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    solecito grisesito.

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    #do u all hear me sobbing #i just watched the video #and #it was so :( #hobi's reaction to chris singing cns :(( #he got so shy :(( #thank u #HOSEOK UR SO PRECIOUS :(( #and jinnie :(( #his smile melts my heart :( #when chris was teaching him guitar
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    Scary Movie Night | jhs

    -Hoseok x reader (lovers)

    -Warning: smut; fingering, creampie, unprotected sex

    -Word Count: 3k+

    -Summary: You and Hoseok spend much needed time together over a four-day weekend which includes home cooked meals, bubble baths, and scary movie marathons (and of course a bit of sex).

    -Author’s note: Here’s my first Hobi fic, I hope you enjoy! This is kind of unedited, so I’m sorry if there’s any major mistakes lol. anyways, hope you enjoy and pls feel free to send me any messages, my inbox is always open :)

    Also: this was the Hobi that inspired this fic:


    You should have known agreeing to Hoseok’s suggestion to have a horror movie marathon was a bad idea.

    You mean, he didn’t even like scary movies so you had no fucking clue why he would suggest something like this. However, you weren’t opposed to cuddling up with your boyfriend on a cold fall evening while you two relax, well, relax as much as you could while watching frighting movies.

    He has been so busy with work lately that you haven’t been able to see each other as often as you would like. It’s also October, your favorite month of the year, and all you’ve been wanting to do are fall activities with him. Is that too much to ask? You were jealous that his studio was getting more Hoseok time than you!

    So, you were delighted to hear when he took off Thursday- Monday just to spend time with you. Luckily, you didn’t have work on Friday, or Monday due to a holiday. So, you both were at each other’s leisure, able to spend the four-day weekend however you want.

    It was currently Thursday night, and Hoseok cooked you your favorite dinner. You honestly had no idea he was such a good cook, but he surprised you tonight, making your heart melt as he served your favorite dish. You both just finished eating, and were nursing your second glasses of wine, both of you feeling content. Something you haven’t felt in a while. You didn’t realize how much you miss him. Hell, he was sitting right in front of you, the overhead lighting casting delicate shadows across his face, making him look even more beautiful than he already is, and you still miss him.

    You don’t realize you’re staring until he starts talking, snapping you out of your daze.

    You shake your head slightly and ask, “I’m sorry, what?”

    Hoseok just laughs, and repeats, “Did you like dinner?” He then reaches across the table to grasp your hand in his, his thumb stroking over your protruding knuckles. He’s smiling at you, his wide, deep smile that always leaves heat rising to your cheeks.

    You smile at him, “Of course, Hobi, it was so good. Thank you for cooking, you didn’t have to.”

    He squeezes your hand before saying, “I’ll always cook for you baby, you know that.” And you do know that. Hoseok always takes care of you, no matter how busy he gets. Whether it’s sending you take out when he knows you’ve had a long day, to sending you flowers at work, to even reminding you to check if your door’s locked when it’s late at night, he always finds a way to show he cares, to take care of you. And you appreciate him so so much.

    It’s your turn to squeeze his hand in response, still smiling at him when you declare, “I love you.” Because you do love Hoseok, you don’t know if you will ever stop loving him.

    “I love you too,” he returns. Almost immediately after your declaration, never missing a beat.

    You two bask in the love surrounding you at the dining table. You can see it lingering in the air, small specks of gold that glitter in the light. Blanketing you and Hoseok in a glow that’s oh so sweet, a glow you never want to diminish, something that you always want to see. Something that you know he sees too. You know, because you see it in his eyes, the flecks of gold dancing across his irises.

    The glow follows you guys as you clean up dinner, and once you enter the bathroom to have a bath. You brought a new bottle of wine with you, Hoseok and you tipsy off the wine you drank during dinner, but also feeling drunk off each other.

    You start running the bath while Hoseok lights the candles and picks out a bath bomb to submerge under the water. Once the atmosphere is set up, your glasses of wine sitting precariously on the edge of the tub, you both undress, admiring each other as each piece of clothing gets shrugged or pulled off.

    He gets in first, leaning against the back of the tub, his head lulling back, eyes closed as he takes in the warmth of the water. His blonde hair is shining in the candlelight, almost looking golden. You follow, submerging into the hot water, sitting in between his legs, pressed up against his chest. You sigh when you relax against him, all your stress and worries leaving your body.

