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  • dailykoreanpop
    21.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    [211020] SubK Shop’s official twitter update:

    ⏰ Mon, 10/25, 5PM PDT ~ Mon, 11/8, 10PM PST 
    🎁 SUBK SHOP EXCLUSIVE PHOTOCARD - Random 1 out of 16 

    Credit: subkshop 

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  • kimhongjoongdata
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    211021 MNet Naver update.

    #hongjoong#ateez#p: naver #p: behind the scenes #era: fever pt 3 #211021
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  • yulaielizabeth
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @blip ¿Cuál creen los miembros que es su mejor momento? Cuéntame tus mejores momentos. : https://t.co/YnskSDAuiN #blip #ATEEZ @ATEEZofficial #HONGJOONG #SEONGHWA #YUNHO #YEOSANG #SAN #MINGI #Wooyoung #JONGHO https://www.instagram.com/p/CVSvTXogmgU/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • hongjoongdaily
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy Thursday ♡

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  • mizumanjoo7010
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    hj said that one of the composers made this for him!! (It says captain and has a pirate hello kitty!)

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  • blackcatsan
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hongjoongs super mario jump in hala hala is amazing

    u go funky lil man go do ur funky lil jump

    #ateez#atz#atz: hongjoong #val.txt #ok to rb
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  • ughsimpp
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Hongjoong as the son of Athena 🗡

    Athena is known as the goddess of wisdom and good counsel, war, heroic endeavour, weaving, and pottery.
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  • tohokuu
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    summary : well, what happens when you run in front of a very angry and very dangerous mans car and yell at him for not hitting you ? will he give you what you want or keep you as an asset for his undercover mafia endeavors ? I don’t know, keep reading 🤨

    wc : wait a little ☝🏻🙄

    warnings : suicide, impulsive reader, mafia au, ceo au, san is corrupt, murder, violence, gangs, drinking, sex, readers got parents issues lol. the reader really wanted to sewer slide at the beginning bc of how upset she was so keep that into consideration before reading ! 

    psa : this is a very sensitive story. it’s based on my personal experiences. i don’t owe anyone an explanation on my life but know that the things the reader deals with in this story are daily and irl occurrences. if you or anyone you know is dealing with the exposed topics in this work, please do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted individual. you are loved, cared for and deserve a right to happiness. if you think there is no one, i promise that i am here for you everyday. my ask box is open and my anonymous is on if you don’t feel comfy sharing your url. 

    tags : send an ask, baby

    when the bullets whizzing past your head made you realize your surroundings, you thought back to the day you had gotten mixed up with this bullshit. you wondered what you would have been doing if you just kept walking that day. you were so upset that day, angry at your mother. you could hardly see due to the tears clouding your vision. you were walking along a random, quiet road at 2 am, fearing whatever was rustling was in the woods but then hoping they’d end your misery one way or another too. 

    when you stepped off the curb, you wished- no, you prayed that someone would be a shitty enough driver and a shitty enough human being to hit you fatally and leave you there to bleed out. then as if by God finally heard you, you saw the flash of headlights coming your way and despite seeing the very clear image of them, you kept walking. you hoped whoever they were would end your life tonight so you wouldn’t have to deal with home tonight. instead, much to your fucking dismay they slammed the brakes the second you came 2 feet within their car. a black convertible... some old timey car that you didn’t care enough to learn the name of. 

    “man, what the fuck ?!” came a voice. “do you want to fucking die ?!” he yelled. your anger got the best of you “and what if i fucking did, you stupid cunt ?!” you retorted, and if you thought back on it now, you couldn’t decide if this bullet riddled life was worth it. would things have been different if you chose not to step off the curb that day ? or would you still be wondering about your place in this cramped universe ? 

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  • mia-tiny
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Unexpected Company Part Three

    ⇒ pairing: p. seonghwa x fem!reader

    ⇒ smut, dirty talk, pet names, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex (do not do this irl), hair pulling, fingering

    ⇒ word count: 4.5k

    ⇒ summary: As you become increasingly upset by Seonghwa’s distant nature, he takes it upon himself to try and ease your frustration.

    💖 read part one here and part two here

    💕 view my masterlist here

    ⇒ author’s note: can be read as part of the story or stand alone (may just miss a few plot points)

    “I just don’t get it!” Wooyoung rages as you two sit on your couch watching trashy reality TV together. “Brian kissed Maria and Nina is still going to defend him like that?”

    “It is all for the show, you know that, right?” You laugh amusedly because of how invested he gets in the cast despite how much he claims to hate these shows.

    “I don’t know. This one cuts deep,” he replies in all seriousness as he stuffs more chips in his mouth, eyes glued to the screen. “I mean seriously, he needs to either commit or just leave her alone. He’s just toying with her and she lets him do it.”

    Your amusement disappears as the situation begins to sound familiar to your own. It was only last Saturday that you were wrapped up with Seonghwa in the VIP room of a crowded club, but it feels like it has been ages. You have replayed the night over and over again in your head, but you focus only on how upset the whole experience left you. You partly blame yourself for being too much of a coward to discuss your relationship with him, but you also think about how unwilling he seemed to bring it up and how distant he was afterwards. It has been frustrating you more and more as you continue to dwell on it.

