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    18.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    *the team texting*

    Emily: guess what

    Derek: what?

    Emily: no u gotta guess

    JJ: just tell us

    Emily: but you gotta guess

    Hotch: Emily please

    Emily: we crashed the car and spencer is in the hospital


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  • reidscanehand
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    as my computer is currently still down and will be for the foreseeable future, I’d like to try doing some blurbs based on sentence prompts or dialogue prompts if you guys want to send them in!

    I don’t really do pairings that aren’t xReader, but I’ll do my best with whatever you give me!

    #blurbs #spencer reid blurb #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid x reader #hotch x reader #hotch blurbs #criminal minds fanfiction
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    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • do-you-not-see-my-headphones
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    criminal minds inconsistency’s i’m noticing as i watch the entire series:

    1. s1ep15: unsub had a spinal cord injury imobilizing his right side, scene cuts to unsub holding a gun in his RIGHT HAND!

    2. s2ep22: just a tiny continuity error but the victim is seen in one shot with blood on her teeth and in the next with perfectly white teeth. this goes on for a couple more shots (obviously they can’t control how the blood looks after every cutscene but still lol it was something i noticed)

    3. s3ep11: agent rossi tells the old man detective that his long case is going on 21 years. the old man tells him “don’t let it get to 22”. fast forward to s3ep14 just three episodes later and rossi is busting into garcías house demanding that there must be more to the case file he asked her for and that the 20th anniversary of the case is tomorrow. ????

    #criminal minds#continuity errors #ik no one cares but i care and i need to talk about it #thanks for coming to my ted talk #knight blogging #updates to come probly lol #spencer reid#david rossi#jennifer jareau #aaron hotch hotchner #derek morgan#penelope garcia#emily prentiss #spoilers ??
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    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #bau daydreams#aaronhotchner #aaron hotch x reader #hotch smut #sof.nsfw
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  • hotchnersslut
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    ☆° 。 → summary : when y/n’s cat goes missing she turns to her neighbour/boss for help.

    ↳ warnings : fluff, kissing, sorta angst, crying, mentions of anxiety and stress, happy ending, flirting, soft!hotch. ♡

    ↳a/n: new writing theme!! thank u for the love on my last few fics it means so much to me <33 - love, vee !

    “y/n?” he spoke as he answered the door in his pyjamas; college t-shirt and grey joggers, she noted mentally.

    “hotch, i’m so sorry to bother you, have you seen izzie at all recently?”

    izzie was y/n’s extremely fluffy cat, y/n wasn’t y/n without izzie. penelope was always over at her house just so she could cuddle and love izzie. even derek and sometimes even spencer would cuddle up to izzie as she was always brought to bau dinner parties at rossi’s.

    “izzie? no, i’m sorry. is she missing?”

    she nodded, looking down towards the ground sadly. she was wearing her own pyjamas, a blanket draped over her shoulders; holding izzie’s pink fluffy toy. hotch knew she wasn’t feeling great, he always saw y/n and izzie playing in her yard on nice, sunny days. or rolling up snowballs during winter. even during work, y/n was always talking about her weekend; kicking her feet up with a glass of wine watching greys anatomy with izzie in her lap.

    “here come in, you must be freezing”

    hotch reached out to touch y/n’s shoulders and guide her inside but she retracted quickly.

    “no what if she goes home and i’m not there?!”

    hotch sighed, he didn’t want y/n waiting on her own feeling upset. so he turned and slipped some shoes on, grabbing his keys and stepping out onto the front porch with y/n. he flicked the hall light off before closing the door and locking it.

    “what are you doing?” she asked.

    “we’re going to your place to wait and if she doesn’t come home i’ll go out and get her”

    she nodded slightly and he guided her down the steps; it was winter so the steps were quite slippery due to the ice. they walked along the path way to y/n’s front yard, walking up to her door which she so idiotically left wide open; hotch made a note to interrogate her about that later.

    they stepped inside and she made a beeline to the kitchen; where izzie’s foodbowl was sitting. she handed it over to hotch who stood there cluelessly, not really sure what he should be doing with it.

    “can you please shake this at the front door, i’m gonna make you a hot chocolate”

    hotch nodded, walking towards the door and opening it; shaking the bowl and calling izzie’s name.

    he listened for a sound and heard nothing but his own breathing, and the clattering of objects from the kitchen. he sighed. stepping back inside and closing the door.


    she stood, holding two mugs with a hopeful look on her face. he gave her a look which told her everything. she sighed and brushed past him to the living room. placing the mugs on the coffee table and sitting on the sofa. her head in her hands.

    hotch rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and moved to sit next to her. placing his hand on her back and rubbing small circles.

