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  • phoenix-is-the-hottest-thing
    25.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Mobius: Don’t worry. Surgery is just stabbing people back to life

    Sakura: I don’t want you to be my surgeon anymore

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  • phoenix-is-the-hottest-thing
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks#honkai impact#hi3#vampire au #vampire au lore #she ‘remembers’ only subconsciously #she wouldn’t recognize the flame chasers beyond a vague sense of familiarity
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  • phoenix-is-the-hottest-thing
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #honkai impact#hi3#asks #genshin is fun but honkai is so much more fun #im probably going to get frustrated by the gameplay eventually but the story is on point yaknow?
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  • dangerous-fish-delayn
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    guys who are interested, my friend made an ask for the Honkai universe, in which you can become responsible for any herrscher.At the moment, all the characters are free.

    Yes, I am an accomplice.

    #honkai imapct 3rd #honkai impact#honkai 3rd#honkai#herrscher #herrscher of the void #herrscher of reason #herrscher of flamescion #herrscher of sentience #herrscher of domination #herrscher of thunder #genshin impact#genshin#ask
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  • buruberry-fanstuff
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Just because she’s black and green with yandere maleficent vibes :v XD

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  • auzelles-controlled-timeline
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Final Gamble: Meeting Fu Hua

    Well, it seemed Otto didn’t lie, as the millenniums passed [Name] noticed a few things that weren’t exactly specified, but unsurprising. It mostly regarded their heartbeat and breathing rate, which were at noticeably longer intervals. And the people they surrounded themself with pointed out as well. Though, it shouldn’t be a problem, just something a few people would notice and not blow out of proportion right? … Right?

    Oh, they couldn’t be wrong, as soon as the small community [Name] affiliated themselves with grew, the worship they got grew as well. Pointing to the slowed-down breathing and heartbeat as a sign of their godliness somehow, [Name] doesn’t question it at this point.

    It was difficult to leave, though they found a way. Quirine and [Name] disappeared, leaving a notebook to help that civilization survive without their guidance, but they only helped them so their influence would only stay in that small section of the world, not to impose on others… right?

    Well, the large statues mounted in cities that were made supposedly for [Name] said another story. But they digress, the timeline still needs to shift. And the next stop was a school in Sapphire.

    Once again, [Name] could never get over the beauty in this advanced world they helped shape. But god was enrolling in a school a fucking pain, way too much paperwork for both [Name] and Quirine to fill out, well, more like [Name] filled out while Quirine went over important factors to consider. Such a worry-wart Quirine is.

    Walking onto the campus a [Name] winced slightly as Quirine yelled in their head.

    “Look! Looook! It’s Fu Hua!! We have to say hi to her. Oh, oh! We should get some food with her!! What was her favorite food again? You used to cook it so much [Name].”

    It was moments like this [Name] was grateful for the psychic connection between AI and themself. “That’s-“ god this was a hard pill to swallow; sighing, [Name] continued again, “-that’s not our Fu Hua.”

    Quirine went silent, a soft “oh” was heard as [Name] went to walk out of the way of everyone else. Keeping an eye on everyone as they mentally went over everything they knew, comparing it to their old world and trying to find similarities. [Name] was quickly brought out of their musings as they felt a quick tap on their shoulder by none other than the purple-haired fighter.


    “Ah, apologies, but have you heard anything about zombies lately?”

    Zombies, right, the honkai-corruption that take the form of human beings. Or [Name] believes, as they think back. Memories flash of previous conflicts, each instance getting more challenging till it boiled over to now, but anything recently?

    “No, I haven’t heard about anything recently.”

    For a second Fu Hua looked dejected, upset at another fruitless attempt. “Ah, I see…” Looking at [Name] once again, the millennium-old fighter notices the slight shift in expression. She seemed to notice a certain connection, stopping to ponder if she could bring it up, before making her decision. “Ah, you appear to look quite similar to the statues of the Protector.” Fu Hua winced at how awkwardly she brought it up

    They gave a small chuckle at the notion, and the urge to let Fu Hua know the truth arose; she was so understanding in [Name]’s old world, maybe it would be the same here? Shrugging the notion off [Name] only gave a smile, “I get that a lot, doesn’t help my name is the same as the Protector”

    Soon the bell rang, alerting everyone to disperse from the courtyard, waving Fu Hua goodbye [Name] and calling to her as they walked off, “Don’t forget, I’m gonna need your name once we meet again!” They then flipped around, facing where they needed to go. Though it was subtle, their stance and expression changed, back into the hardened warrior they are. Eyes scanning once again to make sure no one is paying attention, glaring ahead as they communicated with Quirine before entering the building.