    You just wish you could figure out your relationship with him, but you still have no way to contact him without either asking Wooyoung for his number or hoping to run into each other. You feel that asking Wooyoung would clearly alert him to what was going on and may also make you seem too needy to Seonghwa if all he wants from you is sex.

    You curse yourself internally for being exactly the cast member Wooyoung is currently annoyed with. Seonghwa isn’t indicating that he’ll make any moves to take your relationship past the physical aspect, but he hasn’t rejected the idea either. You feel like you are letting him keep you on the hook since he knows just how much he affects you and you let him do as he pleases. In fact, you don’t even know much about him besides how it feels to have him all over you.

    You glance at your best friend beside you and wonder if you might be able to get some information out of him without making him too suspicious. Feeling devious, you reposition a little to look at him.

    “So… how are you doing these days?” you ask, trying to simply play the part of a curious and caring friend.

    “Fine,” he replies shortly as he continues to watch the television. “Work has been annoying, but I just drink it off at Club Tempest.”

    You see your in.

    “With Seonghwa?” you inquire.

    “Sometimes, but he is really busy so usually I hang out with Yeosang or San, why?”

    “Oh, I was just wondering since he was there last weekend,” you babble as you quickly try to excuse your interest, but Wooyoung doesn’t even pay it the slightest mind since he is too invested in the show playing. “It must be weird living with Seonghwa since he is gone all the time.”

    “I mean, not really,” Wooyoung states indifferently with a shrug. “It’s kind of just like living alone most of the time, but he’s a good roommate when he’s around.”

    “What is he always doing if he’s never home?” You imagine all the strange things he could be doing with his time as you await the answer. Maybe he already has a girlfriend that he is with all the time. Maybe he lives a secret double life as a celebrity. Maybe he is actually a government spy that is hiding as a commoner but carries out dangerous hidden missions behind our backs.

    Or maybe you’re just spiralling into ridiculous scenarios.

    “I’m not sure. Never really asked him about it.”

    You huff. Of course Wooyoung wouldn’t ask. He’s too aloof and nonchalant to care about his roommate’s whereabouts like that. You could probably tell him that you’re going on vacation in Antarctica to get the perfect tan and he would simply reply with ‘have a good time.’

    Still wanting to find out more about Seonghwa, you shamelessly continue to dig.

    “But you said he is a good roommate, right?”

    “Yeah, I mean he is really clean and cooks me some food sometimes. The only annoying thing is when he has girls over, but I do that too so I can’t really complain.”

    Your heart sinks in your chest even though you know you have no right to feel so jealous and upset. Still, you can’t stop wondering if he thinks of you as just another one of the girls he ‘has over.’

    “Oh, really?” you try to question casually. “Is that like… a common thing?”

    You sit desperately on the edge of your seat as you fear the answer.

    “Not really, just every now and then. Like I said, he’s way too busy so I guess he just needs a good lay every now and then since it’s not like he dates anyone.” Your interest is piqued as you focus on the latter part of Wooyoung’s reply.

    “He doesn’t date anyone? What do you mean?” In your head, there are many different interpretations of this statement. He could be a serial player that breaks hearts right and left, he could be opposed to the idea of romance altogether, he could be traumatized from a past relationship, or so many more possibilities that you again get carried away with.

    “I don’t know. I’ve just never seen him date someone properly.”

    Sometimes Wooyoung is annoyingly uninterested in the lives of other people and you feel like smacking him in the arm from how unhelpful he is at the moment.

    “You know what’s weird,” he suddenly quips as he finally rips his attention away from the television to look at you. “You’re asking so much about Seonghwa.”

    Oh shit.

    “Oh, I just--”

    “But he was asking about you before, too,” he interrupts before you can make excuses.

    “He was?” you ask incredulously.

    “Yeah, it was last Sunday, the day after the club. He was just asking about you. It was strange,” Wooyoung states as you probably look confused and stunned. “Hasn’t he texted you?”

    “What? How would he text me?” You are entirely lost in the turn this conversation has taken since you never gave Seonghwa your number and you haven’t heard anything from him. You aren’t even sure what Seonghwa would text you and why Wooyoung would know about it.

    “He asked me for your number that Sunday.” Your heart skips a beat and you begin to feel butterflies, but then Wooyoung continues. “He said he just wanted to get back the hoodie you took home that one night.”

    You instantly frown at the realization. Of course he didn’t want your number so he could talk to you or flirt with you. You feel stupid for even thinking that for a split second and become frustrated with yourself, but even moreso with him. You had forgotten all about that dumb sweatshirt after washing it and hanging it up in your closet to return to him at a later date. Even though it belongs to him, you are annoyed at the idea of him going out of his way to get something of his out of your possession, almost as if he is denying you permission to covet or remember him.

    You also notice Wooyoung’s statement that Seonghwa asked for your number a week ago and still hasn’t texted or called you. You assume that surely he is avoiding you since having to see you to get his hoodie back is too burdensome or awkward. He’s probably afraid that you’ll try to talk about your relationship with him and he’ll have to break it to you that he never wanted anything past your body.

    Now in a terrible mood, you stomp off to retrieve the item and come back to toss it into Wooyoung’s lap. “Just give it back to him when you see him.”

