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  • Jardin Botanico de Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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    Me and the lucet are still learning to get along - hoping for a long and beautiful friendship

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  • Do you ever think about how you might be the same height as a man from midevial times? Like average height for a man from late the 1100s to maybe the 1600s was 5'6 to 5'8 and I’m 5'6.

    Just me? Okay lol.

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  • [Modern] [slice of life] [romance] [angst] [drama]

    Looking for some roleplays now that mine have dried up.

    Hi! I’m Kota, and I’m 20. I’m kinda picky, but not at the same time. So read what I like and dislike to make sure we match ^u^. I’m US based, and I am in EST.

    Now about the roleplay. I do write third person, semi-lit to full lit. I honestly do not care much about the length of the replies, as long as they have detail in them or material I can use to create my next reply. As long as your reply isn’t “he smiled” I’m happy. My replies can be anywhere from 2 detailed sentences to 3 paragraphs. It depends on the situation like I’m at work, or I’m walking, or whatever. I try my hardest. I also almost reply instantly because I’m bored. I’m strictly MxM and I play submissive characters. That being said, I do like to make my subs sassy, and have a bite back. I’m not all weak in the knees for my ‘dom’. I’ll bite his finger if I want to. And I’m a modern roleplayer. I like modern scenes, so old timey rps are not for me.

    Now for likes. As said I’m strictly MxM and sassy sub. I am pretty much open to everything. I like darker, dramaticer roleplays. Ones that have self harm, thoughts of death, scenes of abuse. I also love the idea of a very controlling dom. But, anything goes. Could be a simple rp, I don’t mind.

    Dislikes, well. I hate constant drug use. I hate the way it sets the tone. I also like smut, but only at specific times unless it’s a purely smut rp. I don’t really like gore either. So that’s a no no. Furries, no. Scat, no. I always struggle with my dislikes, so if something comes up, I’ll just let ya know.

    As for Fandom. Only one. Twenty One  Pilots. Looking for Joshler rp partners as always. I play Tyler ^u^

    Ways of contact!

    Kik: Ugghtumblr

    Tumblr: little-dakota

    Discord: BlizzardGhost#6331

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  • Vicci Laine (deceased)

    • Gender: Transgender woman
    • Sexuality: N/A
    • DOB: 28 May 1960  
    • RIP: 24 July 2017
    • Ethnicity: Native American (Cherokee), White
    • Occupation: Drag artist, activist, singer
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  • Hi all!

    I’m going to keep this pretty short and pretty specific! I have a hard knack for historical dramas right now. A little bit about me, I’m in my mid twenties, work two jobs, and write fully lit, novella-style in third person. Replies average 1200-2000 words or 5-12 paragraphs depending on the scene. This is very much a hobby for me, so please expect replies once a week to once every couple weeks, and occasionally every few days.

    I am kink and smut friendly but plot and character focused; if you are wanting to write primarily smut I’m not your partner. I can write m// or m/f but I am a bit hesitant to write m/f with new partners so I’d prefer if we started with m// and developed into m/f down the road. I haven’t written f// but I could be interested dependent on character chemistry. I also would prefer if you were comfortable playing masc and femme characters so we can have the opportunity to play both. I like to write over email or through a Discord server, but could do google docs if you’re willing to show me how!

    I am most interested in the following eras: 

    • 1800-1900
    • 1900-1920s / ww1 
    • interwar years / 20s-30s
    • 1930-1950 / ww2, end of ww2
    • 1980s-1990s
    • modern settings / slice of life (kind of picky on this though)

    I am really interested in the following themes or plot points:

    • *** monarchy settings, particularly the British monarchy (as themes and elements, not on the people themselves)
    • arranged marriages / social expectations and hierarchies 
    • “high society”
    • victorian gothic 
    • tragedies / angst / hurt and comfort
    • small town / countryside settings 
    • old west / classic western tropes 
    • true crime / crime noir / mafia, police, detective, investigator roles
    • war, military imagery and ideology, separation and reintegration 
    • for m// or f// - prejudice, identity struggles, complicated relationships, “beards” or marriages of pretense 
    • friends-turned-lovers, enemies-turned-lovers, rivals-turned-lovers
    • power dynamics, societal differences, status differences 

    I am really inspired by the following media and would be interested in exploring them thematically or drawing elements into the story:

    • *** Netflix's The Crown
    • *** Downton Abbey
    • Jane Eyre 
    • Little Women
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • 1917
    • Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2

    If any of this sounds interesting to you, please send me an email at ehmmywrites@gmail.com; please reference the ad and what you’re interested in specifically so I know you’ve read it :) 

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  • Since two weeks, ive been completely obsessed with The Spanish Princess 2.

    like i know it’s not that good with History and real events (i sure know because of my profession) but like, the costumes, the characters some of them are really nice and well written, the period pieces, etc. 

    especially since episode 2 and the introduction of Anne Boleyn, my favs of Henry’s wifes. I know it’s a show about Katherine of Aragon and i dont dislike her but..Margaret, Mary and Anne are more interesting to me than the KoA storyline.