    ‘Quirine, how long till the eruption? We need to start preparing.’

    It didn’t take long before they would meet again. [Name] didn’t see a problem with restarting another friendship with this girl. Though [Name] won’t lie, it hurt. They caught themselves almost reminiscing about things that this Fu Hua wouldn’t know. It was fine though, they could hold it off, hiding the truth and not spilling the past-, the truth of the Protector to Fu Hua.

    But on a brighter note, seeing Fu Hua gain another friend and slowly grow out of her shell made them feel like a proud parent. And although they don’t interact as much as before, [Name] seemed to like this arrangement more, being able to focus more on the eruption along with other aspects that needed to be shifted or fine-tuned in the timeline. If everything goes to plan, [Name] should be able to finish the mission

    6 months had passed and soon both [Name] and Fu Hua were at the station. It was strange though, the only people visible were them and the staff clocking out for the night. As they walked Fu Hua was animated on recounting the adventures she had with the people in school. Her hands flew as she tried to express the adventure she was recounting. And as [Name] tried to pay attention the small countdown they prepared kept on reminding of the fate of this town. Quirine was heard going over the checklist, preparing the battlesuit to be deployed.

    Then it reached 0, the night sky lit up with what looked like comets, as Fu Hua went to get a better look, [Name] stayed behind. The building began to shake, as pieces fell, obstructing the path between the two. And while it gave great cover for [Name] to change, Fu Hua would notice. Being able to connect the dots.

    ‘Quirine, should we?’

    ‘Are you forgetting? Everything is slowed for you, holding your breath will allow you to look, well dead. But, should we do that to Fu Hua??’

    It seemed like they didn’t need to decide, as another shockwave happened, causing more rubble to fall, landing on top of the conflicted [Name]. Faintly, they could hear Fu Hua screaming their name before they fell asleep.

    When they came to, they could hear Quirine panicking, the plan was ruined before they could even start it. And yet, that didn’t seem to bother [Name]. Standing up from the debris they looked around seeing the ruined city.

    “Quirine, activate the battlesuit and do a scan, we need to find any survivors.”

    “Vital signs are low, but if it makes you feel better, Fu Hua is still alive-” Before Quirine could finish [Name] already started running. Trying to find her in the ruins of this city. Wordlessly Quirine gave [Name] a trail to follow, leading them towards Fu Hua, and the 6 Honkai surrounding her. Taking out their weapon, [Name] went over what they knew of these variants of Honkai. Switching their blade to BIO, they did one slash, slicing two of them in half. The other four turned towards the f/c battlesuit. Only to each get a bullet wound in the head. Their bodies went slack as they slowly disappeared into ash.

    ‘It’s not wise to hide in an alleyway.”

    Soon Fu Hua popped from her hiding spot, with a few rips and new tears in her clothing, but no visible major injuries. Walking towards [Name], and almost tripped over herself multiple times. Once she was able to see [Name] better, Fu Hua’s expression softens, “Protector? You-, you came.”

    “I apologize for taking so long… something came up.” It seemed like that didn’t matter, as Fu Hua clung onto the armored person, mumbling that they are here repeatedly in a tone that [Name] couldn’t quite identify. Although [Name] would want to question it, they pushed it to the side for now, as Quirine informed them of the numerous Honkai that were approaching.

    Carrying the frazzled teenager wasn’t a problem, what became a problem was when [Name] tried to leave to take care of the remaining Honkai as the hold Fu Hua on them tightened. Her mumbling continued as they made eye contact with the visor on [Name]’s battlesuit.

    “No, no no, I already lost, you well I mean, you two. I can’t not again.” ‘Quirine, take off the voice modifier.’

    ‘Is that a good idea? That will allow Fu Hua to know.’

    Hearing the small click that confirmed the voice modifier was off, [Name] mentally prepared themselves for the outcome, not knowing how Fu Hua would react. “You need to let go, Fu Hua.” The shock in her eyes and the momentary loosening of their arm gave [Name] the opportunity they needed, pulling their arm away they made a distance between the two. Fu Hua tries to grab back on, stumbling towards [Name] before she collapses. Her mumbling became louder, “[Name] you're the Protector? I-, it makes sense looking at it. But you didn’t, why didn’t… Did I do something wrong?”

    [Name] felt a slight pang of guilt as they turned their back, “You didn’t do anything wrong, but I do hope to see you again. I enjoyed our brief time together.” With that [Name] dashed between the buildings, becoming a smudge on the horizon for Fu Hua.

    But maybe [Name] shouldn’t have left so soon, as they missed the darkening of Fu Hua’s eyes and the giggle that slithered out her throat as she made an unheard vow to herself.

