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    ⭐°•⭐•°⭐°•Red Flames•°⭐°•⭐•°⭐

    BTS x Red = Perfection ❣️

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    A/N: there is t e n s i o n happening and i’m living for it. lmao i hope you guys enjoyed! next update coming tomorrow! let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist💕 — Rynn

    tag list: @hxseok-honee @taeshuworld @deepseavibez @lele-bb @wannabestark @burningupp-replies

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    J-hope, jimin and Kurt cobain


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    ’ ♡︎ ou ↑↓ favor, não copiar

    *inspo: @vanteclub

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    𑁘. ּ 🧈 ⃞ ׄ𝐛𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 ۤ 𓇿 ֪

    me desculpem pela qualidade da foto, a edit não está bem feita mas deu muito trabalho pra fazer. :(

    sorry for the quality of the photo, the edit is not well done but it took a lot of work to do. :(

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    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    perigee | hoseok

    pairing: idol!hoseok x reader
    genre: established relationship | fluff
    word count: 2k
    warning/s: none.
    summary: Hoseok isn't as far away from you as you thought.


    all rights reserved © vantaenims - do not repost, translate, or claim as your own.


    You shuffled in your bed as soon as you heard the ringing sounds of your phone, leaving you to wonder just who the hell in their right mind would call you this late at night and disrupt your peaceful slumber. Nevertheless, with your eyes still closed, you extend your hand towards your nightstand as you blindly search for your device to answer the call.

    “Hmm?” you hummed into the receiver, too tired to even form a coherent sentence.

    “Did I wake you up?”, you didn’t bother to check the Caller ID beforehand but you could easily identify the owner of the voice to be your boyfriend’s, “Sorry, i didn’t mean to.”

    “It’s okay”

    Well, to be fair, ever since Hoseok went on a tour with the boys, phone calls at inconvenient times seems to be the new norm between the two of you. There are instances when you’d unknowingly call him in the middle of a soundcheck or in the middle of an interview and you could blame the ever changing time difference for that and it looks like it’s not just you who’s struggling to keep up with it too.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing really”, Hoseok heaved a sigh with contentment, “I just want to hear your voice.”

    A sheepish smile crept up on your face, prompting you to roll on your side just so you could press your face onto your pillow as if you're trying to hide away your blush from anyone when you’re literally all by yourself but you can’t help it, not when Hoseok’s too good at making your heart flutter and fill your stomach with butterflies just by doing the simplest of things.

    “You must miss me alot, huh?” you teased as a way to cover up just how flustered you got.

    “Awfully so”, Hoseok said, “Don’t you miss me, love?”


    Hoseok chuckled, “Doesn’t sound like it”

    “I do miss you too, Hobi” you said in between yawns.

    “Then, can you look at the moon for me?” Hoseok asked out of the blue.

    “Why? It’s like–”, you paused as you peered at your phone to check the time, “2 a.m. in here.”

    “Well, the moon looks exceptionally radiant tonight” Hoseok justified but you honestly can’t be bothered to get up right now, feeling too lazy and sleepy to even move a muscle.

    “It sure is” you murmured and a short stretch of silence followed after with the exception of the faint sounds of breathing coming from the other line, one that drifts you slowly back to sleep but you were pulled out of your sleep in an instant when Hoseok spoke up.

    “You’re not looking at the moon, are you?”

    “Hobi, I love you but the bed’s too comfortable” you said in your defense as you let out a giggle for getting caught in a lie, “What’s with you and the moon, anyway?”

    “I know this may sound cliché but you know how they say that no matter where you are in the world right now, we’re all under the same sky looking at the same moon?”, you nodded but you were quick to hum after you failed to realize that Hoseok can’t see you, “I’m just hoping if you could look at the moon with me right now.”

    “But Isn’t it more convenient to facetime?”

    “Come on, I'm trying to be romantic here”, Hoseok groaned, which in return made you laugh.

    “Alright, alright” you slowly inched your body towards the edge of the bed as you swung your legs by the side to sit yourself up but you can’t seem to muster up the will to stand up just yet thus you remained to sit still for a moment with your phone still pressed to your ear, back hunched, and eyes still closed – not like you’ve pried them open in the beginning.