    “i’m sorry for getting you up so late”

    “don’t worry about it y/n, if it helps i wasn’t sleeping”

    “why not?”

    hotch sighed, looking down; he couldn’t exactly tell y/n about all his nightmares while she had problems of her own, he would feel selfish. so he stuck to the usual “finishing off paperwork” excuse.

    “you really need to give yourself a break, aaron” she sat back on the couch and looked at him. “you work too hard”

    “someone has to do it” he answers.

    she sighs ready to give him a mouthful on why he should be getting more sleep; but a yawn overtook her. he smiled at her sleepy eyes that looked back at him. and before he could stop himself he was extending an arm so that she could snuggle into his side. she looked wary at first, as if she was overstepping but he didn’t move his arm. so she moved towards him, tucking herself under his arm and into his side.

    “don’t let me fall asleep” she warned.

    he let out a faint ‘mhm’ as a yawn escaped his lips too. he rested his head on top of hers as sleep began to take over his senses. and it wasn’t till he heard steady faint breaths falling from her lips that he fell into a deep, deep sleep…


    “hotch wake up!”

    he jolted upright on the sofa to see y/n looking back at him with a worried gaze.

    “we fell asleep” she whacked him with a pillow.

    “i told you not to let me sleep!” she whacked him again.

    he snatched the pillow from her grasp; throwing it onto the floor as y/n got up, racing around the house, checking every room.

    “y/n just relax”

    “i cant relax! what if she came home while we slept and we didn’t let her in”

    “it’ll be fine, we’ll find her”

    she ran her fingers through her hair, pacing the kitchen as thoughts raced through her head; he’d seen that look many times, he’d lived that feeling almost everyday.

    “it’s cold aaron, she’s cold, and she’s alone”

    “hey it’s oka-”

    “don’t tell me it’s okay because it’s not!” she snapped.

    “i need her aaron you don’t get it i really need her, she’s all i have an-”

    aaron stepped forward quickly towards her, pulling her into his chest and wrapping his arms around her.

    “i need her” she cried.

    “shhhh i know, i know”

    his arms got tighter the more she cried. he kissed her hair as he attempted to lull her back to a calm state.

    she slowly started to calm down and instead of resisting his hug she wrapped her arms around his middle. nuzzling her head further into his chest.

    his heart ached; he wanted that moment forever. he wanted to feel her in his arms and to be able to whisper sweet words into her ear until he ran out of words to say. but it was inappropriate, and she would never be his for as long as she was his subordinate.

    a phone buzzing caught both of their attention; aarons first and then y/n’s. they both looked at each other coming to the same conclusion at the same time.

    “a case?”

    “a case” he repeated, walking towards his phone and picking it up. listening to JJ on the on the other end; he glanced at y/n a few times before walking out of the room.

    she watched him leave in confusion; staring at the place she last saw him as if he were still there. she tried to make out what he was saying while her feet were still planted firmly on the kitchen tiles. she couldn’t hear anything besides mumbles and a short ‘bye’ before aaron was already walking back into the room.

    “what’s wrong?” she asked.

    “i got us both time off; just a couple days until we find izzie, okay?”

    she nodded, walking towards him and hugging him again. he smiled slightly, hugging her back and resting his head on top of hers. she needed someone; and he was happy to fill that role, even if it wasn’t him that she wanted.

    that was yesterday and izzie still wasn’t home; y/n hadn’t slept and was worried sick and aaron was coming over and helping her as much as he could while still taking care of jack.

    it was 8pm and y/n was staring out of the window, biting at her lips and fidgeting with her fingers. she watched as the snow began to lay along the pavements. she got more and more worried the lower the temperature dropped. izzie wasn’t really an outdoor cat she would struggle. it was pitch black and the only light she saw was minutes later when aaron’s car pulled into his driveway; she watched as jack jumped out of the car, his soccer outfit on. he was getting so big. she thought. aaron got out of the drivers seat and went into the boot of the car; handing jack his soccer ball and boots. before moving to the back seat and picking up what looked to be something wrapped in a blanket. he handed jack keys before looking at y/n’s house, seeing if there were any lights on. jack locked his car for him and walked with his dad as they walked towards her house. aaron still had the blanket cradled in his arms.

    y/n watched as the blanket began to move on its own and her eyes widened. she jumped up from the window seat and bolted towards the front door, pulling it open and meeting aaron halfway down the path. she looked at the blanket to see izzie’s usual grumpy looking face staring back at her. she picked izzie up and ran inside, knowing izzie would want her princess treats from her favourite bowl. she immediately began eating as aaron and jack walked into the kitchen.

    “h-how did you-?”

