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  • I really don’t like the idea of “cold and mean” Tom Riddle.

    I can imagine why people are so obsessed with it, but… He is intimidating only when he needs to be. I’ve always seen him as an extremely nice guy, really talkative (well, more like really good listener) and I can see how he was approaching people at the corridors, asking about their day politely, only because they could’ve told him some kind of information he needs or he’d use something they’ve said in the future against them. Maybe he is a little quiet alone — but in the companion? He’s the first person to talk and he knows exactly, what he can say and what he shouldn’t because Tom Riddle knows them all damn well and they didn’t even saw when they started to be like an open book to him.


    Then, you know… You’ve always seen that girl from Hufflepuff, she is in the Quidditch team… Now she’s making some mess and noise in one of the classrooms to distract professors because that cute guy asked her to do it. And why wouldn’t she help him, he said he only needs to check his exam score or something, she really didn’t pay attention to it, charmed by his smile. Anyway, he was nice to her before and he’s Slytherin, so she decided to act similarly.

    Who would believe that this engaging and lovely boy was truly interested in the Dark Arts? Of course, he read about it a lot, everybody’s seen him, rummaging through Restricted Section — some of the students were actually helping him, though he preferred to do it alone — but it was only because he wanted to become the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, right?


    And then we have Tom Riddle’s situation as a prefect; he gives detention to people who don’t like him — people who acted against his plans in some way, people who suspect something they shouldn’t. He starts to watch their every move, only in the sake of trying to put leverage on them to the point they simply start to avoid him, thinking he is obsessed with rules. But he just achieved what he was going to achieve — they will no longer bother him or his plans.

    Of course, he is powerful; everybody sees how he affect professors, so friendship (or even being in the rapport with him) becomes desirable in Hogwarts. And it irritates Tom a little — he doesn’t have as much freedom as he wanted to — but he starts to deceive those truly annoying people because he knows it is better to have them on your side, rather than against him.


    And that’s the main reason Tom Riddle has gained so many followers at such a young age — not because the idea was popular itself, but because he was charming; he cared about those who he talked to; he remembered small details about people and their lives, so they felt important.

    Or at least he acted like that.

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    Magic is real as long as you believe in it. ✭

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  • Slytherin: Is there another word for “horny”, but not in a sexual way?

    Slytherin: Like, I’m horny for Halloween, but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin.

    Ravenclaw: …You mean “excited”?

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  • Ron: Hi! My name is Ron, without a B.
    Hermione: There’s no B in Ron…
    Ron: Yeah, that’s what I said.

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  • something i wrote on wattpad for @lupin-for-president

    very cheesy and kinda cringe

    You smiled as you inhaled the bouquet of flowers that had been sent to you by mail. The girls surrounding you on the Hufflepuff table all cooed in awe at the sweet gesture.

    You’re beautiful, so I had to find the prettiest flowers, but none could compare to you.

    Though it may have been a bit cheesy, it was enough to make your heart flutter at the thought of someone writing the note and picking flowers while thinking of you. “Who is it from?” Hannah asked, peering over your shoulder trying to read the note. You folded it quickly and slipped it into your pocket.

    “It’s anonymous.” You smiled as you gently touched the petals of the flowers and subtly looked around to see if anyone was watching. Maybe you could potentially find who sent you them?

    “What if it was Cedric?” Susan gasped, and the three of you looked down the Hufflepuff table to see Cedric laughing with his friends. Your cheeks reddened as he locked eyes with you and flashed you a smile. “He smiled at you!”

    “It’s not him, Susan. He’s attractive and sweet, but I have a feeling it’s someone else.”

    On the Gryffindor table a certain red-head was craning his neck, trying to get a good view on the receiver of his gift. “Hey, stop worrying. I’m sure she loves it,” Harry reassured his best friend. “But I think you should tell them who you are, what if they get the wrong idea?”

    Ron shook his head. “They’re probably not into me.”

    Potions had finished and you were cleaning up your station until a piece of parchment caught your eye. It was slipped into your book, the edge peeking out. You looked around but everyone seemed busy. You blushed as Ron Weasley brushed past you, his hand coming into contact with your waist. “Oh, sorry.” He quickly walked away.

    You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and watched him walk over to Harry. Maybe Harry gave you the note? Or Ron? You sighed, there was no way either of them did. To many people you were unknown and you didn’t have any friends out of your house. You opened the note and felt your face flush.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I just can’t stop
    looking at you.

    Your eyes scanned the room quickly, but your shoulders slumped as you realised no one was looking at you. “Are you alright?” Hannah placed a hand on your shoulder in a comforting way. “You look upset.”