    At the end, you eventually stood up as you scuffled closer to your window by sluggishly dragging your feet along the carpeted floor whilst you rubbed your eyes off sleep.

    “Okay, I’m looking at the moon” you drew back your curtain as you looked up at the sky and towards the moon with only one eye open.

    “Are you now?”

    “I really am”, your sleep deprived ass must have clouded your judgement to see how ‘exceptionally radiant’ the moon is but to you, it looks pretty… ordinary to say the least but you knew better than to comment about it and ruin it again for Hoseok, “It’s a half crescent moon.”

    “Hmm, is it? Are you sure about that?” Hoseok asked and with that tone alone, you could already tell the devious smirk on his face.

    “How else would I know what the moon looks like tonight then?” you were getting a tad bit irritated now and you don’t know if Hoseok’s purposefully being a little shit right now but you do know and you hope your boyfriend does know that you’re not one to mess with specially when you’re woken up from your sleep.

    “Okay but why don’t you look at it this time with both of your eyes open” you grunted but complied nevertheless.

    “You’re so–Huh? What?”, you furrowed your brows in confusion, “How did you know that?”

    “Know what?” Hoseok asked and you could hear him stifling his laugh.

    “That i only have one of my eyes open”

    “It’s because you’re looking at the wrong moon, love.”

    If anything, that statement made you more confused than you already are and it also doesn’t help that you’re still drowsy from sleep. In fact, you think you’re so out of it that you think you’re starting to imagine things, mainly because you could see Hoseok right in front of your house, leaning back against the door of his car.


    “Is that you?”, you pressed your face closer against the window, trying to see if your eyes are deceiving you or not but you could tell just from his stance that it is your boyfriend.

    “I don’t know? Why don’t you come out and see”

    You did not waste any more time as you immediately dashed out of your room and ran down the stairs as quick as you can like you weren’t just half asleep awhile ago. Obviously, you’re wide awake now that your boyfriend whom you have not seen for months could be standing outside of your house right now.

    It almost felt like forever when you reached your front door, finally opening it to see Hoseok standing a few feet away from you, smiling at you widely with his outstretched arms but you did not step out of the house just yet as you were still slipping on your slippers but due to your excitement, you accidentally chucked the other pair of slippers to your front yard as the clumsy person you are.

    Hoseok bursted out in laughter as he watched you jog your way towards your slippers but before you could even bend down and retrieve it, he sneaked behind you as he circled his arms around your middle, lifting you up in the process as he spinned you around.

    “Hobi!”, you shrieked in between giggles as you playfully slapped his arms, “Put me down.”

    Hoseok complied, putting you down eventually yet his arms still remained to be wrapped around your waist and he took it as a chance to turn you around to face him, your laughter dying down as soon as your eyes met his.

    “You’re here” you said with bated breath as you cupped the side of his face delicately.

    Hoseok fondly smiled at you as he placed his hand atop of yours, head tilting ever so slightly to plant a kiss on your palm, “I’m here.”

    You bite your lip as you try to fight the overwhelming emotions that’s coming all at once at you but your tears have managed to betray you. Embarrassed, you put your head down, letting your hair do its job to cover your face.

    “Don’t cry now” Hoseok pulled you further into him as he planted a comforting kiss at the crown of your head, resting his chin there afterwards.

    “You’re here” you stated once again, voice cracking this time.

    “I know, baby. You’ve said that already” Hoseok chuckled as he swayed you both side to side as he let you take your time to cry but next thing he knew, you were pushing him away.

    “You lied to me” you accused Hoseok as you pointed a finger at him.

    “What?” Hoseok furrowed his brows with your sudden change of mood.

    “You told me you were going to go on a week-long vacation with the boys after the tour” you whined as you wiped your wet cheeks with the sleeves of your sweater whilst you tried to keep your tears at bay, making you look irresistibly adorable.

    “Baby, It’s a cover up not a lie”

    “Still, you lied”

    “Should I go then?” Hoseok raised his brow as he made it look like he was going to open the car door.

