for his friends


    White Sauce Penne, she loves pasta and carbs


    Tomato Soup, it's giving fall vibes

    And that is all...

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  • thehollandaise
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    SNK Characters React to Failing a Test:


    He would start to get really angry, face turning red and have to take a walk


    She is calm and collected while scouring the paper for her mistakes, and staring the teacher down


    Inconsolable, full on hyperventilating, pleading with the teacher, he will think his grade is gonna tank


    He will curse himself and never copy off Sasha again, and doze off during the review


    She is shocked, and nervously laughs while collecting her paper, hiding it from her friends


    Probably crumples the paper and tosses it, declaring that he didn't care anyways


    A little disappointed, but she will go over the test with her teacher in preparation for next time


    Will use the paper to wipe her ass

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  • lostinthewiind
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Brave Heart: Chapter Thirty-Six

    Attack on Titan

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: sexual themes, death, gore, mature themes, extreme violence, body horror, blood, weapons, major character death, age-gap relationship

    "Commander, he's about to climb." Levi watched the Armoured Titan like a hawk, observing his every minuscule movement. On one side of the wall, they had Reiner to deal with, and on the other, the Beast Titan and its horde of smaller Titans.

    Gaze locked onto the Scouts, the Armoured Titan hardened its fingers and toes into sharp claws before charging the wall and beginning to scale it, just like Levi had said.

    "Soldiers, you are not yet to engage the Armoured Titan!" Erwin ordered, his voice booming as he commanded the troops. "Maintain a safe distance!"

    "Yes, Sir!"

    With every harsh crunch of the cement beneath the Armoured Titan's grip, Vera felt true fear begin to set in. Sure, she had been expecting things to go wrong from the start, and sure, she had also been expecting to face Reiner again—but after watching Levi spear him through the neck and having her emotions go to war with one another inside her, she was truly fearful. Vera wasn't afraid of the danger, per se; she had been surrounded by some form of danger for as long as she could remember. No, this time she was more afraid of having her childish feelings prevent her from doing the right thing should the moment come, and, inadvertently, put her friends in danger.

    "Hange, why doesn't he have us attack?" Eren turned to their superior for answers. "What's he thinking?"

    "The enemy prepared quite the welcome," Hange said before responding to Eren. "He's watching their movements for now. Erwin doesn't want to act until he understands their strategy."

    In the distance, the Beast Titan remained in place, unmoving and unwavering. It was then that Vera noticed another Titan by its side—this one standing on all four legs with some type of cargo strapped to its back. Based on first glances alone, Vera assumed this was also a human-controlled Titan.

    "They have one more intelligent Titan. It's that quadruped Titan," Erwin voiced exactly what Vera had been thinking. "Though there may well be others."

    Then, without any indication of what he was doing or why, the Beast Titan raised its fist, let out a cry that reverberated through the air, and slammed its hand down onto the ground. The earth beneath the Titan rumbled and cracked, and on cue, the smallest of the normal Titans surrounding it began stumbling toward the horses and Scouts waiting at the base of the wall.

    "Get ready!" Hange prepared the soldiers. "Multiple Two to Three-Meters approaching."

    With the wall still cracking under Reiner's weight and the army of smaller Titans approaching from the other side, the Scouts atop the wall had to decide on a plan of action, and they had to decide fast.

    "Sir, what now?" Armin turned to Commander Erwin. "The Armoured Titan is almost up! Bertholdt hasn't shown yet, but he must be nearby."

    "Yes, I'm well aware," Erwin acknowledged, his thick eyebrows furrowed as his mind worked overtime. After standing as still as a statue for the past couple of minutes, completely lost in his own head, Erwin drew in a deep breath.

    "You finally ready to say something, Erwin?" Levi asked. "Been waiting so long I could have made breakfast."

    Ignoring Levi's snide remark, Erwin turned to his Scouts. "Derk Squad, and Marleen's Squad too, join Claus Squad and protect the horses at the gate! Levi Squad and Hange Squad, I need you to take down the Armoured Titan. Employ the thunder speers at your own discretion. Do whatever it takes to achieve your objective! This is our moment, our chance to strike! The fate of humankind depends on this battle! Lay down your hearts and lives one final time for humanity!"

