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  • imreallyloveleee
    04.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    thoughts on 5x05

    - adult Betty and Jughead: [interact for 30 seconds]


    - Betty gets home late and Alice shushes her because “the twins are finally asleep”. i was confused because this sounds like something you’d say about toddlers, not third graders, until i realized we’d simply encountered a patented Riverdale temporal slip and spent a few seconds in the version of 2021 where Jupiter and Dagnabbit are two years old

    - Betty’s entire family treats her like absolute GARBAGE in this episode, which is never really a surprise, but always hurts to see since the show continues to insist that as long as you love your kids you can do whatever the fuck you want to them emotionally and it’s fine.

    - Tabitha gets a personality this week! it’s great, she’s great. i feel like this is the first time they’ve actually done a good job introducing a new, likable character. credit where credit’s due!

    - Jughead renamed Sweet Pea and Fangs “Popeye” and “Toothy” in his book, which is precisely the level of respect that they deserve

    - do we think Reggie telling Veronica to ask her dad for help is a moment where he is genuinely trying to look out for her? or is he setting her up? as a lowkey Veggie fan i hope for the former, but i really couldn’t tell.

    - Veronica’s whole storyline is just...so...depressing and awful. it’s essentially the story of a woman trying to escape financial abuse, and as usual the show treats it with slightly less than 0% of the gravitas something like that should carry. see also: Cheryl and Toni’s sexual assaults; Betty’s emotional abuse by her mother; and roughly 36 other storylines from the past 4.5 seasons of Riverdale

    - Toni really lays the emotional manipulation on thick with Cheryl in their scene at the diner, but she also endured [insert anything Cheryl did at any point in season 4], so it’s a wash

    - Archie, Betty, Kevin, Popeye and Toothy bust into Archie’s rental without warning, which violates so many tenant protection laws oh my god Archie, just because they sell drugs doesn’t mean they don’t deserve 24 hours notice that you’re about to smash all of their windows in

    - p.s. does Archie understand that as the property owner he will ultimately have to replace all of these smashed windows, or is he going to try and scam the Ghoulies out of their security deposit, too

    - out of nowhere, the torrent i was watching this on skipped back to the clip of Jughead sending his agent the Pop Tate article about 15 seconds in to the Betty-and-Archie-cleaning-his-house scene. i think it was trying to warn me! but no warnings necessary my friend, when i see two people straining that hard to produce a single iota of chemistry between them, i know nothing good is coming next

    - feels like i should have something to say about that town hall scene

    - i don’t

    - will we ever get an explanation for why Jughead moves into Archie’s house at the end of this episode? did they just decide that the thought of Jughead living in the bunker full-time was too depressing? because if so, they were right

    #loveleee rewatches riverdale s5a #will i make it to 5x10 by next wednesday!? we shall see #i kind of hope not #bc that's a lot of riverdale to watch in one week #riverdale
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  • lacebird
    04.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    I had a nap dream this afternoon that Ethan from maneskin had cut his hair super short and dyed it like a carrot orange and I think I was crying

    #maneskin#ethan torchio#måneskin#damiano david #victoria de angelis #thomas raggi #I hope Ethan NEVER cuts or dyes his hair bc that would make me sad
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  • stxnsia
    04.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago


    “I can tell you’re not quite gettin’ what I said before.” 

    What was it that she had said? The man draws his brows together, eyes closed in thought. He is only proving her right that he was not getting the full picture. Now he would say that his strained memory of what the necromancer said, was not his fault in the slightest. Reason being: I hardly bend ear to one who could be a threat to the plane. Or himself. Something clicks in his brain then and he allows his gaze to fall back upon her.

    Voice cold as ever he gives what he feels is a decent response, “You tell me then, why should I get it? What truth or present does it give to me? You should know how these things work. You give, I give-” Frowning, “We leave with what information we want. Whether we speak or not again really depends on how we leave this.”

    Sorin, you stubborn fool. Defensive he lets his hands slide to his hips. One dangling, the other rested upon the hilt of his sword. Not that he did not trust Liliana, He just did not trust her.