    You rest your hands on his thighs, lightly stroking up and down. Your fingertips are feeling his smooth skin that’s under the bubbles. It makes you feel at ease when you touch him, also when he touches you.

    Hoseok wraps his strong arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he dips his head to the crevice of your neck. He starts to leave small kisses along your neck, tracing the curvature of it until his lips meet your shoulder. They’re soft kisses, that seem to exude pure love. No intention behind them, expect to leave the sentiment of love on your tender skin. Your hands move from his thighs, to hold onto his forearms that are wrapped snugly around your stomach as he continues to leave kisses on your body.

    “Mmm Hobi that feels so nice,” you breathe out, your voice sounding airy and light due to his ministrations against your skin.

    His reply is just a grunt against your skin. His kisses that were once descending you, his hands now take their place, trailing down your stomach reaching your core.

    His long fingers tease your slit, moving up and down, feeling you. Naturally your legs open wider, your thighs resting comfortably on his. Once he’s done exploring your slit, he slowly pushes his middle finger into you, pumping in and out that has you whimpering in his arms.

    Your head falls back against his shoulder as he continues to finger you, gradually picking up the pace before adding a second finger. The addition of his ring finger has you clenching around them, as he stretches you out. You’re still resting against him, and you feel Hoseok bring his head down to you, kissing you once again on your neck, but this time his kisses have more pressure. He’s now sucking your neck that you know will leave bruises for you to admire tomorrow.

    You whine as his fingers continue moving in and out of you, the stretch feeling so good. Your hand moves to grasp his forearm, trying to ground yourself in some sense, too overwhelmed by the feeling of his fingers inside you.

    Your head is still resting against his shoulder, and you feel the tickles of his hair against your neck as he continues to kiss you. “Hobi please don’t stop, it feels so good.”

    He loves it when you’re whining like this in his arms, loves seeing you show this side of yourself to him. It’s only for him. His grasp on you tightens, his other hand moving to stoke up and down your leg. He wants to feel all of you, as much as he can. “I won’t baby, you feel too good taking my fingers.”

    His thumb moves to press down on your clit, then he starts leisurely rubbing circles on it. With the addition of his thumb on your clit, you feel the tension in your lower abdomen increase, the thread threatening to snap at any moment. He always makes you feel this good, but it feels like a new experience every time. He always knows what to do to make you puddy in his arms, to test your limits even. But you know you can trust him with this and also trust him with your heart, so you bask in his touches.

    Way to soon, the tension in you and subsequently the thread, snaps, your orgasm traveling up your body, to your heart. You let the feeling of it last as long as it can, before you slump back down in Hoseok’s arms. You’re breathing is heavy and so is Hoseok’s, you can feel the beat of his heart underneath your head.

    The air in the bathroom seems to still around the two of you, letting the love linger in the air for a bit longer. Flashes of gold blur your vision as you’re still coming down from your high. Hoseok’s arms go back to their previous position, wrapping around your middle and pulling you closer to him.

    He nuzzles his head into your hair before saying, “How are you doing?” You take a moment to answer, your heartbeat finally slowing down to almost normal.

    You let out a small sigh before saying, “Good Hobi, you always know how to make me feel so good.” You turn in his arms, so you can look at him, brining your hand up to cup his jaw. Softly stroking his cheek, you take him all in. His blonde hair, his smooth skin, his brown eyes, everything.

    You smile before leaning in, capturing his lips in yours. He kisses you back earnestly, humming softly as you two continue to kiss in the bath.

    You and Hoseok continue to show each other your love for each other well into the night, both falling asleep with a content feeling in your hearts, excited to spend the rest of the weekend together.


    You scream as you hold on tighter to Hobi, wondering what lead you to in this situation. Oh wait, you agreed to this.

    You are currently cuddled up on the couch, watching the second horror movie of the night. You and Hoseok both agreed to a horror movie marathon since it’s October after all and your favorite holiday, Halloween, is just around the corner.

    Your currently hiding behind Hobi’s arm, lifting it so it cover your eyes, after a recent jump scare that just occurred in the movie.

    “Ugh Hobi, why did we agree to watch this movie,” you whine against his chest, head burrowed into his sweathshirt.

    “You’re the one who put this on the list!” he protests, tightening his hold on you.

    He unfortunately doesn’t have a barrier between him and the movie, something that he quickly fixes as he pulls a nearby blanket over the two of you.

    “I know, but I wasn’t sure which movies we would actually watch,” you whine back, still covering your eyes thanks to Hoseok.

