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  • can’t wait to move to glasgow, with u, so this feeling can be permanent

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  • I was just thinking about this quarters 3rd degree gift/whatever it’s called and I have to know, is anyone working on the fic for the photo shoot they did for it?

    I’m hoping for a healthy dose of love scenes, obviously, and I can just see Rhett trying to explain what they’re setting up for. And then the last scene Rhett convinces Link it’s a kissing scene or something and Link’s resistant (not because he doesn’t want to kiss Rhett, but just cuz he thinks Rhett’s messing with him) but goes along with it. Then Link watches the movie Rhett said the scene was from and there’s no kissing so he confronts Rhett and Rhett shrugs and said he just wanted to kiss Link.

    I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if someone were to write something like that…

    #i hope someone does #rhett and link #rhink#rhink fic#hopefully #who wants this prompt
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  • Working on the next chapter of Bloom I swear, it’s just taking a little longer cause I was on vacation and am now in the middle of a really big move.

    #bloom#sorry #next chap within the next few days #hopefully
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  • Brickmania is doing another Hind

    #but no horten 229 :/ #at least not yet #hopefully
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  • #Sonic asks#Maybe#Hopefully #Gotta lay low #*scampers off somewhere* #YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE
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  • Man, I’m so tired of this bullshit I tell ya

    Medication isn’t doing what it’s fucking supposed to do, and the side effects are unbearable

    #i'll be okay #hopefully
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  • well….our win over the Soviet fuckers in ‘69 was maybe more important but still


    It’s been 22 years ♥♥♥

    #not football lol #but ice hockey #our team shall rise soon #hopefully #we got Pasta after all
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  • ovi finally got 700

    pressure is off now so maybe the caps will play caps hockey again and do the win thing frequently

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  • There are two Bobby’s: hot Bobby and thicc Bobby

    #YALL KNOW WHICH IS WHICH #hopefully #bobby d can get it #ALL IM SAYIN
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  • I really want to go to the seaside! It’s been nearly a decade since I last went, so something as simple as paddling in the sea would bring me so much joy. And I wouldn’t mind going to see all the seabirds at Bempton Cliffs 😬

    #but i'm not good with travelling #:( #i'll get there one day though #hopefully#personal
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  • Hey not to be Optimistic on main but I’m finally trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me and I’m looking forward to getting answers

    #chronic illness#mental health #idk i feel bad self dxing but i genuinely think i have cfs or fibro #and im going to a new therapist to talk about a certain...personality disorder i think i have #i feel like itll start getting easier to live life soon #hopefully#they speak
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  • sorry i haven’t posted in a while, my laptop and digital pen have decided to stop working, so i can’t do digital art and i’m doodling in random places but nothing tumblr worthy. i’m trying to save up to get an ipad pro, or a tablet that i can draw on, we’ll see!

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  • It’s Aro awareness week, I’m aro and I’m free from uni’s responsibilities for a little while so I HAD to do something with my boys for this :D


    • Demiromantic
    • Would mostly label his attraction as alterous most of the time though (since once he makes a connection with someone it’s hard to differentiate where border is)
    • Romance neutral when he doesn’t feel romantic attraction (even if he does prefer his media to stay clear of unnecessary romantic sub-plots)
    • Not big on physical contact in any type of relationship
    • Doesn’t go out of his way to search for romantic partner or QPP but absolutely open to both options
    • Will absolutely smack down verbally anyone who tries to discredit his identity or any on the spectrum


    • Aromantic
    • Romance positive most of the time
    • He goes through periods where he feels romance repulsed, which he knows how to cope with since it used to bother him greatly  thanks to support from friends and family
    • Does want a QPR
    • He’d be completely fine without one as long as his dear friends and family are around him or within a reasonable distance
    • Whoever is his QPP is in for a ride because dramatic boy cannot stop doing the cheesiest things his mind will offer him


    • Greyromantic
    • Romance neutral/positive most times, sometimes feels repulsed
    • Most of the times repulsion comes in the form of having to avoid any and all types of media that mentions romance on any regard
    • Always a ride for him when he feels romantic attraction for someone since it’s such an uncommon occurrance
    • He becomes flustered very easily and his anxiety does not help to make it easier on him
    • Not really interested in finding any type of mutually exclusive partnership,  he’s perfectly happy and content by himself with his family and friends there to support him


    • Aromantic
    • Romance repulsed
    • Has never cared for romance and has always been cool with it (Why would he care when he has such wonderful friends and family in his life?)
    • Can and Will physically fight anyone who says friendships or QPP can’t be as meaningful as a romantic relationship
    • Doesn’t really desire a QPR, he’s good with friends and family (and a possible hundred pets in the future)
    • If you can’t find even a tiny nick of green on his person somewhere you aren’t really looking


