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  • kedreeva
    17.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #peafowl#crows#asks#anon asks #I'm sorry for the rant #but hoo boy was I uncomfortable trying to watch those videos #my birds and care aren't perfect I know that #but I know better than to try to raise corvids #or most other wild animals #if I don't know what I'm doing #you turn that shit over to a real rescue with trained professionals #or you get training #you don't just muddle through
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  • thelordofshrimp
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Will blushes easily

    He's the always flustered partner

    (It is also my personal hc that he spent a lot of his time with his grandmother growing up so the first time Nico really gets him he says "oh good heavens" and never lives that down)

    #nico is definitely flustered all the time too but he hides it better #just two constantly flustered dorks in love #will solace hc #will solace#solangelo #nico di angelo #solangelo hc#pjo#hoo
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  • daily-vessels
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    cozy tent!!


    #HOO BOY this took awhile. this drawing is the reason why i dipped for a month PFF #this is also my first time using csp in a WHILE. i love the blend tool.... #actual daily#hk#hollow knight#hk art #hk vessel art #hk vessels #hollow knight art #scene#environmental art#shaded #worf drew something? #alu: vessel#stagseye: vessel#deedee: vessel#holly: vessel#spiral: vessel#dual: vessel#(bg vessels:#skitter: vessel#pin: vessel
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  • emilydaughterofapollo
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Yooo pjo fandom people I need an opinion on something. So my fanfic is super canon divergent and is technically alternative history. The fic goes from roughly 1882 at earliest (for only a few chapters as a sort of flashback) all the way up to roughly 2020 (without the pandemic lol) at the end. Some of my OCs are members of the Italian royal family in the 1880s/1900s, this means I will be taking extreme liberties with actual royal family members such as Queen Margherita, King Umberto 1st, etc. This includes making the whole family legacies, giving them illegitimate demigod children among other things such as instead of the monarchy being dissolved in 1946(?) one my OCs (one of the said illegitimate children) takes the throne and keeps it going into the modern day. My question is, is this ethical? Is this a good idea? I’m unsure and I need to discuss with a few people to get a good sense of the opinion on this please respond, I’d really appreciate it.

    #pjo#hoo #pjo hoo toa #percy jackson and the olympians #heroes of olympus #percy jackson and the heroes of olympus #pjo fanfic#hoo fanfic #canon divergent au #please help
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  • adamsveins
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    friends I have been SO brave today, i have answered months overdue personal emails AND made a budget AND reached out to someone i want to be friends with AND asked my therapist about writing me an esa letter AND baked scones

    #okay so baking scones wasn't brave but they're delicious and i did want to brag about that #anyways i think that's everything scary i did but HOO BOY #also last night i bought a jean jacket for absurdly cheap and today looked at petfinder in hopes of my therapist being okay about esas #anyways. i also cleaned the stove #gonna reheat squash leftovers and watch smth comforting. maybe p&p time :eyes: #elle speaks
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  • madin-writes
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    chasing skyscrapers

    fandom: percy jackson pairing: valdangelo words: 3.6k

    “This is stupid,” Nico mutters. “And probably illegal. Someone could catch us.”
    In response, Leo flashes his most charming smile and says, “What’s romance without a little danger?”

    read on ao3

    #valdangelo #nico di angelo #leo valdez#percy jackson#pjo#hoo #percy jackson and the olympians #heroes of olympus #pjo fanfic #that's right guys finally a valdangelo fic!! #everyone who follows this blog is literally only here for valdangelo lmao #ty for your patience #i am just a slow writer haha #my writing
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  • skaterannabeth
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i’m setting off (but not without my muse)

    chapter 1: this is the road to ruin (and we’re starting at the end) percy and annabeth have finished their freshman year of college and make their way back home to new york for the summer with an old friend // percabeth

    read on ao3 // please check out @opauc’s lovely art and thank you to @byima for being patient with me! // @pjo-hoo-bigbang

    It had been an impromptu decision, as a lot of things in Percy’s life were. He had survived his first year at college in New Rome and he felt like he owed it all to Annabeth. Despite juggling her classes at two different schools, remotely renovating Camp Half Blood, and doing an internship in the city, she had made time to help him study. Of course, she would shrug it off and assure him it was he who had put in the work and made an effort to keep up his grades, but he knew he’d be nowhere without her in more ways than one. Even when she wasn’t tutoring him on weekday nights, snuggled up on his bed in his dorm room with her body drowning in one of his warm sweatshirts and pointedly ignoring his roommate’s snores nearby, she was his source of motivation. If he wanted a future with her, a career, a marriage, a family, a life, he needed to study and find whatever his passion was so he could keep up with her.