    “jack and i were on our way back from soccer practice and saw a certain grey fluff ball wandering around mrs.hutcherson’s garden”

    of course. izzie had a little crush on the cat that lived there and it seemed it was reciprocated. tonx, the male cat seemed stern and assertive, he was protective of his owner and his territory; however, he seemed to have a soft spot for izzie. it was cute, they had their own little love story.

    y/n burst out laughing and aaron joined in.

    “mrs.hutcherson said she had been feeding izzie and made up a bed for her as she forgot who’s cat she was and was going to find out in a couple days”

    y/n practically jumped on aaron, bear hugging him and smiling so hard her cheeks hurt. he had never felt happier, knowing he was the reason she was happy.

    jack walked over to izzie; stroking her fur as she purred at him. y/n and aaron looked at their interaction with happiness.

    “look, our children are bonding” he joked and she giggled.

    he looked down at her with so much love in his eyes as she smiled; something he hadn’t seen in far too long. he felt the happiness as she looked back into his eyes, as she glanced down at his lips and as she pressed her lips against his in the softest, most loving kiss he had ever had.

    her heart had never felt so full and his had never felt so mended.

    maybe love does exist. she thought.

    maybe love is possible again. he thought.

    ♡ a/n: hiii! sorry if this was bad i wrote it at like 3:45am but i’m a sucker for soft!hotch content and i also love cats so i thought i would combine the two! as always please send in requests of what you want to see and have the best, dream filled sleep ever! love, vee <3

    #imagine #aaron hotch x reader #aaron hotchner imagines #aaron hotchner one shot #thomas gibson imagine #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner angst #aaron hotchner imagine #aaron hotchner fluff #fanfiction #hotch x reader
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    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Do you ever go back to reread “Accidents” by @alvfr just to feel close to Hotch??? because same

    #it's the most perfect characterization of Hotch I have ever read #my knees go fucking weak #it's just so him #I see him so clearly #incredible#magical #Miss Alv I miss you <3
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    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • laurensprentiss
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Forbidden Fruit [Hotch x Reader]

    Part 3:

    A/N: So clearly, this got away from me. FF was supposed to be a one shot but here we find ourselves. Dedicated to the whores in the GC, @ssahotchie @arsonhotchner @mrsh0tchner @h0tchner 👹
    Warnings: 18+!!! Heavy smut, just filth from beginning to end. Oral sex, M/F receiving, overstimulation, Daddy kink, praise kink, unprotected P in V, Hotch is a pleasure Dom and a big big slut. Boyfriend’s Dad!Hotch, DILF!Hotch.


    You say goodbye to Jessica at the door as Mr Hotchner helps her load her bags into the trunk, filled with presents and leftovers from dinner for Roy. You trudge back inside and decide to clear out the kitchen, nerves suddenly tingling with anticipation.

    “Bye! See you later, buddy! Drive safe.” Mr Hotchner calls out from the front stoop. You take a deep breath and continue wiping dishes and glasses when moments later, the door clicks shut and you hear footsteps approaching behind you.

    You swallow your butterflies and reach into the high cupboard to put back the glasses in their places when suddenly, you feel a large pair of hands palming your ass. He’s on you immediately, so quickly in fact, that the glass almost drops. He pulls you flush to him, your back against his chest, his face buried in your neck.

    “Such a good girl aren’t you? Following instructions, not wearing panties to dinner. Letting yourself get fingered at the dinner table, fuck I can still feel the way you were trembling.” He all but growls the last part into your neck, his voice gravelly and low.

    Your head falls back against his chest as he brings a hand around to palm at your tits through the silk of your dress, his other hand now cupping your pussy roughly. There’s no decorum, no real technique to his ways tonight. He’s a man starved, taking the front of your dress with him as he rubs your pussy. Your hands fall to his forearms that bracket your midsection to steady yourself.

    “Oh my God, oh Jesus that feels so fucking good. Please.”

    “I love it when you tell me what you want. Who’s pussy is this, huh?” He swats your clit, making you jump. “Answer me, Princess. Who’s sweet little pussy is this?”

    “It’s yours. It’s all yours, take it.” You whimper. “Take what’s yours.”

    “Damn fucking right, don’t you ever forget that.”

    He turns you roughly, hoisting you onto the counter. He pulls your dress down, then the cups of your lace white bra and sucks a nipple into his mouth, his left hand flat against your pussy. He sucks and rubs enthusiastically, his hand working lightning fast against your clit, bringing you the edge quicker than you ever have.

    He releases your nipple with a graze of his teeth that sends shockwaves down your stomach and straight to your clit where he doesn’t relent. He pulls your other nipple into his mouth and you grip the edge of the counter to keep steady, Mr Hotchner’s erratic movements and your impending orgasm making you shake.