    #hello! #i hope the answer is okay like this #darkdabbling #thr;; these spirits // are your prison ( liliana )
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  • aeruh
    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    i adore seals so much my dudes ;-;

    #I clicked on him hoping it would be seal like the animal #AND IT WAS #neo twewy spoilers #neo the world ends with you spoilers #they just make me so so happy #I love them #neo twewy #neo the world ends with you
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  • oh-hools
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    did they remove fast reblogging on mobile. im going to bite someone

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  • honeyloverogers
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #damn right we demand respect here #and if that makes me scary then i hope you piss your pants #honey answers
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  • pickfordsdumptruck
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    ❤🧡💛💚 !!!!! H I M !!!!!! ❤🧡💛💚

    #he's so pretty 🤧🤧 #makes the away kit look seggsy #😁✌ #my BABY !!!! #i hope he is having a smashing day 🥺 he deserves it #declan rice #he makes me emotional ladies #england nt#west ham
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  • alis-valot-propriis
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    All’s Fair in Love (and War)


    Lydia Martin was more excited for college than she’d probably ever been in her entire life. Sure, she was back in Massachusetts within proximity of her mod boss father and all his goons, but she was living in Cambridge for college and they were in Boston. Hopefully that meant she wouldn’t be seeing any of the goons anytime soon. She’d spent middle and high school at a boarding school in South Carolina, far away from all the potential dangers that her father’s career (if it could be called that) could send her way. She wasn’t entirely sure how she convinced him to let her apply to college so close to home, but she wasn’t going to question it.

    Most of her things were already in her dorm room at Harvard thanks to her father hiring some people. All she had was the overnight bag on her shoulder and her purse. She was glancing down at the map on her phone to make sure she was still headed in the right direction. She was used to large campuses with buildings that all looked the same, but the Harvard campus was definitely bigger than Rosefield Prep had been. She’s too lost in studying the map while standing, quite inconveniently in the middle of the walkway to notice the two boy barreling obliviously her way. She barely has time to register the guy bumping into her before she’s on her ass with her phone skittering away along the sidewalk. Thankfully her landing is cushioned slightly by her overnight bag, but she’s busy rubbing her now sore hip and figuring out how she’s going to get up when a hand with an iPhone that looked suspiciously like hers appears in front of her face. 

    She traces a path from the phone up a muscular arm to a handsome face. She blinks in disbelief and then back down to the phone. She takes it from him tentatively and turns it over to check that it’s really hers. One glance at the floral case and the lavender color peaking through confirms it is her phone. 

    “Thanks. You should really pay more attention,” she says, tucking her phone into her purse and trying to figure out a way to get up that won’t have her flashing her lacy panties to the student body.  

    #v: mafia au #hope this is okay #stilestylelinski
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  • ladyxredxwolf
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    @goldcnlicn​ liked this post for a starter

    The tension in the air was unbearable, with the world on the brink of war, Sansa had to get out of the war room and just breath. She made her way outside to take a deep breath and calm herself down. It was getting colder, she could feel the air wrapping around her as she looked out at the courtyard full of people. Her deep breaths were like ice to her chest, they were coming and coming soon. Her hand moved to grip the bar in front of her, she really wasn’t sure if she was ready to lose anyone else. 

    Her eyes moved down to those who were helping feed the people, she knew she needed to go and help, she was the lady of Winterfell after all. Turning around, she stopped to see Jaime stood there. “Ser Jaime.” She said gently. 

    #goldcnlicn #sansa x jaime #hope this is ok #let me know if you want it changed
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  • nnatsume
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #enstars#ensemble stars#izumi sena #izumi sena x reader #kaoru hakaze #kaoru hakaze x reader #rei sakuma #rei sakuma x reader #tetora nagumo #tetora nagumo x reader #enstars x reader #it's like 1 am i hope there's not too many mistakes nyeh
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  • riosnecktattoo
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #asks#medievalraven #I was hoping you'd left this in 2020 you heathen
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  • felixascends
    04.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago



    #i hope you like this!! #:D
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  • tennessoui
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #even though qui-gon still thinks they're together #so dooku knows they're together #dooku has made his opinions on anakin quiite clear #so anakins mood is 100% killed immediately at seeing dooku looming in the doorway #instead of any drunken kisses #(anakins gotten himself tipsy and hopeful for drunken kisses no one should blame him pls) #anakin helps obi-wan to bed #and then obi-wan wont let him leave #so they ring in the new year cuddling on obi-wans bed #and anakin cant decide which of the past two new years has been better #because really theyre both great #and both of them arent real #asks#KUWSK
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  • halalgirlmeg
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Anybody out there wanna be my study partner for the fall semester?

