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  • Vegan hazelnut milk hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows!

    IT WAS THE BEST!!!! plus ate it with hot cross buns!

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    Bought this book so long ago, soon as it came out actually and never sat down to really read it so… I guess now is the time. Only heard good things about it so can’t wait to really sit down and get into it proprely!

    IG: magaalie.p

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    I keep my hot chocolate Christmasy all year round ☕🎄🥰

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  • Harry looks around the room. Albus and Scorpius are beneath the Christmas tree. Every gift gets lifted, shaken and turned around. Ideas for possible content are discussed. From time to time Lily gives her opinion from her position on the sofa. She’s hanging upside down, her long red hair flowing onto the floor. Harry has no idea how it can be comfortable, but Lily swears it’s the best way to sit on a chair. James sits next to her, his feet pulled up, a book on his knees. He doesn’t interact with the others at all. He’s always like that when he disappears into a book, gone from the world until he finishes it in one night, or until he gets told to go to sleep.

    It’s been a good week. They didn’t go out much, just spend a lot of time playing board games and building snowmen in the massive garden. Hermione came by two days ago, with Rose and Hugo. Draco took all the kids out into the garden with the promise to show them a secret hide-out, one Harry will never find. It gave Harry and Hermione some time to talk. She explained the procedure for divorce and urgent Harry to get a decent lawyer. She also said that the family doesn’t want to talk to him right now, but that she’s sure they all still love him. Just give it some time, was her advise. Harry hates it, not being able to join his kids for Christmas dinner tomorrow at the Burrow.

    Two hands slide around Harry’s waist and a pointed chin sets down on his shoulder. Harry’s heart skips a beat and a smile forms on his face.

    “How’s the guessing going?” Draco asks the room.

    “Dad, my gift from you is too small,” Scorpius says while he lays down on his back on the floor. His hands go into the air and start showing how big his gift should be. “For the broom I wanted the gift has to be at least this big, and the skateboard also won’t fit in any of these presents wrapped underneath the tree.”

    “Well, maybe I’ve enchanted them to look smaller,” Draco answers Scorpius.

    “Why do you want a skateboard?” Lily asks.

    “Because they are cool. And I’m cool. It’s the perfect combination.”

    Albus laughs. Scorpius pulls a face and Lily nods in agreement. James doesn’t seem to notice the commotion at all, still engrossed in his book. Harry can’t help but smile. It is good to see his kids feel so at home here.

    “Did you really enchanted them, dad?” Scorpius asks.

    “Only one way to find out,” Draco answers. His hands slip from Harry’s hips and he walks into the room. He sits down in between Lily and James. James looks up from his book, shakes his head and turns back to his page. Draco raises his eyebrows at Harry.

    “Don’t worry, he’s always like that when he’s reading,” Albus informs Draco. “He won’t be interested in anything beneath this tree until he’s finished it.”

    Albus falls down next to Scorpius, their heads are underneath the tree and they whisper at each other, probably discussing more possibilities for the presents. Lily has pulled her head up and rested in on Draco’s lap. Harry still can’t believe how easy all his kids accepted Draco as part of their new family. Maybe it’s because of all the time they spent with Draco and Scorpius during the summer break? Or maybe they see what Hermione saw when she came by, that Draco makes Harry happy.

    “Shall I start on the hot choco?” Harry asks.

    Lily starts clapping her hands and Albus screams a loud yes from under the tree. James even looks up from his book. “Do you need any help dad?” he asks.

    “No, I’ll be fine. Just stop reading when you finish the chapter your in, no reading during the present ceremony.”

    “Fine, dad,” James answers at the same moment Scorpius and Draco both utter the word present ceremony in a questioning way.

    “You explain, Lily. I need to make hot choco,” Harry tells them. He turns around while Lily breaks off into an elaborate explanation of the so-called present ceremony.

    Harry walks into the kitchen and places a pot with water on the stove. Then he takes out the chocolate bars and starts to cut them into small pieces. Once the water on the stove is boiling, Harry turns down the heat and places a small bowl on top of the pot and throws the chopped chocolate in there to melt. Then he puts a pot on the stove with enough milk to make at least six cups of good hot chocolate.

    “You could have warned me there is an entire ritual attached to unpacking presents with Christmas,” Draco says while he walks into the room. He stirs the chocolate in the bowl. “And you know we have the powder stuff in that cabinet, goes a lot quicker.”

    Harry places the mixer on the kitchen counter and walks back to the stove. He gives Draco a peck on his lips. “We are not having cheap hot choco with Christmas, Draco.”

