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  • i am FUMING. i am so fucking tired of people thinking “lolicon” and rape hentai is okay. if you consume that content, FUCK YOU! you’re SCUM.

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    707 would be a terrible friend/person to have a long-term relationship with irl. 

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  • Hot take.

    It doeant matter how right your opinion is, if u give a controversial take and refuse to give context, but end up typing out the explanation, proof and sources later thus showing you were always willing to take the time to explain….

    Thats just trolling. I see so many fucking idiots who know what they are talking about get into 20 reply arguments in this shitty tumblr format cus op knew their post might seem co troversial, was ready with facts, and DELIBERATELY formated their post qith no context for the express and specific goal of making people angry so that they can “take them down”.

    You dont care about social progress or poor people or culture. You are just trolling ppl with basic badly worded opinions in order to shame ppl for notes

    If u have an opinion express it. If u want to inform people, fo so. But dont give a crummy mean spirited 10 word post just so u can spend the next 2 hours arguing for notes.

    If u cant respect other ppl at least respect your own time, jeez

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  • I love people who get mad about 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    They’re either mad because they think there was some profound message and others didn’t get it, or they’re mad because they didn’t get it and they think it’s a stupid movie.

    Both of these takes are complete and utter bullshit, by the way, but I guess good for you if you found meaning in it.

    You see, 2001: A Space Odyssey was a movie with a singular purpose: Quite literally, it was a “Look what we can do” movie.

    They were showcasing what all they could do with the cameras, with the practical effects they had access to, with the “special” effects they had at the time, they were making their cinematographic point.

    So, put simply, if you hate Space Odyssey, you probably didn’t get it; but if you think it was meant to have some “profound meaning” to it, you probably didn’t get it.

    Sometimes, the curtains are just blue.

    #2001: A Space Odyssey #Hot Take #Ding Dong you're all wrong
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  • Hot take: I’m lovely

    #reblog and add why youre lovely #hot take #im lovely because i always let my friends know they are cared for
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  • Wei Wuxian is a Slytherin and I will die on this hill.

    Slytherin Traits:

    1. Resourcefulness
    2. Determination
    3. Cleverness
    4. Cunning
    5. “A certain disregard for the rules”

    Facts About Wei Wuxian:

    1. This man lost his core, and instead of giving up on life, found another way to continue to help the people who needed it.
    2. He was so adamant about protecting the innocent Wens, and was willing to fight the people who he cared for.
    3. He was able to piece together everything that happened while he was dead within such a short amount of time, some of which was simple deduction and conjecture.
    4. He was willing to lie and pretend to be Mo Xuanyu to accomplish his goal and avoid punishment from the Gusu Lan Clan.
    5. Do I even have to explain this one? I’m going to anyway. His entire being breaks the rules. The first time he met Lan Wangji, he was breaking into Cloud Recesses after curfew with contraband. Throughout his time there, he probably spent more time being punished than he did in actual classes. And that’s not even getting into his Cultivation Style. Demonic Cultivation breaks almost every rule that had been placed before him, and he was shunned for it, but he didn’t necessarily care all that much. And those are just the biggest points. I don’t think he’s followed a single rule in his entire life. That is, except for when Madam Yu told him to protect Jiang Cheng at any cost.

    And, yes, I can see him in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, and even maybe Ravenclaw but I honestly think that Slytherin just fits his character the best. Just because he’s generally happy and a genuinely good person, that doesn’t mean he can’t be Slytherin. You don’t have to be cold and evil to belong in that house.

    And while it’s not perfect, it will never be. Harry himself was a perfect fit for Slytherin, but the house put him into Gryffindor, if only because of his personal preference. Most any multi-dimensional character could be fit into multiple houses and I personally think that Wei Wuxian fits best into Slytherin.

    #if I had to actually rank from most to least #I’d have to say: #slytherin#hufflepuff#gryffindor#ravenclaw #they’re all pretty close but I really think slytherin just fits best #you can fight me on this #i will fight you to the death #and die on this hill #wei wuxain#wei ying #mo dao zu shi #mo dao su zhi #the untamed#harry potter#hogwarts #i will die on this hill #hot take#controversy#fandom things#crossover #the untamed harry potter
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  • oscar wilde is the misha collins of this new era of tumblr

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  • hot take

    short kings are really where its at. gimme a compact man. idk theres just smth hot about a guy that doesnt need to be tall to be powerful

    #i mean not that being tall is bad cause every body is beautiful and all but like #everybody acts like being tall is essential to being attractive and it is not! true! #plus i dont wanna have to get up on my toes just to kiss #personally i just. hnnnrg for the short #hot take#short king#text#my post
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  • God I hate that bugs bunny meme.

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  • Ahh!

    I was just listening to Poor Thing when I noticed the violin strings at the beginning of the masquerade sequence sounded awfully familiar… and then I realized.

    It’s the Beadle Dumpling tune the beggar woman sings, yet another clue to her identity!