    #thinking about how I'm going to try this again and hope I don't fail #taking only math so I can focus #random
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  • faemoria
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

                                        throws u my url from covid baby jail---

    [ ♛ ] send me a url and i'll tell you the following;

    my opinion on;

    character in general  : 

    nox  :  has like 3 million muses also nox  :  doesn’t specify a muse for me to talk about uMMM well okay in a general sense  ,  nox has gotten me to care about a lot of characters that i didn’t care for or  ,  in a few cases  ,  even actively disliked prior  .  they have a few distinguished types which include knights that subvert genres  &&  garbage men  ,  both of which i can highly appreciate  .  i am especially fond of jayce  ,  zelgius  &&  sigurd  ,  but that might be because they’re the ones i’ve interacted with the most across my own blogs  . 

    how they play them  :

    spectacularly  ?  show-stoppingly  ?  wonderful  ?  as i said  ,  nox has managed to make me care about characters i did not care about before or even actively disliked  .  if you told the ‘ me from 2012 ′ that the newly released jayce was going to become one of my most beloved fictional characters of all time i would have asked how you got into my house  &&  also not believed you  . specifically nox has a wonderful way of invoking emotion  &&  introspection  ,  generally favoring that over the more tangible side of things  ,  that really gives you a good look at what their characters are going through  &&  their reactions to the characters they’re interacting with  .  it’s very tasty  .

    the mun  :

    y’all  ,  nox somehow sneakily crept their way into becoming one of my best friends at some point  &&  honestly i’m still reeling over it  .  they’re hilarious  ,  down-to-earth  &&  delightful to talk to about adored fictional characters  &&  video games  &&  all that jazz  .  it helps that we are two peas in a pod when it comes to beloved tropes  &&  such  . but also i would trust nox with just about anything  &&  know they’re someone i can turn to if i need help or support  .  i can only hope that i provide the same sense of comfort in our friendship  .

    do i;

    follow them  :

    i will follow nox on every blog they make until i die  .

    rp wtth them  :

    probably more than with anybody else at this point  .

    want to rp with them  :

    always  ,  i love our interactions  &&  the relationships we’ve formed between our various muses so far  .  i admit that sometimes i can get a little melancholy when their brainrot changes from a character i’ve been enjoying interactions with to someone new  ,  but i know that 1 . they’ll return to old muses one day  2 . no matter who they’re writing at the time  ,  it will turn out to be fun  &&  exciting if we squish our muses together  .

    ship their character with mine  :

    jayce  &&  tooth breathe life into me  ,  we all already know this  .  i am very soft for zelgius  &&  aqua  ,  even if it’s not a romantic thing (  although i think they’d make a stellar power couple  )  .  &&  i enjoy the little interaction we’ve had between sigurd  &&  tooth so far  .  that one i definitely don’t see turning romantic at any point  ,  but i think tooth can really come to care strongly about him  (  if she has the time  )  .  viktor &&  jayce can fucking kill me  &&  i’ll thank them for it  . oh and byleth / dimitri is god tier content  ,  sorry i dropped that muse after like a week lol i might return one day  .

    what is my  ;

    overall opinion  :

    **Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty. i mostly just want an excuse to say nice things about you && your muses .   i mostly just want an excuse to say nice things about you  &&  your muses .

                                               @hamartio​         send me a url  .

    #[ i hope you are freed from covid jail very soon my friend ] #gif // #» ทั่วไป ; Ask Meme | let me say nice things about you && your muse #» โลกีย์ ; Out of Character
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  • hansoeii
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I want to feel the way I felt after episode 2 of loki came out again. things were better back then

    #it was such a blissful time #I was just full of happiness man #like it was great #I actually had hope #and then everything went downhill
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  • cheerfulturquoiseturtle
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I was an agnostic, bisexual, emo kid when I was a teenager.

