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  • Wishing I had all the time in the world to write and draw content for my fave shows. 

    You’d think that craving would let up when you “grow up”, but for me, it’s still as strong as ever. 

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  • I believe in hoperai supremacy

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  • As much as I love other Final Fantasy games, I think we’re long overdue for some new FF13 content.


    Give my babies more screentime; New asses to kick, more silly and flirtatious remarks…a kiss…a hug…an adult Hope flicking Lightning’s forehead… ANYTHING.


    It’s been too long 😭 (I miss them)…


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    #eternal otp #tthis is my life #I'm such a trash #Hoperai trash#Hoperai#Hopurai#Hopelight #i'm married to ffxiii #i'm fine #I'm not crying you're crying #Yandere simulator#Mmd#Ayando
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    Do you see the expression on her face????? HOPERAI SHIPPERS COME TOGETHER

    #hoperai #i'm married to ffxiii #ffxiii #hope x lightning #hopeestheim#hopelight#ff13#hopurai#eternal otp#lightningfarron#lightning #THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMANNNN #I LOVE THEM SM #THE FEELS#I can't
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  • So I saw an Ayano x Budo meme with this song (I like yandere simulator btw XD I always liked it XDD) and I had to make an edit with OTP 1! OwO

    Ig: @_im_lilyy_from_ff13_

    Yt: xlilyyfromff13

    Music: Seed - Drink About

    #ETERNAL OTP#hhopeliiiight#Hell YISS #i'm married to ffxiii #ffxiii #hope x lightning #lightningfarron#hopeestheim#hoperai#hopurai #Lol I can't get over this ship it's almost been two years TwT
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    Lol I’m playing my imagination game with my brain again IIIIII WANT THIS TO HAPPENNNNN THAT WOULD BE SO CUUUUUTE TwT

    #my babies #this is so cute #hoperai#hopelight#hopurai #Hope x lightning #I aaaaaaaaaam gonna dieeee #ffxiii #i'm married to ffxiii #My shipper heart
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  • H: Do you remember when we first met all those centuries ago? Do you remember what you told me then? Keep your eyes front-

    L: I’ll watch the rear.

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  • #hello83433#hopelight#hoperai#hopurai#hopelight fic #a little bit of fluff #in these trying times #that last bit came out...... #idk like weird innuendo LOL #oh well #also i just typed this into the text box #and didn't really look it over #so forgive any mistakes #nothing like a little OTP ridiculousness ohohoho #ugh i adore them #ps if you're reading this in the future #idk what glitch tumblr had #for some reason the keep reading cut is in the ask??? #and i can't seem to fix it #sorry about that ugh 8))))
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  • #hopelight#hoperai#hopurai#hopelight fic #royal!AU #omg i am so sorry #not only has it been TWO AND A HALF YEARS #since the last time i wrote a main installment of this AU #but this one doesn't even have much OTP unfortunately #this one's full of plot and worldbuilding #which was actually quite fun for me #once i got into it lol #i hope you guys like it even though it's weird and just #two and a half year....jfc self #anyone one of the reasons i finally got inspired to write more of this #was because i keep getting random comments/asks about it #so if you liked this #PLEEEEASE let me know #so that i will hopefully be inspired for more of it #and maybe not take quite so long alsdkjf;aliwjef
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  • @rainbowserenity SURPRISE!  

    I love all of your hopurai fics, especially the mermaid au. I don’t remember if you’ve ever asked for this aesthetic, but I was inspired nonetheless and I hope you love it.

    In the Storm       Rays of Dawn

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    Where memories call to me, backward dreams or phantom reality?

    (Call to me… they call to me…)

    And so here we are, Lovers of Lost Dimensions - burning supernovas of all sound and sight. Every touch, a temptation. And for every sense, a sensation.

    - The Garden of Everything (Maaya Sakamoto)

    Lineart @hehaihohum | Colouring @alcestrine

    #hoperai#hopelight#hopurai#lightning farron#hope estheim #final fantasy xiii #lightning returns#ffxiii #jessie’s lineart was so goddamn perfect it had to be lifted up on a pedestal #uwu thank you for letting me colour this #these roses are killing meeeeee #why is Garden of Everything so perf for Hope and Light? #i love my babies #my artwork
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  • Every year, I make sure to post some kind of tribute for this highly underrated couple, so this year will be no different. I normally do some kind of drawing/photo edit to celebrate, so here’s this year’s tribute!


