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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    part five: don’t quote lady gaga on me

    beautiful words [khj x gn! reader]

    genre: smau, fluff, angst, strangers to lovers

    summary: hongjoong had the impression that fanfictions were about unrealistic, romanticised versions of themselves, but the one time he decided to read something his members sent to him, he falls in love with the writing and decides to contact the author.

    warnings: profanities

    taglist: @yunhoflrtz @perfectlysane24 @leagreenly @tyongishs @dear-dreamie @marsophilia @jayb17 @r000l

    cannot tag: @krazykento

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  • theaufanartist
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    “𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘭, 𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘦𝘸 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘶𝘭𝘪𝘱𝘴,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦, “𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘰, 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘢𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦, 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦?”

    Kim Hong Joong💖

    “Today was amazing!”you exclaim happily, making your childhood best friend smile at you, “we should do this ALL THE TIME!!!”

    “Woman, you’ll be the death of me some day,” Hong Joong says, fingers swiping his hair back, rolling his eyes playfully at you, making you give him a cheeky smile, “you would have gone with that guy if I didn’t stop you, you big baby-gosh, I need to bubble wrap you!”

    “What? No! I was doing fine!”you try to defend yourself, and hug his arm, “he was just trying to be friendly.”

    “A little TOO friendly,”he says, removing his hand from your hold, but instead, wrapping it around your waist, “he literally gave you the bedroom eyes!”

    “What the hell Joong!”you gasp in amazement, making Hong Joong laugh, “he definitely didn’t! And, how do you know that? Are you hiding something from me, your best friend?”

    “Oh, stop being dramatic,”he says, laughing, “I’m a guy, and I know those eyes, when I see one. You’re beautiful and every guy sees you that way-”

    “Hold up,”you stop mid way, making Hong Joong stop, “did I just hear you call me beautiful? Oh my, my; look at you having the hots for me,”you say, wiggling your eyebrows at him, making him chuckle.

    “I was trying to explain something to you, and you just get ‘beautiful’ out of it?”He says, making you give him a toothy grin, with a nod, “well, you look like a pauper on most of the days-hey! Stop hitting me, mad woman!”he defends himself, while you swing your arms around his shoulder, trying to grab him in a choke holder, hitting him on his arm, laughing. He gets out of the choke hold and swings his arm around your shoulder, booping his head on the side of yours, smiling.

    “The day isn’t over yet,”he says, making you look at him in puzzlement, “let’s go.”

    You both take the bus to Ilsan Park, and you wondered were he was taking you to. After reaching the stop, you both get down, him following closely behind, and as soon as you stepped out, he wraps a cloth around your eyes, making you squeak in surprise.

    “Hey, this is meant to be a surprise,”he says, making you pout, unconsciously, “don’t worry, I won’t let you trip over air.”

    You snort, hearing a chuckle as a response as you move ahead, him guiding you close.

    “How long do we have to walk?”you whine, making Joong giggle.

    “Yah, good things come to those who wait,”he says, making you groan, “and we’re near, too.”

    As you near, you sense that familiar waft of fragrance reach your nostrils, awakening a sense of peace from within. A smile graces your face, as you realise from where the fragrance is coming from, yet your eyes just needed that small hint of confirmation.

    “Joong, are we in a-“


    You feel his arms leaving yours slowly, and feel his warm breath fanning over the shell of your ear. You feel the cloth coming off of your eyes, making you squint your eyes and scrunch your nose. You slowly come in acquaintance with your surroundings, leaving you jaw-dropped. You look at Hong Joong, who simply smiles at you.


    “𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘭, 𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘦𝘸 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘶𝘭𝘪𝘱𝘴,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦, “𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘰, 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵’𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘢𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦, 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦?”

    “How do you know I love you, hm?”you ask, squinting your eyes at him.

    “Well, no one is going to put up with your antics anyways,”he says, making you gasp in shock. You huff at him, puffing your cheeks.

    “Well, I can always find a guy-”

    “You dare!”he says, making you smile.

    “I won’t, if you let me take a picture of you right now,”you speak with a smirk, making him groan.

    “Ugh, you’re so annoying,”he groans, making you grin, “fine. But, just one.”

    You click a few snaps, him lazily looking around the field.

    Satisfied, you nod at him, making him let out a sigh, making you roll your eyes playfully at him.

    You always loved him, and you knew he did too. But you didn’t need to put a label on this relationship you shared, because it was amazing as it was. When the time came, you would definitely accept it. But, it wasn’t now, and you both knew it. You’ve been friends since a very long time, and you knew that Joong always wanted to be the one to propose to his other half in a field full of their favourite flower, first. And this wasn’t less than any proposal, but you didn’t bring it up. You smiled at his attempts to make you feel special. You walk towards him and hug him.

    “Thank you so much, Joong,”you whisper, making him smile and wrap his arms around you, placing his chin on top of your head.

    “I’m glad you loved it,”he says, making you break the hug and look up at him. He looks at you, his gaze changing to something only you witnessed it for yourself-adoration, a small pinch of annoyance, care, 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦.

    “I’m hungry, Joong,”you mumble, making Hong Joong snort.

    “Let’s go,”he says, threading your fingers in his, a small smile gracing his face. He squeezes it a bit, and with his hope coming to life, you squeeze back, too.

    𝘖𝘯𝘦 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱 𝘢𝘵 𝘢 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦, he thinks to himself, before trodding away, joking and teasing you for your height and quirky behaviour, which he knew the reactions were meant for him and only him, now, and probably for the rest of his life.

    FlowerTEEZ #2

    Tags: @nevieatiny @euphoriyoongi @racheloveyunho

    Special thanks to @euphoriyoongi to help me out with the plot, and my procrastination🥲i love you so much 🥺💕

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  • verytalented
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Devils Number

    → Pairings: Hongjoong x black reader → Group; Azeez → Pronouns; she/ her Type of Au; devil Au. → Genre; Smut hardcore, fluff. → Warning; choking, praising kink, daddy kink, aftercare, oral sex, cream pie, dry humping, size kink, big Dick, pillow princess, y/n on a pill. → Summary: As pretty as you are, people tend to think your innocent but are you really. After a drunken night, you decide to call the guy's number to see what would happen. word count: 1,814 Masterlist Disclaimer: I do not own anyone who is mentioned in this story. This is just for entertainment, and if any kpop idol wants this story down I will take it down.    Ask or Prompt  Series or Oneshot: Not sure Edited or Not edit

    “You’re as pretty as an angel but as sinful as the devil.” He held onto your chin with a grip. Your back was against the brick wall. You two were in an ally way squeezed together in the dark. A cold breeze passed you two considering that it was fall. “And you are my only fallen angel," you said bringing your hands up his waist. You pulled him closer to you. You lean closer to his face. The space between the two of you soon filled with a passionate kiss. You held onto his hand as he kissed you harder. His leg soon made its way in between your legs. He held onto your hips grinding your heat against him. You let out a gasp. Breaking the kiss. You moaned as you lean your head against the brick wall. You held on tight to his arms as your legs start to shake. The roughness of his pants rubs against your wet panties. He kissed along your neck leave marks. “Look at my precious angel, are you gonna come on my leg?.. hmm?” he said to you still rubbing you against his leg. You shook your head yes. You were on the edge of coming until he stops his movements. "Oh, that's my ride" he let go of you. He began to walk out of the ally way going inside a black car. He left you in a daze. he got in the black SUV rolling down the window. "Don't forget our deal angel." he gave you a wink. The SUV drove away. You fixed your hair and outfit going back inside the bar you worked at. - After two long-awaited hours, you finally made it home to your cozy apartment. You took your shoes off at the door and also took your jacket off. You walked into your living room turning on the light. It was so dark in there you didn't even notice that Hongjoong was in there. "Well, hello, angel back so soon. I would've almost thought you were gonna run away from me." He smiled. He was seated on your couch man spreading his legs. He had on a nice black and red suit that fitted him perfectly. You rolled your eyes at him. "As if I would ever run away from you," you said walking over to him sitting right next to him. He chuckled "Let's not waste time don't forget about what we did that night angel." He looked at your eyes. Nervousness washed over you at this moment. "I can feel that you're nervous... Don't try to be nervous now" he smirked went across his beautiful lips. "After all you're the one who summoned me... Don't you remember". Flashbacks: “Come on Y/N don’t do this.” Your friend huff as you were half-drunk but still kinda on the sober side. She tries so hard to get you into the car without your body-tight red dress rising on your legs. Your best friend drives you home after a crazy night at the bar. Not only did you get some random guy’s number you manage to get a job at that same bar. It seems like whenever you are drunk good things happen. Anyway, you and your friend made it back to your apartment. She drags you upstairs on the top floor of the building, leaving you in your apartment. You laid down on your couch for a while before you thought of that guy you saw at the bar. You sober up and being to look at the napkin with his number on it. {It reads} 666-666-6666 XXXX “Call me tonight angel” “What the hell” you were sober to have sex at the moment but, you were kinda skeptical. What type of guy leaves his number as the devil's number? So being Y/N decided that why not call it. It’s Fake anyway. With a shrug, you grab your phone out of your bag. You began to dial the number. It begins to ring. “ hellooooo” you raise your eyebrow waiting for a response. You were about to hang up until heard you something on the other line. No one said anything. It was quiet, “I knew it was fake”. “Oh, no angel it’s very real.” The same man from the bar told you. “How did you get into my house,” you said and panicked. “You summoned me. You realize that was the devil’s number, right?” you were fixed on the horns coming out of his head that you didn’t realize he asked you a question. “It was real?!” You whisper. "I can show you how real I'm if you want." you scoff at his remark. "And how are you going to do that," you said with a

    satisfied tone. He chuckled. He began walking up to you with a small smirk on his lips. "Oh angel, I never knew you could be so sarcastic." He got between your legs. He began to rub your legs moving his hands closer to pussy. You sighed at his touch. "Tell me what you want." he looks at you with lustful eyes. "I want you to make me feel good." He picked you up, caring you into your room. He laid you on the bed ripping off your red dress. "You know you looked beautiful in red." you smiled at his compliment. You were completely naked as he stared at you in awe. "May I warn you that while I'm in my demon form, I can be a bit aggressive when comes to sex." You nodded listening to him. "Would you like a safe word just an in case.” “Yes, I would like a safe word, could it be” you pause for a bit to think. “Red!” You smiled. “Red? If you say so, angel”. He began kissing you rough along your neck. He pinched your nipple and sucked on the other one. You gasp at the sensation. “Please daddy” you can feel him smile at the name you gave him. He let go of you taking off his suit jacket and pants leaving him in his underwear. You can see his hardened dick. He leaned closer to you kiss under your boob down to your belly button. You wanted to touch his horns so badly. You reach your hand to his horns touch them softly. He looks up at you with his eyebrow raised. “Do you want to touch them” you nodded and quickly mumbled a yes. “Then you can touch them” he went back to kissing you until you grew impatient. “Please I want more” he rolled his eyes. You held onto his black horns as he proceeds to go down to your pussy. His mouth met your folds, he began to suck on your clit, you moaned a held tightly to his horns. "Mhn... Just like that" You moaned out. He sucked hard using his tongue to pleasure your clit. He slips one of his fingers inside of your heat. You let gasp. It began to get harder for you to keep your legs open. "I c-can't please I'm gonna come" he didn't listen and continued to pleasure your clit and push two more fingers inside of you. He felt you tense around his fingers as hit your sweat spot over again. He replaces his finger with his tongue. When he did that you were sent over the edge as you already reached your climax. Your legs began to shake from overstimulation. he began to bring his tongue in and out of your pussy. Your head hit your pillow as you moaned in pleasure. He rubs your clit again but this time faster making you see stars you could help but moan his name. "You like that don't you?". "Your daddy's little angel." He kissed the inside of your thigh. He leaned his face closer to your pussy closer "time to finish the job" he smirks. He slips his tongue back into your heat and rubs your clit faster. You were already on the edge. You began to feel the feeling again. "Oh, daddy I'm gonna come." you moaned as you held on tightly to his horns. "Come then, angel". the tone of his voice was calm and sexy you couldn't handle the way he was making you feel. You came all over his tongue. You let go of his horns. he looks up at you with his hair messy and you come smeared over his chin. "Was I good for you angel?" "Of course." "Great because now it's my turn" He smirked. You could help but smile. He pulled down his underwear. He the rub his dick between your fold getting his dick all wet with your come. You were in a daze as you watch him do his work. "You ready angel" you nodded your head yes. "Your wish is my command." He leans forward as he pushes half of his dick inside of you. "Fuck you're so tight...So small." You whimper at his size. "Sorry, the angel I know I can be hard to handle... Say your safe word at any time don't be afraid to. Okay." "okay" you whimper out. He kissed the top of your head. "I gonna start moving angel." you nodded. His movements were slow at first but then got rough. He held on to your neck with a slight grip but just enough to let you breathe. "Oh...daddy just like that" you moan out. He thrust into you more will all his power. "Fuck you're so tight." he moaned. He