    "Yes, Sir!"

    As everyone turned toward their respective assignments, Erwin made one last demand. "Hey, hold on, you two," he called back Armin and Levi. "Hange can lead both your squads. I'm gonna need you right here, Levi."

    Levi glanced over his shoulder momentarily, grey eyes searching the sea of green cloaks until he found Vera. "So I'm going to protect the horses instead of Eren?" he huffed.

    "That's right." Erwin used his blade to point toward the Beast Titan. "And when the chance arises, you'll strike him down. You're the only soldier I can trust to dispatch the Beast Titan."

    Levi looked to Vera one last time, and at that moment, they both understood that it could very well be the last time they would see each other again. As naturally as possible, Vera lifted her hand to her collar and grazed her fingers over the pin beneath the fabric. Then, she gave a simple nod.

    "Understood," Levi told Erwin. "I wasn't fast enough to finish off the Armoured one earlier, but I'll atone for that by taking the Beast Titan's head."

    Then, without another word or glance back to the blue eyes trained on him, Levi leapt off of the wall and joined the Scouts on the ground with the horses.

    With that, Erwin turned to the smaller boy. "Armin, I have a plan for the Armoured Titan too."

    "Sir!" Armin nodded.

    "We have to win on two fronts to secure victory. I can handle one. The other, I'll leave to you and Hange."

    After Erwin have finished explaining the plan to Armin, Armin turned around and promptly re-explained everything to the rest of the squad.

    "He wants to use Eren as bait?" Hange questioned.

    "Yes, that was the Commander's order," Armin confirmed.

    Hange took a moment to replay the strategy in her head. "Hold on . . . so he's willing to risk Eren's capture just to protect the horses?"

    "You're kidding," Mikasa deadpanned, convinced this was a joke. "Even if we try it, Reiner might just go after the horses anyway."

    "No, he'll chase Eren," Vera said. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew how Reiner's mind worked. He had a goal, and that goal was to capture Eren no matter what, so that was what he was going to do.

    "Agreed." Hange's fingers moved to her chin as she thought. "If Reiner does go after the horses, then Eren can continue running North and wrap around the Beast Titan's formation. With Levi, the Scouts, and Eren, they can catch the Beast Titan in a pincer attack. Erwin must have said as much himself, right?"

    Armin confirmed her theory with a simple, "Yes."

    "Even if things don't go as we hope, the enemy doesn't expect Eren to flee," Hange explained. "So it might confuse them enough to get them to break ranks. The only question is: can Reiner see that far ahead?"

    "Knowing him, he should work it out pretty quickly," Eren said.

    "Okay." Hange decided. "This is where we'll bring down the Armoured Titan!"

    As the squad got ready to take off, Armin held his arm out to stop them. "Wait a second! There's one more factor we need to consider!" Armin drew everyone's attention back in. "He's still hiding, but Bertholdt must be nearby. The last time they fought, Eren outmaneuvered Reiner and had him on the verge of defeat, but then Bertholdt caught him with a surprise attack and he ended up their captive. There's a simple countermeasure: do what you can to keep the fight away from the walls."

    Just as Armin finished laying out his thought process and the squad had fled the wall, the Armoured Titan had finally finished its climb. The top of the wall had been deserted, however—completely abandoned, save one single Scout. Commander Erwin.

    It was at that moment, when the Armoured Titan's glowing yellow eyes locked onto Erwin, that Eren transformed into his Titan below. After making sure that Reiner knew exactly where he was, Eren turned tail and started running through the overgrown streets of Shiganshina, implementing the first part of the plan.

    After a few moments of deliberation, watching Eren stampede through town, Reiner finally complied with the plan—whether he knew it or not—and descended the wall again to give chase.

    As soon as Eren had reached the center of Shiganishina, as far away as possible from any of the walls, he turned and faced Reiner, ready to finally face off.