    Happy Hoperai week to those of us who celebrate! And remember, while it may not be canon (or accepted) in America, it is in Japan. 😉


    Originally posted by comeonlight

    #hoperai#hopurai #hope x lightning #lightning x hope #final fantasy 13 #final fantasy 13 lightning returns #lightning returns#ff13 lr #hope and lightning #lightning and hope #hope estheim#lightning farron#claire farron #final fantasy shipping #hoperai week#hopurai week
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  • A continuation of the continuation. Enjoy!


    “Here we are, Light,” Hope said as he pulled into the driveway of a small thatched cottage in the middle of nowhere. Ivy covered the front of the house; birds flew around several bird feeders that had been set up; bees zipped in between scores of flowers that surrounded the base of house.

    “It’s absolutely breathtaking Hope,” she said as she got out of the car. He smiled.

    “Wait until you see the best bit,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “Here, let me get that for you.” Hope took Lightning’s case from the passenger footwell. She gave him a smile, those reserved solely for him, and have been since the Whitewood. Hope unlocked his front door and held it open for Lightning to enter. Oooh, he’s such a gentleman. Lightning could practically hear Lumina swooning.

    Lightning entered Hope’s home. The first thing she noticed was the enormous window directly opposite the front door; the window went from the floor to the ceiling and was several paces in length. It had a stunning view of vast fields covered in flowers, with mountains in the distance and a fast flowing river curving around the base of them. Lightning moved up to the window, placing her hand on it palm flat.

    “I take it that this window is the best bit then Hope?” she said, barely above a whisper .

    “Yeah it is. Wait until sunset though, then it is truly spectacular. Although I must say that my view right now rivals it.” Lightning turned round and saw a pink cheeked Hope with his soft green eyes looking straight at her. Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him! Lightning was struggling to restrain Lumina now. Hope shook his head.

    “Sorry Light, I’m being a terrible host. Allow me to show you to your room.” Hope turned on his heel and walked to the left of the front door, Lightning’s bag in hand. Lightning followed, noting that the room she was in had nothing on the walls.

    “Here you are Light.” Hope opened the wooden door to reveal a small room, with a bed and a chest of draws in. Again, Lightning noticed, there was nothing on the walls. She walked in and placed the box containing Odin’s crystal on top of the draws, next to a vase of freshly cut roses.

    “There is a bathroom through the door there. It has a shower in, but if you would like a bath then feel free to use the bath in the main bathroom. My home is your home Light. Please help yourself to anything you would like. I’ll let you get some rest and freshen up.” Hope placed Lightning’s bag on her bed and turned to walk out of the room.

    “Oh! That’s right. Wait Hope. I have something for you.” Lightning went over to her bag and opened it. Inside, buried underneath clothes was a rectangular package wrapped in blue wrapping paper.

    “Oh just what I always wanted! A blue rectangle!” He said, smirking. Lightning shot him a glare.

    “Don’t get cute. It’s a gift from Serah.”

    “From Serah?” Hope moved over to the bed and sat down, taking the item offered by Lightning. Lightning sat down next to him. Hope peeled the wrapping paper off the corner and carefully unwrapped it. He was shocked to see a hand drawn Alexander in his Gesault form staring back at him, beautifully framed in a wooden frame. Hope traced Alexander’s left shoulder with his finger.

    “Did Serah draw this Light?”

    “Yes she did. She’s always had quite a passion for drawing.”

    “But how? She never saw Alexander. How could she know what he looked like?”

    “She doesn’t. She says that she can ‘see’ him. But what is really strange is that she couldn’t continue the drawing unless I was in the room with her. She loses her glimpse of him if I’m not in the room” Hope looked up from the picture and turned to look at Lightning. Calming green met calming blue; she had been staring at him.

    “Please pass my thanks onto Serah for me, and my regret that she couldn’t make it. And thank you Light, for bringing it all this way.”

