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  • weedle-testaburger
    10.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ‘i’m looking for skincare tips. i have a date tonight!’ ‘yeah, he needs all the help he can get after he accidentally texted a poem to their mom!’

    for all the lumity in this episode this bit is even more important to me: ED’S GOING ON A DATE WITH AN ENBY PERSON! PAN ED PAN ED PAN ED 

    (and yeah ik he could be bi too but you’ve got luz I want ed)

    #tim watches the owl house #s02e05#personal crap#toh spoilers #toh season 2 #but like. characters casually being called they/them makes me so happy #like when in su garnet says about stevonnie 'they've got this' or sadie says about shep 'they're so cool' #or when in taz when hollis is introduced and griffin says 'they take off their helmet' #like no big show about it they're just not him or her they're them and that's cool #i wish i saw more of that!
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  • angryducktimemachine
    06.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Drew this in May but don't think I've posted it yet! A little design for Hollis from TAZ Amnesty cause ngl they're a really cool and fun character.

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  • hikingofthenoldor
    20.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I was talking to @mcfif about summer vibes in Kepler and suddenly the idea of Billi the goatman with floaties popped up in my head and wouldn’t leave me. And then Dr Harris Bonkers, Aubrey, Hollis and the Cryptonomica found their way onto my canvas as well.

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  • figaronii
    12.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I made this,,, a bit ago and... uh.. here

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  • henryds564
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Guess who just binged Amnesty. Guess.

    (ID: A series of drawings of characters from The Adventure Zone Amnesty. The first drawing is of Aubree, Ned, and Duck: Aubree is shooting flames from her hands, Ned is posing with his nerf blaster, and Duck is holding Beacon in front of him. The second drawing is of Dani and Mama, both with neutral expressions, looking off to the right of the canvas. The third shows Janelle and Alexandra: Alexandra is crying while Janelle kneels in front of her, with a hand on her cheek to comfort her. The fourth is headshots of Hollis and Keith: Hollis is holding their helmet and looking down at the viewer, while Keith is looking up with an angry expression. The fifth shows Indrid in a relaxed pose, adjusting his glasses with one hand and holding a glass of eggnog in the other. The sixth shows three goatmen walking through the snow, holding a pair of garden shears, a shovel, and an axe respectively. End ID)

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  • arcanist-archivist
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    does hollis adventurezone know how in love with them i am

    #the adventure zone #the adventure zone amnesty #taz amnesty#taz hollis
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  • kotanamii
    05.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Diversity win!!! The gang leader you keep antagonizing is nonbinary!

    #yelling into the vxid #taz#taz amnesty#taz hollis
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  • assidxxxbootyxxx
    01.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i’ll be glad that i made it out and sorry that it all went down like it did

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  • figaronii
    20.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    npcs ✨😩🥰💗

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  • itsnotmydreamdaditsyours
    19.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    a hollis (& bonus keith) for @pityboy

    #this has been sitting as lineart for like days i am sorry here's the flats rip #hollis taz#keith taz#taz#taz amnesty #the adventure zone #vals doods
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  • grewsomeart
    14.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    New design in my shop! Last Flight of the Hornets. Hollis and the rest of the Kepler gang say FU to the FBI on their mission to save the world!

    Stoked for the new TAZ season but don’t have art for it yet, so here’s a throwback to Amnesty instead

    #TAZ#taz amnesty#motocross#stunting#FU#Kepler Hornets#taz hollis #E.T. #multiple colors and different styles / products on the shop
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  • angelicdruid-arts
    01.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Hollis is one cool cat ✨

    [A watercolor image of Hollis from TAZ Amnesty. They have ombre hair that starts brown and ends turquoise. They also have 3 piercings in their ear and a lip piecing on the middle of their bottom lip. They have light blue eyes]

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  • almondcroissantsandink
    26.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Hollis: Okay. Well, good news. You don’t need to know what I’m talking about anymore. You all are relieved of duty. We’ll take it from here.

