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  • iamonlyhereforthefreefood
    20.04.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    My work best friend knows I’m planning on transferring to a different department but is under the impression I’m transferring to the grocery department since I was considering that (and it pays $18 an hour) and I haven’t told them yet that I’m actually planning on transferring to a different department because they’re going to want to know why I took a lower paying job and I don’t want to just be like “uhhhh... cute boy?”

    #i do honestly think i would like that department more though #like money really isn't the biggest concern right now #but like my crush really is playing a big role in my decision and i don't want to tell my friend that because they will judge me #like i'm judging myself right now #it's a dumb choice and i'm well aware of that fact but i'm not changing my mind
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  • fazcinatingblog
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the confidence when i tell someone "yeah just talk to [colleague] they'll do it/answer the question/help you!!" is inversely proportional to how confident i feel actually talking to that colleague

    #i mean honestly #the amount of times i say it though #like yeah talk to them they're so nice and then there's me terrified of that person thinking that they hate me or something #like i tell other people to ask for help and then i never ask for help #weird
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  • carmenpeach
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    is it cringe to say it clicked for real that i think im genderless cause i was thinking how nights is genderless and how cool that is 😶

    #ive definitly had the thought for a while how i dont want people to See me as whatever gender #and how i honestly dont want pronouns either but -_- that makes talking very hard #i do still like it when ppl call me he or they though ^-^ #but in a perfect world i would be only my name #it all circles back to clowns...
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  • lowkey-obsession
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dang now I'm gonna wanna work on my Beetlejuice character a little bit... he's like, the main self insert I have that's literally just for a found family type thing and that makes me happy!! I really should work on him more

    I can't remember if I ever actually talked about him here so like in case you're interested... (since this is a kind of angsty character, TW this time for death, suicide, self harm, etc.)

    I talk about my self inserts' lore in the third person a lot just because it's like, a story that didn't actually happen to me, but they do still represent/are me. I'm just adding this disclaimer 'cause in this one my name is Echo but I do talk about him in third person

    He's a ghost, he was about fourteen when he died

    He... jumped out of a moving car... because it was just kind of a horrible random impulse, the details are shady, and he was able to get out of civil service

    Beetlejuice was initially very annoyed by this (back when he was Juno's assistant), thus they have a strained relationship and they bicker a lot

    Beej calls him by the nickname Roadkill

    He generally haunts the highway he died on, sometimes going into passing cars if he's bored, it's like his version of television

    But then he meets Lydia this way - startles her at first because she sees him, which then in turn startles him (that's never happened to him before) and he leaves

    Long story short once Lydia meets/befriends the Maitlands she realizes the random apparition that suddenly appeared in the car must've been a ghost, and she goes back to talk to him, and ends up inviting him to live with them and that's how he ends up staying there

    The Maitlands become like his adoptive parents!!

    So like my version is kinda a mixture/my own adaptation, so Beetlejuice is kinda more like the cartoon version where he and Lydia eventually become friends, and he's still mischievous and causes trouble for the Deetzes of course but he's also happy because he's less alone, because he has Lydia (NOT in a shippy way, they are only friends)

    Echo hates Beetlejuice because he's annoying and because of Beej previously being an asshole, even though now Beej doesn't care as much about the civil service workaround he's still kind of a jerk, however Echo tries to tolerate him just because he knows that he's Lydia's friend

    So... this to me is where it gets angsty.. so look away if you want? Echo.... really struggles with denial. He won't admit to himself that what he did was commit suicide. It's part of why he hates Beetlejuice so much, because Beetlejuice knows the truth and is constantly reminding him of it

    Echo had a little brother, he was asleep next to him in the car on the day Echo died. Echo misses him immensely and can never see him again, which is very painful for him. He has no idea how his family is faring or what kind of pain he caused them, which is part of what he has to learn to accept - that he probably hurt them a great deal and that he can never make amends for that

    I imagine this is part of why he becomes so close with Lydia, she's like a little sister

    So a big important part of the arc I'm going for here is Echo having to accept a lot of harsh truths and move on, and it's not easy for him, but it helps to have Lydia and the Maitlands by his side supporting him and helping him

    The role Beetlejuice plays in his story is more the anti-hero kind of, than the villain. In the end Beetlejuice is the one that forces Echo to admit what he's done, which sounds more like a very close friend than an enemy, but of course he's definitely a bit of an asshole about it so...