    But he had helped her, too. She would often find herself working herself to the brink of exhaustion, forgetting to eat, sleep, and interact with other people. Percy was always there to gently nudge her into taking care of herself and maintaining a healthy eating and sleeping schedule. He was also the best way to destress after exams, not that she’d ever admit it.

    The transition from high school to college had been strange to say the least, but not necessarily bad . In grade school, his main worry was trying not to get kicked out or die everyday, along with ─at the bare minimum─trying to not fail his classes. But in New Rome, the university was a lot more accommodating for students with learning conditions (as nearly all demigods had at least one), and safety wasn’t an issue he had to actively worry about. He felt a security he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a mild culture shock, but a pleasant one he thought he definitely deserved after being failed by the American education system time and time again. He was able to actually pay attention in class more and manage decent grades with some help. He was just as surprised as the next person when he found he didn’t hate learning as much as he thought he did, probably because he had some decent─and dare he say, enjoyable ─teachers now. He had also started to care enough to put more effort into his work, the days of plagiarizing papers off the internet long behind him. Well. Most of the time.

    He did get homesick a lot, because he missed his mom and his sister and all he wanted to do was gather them in his arms and never let them go. But the constant reassuring presence of Annabeth next to him kept him sane. He missed his home in New York and Camp Half Blood, but Annabeth was his home more than anything else. Plus he was surrounded by his old friends from the legion and he had made plenty of new ones in his classes.

    Unsurprisingly, he and Annabeth had a legend-like celebrity status, beyond that of the typical hero, given their major role in both wars. A lot of the new people he and Annabeth met either looked up to them, were nervous and intimidated, or sported not-so-subtle crushes on either (and sometimes both) of them. Percy kind of just wished people would treat him like every other normal guy. He was tired of his accomplishments as a hero commanding a kind of deference out of some demigods. Sure, he deserved respect on a basic level but he didn’t want to be worshipped . And the fact that he had briefly been praetor made the situation a little worse.

    Although, he would never deny the perks of getting a free brownie or cookie once in a while from the bakery. It helped that one of the girls that worked at the bakery had a major crush on Annabeth. This led to her bringing him a lot of free baked goods which he wholeheartedly accepted. He could deal with someone having a harmless crush on his girlfriend if it meant free junk food for their movie nights. The little green monster in both of them tended to sneak out at times but it was nothing a few placating kisses, some teasing, or a hot quickie in a precarious location couldn’t fix.

    Although, he would never deny the perks of getting a free brownie or cookie once in a while from the bakery. It helped that one of the girls that worked at the bakery had a major crush on Annabeth. This led to her bringing him a lot of free baked goods which he wholeheartedly accepted. He could deal with someone having a harmless crush on his girlfriend if it meant free junk food for their movie nights. The little green monster in both of them tended to sneak out at times but it was nothing a few placating kisses, some teasing, or a hot quickie in a precarious location couldn’t fix.

    Although, he would never deny the perks of getting a free brownie or cookie once in a while from the bakery. It helped that one of the girls that worked at the bakery had a major crush on Annabeth. This led to her bringing him a lot of free baked goods which he wholeheartedly accepted. He could deal with someone having a harmless crush on his girlfriend if it meant free junk food for their movie nights. The little green monster in both of them tended to sneak out at times but it was nothing a few placating kisses, some teasing, or a hot quickie in a precarious location couldn’t fix.

    It was finally summer break which meant Annabeth was only bogged down by, like, half of her commitments. She had an internship at an architecture firm in New York starting in late June, as she and Percy would be spending their summer back home. And while the Olympus renovations were winding down, the gods were always requesting new things, those fickle beings. Of course, they expected Annabeth to cater to their every whim. She supposed the only upside was the generous salary she earned from designing the palace of the gods. Her mother wanted to provide her with compensation for all the time she invested in Olympus, but the gods didn’t have a great grasp of the value of mortal money so she ended up getting a very handsome paycheck.

    Which meant that she could afford to splurge on something worthwhile. It had been a while since they’d gotten to hang with their friend Grover, just the three of them like it used to be all those years ago, so they planned (“planned” was a loose term) a road trip together. Percy had traveled a lot of places, some that he had always wanted to visit, and some he really wished he never had to go to, but he had never gotten to truly enjoy any of them. The chaos and anxiety of quests paired with some kind of deadline hangin over their heads didn’t allow for much relaxation or enjoyment as they traveled across the country on their adventures. A road trip was a nice way to appreciate being in the moment and getting a chance to breathe without thinking about the next god that was going to show up asking for a favor by presenting an unwanted quest like it was some golden opportunity they should’ve been grateful to have been offered. It wasn't like Annabeth to not plan every single moment of their trip from the moment they got in the car. That’s not to say impulsivity wasn’t threaded into her DNA, but she found it satisfying to make vacation plans. However, this summer, the girl was a) exhausted, b) didn’t want to defeat the whole purpose of the trip by ruining the spontaneity, and c) had entered zero-fucks-given mode the second her last final had been submitted.