    “Its no problem Hope. I was coming to see you anyway, with or without Serah.” She smiled at him. He smiled back. They stayed there for some time, or no time at all, staring into each others eyes. Slowly, they both began to lean in, eyes fluttering shut. They were millimetres from each other, moving closer, Lightning could feel Hope’s breath on her lips. The moment was shattered when a loud buzzing noise came from Lightning’s pocket. Nooooooooooo! Lumina really did have a piercing scream, Lightning thought. She took her phone out, still buzzing in her hand, and read the name Serah on the screen.

    “Sorry Hope. I need to take this.”

    “Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” Hope stood up, walked out of the room and gently closed the door, taking the picture of Alexander with him.

    Lightning slid her finger along the front screen of her phone, answering the call.

    “Hey Serah.”

    “Hi Sis! Did you get to Hope’s safely? Is he okay? What’s his house like? Did he like my drawing?” Lightning chucked at the rapid fire questions from her younger sister.

    “I’m here safely, yes. Hope is fine, if looking a little tired. His house is beautiful, a picturesque countryside cottage. He was made up with your gift, yes. Although I’m sure he would have appreciated it more if you were the one to deliver it to him. Remind me again why you and Snow and Vanille and Fang and everyone else couldn’t make it?” Serah just giggled.

    “Because of work and other reasons that you couldn’t argue with. You were always close to Hope sis, and I know that he held you very close to his heart. You two should have some time to catch up without all of us there distracting him. Although do pass on all of our phone numbers and emails to him so he can get in contact when he wants to.”

    “Yeah I will do.”

    “Anything else to tell me sis?”

    “No I don’t think so…” Lightning’s eyes glanced over to the draws and to the purple box that sat on top of them. “Oh, Hope bought me a gift. He gave it to me when he picked me up from the station.”

    “Oooooh. What is it?”

    “It’s a copy of the crystal I used to summon Odin in the old world.”

    “Oh wow sis. Can I see it?”

    “Unless you fancy making the trip down here, no you can’t.”

    “Honestly Claire, you are so bad when it comes to technology. If you look at your phone screen it should have a symbol that looks like a video camera. Tap it.” Lightning did as she was instructed and Serah appeared on her phone screen, giving her sister a small wave. “See, you can show it to me and I don’t even have to be there.” Lightning smiled.

    “You always were good with technology Serah. Hold on.” Lightning went and carefully removed the crystal from the box. She held her phone in her right hand and held the crystal in her left by her face. She wanted to see Serah’s reaction after all. Once Serah’s eyes fell onto the crystal Lightning could have sworn that they flashed white, if only for a moment.

    “Oh wow Claire. That is absolutely stunning. I…” Serah paused, looking down, brow furrowed in concentration.

    “You okay Serah?”

    “Yeah. I- I- I think I may know what Odin looked like. Could you send me a picture of the crystal sis? I feel like drawing all of a sudden.”

    “Of course. I’ll do that as soon as were done.”

    “Thanks sis.” Lightning heard a knock on the door.

    “One sec Serah. Come in.” The door opened and Hope popped his head in.

    “Sorry to disturb you Light. Would you like anything to eat or drink at all?” As if on cue, Lightning’s stomach made a noise that could have passed for a whale’s mating call. Hope struggled to hide his laughter.

    “I’ll take that as a yes then. Come on out when you’re ready.”

    “Thanks Hope,” she said giving him a smile and trying desperately to ignore the burning she felt in her cheeks. He turned and gently shut the door. “You could have said hello you know Serah.”

    “No I couldn’t. This is meant to be your time with him Light. I’ve kept you talking long enough. Speak soon!” Serah abruptly ended the video call. Ruuuuude! Lightning couldn’t help but agree with Lumina.

    Lightning stood and carefully placed Odin’s crystal back into its box, taking a picture and sending it to Serah, and putting on the lid.

    Lightning found Hope facing a counter in a kitchen, in a little offset next to the large window that she hadn’t noticed before. Hope turned around and held a tray full of cheeses, biscuits, crackers, and what looked like chocolate cake in his hands.

    “Would you mind getting the door just there for me please Light?” Lighting turned to her left and saw sliding patio doors. She opened them and saw a small patio with a table and two chairs facing the mountains that had been revealed so well by the huge window. On the table were two champagne glasses and a bottle. Hope gracefully moved past Lightning and placed the tray onto the table, grabbed the bottle and after a loud pop!, was pouring fizzy liquid into the glasses. He pulled a chair out from underneath the table and motioned for Lightning to sit, then taking the seat opposite.