    “I think this admirer is just a prank.” Your voice was raised and you crumpled the poem up, leaving class. “Let’s go, please.” You grabbed her wrist and tried to stop your eyes from watering.

    "Look man, just tell them. They think it’s a prank!” Harry frowned as Ron looked dejectedly after you. He expected your reaction to be different and his heart clenched at the thought of you believing this was a prank. What was he doing wrong?

    “I agree.”

    "Neville? What would you know?” Ron crossed his arms as Neville shrugged.

    “I know you need to tell her, it’s common sense.”

    "But what if they don’t like me?” Ron felt the nerves bubbling in his stomach and turned to Harry and Neville who were just staring at him.

    “Just, go Ron. Now,”  Harry said firmly and Ron scampered off after you, picking up his note that you had left behind.

    You had decided to skip your next class and sit outside under a small tree. You sniffed as you wiped your eyes and stared out into the Forbidden Forest. Why did people think it was okay to play with feelings? "Hi?” Your head whipped around to see Ron Weasley, nervously playing with his fingers while he stared down at you. You stood up.

    “Yes? Is something wrong?” Ron scratched the back of his neck and pulled out the note placed in your book earlier. Your eyes darkened. “Come to tell me it was you who you played that prank on me?” You spat.

    Ron raised his hands in defence and jumped back. “No, no! I mean I wrote it, but not as—”

    “I get it. You and Harry thought it was funny.” You crossed your arms. "Please leave.”

    Ron gently grabbed your hand. "No. You didn’t let me finish. I wrote it because I like you.”

    You stared up at him with wide eyes. "You sent me the flowers?” Ron nodded. “And the note?” He nodded once again and gave you a shy smile.

    “I was too nervous to tell you, but now you know.” You blushed as Ron produced a small tulip from his pocket. “Sorry, it’s a little squished, but I saw its beauty and I thought of you.” His face was bright red and you graciously took the flower, slipping it into your hair.

    “It’s beautiful, thank you, Ron.” You gently pecked him on the cheek and walked back into the castle, giggling at the surprised look on his face.

    “Hey, Ron.” You pecked him on the cheek as he came and sat down with you in the library. He held a small piece of parchment and he coughed awkwardly as you stared earnestly at him. "What’s that?”

    He opened the parchment and gave you a smile. “Just something I wrote thinking of you.” You looked down shyly your heart fluttered at how sweet he was.

    “Amazing and beautiful, not a flower nor a tree. Much prettier than that, and only I can see.” You smiled at his words, never had anyone be so sweet to you. "I really like you. Will you go out with me?”

    You nodded, enveloping him in a hug. “Of course!” He hugged you back and you sighed in the warm embrace, you felt safe and although you hadn’t known him long, you felt like you had your whole life.

    You pulled away and gave him a shy smile before gently pecking his lips, chuckling as his face burned bright red.

    Your secret admirer was no longer a secret.

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  • hogwarts students be like “i know a spot” and then take you up to the astronomy tower unironically

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  • Gryffindor: *Dming as a Mysterious Merchant* I will give you the map you are looking for in exchange for information. I deal in secrets.

    Slytherin and Ravenclaw: *remaining secretive about their back stories*

    Hufflepuff: *a Druid in character* I accidentally killed a toad as a kid and I still feel really guilty about it.

    Slytherin: *in character* Honey that isn’t going to count.

    Gryffindor: Alas your trauma is insufficient.


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  • summary: you and your husband, neville longbottom, deal with your pregnancy while working at hogwarts. however, some students and professors start to catch on with your secret.

    warnings: female reader, and mature-ish (no smut though, just sorta mentioning it?)

    my inbox is open for requests for imagines, ships, and moodboards!

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  • Sirius Vlogs

    Sirius: Hey guys today I’m going to be rating my family and friends so here we go

    Sirius: This is my brother Regulus. He’s a really cool guy and super awesome. All of my friends want to get with him and people keep telling me he’s the hot brother. But he did lie to the darkest wizard to live which is a sin, so 2/10

    Sirius: This is my other brother James. He’s really handsome and the person I’m closest to in the world. He’s the strongest person I know and will clap back at anyone. But he’s living with his girlfriend out of wedlock which is a sin, so 3/10

    Sirius: This is my best friend Remus. He has a really dark sense of humor and is the smartest person I know. When he came out to me as a werewolf, I told him I still loved him anyway. Unfortunately he wears these really baggy sweaters so I’ll have to give him a 5/10

    Sirius: This is my brothers girlfriend and one of my best friends, Lily. She’s really fun to be around but you don’t want to get on her bad side. She punched me in the face one time and it was amazing. But she’s always with James and we never have time to hang out, so she’s a 4/10

    Sirius: There’s not enough time to talk about how amazing and perfect I am so 1000/10.