    They had a vague idea of the places they wanted to hit, and Annabeth had made maybe one hotel reservation just to ensure they’d have a room when they visited some popular tourist destination, but that was as far as their planning went. All she wanted was quality time with her two favorite boys, even if it meant getting lost in the desert somewhere in Arizona.

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  • percyjacksonshippersimp
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Nico - do you know if the human body doesn't get water it will die

    Will - Nico that isn't water

    Nico on his 10th coke - no but it's a liquid

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  • what-a-load-of-schist
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Person: oh that's such a cute baby!

    Leo: it's not ours


    Jason: what Leo MEANT to say was that she's adopted

    #i mean i know adopted kids are their parents but put asidr ur morals for the joke #rrverse #pjo hoo toa #hoo#toa#pjo#jason grace#leo valdez#valgrace
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  • ogjacksonsimp
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Canon Percy is the type of dude that makes fully grown men 3 times his size walk on the other side of the road with his just deadpan.
    Canon Percy is smart he's a freaking war general! he strategized the entire battle in The last Olympian. In The blood of Olympus he said "hey Greeks let's fight stuff" and everyone knew exactly what to do. Someone Annabeth, a prideful daughter of Athena, thinks is on equal footing with.

    Fandom Percy is someone who everyone thinks is stupid and gets called dumb all the time, isn't intimidating at all, who just cracks jokes and gets beat up by Annabeth and made fun of by all his friends, all the time.
    #canon percy jackson vs fandom percy #percy jackson#pjo#hoo #I can't decide if I hate how the fandom writes Percy #or how they write they write the other characters around him #or both #I'm leaning towards both #so many writers have absolutely destroyed Percy's relationship with his cousins and with his friends #especially in the reading of the book fics #they write the other characters think that Percy's stupid when no one told him anything when he asked questions
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  • whalechief
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    king of the spooky scary skeletons

    #whalechief art #nico di angelo #pjo#hoo#toa#inktober #love this boi sfm
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  • zazzander
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Sibylline Books Quest

    Not sure if I talked about this but - we know Octavian wanted to go on a quest for the Sibylline books.

    He's not the kind of person to improvise at any point. He plans everything out and when things don't got to plan, he panics.

    This makes he think he has several ideas where the books actually are. And that they are in striking distance of the camp. What would be even more ironic is that the library that heroes found Ella in was on his list of places to search.

    And so, when it's mentioned that Percy, Frank and Hazel met Ella at a library - Octavian, like, connected the dots immediately. Which is why he's, like, that's not just a prophecy, that's our prophecy. And why he isn't surprised Ella memorised the Sibylline books rather than just her having the power of prophecy. Instead he's upset about the obvious lie.

    Reyna's Reasons

    Also, it's also an interesting point for his relationship with Reyna. Because if Hazel knows Octavian is quote-unquote "obsessed" with the books, then so does Reyna. Plus, actually getting this books would be super useful for Camp Jupiter as a whole.

    So, there are two options as to why Reyna blocks the quest. The uncharitable one is that Reyna doesn't want Octavian to have more power than he already does, because then he would be able to counter her even more and she doesn't like having her decisions questioned.

    My preferred interpretation is more along the lines of "she doesn't want to him to risk his life going on a quest in search of books that might not exist at all".

    And even if she knows how useful they will be - especially in the search for Jason - she cannot allow Octavian to die.

    This sentiment is actually echoed by Octavian in House of Hades, when he pleads with Reyna not to go off on the Athena Parthenos quest - because he's worried she might die.

    So it's possible that the final shred of their friendship basically means they don't want to see the other dead, but otherwise, they hate each other.

    #octavian pjo #heroes of olympus #camp jupiter #reyna avila ramirez arellano #reyna hoo
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  • percyjacksonshippersimp
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Percy - wanna hear a joke

    Annabeth - no

    Jason - yes you do what is it

    Percy - why did the sea wave

    Jason - why

    Percy - because it wanted to say hi

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  • biracialpercy
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Percy: Are you drinking enough water?

    Nico: Sometimes my tears get in my mouth.

    #pjo/hoo#pjo#percy jackson #nico di angelo #nicercy#pernico#percico#incorrect quotes #incorrect percy jackson and the olympians #incorrect pjo #incorrect percy quotes #incorrect pjo quotes #incorrect percy jackson quotes
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  • percyjacksonshippersimp
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Will would definitely go places and not look behind him and start falling but Nico always catches him even though sometimes it's really hard.

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  • kaysteahouse
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Something I'd possibly like to get more opinions on, but recently my English |||| teacher asked me to stop reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series because it was "under my reading level."