    Not detecting your icy disposition, Wooyoung simply replies with a “sure” and focuses again on the TV. You get through another hour or so of trashy shows before subtly hinting that you want Wooyoung to leave because you have a headache. Since it is already ten o’clock, he heads back home with the sweatshirt in hand after giving you the same big, comforting hug he has given you for years.

    Now all alone in your apartment, you try to take your mind off of your frustration by settling into a nice bubble bath and drinking a few glasses of your favorite red wine. As you start to feel a slight buzz from the alcohol, you hear your phone start ringing from the bathroom counter. Not wanting to be interrupted, you ignore it until it stops vibrating. As soon as you start to relax, however, it starts ringing again.

    Irritated, you stand up and march over to where your phone rests near the sink, leaving small puddles on the tile floor with each step you take. The number is unfamiliar, but you pick up to keep them from interrupting again.

    “Hello?” you answer impatiently.

    “You didn’t pick up the first time,” the person on the other side of the line hums calmly. “Are you avoiding me?”

    That voice. You know exactly who it is and the same frustration you felt earlier once again makes your chest tighten.

    “I don’t even know your number,” you spit back in an obviously upset tone. “How would I know to avoid your call?”

    He simply chuckles in amusement, clearly loving the reaction you are giving him. You get more annoyed at the sound.

    “Plus I’m not the one who had your phone number for a week and didn’t even text,” you sneer scathingly to try and get to him.

    “Ah,” he simply sighs in enlightenment. “Is that why you’re upset? You wanted me to call you? Or perhaps you wanted me to come and see you?”

    His suggestive tone makes your cheeks flush, but you scoff at his haughtiness. “No. I’m just saying that if one of us is doing the avoiding, it is obviously you.”

    “Then why did you send my hoodie back with Wooyoung, hm?” he purrs, knowing he has you trapped. You were so clearly avoiding him by using Wooyoung as a middle man, but you can’t admit that now.

    “He said you wanted it back, so I gave it back. It was just faster,” you blatantly lie, and you worry that Seonghwa can see right through you as he usually does.

    “So you’re not avoiding me, then?” he questions in a teasing tone as if he is always one step ahead of you.

    “No.” You try to sound convincing, but it comes out as more of a question despite your annoyance with him at the moment.

    “Ah, I see. So then maybe I should just come over so we can ‘not avoid each other’ together,” he proposes as your heart begins to race.

    “Don’t come over,” you command as you scramble to come up with an excuse, thinking of one after a momentary pause that hints at your panic. “You don’t even know where I live.”

    “You could tell me,” he points out confidently. “Or I could always just ask Wooyoung.”

    Your eyes go wide at the thought of him asking Wooyoung for your address since it is practically equivalent to putting up a billboard in front of his apartment declaring that you two are fucking.

    “I’m not going to tell you and don’t ask Wooyoung,” you demand with frustration. “Just don’t come over.”

    “Hm,” he hums curiously. “It sounds kind of like you are avoiding me, but that couldn’t be right, could it?”

    He is talking circles around you and you know it. There is no way you are going to win this battle and your annoyance takes over as you seek to end this confrontation.

    “It doesn’t even matter,” you huff angrily. “If you’re just going to mess with me, I’m hanging up.”

    Without waiting for him to respond, you quickly press the red ‘end call’ button and set your phone back down on the counter. You groan loudly with exasperation and head back to the bath you had forgotten about. The water is only lukewarm by now, but you still sink back into it and down another glass of wine without hesitation.

    At this moment in time, you wish you could go back and undo what happened on that first rainy night you two spent together. You think of his intimidating gaze and beautiful face, irked by how handsome he is and how much you let him get to you. You recall just how defenseless you are in front of him and curse him out in your head.

    Stupid Seonghwa. Stupid hot, seductive, sexy, mysterious Seonghwa.

    The bath grows colder as you stew in your animosity, but you sit and drink for another fifteen minutes before the doorbell rings. Your head immediately snaps towards the sound and your heart drops in your chest. There is no way.

    After a considerable silence, it rings again. You pull yourself out of the water and wrap a towel around your body, your hair still dry and resting on your shoulders. You very cautiously and quietly exit the bathroom and tiptoe to the front door as if he can hear any minute sound you may make. The doorbell rings a third time, making you jump as you approach the sound carefully.

    You look through the peephole and, of course, find Seonghwa standing there casually in a black t-shirt and ripped black jeans, his hair styled up and out of his face like it was at the club. You gasp loudly as he startles you by knocking directly against the door while your face is so close to it. You can tell he hears you when he chuckles lowly to himself.

    “Open the door,” he chimes as you panic. Did he really ask Wooyoung for your address like he said he would?

    You try to sound firm and brave as you reply, but your heart feels like it is going to burst as you stand there practically naked. “I told you not to come.”

    “I came anyway,” he states obviously, shrugging as if it is the most casual thing in the world. “So are you going to let me in or am I going to stand here ringing your doorbell all night?”

    Determined to show him just how upset you are, you crack the door open just enough to speak with him, but make sure it is too narrow for him to comfortably waltz inside. He instantly looks down and notices your attire, the corners of his lips turning up at the sight.

    “Why are you here?” you question before he can make any snide remarks.

    “To not avoid you,” he answers indifferently.

    “I said ‘don’t come over,’” you remind him, but he only smirks in response.

    “That just made me want to do it more.”