    #noble and most ancient house of black #hogwarts #sirius and regulus #wolfstar #incorrect marauders quotes #remus lupin#james potter#padfoot#sirius black#jily#harry potter#lily evans#mischief managed#regulus black #sirius orion black #remus john lupin #james fleamont potter #hermione granger#peter pettigrew#ron weasely#moony #james & peter & remus & sirius #marauders#prongs#young marauders
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  • Soft Slytherin 💚

    Ambition and resourcefulness can be soft and kind too.

    Be green 🌱💚

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  • we need t normalize people saying their Hogwarts house or their Camp half-blood cabin as a way to describe themselves in a job interview

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    A L B U S P O T T E R

    #an hp edit?? #for the first time in forever #this was in drafts for a week tbh #cams edits #albus severus potter #harry potter #hp next generation #hp next gen #hp edit#fancast #james sirius potter #lily luna potter #scorpius malfoy#scorbus#slytherin#hogwarts #wtf do i even tag these idek anymore
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  • Something Good

    Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Reader

    Words: 4.8K

    Warnings: none

    Summary: Reader and Draco have been friends since childhood. Watch how their relationship, grows, develops and blossoms in light of their sorting and the imminent war. 

    Notes: So yeah this and my next Draco fic are named after songs don’t judge, I love the Sound of Music so much and I think the song works with the concept. Also I wrote and edited this in one sitting so I hope it’s all good. Lots of love for this would be appreciated as usual cause I think this is probably one of my favourites and it turned out great :)

    July 20th, 1990

    “Come on Draco, you’re going too slow.” (Y/N) groaned. “We’re going to be late and your parents won’t be happy about that.”

    “I know I’m not dumb (N/N).” the ten-year-old rolled his eyes in exasperation. “Are your parents coming over for dinner tonight or are they working again?”

    “That’s why I’m here.” (Y/N) shrugged. “Unless they plan on surprising me I’ll be here by myself.”

    “You’re not by yourself.” the blond caught up with his friend. “You’ve got me, and mum and dad. That’s what friends are for right?”

    “Yeah, I guess so.” she smiled taking his hand. “Come on, I don’t want to make us late again, remember what happened last time?”

    “Yeah, we only got half of our dessert, we should hurry up.”

    Draco started to run, dragging (Y/N) behind him until they came in through the back door of the manor into the kitchen. They both washed up and made their way to the table where Narcissa was just sitting down.

    “Good, you both are here, I was worried you were going to be late.” Narcissa smiled with a chuckle. “Come sit.”

    The two young children found their seats in their usual sport that the table, on the left side of the head where Lucius usually sat and off to the right was Narcissa.

    “Where’s dad?” Draco asked, serving himself some potatoes.

    “He got called to the ministry,” Narcissa said while offering (Y/N) some green beans. “He should be back fairly soon.”

    “Does he get less dessert too because he’s late?” (Y/N) asked. “It’s only fair.”

    Narcissa chuckled at that, “I suppose I could withhold some dessert.” she nodded. “Draco what do you think.”

    Draco sat up straight in his seat and placed a napkin on his head, apparently trying to imitate his father, “It is the only feasible course of action for this fine institution of the dinner table to withhold his dessert until he shows that he can come to dinner on time.”

    The two girls laughed, accompanied by a deeper chuckle coming from the doorway.

    “Carrying the Malfoy name well son, from what I can see.” Lucius came into the room and pressed a kiss to both of the children’s heads and a sweet kiss on his wife’s lips causing a loud ‘Ewww’ to chorus through the dining table. “So we’re withholding my dessert?” he asked while serving himself some dinner while the rest munched on their food.

    “Well, since you did show up maybe he can just have half a slice of pie?” (Y/N) suggested.

    “That seems plenty fair to me.” Narcissa agreed. “Draco?”

    “I guess,” he said exaggeratedly. “We’ll get you one time.” he sent his father a look to which he shook his head and looked at his wife.

    “He gets that from you, you know? Black family drama gene.”

    “Isn’t that why you married me?” Narcissa countered.

    “I suppose it is.” Lucius chuckled. “Now why don’t we eat our supper quickly so I can read the next chapter of the Tales of the Beetle and the Bard before (Y/N)’s parents get here.”

    “I don’t think my parents are going to make it back early today.” (Y/N) said. “Mum made me pack an overnight bag.”

