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  • bobateastay
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ateez x reader #kim hongjoong x reader #ateez smut #kim hongjoong smut #ateez fanfic #kim hongjoong fanfic #ateez fic #kim hongjoong fic #ateez imagines #kim hongjoong imagines
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  • tohokuu
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    mirror sex - kim hongjoong 

    tumblr is based on a system of reblogs, not likes. i’d like my work to be reblogged.

    warnings : self-voyeurism, is that a thing ? idk, mirror sex, back scratching, slight degradation, praise, soft but sadistic hj, implied overstimulation, choking, crying

    a/n : based on his universe mirror selfies 

    wc : 700

    “gonna watch me slut you out, yeah ?” honjoong whispered. he smirked against your neck, kissing it softly. it was contrary to the way he fucked into you. it wasn’t a fast pace, but he pulled your legs apart more each time, making your thighs ache as he thrusted in. hongjoong angled his hips forward to hit your spot, never failing to smile each time he earned a clench from your soaked cunt. 

    “joong- joong please.” you cried. his touch was forming to be too much and the way he forced you to look at the mirror on his ceiling embarrassed you further. it was something that had always been in his room, ever since you began dating. “what are they for ?” you asked. he laughed innocently, “oh, haha. it’s nothing. i just like the way they look.” but months later you didn’t expect yourself to watch yourself to get your cunt stuffed under these very exact mirrors. 

    “please what ?” he grabbed your jaw harshly, smiling in your face. “tell me what you want, y/n. that’s the only way i can give it to you.” your lips jutted out in a pout, downturned eyebrows and biggest puppy eyes that you could manage. “aww, bunny… don’t make that face.. might just have to fuck your mouth if you keep looking at me like an incompetent whore.” 

    his words were mean and the tears poured out of your eyes more. he was sadistic; forcing you to watch him fuck between your legs and then laughing in your face as you cried. it was an odd kind of masochism, though. enjoying seeing him defile you like this.. and he knew it. it’s why he didn’t stop until you were screaming “red!” when he got too harsh, but he was always sweet. always careful and sure to take control of you with responsibility. 

    “ ‘m gonna cum..” you cried. nose disgustingly snotty but you couldn’t really help it. but this was exactly how he liked you; ruined beyond repair. your thighs ached, hips bruised, chest covered in hickey’s and the sight on the mirrors facing you was like watching homemade porno. your mouth fell open as you fell into a daze, watching him and yourself in the mirror. 

    the traces of your nails down his back were red, ones on his shoulders were close to bleeding. his lips dripped sweet words and kisses laid upon your neck. “my pretty girl. you liked getting fucked in front of the mirrors like this ?” he said between thrusts. “kinda wish i could turn around and watch this. see how your legs shake for me, yeah ?” 

    you moaned in response, kissing his shoulder. “d-daddy..” you exclaimed. “yes, precious ?” his lips were at your ear again, cooing softly and gently. “g-gonna cum..” your lips fell open at the way his thrusts got faster. he was ruthless now, speeding up almost instantly. it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise; hongjoong was skilled in sex, that much was clear. 

    he cooed gentle praises over your cries, smoothing your hair out as you came. hand reaching down, circling your clit and placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “yeah.. good girl. cum for me just like that.” he groaned. your cunt was clenching around his cock and he moaned in his own sensitivity. the rush from your orgasm was euphoric, hongjoong walking you through it and meeting you on the other side when he came too. 

    pulling out quickly and releasing on your stomach; he grabbed his phone. one camera click was all you needed to know he was gonna set this as his new lockscreen. a mirror selfie in the ceiling, you laying fucked out on your back, cum on your lower stomach and mr. kim hongjoong himself kneeling between your thighs. your tits were up for display and you were sure he’d jerk off to this later, imagining that you were tangled up in bed once more. pulling each others hair, dropping praises and taking advantage of his mirrors.

    tagging : @strangertides @luvaffaire @rdiamondbts2727 @ateezbabysitters @deliciouslydisturbed365 @hijirikaww @bunnybubkook @shiningstar-byulxx @mitsuxii @leicy0756 @in-san-ity @aesmstar @earth-to-leiki + send an ask to be added or removed from taglist.

    © tohokuu. do not steal or plagiarize.

    #hongjoong smut #hongjoong x reader #ateez smut #ateez x reader #kim hongjoong smut #hongjoong#ateez#san smut#seonghwa smut
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  • atzmyth
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    red skies (teaser)

    pairing: hongjoong x fem!reader

    genre: fantasy, pirate au, enemies to lovers, captain!hongjoong, royal officer!reader

    synopsis: when in doubt of direction, follow the stars. but would the stars really lead to something like this? a royal officer, naive but determined. the captain of a infamous ship, rash and frustrated. blood stained linen and the taste of salt, swords and gunpowder. no, surely the stars wouldn't lead to something like this.

    warnings: voilence, blood, hongjoong has trust issues, y/n also has trust issues, major character death, hongjoong in a corset, reader breaks seonghwa's heart :(, smut, dom!hongjoong, sub!reader that tries to dom, subtle knifeplay, unprotected sex (wrap it up, friends), biting, fingering (f receiving) , penetration (f recieving), more to add

    note: i've had this in the back of my tiny brain for nearly a year but i'm finally acting on my thoughts and making myself write this so i can finally let it all out

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  • peachybun-bun
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tabsteen#pms answers #pms ask game #this idol that position #hongjoong smut#ateez smut #ateez hard hours #ateez hard thoughts #hongjoong hard thoughts #hongjoong hard hours
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  • baekmond
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    HELP!! I moved in my seat and it sounds like I farted... I hope people don't misunderstand. Ugh I'm so embarrassed.

    The way I reacted after makes me look guilty lmao. I just sat still looking into my Chromebook frozen after the sound.😭😭

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  • baekmond
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Do y'all just get sad stalking an abandoned account or something? Like I'm always sad and think, "Where did this person go?" Or "I wonder what happened to this person?" I see so much accounts that haven't post in a while and always have the worst thought.

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  • baekmond
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Currently thinking about Prince Seonghwa... @hijirikaww thank you for bringing it up in my mind a while ago.

    Ah I just want to disappear or something and end up here where Seonghwa is my dream Prince.😓

    ‼️NOT MINES⁉️

    Credits to @epiphateez on Instagram.

    Please she/he/they haven't post since May and all their works are so good.