    His suggestive words and piercing eyes start to get to you as your cheeks turn bright red, once again betraying you by making you far too easy to read. You try not to shrink under his gaze as you attempt to appear as upset as you truly are. Of course, however, he sees the effect he has on you as clear as day and brings his hand up to gently caress your flushed cheek with the back of his fingers.

    “Am I making you warm?” he questions dominantly as you dare not to move, letting him softly touch you as you feel the wetness increasing in your core. You hate how much your body betrays you at moments like this. You want so desperately to resist him and prove your anger by sending him home, but he continues to break down your frustration with every second he spends focused on you.

    “N-no,” you stutter unconvincingly. “It is just warm out.”

    A large gust of cold air blows just as you finish your sentence and you look down at the ground in embarrassment.

    “It’s okay, baby girl. I already know how hot I make you feel,” he purrs as his hand continues to caress your face, his fingertips passing over your lips slowly. “I know how I make your heart beat so fast. Especially when I do things like this.”

    He begins walking towards you and you instinctively back away and into your apartment. He simply follows you as he lets himself in, never tearing his eyes off of your face as he slowly and calmly backs you against the wall. Once you are flat against it with nowhere else to go, he puts one hand on the wall and leans in so that his face is only inches from yours. You feel so vulnerable and under his control as he stares at you like his prey. He takes his free hand and rests it on top of your heart, feeling just how unbelievably quick your pulse is as your nerves grow.

    “Like I thought.”

    You are too embarrassed and worked up to even reply, simply looking up at him with shy eyes while he ponders exactly what to do with you.

    “Why were you avoiding me?” he questions mockingly. “Are you mad at me?”

    Yes. You want to say yes.

    “No,” you answer instead as he cuts through your defenses at the speed of light. He smiles down at you from the answer. He leans further down and begins sucking and biting your neck at a devilishly slow pace.

    “I don’t know if I believe you,” he states, continuing to kiss down towards your collarbone between words. “Should I make it up to you?”

    His proposition makes your core ache in need and you can feel yourself getting wet for him as he moves closer and closer to the edge of your towel. Unable to resist the sensation, you finally cave.


    He grins up at you and carefully pulls your towel off your body, letting it fall to the floor and revealing your naked figure. He moves his lips to your nipple, sucking and licking it teasingly as his hand stimulates your other one before switching over. You can’t help but moan quietly at the feeling, wishing he would continue his way down your body and towards your most sensitive parts.

    “Seonghwa, please,” you whimper pathetically considering you were hellbent on hating him just a short while ago.

    “What is it, baby?” he chimes in response, knowing just how to make you bend to his will. “What is it you want?”

    “Please eat me out,” you request as you sacrifice your dignity and give in to his expertise.

    “Since you asked so kindly…” he trails off as he kisses down your stomach and places one of your legs over his shoulder to get the perfect view of your pussy. He takes his middle finger and brushes it along your slit, feeling just how wet you are for him and then chuckling. “You act so angry, but what is all this?”

    He takes his finger into his mouth and tastes your arousal, causing you to hide your face in your hands from embarrassment. He pays it no mind, however, as he brings his mouth to your core and reminds you just how amazing he is at eating pussy. He switches between sucking and quickly licking your clit in order to get you moaning and breathing heavily above him. Your hands naturally rest in his hair as he continues to play with you.

    Without warning, he plunges two fingers into your hole and begins curling them up at the perfect angle to continuously brush against your g-spot. You gasp at the feeling and tighten your grip on his hair, causing him to moan against your clit. You instinctively begin grinding your core against him as he brings you closer and closer to you high. You can feel yourself approaching release as he continues mercilessly.

    “Seonghwa,” you whine breathily. “I’m- I’m gonna…”

    Before you can reach a state of ecstasy, Seonghwa has pulled away from your body entirely, leaving you shocked at how cruelly he has ripped away your orgasm.

    “What are you--”

    “Not yet,” he interrupts as he stands up and slips his shirt off. “I want you to cum around my cock.”

    His words only turn you on more as your hands rush towards his belt and he slips off his boots using only his feet. You rapidly remove the rest of his clothing and find that he is already rock hard and ready to have you to himself. He pulls your face against his and makes out with you hungrily as you guide him towards your bedroom, never breaking the kiss in the process.

    The backs of your knees hit the end of the bed and you sit down before sliding yourself further up. As your head reaches the pillows, he places himself on top of you and continues kissing you feverishly while stroking his dick.

    “Do you want me to fuck you, baby girl?” he asks although he already knows the answers.

    “Fuck me, Seonghwa,” you plead as the need to have him inside you grows.

    Without any further hesitation, he begins to push the head of his enormous dick into you, causing you to gasp as he stretches you out. He is kind enough to slowly enter you until he is all the way in and pausing so you can adjust. After a moment, he starts to experimentally pump in and out of you as you already moan underneath him, his size alone making it feel incredible.

    “Fuck, you have such a tight little pussy, baby,” he purrs in your ear as you wrap your legs around his waist. “How does it feel to be stuffed full of my cock?”

    His dirty mouth does wonders as he also picks up the pace, hitting you in just the right spot with each thrust.

    “It feels so good,” you moan truthfully, your hands grabbing onto his strong arms to keep yourself grounded. “You’re so fucking big.”