    Lightning sat down, enjoying the heat the chair gave out after spending all day in the sunlight. Hope picked up both glasses and handed one to Lightning. He held his up to Lightning in a toast, “To the new world, and to the savior who brought us here.”

    Lightning mimicked Hope’s actions, blushing ever so slightly, lifting her glass to him.

    “To the new world, and to the man who saved the savior.”

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  • A continuation from the previous fic. I’m still learning how to work Tumblr, so please forgive any formatting errors. Please comment if you have any constructive criticism, or just want to say hello!


    During the drive to Hope’s home, Lightning could not take her eyes off the rose blossom. It was an exact duplicate of Odin’s crystal in every way. The folds of the petals, the height, and even the weight were all perfect. She heard a chuckle to the side of her.

    “Don’t go smashing it with a sword now. It won’t summon anything in a world without magic.” She turned her head to see Hope staring at the road ahead, smirking. Lightning rolled her eyes.

    “Obviously. It’s far to beautiful to smash. Although anymore smart comments like that and I can’t say the same about your face.” She reached over and flicked his cheek. Hope just chuckled.

    “You think my face is beautiful?” Hope replied, quick as a whip. Lightning’s face went beet red.

    “N-no! I-I didn’t mean…” Lightning was interrupted by Hope hearty laughter.

    “I’m only teasing Light. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed.” Lightning smiled, her face returning to a respectable colour, and hummed in agreement.

    “I’m glad to see you have changed Hope. Back in your rightful body.”

    “Yeah. It’s good to be an adult again.” Lightning wasn’t quite sure, but Hope’s cheeks looked as if they turned very slightly red.

    Lightning’s attention was again brought back to the rose blossom in her lap when the light hit it just right and it shined in her eyes. Very slightly smiling, she very carefully picked it up out of its cushioned box and turned it over to admire it fully. What she did not expect was a very small engraving on the base of the glass blossom. We’ll carve out a new fate! Cocking her head to one side, Lightning stared at the engraving as her finger ghosted over it.


    “Mmmm?” Hope replied as he indicated left, turning down a well worn country road.

    “What does this engraving mean? ‘We’ll carve out a new fate’?”

    “I’m surprised you don’t remember. Think back to one of the first battles we had, right after Odin became your ally.” Lightning closed her eyes and cast her mind back all those centuries.

    Night had fallen over the Vile Peaks. She and Hope were tired, cold, and hungry. The battle against Odin had been exhausting. Instead of stopping as normal humans would to satisfy their cravings, they pressed on as Pulse l'cie had to. Lightning had told Hope that ignoring his human needs for the time being until they were safe was his first lesson on being ‘toughened up.’

    The next few moments are a haze. A flash bang, lots of shouting and noise, and the unmistakable sound of boots crunching in the dirt. When Lightning regained her senses, she and Hope were surrounded by PSICOM soldiers, muttering to themselves about defying orders and kill the l'cie instead of capturing them as the Primarch had ordered. In Lightning’s right peripheral vision she could make out a silver bird perched on a mountain of trash. A drone perhaps? Whispering to Hope that he should run when she gave the signal, and making it clear that she wouldn’t take no for an answer, she began gathering her energy towards her brand.


    Hope ran and Lightning shot thunder to her left while unsheathing her gunblade and darting to the right. She brought down two soldiers with a well aimed sparkstrike. She turned, just in time to see a solider use the butt of his gun to smash Hope in the side of his head. Hope fell and Lightning screamed. A rose blossom appeared at her chest, she threw it and smashed it with a single swipe of her gunblade. Odin descended with a crash of thunder.

    “We’ll carve out a new fate! Odin! Cut us a path!”

    A small pothole in the road caused Hope’s car to jerk bringing Lightning back to the present.

    “It was the first time I ever summoned Odin,” she whispered opening her eyes. “But you were unconscious, how could you possibly have heard?”

    “I was only out for a minute at most, I think. The first thing I saw when I came round was you and Odin, and you saying ‘we’ll carve out a new fate’. Truth be told Light, that is the most vivid image I have of the old world. It’s a pleasant image, even regarding the situation we were in.” Hope’s cheeks were very slightly pink.