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  • yunhoflrtz
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    if you read, please consider leaving feedback (comment or - preferably - ask box [anon allowed]) or reblogging with tags !! <3


    genre: heavily suggestive pairings: dom!yunho x sub!gn!reader wc: short warnings: manhandling, choking impulsive? yes

    taglist: @wooyoungsbae @yunhomocide @lex-thesimpzzz

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    yunho held your face in his palm, your cheeks caving in slightly due to the pressure of his fingertips against them. his form looms above you as his other hand grips your waist, keeping you trapped between him and the wall behind you.

    his breath against your neck caused a shiver to run down your spine, a visual yunho found appealing as he nipped at the skin exposed to him. his lips trailed up towards your ear, little hints of forming love bites and bruises making themselves known.

    he brings his face away from your neck, looking down at you through his tussled hair, the hand that cupped your jaw moving to rest on your throat. "will you always be this good for me?"

    you nod, and through half-lidded eyes, you watch as a smirk forms on his face, his hand around your throat tightening as he crashes his lips to yours.

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  • verytalented
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Devils Number

    → Pairings: Hongjoong x black reader → Group; Azeez → Pronouns; she/ her Type of Au; devil Au. → Genre; Smut hardcore, fluff. → Warning; choking, praising kink, daddy kink, aftercare, oral sex, cream pie, dry humping, size kink, big Dick, pillow princess, y/n on a pill. → Summary: As pretty as you are, people tend to think your innocent but are you really. After a drunken night, you decide to call the guy's number to see what would happen. word count: 1,814 Masterlist Disclaimer: I do not own anyone who is mentioned in this story. This is just for entertainment, and if any kpop idol wants this story down I will take it down.    Ask or Prompt  Series or Oneshot: Not sure Edited or Not edit

    “You’re as pretty as an angel but as sinful as the devil.” He held onto your chin with a grip. Your back was against the brick wall. You two were in an ally way squeezed together in the dark. A cold breeze passed you two considering that it was fall. “And you are my only fallen angel," you said bringing your hands up his waist. You pulled him closer to you. You lean closer to his face. The space between the two of you soon filled with a passionate kiss. You held onto his hand as he kissed you harder. His leg soon made its way in between your legs. He held onto your hips grinding your heat against him. You let out a gasp. Breaking the kiss. You moaned as you lean your head against the brick wall. You held on tight to his arms as your legs start to shake. The roughness of his pants rubs against your wet panties. He kissed along your neck leave marks. “Look at my precious angel, are you gonna come on my leg?.. hmm?” he said to you still rubbing you against his leg. You shook your head yes. You were on the edge of coming until he stops his movements. "Oh, that's my ride" he let go of you. He began to walk out of the ally way going inside a black car. He left you in a daze. he got in the black SUV rolling down the window. "Don't forget our deal angel." he gave you a wink. The SUV drove away. You fixed your hair and outfit going back inside the bar you worked at. - After two long-awaited hours, you finally made it home to your cozy apartment. You took your shoes off at the door and also took your jacket off. You walked into your living room turning on the light. It was so dark in there you didn't even notice that Hongjoong was in there. "Well, hello, angel back so soon. I would've almost thought you were gonna run away from me." He smiled. He was seated on your couch man spreading his legs. He had on a nice black and red suit that fitted him perfectly. You rolled your eyes at him. "As if I would ever run away from you," you said walking over to him sitting right next to him. He chuckled "Let's not waste time don't forget about what we did that night angel." He looked at your eyes. Nervousness washed over you at this moment. "I can feel that you're nervous... Don't try to be nervous now" he smirked went across his beautiful lips. "After all you're the one who summoned me... Don't you remember". Flashbacks: “Come on Y/N don’t do this.” Your friend huff as you were half-drunk but still kinda on the sober side. She tries so hard to get you into the car without your body-tight red dress rising on your legs. Your best friend drives you home after a crazy night at the bar. Not only did you get some random guy’s number you manage to get a job at that same bar. It seems like whenever you are drunk good things happen. Anyway, you and your friend made it back to your apartment. She drags you upstairs on the top floor of the building, leaving you in your apartment. You laid down on your couch for a while before you thought of that guy you saw at the bar. You sober up and being to look at the napkin with his number on it. {It reads} 666-666-6666 XXXX “Call me tonight angel” “What the hell” you were sober to have sex at the moment but, you were kinda skeptical. What type of guy leaves his number as the devil's number? So being Y/N decided that why not call it. It’s Fake anyway. With a shrug, you grab your phone out of your bag. You began to dial the number. It begins to ring. “ hellooooo” you raise your eyebrow waiting for a response. You were about to hang up until heard you something on the other line. No one said anything. It was quiet, “I knew it was fake”. “Oh, no angel it’s very real.” The same man from the bar told you. “How did you get into my house,” you said and panicked. “You summoned me. You realize that was the devil’s number, right?” you were fixed on the horns coming out of his head that you didn’t realize he asked you a question. “It was real?!” You whisper. "I can show you how real I'm if you want." you scoff at his remark. "And how are you going to do that," you said with a

    satisfied tone. He chuckled. He began walking up to you with a small smirk on his lips. "Oh angel, I never knew you could be so sarcastic." He got between your legs. He began to rub your legs moving his hands closer to pussy. You sighed at his touch. "Tell me what you want." he looks at you with lustful eyes. "I want you to make me feel good." He picked you up, caring you into your room. He laid you on the bed ripping off your red dress. "You know you looked beautiful in red." you smiled at his compliment. You were completely naked as he stared at you in awe. "May I warn you that while I'm in my demon form, I can be a bit aggressive when comes to sex." You nodded listening to him. "Would you like a safe word just an in case.” “Yes, I would like a safe word, could it be” you pause for a bit to think. “Red!” You smiled. “Red? If you say so, angel”. He began kissing you rough along your neck. He pinched your nipple and sucked on the other one. You gasp at the sensation. “Please daddy” you can feel him smile at the name you gave him. He let go of you taking off his suit jacket and pants leaving him in his underwear. You can see his hardened dick. He leaned closer to you kiss under your boob down to your belly button. You wanted to touch his horns so badly. You reach your hand to his horns touch them softly. He looks up at you with his eyebrow raised. “Do you want to touch them” you nodded and quickly mumbled a yes. “Then you can touch them” he went back to kissing you until you grew impatient. “Please I want more” he rolled his eyes. You held onto his black horns as he proceeds to go down to your pussy. His mouth met your folds, he began to suck on your clit, you moaned a held tightly to his horns. "Mhn... Just like that" You moaned out. He sucked hard using his tongue to pleasure your clit. He slips one of his fingers inside of your heat. You let gasp. It began to get harder for you to keep your legs open. "I c-can't please I'm gonna come" he didn't listen and continued to pleasure your clit and push two more fingers inside of you. He felt you tense around his fingers as hit your sweat spot over again. He replaces his finger with his tongue. When he did that you were sent over the edge as you already reached your climax. Your legs began to shake from overstimulation. he began to bring his tongue in and out of your pussy. Your head hit your pillow as you moaned in pleasure. He rubs your clit again but this time faster making you see stars you could help but moan his name. "You like that don't you?". "Your daddy's little angel." He kissed the inside of your thigh. He leaned his face closer to your pussy closer "time to finish the job" he smirks. He slips his tongue back into your heat and rubs your clit faster. You were already on the edge. You began to feel the feeling again. "Oh, daddy I'm gonna come." you moaned as you held on tightly to his horns. "Come then, angel". the tone of his voice was calm and sexy you couldn't handle the way he was making you feel. You came all over his tongue. You let go of his horns. he looks up at you with his hair messy and you come smeared over his chin. "Was I good for you angel?" "Of course." "Great because now it's my turn" He smirked. You could help but smile. He pulled down his underwear. He the rub his dick between your fold getting his dick all wet with your come. You were in a daze as you watch him do his work. "You ready angel" you nodded your head yes. "Your wish is my command." He leans forward as he pushes half of his dick inside of you. "Fuck you're so tight...So small." You whimper at his size. "Sorry, the angel I know I can be hard to handle... Say your safe word at any time don't be afraid to. Okay." "okay" you whimper out. He kissed the top of your head. "I gonna start moving angel." you nodded. His movements were slow at first but then got rough. He held on to your neck with a slight grip but just enough to let you breathe. "Oh...daddy just like that" you moan out. He thrust into you more will all his power. "Fuck you're so tight." he moaned. He