    “You can’t leave now”, you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck, chin resting on his chest as you looked up at him with a silly pout on your face.

    “Don’t think that I'll let you off the hook easily. May i remind you that you almost ruined the surprise because of your lazy ass”, Hoseok pinched your cheeks, prompting you to swat his hand away, causing him to put his hands instead on your waist.

    “Okay, fine, i think that makes us fair”, you chuckled as you sniffed, “So Is this what the whole moon thing leads to?”

    “Not exactly but i do have another surprise” Hoseok took his bucket hat off and you gasped after seeing his now clean cut hair but that’s not the only thing that took you by surprise, he also had his hair bleached and you must say that this new look on him had you weak on the knees.

    “It suits you, Hobi”, you said as you ran your fingers through his silver white hair, “Is this why you’re calling yourself the moon?”

    Hoseok shook his head as he intently looked you in the eyes, “I’m your moon because you’re my world and I orbit around you and you alone.”

    “I hate you and you’re cheesy ways” You avert your eyes away from him as you purse your lips to stifle your giggles.

    “You love me though”

    “Sadly”, Hoseok poked your sides as he tickled you, making you yelp as you tried to grab his hands to stop him, “Okay, fine, I love you.”

    “Say it like you mean it then” Hoseok grabbed your hand as he put them back around his neck, his hand finding its way towards the side of your face as he gently pulled you in to plant a kiss on your cheek.

    “I love you and your cute little craters”

    “Craters? You mean my dimples?”, Hoseok leaned back as he gave you a strange look, “Oh look who’s being cheesy now.”

    “Well, you started it!”

    Hoseok rolled his eyes before proceeding to close them as he smiled in a way that shows his dimples just like you asked him to and with that, you went on to slowly leave a kiss to each of his dimples but before you could even make it to his lips, Hoseok murmured a ‘come here’ as he took it upon himself to cut the chase short.

    You fluttered your eyes shut once you felt his lips you’ve come to missed against yours and you let him close the nonexistent space between yours as he wrapped his arm around your waist whilst his other hand made its way around the back of your neck, prompting you to tilt your head to deepen the kiss.

    The kiss you shared was slow, gentle, sweet, and full of longing you have for each other, just taking all the time in the world to make up for all the time lost and you didn’t know just how breathless you had become when Hoseok parted to rest his forehead against yours.

    “I missed you”, you whispered.

    “I missed you too, baby”


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    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Miss right - Part 15

    Description: After losing her mother in a horrible car accident, Hani had to make sure to get by on her own. Without a home or a job a long gone friend appears right before eyes when she needs it the most and a turn of events take place when she finds herself working for one of Koreas biggest fashion chains EcoFashion. But what happens when a big secret comes out and her hot and very intriguing boss Mr. Kim owes her a favor?

    Pairing: Kim Namjoon X Ahn Hani

    Words: 2124

    Namjoon’s POV:

    I had just put on some clothes after the shower and sat down on the big bed in the hotel room. Suddenly my phone got a message. I picked it up thinking it must be one of the share holders wondering how the first meeting went. That’s why I became so surprised when I saw the name on the screen. A wide smile spread over my face. I opened it up without even thinking about it. ´Hey, just wanted to see how the meeting went.´ I reread the message a few times before sending back a response. ´Very good. Thanks for asking.´ ´

    ´That’s great. Mr. Hwang will be waiting by the airport by 11 o’clock tomorrow.´ 

    ´That sounds good.´ 

    ´Have a safe trip home, good night.´

    As informed Mr. Hwang was waiting for me by the airport as I exited the building. A smile lit up his face when he saw me.

    ”Welcome home Mr. Kim”

    ”Thank you. How have things been here?”

    ”Don’t worry. Miss Hani has been good.” Mr. Hwang answered as he opened the car door.

    ”That’s not what I meant.” I responded as I sat inside.

    ”Oh, is that so?”

    Hani’s POV:

    Namjoon and I had just gotten home after another long day at work. I had offered to make some dinner but he insisted on ordering in since we were both so tired. I had gladly accepted. I was sitting on the living room couch when I heard the bell. I hurried up to the door and opened. Only to see that it wasn’t the delivery for the food. My smile disappeared.