    He moans at the compliment and snaps his hips even harder. You pull him back in to kiss you as he continuously pounds into your pussy, lewd noises filling the room in the process. After a while, he pulls away and slips his dick out of you to command you shortly.

    “Turn over.”

    You do as he says and get on all fours as he begins to fuck you from behind. In this position, his dick hits you at an even better angle and you can’t help but curse loudly at just how good it feels. He picks up his pace and begins to get rough with how hard he is fucking you, but you love every second of it and how intense the feeling is.

    “You take my cock so well, baby girl,” he praises as his hand comes down to smack you on the ass, causing you to yelp in surprise. “So good for me.”

    He slaps you a few more times and you honestly wish he wouldn’t stop since it turns you on so much. Instead of spanking you, however, he locks his fingers into your hair and pulls you up so that your back is leaning against his chest. He doesn’t even slow his rhythm at all as he reaches around you with his free hand and begins rubbing your clit ruthlessly.

    “I want you to cum for me, baby,” he growls in your ear as your moans get louder. “Cum on my cock.”

    You are getting so close to orgasming and you let out a string of curse words as it builds endlessly. You finally reach your high and your pussy tightens powerfully around his dick, causing him to hiss at just how good it feels. As you come down from euphoria, Seonghwa lets go of your hair and you fall back down onto all fours.

    “My turn, baby,” he coos before ruthlessly pounding into you from behind, chasing his own high as moans spill endlessly from his mouth.

    You whimper at the sensation because of how sensitive you are while he fucks you roughly. It only takes him another minute before he is pulling out of you and cumming on your reddened ass, delicious groans filling the silence and making you wish you could see his expression right now.

    As his breathing begins to slow, he reaches for the tissues on your nightstand and cleans his cum off of your body. Once he is done, you plop down on the mattress, exhausted. He settles in next to you and pulls you closer to his warm body. You rest your head on his arm and hand on his chest as you both lay speechless, eyes drifting closed from how spent you both are. The last thing you remember before falling asleep is the feeling of him pulling the comforter over you.

    You wake abruptly in the morning as your pre-set alarm on your phone goes off. It is only six a.m., but you have to get ready for work since it is a Monday. After silencing the deafening alarm, you immediately recall last night’s events and look to your side in search of Seonghwa. The only things beside you in the bed, however, are your spare pillows and the comforter you kicked off in the middle of the night.

    Confused, you get up and slip on a t-shirt and panties before beginning to cautiously search your apartment for Seonghwa. You check the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen before concluding he must have left already.

    The same disappointment that you felt last time swells in your chest and you plop down on the couch to ponder the situation. Did he leave right after you fell asleep or did he wake up even before six a.m. in hopes of avoiding an awkward morning conversation? Is he that averse to speaking to you when it doesn’t involve getting into your panties? Is he just trying to avoid the inevitable conversation about what you two are? Is he finally ditching you now that you’ve slept with him?

    You check your phone to see if he sent you anything, but find that you only have numerous missed calls and messages from Wooyoung. Starting from relatively calm last night, his messages become more freaked out as they go on. He began by curiously trying to figure out why Seonghwa wanted your address to questioning why he left their apartment suddenly to freaking out as he put the pieces together when Seonghwa didn’t come home until the early hours of the morning.

    You feel a headache coming on and groan as you rest your head in your hands.

    Stupid Seonghwa.

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  • moonlight-mingi
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    okay just want to come on here and say that for 1) im so happy that we got wooyoung's aotm at 10m!!! he totally deserves it!! and 2) remember to stream wonderland please!!!! we're at 94m and we need to get it at 100m before their anniversary!!

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    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #i saw the opportunity and took it #ateez#hongjoong#kim hongjoong#kpop
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    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    ↳  𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 ღ

    ↳ 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞!

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    No caption needed

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  • hongism
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    18 - k.hongjoong & c.san + exhibitionism (18+)

    » k.hongjoong x fem!reader x c.san » 18+ dni if minor » language, explicit smut, exhibitionism, threesome, poly dynamics, public sex, unprotected sex, teasing, manual stimulation, handjobs, grinding, marking, double penetration, piv, anal, anal plugs, vaginal fingering, double penetration, anal/vaginal creampie, use of petnames (kitten, sweetheart, darling) » wc 2.5k » link to masterlist

    “the shower is really nice, joong,” san announces as he steps out from the bathroom with you close behind him, arms slung around his waist. the flush to both your cheeks and his has nothing to do with the heat from your shower, and the plug nestled in your ass keeps the evidence of what you two were doing in there from spilling out entirely.

    “mhm, are you two already doing salacious things when we’ve only just got here?” hongjoong inquires from his spot on the couch. in reality, it had been his idea and plan to go on a weekend trip to this place — a quaint hot springs resort not far out of the city, but enough so that it really feels like a vacation. and while you had intended to simply shower off the gross feeling that came from a long car ride, san slipped in with you. it’s always hard to refuse him when his lips start roaming your body, so you had no qualms with letting him have a bit of fun before the true break started. your other lover seems unamused by your antics, even as san collapses on the couch cushions fully nude on top of hongjoong, lips roaming to find the older’s like it’s instinct.

    “you know how sannie is,” you reply through a smile, watching on with fondness as hongjoong continues to be ravaged by san’s kisses.

    “wanna go out to the hot springs,” san says when he finally pulls back from his unrelenting attack.