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  • bellafarallones2
    25.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    a stranger in a strange land

    Hollis recognized Indrid Cold like a traveler might recognize another from their home country. Indrid was studying the display of new nonfiction in the Kepler Community Library, arms folded across his chest. He was wearing jeans and a white tank-top.

    Hollis moved confidently, black combat boots on gray library carpet. Indrid looked up a moment before they reached his side, and nodded to acknowledge them.

    Hollis looked into their own face, reflected in his red sunglasses. Those sunglasses were familiar. They’d met someone, a few years back, when coolness was something they aspired to rather than claimed as easily as the double-black-diamond ski jumps, who wore sunglasses with a third lens in the center of their forehead. Indrid’s were mundane by comparison.

    “Hey, I’m Hollis. They/them.”

    Indrid waited a beat after they’d finished to start speaking. “Indrid. He/him. Pleasure to meet you.”

    “You, uh, new in town?”

    “One might say.”

    Hollis laughed. “C’mon, man, not exactly a riddle.”

    “Yeah, I am new in town.”

    “Well, if you wanna meet people. There’s a bar called the Little Dipper. Cool spot.”

    Indrid nodded. “Thank you for the recommendation.”

    They didn’t see each other again until after the end of the world.

    Indrid was sitting on the curb outside of the all-night diner. Mosquitos buzzed around his bare shoulders but did not bite. He’d been walking home along the dark highway, and the blend of neon and fluorescent lights leaking out of the big windows had been irresistible.

    He heard the roar of a motorcycle before the headlight appeared around the bend. Someone in a yellow leather jacket and torn-up black jeans. They pulled into the parking lot of the diner and came to a stop right in front of Indrid. He saw his own face - sallow cheeks, round sunglasses - reflected in the opaque visor of their helmet, and wondered idly whether this was how other people felt looking at him.

    Hollis pulled off their helmet and ran a hand through their hair, arranging it into their preferred state of dishevelment.

    “Hello, Hollis,” said Indrid. Two futures stretched in front of him. Hollis might want to talk, or they might not.

    “Long time no see.”

    Indrid waited a beat before replying. It was still a conscious effort not to finish people’s sentences for them. “Yeah.”

    During the apocalypse, Hollis was always the point of a V of motorcycles, but tonight they were alone.

    “Where’s your…” Indrid could say gang, and Hollis would look sharply at him. Indrid could also say friends, and Hollis would laugh and say we’re a gang, old man. “Where are the rest of the Hornets?”

    “Keith’s grandparents are in town, so he’s at home.” Hollis shrugged. “I don’t need an escort. You coming in, or what?”

    Indrid pushed himself to his feet and followed Hollis into the brightly lit diner. The waitress sat them at a table near the window. The darkness beyond the dim parking lot was complete. It was like Indrid was a passenger on an ocean liner looking out into the Pacific at night, or rather that a bioluminescent sea had nothing on the darkness of thick pines.

    Indrid flipped straight to the drinks section of the laminated menu and ordered an iced tea. Hollis seemed to know the waitress, joked with her, and there were a few futures where she flirted back, but it didn’t happen. Hollis asked for bacon and eggs and French toast and Mountain Dew.

    They each had a paper napkin wrapped around a fork and knife and secured with a paper band. Hollis unwrapped theirs and laid the fork on the left side of their place setting, the knife on their right. The knife was thick and blunt, barely serrated, the kind of thing that could cut through eggs and pancakes but not anything sturdier without a fight.

    Indrid’s compound eyes twitched. There were many possible futures, most of them benign, but in one Hollis gripped that knife white-knuckle hard and lunged across the table.

    “Are you upset with me because I’m from Silvaine?” said Indrid quietly.

    “What? No..” Hollis edged their hand away from the blunt dinner knife. “Why do you think I’m upset with you?”

    “You’re thinking about attacking me.”