    “No, of course we’re not. How dare I even suggest it,” Draco jokes.

    “Just stir the chocolate until it’s all melted. Gives me the time to whip the cream.”

    “Even freshly whipped cream. We really are in for a treat tonight. Maybe you can save some for after Christmas when we have the house to ourselves again.” Draco wiggles his eyebrows and blows a kiss towards Harry.

    “Don’t remind me,” Harry says. He turns his head towards the mixer. He measures out the sugar and puts it in with the cream. His eyes become moist and he wipes a hand over them. He won’t cry now, not while the kids are still here.

    A warm body leans against Harry’s back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Draco says softly into his ear.

    “It’s okay, it’s not that I don’t miss it. You and me, alone, to do whatever we want. And I know I need to get used to not having them around all the time during holidays, but it’s hard.”

    “Of course it’s hard, I get it. I already hate that Scorpius wants to spend some time alone with his aunt in Paris, and that is only for two days.”

    “How did Daphne take the news that I’ll be joining you all for Christmas?” Harry asks, great for the change to change the subject.

    “Don’t know,” Draco says. He walks back to the stove to check the chocolate.

    “You did tell her?”

    Draco shakes his head. “Fuck Harry, I wanted to. But to tell her over the phone that I’ve already replaced her little sister. I couldn’t do it.”

    This time it’s Harry that wraps his arms around Draco to comfort him. “She’s going to figure it out the moment she lays eyes on us. Hermione told me we looked like to high school kids in love.”

    “Granger should keep her opinions to herself,” Draco snaps.

    “Don’t be angry with her, Draco. She came by to apologise and offer her help. It’s not easy for her either, with the entire Weasley clan out for my blood.”

    “I know, I’m sorry. I just hate being the reason you’re losing your family. I know what it’s like to hardly have any left. I don’t want that for you, Harry.” Draco looks so earnest, it makes Harry’s heart aitch.

    “Draco, I made the decision to leave Ginny. You never asked me to, and I love you for that. So stop blaming yourself for the mess I made of my family life because I don’t. That’s all on me.”

    “You’re too good for this world, Harry,” Draco tells him before he kisses him deeply.

    “Sir’s, do you need any help?” Mila asks from behind them. Draco breaks the kiss and looks over Harry’s shoulder.

    “No, Mila, we’re fine. Just making some hot chocolate. Do you and Toby want some? I can have Scorpius bring up two mugs once it’s ready.”

    “Thank you, master Draco, that will be lovely.”

    And with that Mila walks out of the kitchen.

    “It’s hard for her to have a day off, isn’t it?” Harry asks Draco.

    “Yes, she always struggles with it. For a long time she never got any days off, just worked all year long without any compensation. It’s still in her system. But she’ll be busy enough tomorrow to prepare our Christmas meal, she deserves a little break beforehand.”

    Harry gives Draco another small kiss and then turns back to the chocolate. It’s fully melted and he pores it into the hot milk, whisking until it’s completely incorporated. Draco brings over the whipped cream and together they fill eight mugs. Harry snaps his fingers and a tray comes whooshing their way. Harry knows it impresses Draco every time he does wandless magic. It’s weird, Harry is so used to doing it, he hardly ever noticed he did it until Draco started telling him how sexy it is.

    Together they levitate the mugs of hot chocolate to the living room. Draco tells Scorpius to bring two of the mugs to Mila and Toby and he and Albus disappear up the stairs. Draco sits back down between James and Lily and Harry finds a seat in the chair next to the tree. They all sip their hot choco and wait in silence for Albus and Scorpius to come back. Harry looks at his oldest and youngest, Lily curled up against Draco’s side. Even with all the turmoil around them, Harry knows that this Christmas is going to be one of his favourites for a long time.

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  • Hot Chocolate

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  • Made Good Soft Baked Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are a great supplement for marshmallows in a hot chocolate! Tell everyone!

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  • Growth is not choosing coffe over hot chocolate. It’s embracing fact that hot chocolate will always be better.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Realmers!

    Both Ise and Ceres had a taste of the otherworldly custom, Valentine’s Day! Hopefully, you’ve also enjoyed a day full of sweetness~

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    Downtown Coffee and Flower shop

    Green tea chai latte [750ft]

    Rating: 4/5

    This was delicious, guys… BUT that price pained my soul.

    Happy ❤️-day!

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  • Hot Chocolate, Chocolate, Marshmallow

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  • How do you prefer your hot chocolate? Light?


    Or the only acceptable way, thick?

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