    • Demiromantic
    • Romance neutral
    • He can figure pretty well when he starts to feel romantic attraction and separate it from other types (he does a lot of introspection)
    • Will absolutely join Logan when he gets rambling
    • Would prefer a QPP than a romantic partner (he’s just had better experiences while in QPRs)
    • Will have a wedding ceremony eventually and somehow use it at the same time as a way to say fuck you to amatonormativity 


    • Greyromantic
    • Romance positive
    • He enjoys feeling romantic attraction even though it still feels uncomfortable sometimes (because of it being uncommon)
    • Would love to be in a mutually exclusive relationship of any type, he just enjoys them greatly 
    • Incredibly out and proud about being in the aro spectrum and he has always loved green so he’s always thought it was the best possible coincidence
    • He’ll give absolute hell for any and all exclusionists
    #sanders sides#logan sanders#roman sanders#virgil sanders#patton sanders#deceit sanders#remus sanders #aro!sides #ts headcanons #my ts headcanons #I've mostly used my own experiences for this #I tried to make each side experience with being in the spectrum be different and #I think I did okay? #Hopefully #can't believe I actually finished a thing #shite-post#long post #???? kinda
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  • omg this video of an interior designer’s insta story i just saw 🥺🥺🥺 fic of amy picking jake up from the airport with their baby in the back of their family friendly mid-sized sedan incoming

    #HOPEFULLY #if writer’s block is kind to me
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  • image

    but most importantly

    #can yall see the chain im going for #hopefully#deku#mha #am i funny yet #awkwarddeku#bnha izuku#midoriya izuku #my hero acadamia #izuku midoyria #bnha season four #awkward photos of midoyria #bnha
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  • last one!

    #my art#my ocs#elizabeth#demon #now to print these #and then table at komiket #simple#hopefully
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  • Most people can agree that pet names are cute and make people feel loved. So here’s some of my favorites to enlighten your vocabulary:

    Dearheart - not one you hear a lot, but it sounds old fashioned and sweet

    Precious/Darling creature - makes my heart feel fuzzy and will probably make someone blush

    Lovely - not love, not honey, but lovely. Simply that. I know it’s an adverb, but trust me on this one.

    Enigma - yes it means mystery but also yes it can be romantic

    Darling - this one is a classic but it’s also classy as hell in my opinion so it’s made the list

    *please note that I’m a horny slut for unique pet names

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  • ♪ another step, another stair, i never know if i’ll get there, but just maybe ♪

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  • Surrender

    writing inspired by the following prompt, courtesy of @corvidprompts

    “Watching you fall apart is beautiful, in a way. Like a dying star, you collapse in colour and take everything along with you. How on earth did anyone peg you for a hero?”

    The hero knelt, defeated, at the villain’s feet. It was not the kind of defeat that is physical, when your body can no longer keep fighting, but the kind of defeat that crushes your mind and your soul. Everything you loved? Dead. And how can anyone expect you to keep it together?

    The hero couldn’t bear to look up at the villain’s throne. Couldn’t even look at the villain’s blood-spattered boots. They stared, unblinking, into the pools of red that covered the floor, filling in every crack and crevasse. They should have been crying, but they couldn’t bring themself to do it any longer. Tears were for when there was still hope, even just a sliver of something worth fighting for. The hero sucked in a shuddering breath.

    “Would you be able to look at me, please?” The villain’s voice was unfairly, unnaturally calm and rational. The hero’s eyes remained on the floor. The villain reached out and gently but firmly grasped the hero’s jaw and tilted their head up. Their thumb gently stroked over the hero’s cheekbone. “There’s those pretty eyes of yours.” The hero choked.

    “Don’t say that.”

    The villain’s face was a perfect mask of confusion. “What? I was paying you a compliment.”

    “My eyes aren’t pretty. I’m not pretty or beautiful or-”

    The villain cut them off. “Watching you fall apart is beautiful, in a way. Like a dying star, you collapse in colour and take everything along with you. How on earth did anyone peg you for a hero?“

    The hero couldn’t respond. Disaster, destruction was beautiful and what was the hero if not a bringer of both?

    "You’re mine now. You belong to me. I have broken you down and I will build you back up into something better and stronger.” The villain gently ran their fingers through the hero’s hair. “You fought so well. I’m so proud of you. But you’re done. You’ve lost.”

    The hero stared down at their trembling hands. “I’ve lost.”

    “There you go. You’re so beautiful when you surrender yourself to me like that.”

    The villain spoke softly. “I’m going to take care of you now. My beautiful, broken little hero.”

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