    The waitress arrived with their drinks. Indrid dumped four sugar packets into his iced tea and stirred, watching the sugar swirl like flakes of snow. The futures shuffled.

    Now he saw Hollis slashing at their own wrists, now holding the knife straight-up on the table and bringing their head down, forcing the metal through their own eye. The kind of violence Indrid hadn’t seen since the abominations.

    “You can read my mind!?” said Hollis, angry but still speaking quietly enough that the waitress wouldn’t hear.

    “No. I can see the future, or rather, all the possible futures, which means I can see what courses of actions you’re considering.”

    “Considering is a strong word. I don’t want to do anything to you. It just… occurred to me that I could.”

    Indrid sucked on his straw. Sugar crunched between his teeth. Now, teeth, that was something it’d taken him a long time to get used to.

    “My therapist calls them intrusive thoughts,” Hollis continued. “I hate it.”

    Indrid nodded. “Good to know you don’t want to kill me. It’d take more than a dinner knife, anyway.”

    Hollis pressed their hands palm-down on the table, fingers splayed. “Am I going to hurt someone?”

    “Well, just because I can see the possibility doesn’t mean it’ll ever become reality. The choice is always yours.”

    The waitress came back with Hollis’ food. “Are you sure I can’t get you anything to eat?” she said to Indrid. “More iced tea?”

    “More tea, please,” he said, and passed her his glass, which was now empty except for ice and undissolved sugar.

    “So you’re telling me,” said Hollis, loading their fork with egg, “that you can see the future, and you’re still living in Kepler, West Virginia? You could be in a penthouse in Vegas, drinking iced tea out of a crystal wine glass. You could be absolutely drowning in pussy. Or dick. Whatever.”

    “I won my Winnebago playing poker.”

    “And you didn’t aim higher?”

    “Nobody in Kepler will play me anymore.” Now Indrid was getting irritated. Who was Hollis to chastise him for lack of ambition? He'd moved all the way to another planet. He was the red light between the trees, the sound of wingbeats in the summer night, the silhouette on the trembling bridge. “Why are you still here?”

    Hollis waved their hand dismissively. “I’ve been to New York, and I think I’m more suited to the big fish in a small pond lifestyle. I’m not interested in not being the best-looking, coolest person in town.”

    “I have to exert conscious effort every second of every day not to be unacceptably strange. I can’t take my sunglasses off in public, ever, and my bedroom walls have dents from times they’ve fallen off when I’m asleep. I cannot afford to attract human attention.”

    “Have you ever been to a big casino?”


    “What if you had a spotter? I could go with you, or Keith and I, or whoever you’re comfortable with. You wouldn’t have to do all the talking, and we could split the profits.”

    Indrid saw plush carpet and hotel Jacuzzis big enough for his other body, bartenders serving Shirley Temples twenty-four hours a day. “Get me a Hornets jacket and I’m in.”

    #taz amnesty#taz hollis#indrid cold #so i wrote this way back in august and i have always wanted to continue it #so if anyone has any enthusiasm for this please let me know
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  • amphipterean
    09.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    long time no art, here's a hollis to (hopefully) get me out of art block

    [image description: digital fanart of hollis from the adventure zone: amnesty. hollis is a south asian person with shoulder-length blue hair that's mostly tucked into their beanie. they are wearing warm clothes, including a puffy black snow jacket with a yellow hornet emblem. hollis is holding a colorful snowboard in one hand and pushing up their snow goggles with the other. they are glancing to the side with a serious expression. the background is light blue with a scribbly pattern in the middle of the picture. end description.]

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  • rapiti-ruru
    07.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Hollis, my beloved

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  • wildecrow
    01.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    townie by mitski hollis adventurezone that’s it that’s the post 

    #it's been at the top of my hollis playlist for MONTHS now and it STILL fucks #taz amnesty#mitskiposting#SP
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  • emiko-matsui
    16.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    nothing will ever top aubrey's indignant screech when the hornets insults jake coolice and calls him a scrub

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