    Your thoughts are incoherent and all you can manage is a “Please. Please, please don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.”

    Your eyes begin to flutter shut at the feeling of overwhelming pleasure taking over you for the third time today but a harsh hand on the back of your head pulls you back.

    “Eyes on me, sweet girl. I wanna see your eyes roll back when you come on my hand, want you to look at me and only me.” He rubs your clit until you finally break, legs trembling around him and your hands fist his his crisp white shirt. His mouth falls open in an ‘O’ as you come on his hand, his gaze following yours in amazement.

    He delivers a few swats to your pussy when you come down causing you to twitch violently, but your bones feel like jelly. You wrap your arms around his strong shoulders, bury your face in his neck, and he surprisingly takes the time to rub up and down your back, shushing you.

    “Intense, huh?” He asks, lifting you off the counter. Your legs wrap around his waist as he leads you out of the kitchen.

    “Mhm.” Your reply is muffled. “I don’t think I’ve ever had one that intense.” He carries you out of the kitchen but you stop him. “Wait. I need my phone.”

    He allows you to retrieve it but chuckles darkly, leading you into the bedroom at the top of the stairs. The master bedroom. His bedroom. “Oh trust me, your phone is going to be the last thing on your mind. I’m nowhere near done with you yet, Angel.”

    As you’re getting your bearings, you’re thrown onto a plush mattress. Mr Hotchner stands over you in all his glory, his chest broad through his shirt, his midsection strong with some softness to it. You suddenly have the urge to feel all of his weight on top of you.

    “You didn’t think this was going to be like last night did you? A quick fuck and I’d send you on your way?” His hands rub your calf gently, travelling upwards towards your thighs. “No, after feeling you squeeze my cock last night, after knowing what you taste like and what you look like when you come?” He invites you to take his hands, so you do. He lifts you and has you raise your arms so he can access the zipper on the side of your dress, slowly trailing it down. “Oh, I plan on playing out some fantasies tonight. I’m gonna spread you wide open and take my sweet sweet time with you until all you can whisper is my name.”



    That sends a dark, anticipatory shiver up your spine. “But what about the boys?” You ask.

    He grins. “I didn’t bank on Zach checking the forecast, like I said. I know my son. It’s supposed to pelt down for the rest of the night, and knowing Jessica, she’ll just tell the boys to spend the night.”

    “So that means…”

    “That means I have the entire night to make you forget your own name. That means I can make you come over and over and over again, until you’re a desperate, fucked out mess - I can come inside you. And do it all over again until the morning.”

    His words send jolts of pleasure to your pussy, already sensitive and throbbing. He grabs your ankles and pulls you forward, making you fall back on the bed, and slides your dress down your body, discarding your bra.

    You realise this is the first time he’s seen you completely naked, sprawled out and on display for him and it makes your skin tingle with sudden self-consciousness. He’s still fully clothed, assertive in his gaze as it sweeps over your chest, your stomach, your bare pussy and legs.

    He sucks in a breath, chuckling lightly as he goes to spread you further but you stop him. “Take it off.” You whisper. You kneel slowly, making sure to bat your eyelash at him and run your hands over his midsection. “Take it off. I want to see you.”

    His eyes flash with something dark. “You’ll get what I give you.”

    You curl your fingers around his collar and begin to unbutton his shirt, putting your mouth close enough to brush against his neck. “But what if I want to taste you on my tongue?” You kiss his neck, nibbling your way up to his ear as you continue unbuttoning his shirt. He grabs your wrists to stop you. “Please? Please, Daddy? Let me see you?” You graze your teeth over his earlobe, “Let me feel you?” You can hear him exhale roughly when you press your front to his chest, and using the palms of your hands, you rid him of the material, feeling over his hard chest and midsection.

    “Fucking hell, sweet girl, you’re going to be the death of me. Let me feel that mouth.”

    His chest is as wide and strong as it appears in those shirts he wears, his midsection solid with some softness around the edges but you have no doubt he could crush you. You kiss down his chest, feeling over hard muscle and sinew, trailing your tongue down the faint ridges of his abdomen.

    You grip his cock through his jeans and he’s already painfully hard and warm. Your heart flips at the prospect of actually holding him in your hands, actually tasting him. He shudders when you mouth at him through his trousers and he grips your hair with a clenched jaw.

    You get the idea and quickly undo his belt and fly, and pull his boxers down with his trousers, allowing him to step out of them. Fucking hell. His cock springs up, the head of it flushed and leaking precum. He’s of average length but thick enough that you can’t get your middle finger and thumb to meet around him.

    You have a moment of disbelief, did you really take his cock last night if he was that big?