    “now? we just got here.”

    “and? don’t be a buzzkill, joong, you can sleep after we go out there! i wanna skinny dip.”

    “need i remind you that this is a public coed hot springs resort?” hongjoong snips. san releases a high-pitched whine and rolls away from the couch, pulling himself to his feet to stand in his nude glory right in front of hongjoong. the gesture is almost amusing, and you find yourself wanting to laugh as hongjoong desperately tries to avoid making eye contact with san’s softened dick that’s less than a foot away from his face.

    “all the more fun,” you purr, one edge of your lips pulling up to smile in hongjoong’s direction.

    “see?” san’s next huff of air is a triumphant one.

    “fine, but you have to wear a swimsuit; it’s not clothing optional!”

    san walks off with a pout but he offers no complaint to hongjoong’s demand. you take one look at hongjoong’s furrowed brows and tired expression, and it doesn’t take much to know what’s on his mind based on the look in his eyes.

    “baby, stop thinking about work for one day. we’re here for the whole weekend, and sannie really wants this to be a chance for you to relax and get away from thinking about work. so if anything, just try for today, yeah?” hongjoong stands up at your words, coming closer to where you linger beside the couch, and when he reaches you, he dips in for a quick kiss. “please?”

    “okay, i’ll try my best.”

    “thank you,” you whisper back, pressing your lips over his once more, and there’s a smile hovering over your lips this time that he mimics. “now let’s go change before san gets fussy over how slow we are.”

    as it turns out, san doesn’t bother either of you as you’re changing into your swimsuits, but he does stick near the edge of the door to the hot springs with a little bounce to his step that reminds you of a little kid. you can’t blame him really; this trip has been a long time coming, and you only just managed to pull hongjoong away from work because there was a lull in promotions and producing and schedules that allowed him to be dragged off for three days. while you aren’t nearly as busy as either of them, your own job prevented the trip from happening a few months ago, so the excitement san is feeling is understandable and warranted. you let him hook an arm around your waist as you leave the room, stepping onto the path to the hot springs with his fingers teasing the bare skin around your hip. hongjoong is close behind the two of you but not enough so to be hot on your heels or anything. you have a sneaking suspicion that he’s thinking about work again, something he shouldn’t be doing, but you don’t have the heart to call him out in front of san.

    mostly because san is simply elated when you finally reach the hot springs, pulling you into the warm water without warning and nearly treating it like a pool at first. of course, hongjoong doesn’t let that behavior last long.

    “san-ah, this is a public place, please behave.”

    and indeed it is, but there aren’t any other people around you. frankly, you think there aren’t many people here since it’s a friday and not quite the weekend or the end of the work week yet, but it doesn’t matter much in the long run. if san wants to fuck around, nothing is going to stop him from doing that — not even a persistent hongjoong who whines about it the whole time while feeding into what san wants. you wade through the water to move closer to hongjoong, slipping into the space by his side without hesitation. he takes an arm around your shoulders and draws you further against his body while san attempts to make himself float in the water. (to no avail, but he’s cute so you aren’t about to tell him to stop).

    eventually, somehow, you end up further pressed against hongjoong in the water, legs straddling his hips as you lay your head against his shoulder that still hovers above the water. it’s lazy and affectionate, and you have no ulterior motives. emphasis on you, because when san decides to wade over to where the two of you are perched, you know he’s up to something. that nagging feeling only continues when his hands secure on your hips and he uses your weight to pull himself flush against your back.

    “no one’s out here but us…” he starts, murmured words that brush between your shoulder blades.

    “san.” hongjoong’s tone holds a bit of warning, but it’s gentle and there isn’t much heat to it.

    “come on, joong, we haven’t had time for all three of us to mess around in a long time. i already had her ass in the shower so she’s all stretched and prepped anyway.”

    “oh, you planned this,” hongjoong snorts back in reply as his hands wander to cover where san’s rest against your hips.

    “guilty as charged, maybe. i just think we should use this opportunity to the fullest. please, darling?” san and hongjoong make eye contact over your shoulder, and you huff out a little laugh at the fading exasperation in the latter’s eyes.

    “you’re just gonna let him get away with being a menace like this?” the question is directed at you, but you simply hum in response and move a hand from hongjoong’s waist to someplace lower. his breath hitches against your ear. “nevermind, the both of you are absolutely evil.”

    “guilty as charged,” you echo san’s earlier words to hongjoong again now as you take his concealed and softened member into your palm through his swim shorts. hongjoong sighs into your neck, but then his lips start moving over your skin in a way that’s telling truly. your hips roll down into the space where your hand grips his cock. san is already pushing your bottoms to the side and revealing the end of the little black plug he stuck in you after your shower. you let him move your hips higher, exposing your most private parts to the empty scenery as he tugs the plug out of your ass. if a whimper escapes you, you’ll never admit it, but you will have no shame in saying that you clench your puckered hole around nothing when san frees the plug from your ass because his cum is still inside you and you don’t want to drip it into the hot springs water.

    “san-ah,” hongjoong exhales quietly, eyes trained on the plug as san sets it on the stone near hongjoong’s shoulder.