    continued to thrust inside of you. Your bed began to hit the wall with every thrust. "I can't" he huff. He picks your body sitting you on his lap. "This is better," he said kissing you. He started to thrust into you again. He looked in your eye with passion as he fucked you. You couldn't take it anymore to you were ready to come for the third time tonight. "Are you gonna come angel" you nodded your head yes. "Too bad I'm not done"... You moaned as he continued. You held onto hid horns again as fuck you. "Come on my dick angel," he said Rubbing your clit causing you to squirt on his dick. "fuckkk.." he moaned and came inside of you. The sensation was amazing as you felt him come inside of you. "How'd I do?" he kisses your neck. "infinity/10 I never squirt on someone dick before." He chuckles "I'm glad I was you first". "I gonna pull out okay," he said to you in a nice calm voice. "Okay be slow" he nodded. He pulled out slowly watch his come ooze out of you. You sighed at the loss of contact. "Can you help me take a bath?" you ask him. "Of course." "I'm so sleepy now" you yawned. "I know let me take care of you."

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  • atinybunbunz
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Alright fic writers , here me out :

    This gives me hella Mafia au vibes. I don't know I suck at describing things , but damn this pic makes me feel a certain way . I swear if anyone writes a fic using this pic , I will marry the crap out of you . No if's, and's or but's , we're together for life. You don't believe in marriage ? Screw it, imma still love you . I will forever be your ride-or-die.

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  • ateezupdates
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    2021 Gaon Mubeat Global Choice Awards are now starting!

    Round 1 starts December 14!

    Voting tickets for Mubeat Global Choice Awards with 11th Gaon Chart Awards now available to claim

    You can collect up to 15 tickets per account by watching 15 Ads per day.

    ctto: @ateezud

    Get the app here!

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  • yungisstar1117-writes
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    “Hongjoong slowly stood up, sauntering to the bed and placing his finger under your chin. Your skin burned as you tilted your head up, Hongjoong smirking and biting his lip for a minute before his expression turned dark. A wad of spit flew onto your face and Hongjoong wiped it all over with his thumb, his face one of disgust as you closed your eyes with a moan.”

    [11:09pm], K.HJ + P.SH, Smut + Pwp

    Read here: 〖✰〗

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  • yungisstar1117-writes
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Yeosang Woosan or Mingi?

    Y: 1

    WS: 1

    M: 4

    Reference pictures: ✧

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  • ateezupdates
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    24 HOURS:

    10M - 12M Views

    Stretch Goal:

    12M - 15M Views

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  • galaxteez
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #ash answers #trickster!hongjoong #ateez smut
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  • peachybun-bun
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ateez Thigh Riding Reaction

    pairing; ateez x gender neutral reader

    genre; smut, reactions

    notes/warnings; swearing, thigh riding, making out... suggestive smutty shit


    Starts as you wanting to get his attention

    Probably won’t realize what’s happening at first

    But it doesn’t take long for him to figure it out

    Full attention on you

    Hands on your hips as you ride him

    Small smile and eyes full of lust as he watches you

    Only kisses you when you finally cum

    “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to ignore you.”


    Soft kisses

    Soft touch

    Will watch you, but mostly keeps his eyes on yours

    Kisses to your chest and neck

    Focus is on you and your pleasure

    Buries his face in your neck as you hug him to you when you cum

    More soft kisses as he smiles with his hands smoothing over your back

    “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart. I can’t get enough of you.”


    Starts as a heavy make out session

    He initiates by moving you over his thigh

    Keeps his hands on your hips as he guides you

    Kisses you between your whines

    Eyes closed as your forehead rests against his

    Grips your hips tighter as you cum

    Smiles as he lifts you up to carry you to bed


    Eyebrows would shoot up at your request

    Smirks a little cocky smirk as you straddle his thigh

    Excited about watching you get off on him

    Leans back in his chair as he watches you

    Hands would be on your hips or legs

    Loves hearing you moan

    Curls his fingers into you as you orgasm

    “You look so pretty when you cum.”


    Would rather fuck you, and tells you as much

    Spreads his legs so you have room

    Definitely won’t admit how much it turns him on

    Uses one hand to tease you

    Other hand rests on or around your throat with just enough pressure to make you crazy

    Smirks as you cum on him

    Squeezes your ass once you come to a stop

    “Now I get to cum on you.”


    Thrilled with you wanting to use him like that

    Shy smile as you start riding his thigh

    Watches you with interest

    Hands on your sides and hips

    Switch flips at the sound of your first moan

    Bottom lip caught in his teeth

    Hands grip you tighter as you keep going

    Flexes his thigh to tease you a little

    Breathing heavy as you reach your high

    “Fuck, babe. Now the other one?”


    Hands all over

    Giddy with the fact that you want to get off on his thigh

    Tries his best to be patient as he watches you

    Hands. Every. Where.

    Wants your hands on him too

    Eventually gets too impatient and will just end up fucking you before you cum


    Unsure if he’ll enjoy it at first

    But once he sees you enjoying it, he’s going to like it

    If you’re not already naked, you’re going to be

    Gonna do what he can to make you moan while you go

    Lips all over your chest

    His hands pressed to your back

    Pulling his hair will just make him harder

    Holds you close to him as you cum

    Won’t give you a chance to catch your breath before he’s flipping you both so he’s on top


    tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @dnghycks-bestie @givememunjang @ateezbabysitters @chittaphonstar @cottoncandy-kiwiin @sparklymin @rdflare51 @stopitvpls​ @verylonelymind @givememunjang @glitteringcoffeefreak @frappenha @cottoncandy-kiwiin​ @poopandshitetc @donutswjam​ @shingisimp​ @tbzboba

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  • demonmatz
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago


    chapter nine — home



    pairing: hongjoong x fem reader x seonghwa

    genre: omegaverse, friends to lovers, fluff, polyamory, smut

    chapter summary: home was never a place, however cliche that might sound.

    content warnings: filthy smut sandwiched by fluff bread

    taglist: @bobateastay

    a/n: i'm really bad at endings don't come for me <3

    Hongjoong can't tell for how long he sleeps, but it sure feels like forever.