    continued to thrust inside of you. Your bed began to hit the wall with every thrust. "I can't" he huff. He picks your body sitting you on his lap. "This is better," he said kissing you. He started to thrust into you again. He looked in your eye with passion as he fucked you. You couldn't take it anymore to you were ready to come for the third time tonight. "Are you gonna come angel" you nodded your head yes. "Too bad I'm not done"... You moaned as he continued. You held onto hid horns again as fuck you. "Come on my dick angel," he said Rubbing your clit causing you to squirt on his dick. "fuckkk.." he moaned and came inside of you. The sensation was amazing as you felt him come inside of you. "How'd I do?" he kisses your neck. "infinity/10 I never squirt on someone dick before." He chuckles "I'm glad I was you first". "I gonna pull out okay," he said to you in a nice calm voice. "Okay be slow" he nodded. He pulled out slowly watch his come ooze out of you. You sighed at the loss of contact. "Can you help me take a bath?" you ask him. "Of course." "I'm so sleepy now" you yawned. "I know let me take care of you."

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    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    2021 Gaon Mubeat Global Choice Awards are now starting!

    Round 1 starts December 14!

    Voting tickets for Mubeat Global Choice Awards with 11th Gaon Chart Awards now available to claim

    You can collect up to 15 tickets per account by watching 15 Ads per day.

    ctto: @ateezud

    Get the app here!

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  • atinykitty
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Happy Xmas

    Light angst but mostly fluffy

    Hongjoong was feeling extra sentimental today while awaiting the final video shots to be taken of the newest cover that he had recorded for the holiday season which was John Lennon and Yoko Ono's song Happy Xmas.

    Despite the uplifting mood of the song something was still missing. He could put up a front among strangers that he was okay but he was still missing you terribly and the only consolation was that the separation wouldn't last forever considering life and work would naturally make things considerably more challenging.

    Hongjoong stood and thought about you as the staff and make up artists touched up his eye shadow and lip gloss, finding himself dissatisfied with the feel of the applicator brushing against his lips which automatically led him to think about the feel of your soft lips against his that he missed.

    With an unnoticed sigh he snapped back into focus of what he was doing when the makeup artists were finished tending to him and resumed singing along with the music after filming began again, unaware that you had made time in your schedule to visit the set to watch him work while you intermingled with staff.

    You watch him from a distance with admiration as he eyed the camera confidently and put his best effort into it as the staff present and yourself got into the spirit and began to sing along with the backing vocals.

    'So this is chrismas

    For weak and for strong

    (War is over if you want it)

    For the rich and the poor ones

    The road is so long

    (War is over now)

    And so happy Christmas for blacks and for whites

    (War is over if you want it)

    For the yellow and red ones

    Let's stop all the fight

    (War is over now)'

    You couldn't stop the smile from taking over your face as his unique voice and vocal style filled your ears, making you lose your breath as you tried to keep up with the singing staff members while keeping your eyes fixed on him.

    'A very merry Christmas

    And a happy new year

    Let's hope it's a good one

    Without any fear'

    Hongjoong's jaw drops in surprise just before he was about to begin to spit out his bars. His surprise registering on his face clearly when he spots your presence among staff, prompting filming to stop and a sheepish look to take it's place on your face.

    He approaches you with a big and reassuring smile before speaking up soothingly, "It's okay, love. I'm really thankful that you're here, because I missed you."

    "I missed you too so much! You are doing great!" Your eyes light up happily as you reach out to take him to the side to have a chat with him before setting out on your way and leaving a much happier Hongjoong behind to continue work on his cover.

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  • ateezupdates
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    24 HOURS:

    10M - 12M Views

    Stretch Goal:

    12M - 15M Views

    #ateez#ateez edits#ateez gifs#ateez imagines#ateez updates #ateez kim hongjoong #ateez park seonghwa #ateez jeong yunho #ateez kang yeosang #ateez san #ateez song mingi #ateez jung wooyoung #ateez choi jongho #ateez x reader #ateez smut#ateez fluff#ateez angst#ateez guide#ateez guides
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  • dairyminki
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ‘TEEZ The Season


    "Eight days, Eight men, and Eight different stories."

    ↬ starring: ateez x reader

    ↬ genre/s: fluff, christmas/holidays au, established relationship, friends to lovers

    ↬ coming this december 18, 2021!

    ↬ by yours truly, dairyminki 🎄




    - Snowy Snuggles ( read here! )


    - Eventful Eve ( read here! )


    - Tiptoe Under The Mistletoe ( read here! )


    - To Build A Snowman ( read here! )


    - Winter Wonderland ( read here! )


    - Sweaters and Shy Smiles ( read here! )


    - Christmas Bake-off ( read here! )


    - Red Nosed ( read here! )


    ↬ notes:

    • fic titles are subject to change

    • some fics might be posted with a little delay if i find myself busy >< (tho i'll make sure to finish everything!)

    ↬ taglist: send an ask/ message me

    #ateez x reader #ateez fluff#ateez imagine#ateez scenarios #hongjoong x reader #seonghwa x reader #yunho x reader #yeosang x reader #san x reader #mingi x reader #wooyoung x reader #jongho x reader #ateez christmas au #dairyminkiwrites #lol idk if anyone will see this #'teez the season masterlist
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  • in-my-world
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Heaven - Twenty (Hongjoong AU)

    Genre: fluff, angst, suggestive

    Warning(s): mentions of alcohol and food

    Words: 1.5K

    A/N: Ask to have warnings or triggers added, and ask to be tagged in future parts

    Hongjoong’s words rang through my head as the rehearsal went on. Each person taking their turn walking down the aisle practicing the timing with the music. I stood there and half listened to the soon to be newlyweds practiced and rehearsed words as they held hands.

    Hongjoong could be seen wandering around with the musicians chatting about their instruments. A faint smile was on my face as I watched him wander around, then came the time for the wedding party to walk back down the aisle and the rehearsal was over.

    “Y/N, thank you so much for agreeing to be in the wedding,” my brother’s fiancé, Rosalie, commented as we walked towards the set tables for dinner.

    I nodded, “I just wanted to be helpful, and I’m glad I could help,” I answered, being genuine in my answer.

    We walked together to the dinner table and took our respective seats, Hongjoong who hadn’t been thought of for the dinner ended up being roped into sitting between my aunts who fussed over him. I sat next to my fellow wedding party member and across from aforementioned aunts, Hongjoong and had silent conversations while eating the delicious food.


    I had gotten up to use the restroom, after washing my hands and exiting I was cornered by the one person I had been avoiding at all costs.

    My mother’s cold and scrutinizing gaze pierced through me. I refused to say the first word, knowing regardless she wouldn’t be happy or satisfied.

    “Why would you have him come to something that’s meant for family only, do you want Rosalie’s family to think your father and I let you kids slum around with just anyone,” she scolded, crossing her arms, the dazzling rings and bracelets catching the light.

    I couldn’t think of how to answer, knowing that no matter what I said she would be angry and spiteful.

    “There you are, Eugene is making a toast,” Hongjoong interrupted, hearing the name of my brother mentioned my mother perked up, “and for the record, Rosalie’s father and I have a fondness for the same music.”

    I bit back a laugh at the expression that crossed my mother’s face. She stormed back into the ballroom and left us standing there.

    “Thank you, I don’t understand why I can’t just stand up to her,” I said, relaxing my tense posture.

    Hongjoong walked closer to where I was standing, he reached out and took my hand “you don’t have to thank me, and it’s not easy to stand up to your parents even if they are abusive, just know that no matter what you have people who have your back and love you,” he reassured, his voice having a softness to them.

    Sighing, I nodded, “we better go back, and definitely drink too much,” I said, pulling Hongjoong behind me.


    I was whisked away early in the morning to have breakfast with the wedding party. My head was pounding against my skull, as I tried to remember the previous night after we all left the ballroom.

    Hongjoong was still sleeping on the overly plush couch when I left the room. It was an hour until the actual wedding and we all went to get changed, I decided to go last to sneak away and give Hongjoong a wake up call. I opened the door to the room and saw him sitting on the couch with his phone in hand and dressed in a button up and tie, navy slacks, polished dress shoes and a suit jacket thrown over the arm of the couch.

    “I thought you were meant to be getting ready,” he said, standing up and putting his phone in his pocket.

    I shrugged, “I snuck away to make sure you were awake,” I argued, not wanting him to know my true thoughts of wishing to see his bed head and cute confused expressions after just waking up.

    “Are you sure you didn’t just want to see me,” he teased, raising an eyebrow in question.

    I rolled my eyes, “I have to get back and get changed, you better get down there, I’ll see you later,” I rattled off making a quick escape.

    After changing and making our way to the ballroom the wedding ceremony went by in a blur, before I knew it the reception was in full swing. My uncle on my dad’s side had made a bet he could out drink my oldest cousin on my mom’s side. My brother and sister-in-law had made their rounds and done their first dance.

    I was searching for Hongjoong before I found him sitting next to Rosalie’s parents; he looked comfortable chatting with the man and woman. I grabbed a glass of wine, being my first drink of the night, I made my way over to my relatives and chatted for a bit knowing I wouldn’t have to worry too much about Hongjoong.


    I had only drank one glass of wine and switched to water. I needed to be sober and not hungover in the morning for the long drive back to the city. Making my way back to Hongjoong and seeing him still sitting there alone nursing a drink.

    “There you are, where were you, I was waiting for you to dance with me,” he pouted, his face flushed slightly pink and tie loosened.

    I had never seen drunk Hongjoong, but judging from his slow blinking and slightly slurred words, he was a long way from sober.

    “Do you think you can make it to the room alone,” I asked, leaning down to his level so he could hear over the volume of the music.

    He shook his head, “I don’t want to go back, not until you dance with me,” he protested.

    I stood up, “I’ll dance with you back in the room, come on it’s late and we have a long drive back home,” I said, holding out my hand to him.

    Hongjoong scrunched up his nose, “fine, but only because you’re pretty,” he pouted, taking my hand.

    I walked with him, side-by-side to the elevator. Once inside the metal box he leaned against the side resting his head against it. It got to our floor, the doors opened and we got out making our way down the hall to our room.