    “shh, it’ll be okay, we’ll be quick.” san’s member touches your entrance without warning, already firmly erect against your fluttering hole, and you choose to focus your attention on hongjoong’s cock rather than san when he starts pushing into you. really it doesn’t hurt one bit, not with how he fucked you in the shower and with the extra help from the plug, but you’re more interested in getting hongjoong in your other hole right now.

    “finger me, joongie? want your cock in me as sannie fucks me.”

    hongjoong releases a string of expletives that sound far too attractive coming from his tongue. he fumbles to get a hand down between your legs, nearly knocking your own away from his dick in his rush to slip into your swimsuit and reach your cunt.

    “what, kitten? one cock isn’t enough for you?” he murmurs against the curve of your neck. san bottoms out inside the wet and messy heat of your ass, and you feel his breath at the nape of your neck as he settles there, not moving inside you quite yet. “insatiable.”

    “it’s, ah, your fault.” hongjoong pushes two fingers into your pussy, not bothering with the prep of just one as he starts scissoring his digits inside you immediately.

    “hm? our fault? or just mine?”

    “both of you,” you hiss. your hand finds the side of hongjoong’s face against your shoulder then you pull him up to look at you with fingers laced through his hair. through the obvious lust in his eyes, there’s the fondness you’ve grown so familiar with, and for a moment, you stop to simply stare and take in that adoration. then, hongjoong is curling his fingers inside your cunt and you cry out in surprise and pleasure combined, head dipping to rest against hongjoong’s forehead. he chuckles into your open mouth, repeating the same motion inside your walls just to hear that pretty noise again.

    “mm, i think our kitten deserves to be spoiled though. who cares if she’s insatiable?” san’s the one to utter the words, and he only speaks when hongjoong pulls his fingers free of your cunt. “i want our baby girl to get everything she wants and more.”

    “you’re the root of the problem then,” hongjoong huffs out but you know there’s no real venom to his tone. he can put up his front — act nonchalant and disinterested all he wants — at the end of the day, he’s the one who spoils you and san more than anyone else; he just refuses to admit the extent of how whipped he is for both of you.

    his cock presses up against the entrance to your cunt, nudging your folds apart to welcome his length better, and before beginning your descent onto him, you take his lips with yours in a sweet but chaste kiss.

    “you love us so much,” you giggle into him. hongjoong only has the chance to huff out a shaky laugh because your walls are clenching around his length and taking him deeper into you. san’s still at your back, working lazy kisses over every inch of skin he has access to, and you can tell he’s not being shy about the marks he’s leaving there. and though you wish you could do the same in return, you simply tilt your head back and revel in the delightful stretch between your legs. on one hand, it feels a bit like you’re being split open, but the warm water around you helps relax your tense muscles and makes the adjustment period more manageable by a long shot.

    “can i start moving, kitten?” san asks behind you, a little desperation to his plea, and you don’t doubt that he’s getting impatient given how long he’s been sitting still inside you.

    “please,” you exhale in response. your eyelids flutter shut as san begins to move a little, and with your forehead still pressed to hongjoong’s, you can feel his soft pants of breath over your face. “see? wasn’t the break worth it?”

    hongjoong laughs, trying to contain his grin to no avail, then his hips start to build a pace that works in time with san’s thrusts.

    “yeah, sweetheart, you know that damn well.” you can’t muster up a reply between your moans, broken and choppy sounds that come with every rub of their cocks inside you. but you’re fairly certain there’s a smile on your lips at the very least.

    perhaps you shouldn’t feel at peace in a situation like this — with water splashing around you and both men fucking you so relentlessly in an open and public space, but the euphoric pleasure outweighs everything else. that feeling only builds in your gut, tightens the coils that threaten to snap at any second, and you just give yourself over to the sensations flowing through your body.

    san cums first — you think he does at least, things start to blur together when you near your own high — but someone definitely cums before you do, and it must be san because he’s the one who always sinks his teeth into the flesh of your shoulder to muffle his noisy whines. he adds to the mess already stuffed inside your ass, fingers massaging small rings into your ass as his dick twitches inside you. when you orgasm right after, your walls squeeze around both their cocks, sucking them deeper into you and preventing hongjoong from moving much more than he is. that added pressure, it seems, spurs hongjoong to cum as well, and he doesn’t bother pulling out before his seed paints your inner walls white.

    “a good start to our vacation, don’t you think?” san asks once he fully comes down from his orgasm. hongjoong dips closer to your mouth and lays a kiss to your lips before pulling away and motioning for san to come closer. the other man obliges with no shortage of joy, delighting in his dosage of post-sex kisses with little hums of approval the entire time.

    “i’m never taking you two here again.”


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  • blu-joons
    20.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    DAD ATEEZ A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Hongjoong


    The most important thing for Hongjoong whenever he is affectionate around you is that you feel safe with him. He knows pregnancy is slightly terrifying for you sometimes, and so he’ll always try to comfort you in his hold.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    When it comes to keeping you safe, one of the biggest things for him to do is research and look up all the things that he can do to make life easier for you. Whether it’s a simple massage, or maybe a specific meal that he can cook to give you more energy, Hongjoong will do whatever to make life with your bump easier for you.