    Sometimes it’s INSANE how Sondheim manages to tie together all of his music.

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  • hot take nico’s sexuality and his issues coming to terms with it EXPLAIN his behavior not EXCUSE

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  • Why is it Dawson’s Creek? Dawson is such a boring dork 😂

    #Dawson’s creek#text post#update#hot take #will my point of view change #I don’t know #90s
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  • So I wanted to do a post expressing my feelings towards fur farms. Hot take time

    I like animal products. Im far from vegan, and I personally believe that leather products are especially sustainable.

    I feel the same towards fur. HOWEVER, I do not support using predator species for fur.

    High quality fur animals include minks, foxes, linxes, and sables. All of these animals have unique and relatively soft coats, making them very luxurious to own.

    I have nothing against wearing fur, I think it is kind of cool, and I do own a couple rabbit and coyote pelts. BUT, the coyote pelts are hunted, substainably, not farmed such as minks or foxes.

    I believe if you want to a pelt from a predator species, you should do the work for yourself. Not even buying already hunted pelts, hunt it YOURSELF (or from small businesses that you can vet for their practices.)

    Minks and sables are considered semi-domesticated, having been selectively bred for at least a century, but not being kept long enough to be considered fully domesticated. And I find it really sad that we exploit them for material means. Minks have been shown to be very good ratters, and even an animal trainer by the name of Joseph Carter, aka the Mink Man, has been training minks (and even a monitor named Raptor) to rat alongside his ratting dogs. And their intelligence is astounding! He gets his minks from fur farms, where they are considered vicious, and uses similar techniques used for dogs to train them for sport!

    I believe this is how we should be using predator species. For work and companionship rather than fur. With small prey animals, such as rabbits, it is far easier to sustainably harvest fur because they have large litter sizes (and extremely soft fur.) Sheep are also well known, and being herd animals, they also have plenty of young to sustainbly shear and skin and make clothing. And they have many breeds that can mimic soft fur.

    Foxes are iffy for me still, but fur farms are disgusting and animal abuse, with small cages, lack of stimulation, and sometimes even packing the animals together.

    Lynxes should not be reared period. At all.

    If you want a large supply of fur, go after invasive species. I have taken to tanning nutria hides, as they are very much like beaver belts and you can get them pretty soft

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  • Psyduck is the best Pokémon, say what you want but this is just a fact.

    #he’s just objectively the best #who else could compare #he gets anxiety and migraines just from existing #like he’s technically powerful #but he’s saddled with mental illness and self doubt #so he just doesnt really do anything #like what a mood?? #pokemon#best pokemon#psyduck#hot take
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  • Honestly can’t believe that barely into the first part of Crescent City, SJMaas pulled a mix of Nehemia’s and The Thirteen’s kind of pain on us.

    #crescent city #mina reads cc #sarah j maas #sjm#sjmaas#sjm books#bryce quinlan#danika fendyr #bryce x danika #nehemia#aelin galathynius #manon x the thirteen #manon blackbeak#hot take#hunt athalar#bookblr#booktok#book comments #house of earth and blood #hoeab #mina reads hoeab
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  • Sporks are the superior utensil.

    #change my mind #sporks#hot take #calling all members of the cutlery fandom
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  • although I think the way they did it was…not very well done, the thing in Frozen where Anna falls for Hans and he becomes a predator is a pretty important lesson for kiddos to learn

    like he was super charming and seemed to actually care about Anna, but then he turned on her and she had to learn to give him up (which was easier for her bc he tried to kill her sister and she had Kristoff, which is also a testament to having supportive people in your life) and it’s important for children to see that not all relationships work out and people can be toxic without seeming like a toxic person

    #frozen#thoughts#abusive relationships#frozen 2#disney#hot take#kids education #it's important for them #hans #anna of arendelle #elsa of arendelle #anna and elsa #kristoff#sven#olaf
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  • I know that no one really asked or cares but these have been sitting in my camera roll for a while and I keep going back and forth about posting it so I guess I’ll just post them and get them out there.

    These are my screenshots that I took from T***** Z***** and M***** F*****’s Twitter accounts, back in late 2020 (please don’t take and repost them as your own without giving me credit by tagging me or mentioning my name).

    (Before you come attacking me or blocking me, please view the reblog in the comments/keep reading for further explanation to why this post is up and what my intentions with this post are)

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  • And for a minute I lived in a world where I thought the discourse about Bloodhound was that they didn’t want their ass slapped by Fuse, not that they were non-binary :/

    #the problem isn’t that you don’t get it or want to accept it or what have you #the problem is that you don’t respect what isn’t about you #it isn’t hard #I wish people had the sense to be empathetic and get outside their own head #it’s not about you #it’s about them #also #in regards to all the rule 34 jabs #ambiguity is just as sexy as any other genitalia #be creative#do both#hot take #I really was not expecting so much rule 34 nonsense! #sorry babes who are hurting about this #I hope you find peace #and happiness
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