12.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!! !! :( >:( !!!!!! >>>:(

#~*jack speaks*~ #haha dont read tags!!!!!!!!! ghhdsfgnhgjsrghsnf #hnnngnnhgnnfghdhgfdh #jesus fuck i kind of feel like everything is starting to weigh down on me a bit #im trying to stay away from drama and shit and just enjoy the fandoms i love but. #i also have to do all this shit for other people and while i love doing it #i just feel like im going to take too long and that isn't. a good feeling one bit #delete later #im just a little stressed #because my mom keeps waking me up a little too early but at the same time its my fault for #staying up so fucking late #just to make all my friends happy #because they want me to roleplay with them but i cant seem to figure #out how to balance my needs and wants #and i keep forgetting to even take care of myself #and i keep forgetting to take care of my own fucking DOG for fuck's sake?????? #im so tired of my own bullshit and i dont even know how to fix it #i keep distancing myself from friends on accident because #i dont know how to keep the energy to keep up a personal relationship #i just feel like i dont have much in common with my #IRL friends and its upsetting because i really love them so much #i really do #but i cant help but feel left out and lonely #because theyre never interested in what i am and im never interested in what they're into #and sometimes i just feel like it's all my fault #i try so hard to keep the negativity down but its just surfacing again #maybe im just tired.
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