    ”Dad?” I asked as the man in front of me smiled.

    ”Hani! I’m so glad to have found you, at last” he said. I couldn’t believe that he was there. Why? Why was he back?

    ”Who is it?” Namjoon asked from behind me which got me out of my thoughts and I took a step back for Namjoon to see. He stood beside me, I noticed he was wary of the man standing outside the door.

    ”It’s… my father”

    ”Are you her boyfriend?” he asked. Instead of giving him an answer, which he didn’t deserve, I asked him another question.

    ”How did you find me?”

    ”I’ve asked around and it lead me here, thankfully”

    ”Why? What do you want?”

    ”Hani, I’m so sorry darling”

    ”E- Excuse me? D- Did you order?” a man asked behind my father. Namjoon paid the man as he took the food from him.

    ”Let’s get inside” Namjoon said and I nodded a little reluctantly. As we sat down, Namjoon told my father to have a seat at the table and we shared the food with him. I didn’t know how to feel about it all. He had disappeared a long time ago and didn’t even contact me or my mother. 

    ”You have a really nice place here” my father said as he continued eating the chicken.

    ”So you’re Hani’s father?” Namjoon asked. None of us were eating yet. My father nodded as he smiled up at him.

    ”I’m Ahn Ki Yong. It’s nice to meet you…”

    ”Kim Namjoon”

    ”Hm, so you two…” my father asked and rose his eyebrows as he smiled.

    ”Yes” I said and took a hold of Namjoons hand on the table. ”Yes, we are” I was determined to get him out.

    ”Oh, I’m so happy for you darling” I still couldn’t smile back. I could only feel anger and hurt from this man. ”Listen, my wife and I divorced and I wanted to find you, go back to how it was.” he continued as he looked up at me with, what I thought was, his puppy eyes. ”I’ve regretted leaving you and your mother. I’ve come back to take care of you, to be your father again as I should have been from the start. I’m so sorry about it all” I could see his eyes starting to tear up. I had waited so long, for him to come back. To tell me why he had left. 

    ”So… you’re back for good?” I asked to reassure. He nodded.

    ”Yes. I am back. I just… don’t have anywhere to stay right now. This seems like a big place. You must have an extra room right? I assume you two share a room, right?” My eyes went big as I looked at Namjoon who looked back at me in confusion. 

    ”Uhm, yeah, of course” Namjoon said as he looked back at my father. I pulled at his arm to stop him. What was he doing? He looked back to me and mouthed ’What?’ as he shrugged.

    ”That’s great! I’ll get my suitcase and I’ll let you two go on to bed. I assume you have work to do tomorrow, right?”

    ”Yes” Namjoon and I said at the same time. My father chuckled.

    ”I see, you two are quite the match, aren’t you?” It all ended up with my father in my room and me in Namjoons room. I stood by the door in my pajamas not knowing if I really should lay down in his bed. It was big but he was my boss. It was weird. Namjoon looked up from the bed.

    ”Aren’t you coming?” he asked as he pulled off his shirt. I looked away and walked to the other side of the bed. He laid down and I did the same. We were both on our back looking up at the ceiling.

    ”We should have told him to go check in on a motel or something” I muttered.

    ”He’s your father” Namjoon said. I sighed. ”Care to tell me about it?” he then asked.

    ”Well, there’s not really much to tell. He left, married another woman, didn’t call or care about my mother and I and now he is back all of a sudden.” Namjoon didn’t say anything at first.

    ”Can you forgive him?” I hadn’t thought about it.

    ”I don’t know… He is the only family I have left though. I’ll… give it a try”

    ”Mm, alright”

    ”I’m sorry for this” I said and turned my head to him. He looked at me.

    ”For what?”

    ”My father showing up out of the blue, making me sleep in here”

    ”It’s not your fault. I told him it was alright to stay over. Let’s go to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow” I nodded and turned my back to him as he turned off the lights. It felt so uncomfortable at first, thoughts spun in my head over and over. Before I knew it the alarm rang and I had to get up and make breakfast. The sleepless night gave me a headache.