    #final gamble au #Im back on my stupidity once again #honkai impact 3rd #honkai x reader #I shall continue to cause problems yay #also I love Quirine she great #Im so sorry Fu Hua I love you I swear
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  • phoenix-is-the-hottest-thing
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i’m bored and i can’t dedicate too much time to writing lately, anyone got questions?

    #honkai impact#hi3#asks #i actually started playing honkai. on steam #the day i manage to get the controller to work it’s over for you people #but other than that it’s been very fun #it’s a nice brain break from exams and projects and stuff
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  • tevyat
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    we should treasure both the past and the present. ♡
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  • cardsgamesonmotorcycles
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Azure Empyrea is gonna be available on the BP starting in...less than 10 hours I think? Pretty excited to grind out her fragments and possibly unlock her once that goes live.

    #currently playing: honkai impact 3rd #really need to farm coins at some point #leveling skills just bottoms me out
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  • zombie-shiki
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago



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  • fuyugomori
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I... will never... give you up!

    Lament of the Fallen, Honkai Impact 3rd (Kiana vs Mei #02)

    "Every time.... Every single time. Kiana-chan, you are always like this (...)"

    #kiamei#kianamei #kiana x mei #raiden mei#kiana kaslana #herrscher of thunder #herrscher of the void #honkai impact 3rd #honkai#honkai impact #lament of the fallen #hi3rd#hi3#lotf 02#my gifset
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  • owlblogging
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Demon Slayer AU

    thinking about demon Sirin and all i can think of is that one vine

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  • mousemilaart
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Honkaitober Day 4 Quantum type

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  • cloud-ya
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    had thoughts about it before but never decided to post it

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  • valliass
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    For the good of the stories of both games I Do Not want anything from honkai to make any sort of canon appearance in genshin but mihoyo pls pls pls plsplspls put kallen in genshin as an event boss it'd be SO fucking funny

    #honkai impact 3 #genshin impact #for any of my genshin mutuals who don't know anything abt honkai bosses: #kallen is immune to all elemental damage #all of it #100% immune #and she typically has at least 8 healthbars #and she stacks debuffs on you #she's actually far from the hardest boss in honkai by a fuckin *mile* #she's pretty easy actually #but the elemental immunity alone would make her hilarious to put in genshin #we got andrius <3 mutual boss exchange #just #the sheer chaos of nobody but eula and razor players being able to do any damage #it'd be so fucking funny watching ppl scramble mihoyo pls I beg
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  • winkyradish
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Recreating Cooking with Valkyries part 3! a la Kanchou Cat

    This post would be the last one of this mini-series where I recreate stuff from the anime (for that guy who asked for the catfood, I have decided not to do it at the moment)

    First of all, the Himeko noodles (which I upgraded with some sausages, actually becomes a perfect meal for drinking beer with):

    Then, we have Fu Hua’s hot thighs Teri’s chicken wings (That I forgot to take a showcase of the mozzarella cheese inside, but whatever, it was delicious):

    Then lastly, the ”Mediocre Spiced Beef (滷牛腱) / braised beef shank” which was not at all mediocre:

    Maybe I would do more of this for funsies in the future, but right now I am concluding this with a happy heart and filled stomach!  P.S: the beef melts like butter after 2 and a half hours of braising, perfection with rice. Shame on you Otto for only wanting steak...

    #Cooking with Valkyries #Captain Cat's cooking #anime food#Honkai Impact#HI3rd #the beef flavour still lingers in my mouth #shame I only cooked like 500gr of it #no Ai-Chan or Fu Hua harmed in the process of all this
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  • anemoassassin
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    WHY IS SEELE SO GODDAMN CUTE !! I am in love with her

    #honkai seele #swallowtail phantasm my beloved #hi3#honkai impact #anemoassassin.x
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  • anemoassassin
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    been summoning for mobius because she's an adorable creepy little serpent whom i love, and i haven't had any luck so far. i do however have midnight absinthe at S rank already and im 2 fragments away from SS! i didn't expect to like her so much. i accidentally unlocked her in Elysium without knowing how Elysium actually works so i had to level her up a bit and she's cool! her burst with the grey-green clouds of fog is so prettyyy. and don't have any other imaginary characters or fire characters leveled up which makes her even more handy. neat!

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  • anemoassassin
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    it's so close yet so far. i don't have any weapons that i could even POSSIBLY convert into that stupid blue currency. ahhhhhhH gonna scream

    #mihoyo please just give me this stupid sword i am begging you #honkai impact#hi3 #anemoassassin.x
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  • cloud-ya
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    wake up samurai

    #honkai impact#raiden mei #herrscher of thunder #samurai
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