    You stroke him from base to tip, using your thumb to smear the clear liquid leaking from him. His head falls back with a breathy groan as you stare up at him and take his majestic form in. You lick up his shaft slowly, and dip your tongue in his slit before swallowing his tip. You suck on it lightly, and as you do, his thighs twitch.

    “My God, I’ve thought about this mouth, but nothing I imagined could ever come close to this. So fucking wet and warm.”

    You start to bob up and down faster, chasing the salty taste of him and stroking what you can’t reach with your hands. You lay your tongue flat on the underside of his cock to run over the throbbing vein, reaching for his balls.

    “Jesus fucking-“ he holds your head in place and takes his cock out of your mouth when you moan around him. “Slower, Princess. You keep moving your mouth like that, this’ll be over before it begins.”

    Your stomach flutters when he says that, knowing that you have that effect on this man. A flush breaks out across his chest as you slowly suck his cock. You take the time to slowly ease him deeper and deeper into your mouth until he hits your throat, where you fight to keep from gagging.

    His hands fist in your hair, as he shallowly fucks your mouth and he speaks through gritted teeth. “You know how many times I’ve thought about having you like this over the past 24 hours? On your knees, with spit and cum running down your chin and tits?” You glance up at him with watery eyes and he brings a thumb to wipe away a stray tear. “Such a dirty girl, you secretly love it don’t you? Love taking it from me? Calling me Daddy?”

    You’re dripping wet and half rubbing yourself on the bedsheets for some friction, but you nod with a mouthful of his cock. He reaches over and swats your ass hard enough to sting, finally moving your mouth off his cock. Strings of saliva and his precum trail down onto your chin and tits and when he sees them, he gathers them up with his fingers.

    “Open wide.” He sticks three fingers into your mouth, his thumb resting under your chin. He thrusts them in and out of your mouth slowly, letting your tongue work over his digits, his dick twitching at your swollen lips.

    He removes his fingers from your mouth and grabs you roughly, turning you so you’re on your front. He grips your hips and arches your ass up, one hand flat on your back. You’d never pegged him for an ass man but the way he squeezes and swats your ass hard enough to leave a sting converts you.

    “How many have you had today, pretty girl?” When you whimper in desperation, he swats you again. “Answer me. How many times did you come today?”

    “Three times, Daddy.”

    He scoffs. “That’s right. Because I take care of my Princess. And I’m gonna make you come again and again until you can’t take it and not a minute sooner, understand?”

    You clench around nothing, anticipation about the night ahead of you taking over. “Yes, Daddy.” He grunts in approval and you feel the dip behind you, his hands separating your ass. You lurch forward suddenly when you feel his face buried between your cheeks, his tongue licking at your hole from behind.

    Definitely an ass man.

    He keeps a tight grip of you as he uses his jaw to lick and suck his way down, dipping into your pussy. He’s drunk on the taste of you, has been since this morning. It’s been all he could think about which is why he spent the better part of today hard as a rock. He ruts against the bedsheets himself as he licks and sucks with soft lips and an urgent tongue.

    You fist your hands in the bedsheets when he spits between your cheeks, letting the saliva trail down your ass and to your pussy, where he promptly licks it back up and uses the wetness to suck at your clit.

    With your fourth orgasm fast approaching, it takes less effort to make you come now, your body already ablaze and nerve endings singing. Your arms tremble as you try to keep yourself on your hands and knees but you fall forward, unwittingly giving him better access. He seals his lips around your clit and dips the tip of his index finger into your ass and you come violently, shuddering in front of him. The sheets muffle your screams but he keeps his mouth on you, keeps working his jaw to lick and suck you dry.

    You twitch away from him, sensitive and malleable and he chuckles darkly, squeezing your ass. “Never tasted a pussy so sweet in all my life. Never seen an ass as perfect as this. Fuck, Princess.” He runs a knuckle down your spine and you whimper needily. “But I told you I wanted to hear you scream. The house is empty, so I may as well make you come until you can’t see straight.”

    He lays on his back behind you, and lifts your hips, dragging you back. “Come sit on my face, pretty girl. I wanna see you this time.”

    The thought of yet another orgasm makes your mouth dry and your head spin, but the longing between your thighs makes your move before your brain can process it. You bracket his head with your thighs, a strange juxtaposition considering he’s always the one in charge. He wraps his forearms around your thighs and lowers you down onto his mouth, tongue darting out to immediately taste you again.

    Your head falls back and your thighs still tremble with aftershocks from your previous orgasm but he pulls you down closer, allowing the full weight of you to fall on him. He lays his tongue flat and llicks up your slit and circles your clit, his nose blowing hot air against your pussy.

    Is he enjoying this? Grunts and moans leave his mouth and you can feel his hips jerking upwards in a futile attempt to get some friction. That spurs you on even more.