    ”So what do you do?” my father asked Namjoon, breaking the silence as we ate. Namjoon put down his glass.

    ”I’m the CEO at Eco Fashion. Have you heard of it?”

    ”E- Eco Fashion?! The famous fashion company?!”

    ”Yes, it’s been passed on to me after my fathers retirement.”

    ”That is… That’s fantastic!” he exclaimed with a bright smile. He cleared his throat and looked at me. ”Hani, you’re a very lucky girl aren’t you?” I looked down on my food.

    ”I think I’m the lucky one actually” Namjoon said and took my hand in his. It felt like my heart was going to explode. Every point of my hand being touched by him vibrated. I was totally lost in thought when my father started to chuckle.

    ”Yes. Of course” 

    I sighed, wishing this awkward breakfast would end as fast as possible.

    — —

    After sitting behind my desk for several hours straight I finally got a call. It was Namjoon.

    ”Could you please call Mr. Young and tell him to come to my office?”

    ”Oh, yes… I mean, yes sir”

    ”Thanks” he said and I could hear that he was smiling. Ugh, I felt so confused. Of course, we were only pretending to be a couple but the last few days had felt so real. Too real. With my father in the picture we both had to act like a couple at home too. I didn’t really mind though. I liked it and that made me feel so confused. The phone rang again and I picked up, hearing Mr. Hwangs voice on the other end.

    ”Miss Ahn, there is a man here saying he’s your father.”

    ”What?” Why was he even at my work place? ”Uhm, I’m coming down”

    ”He insists on going upstairs.”

    ”No, I’ll be right there. Please tell him to wait for me.”

    ”Alright Miss Ahn” I hurried away to the elevator and down to the lobby. Mr. Hwang was by the entrance with my father waiting.

    ”Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked as soon as I walked up to them.

    ”I just wanted to see where my daughter is working. This is quite a place huh?” he said smiling as he looked around. I still hadn’t managed to give him a smile. Every time he smiled it reminded me of how lonely my mom was looking when he left.

    ”Well, I’m busy right now” I said and went closer to whisper. ”And this is a serious company, you can’t just come for sightseeing”

    ”Oh” his smile disappeared. ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… I’ll be going back. Could you maybe lend me some money?” I hesitated at first. 

    “Okay” I handed him some money and as I watched him walk away I couldn’t help but feel bad. Was I too mean? I returned back to my desk where I found Namjoon waiting.

    ”Where were you?” he asked.

    ”Sorry, I had to take care of something.” I said and walked behind the desk again.

    ”Not delivering coffee again I hope.” he said jokingly. I couldn’t help but smile.

    ”No sir. That I will only do for you from now on.” I reassured him and it was like time stopped and we just looked at each other. Like a spell had been cast. Someone cleared their throat which took us both by surprise. Mr. Young was standing by the entrance. Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows and murmured something I didn’t quite catch before walking back to his office. I sat back down by my desk. After the two of them were finished and Namjoon called it a day, letting Mr. Hwang take us home.

    The apartment was smelling wonderful when we entered the apartment. Food. Confused, Namjoon and I walked into the kitchen were my father was sitting and waiting by the table.

    ”Oh, you’re finally home. I’ve been waiting. Didn’t know you guys were working till this late.” He pulled out a stew from the stove and put it on the table where he already had put out plates. ”I just made something small for you since you’ve been working hard all day. I’m not that good of a cook but I hope this will make it.”

    ”Thank you. That’s kind of you” Namjoon said and we sat down. The food was good. It really felt like he tried. My father was actually trying. Maybe he really had regretted leaving us so many years ago.

    — —

    Another week passed and I was starting to get along with my father. Even Namjoon had started to like him. We had just come home from work and my father hugged me tightly.

    ”How was your day?”

    ”Great. And yours?”

    ”I’ve gotten a job interview so now I’m looking for a place to stay.”

    ”Oh, that’s great!” Having my father with us had started to become a form of comfort and I liked having him there but Namjoon would probably love to have him living elsewhere so that I could get out of his room.