    “No worries baby, I’ll protect you.” You scoff at his statement, since you both are pretty scared right now, but you try to focus on him. His warm, soft hoodie and his scent that always leaves you feeling safe.

    “Mmm I feel like I’m the one who would protect us if we were actually being haunted by a ghost, babe.” You retort.

    Hoseok scoffs, and lightly pinches your side, making you let out a soft yelp.

    “Ya, you know I would protect you, right?” His tone seemed to get more serious, so you glance up at him to gauge his expression.

    He seems slightly serious to you, so you respond, “yeah of course Hobi, I know you would.” Smiling, you lean up to kiss him. The kiss deepens, his hand coming up to cup your jaw. Kissing him feels so euphoric, loving the way his lips moves against your own. He slips his tongue inside your mouth, making you let out a soft moan.

    You move so you’re straddling his hips, legs on either side of him. You start grinding down on him, feeling the growing bulge in his pants. This makes you wraps your hands around his neck, pulling him flush against you. The screams of the movie in the background are forgotten as you get lost in each other.

    His hand quickly dips down beneath your shorts, finding your clit, rubbing on it. You throw your head back, detaching your lips, “right there Hobi, right there.”

    “Mm you like that?” he breathes, picking up the pace of his finger against you. He inserts a finger inside you, feeling your walls clench around him.

    “You’re so wet baby, soaking up my finger so nicely.” You glance up at him, seeing the cocky smirk on his face. He knows what he’s doing to you, but you love it, love him.

    You suppress your snarky comment back to him, instead rolling your hips on top of him again, making him let out a moan this time. A second finger enters you, stretching you out nicely as he continues to knead at your clit. You’re already close and you hate him for it (not really).

    Your climax continues to build and finally it reaches its peak, traveling all across your body. You shudder on top of Hoseok as he watches you fall apart in his arms. Once you’ve settled back down, you rest your forehead against his shoulder.

    He wraps his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug. He leaves kisses on your head and stokes his hands up and down your back.

    You lift your head to smile softly at him, brushing his hair back. You love his newly dyed hair, it suits him well, you think. He lets out a smile too, before saying, “I love you.” Now he’s the one brushing strands of hair out of your face, tucking them behind your ear.

    Your heart flutter at his words, even though you’ve heard them a hundred times now, they never fail to leave you breathless.

    You kiss him again, making the fluttering in your chest heighten.

    You start to lift his sweatshirt and t shirt over his head so you can feel his chest. Your top goes as well. Next, you start to unbutton his jeans, impatiently tugging them down along with his boxers.

    You both struggle to take of your bottoms, since you are still sitting on top of him.

    Once you both are bare, you grasp his face delicately, pulling him into you, once again kissing him deeply, love seeping between the two of you.

    Before you know it, he’s moving you to lie down on the couch, so he’s hovering above you.

    He rests his forearms on the couch besides your head. Bringing one hand up, he gently brushes your stray hairs away from your face so he can fully see you. You can see the love in his eyes, in his expression as he takes you in.

    He leans down to kiss you, before his hands take purchase on your hips, tugging you so you’re flushed against him. You feel his dick brush up against your center, making your wall clench,

    You wrap your legs around his waist, anticipating what’s to come next.

    You give him a few pumps to get him ready before you line him up with you, guiding him into you. As he starts to enter you, you immediately feel the stretch, moaning out and he continues to bottom out.

    Your head falls back against the sofa, Hobi’s now fully inside of you, making you feel so full. He looks down at you to gauge how you’re doing. “Just tell me when to start moving, love.” His hands rubbing smoothing patterns on your hips.

    After a few seconds, you nod to signal him to move. He pulls his hips back before snapping them back to meet yours, causing you to move up the sofa slightly.

    The sting lessons and lessons as he continues to move in and out of you. Now the pain is replaced by pleasure. You let out soft moans as he continues to fuck you into the couch, hands coming up to clutch his arms, feeling his muscles expand and contract.

    “You’re so tight baby, you feel so good around me,” he confesses, still moving at a brutal pace that has your breasts bouncing up and down.

    “Ungh Hobi, you’re so big, you fill me up so good.” Your voice is airy but has a tinge of desperation in it, something that he captures.

    “yeah?” He mocks with his question. You nod, eyes rolled back as he continues to pound into you.

    You’re both reaching your highs quickly, wrapped up in pleasure.

    Your legs tighten around his middle, as if asking for more. Hobi complies and starts rubbing your clit with his fingers. His touches are harsh, but they feel good, almost tipping you over the edge.