    Most nights when he leaves work, Hongjoong will send you a text to see if there is something that you want him to pick up. Even if it means him getting home a little bit later, seeing the smile on your face when he returns with whatever you’ve requested is always worth it for him, no matter how tired he sometimes is.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Your due date was very important for Hongjoong, mainly because he wanted to be there with you when the time came. Polishing everything off at work was his biggest priority, making sure that the group was left in a good place for however long he would be gone was crucial. The last thing Hongjoong wanted to do was leave you in your last week of pregnancy alone just in case your baby decided to arrive a little earlier than planned.


    He can’t wait to become a dad, that’s the one thing he tells you almost every day whenever he cuddles up around your bump, but as much as Hongjoong wants to enjoy your pregnancy, at times when it comes to getting organised, he can become very serious. Hongjoong liked to stay on top of things, and even though you wanted to relax sometimes, Hongjoong wanted to get things done so you had less to worry about later.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Hongjoong’s family were beyond excited for the two of you to settle down and start a family together. For years they had watched Hongjoong as an incredible leader, knowing that one day those skills would translate into becoming a great dad too. They knew things would be hard for you both, but they were more than happy to support you whenever you needed them and enjoy your pregnancy with you.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    He was pretty determined that the two of you should find out the gender of your baby so that the two of you could stay organised. Hongjoong could see the practical sides of finding out the gender of your baby, from organising the nursery and buying their wardrobe, it seemed like the logical thing for the both of you to do.


    The sound of your baby’s heartbeat always turned Hongjoong into someone incredibly soft, he could never quite believe what he was hearing from the monitor. You could often see him tearing up out of the corner of your eye, even if Hongjoong refused to admit that it was something that made him emotional.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    In the way that he treated you was often how you found Hongjoong letting you know that he loved you the most. Despite how busy he was getting things completed before your baby arrived, he always found the time for you still in between all of the chaos, never letting you be forgotten in his list of priorities.


    Although he doesn’t particularly feel jealous, underhand comments can often get under Hongjoong’s skin. Even if he knows that someone is joking about how he will be as a dad, he still can’t help but get a little bit defensive. Hongjoong isn’t someone that will create a huge scene, but whoever passed the comment will be able to tell by the look in his eyes as he stares at them that he was far from impressed with what they had said.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    At the end of the day when he finally let himself relax, Hongjoong would relax his arm around your bump so that he could feel your baby’s kicks. He often felt as if he missed out throughout the day with his schedule, and so the night-time was always when he made the most of feeling your baby wriggling around.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was very serious throughout your labour, although he tried to appear calm, he was far from it. The tension in the room made Hongjoong incredibly nervous, and although he was always beside you and holding your hand, you could feel how fearful he was by his hold. He barely smiled, watching over everything with a very close eye until eventually your baby made an appearance, allowing him to smile again.


    There was never a chance of Hongjoong leaving you alone in the mornings, he would make sure that he was up at an early time so that he was already awake and able to head straight for the bathroom when he heard you get up. As you jumped up from the bed and darted out of the room across the landing and beside the toilet, he would do the same.


    Hongjoong loved to treat the construction of your nursery as a chance to spend time with you. It was rare for you to spend quality time with one another when you were so busy, but your baby’s nursery was the perfect excuse.


    He was obsessed with your hands and how protective they were around your bump. Whenever they were empty, they would rest against the top of your bump, it was a small act, but it always put a smile on Hongjoong’s face.


    After you gave birth, Hongjoong was very protective of you and wary of giving your body the time to heal. Aside from taking care of your baby, he barely let you do anything else, as he had done at work, Hongjoong took the responsibility on at home too, not letting you do any of the things that you usually did.


    One evening Hongjoong took you by surprise, coming home to ask you if you wanted to hear a small song that he had spent his time writing at the studio, with all of it revolving around your pregnancy and his emotions surrounding it.


    The most important item in your baby’s nursery was the giant minion plushie that Hongjoong had purchased online. There was no way he wasn’t going to have one of his favourite things in your baby’s room, hoping to pass down his love and his collection of them onto your baby some day when they favoured them too.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    He loved to show off your scans, especially whenever he was at work as everyone always knew how excited Hongjoong was. He would take the day off for your appointments, so everyone would prepare the day before knowing that he was coming in the following day to tell them all about how it had all gone.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The two of you had discussed having a baby, but you never made any specific plans to start trying for one, so when you found out you were pregnant, it was a surprise, but something that you also felt ready for.


    He loved to make sure you were well looked after for the whole day of your appointments, spending morning right through until night with you on the days of them.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    Hongjoong was keen to wait to invite guests around until you were starting to get back on your feet. The last thing he wanted to do was leave you feeling guilty with people coming to your house when you couldn’t even stand.


    For the most part, Hongjoong was patient in waiting for your baby to arrive, determined to make the most of the nine months you had of pregnancy.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    His kisses are especially soft with you whilst you’re pregnant, always taking care of you and making sure that you feel loved. Every kiss is filled with love, Hongjoong will never leave a kiss wasted on you whilst you’re pregnant.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his human, by far his most favourite person in the entire world.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    Hongjoong made an effort to make sure that he came home every night rather than sleeping at the studio so that he could fall asleep beside your bump and also make sure that you felt well looked after by him too.



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    My one life's goal is to look like Hongjoong in the Black Cat Nero dance break

    #IT'S BLACK CAT NERO SEASON AGAIN #COME GET THE SPOOPS #ateez#kpop#atiny#hongjoong #black cat nero
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