    He checks his phone, which tells him he's been dead to the world for thirteen hours straight. It feels like a crime really, to sleep so much, but he guesses it's just the habit.

    Acquainted enough with the home to drag himself to the bathroom, he washes his face, uses his sleepover toothbrush to brush his teeth, empties his screaming bladder. As it turns out, the constant phantom ache in his skull he's been sporting for weeks won't be following him to the grave like he suspected.

    He finds you and Seonghwa cooking something in the kitchen, probably lunch. There's no talking, no bickering, only the sounds of your footsteps and the sizzling of the pan Seonghwa is handling. It smells delicious, garlicky and almost sour but not quite; his mouth waters like it hasn't in a long time.

    This is home, he thinks, his whole being settling down in the feeling, this is safe.

    When you do notice him, leaning against the doorway as he melts in his own thoughts, your eyes light up, and you walk over to get a kiss. It's a little strange, honestly, that he can just kiss either of you now, feels a little surreal. He likes it though, arms finding your middle so you won't let go just yet. You giggle against his lips, the sound finally getting Seonghwa's attention.

    "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," He jokes, and Hongjoong sighs when your fingers find his scalp. "Y/N is not on the menu, by the way."

    Pulling back just a little, you laugh. "You're just jealous."

    "Oh absolutely I am," He's quick to agree, finally turning off the stove. Only then does Hongjoong notice he's wearing an apron, the dark blue matching his sweats. There's no way this man can get any more attractive, he thinks, head resting on your collarbones. The earthy scent blesses his nostrils once more, and then he's being pulled from you by the waistband of his borrowed pajamas, the action a little funny looking but the feeling distressing the butterflies that seem to live in his stomach by now. "Good afternoon, love."

    "Good sounds about right." His chuckle hits Seonghwa's mouth before he kisses him, a tad softer than you, but with a lot more lingering touches. It doesn't last long, however, because his stomach finally realizes the prospect of food, letting out an embarrassingly loud growl.

    "Hello to you too." You quip as he hides his face on Seonghwa's chest, hands reaching to pinch his stomach. "Lunch's ready, c'mon."


    You're only half surprised that Hongjoong takes a nice little nap after lunch, head on your chest as he catches up on who knows how many sleepless nights.

    He looks much healthier now, which also means he's even prettier when you look down at his peaceful face. Even his scent is somewhat stronger than it usually is when he puts on blockers. You do wish he'd take a shower so you can sniff him to your heart's content, but you also know why he's wearing blockers in the first place.

    Seonghwa has been out for a bit, buying snacks for you three to share, and you wonder how long it's gonna take him to come home. Maybe you're a tad clingier these past few days, but no one can really blame you for that.

    "Not to shit on your mattress, but I'm really sick of sleeping every time I'm in a ten meter radius of it." He grunts, propping himself up on his arms to look at you. "This thing is a weapon."

    Like this, despite the very obvious crease marks cutting across his cheek, you're hit by just how attractive he is. Even in the aftermath of a hellish last semester, immediately after waking up, he looks so effortlessly handsome you can't help but stare.

    "What?" And it certainly doesn't help that his voice is still a little raspy. He leans to give you a peck that's a tad too long, but that you certainly don't mind.

    "You look really good like this, did you know that?" Biting back a smile, you tell him, and he grins. Comfortable Hongjoong is a very dangerous thing, you realize, all those flirty remarks and playful nips a constant temptation.

    "Like what?" You reach to thumb at his cheek, the soft skin and the slight red indentations catching your attention for just a moment. When you meet his eyes again, you lean in to steal yet another kiss.

    "In my bed." And that's what it takes. Hongjoong gets this intense look in his eyes, frowning like he's not quite sure he's heard you right, and you're suddenly very aware of the way he's kneeling in between your legs. If you just reached out your hand—

    You're suddenly jerked away from the thoughts, perhaps a little out of habit, but then you try to laugh it off, that look doesn't fade.

    "I really want this." The way the words come out, quiet and devastatingly honest, begs you to reconsider. He leans in to nose at your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, always so close you're stunned by the ways of your self control. "What do you say, alpha?"

    You don't have to reply, and only half of it is because he knows what you want, what you can't deny. The other half is because you have your tongue in his mouth, hands shoved inside his shirt to grab at his sides as he grunts.

    Hongjoong's kisses are eager, so much so your teeth can't help but knock once or twice until you get the hang of it. You catch yourself pushing further, pressing closer, gripping tighter; you want him so bad every part of your body screams for it. His shirt is off so quickly you barely have to part at all, the sight of his naked chest getting you a little rougher as you dive back in.

    Too caught in the motions, you only notice his hips settling against yours when he grinds down, pleasure shooting up sharp at the friction. You kiss your way down to his neck, teeth dragging until he's a mess against your ear.

    The sweet smell of slick hits your nose then, and maybe it'd take longer if your senses weren't so eager to encompass all of him. Gasping, you taste sweet citrus in the roof of your mouth.

    "I leave for less than an hour and you're already like this?"

    The offense lies only in his tone, smile appreciative of the little show he's come home to. You never thought you could miss the sound of the door, yet here you are. Hongjoong sits up on his haunches and you follow, wrapping your arms around his middle while humming against his shoulder at the seeping warmth.

    "Are you gonna join anytime soon?" You're not above messing with him a bit; he knows you're aware of the impact this scene must have on him. He tongues his cheek, accepting the challenge, and his shirt comes off in a swift move.

    Busy gawking at Seonghwa's physique as he pauses to remove his rings, Hongjoong gasps in surprise when your hands push past the waistband of his pants, grabbing hold of his ass.

    "Eyes on me, pretty boy." You taunt, and just like that the tides seem to change. He presses his eyes shut with a curse when you squeeze the flesh in your palms, jumping a little at the feeling. "Weren't you so eager to fuck me just now?"

    "Y/N, fuck—" Despite his attempts, all you really get from him is the cloying smell of slick hanging in the air, the almost imperceptible way he leans back against your grip.

    "Are you doing alright, love?" Seonghwa settles behind his body, kissing just beneath his ear. "You look a little flustered."

    "You're such a tease." You lean in to kiss him, messy and hard, one of your hands moving to slot between the omega's cheeks, slick seeping through your fingers. His head falls back onto Seonghwa's shoulder, the column of his neck obscenely inviting. And, much to your pleasure, the string of moans is anything but quiet. "That's our love."