    “I’m close, baby,” he breathes against your neck. “Me too,” you respond, the pace of his fingers picking up their pace.

    Before you know it, you feel your orgasm snap inside of you. You let out a loud moan and your legs start to tremble around Hoseok’s waist.

    He feels your walls clench around him, bringing him to his orgasm as well. He comes inside of you, painting your walls, seemingly marking you as his, and only his.

    You both are breathing heavily, chests pressed up against each other. He’s still inside you as he lays on top of you.

    He gently lifts himself off you, pulling out of you. The feeling of him leaving you is bittersweet. You’re overly sensitive right now, feeling empty, but also satisfied.

    Hoseok moves to grab his sweatshirt, wrapping his arm behind your back, lifting you up. Once you’re up he proceeds to put his sweatshirt over your body, covering you. He gives you a small peck on the lips before he starts dressing himself.

    “Stay right here, I’ll go get a washcloth and a new pair of underwear.”

    When he comes back, he cleans you up with a warm washcloth and puts the new pair of underwear on you, doting on you as much as he can.

    He sits you up, before wrapping you back into his arms. He pulls the blanket up on you both, before kissing your temple.

    “I’m glad we decided to do a horror movie marathon.”

    “Me too”, you reply, a smile coating your lips.



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    Currently writing my hobi fic, pls I love him so much😭

    #hobi x reader #hobi fluff#hobi
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    Happy Hobiween everyone!! 🎃👻🔮🦇
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    #CNSTop100YouTube #jhopeYouTubeLegend

    Poster credit to @Jhope_ChartData 🥰

    Source: @jhopefolder

    #taehasmysoulinhispocket#jhope#hobi#my rainbow#triptych#내 무지개 #1/3 of my 삼총사 #mint choco line #CNS#BECKY G#TOP 100 #most viewed solo MV by a BTS member #October 2021
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    Lost Excitement

    pairing: idol!hoseok x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 1,2

    It’s late in the afternoon, your boyfriend Hoseok is currently sitting in his studio that he has in your house, doing a Vlive for his fans that has been waiting to see his face on their screens again.

    You on the other hand have been cooking food for the past hour, Hoseok has been working a lot lately so it’s more than right that you’re the one cooking the food today.

    The food is completely done, you’ve put plates and cutlery on the table, the only thing missing now is Hoseok, or Hobi which is a name you and almost everyone else uses.

    Usually he doesn’t want to get interrupted when he’s doing lives. Your relationship isn’t public and he doesn’t want it to accidentally get leaked because of some fans who may send you hate. Right now he needs some food though, so you send him a text telling him that you’re coming to his studio and then slowly walk towards the door.

    You quietly knock on the door, hoping that the people watching the live didn’t hear and suddenly your phone lights up, indicating that you’ve got a notification.

    Hobi <3:

    you can come in but try to stay out of the frame, i will end the live in a minute :) <3

    You quietly open the door and step inside his dark studio. There’s a couch next to the door so you sit down on it while waiting for him to finish the live. He hasn’t looked at you since you’ve come in but the fans suspect things very easily.

    “See you soon, I love you bye!” Hoseok says happily as he waves to the camera and taps on his computer screen to end the live. Then he looks at you and smiles.

    He turns his computer off and walks over to the couch and pulls you into a hug before falling down on his back with you on top of him.

    “Did you see my text about dinner?” you ask and he nods his head with closed eyes as he yawns and stretches his arms a little.

    “I did, just want to be here for a little bit longer.”

    “The food will get cold, we can cuddle after we’ve eaten. You need to get some food in your stomach,” you say and put your finger on his tummy. He hasn’t had a lot of time to eat because of work, but today he won’t skip a single meal.

    You get out of his grip and take his hand in yours to pull him up on his feet again. He follows you into the kitchen and sits down by the table as you put food on his plate as if he was a baby.

    “Eat,” you tell him when you sit down on a chair on the opposite side of the table. Hoseok looks down at the food and takes his fork in his hand and begins to eat.

    He’s quiet during the whole meal, he barely says a word to you but when you ask about the live he says that it went great. He was happy before, telling you how excited he was and that he couldn’t wait to talk to his fans again but it’s like all that happiness just faded away.

    When he has finished eating he helps you put everything in the washing machine and put some left overs in lunch boxes. As you put some things in the fridge Hoseok stands by the counter and looks at you.