    I bet you could give him way more pleasant images to think about! He was a huge fan of that purple lightning garb right?! Lightning attempted to shut Lumina out, given her mad laughter, but a huge blush appeared on her cheeks. Carefully, she placed the glass blossom back into the box and closed it. She held tightly onto it.

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  • This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while now. I do plan on continuing this story. Please leave a comment if you want or have any constructive criticism. To paraphrase Bhunivelze, ‘Hoperai love eternal!’


    Social media is a powerful thing in this new world, Lightning Farron thought to herself as the countryside flew by; the sound of the trains engine her only companion, other than her own thoughts. I’ve spent months searching for him using the methods I would have used in the old world with no success, yet just 13 hours after I get a social media account I find him. Lightning smiled. She couldn’t wait to see him again, and if his social media profile picture was anything to go by he had returned to his true adult body, a body she had only ever seen from the timeless city of Valhalla. A veeeery attractive body at that, a childish voice that sounded suspiciously like Lumina piped up. Lightning shook her head trying to dispel those thoughts.

    The train door slid open and Lightning stepped out. She paused a few steps onto the platform, enjoying the warm wind on her face and the smell of flowers and freshly mown grass. Looking to the sky she saw the moon, so much smaller than the man made moon in the previous world, and a plane in the air. Maybe Sazh is piloting that plane, she wondered. Walking down the steps and taking a right she came to the car park. And there, halfway down, was Hope Estheim leaning on the bonnet of his car. As Lightning approached she saw he had his eyes closed, arms folded, and was facing the sun, a small smile on his face. She stopped a few feet away and loudly cleared her throat. His eyes flew open and his head turned towards the noise. Lightning saw his pupils dilate as soon as his eyes landed on hers. He pushed himself up, his soft green eyes never leaving her for a second. He took very slow, tentative step towards her. When he reached her he quickly and quite forcefully poked her in the forehead.

    ‘Hey! What was that for?!’ she said, rubbing the injured spot.

    ‘Sorry. I had to make sure you weren’t a phantom…’ Hope pulled her into a crushing hug. Dropping her bag, she reciprocated the hug, pulling him in tighter, sandalwood cologne filling her nostrils.

    ‘Thank you Hope,’ she whispered in his ear. Hope released her from the hug, placing his arms on her shoulders and staring into her blue orbs.

    ‘Why are you thanking me?’ he said, confusion evident on his face. Lightning stared into his eyes, feeling heat rising in her face.

    ‘You came back for me. You saved me from the chaos. You heard me cry for help, when no one else did. You saved my soul.’ Lightning could feel tears forming in her eyes. ‘Thank you.’ She was aware that Hope’s eyes were growing wet too.

    ‘You don’t need to thank me for anything. If you think even for a second I would leave you alone in the chaos, especially after hearing you shouting for help, you clearly don’t know me. I was going to turn back you know. I would have stayed in the chaos with you, if you wanted to stay. We are partners, both in the last world, this one and any to come.’ He smiled, a single tear escaping from his eyes and sliding down his cheek. Lightning gently wiped his tear off his cheek leaving her hand on the side of his face. He leaned into her touch, eyes gently closing.

    Kiss him! Lightning mentally clamped down on Lumina’s voice, who she could almost hear laughing away. Hope opened his eyes, smiling at her.

    ‘So, what should I call you in this new world? Your profile says Claire. Is that okay?’

    ‘I’ll always be Light to you Hope. But call me whatever you wish.’ Hope nodded.

    ‘You look quite tired Light. Let’s get you back to my house. We can talk all we want there.’ Lightning nodded. Hope clicked a button on his keys and the silver car beeped. Hope went and opened the passenger door. Lightning smiled at him as she went to get into the car. She stopped when she noticed a purple velvet box on the passenger seat with a pink bow on top. Hope noticed her staring.

    ‘It’s a gift for you. I was out shopping when you contacted me. As I was messaging back, it caught my eye in a shop window. Be careful with it though, it is quite fragile.’ Lightning nodded, picked up the box and sat down in the car. By the time Hope sat in the drivers seat, Lightning had the box open and was staring at the contents with wide eyes and her mouth open. Inside the box was a rose blossom made of pink glass. It caught the light just right and cast a pink glare onto her chest.