    Granted, I am a highschool senior and an honors student for that English class. Despite that, I feel it's a bit odd that my teacher specifically asked me to not read a series that keeps me engaged and constantly craving more. Isn't the entire purpose of reading to have fun and use your mind?

    I get that they probably feel the need to push me a bit more than other students in the class, but that doesn't mean I have to walk in reading media as heavy or difficult as something like Shakespeare or 1984.

    This brings me to my next dilemma. I recently purchased the first Heroes Of Olympus book and planned to read it once I finished The Last Olympian, but now that my teacher has seemingly banned Rick Riordan writing for me I've been hesitant to defy their request and bring it in.

    So the question is: Do I say a metaphorical "F you" to the teacher and read what makes me happy? Or do I comply and abandon the series and find something else to read?

    #percy jackson #the heros of olympus #pjo #percy jackon and the olympians #readers of tumblr #books#book tumblr#HOO#anabeth chase#grover underwood#ya books#bookblr
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  • aj-artjunkyard
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The thing about loving Trials Of Apollo and being incredibly uninterested by Heroes Of Olympus is that I literally have no idea why Apollo was made mortal

    Like I probably knew at one point when I was like ✨all into it ✨ but the thought just occurred to me that I can’t actually remember the whole reason

    Was it literally just bc Octavian was a Bad Guy in HoO and also was Apollo’s descendant? Surely not bc Hermes’ son Luke Castaway-Or-Whatever did a load of damage too but Hermes got no punishment that I can remember? Is that only bc Hermes is slippery???

    Wait did Apollo give Octavian some sort of gift that made him powerful or smthn I remember something along those lines

    Pls help

    #this just occurred to me bc I’ve been reading fanfics from fandoms I’m not really in anymore #was thinking about TOA and remembered that I don’t really know why it happened #toa rant#toa #trials of apollo #trails of apollo #hoo #heroes of olympus #Apollo#lester papadopoulos#meg mccaffery#luke castellan#Hermes#rick riordan#riordanverse#Percy Jackson#Olympus#Olympians
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  • crithir
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Am I really supposed to believe that Jiang Cheng would go into seclusion when his 13 year old nephew just lost his only other guardian and became a whole sect leader overnight and NEEDS HIS JIUJIU NOW MORE THAN EVER

    The real JC marched into Jinlin Tai with Jin Ling on his heels and a purple lightning whip at his behest to take care of business. And followed Jin Ling while he ran around nighthunting ghouls with his friends to ensure his safety. So what even is this nonsense lol

    #will the real jc please stand up #donghua!jc can’t handle the golden core reveal so he (very prettily) boo hoos his way into seclusion #abandoning his vulnerable young nephew who he loves more than anyone and anything in the world to the wolves #meanwhile donghua!lxc got his whole world smashed and got tricked into killing the love of his life #but he just needs some r&r and he’ll be good lol #not to mention that he got his tragic parallel to his father ripped out from under him and pasted on someone it doesn’t fit #IM SORRY BUT ITS SO RIDICULOUS ITS FUNNY #mdzs spoilers
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  • zazzander
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The building is the building in HoH, the Tower of Nero?

    The tower first appeared in a dream of Jason Grace. Reyna Ramírez-Arellano and Octavian met here with Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Grover Underwood.
    - the wiki page about the tower

    But in ToN Rachel talks about the tower and never mentions having stood on its literal rooftop! So I don't know why these are supposed to be the same building.

    But if it was the same building. Then that means Reyna really has no authority over who goes in and out. Sure, she probably didn't know that. The Romans probably only used one floor of the building + the roof. However, it would have been easy to trap the Greek emissaries on their way up. To have them thrown into the hold. Which means he forwent that option with the hope of peace.

    Some vague proof:

    "you got my message." [Rachel]
    "That's the only reason you made it this far alive, graecus. I hope you've come to discuss surrender terms." [Octavian]

    Also, how would Octavian have even explained the place? Somewhere super fortified? Full of demi-gods etc. Sure, he could have said, "this building is owned by my relatives".

    But why would Nero let Octavian bring 200+ demigods into the tower? That implies a level of trust from both sides that, honestly, I don't think either are capable of. But if they did have that level, it makes Imperial!Octavian seem ever more likely.

    And also, moving the camp away from the tower took them out of Nero's direct power, in that case.

    So, yeah, ultimately seems unlikely these are the same buildings. But if they are, it means Octavian didn't feel like killing or capturing them. Potentially, even after he learned Rachel was an Oracle.

    #more food for thought #the wiki really needs to get its story straight #octavian hoo#octavian pjo #heroes of olympus #trials of Apollo
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  • n-naturely
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The best pjo fan artists are the ones who draw the characters with scars

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