    “Oh my God, oh fuck, Daddy. Right there, that feels so good. Right there, please.” You whimper.

    “Come on, honey. Give it to Daddy. Ride my face until you come and don’t you dare muffle your screams this time. I want to hear how loudly I can make you come.” Your fingers tangle in his hair as you slowly grind against his mouth, allowing yourself room to rub against his tongue the way you want.

    Your heart beats erratically as you feel your release approaching but then your phone rings. You half want to let it ring, this feels too fucking good but the caller ID tells you it’s Zach. You lift yourself off Mr Hotchner’s mouth to answer but as soon as you do, he pulls you back onto his mouth.

    You gasp in shock. “Hello?”

    “Hey babe, we just got to Aunt Jess’ but there’s a storm brewing. She wants us to stay the night with her and Grandpa.” Mr Hotchner’s lips latch onto your clit and your eyes flutter shut, blood rushing in your veins. “Are you going to be okay with Dad?”

    More than okay.

    “Yeah, no problem.” You reply weakly, clapping your free hand over your mouth to stop your whimpers. You can’t help but grind down on him anyway, one of his hands now palming at your tits.

    “You okay? You don’t sound too good?”

    “Yeah, all good. Just had to run to grab the phone that's all. I think I’m going to turn in for the night, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You’re already moving the phone away from your ear when he says goodbye, and throw it across the bed haphazardly as soon as it clicks shut.

    “Dirty girl. Cheating on your man with his father, letting him eat your beautiful little cunt while you talk to him?” You would feel shame but you’re too far gone now to care. “Come. Come now, sweetness. Wanna feel you cum all over my face.”

    It only takes a few more licks and a well-timed roll of your nipple for you to come crashing down, electricity crackling at the base of your spine. You almost wail at the intensity of your orgasm, your moans coming in the form of expletives from your mouth as you ride Mr Hotchner’s face until you come down.

    You fall onto your hands, deflated with blood thrumming in every single nerve ending, your hair sticking to your neck now with the sweaty exertion. Mr Hotchner lays a wet kiss on your clit before lifting you off him and gathers you in his arms. He checks your face for signs of concern, but you’re utterly blissed out.

    “That was fucking amazing.” You breathe, snaking your arms around his shoulders.

    His cock throbs painfully now, wanting nothing more than to be buried inside you. He wraps an arm around your waist and moves you up the bed, laying your head on his soft pillows. He takes one and places it under your hips, tilting you just enough so he can find his place between your legs.

    Your eyes focus on his body, majestic and solid, a flush spreading across his chest and his lips slick with your arousal. You can’t help but reach out and touch his chest and tummy, your hands tracing faint lines of definition, but your favourite part about him is his shoulders. Wide and strong and so utterly sexy. He’s the sexiest fucking man you’ve ever been with and you have no doubt you’re ruined for anyone who comes after him.

    He rubs the head of his cock down your slit, dipping the smallest amount of his tip into your pussy, before withdrawing and circling your clit. You gasp at the sensation, his thick cock throbbing against you, your wetness making you slick.

    “Oh my God, please. I need more, Daddy. Please, don’t tease.”

    “Open wider, pretty girl. Want to get you nice and ready, feel how slick you really are on my cock.” He sucks in a ragged breath when you oblige. “Look at you. So wet and willing, so eager to please.” He taps the head of his cock against your clit before dipping down into your pussy, and dragging back up again. “Tell me, sweet girl. Tell me how wet you are, tell me you want my cock with that sweet innocent mouth of yours.”

    You separate your index and middle finger into a ‘V’ to squeeze the edge of his cock as he drags it up and down your slit teasingly. “Can’t you feel me, Daddy? Can’t you feel me dripping onto your sheets and making a mess?” You rut against him. “I want your thick cock deep inside my wet little pussy, I want you to fuck me until I can’t breathe. I want you to take this cunt and use it, Daddy. Make it yours.”

    His eyes roll back and he lets out a dark chuckle. “Oh, I’ll do more than use it. I’m going to ruin you for everybody who comes after me. There won’t be a single person you’ll fuck after me without being able to think of this. I promise you that.”

    And you believe him. Oh you believe him because when he finally slides in with his strong arms bracketing your head, you almost come on the spot. You let out a guttural moan, as he stretches you deliciously, his tip pushing deeper. “Fuck, Daddy. You’re so big.” You whimper as tears prick the corners of your eyes. He wipes them away, kissing your forehead.

    “You can take it. I know you can. Because you’re my good girl and your tight little pussy is going to take all of me right? Until I’m buried deep just the way you want?”

    Your pussy grips him tight and with every thrust, he buries himself deep to the hilt, withdraws almost completely and repeats over and over again. The punishing snap of his hips and the way he brushes over that spot deep inside you makes you sob.