    What’s your opinion on that ?

    #the spanish princess #tsp#tsp2#koa #Katherine of Aragon #anne boleyn#margaret tudor #margaret of scotland #tudors#women#history#historical#medieval#high renaissance#period drama#periode dress #mary of england
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  • Hello everyone, it’s me again, Copperfoxwords.
    I’m a 25y/o female from GMT+1.
    I’d prefer you’d be over 20, maybe around my age, and could post at least 1 a week! (Or more often)

    As I am rewatching the Last Kingdom, I feel the big need to rp in that universe!
    The rp in that certain universe should involve a slow burning romance and should be at least a little acurate to that time. (I’m not a history student, so I may be off sometimes, but at least the basics should be accurate).

    And for that matter, I’d like you to RP either as Ragnar (The young) or Erik (Sigefrids brother). I for myself would rp as an OC female.
    I’d also be interested in maybe having something Outlander like in it, for example the time-traveling thing - but it’s not a must.
    Slight supernatural events are welcomed - but no vampires, werwolfs and stuff.

    For the fun of it, I am more than willing to double up! Meaning I’d rp as whatever canon or oc you want, pairing that up against your oc.

    • Please be somewhat literate and have a liking for details.
    • 3rd person, past tense!
    • Rp should be done at Discord.
    • NSFW might happen, as well as gory stuff. (It’s the vikings age…)

    Please like this post and I’ll reach out to you via messenger for further discussions!

    Thanks alot, stay safe and healthy.

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    I am 25+ looking for 20+ OC roleplay.

    No fandom and NO MINORS.

    Long term


    Any pairing

    Repeat customers welcome!

    I am an older female RPer in EST. I’m looking for stories about dark and mature themes. I play with and as any gender. I would mainly like my partner to be interested in long term plotting and bouncing ideas off eachother. I LOVE fantastic stories about love and suffering. 


    My favorite thing is two idiots bumping up against eachother and causing as much havoc as possible. I enjoy a lot of tension and conflict in my RPs. There is no trope too cheesey or too heartfelt. Forbidden love, secret affairs, love triangles, enemies to lovers… I’m here for high octane FEELS.

    As for genres, I’m a big fan of most sci-fi and fantasy. Stuff like:



    -angel x demon,



    -time travel


    -urban fantasy

    -soul mates

    Pretty much anything with a bit of something other worldly mixed with a healthy dose of angst and smut. 


    I use third person past tense, usually 2-5 paragraphs, but I’m not picky and I’ll work with anything. I post every couple of days, sometimes once or twice a week, depending on the muse and my mental health. I just want to play and have fun during this isolation period.  

    NO THANKS: Fandom, slice of life


    I enjoy smut in my roleplays, but it’s NOT mandatory to roleplay with me. I have very few limits depending on the type of roleplay that we are doing. I have several characters who enjoy BDSM and I’m willing to play with that. My only hard boundary is no scat/watersports.

    I mostly look to my partner for any boundaries, as I enjoy things from fluffy lovemaking to drug use and dubious consent. I do love themes with S&M I’m willing to push boundaries with the right people. Stuff like: fire, knifeplay, scars, shibari, power dynamics, consent, age gaps, addiction/drug use, self harm. Honestly, try me.


    I prefer to through discord but I’d rather not post it on a front facing website. I can also write through google docs. You can contact me at my sideblog @lostrobingang and we can move it somewhere more accessible. You can also see my muses, verses and starters over there. Feel free to bring any idea forward. 

    Contact: @lostrobingang​ (then we can move it somewhere else)

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    I don’t want to be the empress

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  • by whl.travel on Flickr.The ancient city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan.

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  • Richard Madden + Holliday Grainger in ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover

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  • Shi Yi Chang’an: Ming Yue Ji Shi You new PV

    Oh GAWD! The animation is so beautiful! 

    It features the scene before they meet in their fixed marriage? Probably? The Prince snuck out from the palace while our Heroine is pretending as princess’ maidservant. This is a new addition in the donghua, right? I don’t remember this scene. But I do know that our heroine loves to trade places with her maidservant. 

    Trivia: The author of Yi Ren Zhi Xia (The Outcast) also wrote this story for Shoujo Manhua. 

    #shi yi chang'an: ming yue ji shi you #prince don't do this #please don't my prince #donghua#romance#shoujo#historical
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  • Akatsuki no yona ch 198


    I forgot to breathe for a moment

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  • Chapter 198, Akatsuki no yona


    Shin ah 😭

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