    Hongjoong had taken hold of my hand and was stumbling into me every few steps. I stopped outside our room making Hongjoong run into my back, I unlocked the door and turned on the light.

    “I’m going to shower, will you be okay,” I asked, sitting Hongjoong on the couch.

    He nodded, but didn’t let go of my hand, “I can’t stop thinking of kissing you,” he admitted, tugging at my hand lighting.

    I sat down next to him, “you’re drunk, and I don’t want to embarrass you so I’ll forget you said that,” I retorted, feeling embarrassed for him.

    He shook his head, “I’m not going to be embarrassed, I want to kiss you.”

    I looked at him, his face already turned towards me. My eyes flickered to his lips, before I looked away. What was I thinking? I can't kiss him, he’s drunk.

    Lost in thought I didn’t notice Hongjoong letting go of my hand, until it was on my face and turning me to look at him once again. His lips landed on mine, they tasted slightly like the alcohol he was drinking. I sat there waiting for him to pull away.

    “Why didn’t you kiss me back, do you not love me,” he cried, his eyes turning glassy.

    I laughed, “you’re not sober enough to be doing anything like his right now, save it for some other time.”

    He bit his lip, “so you don’t like me then, what were those messages then,” he questioned.

    I landed a quick peck on his lips stopping him from asking any more questions.

    “I do like you, I just don’t want to do anything together you won’t remember,” I argued.

    Hongjoong sighed attempting to remove his tie, “I will remember, because I’m not that drunk.”

    I stood up, “I’m going to shower, and then I am going to sleep because I’m tired, I do love you though,” I whispered.

    I walked towards the bathroom before being stopped once again by Hongjoong, but this time he kissed me right away. His lips were pressed against mine, passion pouring into the kiss. I gave in, my body giving into the passion and emotion in the kiss. I moved my lips against his, arms wrapping about his neck and pulling him closer. One of his hands moved down from my neck to my waist and looped around it to pull me tighter against him.

    We broke apart, breaths coming out in pants, “we really should sleep,” I prompted, although the heat in my body said something different.

    “No, I want to see the sunrise with you,” he protested, pulling me towards the bed.

    We fell together onto the mattress and let the pillows and blankets engulf us. I really didn’t care if he was drunk or not it didn’t matter, because being with him was my own piece of heaven.


    Ask to be tagged

    @stars-of-the-heart @choisjonghos @blueish-sun​ @seoultraveller​ @wonderlandless

    #ateez scenarios #ateez hongjoong scenarios #ateez hongjoong fluff #hongjoong scenarios#hongjoong fluff
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  • captainjoongiekissme
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Bakery Ft. Hongjoong

    I made a small oneshot (very fluffy) i've been thinking about this all day so i just went for it

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  • captainhongjoongwriter
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Bakery Ft Hongjoong

    Warning: Very Fluffy and short. —--- Hongjoong stands next to his girlfriend as he scoops cookie dough into an ice cream scooper, and put the scooped cookie dough onto the tray, he glances at Kayla and smirks when he sees the powder sugar, once he saw it he couldn’t help what he did next, He grabs a handful of the powder sugar and throws it at Kayl making her gaps and look over at him and whines “Hongjoong, why?” Hongjoong chuckles and grabs another handful and throws it at her face making her squeal and pout at him but before she can say anything, Hongjoong wraps his arms around her waist and pecks her lips gently and says “Why? Because you're my donut, and I saw my donut didn’t have any powdered sugar.” Kayla blushes and covers her face and whines, making Hongjoong do that pirate laugh he does sometimes.

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  • dreamtof0rget
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    How they act around you before you start dating - Maknae Line

    San :

    Cuddly baby all the time and I mean all the time

    Always smiling around you, even when you aren´t around, he´ll smile at simply hearing your name

    Is very playful with you

    Is always tending to your every need

    Just like Yunho, he can easily read your emotions

    Loves listening to you, so you can always vent to him about everything and anything

    Loves showing off his skills in front of you

    Is a complete gentleman

    Spends a lot of time with you

    Is always just a call away

    Conclusion: Cuddly baby

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    cliché by mxmtoon

    Cool by Dua Lipa


    I mean....just a pure baby

    Loves being babied by you 

    Is a cuddle boy just like San

    Is the softest human ever around you

    Always has a smile on his face

    Loves sharing everything with you, whether it is a new songs he worked on or even just a jacket or snacks, what is his, is yours

    Sends you the most random, yet sweet texts

    Misses you like crazy when he isn´t with you

    You guys make a lot of spontaneous late night plans

    Definitely convinces you into visiting him back at home while he is on break from Ateez

    Conclusion: Is head over heels


    Loud, loud, LOUD

    Is literally attached at the hip to you

    Shares his whole damn closet with you. You come over? Here have one of my hoodies.

    JEALOUS. Super jealous boy

    Is always trying to impress you 

    Cooks for you all the time

    Flirts constantly with you

    Invites you to the dance practices just so he can show off his dance skills

    Late night 7/11 trips

    Admires you with the biggest smile on his face

    Conclusion: Shameless jealous flirt

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    Crashing by ILLENIUM ft.Bahari

    Just One Day by BTS


    Will not at all show he likes you

    Will treat you exactly like he treats the boys....except with more affection

    Hates when the boys touch him, but goes soft just for you

    Shows off his strength around you 

    Became your gym buddy and always motives you and hypes you up

    Your laugh is music to his ears and makes him all giddy inside

    Coffee dates! 

    The boys often have to point out to him how he gets easily distracted when you´re around

    Is very very protective of you. Someone made you feel bad? He is ready to go beat someone up. Someone made you cry? Jongho is on it!

    Always comforts you when you need it

    Conclusion: Boy takes a while to realize he likes you

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    Delicate by Taylor Swift

    Falling by Harry Styles

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  • fciryhj
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    an impulsive drabble written at 3:48 in the morning inspired by @escapewriter ‘s fic here. i swear, i do not have a life. will edit this in the morning when i have energy lmao. BYE

    you stare at your phone in annoyance. was he really going to be so insistent while you were at work? (then again, what were you doing using your phone during work hours? slacker.)

    “you’re blushing,” jongho coos as you elbow him sharply, heat overwhelming your cheeks. “he’s not going to stop, you know? and the cafe is empty.”

    glancing at jongho, you arch an eyebrow. what exactly was he going at. “as my favourite slogan says, ‘be bold; be you’,” jongho grins.

    “isn’t that a makeup brand’s slogan?”

    jongho scoffs, brushing it off. “just go and tell him your answer straight before i turn on careless whisper,” jongho warns you, waving a finger in the air as you gasp dramatically.

    “you wouldn’t dare!”

    “try me, bitch!”

    another notification came in as you picked your phone up, grumbling softly.

    hj: i am dateble, right?

    you: oh definitely.

    sh: oooo what’s this i sense?

    wy: feelings for hongjoong?

    you: shut up both of you


    mg: ME TOO LMAO

    ys: another coffee would be good

    jh: shut up yeosang

    hj: so? what’s the truth, y/n?

    hj: do you like me?

    slamming your phone down, you make sure no one else is in the cafe before storming over to the table your group of friends sat at.

    hongjoong’s smug expression dropped the moment he saw you walking over. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to make you so mad. it was a–”

    before he could finish his sentence, you grab his collar, pulling him towards you and kissed him.

    the loud gasps at the table and the sound of the rest scrambling to get their phones out to take a photo of this historical moment filled your ears, but you ignored it and chose to focus on the feeling of kissing hongjoong.

    you quickly pull away as the others made noises of disapproval, clearly disappointed they didn’t get a picture. looking back at hongjoong’s very red face, you huff in annoyance.

    “is that a good enough answer to your question?”

    oh, how the tables have turned.

    with that, you turn around and storm off, back to jongho who’s jaw could reach the depths of hell. “that’s not what i meant!” he squeaked as you grab your hair in shock and disbelief.

    “oh my god, what the fuck did i just do!” you squeak. “i just kissed hongjoong and professed my feelings for him!” you groan, grabbing onto jongho’s shoulders. “i’m an idiot, jongho!”

    “yes, you are and i knew that!” he cries out, eyes wide. “and he’s coming right now!”

    you spin around, eyes wide as hongjoong reaches over the counter and grabs your tie, pulling you harshly before kissing you again.

    a loud yelp leaves your lips before you can process the fact he’s kissing you, but as quickly as you can, you return it before he pulls away, ears redder than ever before.

    “is that a good enough reply to your confession?”

    it was safe to say that the seven others screamed louder than ever when hongjoong turned around and walked back to the table as you stood there, mouth opened slightly and staring at nothing, in absolute shock. oh, how the turns have tabled.

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  • hongism
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    12 days of christmas - masterlist

    ❅ 12 Days of Christmas ❅ - an ateez collab

    This holiday season we're celebrating 12 days of Hoe Hoe Hoeing! A present from the trio to you; 12 days of stories from the eight men we adore. From sweet and domestic to frisky and freaky, we present a range of fun, festive holiday fics that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! This season, 12 different stories will come together to add a little 💦 before 2021 ends once and for all 🎄

    writers; @choijjongho​ @hongism and @uhmingi

    banners made by; uhmingi

    schedule; posting every day starting december 12th!


    pairing: s.mingi x reader

    kink/trope: praise

    release date: december 12th

    author: uhmingi


    pairing: p.seonghwa x reader

    kink/trope: sexting/voyeurism

    release date: december 13th

    author: choijjongho


    pairing: k.hongjoong x reader

    kink/trope: spit/semi-public

    release date: december 14th

    author: hongism


    pairing: k.yeosang x reader

    kink/trope: choking

    release date: december 15th

    author: uhmingi


    pairing: j.yunho x reader

    kink/trope: sugar daddy

    release date: december 16th

    author: choijjongho


    pairing: j.wooyoung x reader

    kink/trope: breeding/impregnation

    release date: december 17th

    author: hongism


    pairing: c.jongho x reader

    kink/trope: watersports

    release date: december 18th

    author: uhmingi


    pairing: c.san x reader

    kink/trope: hate sex/e2l/dirty talk

    release date: december 19th

    author: choijjongho


    pairing: c.san x reader x k.yeosang

    kink/trope: spitroasting

    release date: december 20th

    author: hongism


    pairing: j.yunho x reader x s.mingi

    kink/trope: double penetration

    release date: december 21st

    author: uhmingi


    pairing: p.seonghwa x reader x k.hongjoong

    kink/trope: hard & soft dom

    release date: december 22nd

    author: choijjongho


    pairing: j.wooyoung x reader x c.jongho

    kink/trope: hotwifing

    release date: december 23rd

    author: hongism

    all writings belong to users uhmingi, choijjongho, and hongism - please do not copy, take, or otherwise steal these works. translating, reposting, or otherwise utilizing these works is not permitted.

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  • peachybun-bun
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Reading to Ateez

    pairing; ateez x gender neutral reader

    genre; fluff

    notes/warnings; beware of cute shit


    You are curled up in the corner of the couch, your favorite book in your hands, as Hongjoong works at his computer. You only look up when you hear him sigh, tipping your head to the side as you watch him. “What’s wrong?”

    “I’m stuck on this one part, and don’t know how to get past it,” he replies, running a hand over his face.

    You watch him as he slumps in his chair a little, before holding a hand out to him. “Come here. Focus on something else for a little while. It might help,” you suggest with a small smile.

    He sighs again and stands so he can join you on the couch. He settles between your legs after you stretch out, resting back against your chest, as you hold the book out in front of both of you.

    You start to read aloud, his eyes closing as he listens to where you left off with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. You can feel his fingers drawing random designs on your thigh, and you know his mind is still wandering, though you’re not sure where.