    My concepts for this self insert were to kind of confront some of my suicidal ideation from when I was younger that I never really resolved, I just kinda buried it. Echo has to face the fact that he's responsible for his life ending, and he's responsible for the suffering that caused. He can't see his brother again, he can't see his family again, and he can't apologise. But it's not all angst even if it seems that way, because while learning to accept these things and live (well, metaphorically) with them, he's also found people who care about him, the Maitlands and Lydia. I imagine when he is able to accept these hard truths he even becomes actual friends with Beetlejuice. So... yeah. I know this is all pretty dark and stuff but this is actually one of my favorite of my lores, because it feels... like I'm resolving those feelings I never dealt with, y'know? It feels therapeutic.

    #I honestly can't remember if I already rambled about this here #I don't think I did but if I did... oops and sorry #I'm actually really happy woth this one though #I guess probably because in a weird dark way it's really therapeutic for me #echo rambles#s/i: roadkill #beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlebitch #my goth little sis #the ghost parents #also I didn't just. make up a little brother. I do have a little brother and if I'm being real he's the main reason I am still alive #because I couldn't leave him like that. #so... I put a lot of really real emotions and shit into this one #kinda nervous about posting this actually #tw suicidal ideation #tw suicide#tw death #tw self harm #let me know if i need to tag more
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  • neverdoingmuch
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i feel like people take the whole ‘wwx was super annoying towards lwj as a teenager’ and just run with it, forgetting about how it also comes with the ‘but only because lwj otherwise refuses to give him attention’. 

    #mdzs#modao zushi#wei wuxian#lan wangji#wangxian#cql#the untamed #i'm tempted to do a proper post on this but for now pls accept this #it's a game that wwx plays - lwj refuses to pay attention to me. okay what do i need to do so he *does* pay attention to me? how far do i #need to go? what is he willing to put up with before he gives in and acknowledges that im in the room with him? how much do i need to do so #that he will look at me but not so much that he becomes furious at me and refuses to ever let me near him again? #and then he goes down his crooked path and that's the too much! thats the part where wwx has done too much and lwj wont let wwx near him #so to speak #by lwj's own actions and words and by wwx's understanding of himself and of lwj they can never stand side by side. not now and not ever. #and then wwx comes back from the dead and amidst his attempts to get free and hide his identity he keeps playing the same game he used to #play as the innocent & carefree teenager - bc lwj doesnt know who he is so there's none of that baggage that they'd had that wwx had died w/ #but then lwj *does* know who he is and he *does* pay wwx attention #and it honestly throws wwx so off balance bc this isnt how he remembered them - how he remembered lwj - but then he adapts and they play new #games and lwj promises that he's always paying attention to wwx now and it's true #wwx chatters on deep into the night and even though he expected lwj to go to sleep when it hit 9pm he can still feel lwj's eyes on him #he occasionally throws out a question to lwj. 'dont you think so lan zhan?' 'do you agree with me?' 'what do you think?' 'have you seen #anything like this before?' and wwx never expects a response but lwj does respond. it may not be a lot. maybe a single mn or whatever but he #*always* responds now and wwx will never stop being delighted that lan zhan is paying attention to him #and lwj will never stop being delighted that he's able to give wwx his full attention #and i love them both so much ahhhhhh
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  • shinynx
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #anon#asks #i honestly have no idea what prompted this ask lol... #i agree with you though if that helps? fuck gadot #pretty sure u got the wrong url though #delete later
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  • demonslayedher
    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    While InoAoi is something almost funny for how it was tacked on at the end in one very short interaction, what I like about it is that Inosuke is so taken in and surprised by Aoi's kindness.