    With bated breath, Vera watched as the two Titans glared at one another, the people inside most likely thinking back to the last time they had battled. Although it had been close, Eren had managed to get the upper hand. Now that he was stronger, he would hopefully have an easier time duelling the Armoured Titan, but it also would have been foolish to assume that Reiner had stayed at the same skill set over the past few months. So, in the end, it really came down to who had improved more.

    As Eren hardened the knuckles of his Titan's hands, Reiner charged forward and threw the first punch. Eren, however, dodged it with ease.

    With Shiganshina completely devoid of innocent civilians, the two Titans completely let loose, not caring if they sent debris flying or dug up streets or levelled entire neighbourhoods.

    After only a few punches thrown back and forth, it was easy to tell that Eren was coming out on top. He was dodging Reiner's attacks left and right and landing his hits nearly every time.

    With a particularly hard hit to the face, the Armoured Titan flew backward, rolling a couple of yards before slowing to a stop. Green eyes shining bright in the sunlight, Eren's Titan let out a menacing screech as it glared down at the steam pouring from the Armoured Titan's regenerating face.

    Hands tightening around the handles of her thunder spears—a new weapon that Hange had helped develop that would hopefully assist in taking out the Armoured Titan—Vera waited until the right opportunity presented itself and she was given the signal to join the fight.

    Cocking his arm back as far as he could, Eren pummelled Reiner into a nearby building, bringing down the roof and walls in the process. With hardened fists, he punched, again and again, clobbering the Armoured Titan's face and crumbling its armour beneath his fists.

    When the Armoured Titan lunged, trying desperately to regain its footing, it managed to grab hold of Eren's Titan's leg and swing him completely off of his feet, using all his strength to throw Eren over his shoulder and send him crashing into an adjacent building. Refusing to let go, Reiner pounded Eren into the ground over and over, cracking the earth with how much force he was exerting.

    "He needs our help!" Mikasa had been aching to run to Eren's rescue ever since he had lost the upper hand.

    "Not yet," Hange disagreed. "Everything rides on our first attack. We need to wait and trust Eren to give us a good opening."

    For a while, Eren and Reiner grappled on the ground until finally, Eren managed to toss Reiner to the side and free himself. As Reiner tried to reorient himself, his back turned to Eren as he sat up, Hange gave the signal.

    "Go! Now!" Hange shouted as she took to the air.

    Following the section commander's lead, Vera adjusted her grip on her thunder spears and, using her ODM gear, began to glide between the buildings toward the Armoured Titan.

    As Mikasa and Hange approached from either side, they each deployed their thunder spears into the Armoured Titan's face, piercing each of its eyes before pulling the detonator lines and triggering the explosions.

    The Armoured Titan let out a cry as black smoke spilled from its eye sockets, but it was still far from being defeated.

    Swinging in alongside the others, Vera led the second attack from behind. With the Armoured Titan unable to see or detect their presence, the remainder of the squad plunged their spears into the nape of its neck, between the precariously placed plates of armour. Then, all at once, everyone pulled their lines and cleared the blast zone.

    As effective as the thunder spears were, they were also highly dangerous to the person using them. Extreme caution had to be implemented when activating a thunder spear because if you were within the blast radius, you were as good as dead.

    Already heading back to safety, Vera looked over her shoulder as she fled and watched for a brief moment as more dark smoke spilled from the Armoured Titan's nape.

    "Good! We got him!" Jean cheered. "The spears worked! The armour on his nape is in splinters now!"

    As the squad landed upon a nearby roof, they gawked at the sight before them, slightly surprised that their spears had done as much damage as they had.

    "Do it again!" Hange demanded. "You each still have a thunder spear. Use them to end this!"

    A moment of silence fell over the Scouts as they realized what they were being asked to do. They had always known this moment would come, but now that it was actually here, it was terrifying.

    They were being asked to kill someone who they had collectively once considered a friend. They were being asked to kill Reiner Braun.

    "Come on, guys!" Jean suddenly snapped. "We said we'd do it if it ever came down to this! So let's go!"