    You lie back onto the bed, and Hongjoong follows like an eager little puppy, whining against your mouth as you kiss. When you move to mouth at his neck, the view is to die for: slowly, Seonghwa works down his sweats, smoothing his hands over the soft flesh, and the way the omega almost offers himself by arching his back earns a hiss.

    "I'm—I can't…" Cooing over his stuttering, your hands find his nipples, softly rubbing as goosebumps rise and fall. "This isn't fair—"

    "Wanna know something about alphas, babe?" You ask against his ear, uncaring if he's too far gone to hear, earning a stiff nod. Unceremoniously, Seonghwa shoves his face in his slick covered ass to taste it from the source. Hongjoong cries against your neck, hands fumbling to grip onto something he never seems to find. "We're fucking nasty."

    Seonghwa laughs, half his face shiny as he licks his lips clean. You beckon him closer to get a taste yourself, and sweet citrus fills your senses when he complies, in a good enough mood to bite your lip mid kiss with a cheeky little smile.

    "You taste so good, love." He whispers, a velvety sound. Hand running down his torso, you palm your lover through his boxers, and he moans, always so pretty for you. Hongjoong lifts his head just in time to watch you pull out Seonghwa's flushed cock, pumping it slowly as he sighs.

    Warmth blossoming on your lower belly, you look down only to notice the way Hongjoong's slick is dribbling on you, and the realization has you halting your movements, completely taken aback.

    "Fuck, Hwa, he's slicking all over me." You moan. It doesn't take him long to get the hint, and he rushes to pull out a condom, rolling it down on the length of his cock as you watch, some of the awe time could never wear out unraveling in your chest, your aching core. Effortlessly pulling Hongjoong up by his middle, he sets him onto his lap.

    "How are you holding up?" He checks up on the omega, who tries his best to reply with his face scrunched up, overwhelmed.

    "Please don't stop," He manages to grit out, a little winded, grip constantly slipping off Seonghwa's arms. The alpha complies easily, pushing in slowly until he's all the way inside. "You feel—oh god, don't move, I'm gonna cum."

    "Oh, then I've got some real bad news for you." You chuckle, crawling in between his knees to place a condom onto his messy, drooling cock. It twitches at the touch, and Seonghwa chuckles in endearment, pressing a sweet little kiss to his hair. When the omega finally realizes what your intentions are, his eyes grow wide.

    "There's no— you can't be serious," He babbles as you pull off your shirt, your shorts and underwear following suit.

    "Hey," Your hands gently cup his cheeks, the haze over his eyes seems to let up a bit. A thin layer of sweat gathers on his forehead, dark bangs inevitably sticking to it. He's the prettiest mess you've ever seen. "Whatever you want."

    "I know," Blinking his thoughts back into order, he nods, grabbing hold of your hips. "I want this. Us."

    "Then trust me, okay?" You press a tender kiss to his lips, humming in contentment. Seonghwa watches, gaze sharp, as you rub Hongjoong's cock against your folds, nipping at the omega's shoulder. Hongjoong moans softly in between kisses, on his way down your neck and chest. Once the feeling isn't so jarring, his hands too find your breasts, your stomach, fingertips drawing goosebumps.

    There's a certain intimacy in pressing so close, you think when you finally sink down onto his length, beyond the physical pleasure. Seonghwa's eyes find you, and through the strain he's certainly feeling right now, he smiles, hand briefly coming to rest on your cheek. However sloppy this might be until you three get acquainted with the new dynamic, it still feels right.

    It's Hongjoong who moves first, surprisingly, testing the waters a little. Whatever he discovers has him shuddering, pushing back his hair with a hissed curse. And yet he keeps going, strong enough to angle your body a little steeper so his range of movement is a better. You eye Seonghwa, mellowed out from the thrusts, and find that he's entranced by the way his cock disappears every time the omega moves. It's not a sustainable position, you know, but the realization of just how strong those thighs would have to be to pull this whole stunt in the first place has you clenching and dripping around him.

    "I can lie down for you, it's okay." You offer, and Hongjoong agrees easily enough. What he doesn't seem to realize is that Seonghwa is waiting for the right moment to start moving his hips, and the omega is knocked over you slightly once he begins, choking on a moan. You've been in his place before, and good god will you never forget it.

    Each of his thrusts pushes Hongjoong forward just enough to give you friction, and you're amazed by how he still has enough reign over himself to find your clit with his thumb.

    You look up, to the constant roll of Seonghwa's hips, and are glad for the possibility of getting a good look at him in this position. The line of his body, the flexing of his muscles with each movement; you lock eyes and he has the gall to smirk.

    "Like what you see, love?" He teases, unaware you're a handful of strokes away from cumming so hard it borders on embarrassing. The urgency in your eyes when you reach out your hand for him to take is met halfway, and it's the only answer he gets before the most sense you can make is a few grunts.

    And as much as you've felt it coming, nothing could really prepare you for how hard your orgasm hits. Hips bucking trying to prolong the feeling, you're pulled under all at once, grunting and gasping and instinctively rubbing your cheek against Hongjoong's. You can only imagine how it must feel when you clench around him so hard it feels like you're folding inside yourself, vision blurry and head a tad foggier than usual.

    However it is, it sends him over the edge in no time, moaning and drooling over his spot on your neck as you softly rub his thighs. He does pull out when it becomes too much, drawing back a little to check on you. It's sweet, gets the butterflies fluttering.

    Seonghwa is the last to go, and you suspect it's the way Hongjoong lazily makes out with you that does it for him. It's the suddenly sweet little sounds you know all too well that tell you he's about to cum, the omega reacting immediately to the change of the thrusts.

    And then, Hongjoong does something you're sure will never leave your thoughts again.

    "Alpha, please." He begs, and usually it'd sound straight out of a cringy porn, but the way he says it, how he's able to voice out something so widely known as over the top with his own voice, gets even you ready to cum again. "I need you so bad, please alpha."

    "Jesus Christ." You breathe out, hand sneaking in between your legs as he smiles something Seonghwa will never get to see. He doesn't help this time, simply moaning and kissing you while begging to be filled up.

    It works, if the vice grip your boyfriend has on his hips is anything to go by. He leans over, hand grabbing hold of the omega's hair, and he pounds into him so hard you're not so sure if the begging is just for show anymore. You peel off the condom from Hongjoongs quickly hardening cock, haphazardly discarding it in favor of stroking his length just as fast as he's being fucked into.

    Neither of them last, really, cumming in close consecution. Hongjoong onto your stomach, Seonghwa into Hongjoong. You realize they only ever kiss once they flop down beside you on the bed, and it's a view and a half if you're honest, sweet but almost a bit starved of each other.