    ‘Hope… is this…?’

    ‘Your crystal that you used to summon Odin? It looks like it to me,’ he said with a grin reaching from ear to ear. Lightning looked away from the crystal and met his gaze.

    ‘Thank you Hope’ she said her voice close to breaking.

    ‘Now that I will accept thanks for,’ he said with a wink.

    Kiss him! Kiss him! Lightning’s fight against Lumina was a fight she was rapidly losing.

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  • “Hope, wake up.”

    He groaned instead, though his face was buried in his pillow and the sound was muffled. Wake up? It was still dark outside! Surely his alarm wouldn’t go off for another hour or so…

    Immediately as he thought this, someone shook his shoulder, trying to jostle him up. The touch was immediately familiar and his sleep-addled mind finally began to clear.

    “Light?” His voice was still husky with exhaustion, but he lifted his head and blearily opened his eyes. His wife was staring at him with an extremely expectant expression. “Is something wrong?”

    She smirked and pushed him a bit so that his lips were easily accessible and he eagerly returned the kiss she gave him. While that was awesome, it still didn’t answer his question.

    Thankfully, she gave in to his confusion when she pulled away. “It’s the fifteenth.”


    “And it’s five in the morning.”

    Because he’d been awake for about a minute, it took him a bit before Lightning’s words even registered, never mind the meaning. Apparently that was a minute too long, because she huffed impatiently and crawled out of bed to find clothes. It was only when she tossed on a dress that he finally sat up and remembered.

    “Oh, yeah! We’ve gotta hurry!”

    She chuckled and gave him another kiss. “Meet you downstairs.”

    It was only another few minutes before Hope did just that, and they were out the door just a little while later. Luckily, the store was only a couple of miles away. They’d get there even faster since there was practically nobody on the road this early.

    “I think we’ll get a good selection this year.” Lightning had her hand on his thigh as he drove. It was very distracting. “We’ll get to the registers just as the computers update.”

    “Definitely.” Hope swiftly pulled into a space in the nearly-empty parking lot. He and Lightning quickly shuffled into the twenty-four hour store, ignoring the glazed eyes of the employees that barely spared them a glance.

    After years of this particular tradition, they could find the seasonal aisle in their sleep. When they got there, some more employees were already putting out stock for the next holiday….but half the aisle was still pink and red.

    It was the best way to celebrate the holiday:

    Clearance Valentine’s Day candy.

    Over the years, they’d gotten this down to an art. Midnight was too early for the store to put the candy on clearance since they typically did a shift change. Once they did make it official, it always took a bit for the computers to update. Five in the morning was the sweet spot.

    It was for this reason that Hope hadn’t done anything special for Lightning for Valentine’s Day in years, except maybe give her a card. They didn’t need a holiday to be romantic, anyway. 

    But when that holiday involved candy that was up to ninety percent off and your wife had a secret sweet tooth, Hope figured he could handle such an out-of-the-box way of celebrating.

    The best part was getting home with all their loot, which usually included more chocolate than a normal person would eat in a year. Then they’d proceed to lounge on the couch, going through it all and having candy for breakfast.

    It was perfect, especially when finished off with a few more kisses, their lips tinged with sugar and chocolate.


    #hopelight#hoperai#hopurai#raihopu#hopelight fic #this is stupid lmao #but whatever i wanted to do something OTP-related #since it's valentine's day tomorrow #and things have been shitty lately so like #why not have OTP to make it all better #lightning's secret sweet tooth is the best lol #you just know they hoard that chocolate and eat it for the next few months #maybe share it in bed ohohoho #ahem
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  • more art dump,, i’m too lazy to post them separately 

    #harvest moon#hopurai#ocs #story of seasons #ff13 #comms and gifts
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    A tribute to a couple I hold close and dear to my heart. <3

    #hoperai #lightning x hope #hopurai #hope x lightning #hope and lightning #lightning and hope #lightning farron#hope estheim #final fantasy 13 #ff13 #final fantasy 13-2 #ff13-2 #final fantasy lightning returns #lightning returns
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