    “They didn’t seem to be happy to see me,” he says and you close the fridge and turn around to look at him.

    “Of course there were fans who told me how much they loved me and how happy they were to see me but so many other people wanted to see someone else. I know that I mean just as much as the other boys but it doesn’t feel like it.”

    “It’s still like this? Hobi, those who doesn’t want to see you as much as they want to see the others aren’t people you should care about okay? As you said, there’s people who genuinely loves you and those are the ones who you should care about,” you tell him as you walk over to him and wrap your arms around him.

    “I know, but when there’s comment after comment asking me where someone else is, it’s not funny anymore. I get that they have favorites but why don’t they ask where I am when Jungkook or someone else is live?” he allows a tear to roll down his cheek.

    “Hey, don’t cry. I know that it isn’t nice to see those comments, but let’s think about those who actually wants to see you. Can you believe how happy they were to see you? They’re probably calling these other people out on Twitter and post these long threads about why people should love Jung Hoseok just as much as the other members.”

    “It’s pathetic to cry about, I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t. It’s not pathetic, you’re obviously hurt and you don’t deserve that. So let’s go to the living room and lay down on the couch, there we can look at the good comments and read them through. There’s more lovely comments than you think,” you say as you grab his hand and lead him towards the living room.

    The two of you lay down next to each other and you pull your phone out and turn on the live he had before, you begin to take a few screenshots of the good comments and then show them to Hoseok.

    “Look, these are the people who are the only ones you should listen to. Stop thinking that you don’t matter as much as the others because you do and so many others knows that as well,” you look at him as he’s holding your phone, looking at the nice comments.

    He then gives you back your phone and finally smiles. He turns his body to lay down sideways to get a better look at you and give your lips a quick kiss.

    “Thank you for this. I love you so much,” he says and begins to brush his fingers through your hair. You do the same to him and move even closer to him to have your faces only a few inches away from each other.

    “And I love you,” you whisper against his lips before giving him a quick kiss as well. “And if things like this makes you feel insecure you need to tell me, you deserve all the good things Hobi.”

    “I will. You deserve just as much as I do, maybe a little bit more. You always tell me about how I make your days better because of how positive I can be, but you make my days the greatest no matter what. I’ll forever be thankful for you and your precious soul,” Hoseok kisses your nose and puts his forehead against yours.

    A few minutes later the two of you end up falling asleep in each other’s arms, foreheads pressed against each other and his legs wrapped around your waist. You could probably stay like that forever but only because it’s Jung Hoseok and no one else.

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    my work in progress of my bts meme shirt for the concert 😂

    #yes of course i had to include the legend the icon min yoonji #other favorites include jin and his pink flip phone and hawaii jungkook and when hobi got abandoned in new zealand
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    In The Soop 2 Ep 1 Summary: Yoongi Focus
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    hoseok in green =(^.^)=

    my cutest boy <3

    hoseok moodboard

    like/reblog if you save

    #kpop#carrd#bts #uzzlang messy icons #bts icons#carrd stuff #jung hoseok icons #jung hoseok moodboard #hoseok icons#hoseok moodboard#hobi icons#hobi moodboard#hoseok users#hoseok bios#hoseok lockscreens#carrd gifs #bts messy moodboard #hoseok messy moodboard #hoseok messy layouts
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    JUNG HOSEOK Jung Hoseok is born on February 18, 1994 in Gwangju, but he lives in Seoul. He comes from a very well off family, but when he announced he wanted to pursue dancing as a university major, his family gave him an ultimatum to change his mind, cause dancing wasn't a career worthy of their family name. They threw him out and left him to fend for himself. With the money left, he moved to Seoul to study dance and work several part-time jobs. One day, when the money was scarce, he collected from the ground a fallen wallet and that gave him the idea to start pickpocket wealthy people and, years later, use his agility and athleticism to steal in their homes. He gives the excess money to charity. After his heists, he leaves behind a colorful and smiling flower card, hence his nickname "해바라기" / "Haebaragi", the "Sunflower". His talents lay in pickpocketing, agility, stealth, acrobatics and parkour. He also does surveillance and reconnaissance for Yoongi by planting bugs and tracking devices.

    KIM’S SEVEN⁷ My brand new BTS / Jikook AU Namjoon - Seokjin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

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    my mom called my boots “jungkook shoes” 😒

    #she likes to flex that she knows things about the bts boys haha #she knew the date in the soop came out and she was excited to see jimin and hobi haha she’s so cute !!
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    #hobi too.
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