    After another chapter and a half, he sits up and turns to you with a grin. “I got it. Thank you,” he tells you suddenly, giving you a quick kiss, before he goes back to work at his computer.


    “What are you reading?”

    You glance up to see Seonghwa crawling onto the bed, laying so his head was resting on your thighs. “Oh. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I used to read it when I was a kid,” you reply with a grin.

    He raises his eyebrows at you as he settles on the bed on his back, staring up at the ceiling. “Read me one. Let’s see how scary they are.”

    You turn the pages to start a new story, doing your best to make it sound as scary as you can. You don’t glance up at Seonghwa until you finish, blinking in surprise to find him staring at you with an appalled look on his face.

    “That was terrifying! This is a book for kids?”


    You are both sitting on the couch, your feet tucked between Yunho’s thigh and the couch cushion. You two had been working your way through the Harry Potter series, with you reading out loud to him most nights. One arm is wrapped around your legs, between your calves and thighs, while his cheek rests on your knees.

    “Sometimes, I think Harry is a huge idiot,” you remark as you turn the page.

    You feel Yunho shift so his chin is resting on your knees as he watches you, a soft smile on his face. “He is. He’s not even the best character. Neville is,” he replies.

    You look up and cock an eyebrow at him, shaking your head a little. “Hm. I always thought Molly was better.”

    He narrows his eyes at you, though he’s fighting a smile at your words. “A formidable second,” he teases, before putting his cheek back on your knees.

    You laugh softly as he settles against you, reaching over to tug a piece of his hair gently. You lean back against the pillow behind you as you start reading again.

    Before long you hear Yunho’s quiet snores, having fallen asleep on your legs as he listened to you read. You smile as you mark your page and set the book aside, shifting carefully so he could lay down with his head on your stomach.


    “Yeosang? Do you mind if I read this book to you? I have an interview tomorrow, and I have to read a children’s book as part of it, and I want to practice to make sure I don’t trip up,” you ask, shooting him your best puppy dog eyes.

    He grins and nods as he eagerly sits on the floor in front of the couch, crossing his legs as he looks up at you. “Okay. I’m ready.”

    You blink at his actions, before letting out a laugh. “Alright then,” you reply as you move to sit on the couch. You clear your throat as you hold the book up so he can see the pictures as you read.

    It doesn’t take long to get through the book, using your best character voices you could for the story, before you set the book aside. You glance at Yeosang, who is grinning from ear to ear. “If you don’t get that job, then they are dumb. Read it again?”


    “Can you read to me again tonight?” San asks as you tug the covers back on the bed.

    You quirk an eyebrow at him as you adjust your pillows and settle against them, smirking slightly at his request. “You’re just going to fall asleep again. You always fall asleep when I read to you,” you tease.

    He pouts and shakes his head, moving so his arms are wrapped around your middle, his head resting against your chest. “No, I won’t. I like it when you read to me. Please?” he asks, giving you a small squeeze.

    You sigh as you reach for your book, before pressing a soft kiss to the top of his head. “Fine.” You open your book to find where you left off, holding the book with one hand as the other moves through his hair.

    It’s not long before you realize San’s breathing had gotten deeper and more even. You know, even without looking down at him, that he fell asleep. You smile to yourself as you keep reading silently and playing with his hair. It never did take long for him to fall asleep.


    “Can you read me a story?” you hear Mingi croak from the couch. He had been laying around, acting miserable, thanks to a cold he had caught.

    You furrow your brows at his request. “A story? What story?” you ask as you set his bowl of soup down on the side table.

    He groans as he sits up slowly, shrugging one shoulder. “Anything.”

    You bite your lip as you turn to the bookshelf, before plucking a book off. You point to his soup as you sit on the opposite end of the couch from him, resting back against the armrest. “You eat while I read,” you tell him.

    He nods as you start to read, though he doesn’t reach for his bowl. He lays back down instead, his head in your lap as he curls up as tiny as he can on the cushions.

    You can’t help but smile as you brush your fingers through his hair as his eyes close, your voice slowly lulling him to sleep, his soup going cold on the table.


    You’re sitting at the counter as Wooyoung cooks, eyes fixed on a paperback book in front of you. The front cover is curled back as you hold it in one hand, the sounds of vegetables sizzling from the stove filling the kitchen.

    “Read me some?” you hear Wooyoung ask.

    You pause and glance up, shooting him a curious look. “You want me to start reading to you in the middle of the book?”

    He nods as he reaches for the salt, glancing over at you quickly. “Yeah. Please?”

    You smile and shrug one shoulder, leaning your elbows on the counter as you find your spot again. You pick up where you left off, this time reading aloud, as Wooyoung moves around the kitchen.

    You get another page further before you stop, slowly looking up from the book to find Wooyoung leaning against the opposite side of the counter, staring at you with eyes full of interest. “What happens next?” he asks, raising his eyebrows at you.


    “Wait, so they just met?” Jongho asks as he glances at you.

    You sigh as another question leaves his lips, nodding at him. “Yes. Will you shut up and listen?” You had been trying to finish reading the chapter for the past hour, but Jongho would not stop asking questions.

    He shoots you a sheepish look and nods, giving your leg a squeeze as you start reading again. He falls silent as you continue through the next few pages, furrowing his brow after one paragraph. “Wait, so they’re just out in the open? Who does that?”

    You groan as you close the book around your finger, shooting him another stern look. “I don’t know! If you don’t let me read, then we’ll never know,” you scold, causing him to apologize under his breath.

    You open the book again and start reading aloud. You only glance up when you see Jongho open his mouth to speak again, reaching over to smack his arm with the book. “Don’t you dare,” you threaten.


    tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @dnghycks-bestie @givememunjang @ateezbabysitters @chittaphonstar @cottoncandy-kiwiin @sparklymin @rdflare51 @stopitvpls@verylonelymind @givememunjang @glitteringcoffeefreak @frappenha @cottoncandy-kiwiin​ @poopandshitetc @donutswjam​ @shingisimp​ @tbzboba

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  • dairyminki
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    ateez masterlist ✧.ೃ࿐

    🌸 - fluff     💔 - angst     🌠 - series     ✨ - oneshot


    🌹 none yet


    🌹 strawberry kisses - (🌸✨)


    🌹  heavy hearts, hazy minds - (💔✨)


    🌹  none yet


    🌹  sleepy sannie - (🌸✨)

    🌹 ticklish toughie - (🌸✨)

    🌹 from the shadows - (🌸✨)

    🌹 rocky - (🌸💔✨)


    🌹  none yet


    🌹  haunted - (✨)


    🌹  none yet


    🌹  ‘TEEZ The Season [ christmas special ] 

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  • dreamtof0rget
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    How they act around you before you start dating - Hyung Line


    Always extremely polite

    Really sweet and caring

    Will always make sure you are happy

    Will invite you to hang out in the studio with him every now and then because it is the only time away he gets from the boys

    Invites you once to the dorm, regrets it instantly

    Wooyoung will for sure tease him for the rest of his life

    So will the other boys to be honest

    Shows you songs he wrote about you, but you don´t know they are about you

    Always sends good morning and good night texts

    Observes a lot, so notices small things no one else does

    Despite hating skinship, he will every now and then find ways to be close to you

    Only talks to Seonghwa about how he really feels about you

    In conclusion: Sweet boy

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    The 1 by Taylor Swift

    Adore You by Harry Styles


    A perfect gentleman, forever and always

    Invites you to hang out with the boys

    meaning he wants an excuse to have you around him

    Smiles and laughs at all your jokes, even if they are lame

    Compliments you all the time, literally does not care if he gets teased for it

    Surprises you at your school/work

    Brings you flowers every now and then

    Often seeks advice with Hongjoong, as he doesn´t immediately realize that he likes you

    Shares his favorite songs with you

    Invites you for movie nights all the time, and usually ends up cooking for you

    Will most definitely hype you up and take the coolest pictures for your instagram 

    Conclusion: Caring Gentleman

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    All About You by ATEEZ

    Anywhere by Rita Ora


    Is always smiling, more than usual around you

    Gets shy a lot! And I mean a lot!!

    Gets all flustered if you hold on to him in any way

    Always, I mean always, has your back

    Can see right through you

    you´re sad? he knows

    you´re angry? he knows

    Loves playing with your hair, when you are watching movies with him and the boys.

    Loves giving you hugs, like all the time

    Tries to make you laugh a lot, because it makes his heart beat faster when you do

    Talks to Mingi about it a lot

    You guys are goofy together all the time

    Conclusion: Puppy in love

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    Cardigan by Taylor Swift

    Boy With Luv by BTS


    Teases you all the time

    Is actually a little mean to you

    Never tells you how he actually feels

    Does not talk to the others about how he feels, until Jongho hears him talk in his sleep about you

    Teaches you to skateboard as you beg him

    Is actually happy you asked him, because it gives him an excuse to be closer to you

    If you fall asleep on his shoulder, he will let you sleep, occasionally whispering something nice

    Loves that you help him tease the others

    Always shares his snacks with you

    secretly loves sharing his snacks with you

    Observes and admires you a lot

    Gets jealous when you decide to mess around with San and Wooyoung

    Always replies to your texts right away

    Conclusion: Hehetmon doesn´t know how to act around you

    Bonus: Two songs that remind him of you

    Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift

    Aurora by ATEEZ

    #Ateez#atiny#ateez comeback#ateez imagines #ateez hyung line #kim hongjoong #kim hongjoong imagines #kim hongjoong fluff #hongjoong imagines#hongjoong fluff#park seonghwa#ateez hongjoong #park seonghwa imagine #park seonghwa fluff #ateez seonghwa#seonghwa#seonghwa imagine#seonghwa fluff#jeong yunho #jeong yunho imagine #jeong yunho fluff #ateez yunho#yunho imagine#yunho fluff#yunho#kang yeosang #kang yeosang imagine #kang yeosang fluff #ateez yeosang#yeosang imagine
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  • dreamtof0rget
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Anxiety - Choi San

    You and San had known each other for a little bit over a year now. While your friendship wasn´t that long yet it most certainly was an extremely important one to San and also to you. San had met you once through KQ as back then you were an intern and got the privilege of working with Ateez. The boys were all extremely nice to you which immediately led to a friendship with all of them. However, you and San bonded over the fact you both came from small towns and you guys always seemed to have something to talk about. This was now a whole year ago and you still talk to all the boys, well mostly because you are now a full term employee at KQ. You are part of their staff. If they have VLives planned, there you are helping them out. They have a schedule to follow? You are usually there as well. The managers actually quite enjoy having you around as well since you seem to keep the boys a little bit more in check, especially San who seems to want to act more mature around you. Everyone else could see the reason why he did, but you thought, it was simply growing up.

    Lately, you had been feeling rather down. Your sleep schedule was all over to place, your eating habits were also all over the place and you just knew this feeling all too well. You used to feel like that all the time at school. While in videos and in their logs the staff, including you are blurred out, in real life that just isn´t possible. A few days ago, for your birthday, the boys had been so kind and had planned a whole day for you. They had the day off and since they had such a good relationship with you, they had wanted to somehow give back for the wonderful work you did. They had planned to take you out for dinner and then head off to karaoke and that is exactly what they did. Everything was fun and going smoothly until you had been leaving the restaurant. Apparently, some fans had caught wind of the boys being out and of course plenty rushed to the scene. You were used to seeing the boys deal with this but not you, not in the flesh. You felt so anxious walking through the mass of girls, it left a real imprint on you. Of course, pictures had been taken of you heading into the car with the boys and it kinda blew up after that. KQ had quickly explained the matter, as they didn´t want the boys or you, dealing with any bad messages but it was too late. The feeling of anxiety had been with you constantly since that night and you were truly considering your job right now. While you loved working with the boys, you had to think of your mental state, and getting messages from girls, you didn´t even know, telling you that you just were not worthy of being around the boys and worse, didn´t help it.