    Before she knew what was happening, Vera realized that all eyes were on her; looks of pity and sympathy plastered across the faces of her friends. She knew what they were all thinking, and no matter how much she wished she wasn't, she was thinking it too.

    "The Reiner we thought we knew never existed." Vera held her head high as she spoke, hoping it would portray the sense of confidence she desperately wanted to feel inside. "The man inside that Titan isn't our friend . . . he's the enemy. He would kill us all in a heartbeat and, whether we like it or not, we have to be willing to do the same. Like Jean said, the time has come." She drew in a deep breath and steeled her nerves. "It's time to end this."

    Adrenaline and encouragement coursing through their veins, the squad swallowed their reservations and moved in for what they believed to be the final attack.

    When Vera fired her thunder spear and watched it lodge into the flesh on the back of the Armoured Titan's neck, she swore she could hear Reiner's voice echoing in her head, begging for his life.

    Eyes shut, Vera thought back to the Reiner she had met during training camp—the Reiner who followed her around and bugged her until she agreed to be his friend. And even though she knew that Reiner wasn't real, she chose to remember that version of him in those final moments. Then, with no regrets left, she pulled the detonation line and said goodbye to that part of her past.

    Whether this actually killed Reiner or not, he was dead to her either way.

    As the explosion sounded and Vera felt the heat warm the back of her neck, the scream that clawed its way out of the Armoured Titan's throat didn't bother her one bit. In Vera's mind, that scream wasn't the one of a friend facing his final moments alive. Instead, it was the scream of an enemy who was finally meeting a well-deserved end.

    "We did it!" the surrounding Scouts cheered at the sight of Reiner's body hanging out of the Armoured Titan's nape, his face blown half off and steaming something fierce. "We blew the bastard's head off! The Armoured Titan just bit the dust!"

    Standing atop a nearby roof, Vera wasn't sure what feeling she was experiencing as she looked down at what was left of Reiner. As weird as it seemed, it was almost like she was feeling nothing at all—that her final goodbye had actually left her feeling numb to the sight before her very eyes.

    "We pulled it off." Jean let out a nervous chuckle. "You were a serious pain in the ass for us. Serves you right, you scumbag!"

    Jean and the other Scouts' reaction, however, was not shared by everyone present. Doubled over, Connie and Sasha were crying, clearly upset over the loss.

    "What the hell are you crying for?" Jean grabbed Connie and Sasha by the cloaks. "Stop it! Get up! We still have work to do! Don't cry for him! Remember what Vera said? He would have done the same thing to us!"

    "Let them grieve, Jean." Vera stepped up and pried his hands off of the two sobbing Scouts. "Just because it was so easy for you to let go doesn't mean it's so easy for everyone else."

    Jean scoffed. "Well, look at you! If you can be so nonchalant about the whole thing, why can't they?"

    "I made my peace with it a long time ago." Vera made eye contact with Armin over Jean's shoulder and flashed a small smile, silently assuring him that she was okay. "Just . . . calm down, okay?"

    Furrowed brows softening, Jean exhaled slowly. "Fine."

    "This isn't over!" Hange shouted, interrupting any moment of celebration that the squad might have been enjoying. "We'll hit him with another volley just to be sure!"

    As those with remaining thunder spears got ready for one last strike, Mikasa came up behind Armin and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?"

    "I guess so." Armin's eyes remained fixated on Reiner. "It's not like we can negotiate. Their side has the knowledge. They make us look just as ignorant as we are weak. We don't have the ability to capture someone who can turn into a Titan on a whim, which means there was nothing we could do."

    A moment of quiet fell over the small group, and before anyone could change the subject, something happened that froze them all in their places.

    Jaw falling open, the Armoured Titan threw its head back and let out a bone-chilling screech. Then, once it had fallen silent again, it slumped forward once more, motionless.

    Worried about what that scream might have meant, Hange quickly went back to directing her squad, eager to finish the Armoured Titan off before it could yell again. Armin, however, had a different train of thought when it came to the scream and what it could have meant.