    He's gotten the howa-howa fluffy feels when Tanjiro and the Tempura Lady show him something he never grew up with enough of, and we know that Inosuke craves kindness so much that he'll be immediately kind and tame around those who offer it to him, whether it's human Nezuko or an old man reading him poetry. By the end of the series, Inosuke has had an opportunity to make many friends whom he cares very deeply about, but what surprises him out of all these nice howa-howa people, Aoi has shown special consideration of him by preparing extra food especially for him, an extremely thoughtful gesture. He's so unaccustomed to being treated as someone special (as opposed to, more simply, obeyed and respected like the big boss he is) that he freezes up as the blood rushes to his face. He's deeply touched, and it'll probably be a little gesture that he treasures forever.

    But, even if he does become completely self-aware of taking a special interest in her and perhaps deciding on the spot that she is his future mate, if you were to ask him what made him suddenly infatuated with her, he'd unabashedly answer that "she's actually really strong."

    #in Aoi's case I doubt she saw the gesture as anything more than pragmatic #and although Gotouge late said that Inosuke does such unexpected things that he makes her laugh #this is a little hard to believe because we NEVER see her laugh at Inosuke's antics in canon #it'll still be a long time until Aoi can relax enough to laugh instead of scream at him for crawling on the ceiling #HONESTLY THOUGH #before reading that comment in the fanbook #i assumed it was because she must have had an awakening one day and realized #oh this idiot is HOT #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer#inoaoi #inosuke x aoi #hashibira inosuke#kanzaki aoi #kny fandom theories and meta
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  • zephsomething
    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #zeph rambles #zeph gets asks #purple like fire #it’s because I work in elementary school honestly #I’d probably be less constantanly annoyed with the provincial government if i didn’t #though so far I like basically none of the upcs plans of any kind
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  • ask-aph-angel-canada
    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My brother is flexing on the single people rn

    #ask aph angel canada #good for them honestly 😌 #rn I’m listening to music #it’s pretty Ight just found out about it (really weird) #I hate McDonald’s just shut I don’t Care about your chicken juicy tender sandwich #you know what I do care about though? #First burn from Hamilton #UGH I LOVE THAT VERSION SO MUCHHHHH #their voices just 😩💞 #I’m supposed to be writing emails but no #I’m being overdramic over a Hamilton song #y’all would too if u were me rn ✋🙄 #anyways I found out they made a tamale 🫔 emoji #that’s good news we love that #I can’t even type these tags rn #I’m just singing and making serious hand motions #why did they make it a bop #anywyas back to tamales my grandma made some and woah yoh guys are missing out #if I could I would mail you guys some #they’re so good
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  • oatmealcrisp-freak
    20.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Me, trying to write about the importance of communication and asking for help in Molotow because that’s a valuable soft skill to have ergo it’s important to talk about and teach about etc, squinting around being told I need to be euthanized because I’m an Adult In A Fandom Space and apparently this is Children of the Corn-

    #like damn #feel better soon thats a lot of bad vibes you're storing in your gut #might wanna think about letting go of that before you hurt yourself forreal #and i'm gonna keep on doing what i'm doing but. it's hard not to get concerned for people who say this. i'm not saying this to sound snide #despite the mild tone of irony (sorry that's just how I speak) #but though i know people who say this to me don't want this from me - i am so honestly concerned and hurt FOR you that it's driving me to #distraction. #hurt people hurt people and that's dark. #like i wish i didn't need to expend this much energy worrying about people who wish me dead but i do and i am worried. #so worried i'm telling my own self to go outside and eat an apple because sheesh
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  • unnamed-atlas
    20.04.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #the answer is really i honestly do not know bc i do not eat other types of pizza
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  • elysiankitty
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The Hercai writers really just said everyone but Yaren gets a redemption arc, huh?