    So here you were about to head into the practice room. You took a deep breath before putting on a fake smile and walking in and looking at the boys sprawled out on the floor, out of breath. You chuckled to yourself and shook your head "alright boys, I think that is enough for today. Clear up schedule is done. Go home and rest. You too Hongjoong, you have been sleeping at the studio the past 3 days, that is enough" you said sternly as the boys got up. Hongjoong shook his head and walked over to you "yes mother" he teased before giving you a hug. You were glad he did because they had no idea it would be their last. You went on, hugging each boy as they headed out, San was as usual the last one. 

    The boy had noticed the change in you and he was aware something was off. He hugged you and felt you hug him back tightly. Something was definitely off. He continued holding on to you as he spoke "Hey, listen, I wanted to make sure you are okay. I know your birthday evening didn´t go as planned and I can´t imagine how overwhelmed you were. So if there is anything you want to talk about or just rant or anything please, text me or just call me. You know I´m always just a call away." he said as he slowly stepped back to look at your face. You kept the same fake smile on your lips and nodded "yeah, of course. Don´t worry about it Sannie. I´m fine" you said as you fully let go of him "now go. or they might leave without you" a joke to attempt and hide your sadness. You didn´t want to tell them you were quitting because honestly, they would for sure do something to convince you to stay and you didn´t think staying was the right choice for you. San smiled and kissed your head before heading out and that was the last you saw of him. "enjoy your week off. you worked hard! Enjoy Jeju" you called out after him


    A week had passed and the boys had most definitely enjoyed their week away on Jeju island. San was worried about you tho. You had not texted him, or called him or giving any sign of you to him or any of the other boys. The boys would tell him, to stop worrying that you were probably enjoying your week away from them and their shenanigans, however this was proven to be wrong as they came to the studio that Monday morning. Everyone was set up in the conference room, and they were currently talking about the upcoming tour dates. San was looking at his paper in silence until he finally spoke up "will (y/n) be joining us?" he asked. The room had gone quiet which the boys found odd. Their manager cleared his throat "No. She will not. (y/n), no longer works for KQ. She resigned a week ago" he said, actually feeling sorry, as he saw the boys sad faces. "what? she quit? why would she not tell us?" Wooyoung asked as he sat up straight.

    "I thought she liked working here? Who´s going to help me tease Wooyoung now?" Yeosang asked earning a glare from Wooyoung who was right next to him. San was in complete silence. Everything made sense. The hug, the way you hugged him, he should have known. He got up "I have somewhere to go" he excused himself and left. Their manager was about to say something before Seonghwa spoke up "We both know San is not going to listen to either of us. Everyone knows he has a soft spot for (y/n) and she probably quit because of what happened on her birthday. We should have talked to her, or been more careful" he looked at the other boys. "Let´s just resume. San knows what he´s doing" Hongjoong piped in before they continued the meeting.

    San knew where you lived, the boys had been over a few times, and he was heading there full speed. It wasn´t too far which was good. On his way there he called you. You were packing up as you had decided to go spend some time with your parents away from KQ and everything else, you just needed to escape. You didn´t check the caller ID as you picked up simply assuming it was your mother. You had told them everything about what happened and them wanting to keep you safe suggested you come be with them for a while. "hello? Mom you don´t need to call me every 5 seconds. The panic attacks are getting better I swear" you said not even thinking.

    "Panic attacks? Why didn´t you tell me you were leaving?" San asked through the phone as he continued running.

    You felt your breath get stuck in your lungs for a moment as you stopped packing and sat on your bed "San....I... I didn´t have to tell you San. I simply happen to work with you. I´m fine" you argued, wanting to shut him out. It was your defense mechanism.

    "Don´t play that game with me (y/n). I know you. I knew something wasn´t right, I should have done something sooner. Look, I know it´s hard and it´s so scary but you can´t leave. You can´t leave us. You can´t leave me" 

    You could hear the pain in his voice "what are you talking about San? You´re fine without me. All of you" 

    He laughed, almost in a bitter way. "Fine? Fine.....do you know how bad it hurts every time you weren´t there? Despite being on vacation, it sucked because you weren´t there. Now open the door"

    You were confused but walked through your front door and opened it. You were faced with an out of breath San, who slipped his phone into his pocket before almost tackling you in a hug "please....please don´t leave." he whispered, suppressing his tears. Over the past year, San had found himself feeling attracted to you, in the most pure way possible. You brought him joy and comfort and he couldn´t be without you anymore. He didn´t want to. You shook your head "I am not coming back San....you don´t know what they said...I..." you felt yourself get chocked up at everything that had been pressuring your brain and heart lately. You couldn´t back the tears and San didn´t mind, he let you cry it out on his chest. The two of you just stood there at your entrance, holding on to each other like you were each other´s life lines. After a while, he pulled away from the hug and wiped your tears with his thumbs before pulling you into a kiss. You felt like you were going to melt in that moment. The way he had been holding you made you feel safe, but being in his arms like this made you feel like nothing could hurt you. After a bit San pulled away and directed you to the couch " sit"

    You went ahead and took a seat, after being gone for a few moment San came into the living room with two cups of tea. He handed you one and set his down before getting his phone, sending a text to the boys, saying he would not be back until that night or next morning and focused solely on you. "Now....Darling, I´m all yours and I´m all ears so lay it all on me. All your worries, everything just let them out" he said gently rubbing your cheek. For the rest of the day, that is exactly what you did. You told him everything, from you troubles with anxiety in the past and how you had been currently feeling. San was nothing but helpful and understanding. Of course, being the hopeless romantic he was, he held physical contact with you the whole time in order to make sure you knew he was right there. The two of you made dinner together, and you still did feel anxious, after all it doesn´t just fade away, but this time you felt like you could handle it because you weren´t alone. San was right there with you. You had dinner and eventually you knew you had to call your parents to let them know you weren´t going back after all.

    "Hi mom" you said as you facetimed your mother "I just wanted to let you know, I´m not coming home just yet. I think I´m going to stick around here just a while longer. Give the job another try" 

    "If you think that is what is best for you honey, I understand. Just please be careful." You mother said worried about you. She soon spotted a head laying on your shoulder " (y/n). Who is that with you?" 

    San perked up and fixed his shirt before taking your phone " Mrs.(y/l/n). I´m Choi San your daughter´s boyfriend. It is so nice to meet you. I now understand where she gets her looks." he said politely to your mother. You felt yourself blush and nudged him to stop.

    "Nice to meet you San, take care of my baby, will you? (y/n) I like him, you should bring him home eventually" your mother said and before you could even say anything, San was already making plans with your mother to come and meet her and your father. You sat, watching him interact with your mother, a smile on your face as you admired your now boyfriend. You knew you were extremely lucky.

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  • sunwoosbunny
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Font Credit: xszx Texture Credit: sunkilioria Edits by: @sunwoosbunny

    Chapter 2 of 8 Hearts Counting On Me Series. Prècis: You spent the last six years of your life in school, studying to be a teacher, just to catch your first big break. You a woman of color fresh out of college was recruited and hired by a k-pop company to be a personal live-in English teacher to the one and only, Ateez. The news was mind-boggling, you didn’t know what to expect of the culture, the people, but the biggest shocker was trying to save your heart from eight, talented, and beautiful men.

    Pairing: !fempocReader x Hongjoong Co-Writer: @bebetae

    (You don’t have to be a poc to read this series, I just wanted to be inclusive to the poc women like myself who rarely feel represented in fics.)

    Genre: Teacher x student, friends to lovers, fluff, angst, smut.

    Chapter Focus: It had been six months since you moved in, six months since HongJoong made a move, six months since you finally gave in and fell in love.

    Warnings: Unprotected sex (y/n is on the pill), soft/harddom!Joong (big dick energy, cause why not?), spanking, oral (fem receiving) hair-pulling, creampie, y/n has brat tendencies, slight body worship, Joong calls Y/N his queen/babydoll (as he should) starts in the shower ends on the sheets with some sweet aftercare from our lovely leader. (let me know if i missed anything!) Word Count: 8,778k

    ♡ Recap ♡

    While you truly enjoyed being enveloped with endless amounts of compliments, you had come to a certain realization that it would be impossible to not like any of them. You had to keep your mind straight no matter how much you found them all to be attractive. Eight men, eight hearts, and only one of you. What’s the worst that could happen, right? ** End of recap **

    ♡ Six months later: ♡

    You smiled as you rolled over onto your back the fluffy blankets covering your frame were pulled taught against your chest. It had been six months since you settled into your new life in South Korea. Adjusting to such a new environment proved to be a great challenge for you but along the way, you had created a close bond with each one of your students and even made some friends through the connections of the agency. You honestly thought nothing terrible could happen until you thought about the first time HongJoong had admitted that he had more than platonic feelings for you. You merely laughed off the thought of him actually being serious. Maybe it was because you were the only woman to live this close with him in so long or maybe it was just simply nothing. You chewed on your bottom tier as you thought back to the moment that led up to his confession. ♡ Flashback ♡ “Joong, Joong, eh, Joong?! Hello, are you even listening to me?” You raised your brows as you smiled lightly before you watched him snap back to reality, bite marks were indented into the wood of his pencil. He blinked and cleared his throat before finally speaking. “Uh, sorry, I guess I kinda zoned out.” He didn’t want to come clean about staring at you during the entire duration of the lesson. HongJoong loved everything about you, an embodiment of beauty that couldn’t be explained. He desperately sought to run his lips along the nape of your neck, to have his hands pressed against the small of your back. But, more importantly, he wanted to tell you how beautiful your skin was, but he deemed it all to be inappropriate. You gave him a simple nod, before taking a seat next to him. You continued her lesson by pointing out the conjunctions and phrases she wanted him to work on whenever he didn’t have a schedule. The more you had spoken it had become clear to you that he was focused on everything else but work. You felt his eyes on you in a way that could make any woman quiver, the constant brushing of your hands, the way his voice would go low an octave anytime you had addressed him. It drove you mad but no, he was your student, he couldn’t be into you. It was absolutely impossible, you would probably catch on fire in that very spot if you denied the attraction you had towards him. But, you were more than likely far from his type. You sucked in a light breath, as you both finished the lesson. HongJoong quickly jumped to his feet, giving you a graceful bow before he excused himself. You were put off by his behavior only because you didn’t understand it and you didn’t understand what could possibly keep him from being focused. You had ultimately gotten your answer later that day, after a long day of planning for the next lesson you strolled into your room to find your bed covered in white and yellow tulip petals with a banner laying in the middle of it. Your cheeks flushed as you read every word carefully, instantly knowing that the handwriting had belonged to Joong,” When I’m alone, I think of so many things to say to you, but when I have the chance to tell you, I go speechless.” You gasped as you read his confession over and over, baffled not by how he felt but more surprised that he was actually attracted to you. No matter how much you wanted this all to be true, your union would undoubtedly be frowned upon and you would end up being fired. You picked the banner, and whispered lowly to yourself.``Oh, Joong, what am I going to do with you?” ** End of flashback ** HongJoong had confessed weeks ago, and every lesson since then had been quiet and more productive. You were too nervous to bring up the banner you found until your own inner battle with yourself started to show on your face.

    You knew he could feel your uneasiness, but today you wanted to face him head-on. You pulled the covers back from your frame, mentally thanking yourself for taking a shower the night before.