    “Right there, Daddy. That’s it, that’s the fucking spot. Right fucking there, please, give it to me.”

    He drops to his elbows and crowds you enough to make you dizzy, his body weight finally falling on top of you and it is undoubtedly the sexiest thing you’ve ever felt in your life. His stomach brushes against yours, skin on skin, his heavy presence surrounding you. His forehead rests on yours and it feels so strangely intimate, almost tantric or hypnotising to breathe his air. Your nails scratch down his back, leaving angry red welts on his skin.

    “Yeah? Like that? You like that, don’t you?” He smirks. “You take me so fucking well. So fucking well, pretty girl, I can feel you squeezing me. Does it feel good?”

    You nod desperately, hooking your legs over his ass to push him in deeper with your heel. “Yes. I’m so close. Please give it to me, don’t fucking stop, Daddy. Oh, I’m going to come.”

    “Yes you are. And you’re going to keep coming until I tell you to stop aren’t you? Keep your eyes on me.” He picks up his pace now, bruising, as skin slapping on skin fills the room and you chase your release. He pins your hands above your head, lacing your fingers with his as he snaps his hips until you come, moaning into his mouth. His gaze remains on your face, contorted in the most pleasure you’ve ever felt in your life while you flutter wildly around him.

    “Good girl, that’s it. Come down for me, well done.”

    He thrusts shallowly letting you ride your orgasm out and gathers you in his arms without slipping out of you. He wraps two strong arms around your waist, and makes sure your legs are secure before he lifts both of you, getting onto his feet.

    This new angle allows him deeper than you’ve ever felt him before, your legs stretched around his waist, gravity working just enough to let you impale yourself on his cock. He holds you up with one arm snaking up your back up to grip the back of your neck, the other wrapped safely around your waist to keep you in place.

    You eye shoot open and you gasp, clawing at his back when he thrusts upwards, making you see stars. “Oh my God, that’s so deep, that’s so fucking deep, Daddy.”

    “Mhm. Do you like that?” He teases, nodding along. “Does it feel so good in my baby’s pussy?”

    You’ve officially lost count how many times you came today, you’re so sensitive. He sets a fast rhythm, pulling you onto his cock and thrusting upwards to meet you there, using you like a rag doll completely for his pleasure.

    You can sense he’s close now, his cock throbs inside you and you can feel his heart hammering in his chest. You both breathe each other's air, the lack of oxygen making you dizzy, the atmosphere heady as you both chase your release.

    “Don’t care how wrong this is, you feel too good. So warm and wet and oh so fucking tight. Squeeze me so good baby, I can feel you dripping down my thighs. You going to come again?”

    You squeeze your eyes shut, the base of his cock rubbing against your clit with every pass. “I can’t. I can’t, it’s too much.”

    “Yes you can. I know you can give me another one, sweet girl. I know you’ve got another one in you, you’re so close already. Come for me, baby.”

    He walks you back over to the bed and lays you at the foot of it, the bottom half of your body hanging off the bed and essentially bent in half by him. He hooks his arms around the bottom of your thighs, tilting your pussy completely up so he can drive into you.

    You whimper and grab at his arms, juices leaking down your pussy and onto your ass, head spinning with pleasure and pure intoxication.

    “Touch yourself for me.” He groans. “Help me make you come. Come on, like a good girl, rub that pretty clit the way you want to, give me one more.”

    Your mouth goes dry, his words making you clench around him, butterflies erupting in your stomach. The way he slams into you is carnal now, his brows furrowed and hot breath coming in puffs against your skin as you rub your clit for him.

    You can feel yourself hurtling towards another orgasm, right as he does, twitching inside you. “Good girl. Remember, eyes on me, I want to watch you come.”

    “Come inside me, Daddy.” Your head begins to spin. “Please, I’m so close, I’m so fucking close. Please come inside me, give me that load, deep.” You grit out.

    “Yeah? You want me to come deep inside this sweet little cunt? You want it bad, don’t you?”

    He thrusts into you a few more times before he stills, withdraws almost completely and slams into you, sheathing himself to the hilt as he finally comes. He lets his body drape over yours, his stomach and chest rubbing against yours as his hot come triggers your own orgasm. He leaves you shaking and weightless, you’re pretty sure you black out for a few seconds.

    You’re both panting, breathless messes, and in a moment that shocks you, he leans in and takes a pull of your lower lip with his own. Your eyes flutter closed when you realise this is the first time you’ve kissed him. You’re spent but you still sink into the kiss, his lips soft but firm, his tongue meshing with yours as he deepens it.