    #hercai #not complaining honestly #i do hate that they redeemed nasuh though #he's terrible and Miran would never have forgiven him for trying to kill reyyan multiple times
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  • beingweirdsoul
    19.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Everything seems fine, until it isn't!

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  • leatherbookmark
    19.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    okay but like, as a politician, jin ling is so interesting, because right now he’s a kid, right? either 14 or 16? 17? years old, well -- that’s still young, BUT look at his guardians.

    jiang cheng’s reputation is primarily ‘scary man! don’t piss him off!’ but given the fact he’s been raised to be a sect leader, i don’t believe he has no political skills other than flash zidian and hope it intimidates people into submission. i’m choosing to believe yunmeng jiang flourished, and not just because of the jin’s support.

    next, jin guangyao -- currently the big bad of the week™, and we didn’t get much (if any) info about the way he worked as a sect leader and chief cultivator, but i’m gonna say: incredible observation skills, amazing memory (we have enough superpowers in this show, so i prefer the interpretation that rather than being born with eidetic memory, he simply taught himself to notice and remember all the details about people, the way a servant has to do if they want to be appreciated and survive), the ability to placate people and negotiate with them; perhaps even that type of a person who can sell someone on their idea and make them think they came up with it in the first place, or assure them that they can gain profits from it, even if.... not really.

    because i’m a firm believer in uncle-educator lan xichen -- uncle-educator lan xichen. even if lxc went into seclusion (*hoarsely* or did he, cql?) basically at the same time as jin rulan became the sect leader, i’m sure there have been some lessons little jin ling got from him -- the knowledge and experience on this man, okay? lxc was probably yet another person after jgy who valued patience and analyzing the situation before acting, as well as importance of at least appearing composed and friendly towards people you’re talking to. also, he seems like this kind of uncle who probably gifts you books that will be of use much later on, even if right now you’d rather want a new toy or a practice sword.

    and last but not least, wei wuxian, who might not be a sect leader, but definitely has a his own look on people and society and can offer another perspective.

    like, i’m not that interested in the junior generation, tbh, i don’t particularly ship them much on my own, although if there’s a really good fic about them, i sure won’t skip on it. but while the, uh, genre dictates jin ling to remain at least a little bit of his recognizable tsundere self, even as a sect leader, i find him really fascinating because he doesn’t have to. he’s had, and still has, stable support and the potential to grow without fearing that a single bad move on his part will bring destruction upon his sect. of course, it’s not like he’s in an easy situation either -- the smaller sects probably expect him to denounce his beloved uncle Or Else We’ll Think You’re Like Him, i don’t know how the inner structures of jinlintai people look like, but it can’t be all pleasant there either -- but he’s not alone! he can grow! he can turn out to be an amazing sect leader later on and honestly right now i’m kind of !!!!! about it

    #i'm also wondering about succession in the lan sect because judging by the ribbons lan sizhui isn't exactly lwj's adopted son or heir #And right now he'll probably be busy rediscovering and honouring his wen roots. of course i don't think he'd abandon the lan and book it #BUT it's a thing. lan jingyi is deeply fascinating and i think it would be super cool if he was the one to lead the sect #(kk your fuckign Brain) because the un-lan argument aside (i do not agree with this argument.) he is pretty smart and very open #both in voicing his opinion and in changing it #and it might be a nice change of pace in the sect (if they allow him to take over that is lol) #in general though. the honestly both scary and ????? perspective of nhs becoming chief cultivator aside (I ????? AT IT GREATLY) #the junior generation has the opportunity to grow and gain experience IN PEACE and this is soooo cool for them #i have absolutely no idea why i'm thinking about it now!! none. but like. why not #thinky thots#p
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  • sephospaganplace
    19.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Take your time

    Every once in a while daily. every day I feel guilty for not collecting more limes or not building on my relationships with the gods more, not diving deeper to expand my knowledge. But most of all I feel immensely guilty for taking so long.