    “Then we can build a fort,” Draco suggested. “In the library.”

    “Sure!” (Y/N) smiled. “Maybe one day you can come over to stay at my place.”

    “That would be fun,” Draco nodded. “We could sleep in the greenhouse next to all the plants!”

    Dinner passed with more planning from the ten-year-olds of what they would do when they eventually had a sleepover at (Y/N)’s house and as soon as they finished their slice of pie they ran to the library to construct a fort out of all their cushions and pillows. By the time Lucius came down to read them their story, they were nicely tucked in the blankets, playing with Draco’s playing cards.

    “We ready for a story?” Lucius asked sitting down at the edge of the fort, far too tall to go inside.

    The two nodded and put away their game and bickered a moment about who won that round before they gave Lucius their full attention as he read the next chapter. When he finished they were both fast asleep, having already been tried from running around the grounds all day. He tucked them in tightly before leaving to grab himself a glass of wine before heading up to do some of his reading.

    September 2nd, 1991 – Year 1

    “Draco what am I supposed to tell them?” (Y/N) sighed. “They thought I was going to be a Ravenclaw. They knew there was no way I was getting into Slytherin, but I don’t want to let them down.”

    “Just tell them the truth,” he shrugged. “(N/N) I know you’re parents, they’ll be fine if you get put in another house. Unless it’s Gryffindor. I think our families just really hate Gryffindor.”

    She laughed at that, “I guess you’re right. And your parents? What will they think?”

    “I think my mum might have one of her famous stories ready for you.” he nodded. “Just write them a letter. There will be one here by tomorrow morning, I swear it.”

    (Y/N) nodded, “Okay I’ll go to my common room. It’s by the kitchen if you ever need to find me.”

    “And I’ll be in the dungeons. Yellow and black suit you (N/N). You’ll do fine.”

    (Y/N) smiled and they went their separate ways, Draco to unpack his things and (Y/N) to go write two letters, hoping she’d get responses sooner rather than later, knowing the nervousness in the pit of her stomach wouldn’t go away until she got her answer.

    The next day the owls flew into the Great Hall and Draco’s family owl, after delivering him his daily parcel, came to (Y/N) and dropped off a letter along with her family’s owl, Aisling. She tore open her parents’ letter first, anxiously scanning through the lines for any sign of disapproval, but there was only praise and compliments, even one person who claimed they knew she’d end up there all along. With that out of her mind, she moved onto Lucius and Narcissa’s letter. She read this one more slowly and thoroughly, it said:

    Dearest (Y/N),

    First and foremost, Lucius and I would like to congratulate you on your recent sorting into Hufflepuff! I know what you must be thinking, you’re probably incredibly worried that you won’t live up to family standards and all that wonderful nonsense that pureblood children are fed from a young age. However joking it may be, I understand that we take it seriously sometimes and that can be worrisome. But you should be proud, Hufflepuffs have very admirable qualities, those of which include loyalty and resilience which Lucius and I have seen in you, time and again from a young age.

    I know it sounds just like words and that I could be lying through paper, but the truth is I’m not because I was once very close to being put in your position. Although I did end up in Slytherin ultimately, the Sorting Hat thought I was better suited for Hufflepuff until I convinced it otherwise. In my case, there were a few different things including the fact that my family was not as welcoming to those from other houses, but deep down I always knew Hufflepuff was where I belonged and I kept that very close to my heart.

    So yet again I am here to say that nothing has changed, we still love you the same as we did before.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Lucius and Narcissa

    Late June 1995 – Year 4

    “He’s back, isn’t he.” (Y/N) whispered refusing to meet Draco’s eyes as he held her tight, arms wrapped around her waist. Draco didn’t say anything to answer her, only nodded and said,

    “Mum’s scared.”

    “I’m scared,” she added. “I don’t want him to take you away from me.”

    “He won’t, (Y/N) you’re my best friend we can’t just be torn apart. Not even by someone like him.”

    (Y/N) sighed shakily and tucked her face further into Draco’s shoulder, “I can’t stay with you this summer, you know that right?”

    He took a deep breath and nodded, “I figured. So you’ll just stay home alone?”

    “I’m almost fifteen I think I can last a few months by myself. And it’s not like mum and dad aren’t there completely.”

    “Yeah, I know. It’ll just be different.”

    (Y/N) was about to pull away, but Draco pulled her back against him closer. “Just a little longer,” he pleaded. She complied and her fingers found themselves tracing aimless shapes on his back.

    “We can ride together,” she said. “I need to talk with your parents and tell them what’s going on.”