    "Hwa?" You ask when they finally part, and a messy head of hair pops up to greet you. "Are you hungry right now?"

    His grin stretches, wide and knowing, and he reaches out his arms in invitation. "Starving."

    Crawling over a spent Hongjoong, you settle by the alpha's chest, who holds onto the backs of your thighs to accommodate you better.

    "You gotta be fucking kidding me." The omega groans, briefly looking away from the alpha happily lapping at your folds.

    You don't last long, and it's never your intention to; if anything, all you really wanted was some skin on skin contact with Seonghwa. If it helps you get off, even better.

    The second orgasm mellows you out, and you blissfully ride it against his soft lips and warm tongue, humming in contentment.

    Once all is said and done, the quiet lingers a little, your breaths collectively slowing down as you lie side by side.

    "Calling dibs on the shower!" Hongjoong finally says, jumping off the bed. And you almost let him, because his bare ass is just that good of a view, but you quip in just in time.

    "You're delusional!" His distinct laugh rings all the way from the corridor. Pressing a kiss to Seonghwa's cheek, you pull him with you towards the bathroom.

    In the end, the three of you end up squeezed together in your bathroom, taking turns under the shower head and helping shampoo each other's hair. It's unsexy, a little uncoordinated, but it's home.

    And, amongst the steam, you can finally smell unfiltered, uncovered sweet citrus.

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    18+ content - minors dni synopsis: after wooyoung admits his dirty secret, he can't help but mention you to his... friends. when they start to ask more about you, however, is when wooyoung seems to take things into his own hands. pairings: camboy!dom!wooyoung x fem!sub!reader genre: suggestive, smut wc: 4k warnings: small kink discussion, praise and degrade combo!, use of petnames (baby, darling, doll, whore), reader wears a skirt during smut, protected vaginal penetration, size kink if you squint (not super prominent), bulge kink, overstimulation, use of the color system, other: only wrote this because of this post | not proofread + dont really like how it came out oops

    taglist: @wooyoungsbae @yunhomocide @vampireyeosang @lex-thesimpzzz

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    "really?" you say, a shocked expression on your face as you stare at your friend from across the lunch table.

    "mhm," he hums nonchalantly, as if he didn't just admit he was a camboy to your face, in the middle of your university's cafeteria of all places. "not that big of a deal, really. plus, good money," he finishes, taking a bite of his food as you just stared at him. a part of you was in awe - how could he just so openly admit that to you, with no reason other than to just inform you? that's because it wasn't his only reason for telling you. - "thank you so much for the donation," wooyoung says through his black mask, his eyes scanning over his monitor to examine the message. "what do you think about when you stream, baby?" he reads, a chuckle falling from his lips at the petname. "aw darling, you know exactly what to call me," he says, his tone light and airy as he strokes his cock slowly, the purple lights around his room illuminating his damp skin beautifully. "what do i think about, hm? you all are just so curious." wooyoung watches as the chat starts flying with words and emoticons, telling him to go faster or to spill with them who the lucky individual is. "i think about this girl who's very important to me," he says, making sure the camera catches how his hand picks up pace at his words. "i see her everyday, and she doesn't even know i do this. "she doesn't know i sit down in front of a lovely audience, letting them watch as i please myself to the thought of her. saying exactly what i wish i could to her..." he trails off, a moan catching itself in his throat as he continues to pump himself, already feeling the first hints of his release when a small chime comes through his computer; another donation. "bring her on stream and i'll donate $500," wooyoung reads. "that's tempting, but how do i know you're not just lying to get live porn, hm?" he says, his voice teasing - which causes the chat to start flying again. ding! user_48839 donated $500! "it's not a bluff, can you please bring her on?" "...i'll see what i can do. thank you for the $500." - "so besides money, you just did it to do it?" you asked, the initial shock fading and wooyoung took notice. "pretty much. and i know you were having some money problems so i wanted to help." "you want me to become a camgirl?" you ask, the shocked look returning to your face as you offer him wide eyes. "not entirely, at least - not by yourself. i was wondering if you want to join me for a stream, i'll give you all of the profits," he says, talking casually as if this was just another normal conversation between the two of you. weighing out your options, you begin to think. pros: sex with a hot guy, getting paid to have sex with a hot guy, will be able to afford an actual meal cons: awkwardness after having sex with a hot guy its a 3 to 1, yet the 1 felt like it was overpowering the three. "i'll have to think about it," you reply, leaving the conversation at that before heading back to your dorm. 𓆩♡𓆪 [10:14 pm] y/n: hey woo [10:16 pm] wooyoung: yes? [10:16 pm] y/n: is that invite still available? [10:17 pm] wooyoung: for you, it will always be available [10:17 pm] y/n: tomorrow work? it's sat so i'm free all day [10:17 pm] wooyoung: all day, hm? that sounds nice~ [10:17 pm] y/n: this is an odd state to see you in,, you dont usually talk like this [10:17 pm] wooyoung: you'll have to get used to it, darling [10:18 pm] wooyoung: especially for tomorrow ;) [10:18 pm] y/n: wink at me again and i won't do it [10:18 pm] wooyoung: sorry


    [6:24 pm] y/n: i thought you said your dorm would be unlocked? [6:25 pm] wooyoung: OH FUCK yeah i did [6:25 pm] wooyoung: hehe <3 [6:25 pm] y/n: yknow my couch sounds really nice right now [6:25 pm] wooyoung: NO im getting the door your vision is torn away from your phone as you hear the small click! of the lock coming undone. "hey! i'm set to start at seven so we have a bit of time," wooyoung says, moving out of the way so you can come inside. "are you hungry, thirsty or anything?" "no, i'm fine," you say. it could have been one-sided, but the atmosphere felt tense. of course, there would be a bit of sexual tension at the start - especially considering the agreement - but it felt like it was suffocating you. "is everything alright?" wooyoung asks as he notices you haven't advanced towards his couch or even dining room table, you just stood still in his doorway as you thought to yourself. "i'm okay." "i didn't mean for it to sound like to get financial support, you had to do a favor for me as well. if you don't want to do this, i'd still be glad to help you out," he says. "why did you offer me this in the first place?" wooyoung's adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed thickly, the question catching him off-guard and causing his cool-guy persona to come crashing down. he needed to be truthful. "my viewers asked what i think about when i do... yknow. and i told them it was someone who was important to me, and that she doesn't even know that i did this kind of thing," wooyoung says, his head hanging low at his admission. "a viewer said they would donate a lot of money if i brought you on, and when i called them out, they donated that sum. "i couldn't let them down, but i also knew of your situation. i figured if you agreed, it'd make my viewers happy and help you out." you took in everything he said, as well as his stance. he was looking everywhere but your eyes as he spoke and he was fiddling with his fingers. his intentions were good. "you think about me?" you ask cautiously, not wanting to make the atmosphere more tense than it already is.

    wooyoung lets out a breathy chuckle, a small smile adorning his features as he looks up at you. "yeah... i'm sorry-"

    "why are you apologizing?"