    "Hange, wait, we need to fall back for now." Armin pointed upward toward a barrel that was hurtling through the air over the top of the wall. "See that barrel? I'm sure Bertholdt's inside. If he transforms, we're done for."

    "Shit! Everyone, move away from the Armoured Titan!" Hange instructed as she led an evacuation from the area. "The Colossal Titan is falling towards us right now!"

    As Vera whipped between buildings, desperately trying to get out of harm's way like the others, she couldn't help herself from constantly looking up to watch the barrel fall. At this rate, there would be no escape. There was no way she could escape the blast radius at this speed.

    The transformation, however, never happened. As Vera looked back one last time, she was surprised to see Bertholdt jumping out of the barrel and using his ODM gear to rush to his friend's aid.

    "Reiner!" Bertholdt called as he descended upon the Armoured Titan's back, eyes wide and full of fear as he gazed upon Reiner's steaming body.

    Finally managing to make it so a semi-safe distance, Vera and the others watched from afar. Unable to see the Armoured Titan's body or Berthodlt, they simply scanned the rooftops and hoped the immense steam in the air didn't mask any movements.

    "Here we go. Our mission's primary objective just fell straight into our laps," Hange said, peeking back to make sure Eren's Titan was still with them. "You could call this a stroke of luck."

    "Hey, look!" one of Hange's men announced. "Someone's coming our way! It's Bertholdt!"

    Sure enough, when Vera turned her attention back to the buildings, Bertholdt was heading toward them.

    "The plan is as follows." Hange kept Bertholdt in her sight the whole time she spoke. "Armin, you take command of Levi's Squad, protect Eren. Everyone else, come with me. We've got two targets to eliminate."

    With that, Hange and her men turned to leave. Armin, however, had a different idea in mind and seconds later was blasting past Hange and making a bee-line for Bertholdt.

    "Stop, Bertholdt!" Armin landed atop a building a few meters away from the other boy. "Just wait a minute!"

    Gripping the side of the chimney she was standing beside, Vera observed Armin and Bertholdt intently, waiting for any little sign that Bertholdt wasn't going to just stand around and talk. If Armin was in danger, she was going to step in like she always did.

    "We don't have to fight!" Armin had to yell to be heard over the distance between him and Bertholdt, who had landed atop a roof a yard or so away. "Let's talk this over!"

    "If I agree to talk, would you all be willing to lay down and die?" Bertholdt responded. "We only want two simple things: Eren Jaeger and the death of everyone in the walls! That's the harsh truth of our situation! Understand? All of your fates have been decided!"

    Armin physically recoiled. "What? And who is it that decided that?!"

    Vera saw Bertholdt's mouth move, but he hadn't spoken anywhere near loud enough to be heard.

    "What was that?" Armin cupped his ear with his hand.

    "It was me, Armin!" Bertholdt repeated, this time much louder. "I decided your lives should end here and now!"

    Armin grimaced. "That's a real shame, Bertholdt! See, I was hoping I'd finally get to stop hearing Annie scream! There's only one person who can save her from the savages in the Military Police, and that's you!" He was once again attempting to use Bertholdt's weakness for Annie against him. "If you don't, she'll be fed to the pigs!"

    "Fine by me!" Bertholdt jumped from rooftop to rooftop, closer to Armin. "Let them feed Annie to the pigs; if they actually have her, that is!"

    As Armin moved closer as well, both boys eventually landed atop the same narrow roof. When Bertholdt drew his blade, Vera knew it was time for her to step in. Pairing blade at the ready, Vera interjected herself into the confrontation, body positioned in front of Armin.

    "What's the rush, Armin?" Bertholdt glared at Armin, and then Vera. "Didn't you want to talk?"

    Narrowing his eyes, Armin drew his weapon as well.

    "Stand down, Bertholdt." Vera sneered. "Don't make me hurt you."

    Bertholdt snorted. "After all this time, I see you finally developed a sense of humour."

    "You were the one who told me I should start small by proving I have emotions, right?" Vera smirked. "Well, here it is, Bertholdt. All the anger I have for you is on full display right now."