    But then I remember that the people whose meticulously written research papers/books I've been reading and using in my private practice have been studying these gods for literally decades before writing said papers/books.

    These people have dedicated their entire lives to their work and yet there is still more to learn. For example, a comprehensive book on Apollo I just finished reading was written by Fritz Graf and published in 2009. Fritz got his first degree back in 1968. He has been studying Classics, Greece, and by extension, Apollo, since 1968 and didn't publish a book on the subject until 2009.

    And since we're all gay here and cannot do math myself included as I am using a calculator that's 41 years of study, and this is after he got his first degree, which was a masters. So, I'm even not including the years spent in university to get that degree, or even the years he spent in self study beforehand. 

    This is just one example, and it’s honestly the norm. I’ve seen research papers with forewords that mention over fifty years of study on a single topic. I’ve read multiple papers that had to be co-authored by another writer because the one who initially began the research died of old age. And even then it still took years to finish.

    My point is, it takes time, you have time. Don't look at your religion, the research the comes with it, and connecting with the gods as something you have to do all at once. Look at it as a secondary purpose in your life, a passion to carry you through for years to come.  Don't rush it. You'll learn, you'll get there. Enjoy the journey!!!

    #hellenism#hellenic polytheism#polytheism#Apollo#The Theoi #though honestly this isn't just for hellenists #this applies to everyone! #pagans take note! #it takes time and its wonderful time spent
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  • sassybratt9791
    19.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Ya'll it's finally done!!

    After 5 years of having no updates, I finally finished the next chapter of Double Shot of Heaven and had it edited by the beautiful @akitokihojo. Thank you to @inukag-week for getting the creative juices flowing again! I can't wait to post it!

    And I'm already almost done with chapter 3! I see a completed story in my near future 👀

    Can't wait for InuKag Week, which starts on June 7th!!

    #sassy stays classy #inuyasha#kagome#inukag#fanfiction#inuyasha fanfiction #double shot of heaven #my fanfiction#honestly though #this is a long time coming #circa 2016 anyone?
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  • justascrollingghost
    19.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    wild that singers record themselves singing and don’t delete that shit immediately like the rest of us

    #honestly though #just imagine being good at singing? #it’s an injustice that I’m not #yes I’m mainly talking about 1D and what #just gonny list my faves now merry Christmas #harry styles#niall horan#louis tomlinson#dua lipa#taylor swift#billie eilish#tom grennan#imagine dragons#arctic monkeys #right am bored #musicians
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  • winglessangelbaby
    19.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I'm too stubborn to take it down but God is it making us mad lmao

    #vent#blurry #anyway seriously though fuck every single blog who's tagging it with ships #like #I'll block every single one of you honestly
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  • sinistercacophony
    19.04.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #ask#aftg mine #honestly aaron doesn't have drama with neil and andrew once he's an adult #him and neil have a mutual understanding that they hate each other it's super simple and easy #katelyns side of the family though... #very southern and passive agressive #and he has to pretend to like them #what the fuck is up with that katie why can't i just tell them to suck my balls to their faces
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  • pike-the-monstah
    19.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    prob unpopular opinion but i think bugsnax is one of those games where, as much as i love the cast, i would not want them to return in a possible sequel (except maybe as cameos) because they’ve been through so much and had so much character growth that they don’t deserve to have to go through another huge fucked-up Plot Event. great happy endings going to shit in sequels is kind of frustrating to watch sometimes.

    #off topic#bugsnax #or character arcs being undone because the writers need more conflict #i want them to keep their happy endings dammit #honestly as much as i enjoyed the game im not sure id want a sequel because the ending was so perfect even with the loose ends #i definitely couldve played the game for longer though #right before the climax i was just wandering around getting all the achievements because i didnt want the game to end #the pacing wasnt even bad the game was just kind of addicting
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