    Namjoon and I were laying side by side in bed. He was reading some papers from the office and I had my phone in my hands. I had really gotten comfortable in sharing the bed with him but I was not sure he felt the same. I heard him turn the papers and looked at him. He looked really focused on them.

    ”Do you need something?” he asked. My mouth dropped open but I closed it again.

    ”No, no. I just… It’s nothing.” I shook my head and put my phone away before laying down. Namjoon put his papers away and turned to me.

    ”If there’s something on your mind, tell me” he said. I gave him a quick look with a smile before turning around and closing my eyes.

    ”I’m okay. Good night Namjoon.” After some hesitation he turned off the light and laid down.

    — —

    The morning light shone through the windows. I turned around to make myself more comfortable before opening my eyes. First things I saw, Namjoon. His sleeping face. I’d never get tired of that. I felt a slight stirring against my hand. Our hands were touching. His was warm. I couldn’t help but let my hand linger into the touch. While slightly moving my thumb, stroking his fingers, I felt a happy feeling blooming in my chest. Namjoon suddenly started moving and I turned around before sitting up. Without a word I got up and out to make him some coffee. 

    ”Morning Hani” my fathers voice called out as he entered the kitchen too. A month had already passed and he had started to become even more affectionate. He helped me prepare some eggs and toast. He looked down at my hand as I poured up some coffee.

    ”Ah, I remember when I gave your mother that ring. She was so beautiful the day I gave it to her” I couldn’t help but smile at the affectionate voice he had while bringing it up.

    ”She always wore it. Even after you left.” I said before looking down at it.

    ”I’m so sorry Hani. I made many stupid mistakes in my life.”

    ”It’s okay. You’re back now.”

    ”Do you remember when we made several small boats out of paper and let them off in the water?” he then brought up. The boats, yes, of course I remembered.

    ”Yeah, they wouldn’t be floating for long though.” He chuckled.

    ”I wasn’t the best at making them.” I was glad he remembered though. 

    Namjoon’s POV:

    I entered the kitchen and saw them close to each other, bringing up things from the past. I was glad that she was happy but I still felt something was off with the man in front of her. I sat down on Hani’s other side. 

    ”Since it’s your day off today I’ll get off your back for the day.” Her father stated. 

    ”Where are you going?” Hani asked curious. 

    ”Just out total care of some things. I’d love to borrow some money though. I’ll pay you back as soon as my paycheck comes in”

    ”Okay, how much do you need?” Hani stood up to go get her money and her father followed her. 

    — —

    A few days later after a meeting with a new client, I got in to the car and Mr. Hwang glanced back at me. He didn’t say anything until he started driving. 

    ”I’ve been noticing Mr. Ahn is in need of much money these days. Miss. Ahn is constantly helping him.”

    ”Indeed. I don’t trust him.” Mr. Hwang through a glance my way. 

    ”I will keep my eyes open.”


    Hani was sitting in the living room looking watching a movie. I almost bumped in to her father in the kitchen. He looked up at me with a smile on his face. He had a small tray in his hands with two drinks on it. 

    ”You’re home. Do you want something to drink?”

    ”No thank you.” 

    ”Alright then.” He was about to continue out of the kitchen when I stopped him again. 

    ”Hey, Mr. Ahn, it’s come to my attention that you’re in need of money. I don’t think it’s wise to borrow from Hani all the time.”

    ”Then who should I borrow it from? A stranger?” Her fathers smile disappeared and his eyes got dark. 

    ”I just don’t think it’s right to treat her like that?”

    ”Who are you to tell me how I should treat my daughter? I am the only one she has left” he spat and turned his heel. Surprised by her fathers reaction he stood by the door and saw him bringing her the tray with drinks being all sweet to her.

    The same evening I waited for Hani to come to bed before turning off the lights. I couldn’t stop thinking about her fathers change of emotions. I didn’t like it at all. Something was definitely off about him. The bedroom door opened and Hani walked in.

    ”Hey, aren’t you asleep?”

    ”I was just about to.” She sat down looking around the room before laying down with her back towards me.