    You slipped into a pair of black leggings that stuck to your thighs like a third layer of skin, you pulled a lilac crew neck over your head before stepping into your house shoes.

    Your eyes diverted over to the clock on the wall, it was time to look the man you grew to like in the face once again. You pushed pieces of your curls behind your ears before grabbing your books and phone, strolling out into the hallway.

    The moment you turned the corner, your heart pounded as Joong was already sitting there. His head raised as his dazzling orbs met your own, a large smile spreading across his lips as he greeted you.

    ``Good afternoon, Noo...I mean Y/N.” He instantly blushed before clearing his throat making room for you at the dining table. You laughed lightly as you shook your head.

    You had always told the boys there was no need for such formalities; you wanted them to feel comfortable even if it meant calling you by your first name in private and addressing you properly in public.

    ” Good afternoon, Joong, how were the study packs that I left for you during our last meeting? I hope they helped you in some way.” You smiled from ear to ear before taking a seat beside him, you took out a notebook that was specifically zoned for him and his progress.

    You could feel him scrambling to find the cards and the notes he had taken beside you before he finally spoke, his eyes falling upon the side of your face.

    ``They were very, very helpful. I took some time practicing in between sets during our schedules. The only word I truly had an issue with was Exponentially, it turns into a jumble of letters any time I try to pronounce it. Could we possibly practice that word today?”

    He smiled shyly, he was never one to get embarrassed about seeking help but when it came to you he was a nervous wreck. You hummed as you jotted down the task of the day as you listened to him speak.

    ”Of course, that’s what I’m here for after all right? To help you, now let’s get to work.” The two had probably spent nearly two hours on the word, you would help him break it down in parts, help him form sentences until eventually, he made progress.

    But, ultimately, any minute you spent next to him, made the realization of his confession more prominent.

    You still hadn’t worked up the courage to tell him about how you had felt. Your face had noticeably fallen into an expression that was merely unreadable as Joong stopped short in the middle of a sentence.

    He placed down his pencil and lightly placed his hand on your shoulder, shaking you out of your trance.”How about we end the lesson early today? And have some tea, maybe even talk a little? I know you are here to teach but you also deserve a mental break every once in a while right?”

    His brows raised as he looked at you with concern, he didn’t even give you the chance to answer before he was up on his feet and scurrying off into the kitchen to make you a cup of tea.

    You sighed lightly as you watched him walk away, you moved to clean up the mess you both had made, neatly packing up his study cards and aligning his pencils.

    Your eyes moved to look over at him, your chin falling into your hand as you whispered lowly.”Only if you knew what your confession means to me..” Your eyes beamed the moment he came back to the table, two cups of tea in hand.

    You bowed your head and smiled, taking one of the cups from him as he sat down. The instant layer of awkward silence settled in, the two had never “hung out” outside the terms of their sessions.

    While the veil of professionalism dropped, that sense of comfort you had always felt whenever he was near had slowly started to seep in. HongJoong took a sip of his tea before taking the first step of breaking the ice.

    The night that you were going to remember forever started with 21 questions. You both laughed and carried on for what felt like forever. You had learned so much more about him, it made your heart warm to know that he had adored minions, that his favorite color was beige and his favorite flower was Plum Blossoms.

    The more they talked the more space in between them had shrunk, you didn’t remember when or how it happened but the moment his hand landed on top of your own it was like the world had stopped spinning.

    You instinctively pulled your hand back, your eyes diverting towards the floor. You honestly didn’t know what was wrong with you, you liked him, you enjoyed his presence, but it all in a way felt wrong.

    That was until the unexpected happened, HongJoong leaned forward, his hand rising to cup your chin, pulling your face to meet his gaze. Once again, you were met with silence, he had appeared to be conflicted while you on the other hand were undecided, should you run away or stay put?

    The answer to your question was quickly answered as you were greeted with a soft pair of lips upon your own. HongJoong’s hands had moved to your waist, pulling you flush against his chest as your lips meshed and moved as one.

    With every passing second, the kiss had gotten more heated, your worries had faded into the darkness of your mind. Your hand raised to press against his cheek, a faint moan escaping you as his teeth bit into your lower pout.

    For once you weren’t a teacher, for once you were no longer afraid, for once you had felt like a normal woman finally having the chance to let loose, that was until their sweet moment of solace was interrupted by the sounds of the front door to the dorm unlocking.

    The clamoring sounds of the remainder of the boys filling their ears, you jumped back the second the door had flown open.

    Seonghwa being the first to enter, his brows were raised with the impression that they had all interrupted something. They all had exchanged an array of hello’s, while San, & Wooyoung had run off yelling at each other over a match of Call of Duty.

    The two had looked at each other, your heart nearly pounding away in your chest before you jumped to your feet.``Excuse me, I have to go..” You bowed before them not letting anyone get a word in before you ran off to your room. Your hand clutched at your chest as you slammed the door shut behind you.

    You sucked in a deep breath as you plopped back on your bed, a wide smile spreading across your face, your finger raising to brush along your plush tiers. Your eyes diverted up to the ceiling thinking about the electricity that shot through your body the moment you both had finally shared your first kiss.

    Only if it could have lasted a little longer, only if the boys didn’t come home, who knows where the kiss would have led. You chewed on your lip and sighed contently before rolling over onto your side, falling asleep with the widest smile on your face.

    ♡ HongJoong’s POV ♡

    For a single moment kissing Y/N had felt like a fever dream, it wasn’t exactly how he planned it would go but he could no longer resist the urge to be with you.

    Their lips had joined for a brief union filled with passion he would pay the gods to turn back time just to be able to taste you once more. Only to his dismay his group mates just had to barge in and screw it all up.

    His heart nearly jumped into his throat as the door swung open, the two had pulled apart in time for no one to see but not quick enough that there were already a pair of curious eyes burning into his face.

    HongJoong’s gaze had dropped the moment Y/N shot up and ran out of the room, Seonghwa had cleared his throat, all of the members gasping as they strolled into the living room and sitting down on the couch.

    He was prepared to be hit with questions that he simply didn’t want to answer. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust them, it was just that for once he wanted to keep something to himself especially when the woman he adores so much happens to be his teacher.`

    `Is Y/N, okay? She usually greets us whenever we come home. Is she sick? Were you mean to her? You know how you get when you’re upset, Hyung.”

    Jongho, their youngest went on and on with questions before Seonghwa finally shushed him, their elder gave him an assertive side-eye before the maknae sunk down into the couch.

    ”HongJoong, is there something that you’d like to share with us?” In any other instance, he would be more forthcoming but right now, even though he hated to lie to them he had to he just wasn’t ready to come clean.

    He raised his head slowly, his eyes meeting their curious faces, he cracked a smile before shaking his head.”Uh, no, of course not, Y/N just didn’t feel too well today I suppose.”

    He rubbed the back of his neck slightly before they all nodded, everyone except Seonghwa it was clear he wasn’t buying it but whatever he didn’t know for now won’t hurt him.

    HongJoong cleared his throat as he gathered up his books and pencils before wishing them all a goodnight and retreating back to his room. Deep down he knew that keeping this secret to himself wouldn’t last for much longer.

    ** End of HongJoong's POV **

    ♡ The Next Morning ♡

    You hummed as you were awakened by the soft sun rays that peered in through the shades, your hands pulling the covers from your frame as you crawled out of your bed.

    For the first time in six months, the boys finally had a weekend off, which meant you could finally have the chance to tell Joong how you felt. Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as you paced the floor of your room.

    You went over so many scenarios on how to approach the situation but you constantly circled back to just one, you pushed the doors to your closet open as you leaned up on your toes, pulling a large white box wrapped with a black bow from the top shelf.

    If you were going to face your feelings, you had to be prepared for whatever might follow next. A small smirk spread across your lips as you pulled the bow free, your hands pushing off the lid as your fingers wrapped around the straps of a white lace bralette.

    ”You can do this, Y/N, it’s not too forward right?” You questioned yourself before sucking in a deep breath.

    No. You were going to do this, you couldn’t back down, especially not now. You shed your frame of last night’s pajamas, before sliding on the white lace thong that fit perfectly over the curves of your cheeks.

    You pull the straps of the bralette up your arms, placing them over each shoulder as you buckle the hooks. (Click Heart : ♡ ) The last item was a soft satin white-beige robe that covered your curvaceous frame.

    You tied the straps into a perfect bow before stepping into your house shoes.”This is it, no turning back now.” You had whispered to yourself before slowly pulling the door open to your room, your head poked out, ears perking up to see if the coast was clear.

    The only downside of your plan was having to get through the living room and across the dorm to Joong’s room without running into any of the boys, especially Seonghwa who seemed more than suspicious about your abrupt exit from last night.

    You pulled your door closed behind you and quickly made a run for it, you quietly sprinted down the hallways trying your hardest not to slip and fall.

    Luckily for you all of the member’s doors were closed, you heard San & Wooyoung arguing behind their door about who’s turn it was to change the channel. And from the sounds of aggressive counting and huffing, you figured Jongho was in his room working out as he had always done on his days off.

    You finally reached the other side of the apartment, you made your way down the corridor to Joong’s room that was off to the corner, you were more excited than you should have been about him having a room all to himself.

    You raised your hand and knocked on the door gently, waiting a few moments before you started to get anxious. What if Yeosang or Seonghwa came out of their rooms and saw you standing here. You were completely underdressed to make the excuse of leading a lesson on a weekend.

    Your nerves were starting to get the best of you before you heard a muffled response.”Come in!” HongJoong had shouted out from the other side of the door, you chewed on your lip lightly and turned the knob.

    You quickly ushered in, closing and locking the door behind yourself. You stepped out of your slippers and called out his name, wondering where he was. His room was far more spacious than your own and surprisingly it was extremely neat.

    ”Joong, where are you?” You heard a sudden crash, a laugh following shortly after as you quickly made your way towards the direction of the sound, the shower was running and your blood had instantly gone cold.

    Out of all times, he had to be in the shower at this very moment. You pushed the door open slowly, your hand covering your eyes.” A..are you okay, in there? I can just come back later when you are decent.”

    You didn’t know why but you found yourself holding your breath, hoping that he didn’t find you weird for just walking into his bathroom but boy were you wrong.

    You had felt a wet hand wrap around your wrist, pulling your hand away from your face. Joong had stood there in all his glory, wet, toned, and with a look of lust in his eyes that could send you melting into the floor.

    You tried your hardest to not let your eyes wander but the moment you caught sight of his cock it was like the air was knocked from your chest. A deep blush rose on your cheeks as you cleared your throat and looked away.

    Joong smiled slyly, he loved to see you flustered, the atmosphere around them was quiet, a thick blanket of tension settling in before he finally spoke.”I was wondering if it would be me or you to make the next move, but now that you’re here. I guess you don’t regret the kiss that we shared last night.

    His fingers tapped at the side of your cheek, pulling you to face him you knew he was waiting for a response but my goodness he looked so fucking good that you couldn’t focus on anything else than how he looked standing in front of you.

    His freshly cut undercut was drenched, driblets of water were running down his cheeks and settling on the curve of his jawline, his signature smirk plastered on his face.

    ♡ Smut ahead ♡

    You didn’t know how much time had passed before you were snapped out of your trance by the sudden rush of water hitting your skin.

    Joong had pulled you into the shower with him, you squeaked and punched his chest playfully.”Are you serious? I’m still dressed, and this was very expensive!” You whined and rolled your eyes as he stood there and laughed at your outburst, he gave you a simple shake of his head before roughly pushing you against the wall.