    "This doesn't involve you." Bertholdt shook his head before looking over Vera's shoulder at Armin. "Bet you thought that by bringing up Annie, you could make me lose my cool like last time. You thought I was still the timid fool you once knew and that you could trick me into letting my guard down. I know what this is; you're just buying time, aren't you? Half your comrades will surround me, and while I'm distracted the rest will go and finish killing Reiner. I can tell I'm right. Look at the way you're shaking, even when you're cowering behind Vera. You're scared out of your mind, aren't you?"

    Armin tried his best to steady his trembling body. "If you knew that much, then why are you talking to me in the first place?"

    "Because I needed to know if when I faced all of you this time, I'd start crying and beg you to put me out of my misery again. But it seems like I'm fine now." Bertholdt tightened the grip on his blade. "You'll always be my dear comrades, right up until I've killed you."

    "But why?" Armin's voice was shaky. "Do you actually believe that we're the spawn of the devil?"

    "No. None of you did anything wrong. I know you aren't devils. Even so, you can't be permitted to live. That's just how it is."

    One second, Bertholdt was standing still, contemplating his next actions. And the next, Mikasa had snuck up behind him, ready to strike him down with one fluid swing of her blade.

    Bertholdt's lightning-quick reflexes, however, saved him in the end. At the last moment, he spun around and deflected Mikasa's attack. Refusing to give up, Mikasa swung with her other blade, managing to slice Bertholdt's ear off before he pushed her off of the roof and charged toward Vera and Armin.

    "Stay back!" Vera warned Armin as she prepared to fight Bertholdt off.

    Bertholdt was the first to swing, and even though he came close to catching Vera's arm, she lifted her own blade to block his attack before kicking him in the shin with her boot. Hissing in pain, Bertholdt dropped to one knee before lashing out again. This time, the tip of his blade caught Vera's side, slicing open her shirt and skin.

    Sharp pain radiating from just beneath her ribs, Vera let out a squeal of agony as she stumbled backward. Sensing an opportunity to escape, Bertholdt rose to his feet again and quickly jumped from the roof.

    As Bertholdt headed back the way he had come, Mikasa and Armin rushed to Vera's side. "Are you okay?" Armin's eyes were wide with fear. "Is it deep?"

    "I'm fine," Vera seethed through clenched teeth. After sheathing her blades, her hands went to her side. Vera knew it was worse than she would have hoped when her fingertips came into contact with warm, sticky liquid. When she pulled her hands back, however, and saw them completely coated with bright red blood, she winced.

    Eyebrows set and jaw tight, Vera looked into the distance at Bertholdt's retreating figure.

    "Don't do it," Mikasa told Vera before she had the chance to even think about doing something stupid, like going after him. "We can't chase him. There's no telling when he'll choose to transform. If we don't keep our distance, we'll just get caught in the explosion."

    "I don't think Bertholdt intends to do that just yet," Armin said as he helped Vera straighten her body. "He must have seen how badly wounded Reiner is. Transforming now would probably kill him. Our best bet is to take Reiner hostage and fight Bertholdt with our blades."

    "'Cause that went real well for some of us last time." Vera glanced down at her injury. She was mostly joking, but at the same time, she was still surprised at how Bertholdt had gotten the better of her like that. Had he really gotten that much better at fighting in the little time that had passed? Or was it more a matter of Vera being distracted and not giving it her all?

    "That makes sense," Mikasa agreed with Armin's idea, "but from the look of him, it seemed like he had a plan. And not only that, he seemed more determined than before. Almost like an entirely different person."

    Armin nodded. "Yeah, I saw it too."

    Just as the three of them were about to head back to the others, Vera spotted something out of the corner of her eyes that stopped her dead in her tracks. Squinting as she stared up at the sky, Vera felt her breath catch in her throat when she saw Bertholdt propelling himself up as high as possible right above Reiner and Hange's squad.

    There was no mistaking what was going to happen next. Bertholdt was going to transform, and the blast was most likely going to kill them all.