    "i feel bad, y'know. i've felt bad, for the last, like, two years. i haven't been able to think of anything but you," he admits. "when we first became friends, we were always teased remember? back when it was strange to see a boy and a girl be friends.

    "people would always say we were dating, no matter how many times we told them off. we made a promise, and i broke it."


    "did they say something to you again?" wooyoung asks, running back from the playground with dirt covering his pants.

    "yeah, just that you like me and stuff," you respond, looking back up from your hands that lay in your lap. "gets annoying."

    "as long as you know it's not true, you shouldn't let it bother you," he says, coming to sit down next to you on the pavement. "if they say anything like that again, let me know."

    "i will. wouldn't want anyone think i like someone gross like you," you say jokingly, watching as wooyoung's face turns to fake hurt expression.

    "that's mean!" he says, a light laugh escaping him. "i'll never like you!"




    "i broke that promise," wooyoung continues. he felt terrible; sure, the promise was made a long time ago and it was made in a joking manner, but he never forgot.

    "wooyoung, it's fine," you start. "i don't mind that you think of me that way, truthfully."


    you nod, a darker spark lighting within wooyoung's eyes. "before we do anything, i do want to talk to you about what'll happen," wooyoung begins, bringing one of his hands forward to grasp your own.

    he leads you to his couch, sitting himself down and you follow his lead. "firstly, what are some things you're into and are okay with my viewers knowing?"

    you take some time to think, deciding to say some of the tamer things. "praise, degradation, and petnames."

    "what petnames?"

    "oh- um, just ones like baby or doll are fine," you say quickly.

    "okay. what about hard no's?" wooyoung asks, not wanting to make you uncomfortable during the stream.

    "not any that i can think of..." you trail off.

    "one last thing. would you be okay wearing a skirt on stream?"

    you nod once again to which wooyoung walks into his room, muttering a small "one second" before disappearing down the hallway.

    he comes back with a black skirt; it looks like it would end just above your mid thigh. yes, his viewers loved when he wore skirts on streams - so he assumed they would like you in one as well (totally not because he wanted to fuck you in a skirt).

    "could you put this on for me, doll?" he says, handing you the garment and testing out the petname, trying to gauge your reaction.

    when he saw how you looked up at him from your spot on the couch, he could have taken you right there if you asked him to. your eyes were full of admiration and he found them beautiful, wishing he could look at them forever.

    he only broke his stare when he felt your hands take the skirt from his own, thanking him and making your way to his bathroom to change.


    "masks?" you ask, not entirely sure why he was handing you the black cloth.

    "our faces are cut off by the cameras but its just for safe measures," wooyoung explains. "what, sad you won't be able to kiss me?"

    your face warms at his comment, not used to seeing this flirtatious side of him - at least, not this openly.

    "y'know, you could kiss me at anytime before we start, baby," he says. you became hyperaware of his close proximity from his spot next to you on the couch.

    you turn to look at him, his face close to yours as your eyes travel all around his face - an action that doesn't go unnoticed by the man in front of you.

    "can i kiss you?" he asks, one of his hands coming up to cup your cheek as you nod. bringing your faces forward, he connects your lips for the first time and he swore he felt lighter than ever.

    a feeling of pure euphoria flows through the both of you as the kiss turns more heated, his teeth coming in contact with your bottom lip before tugging at it softly, eliciting a moan from you.

    "god, i can't wait to hear more of that," wooyoung pulls pack before peppering kissed on your lips, moving down to your jaw and eventually your neck.

    whines escape you at the contact and one hand comes up to card through his hair. "wooyoung~" you whimper, his teeth digging into your skin the smallest bit. you could feel his lips smirk against your neck.

    "now, now. we have to save some of this for the audience, don't we?" wooyoung teases, watching as a small pout forms on your features as he still holds your face in his grasp.

    he stands, his hand leaving your side as he grabs your own. "let's get this started, hm?" he asks, the teasing tone never leaving as he approaches his bedroom door.

    he opens it, the room dark - it looks like his computer was already running - as well as a camera setup that faced his bed.

    he runs over the basics of everything: people will be watching, be overly seductive and teasing to the chat, where the chat will be displayed, etc. it all seemed simple enough.

    at least, until a few minutes into the livestream, when you saw the amount of viewers he had accumulated.

    14.8k viewers

    "holy shit, wooyoung," you whisper just out of range for the microphone to catch. "you have that many people right now? it hasn't even been ten minutes!"

    "what can i say? people just can't get enough of me."

    you let out a sigh, turning to face the chat once again as you read everyones thoughts:

    - is that her?

    - pretty baby's already wearing a skirt for us

    - yall look adorable

    - i cant wait to watch him tear her apart

    some of what they said shocked you, but you assumed when it came to anonymity, people felt more courageous to say what they truly felt.

    "how is everyone? excited?" wooyoung says, his voice seeming to drop lower as he spoke. "guess who was kind enough to make an appearance?" he continues, bringing one of his hands close to your thigh, looking at you for permission before he places it over your skin.

    you watch as the chat became faster, wordless donations of various sums of money coming through at his simple action. you take a deep breath in before grabbing his wrist, opening your legs the slightest bit to place his hand farther up on your inner thigh.

    wooyoung flashes you a shocked expression, surprised with your sudden forwardness before he rubs his thumb softly over your skin. "aw, looks like our guest is excited, too."

    wooyoung smirks under his mask, tilting his head to the side before asking: "would you want to feel, too?"

    you nod slowly, not entirely sure what he meant before he softly takes one of his hands and places it over the bulge in his sweatpants, a shaky sigh falling from his lips

    "can you feel that, baby?" he says, loud enough for the microphone to pick up as he looks at you. "can you feel how hard you make me?"

    you whine at the comment, knowing that from his admission earlier, it was likely you were to blame for his hard on. "you sound so beautiful, darling. doesn't she sound beautiful?" wooyoung asks, inviting the chat to respond.

    you watch as messages quickly slide on the screen, variations of 'yes' and 'so hot' being in your view. the attention was like some kind of fuel; you felt bolder with your advancements.

    you flash wooyoung a playful look. "can you please touch me? i want you..."

    although wooyoung knew there was a possibility you were being a bit over exaggerative for the camera, but he would be lying if he said it didn't do something to him.

    he pulled one of your legs onto the bed so both of you were now facing one another, the camera catching the sides of both of your bodies.

    "yeah?" he says, you couldn't see his mouth, but you could hear the smirk on his voice as he looked at you. "you're gonna have to beg a little harder than that, baby."


    "what do you want? tell me," wooyoung says, his hand lightly grazing across your inner thigh for the camera to see.