    His hand dropped to the belt of your robe, tugging it open as he pushed the satin fabric off your shoulders and down your arms, discarding it on the floor of the shower. Your lips parted your natural instinct of wanting to retort trying to push its way to the surface but for once nothing came out.

    Deep down inside you wanted this, you wanted him and every way imaginable. Your hands moved along the canvas of his chest, taking in every single perfectly sculpted muscle that she could get her hands on.

    ”The next time I ask you a question, I expect you to answer, my queen.” His nose scrunched slightly before he moved to close the gap between the two of you, his arms coiled around your frame as he pulled you tight against his chest.

    ” I don’t want you to run away from me anymore, I want you, all of you..” Joong had whispered lowly before his lips crashed against your own, this kiss was different from the first, he kissed you with such fervor and desperation, your tongues moved to fight for dominance he swallowed the soft moans that escaped you.

    His hands worked at the straps of your bralette, he popped the hooks with one hand while pushing the soaking fabric down your arms with the other. You metaphorically floated up into the land of sweet euphoria, the stress of being caught had left your mind, you didn’t want to worry about the what-ifs, you wanted to focus on the right now.

    You moved your right leg to lift and wrap around his waist, your hips rolling against the growing monster in between his legs, the sounds of his soft groans had sent chills rolling up your spine.

    You watched as his hands gently moved along your mocha brown skin, touching you like you were a vase that could be easily shattered. A soft gasp sounded out as his thumbs ran over your nipples, his lips dropped to your neck as he had slowly worshiped your flesh.

    Kisses were planted along the entirety of your chest, love bites being left behind that you’d surely have to cover with makeup the next day. Your moans filled his ears which sent a direct signal to his aching cock that wanted nothing more to be wrapped and covered with the juices that your jewel had to offer.

    Anytime you made the move of wanting to touch him, you were greeted with gentle smacks to your hands until finally he pulled his head back and looked down at you.

    ”I want to make this about you, please, let me show you how much I want you..” Joong’s voice had dropped an octave, his piercing gaze sent your pussy into a frenzy, you gave him a simple nod before he moved to turn off the shower.  

    His arms moved to the back of your thighs as he lifted you up off your feet in one swift motion, a small giggle escaped you as you held onto him.”You know I could have walked to the bed, Joong.”

    You leaned up and pressed a kiss upon his cheek as he stepped out of the shower, carrying you out into his room before he dropped you down onto his bed gently.

    ”Queens, shouldn’t walk if they don’t need to.” He said assertively, the Joong you had met all those months ago appeared to be gone, the one standing before exuded this lustful dominant energy that made your legs shake.

    Even though you weren’t a virgin, you had only engaged in sexual intercourse twice before you were on the side of being inexperienced, and that sudden bubble of anxiousness appeared on your face once again.

    What if you do something wrong, what if he doesn’t enjoy you and he never speaks to you again? Your brows furrowed as you had an inner battle with yourself yet again, but of course, Joong could read you like a book, as he could already tell what you were thinking.

    Your eyes shot back down to meet his own, watching as he slowly walked to the end of the bed. The bed dipped inward as he moved onto the mattress, his hands running along the out-frame of your calves, he lifted your leg and brought it to his lips.

    His eyes stared down into your own as he kissed and licked at your ankle, his tongue running up the base of your leg slowly. Your body shuddered a low moan escaping your lips as your fingers gripped at the sheets.

    Your heart pounded, anticipating whatever was coming next, you passed the point of being needy, even though it didn’t show on your face your pussy had told another story. Your thong was practically sticking to your flesh, you were wetter than you had ever been in your life.  

    The way his lips moved along your skin made you want to beg him to hurry up and fuck you, but no, you had a feeling he was a man that didn’t particularly like to be rushed.

    This entire situation was a bit too surreal for you to truly grasp, but it didn’t mean you were going to stop yourself from enjoying it.

    "Tell me what you’re thinking,” HongJoong whispered against your skin, looking up at you with hooded eyes. His words were soft but his tone had a hidden edge to it, enough to keep you on your toes wanting to know more about what’s hidden behind that handsome, innocent face.  

    Living with the boys for 6 months brought familiarity, yes, but it didn’t mean you knew how they were in bed. HongJoong’s sexual tendencies were foreign to you, but that’s what made your body want him even more. “I’m trying to convince myself that this is real, that you actually like me and I’m not just in my head."

    You replied, burying your face into your hands, your lack of confidence in yourself was truly going to be the death of you. You walked into his room with shoulders that were as light as feathers, wanting nothing more than to just be the assertive one for once in your life.

    Your hands slowly slid off your face, watching him look at you with such adoration, it almost felt like it was just too much. You sucked in a light breath before rambling on."That I’m not just dreaming it all.” Joong had chuckled softly yet condescendingly.

    His hands never stopped their adventure across your skin, but he had paused the ministrations from his lips in favor of nuzzling his cheek against your calf, smiling down at you giddily.

    “You want to know if I’m real, baby doll?” He asked, his eyes darkening. In quick fashion, he slid a hand down your thigh, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

    Your eyes trailed down with his movements, but he kept his gaze trained on your face. His hands slipped down in between your thighs, his fingers hooking into the band of your thong before ultimately sliding them down and off your legs. He pressed a single digit against your folds, moving it in slow, taunting circular motions.

    You whimpered, embarrassed with the sounds coming from your wetness. “Mm, sounds pretty real to me, but I can’t be so sure. Does it feel real, my queen?” You were too flustered to answer,  and you wondered if you would ever be able to live alongside HongJoong normally after all of this.

    But, he of course thought quite the opposite, unbeknownst to you, as he asked himself how he was possibly going to hold himself back from ravishing you every day.

    “I asked you a question,” HongJoong sneered, using his free hand to roughly bring it down across your breasts, the instant presence of pain inflamed your senses. He took pride in watching you crumble, your walls falling one by one under his sheer dominance.

    “Can you feel it? Am I making you feel good?” His fingers became bolder, traveling up to your clit, your body jolting from the new stimulation. In truth, it’s been ages since you had found yourself in this position, with your time-consuming job, it would be an understatement to say you were sensitive.

    Looking up at HongJoong, your body quivered seeing that he was expecting an answer, you bit your lip and swallowed lightly. “You’re making me feel so good…” You forced out, yet your syllables sounded elongated from the moan that mixed in with your words.

    He merely smirked in approval, making up his mind as to what he was going to do with you. “Scoot up on the bed for me.” He murmured, releasing his light grip on your leg to allow you to shimmy up towards his headboard.

    You rested against the pillows, enjoying the softness of them only briefly before he caught up with you. He kissed you roughly, and you were caught off guard by the sudden assertiveness he exuded.

    He had a mission in mind, and who were you to refuse? His lips were urgent as they traveled downwards, nipping along the dips of your neck when he finally met the curve of your breasts.

    His eyes were closed shut as he found your right bud with his mouth, lightly kissing it before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked harshly, following the movement of your body as your back arched into him.

    Although he was the one giving, the act of pleasuring you was enough to shoot pangs of arousal down his own body, his cock resting heavily against your thigh. It was then that you were reminded of his own pleasure, of the fact that he was seeking intimacy, so you raked a hand down the side of his torso until you boldly grasped his length.

    He hissed against your skin, dropping his head onto your chest. You were basking in his pleasure, but it was taken away from you much too soon. “Patience, baby doll,” HongJoong teased, pulling away from you and your heavenly grip so he could travel further down the bed, ignoring your obvious disappointment.

    From his new view, he could truly admire your beautiful, rich skin under the moonlight cascading through the window. He was ready to act upon what had been occupying his mind for months.

    You kept him up at night, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. He spent every restless night thinking about what it would be like to have you under him, and he had finally gotten that chance

    “Ready?” He asked, and you nodded intently. You were going to verbally confirm, thinking that was the best approach to take instead of pushing his buttons, but the words got stuck in your throat as he dove into your heat impatiently.

    You let out a choked moan, writhing above him. He used both arms to secure your hips in place without mercy. The inability to move somehow heightened your pleasure and you nearly screamed as he flattened his tongue against your bud.

    He lifted his head, releasing your folds with a smack that left a blush on your cheeks. “You have to be quiet,” He urged, and you bit your lip as you nodded. HongJoong knew it was a bit much to ask, but there was no way he was going to let the rest of the dorm find out what he was doing, not yet, anyway.

    He couldn’t help but continue his movements without relent, intent on giving you everything he knew you needed. His determination was what drove him forward, his tongue poking out to prod your entrance.

    Your hands shot down to cling onto his hair, the feeling too overwhelming. He groaned, his hips rutting into the mattress.

    Your walls were clamping down on his tongue, giving him a feel for how good you would feel later on. He tried not to let it get to him too much. “Joong,” You whispered his name in between pants, your breath being taken straight out of you.

    His thumb moved up to rub circles onto your clit, his head bobbing up and down to properly fuck into your gushing hole. Your moans brought a curve to his lips. He was driving you crazy, and he knew it.

    He pulled a surprising move as he traveled up to nibble lightly at your clit, his fingers occupying your entrance as he pushed two hurrying fingers inside of your sweet center.

    Your hands met something soft, and without thinking, you pulled it into your chest and over your face. HongJoong released his mouth from your pussy so he could lift his head, watching you squirm and muffle your loud sounds into his pillow. His eyes widened and he swore his heart almost burst out of his chest.

    He wanted to scold you for hiding from him, but he couldn’t bring himself to. There was something about the way you clung to it for dear life, laying there so prettily in his sheets, and he realized he was weak for you no matter how much he tried to assert himself.

    Leaving you to your devices, he leaned back down with a newfound focus, growling as he watched his fingers pump into you languidly. Your arousal was beginning to drip down his hand, pooling on his skin.

    He admired the way your walls wrapped around his fingers, curling them up to brush them against the roof of a bundle of nerves just so he could feel you clamp down even harder.

    His lips were once again acquainted with your bud, and he had no hesitation as prodded it with his eager, awaiting tongue. Your feet planted onto the bed on either side of his head, and he gave up trying to keep you still as he allowed you to drag your folds along his face.

    HongJoong would never say it out loud, but it was so fucking hot. Despite how intense the pleasure felt, you kept desperately searching for more as if nothing could ever be enough. All he could do was press his face further into you and thrust his fingers harder in attempts to quench your insatiable thirst.

    Your orgasm was beginning to form in the pit of your abdomen, and HongJoong could tell as you grew louder your moans were being slightly silenced by the presence of the pillow.

     “Are you going to cum for me?” He asked, speaking around your clit as if he didn’t want to tear away. You could only groan in response as he sped up his fingers.

    Your thighs shook as your hips lifted high off the bed, HongJoong rising with you without stopping his sinful actions.

    You outright screamed into the pillow, hugging it tightly in your arms as you reached your peak. Your walls fluttered around his fingers and he released your bud from his mouth to let you ride it out, watching the creaminess of your arousal coating his fingers each time he pulled them away just to ram them back in.

    He coaxed you through your orgasm, speaking lowly to you. “That’s it, cum for me, baby doll.” He whispered, more to himself than to you. He was mesmerized by you, struggling to decide just where to look when there were so many options.

    He ripped the pillow from your face, tossing it over the side of the bed, keen on seeing your face as it contorted into a look of utter pleasure. Your forehead was sweaty and your chest was heaving up and down, giving HongJoong the best visual he could have asked for.

    “You’re so beautiful…” He pulled his fingers out of your dripping entrance, sticking them into his mouth as you watched him collect your cum onto his tongue.