    "Go!" Vera screamed and she, Armin, and Mikasa tried to make it back to safety in time—even though they had no real way of knowing just how far out safety actually was.

    As Bertholdt took form as the Colossal Titan, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The explosion was so loud that it nearly shattered Vera's eardrums. The heat was so hot that it made Vera's skin feel like it was going to melt off of her bones. The flash of light was so bright that Vera's eyes began to sting, even after she had closed them.

    Just when she thought that she and the others were goners, a large hand reached out, scooped the three of them up, and pulled them in for shelter.

    Ducking behind one of the many brick buildings, Eren's Titan was protecting Vera, Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Sasha, and Jean the best it could. The blast was still enough to nearly blow the lot of them away, but miraculously, they managed to withstand the force.

    By the time the bright orange mushroom cloud had faded from the sky, Vera's ears were still ringing, her skin was still dripping sweat, and her eyes were still stinging.

    "Are you guys alive?" Jean was the first to speak, his voice much louder than needed probably due to the temporary hearing loss he was experiencing.

    "Hell if I know!" Connie snapped back. "Are you?"

    "I'm fine . . . hanging in there," Sasha wheezed out.

    As Vera climbed out of Eren's Titan hand and onto the adjacent roof, she exhaled slowly, trying her best not to let the shooting pain in her side pull her out of this fight. "We're all alive." She exhaled. "For now, at least."

    "Where's Hange's squad?" Jean looked around for any sign of them.

    "They were right underneath the blast zone." Armin hung his head.

    Gasping, the group of seven turned to look back at the smouldering, flaming wreckage of Shiganshina that had been left after the explosion. And in the middle of all that chaos was the Colossal Titan, just as big and intimidating as ever.

    "Are you saying . . . the only ones who survived are the seven of us?" Jean breathed as the Colossal Titan rose to its full height and began destroying what was left of the town.

    "Oh, no." Connie's jaw dropped as they watched the Colossal Titan throw a handful of debris into the air, effectively creating missiles that served to further demolish the town.

    "Armin, what do we do now?" Jean looked to the recently-assigned leader of their squad for directions. "We can't just wait to get flattened by burning houses!"

    Placing her hand on Armin's shoulder, Mikasa grabbed his attention. "Hey, you're in command now, Armin. We'll follow you to the end."

    Eyes wide and hands trembling, Armin thought for a moment. "We . . . we retreat. Fall back to the commander and request new orders. To beat the Colossal Titan in a battle of attrition as planned, we have to keep our distance."

    "That was the plan," Jean reminded him. "But think, if we let the Colossal Titan reach the wall, the others will be finished. He'll spread that fire to the houses past the gate. Our other squads will be trapped between the Titans and the flames."

    "You're right." Armin's whole body went rigid. "Our only hope is to beat Bertholdt right now! Then we won't get help. We have to do it with the people we have here!"

    Just then, huge chunks of wood came crashing down onto the building beside them, caving in the roof with ease. "Hey, Armin!" Connie's eyes darted to the sky to make sure nothing was falling on top of them as well. "Your orders? Come on!"

    "What should we do?" Sasha yelped.

    Eyes brimming with tears as he watched the Colossal Titan decimate his hometown, Armin remained frozen in place. Despite the fact that the position of squad leader had fallen into his hands, he was failing to live up to the high-pressure demands of the job.

    When Armin finally turned back to look at his friends, his wide blue eyes and trembling lips gave away that he had absolutely no idea how they were supposed to defeat the Colossal Titan by themselves.

    The only thing anyone knew at that moment was that if they didn't do something quick, they and the rest of the Scouts were going to be wiped out just as Bertholdt had told them they would.

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    Queen Historia

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    1. I will only draw

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    6. For obvious reasons, I will not draw anything which involves p**dophilia, inc*st, b**stiality, d*ugs, or anything along that vein.

    7. As I am a traditional artist, I will only be drawing requests. I will ONLY be using graphite pencils on paper. I will also only be drawing in my own art style, and the complexity of the drawing will be up to my discretion.

    8. If you have any specific requests, don't hesitate to message me for a commission ✨

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