    “I think they know.” Draco bit his lip. “It’s safer if you don’t.”

    (Y/N) nodded and pulled away pressing a kiss to his forehead, “I’ll see you in September.”

    “See you then,”

    October 13th, 1995 – Year 5

    “You sure you’re not cold?” Draco asked handing (Y/N) the extra sweater he’d brought with him.

    “I’m sure, but since you keep offering I’ll take it.” she chuckled and grabbed the quidditch sweater, bringing it up over her shoulders and head, snuggling into its warmth. “I missed this,” she sighed. “I’m glad we’re back here.”

    “Me too.” Draco nodded. “ Anything been on your mind over the summer? Something you want to talk about?” he asked, leaning into the pole from the pier, (Y/N) sitting across from him, looking out towards the Black Lake.

    “Yeah a little bit,” she said. “I don’t know if I should say it though. It’s a little embarrassing,” she admitted.

    “(Y/N), you’ve known me so long you remember Donny the Dinosaur, I think we’re okay on the embarrassing part.” he chuckled. (Y/N) laughed along with him,

    “Yeah you’re right.” she nodded. “I guess I’m just kind of waiting for my first kiss is all,” she started. “I’m kind of worried it’s going to be a disaster, and with the wrong person and that it’s going to suck a lot. Stupid right?”

    “N-No it’s not stupid,” Draco assured her. “I-I haven’t kissed anyone either,” he said softly. “Even though everyone assumes I’ve got a fair amount under my belt, I don’t.”

    “Are you worried yours is going to go wrong too?”

    Draco nodded, “It would be great if we could just kiss each other,” he chuckled. “I mean we already know each other and well, I’m not a terrible person and you’re a really good person, so I guess it couldn’t be that bad.”

    “Would you seriously do that?” she asked. “Just to get it over with?”

    Draco thought about it for a moment before nodding, “There’s no harm right?” he asked moving a little closer.

    “None at all.” (Y/N) agreed also, slowly closing the distance between them. They were about a foot apart when Draco carefully placed his hand around (Y/N)’s neck, awkwardly pulling her closer. Their noses touched and (Y/N) tilted her head so her lips could fit onto his. There wasn’t any movement at first, both unsure of what to do, but after a few seconds passed they both realized something; there was big harm in them kissing. This wasn’t something either of them could do and let go. Just as (Y/N) was about to move away, run off somewhere, try to escape her problems, Draco did quiet the opposite. He pulled her closer, now holding her face with both hands, finding a rhythm for his lips to move with hers, and she followed, succumbing to his every touch and the feeling of having him pressed so closely. When they finally pulled away, both slightly breathless, lips a little swollen (Y/N) sighed and whispered,

    “Everything went wrong.”

    Draco looked up at her worriedly, “How? What did I do?”

    “It wasn’t you,” she looked away, far off to the lake. “I thought I could do this without getting attached, but I can’t.”

    Draco came and sat next to her, slipping his hand into hers, “Good thing I got attached too then,” he noted, looking at her with loving eyes.

    “R-Really?” she chuckled and finally turned to meet his eyes again.

    “Do you want to try this?” he asked. “I-I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I have a feeling I’ll ruin it if we do it the other way too.”

    (Y/N) laughed, “Yeah, I’d like to try,” she leaned in and pressed another more soft kiss to his lips. “I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of this. It’s kind of fun.”

    “Merlin, (N/N) what am I going to do with you,”

    “Date me I hope.” she giggled.

    “Damn right I am.” he grinned. “You’re damn right I am.”

    February half term 1996 – Year 5

    “You sure you’re okay with this?” Draco asked. “We both know it’s safer if you don’t come.”

    “But I want to,” (Y/N) countered. “I haven’t seen Lucius and Narcissa in ages. I-.” she couldn’t’ even bring herself to say what she wanted to next.

    “You want to see them one last time in case anything else goes wrong. I know.” Draco finished for her with a sigh.

    “They practically raised me,” (Y/N) said softly. “Although I never looked at you like a brother, because we got along far too well.” she chuckled. “But when mum and dad weren’t there they were you know?”

    “I know,” Draco nodded, reminded of all the days and nights they’d spend together when they were younger.

    Draco was going to meet his father on one side of the platform while (Y/N) would look for Narcissa on the other, no one would know they left together. It was all kept very quiet, only the four of them and (Y/N)’s parents knew where they were and what was going on.

    Arriving at the manor was like a breath of fresh air, they could finally relax and didn’t have to worry about everyone around them. Hugs were exchanged and (Y/N) didn’t need to be told twice to run to her old room and settle in. She was joined there by Draco who slipped her favourite sweater of his over her head.