    ”Everything okay?”

    ”Yeah.” She sighed.

    ”Something seems to be wrong though.”

    ”I can’t find my ring… It was my mothers, I can’t loose it.”

    ”When did you loose it?”

    ”Today, I’ve looked all over for it but I can’t find it.”

    ”I’ll help you look tomorrow.” She turned to me.

    ”You’d do that?”

    ”Of course” She smiled.

    Hani had already made some coffee and set the table as I entered the kitchen the next morning. She smiled at me as I sat down.

    ”Good morning”

    ”Good morning”

    ”I suppose you don’t mind me cleaning up the whole place today? I want to make sure my ring hasn’t fallen down somewhere.”

    ”No, do what you have to. I’ll be keeping my eye out.”

    ”Good morning you two!” A cheerful voice called out. Hanis father entered and sat down beside her. ”What are you up to today honey?”

    ”I’ll be cleaning this place up.”

    ”That sounds wonderful. I’ll be out for a bit today. Have work to do. Would you maybe have some money you could lend me?”

    ”Oh… sure” Hani answered as she took a bite from her sandwich.

    ”Great.” After seeing her leave the kitchen I turned to her father.

    ”You’ll have to excuse me for what I said yesterday. I stepped over the line.”

    ”Yeah, sure Namjoon. You’re a good kid.” He nodded.

    ”Why don’t you let Mr. Hwang drive you today?”

    ”Oh” her father exclaimed and chuckled. ”Of course! That would be wonderful!”

    — —

    Mr. Hwang stopped right outside a jewelry shop. I leaned forward to take a closer look.

    ”This is the place?”

    ”Yes. He told me to wait outside and went in. It didn’t take long for him to come back but I think it’s very suspicious of him to walk into such an expensive place while not having any money.” Mr. Hwang confessed.

    ”You’re right. I’ll be right back” I reassured before getting out of the car. The store wasn’t big but it was a high end store that only the most well payed people could afford. A small woman in a suit stood behind a desk going through some jewelry with a customer. I waited for my turn and made sure they were out of the store before bringing up what I wanted to know. I described Hanis father and the woman nodded.

    ”Yes, yes, he was here yesterday.”

    ”Would you mind if I asked what he did here?”

    ”Oh, he was interested in selling a really beautiful ring. It was made of white gold. Would you like to take a look at it?”

    ”Yes please.” She nodded with a smile and went back into a small room before getting out again with a small navy blue box. She opened it. It was exactly what I had thought.

    ”How much do you want for it?”

    ”I don’t know if we have it for sale yet”

    ”Name a price and I will buy it” Her eyes widened. She looked down at it and named the price. It was a lot more than I had thought but I did as promised and bought it. After all it was worth it. Now I only had one more thing to take care of.

    The same evening we were supposed to have dinner at my parents house. Hani walked out from the bedroom dressed in the dress I had bought for her. I couldn’t help but smile.

    ”What do you think?” She asked.

    ”Beautiful but there I something missing.”

    ”What?” She looked really confused. I took a hold of her hand and placed the ring where she always had it. Her face lit up and I had never seen her like that before. Her eyes gleamed.

    ”Where did you find it?”

    ”You should be more careful about your things” I said and she jumped while putting her arms around me.

    ”Thank you thank you thank you!” she called. I felt surprised by the sudden rush of emotions but put my arms around her. She suddenly stepped back, her smile still there. ”I’m sorry, I just…”

    ”Where are you two going?” her father suddenly interrupted.

    ”Oh, we were just going out for dinner. We will be back in a few hours” Hani answered as she took another step back.

    ”We have to go or we’ll be late” I said giving him a stern look and thankfully she didn’t see that. I took a hold of her jacket and helped her put it on.

    ”Thank you” We stepped out and I gave her father a small nod, knowing he would be out of our lives for good when we came back.

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    a slightly less insane version of this

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    Let's just have fun with your loved ones!😎 #PermissiontoDance Challenge only on YouTube 

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    Hoseok moment on Weverse 20.07.21

    사실이얌...? 진짜얌... ??


    Is it true...? Are you serious... ?

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