    "want y-you inside me, please," you beg.

    "that can mean so many things. my fingers? my tongue? you're gonna have to me more descriptive, doll."

    you look up at him and notice a certain glimmer in his dark eyes, the dark room make it more prominent. he wasn't putting on an act for the camera; he was speaking genuinely, he was pretending the camera and viewers weren't there.

    "want yo-ur cock," you manage out, hyperaware of his hands trailing up your thighs and under your skirt.

    "so cute," he says, his hands going under your skirt to rest on the sides of your hips. "so cute you think you'll be able to take anything without prep."

    you whine at his words, turning your head to look at the chat:

    - so cute... so good for him

    - make her beg more

    - i wish i could see your faces

    "can i take these off?" wooyoung whispers, looking towards you for confirmation before you nod, his fingers sliding beneath the band of your panties.

    he looks at the small dark spot on the fabric where your essence soaked in, "can i show?"

    you nod, watching as wooyoung gets up from the edge of the bed and shows the camera. "look, she's so needy, isn't she?"

    wooyoung watches as the chat fills with degrading comments.

    "she's been very good for me," he says, answering a few of the questions - "i can't wait to destroy her" "buddy, i'm the only one who can touch her like this, got it?" - before walking back to the bed, opening your legs and sitting himself inside of them, still facing you.

    "you're so beautiful," wooyoung says, his eyes trailing all around your body. he lifts himself on his knees and sits himself just above your leg. "my pretty baby..."

    you whine, "please."

    "i'm getting there, darling. we have to prep you first, remember?" wooyoung says, bringing two of his fingers down to tap along your thigh, noticing how you squirmed slightly under his grip.

    you let out a sigh once he finally touches your core, his fingers grazing your clit and you lean your head back at the sensation.

    "aww, you react so quickly baby," wooyoung comments, tilting his head to the side in a mocking manner as he makes eye contact with you.

    you shut your eyes tightly when you feel his fingers slide inside with ease, a small moan leaving your lips. "she's so wet, everyone," wooyoung says, "they could probably hear how wet you are, darling."

    "faster, ple-please-"

    you're cut off when the pace of his fingers increased, a whine falling from your lips as he leans you back so you're laying down with him hovering above.

    from your position, the camera was able to perfectly capture both of your bodies - and more importantly - the quick pace his fingers were pumping inside you. "tell me when you're close, okay baby?" he asks, his eyes genuine as you get lost in both them and the feeling of his fingers.

    you nod as his fingers skillfully curl inside you, causing you to arch your back as he continued to toy with you. he brought his other hand up so his thumb could toy with your clit, watching as you bring a hand over your mask, covering your mouth.

    "bring your hand down. everyone wants to hear you," wooyoung demands, catching your eyes as you give him a pleading look. you keep your hand placed, knowing if you listened to the boy above you, you'd moan much louder than you wished to.

    "baby? why aren't you listening all of a sudden?" he asks, his tone teasing as he leans down closer to your face. "are you embarrassed knowing you can't hold back your pretty moans?"

    you whine and he brings the hand up that was on your clit to pull your hand away, interlocking his fingers with yours before pinning it to the bed. "moan as loud as you can, i want to hear you, darling."

    your eyebrows furrowed as you let out a weak moan, your voice already feeling strained from wooyoung's ministrations. you felt a bubbly feeling form in your lower abdomen, it soon tightening and you realize you were close.

    "c-close," you plead, moans and small whimpers flowing from your mouth soon after, causing wooyoung to smirk under his mask.

    "wanna watch you cum all over my cock," wooyoung says as he lowers his sweatpants, his cock hard as precum beads at the slit. he continues moving his fingers in and out of your core slowly as he reaches for a condom from the other end of the bed.

    "are you ready, doll?" he asks as he uses both hands to slide the condom on, and you're able to clearly see just how big he was.

    with a bit of hesitance in your voice, you mumble a quick "yes," and he lifts your legs by the back of your thighs and rests them against your chest.

    he pushes in slowly, a low groan escapes him as he continues and you watch as his eyes close in pure ecstacy above you. "you feel so - fuck - so fucking good," he says, his voice light and airy as it fills the room. "if i had less self control, i'd cum right now."

    "please fuck me..."

    "yeah?" he says tauntingly, his breathing labored as he bottoms out finally. he ruts his hips into yours, a whine falling from your lips with every motion; it felt like his tip was kissing your cervix with every thrust.

    he pulls out slowly, his cock dragging against your walls as you both moan at the sensation. "god, do you see that?" wooyoung asks, his voice breaking slightly as he continues to thrust, watching as a bulge forms in your stomach each time he thrusts in.

    the knot in your abdomen grows tighter as wooyoung eyes catch your own, the minimal light in the room making you lost in them. "you're doing so well for me, such a good little slut, aren't you?"

    you close your eyes after the comment, not missing the way wooyoung turns to the computer screen to read out some messages.

    "how does her pussy feel?" he reads before turning to look at you again, your form was shaking under him, hands clinging to his forearms with your thighs against your chest. "it feels like it was made for me, waiting so patiently to be filled by me."

    "close, please-"

    "you sound so adorable when you beg, baby," wooyoung says, his pace quickening and - in a matter of seconds - you feel your orgasm wash over you as your nails dig into his skin.

    wooyoung lets out a loud groan as you clench around him, his pace quickening as he's now determined to make you cum again. "t-too much, please, slower," you plead.

    wooyoung looks down, his eyes now serious as he speaks. "color?" it takes you a bit of time to process what exactly he meant by the question, soon coming to the realization.


    "that's my girl," he says quickly before his hips return to their previous pace. you whine loudly, the burning sensation from the overstimulation causing another knot to form in the pit of your stomach.

    - she sounds so beautiful, when's my turn?

    - god, imagine if we could see their faces

    - she's taking him so fucking well

    wooyoung brings his thumb down to your stomach, pushing down on the bulge as his thumb rubs small and quick circles on your clit. your body jolts forward, your back arching into him; he loved how responsive you were.

    "cum with me, okay, darling?" wooyoung says softly, his tone the complete opposite of the pace his hips were going. there were sure to be bruises on the bottoms of your thighs as well as finger-print shaped ones on your waist.

    a staggered moan leaves both of your mouths as he feels your walls tighten around him again, his seed filling the condom as his breathing becomes more inconsistent.

    he turns his head to the side, making sure both of your faces were off-screen before he pulls his mask down along with yours, bringing you into a soft and hungry kiss.

    his teeth nip lightly at your lips as he pulls out of you, pulling away from your lips and lifting both of your masks back up, but not before flashing you a small smile.

    "have her on again?" wooyoung reads as he takes off the condom, tying it off and tossing it in his trashcan. he flashes you a look through his sweaty bangs when you nod. "i think we can do that."

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