    I wrote yaoi fanfiction and drew fanart as a means of escape.

    I struggled with gender dysphoria in my late teens because I never felt girly enough.

    And at my worst state, fighting depression and suicidal desires, Jesus Christ found me. He gave me the love I could never find in anything else. He gave me the truth that I wholeheartedly avoided. He never gave up on me.

    I didn't understand sin and why my "good intentions" were in error, but I knew I could trust God.

    His Word opened my eyes and gave me real peace. Seriously, there is nothing like the peace of the Holy Spirit. I am no longer in that place of spiritual depression and ruin.

    If you had told me I would have grown interested in traditional femininity, marriage, and family, I would have thought you were crazy and cursed the idea.

    It's all been a process for me. I don't rely on gender stereotypes or worry about being a fake type of femininity. The beautiful thing about biological sex is that nothing can take away the fact I'm female.

    I base my idea of femininity on what the Bible teaches, which is largely motivated my love and service to those in my life. Always ministry, maybe marriage and motherhood someday. It's using our talents and natural giftings for God's glory. To love God and love others. That's all that matters to me now.

    God can change people. He does it everyday. The world is so bleak right now, but the Holy Spirit is working in the world. Misunderstandings against God can be healed by speaking the truth in love.

    No matter where you are in your life or what you have done, Jesus has the power to save to the uttermost. Salvation cannot be earned. Sanctification cannot be accomplished by human strength. All God wants is for us to surrender our lives to Him in faith and in love. We need to humbly realize we need a Savior and that Jesus Christ is that Savior. We confess, turn away from our sins, and simply follow Jesus the way a sheep follows the Shepherd.

    This is the greatest love I ever known. I sincerely want everyone to have it. It is a free gift and cannot be forced on anyone. It is the reason we exist.

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  • randomreasonstolive
    04.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Reason to Live #5980

      Learning to not rely on needing others approval. – Guest Submission

    (Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)

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  • duckseamail
    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    [ID: A book cover with a plain white background and four circle/cylinder things coming out from a single point in the center.  They are colored with yellow, pink, blue, and green. In each of the circles is black text. One says “Humankind” with “kind” in blue. The next says “A Hopeful History” the “Rutger Bregman” and lastly “Author of the New York Times Bestseller UTOPIA FOR REALISTS” End ID]

    Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman was really enjoyable to read. The author’s thesis is that in contrast to a prevailing theory that humanity is inherently bad/selfish/destructive, we actually want to do good and be helpful and that kindness is an extraordinary ability people have. It’s a very nice premise and I found it impressive how much research the author did and cited in this book. 

    It sort of moves in a chronological timeline (mostly - the stories jump around a bit but not too much). First the intro which talks about what “veneer theory” is (basically that civilization is a thin veneer over humanities evil desires). Next, Bregman talks about ancient humans and moves forward from there with examples and research basically to the present day. I really liked the sections later in the book that talked a lot about research done in the latter half of the 19th century because that was when veneer theory was really taking hold of western science. 

    That is my criticism, however, because a lot of the research was from Europe and America and a lot of the philosophical ideas cited are from western philosophy and I would have liked the author to have included eastern philosophy in his analysis of humanity going back and forth on whether we are good or bad. So, I think Bregman has things missing from his research since he was trying to make a statement on all of humanity but mostly focused on the west. 

    But even so, I really recommend this book. It’s fascinating to see him dismantle arguments against seeing the best in human nature and when I finished the book, I really wanted to go out and find something good to do. It’s very motivating and also has lots of cool real life stories in it and also my grandpa loved it too so it appeals to all ages, lol!

    #Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman #humankind: a hopeful history #rutger bregman#book review#book recs#image described
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  • aistandardcherry
    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago







    #OH BOY I SURE WOULD LIKE SOME LORE #OH BOY I'M NEW TO THE FANDOM #I SURE HOPE I GET TO SEE SOME LORE #I WONDER WHAT LORE IS LIKE #FUCKING SHIT#/j #i just love it okay #oh my fucking god wilbur stop torturing us #dsmp#dream smp#dsmp wilbur
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