    “It’s chilly here I’m not letting you get a cold,” he noted. “Come on though, mum has tea waiting in the drawing-room.”

    (Y/N) took his hand in hers and they made their way there together. Narcissa had already poured four cups of tea and two were placed in front of the loveseat saved for the young couple.

    “They know right?” (Y/N) whispered.

    “You have no idea, mum sent me a letter the day after we kissed and said she felt something shift cosmically in the universe. The woman is a mind reader.”

    (Y/N) laughed and they sat down across from Lucius and Narcissa.

    “Well, it certainly has been a long time.” Narcissa smiled. “You’ve grown so much maëlle.”

    “A little too long don’t you think?” (Y/N) asked. “I missed coming here a lot. It feels more like home than home does,” she gave them a soft chuckle.

    “You’re obviously welcome here whenever you please, but we also understand the circumstances put some strain on your usually regular visits,” Lucius added. “but we’re happy to have you here now.”

    “And as a couple!” Narcissa smiled and clapped her hands together causing Draco to groan and facepalm.

    “Mum, remember the deal? Don’t make a big deal out of it.”

    “It’s okay, Draco,” (Y/N) assured placing a hand on his leg. “Let her be happy about it, it’s increasingly hard to find reasons to be happy as of late.”

    “I’m lucky mine’s right here,” he whispered in her ear pressing a kiss to her cheek causing her to shrink down with embarrassment.

    Narcissa sent her husband a silent, pleading look, to make sure that no matter what happened over the course of the next few years, that he’d protect them. That they would protect them no matter what the cost. And that’s exactly what they did.

    June 1996 – Year 5

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Was the main thing running through (Y/N)’s mind when the deatheaters apparated into the Department of Mysteries. She was only there to help Harry, a part of Dumbledore’s Army she had a duty to fulfil. She had a responsibility to fight for the light.

    They were all unmasked which was dangerous considering their identities wouldn’t be protected. (Y/N) scanned the crowd, and when her eyes met silver-grey she bit her tongue. Lucius shook his head and bit his lip sending her a look of apology. A fight was imminent, there was no doubt about it. Curses flew around and spells were flung in every direction, (Y/N) tried to shield herself as best as she could, but she never saw the knife being thrown at her, deeply slicing her upper arm. She let out a yelp of pain and continued to fight, she had to stay strong, she refused for this to be the way that she died.

    When Lucius caught sight of her, bleeding profusely and yet still standing her ground. He ran over, ignoring the other deatheaters saying he was going to ‘take care’ of the Hufflepuff girl. Little did they know he meant literally. Lucius grabbed her and apparated to a more secluded part of the Department and sighed while he assessed her damages.

    “Lucius what are you doing! You’re going to get caught!” (Y/N) cried.

    “And you’re going to bleed out!” he retorted and ripped off a portion of his robes motioning for her to give him her arm to which she couldn’t refuse. “What are you doing here (Y/N), this is no place for a-.”

    “A girl?” she finished looking up at him with disappointment.

    “No! A teenager!” Lucius sighed wrapping the piece of cloth tightly around her arm. “(Y/N) come back with me, stay with Narcissa and me, we can protect you.” he pleaded.

    “Come over and become a deatheater?” she asked looking at him wide-eyed.

    “No-it’s-.” he pinched the bridge of his nose.

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t believe in a cause like that and I’m surprised you can either.”

    “(Y/N) it’s more complicated than that! I thought this was the way to make things better, to-to make the world a better place for Draco. A-And I admit I don’t understand anything anymore, and I don’t really know where my loyalties lie politically, but overall, they lie with my family and you’re a part of that family, so please,” he begged. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you. Narcissa and I love you just as much as we love Draco, it would be like losing a child.”

    (Y/N) sighed, “Do you remember when you told me in second-year that no matter what I had to stand up for what I believed in?” (Y/N) asked.

    Lucius nodded, his body language showing his worry, the nail-biting and pacing along with the tapping of his free hand on his robes.

    “Well, this is what I believe in. And I believe in you and Narcissa too, but you have to understand this isn’t something I can’t abandon. Under any circumstances.”

    Lucius shook his head then nodded. (Y/N) ran up to him, engulfing him in one last hug before they heard the yelling coming close and (Y/N) escaped through the floo, only to see Lucius being taken away by Aurors at the last second.

    September 1st, 1996 – Year 6

    (Y/N) curled closer to the window on the train coming to Hogwarts, she was tapping her foot on the seat, anxiously awaiting for someone, anyone to distract her from the guilt. The compartment door opened shortly after the train started moving and her head turned at the sound.