    You were downright exhausted from your first mind-blowing orgasm, not knowing if you’d be able to withstand yet another one. All you could do was admire him in his naked glory, his meaty cock hovering over your thigh, you could have sworn it was the size of your forearm.

    HongJoong’s brows raised, watching as you eyed his hard cock with a twinkle in your eyes. “See something you like?” You nearly drooled as you nodded quickly to the question. “Hands and knees.” He uttered sternly, there was a hungry look in his eyes that was more than enough to get his order across.

    You shifted onto shaky limbs but followed his command obediently, putting your entire pussy on display for him. He groaned at the way your entrance sporadically clenched around nothing in anticipation and excitement.

     You felt him cup your ass with both hands, using his thumbs to spread your folds apart as you whimpered in embarrassment.

    You jolted forward with a gasp as he landed a smack onto your ass, your head tilting back as you let him have his way with you. “You’ll take what I give you, understand?” He asked; his slit brow-raising, his feral side beginning to take over. You bit down on your bottom lip slightly the sting of the smack rolling up your body.“Yes, I understand..”

    He hummed before, dipping his fingers between your folds, collecting your abundant arousal using it to stroke his cock a few times in preparation. You trembled beneath him as he pressed the head of his length to your awaiting hole, your hips moved forward involuntarily gasping as the thick of his head pushed in.

    Your hands gripped at the sheets as you waited to be impaled on his monstrous rod, the very thought of being split open becoming more of a reality as his hips slowly rolled forward.

    Your shaky moans and whimpers sounding out as you bury your face into the pillows, the slight presence of tears forming in the creases of your eyes. HongJoong’s groans floated into your ears, your cheeks flushing at how he repeated how tight you were until he was sheathed into the hilt.

    His hands ran along the bow of your back, fingers ghosting over the dimples in your skin. The Joong you had known all these months was currently in the form of a sex god, he was assertive, he was rough, and it made you all the more satisfied with the choice of coming into his room.  

    You were swiftly pulled from your thoughts by his hands roughly delivering smacks to each cheek.”I want to watch you fuck yourself on my cock, and if your good girl, I promise to let you cum again.” He leaned over your back, as he whispered into your ear, each word rolling off his tongue sent vibrations rolling down straight to your clit.

    You swallowed and nodded, of course, you were going to obey but not entirely, there was a side of you that wanted you to continue to press his buttons just to see what would happen when he snapped.

    Having adjusted to his size, you used both your hands and legs to raise your pussy off of his dick slowly, just enough to where only his tip was inside before you slammed down to join your ass with his pelvis in one swift motion a sinful cry erupted from you. You finally broke through to him, the man behind you huffing out a large sigh through his nose.

    You took this as a sign to keep going, HongJoong threw his head back as you continued slamming down onto his thick cock your moans consuming him when he suddenly snapped his head back down in surprise.

    You had frozen in place, your pussy wrapped around only the tip of his cock as you refused to move. You were smirking but your heart was racing, betraying the braveness you were trying to show.

    HongJoong chuckled as he clicked his tongue, he leaned forward to brush his hand lightly down your spine. You were surprised at his gentleness, but you were too quick to judge.

    Without warning, his hands met your hips in an iron grip, his hips slamming forward, he watched as your walls sucked in every inch of his cock. You were happy on one hand that you had finally gotten what you wanted, but on the other hand, you had underestimated just how much his cock could ruin you.

    You were a moaning and mumbling mess under him, your screams falling through the feathers of the pillow below you. There was little you could do but stay under his grip and take it, allowing him to hammer into you however he wished.

    The way his cock deliciously slid along your walls had your body shaking, your second orgasm threatening to come sooner than you would have expected.

    But, no, you wanted to be a good girl, to be rewarded in the end. You would be surprised if none of the others could hear the sounds of his skin slapping against yours, the volume of the two of you ultimately becoming louder with every passing second.

    HongJoong took pride in being the one to make you feel like this, to be the one stuffing your tight little pussy. His eyes rolled back as your walls clamped down and fluttered around him. He bit down on his lip, his head rolling to the side as he laughed."You’re enjoying this too much, baby doll. Do you like the way my cock feels inside of your needy little pussy?”

    HongJoong sneered, feeling your walls spasm once more, getting the impression that you loved the way he talked down to you. You were so lost in the land of euphoria your lack of response had angered him, causing yet another attack of rough smacks being delivered to your ass.

    You gasped, your will of holding back your tears vanished as you sobbed in a mix of pain of pleasure. Your eyes blinked as you tried your hardest to focus, but the way his cock dug into your walls made it nearly impossible.”…Yes, yes, Joong, I love the way you fuck me, just please…let me cum..”

    You begged and pleaded as your legs started to tremble before giving out, your torso collapsed against the mattress, giving him a deeper angle to abuse your pussy in. Your lewd moans were cut off as Hongjoong wound your hair around his fist, tugging your head up roughly.  

    He towered over your frame, your moans became more strained with the position, but you shamefully loved the roughness, it was something you had never experienced before. After such a long period of no sex, this was exactly what you needed from him.

    You needed him to ruin you, and he was doing just that. He pressed kisses along the nape of your neck, whispering sweet nothings as the angle of his hips raised, he roughly plunged his cock forward, finding that right spot that sent white spots exploding behind your eyes.

    Your nails dug roughly into the sheets, you were on the verge of screaming before he swiftly captured your lips in a passionate kiss, swallowing every single one of your sinful sounds.

    You whimpered as the head of his cock jabbed against your cervix, your stomach churned, your back arched upward as your body wanted nothing more but to give in. Joong had groaned against your lips, his thrusts faltering as your walls clamped around him tightly, he broke the kiss, his eyes staring into your own as he whispered.

    ”Go ahead, baby doll, cum all over my cock.” And, just like that, the last little imaginary thread inside your body had snapped, you bit down on your lip roughly as your pussy spasmed around his cock. Your eyes rolled back as your orgasm had hit you like a freight train.

    Your body shook violently before you went completely limp underneath him. You panted lightly as your eyes rolled up to meet his own once more, he was staring at you, your sense of self-consciousness creeping up into your mind yet again.

    Your cheeks flushed, before he had slowly pulled out and turned your limp body over onto your back. His fingers had cascaded along your thighs a soft smirk spread across his lips.”I’m not done with you yet, baby doll..” Your eyes had widened as his thick cock had entered you once more, you yelped instantly at the over stimulation.

    Your hands pushed at his chest, your words were too scrambled to form a real sentence as he roughly plowed through you.”You are so perfect, you know that? You’re taking my cock so well.” Joong looked down at you with adoration, grunts falling from his lips as his thrusts had gotten sloppy, the way your walls clung to him made it hard for him to hang on any longer.

    His head fell down against your chest before he mumbled, loud enough for you to hear.”Where..?” You were so caught up in the trance of pleasure, you pushed your hips down toward him as you moaned.”Inside of me, I want to feel you, I’m on the pill so don’t worry…”

    That was enough to send him on a frenzy of chasing his own high, he pulled his body up slightly, his eyes diverted to where you two had met, he was mesmerized by the way his cock had ripped through you.

    His tongue ran along his bottom lip as his hips snapped forward roughly, he was past the point of caring about how loud you were or even keeping his own sounds of pleasure in. His stomach clenched, his body shook as he finally broke, he let out a loud groan as his cock exploded, he bit his lip at the spurts of cum that shot out to paint your walls.

    He breathed heavily as he looked down at you, he leaned in for a soft kiss, before he slowly pulled out, he moved back onto his knees to watch as his cum had poured out of you.

    ”Mm, I think I could get used to the sight of that.” His hand leaned down and traced over your sensitive nub, before your own moved to slap his own away.”Joong, please..” You were beyond spent, and you wanted nothing more than to just lay there and fall asleep.

    HongJoong had laughed lightly as he moved to pick you up, and carried you back into the bathroom, the two of you showered, standing under the showerhead as you just stood there in silence, staring into each other’s eyes.

    He washed your body and you in return had washed his own, your lips had constantly met for a series of kisses before he turned off the water. He reached out and grabbed two towels from the rack, he wrapped one around you, before wrapping one tightly around his waist.

    The two of you honestly just couldn’t stop smiling, he carried you back to his bed, leaving a t-shirt for you to wear, there was no way he was going to let you go back to your room tonight.

    Mainly because he was sure the others had definitely heard it all but also because he wanted to be the one to wake up to your beautiful face in the morning.

    He had watched you from across the room as you pulled his shirt over your head, he pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and crawled in under the covers, his arms opening for you.

    ”Are you sure that you want me to stay, I can..” Joong shook his head as he shushed you with a soft kiss, the version of him that you had grown to adore so much had finally returned. The part of him that exuded dominance was tucked away for the night, while you had enjoyed that part of him you loved this side of him so much more.

    He pulled you into his chest, his arms wrapping around you tightly as he soothingly ran his fingers along your spine, for an added measure he even sang you to sleep. This truly had been one of the best nights of your life, you forgot about the world and basked in the world of lust and desire. You thought, just maybe this could work.

    ♡ HongJoong’s POV ♡

    HongJoong sighed contently as he watched you sleep in his arms, his fingers gently twirling the curls of your hair around his fingers before he gently moved you to rest against the pillows.  

    He pulled the covers off his frame and gently slid out of the bed. He stepped into his house shoes and pulled a white tee over his head. He had looked back at you once more before slipping out of his room.

    He closed the door behind him and sucked in a breath, it felt like his heart was beating so loud as he strolled up the hallway. The moment he had turned the corner into the living room, he was greeted with a pair of seven eyes, some amused, and some with expressions he simply couldn’t read.

    San, of course, was the first to speak his mind.”So, did you have a good night, Hyung? It sure sounds like you did.” He crossed his arms over his chest, a playful smirk playing on his lips as he moved to sit down on the sofa near Wooyoung.

    HongJoong let his head fall before he took a seat in the middle of the living room.“Not that it’s any of your business, yes, I did have a good night. I assumed you’d all be asleep but, uh, I guess you heard it all right?”

    He laughed slightly and rubbed the back of his neck. Wooyoung scrunched up his nose, trying to scramble his brain for an appropriate response before finally speaking.”It’s not fair that you get to sleep with her. You didn’t even talk it over with us, Hyung. I want to have good nights too!”

    He pouted playfully, his lip poking out before everyone laughed and rolled their eyes at him. Until the only voice of reason had finally spoken up, Seonghwa cleared his throat as he shifted in his seat on the sofa.

    ”I knew something was going on, the moment we came home yesterday and Y/N ran to her room. I knew that you had done something but I never thought you’d be bold enough to actually sleep with her.”

    Seonghwa pulled himself up off the sofa as he strolled over to HongJoong, placing his hand on his shoulder as he leaned down to whisper into his ear, loud enough for the others to hear.

    ”Now, that you had your fun. I think it’s only fair for all of us to have our own.” Joong’s brows raised as everyone around them expressed their notion of agreeance in the sounds ‘yes's. He cleared his throat and shook his head as he merely laughed.

    ”You all are insane, she likes me, I like her, leave her alone.” Jongho was the first to intercept as he leaned over Yunho’s lap.”Why don’t we let her decide? We’ve all liked her since the moment she got here and just because you got to her first doesn’t mean that you can have her, Hyung.”

    Everyone looked at one another, shocked at the dear maknae’s boldness, but they all nodded at the statement. HongJoong honestly couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he had no place to claim her for himself, they shared one night of passion together but sure enough, they weren’t dating.

    Who was he to tell them all, no? He rubbed his temples lightly and sighed as he gave in.”Alright, alright, fine. We can let Y/N decide who she wants in the end. May the best man win.”

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