    “D-Draco…” she turned her head back to the window. “We should talk.”

    The blond shook his head, “I don’t want to talk, I know you were there.”

    (Y/N) gulped.

    “I know he was there with shady people and I-I just don’t want to know anymore.”

    He sat across from her, staring out at the city fading off into the distance. The buildings that passed soon turned into trees then blades of grass as they sat in continued silence. They had no means of communication over the summer, only the fact that they saw each other at the trial, (Y/N)’s parents sitting with Narcissa to support her through the difficult, but inevitable verdict.

    “I think there’s something you should know though,” (Y/N) said quietly. “but I’m afraid to tell you. I-I don’t want you to hate me.”

    “Please don’t tell me.” Draco pleaded. “Please,”

    “You know I can’t do that. I can’t put both of us through that.” she sniffed wiping away a tear that had escaped. “Draco please come here, look at me.”

    When Draco did turn his head, he cursed himself for waiting so long to sit next to her. He immediately got up and came in front of her wiping away the tears from her cheeks with the palm of his hand and pressing a delicate kiss to her forehead. A touch she had so craved for during those long, agonizing two months, finally at her fingertips, but she couldn’t accept it, the guilt was eating her alive.

    “I-I know he was your dad, but he helped me t-too. Mo-More than my parents.” she cried softly. “I’m sorry it’s all my fault.” she sobbed and Draco picked her up, placing her on his lap and gently stroking her hair.

    “It’s not your fault,”

    “It is! He got arrested because of me!” she exclaimed quietly. “He was trying to protect me…”

    Draco absorbed her words but didn’t let his hold falter.

    It’s what he would have wanted. he told himself. He would have wanted her and mum and me to be safe. It’s what he would have wanted.

    “(Y/N), I-I’m going to give you an out,” Draco said softly. “You can leave now, no questions asked… save yourself from the world of hurt you’ll have if you stay with me.”

    (Y/N) shook her head vigorously and pulled Draco closer, “We’re Draco and (Y/N), you remember who told me that? You did and you said it would take a lot to drive us apart so if you even for one-second thought-.”

    He cut her off by pressing a long, full kiss to her lips, a touch that a year ago would have been so unfamiliar for both of them, but now it was close to second nature.

    “We’ll have to keep it secret… make it seem like we split up.”

    “I know.” (Y/N) said softly. “As long as it’s not the real thing I can handle it. I can handle it.”

    December 1997 – Year 7

    “(Y/N), come quickly,” Narcissa whispered motioning for the girl to stand up. “Quickly before he changes his mind.”

    She never thought any of her visits to the manor would end up with her staying in the cellar, a prisoner. A prisoner of war. What a story that would make. She stumbled to her feet and Narcissa took her arm, carefully leading her up to her usual room, untouched by the deatheaters roaming the house. When she entered the room, the Malfoy Matriarch heading close behind her and placing a lock and silencing charm on the room.

    “How did you do it? Convince him?” (Y/N) asked.

    Narcissa shook her head and straightened her dress, “Never mind that,” she waved a hand dismissively.

    “Did he hurt you?” (Y/N) asked worriedly making her way closer to Narcissa who took a step back. “Cissa, did he hurt you,” she whispered, her voice breaking with every word.

    Narcissa knew there was no point in lying, she slipped part of her dress off her shoulder, revealing a large bruise that went down on the other side of her back.

    “It’ll heal,” she insisted. “You’re okay now and that’s all that matters.”

    (Y/N) nodded trying to stifle the tears that were falling her face but Narcissa —like the loving mother she was — came straight to the teen’s aid. She wrapped her arms around (Y/N) and told her everything was going to be okay, one of the many beautiful lies she’d heard during her time. She was fortunate I love you wasn’t one of them. She knew they did. They truly did. Why else would Narcissa have risked her safety, her life to make sure she was well fed and taken care of. There was no other explanation for that.

    “I’ll send Draco up after dinner, don’t open the door for anyone else,” Narcissa said. “You’re under my care now, the Dark Lord thinks I might be able to convince you to change your ways, but that’s not my intention. Until that falls through no one should bother you.”

    (Y/N) nodded, accepting her instructions.

    “I love you maëlle don’t forget that.” she pressed a motherly kiss to her forehead and without another word she left the room.

    March 1998 — Year 7

    “Why do let them stay here?” (Y/N) asked quietly, looking up at Lucius who sat across from her. Narcissa was by her side on the bed, an arm wrapped around (Y/N)’s shoulder and Draco sat, his back against the side of the four-poster bed, holding (Y/N)’s hand. “Why do you let them push you around?”

    Lucius was stressed, the exhaustion eating away at him, evidently showing in the dark rings under his eyes along with his hair, that was usually neat, now messily and hastily tied behind his head.

    “I can’t risk it,” he whispered shaking his head. “You’re right. You were right two years ago and you are right now, but I can’t risk it maëlle.”

    “Why not?” (Y/N) pressed. “You just let them take over! You’re hiding away in a prisoner’s room.” she shook her head.

    “They took over before we could do anything (N/N),” Narcissa tried to explain. “Even if we wanted to drive them out now we’re outnumbered. They came in while Lucius was in Azkaban. We had no choice.”

    (Y/N) sighed and turned to Draco who confirmed his mother’s story.

    “Darling you have to understand I have a curse of thinking things through as a father and a husband. And I can’t go into a situation where I know none of us will come out alive. I know I would in a heartbeat if it required me to sacrifice myself, but the chance of losing you, or Draco or Narcissa…I can’t take it. You have to understand.” he begged.

    “When this is all over, we’ll find a way to make up for this,” Narcissa said. “Right now all we can do is count our blessings. We still have each other.”

    May 2nd, 1998 — Year 7

    Cuts and scrapes were only the physical extents of her injuries. The emotional ones ran deep. Friends slaughtered like cattle, family unsure if she was okay, she was unsure if they were okay.

    The tiredness dropped from her so immensely she thought she was going to collapse, but she had to get to the Great Hall, if she could get there and call out his name maybe he’d be there, among the crowds.

    “Draco!” her eyes scanned through the crowded Hall.

    “(Y/N)!” she heard a relived call from the other end. The heaviness her heart had felt was lifted, she felt weightless knowing he was okay, and the adrenaline and energy that followed were welcomed. She ran through the throngs of people celebrating until she collided with him, wrapping her arms so tightly around his neck before just liked their bodies, their lips met. Moving in synch, unbothered by the stares of others while they enjoyed the sweet bliss of being together.

    “Are they okay?” she asked quickly.

    “Why don’t you ask them yourself?” he turned her around to face the adults sitting at the table. (Y/N) let go of Draco for a moment to go hug them.

    “You’re okay, Cissa, Lucius you’re alright,” she almost cried; thinking for the longest time she’d lost the people that raised her. “Thank Helga Hufflepuff you two made it,” she mumbled into Narcissa’s shoulder, unwilling to move from the comfortable position her motherly embrace offered.

    “(Y/N) I think we might’ve made up for it,” Narcissa told her gently and the teen Hufflepuff already knew what they had done.

    “You lied,” she sighed relieved. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to have been lied to.”

    “I don’t think the Dark Lord was all too happy about that,” Lucius chuckled. “But if it means we have you and Draco then I’m ecstatic.”

    “We’re all going to be okay,” Draco assured, and for once, they all believed it.

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  • Okay but hear me out - what if - WHAT IF sectumsempra cut on the victim the name of the person who casted the spell on them, so Draco would have HARRY JAMES POTTER all across hIS CHEST AND TORSO and he doesn’t know how to feel about it bc its a permanent scar but at the same time is the name of the person he loves the most…


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  • Emma didn’t want to go to Hogwarts and while she had her assumptions on the school as a whole, she was pleasantly surprised by the kindness from her fellow Gryffindor students and the warm welcome from other houses. A few students were foul but she overcame that with the support of her brother and Baelfire. She thought they wouldn’t stay in touch after that first semester together, but they did and picked up right where they left off in the new semester. Emma couldn’t wait to finish up her final semester as a fifth year, but didn’t like the idea that Baelfire was one year older than her. She knew once she started sixth year that Baelfire would be on his last and the idea alone pained her. She was determined to spend every moment with Baelfire as she could before he finished at Hogwarts.

    The Forbidden Forest was out of the question for she knew what creatures lived in those woods, but where else could they go to find the time they desperately wanted? The Room of Requirement was perfect and showed up just at the time they needed it the most. It had been a few weeks now and they had yet to be discovered. If she had a small part of Slytherin in her at all, her cunning ways for sneaking around and not getting caught was it. She knew the two wouldn’t get expelled but house points would get taken… but she didn’t care. 

    Emma always told herself to make their time alone productive with things to talk about or even helping each other out in classes they were struggling in. However, the two always ended up snogging, which defeated the whole purpose in enjoying each others company. Emma kissed him one last time and reluctantly pulled away from him. “As much as I love doing this, we really should take things slow and just talk, Bae.”


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