    You pull away breathless, like he just kissed the air from your lungs, but his eyes remain closed in bliss. He’s still buried inside you, the aftershocks of your orgasms making you twitch around him.

    He chuckles once he opens his eyes. “Jesus, you are fucking phenomenal. Never in my life have I had sex that good.” Remaining seated inside you, he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you up the bed until your head rests on the pillows.

    “Me neither.” You whisper, when you get situated. You kiss him again, wrapping your arms around his neck and allowing him to melt into you. He pulls out of you a few moments later, letting his come ooze out of your pussy like it did last night. You give him full control as he pulls your legs together and manoeuvres them so you’re laying on your side while he climbs behind you.

    He runs the tip of his softening cock along your ass where his come runs down, and bends the leg on top to open you up as he pushes his release back into your pussy. You gasp, your pussy tender and used but you eagerly welcome him anyway.

    He sheathes himself inside you again before letting your leg come back down, making your pussy tighter. He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close, your back to his chest, every inch of your body pressed tight against his.

    “Mm, think I’ll stay right here until we’re ready for round 2. Keep my come and my cock nice and warm inside you. What do you say?” He kisses your shoulder.

    “Round 2?” You whisper raggedly.

    “I told you we had all night. And I just can’t get enough of you and this body. So yes, round 2, maybe round 3.”

    “Jesus. I don’t know if I can handle that.” You chuckle.

    “Oh you can. You’re so good to Daddy, but sleep for now. I’m not through with you yet.”


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    Baby Girl

    Prompt: Lady by Brett Young. 

    AN: I love how this turned out. It’s so sweet. 

    Warnings: Ummm none, but beware the fluff! 

    Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!reader 

    Requested by: @kleff03

    “You okay?” 

    “Nope. Not even a little bit.” 

    You suck your bottom lip in between your teeth and bite down to keep from laughing. It makes you a hypocrite because you’re a little emotional too. You place a hand on his shoulder and turn him towards you. You straighten his bow tie and your eyes roam over him. His hair is more salt than pepper now, and he has more lines on his face. Then again, so do you. Hell, you had gone ahead and dyed your hair silver when more and more of it kept coming in. He’s still the most handsome man you’ve ever seen. 

    “I was just dropping her off for her first day of school, and teaching her how to ride a bike. I was just holding her when she would cry, or carrying her around on my hip, and cradling her to my chest to get her to sleep. We were just listening to her heartbeat for the first time. Where did all the time go?” 

    “You asked me that when Jack got married too.” 

    “Yes I did, and I was just as emotional as his best man, as I will be walking our daughter down the aisle.” 

    “If only all those bad guys you put away could see you now.” 

    He huffs, “They’re my babies.” 

    You peck his lips, “We have one more baby, Aaron.” 

    “He goes off to college next year.” 

    You comb his hair a bit with your fingers, “We still have each other.” 

    He smiles, and pulls you in for a kiss, “And I’m so thankful, but I still think we should have gone for one more.” He kisses your neck and you laugh. 

    “We have three kids, Aaron. We’re good. Plus, there’s always a chance that we’ll get grandkids.” 

    “There is that. And with them, we can just give them cookies and everything bad for them and send them home.” 

    You laugh, “Let’s go. Time for your first look.” 

    You walk through the halls, and out to the garden. You find Jack and Ethan, your other son, waiting.”

    Jack grins and nudges his brother, “Told you he’d make it here without having a heart attack.” 

    “I’m not all the way there yet.” 

    Jack and then Ethan both give you a kiss on the cheek. “You look pretty, mom.” 

    “Thank you boys. Do me a favor and keep your dad from collapsing when he sees your sister. The emergency room is not on our to-do list today.” 

    You walk away as Jack and Ethan tease Aaron. You take a seat on the bench and take a deep breath. You hear the rustling of the dress, and smile as your daughter comes into view.

    “Hey, mom.” Your daughter's voice, so very different from when she was a child, rings out. 

    “Hello, my baby.”

    Peyton laughs, “Hi, my mama.” The audio is from an old internet video, and it had become an inside joke years ago.

    She looks gorgeous. You wrap your arms around her in a loose hug. You don’t want to wrinkle her dress. It’s very different from seeing it on her in the store. It steals your breath away and you can feel the tears pricking your eyes. “Oh mama, don’t cry.” 

    “I’m okay. I cried when I saw Jack in his tux for the first time too. Your dad and brothers are all waiting for you. Go easy on your dad.” 

    She laughs, “I will. I remember how teary eyed he got when Jack got married.” 

    You walk her towards the gardens. The photographer already has Aaron and the boys 

    turned around and waiting. You watch as she’s given the cue to keep walking, and pay close attention to your husband as he’s given the okay to turn around. There’s a few tears as he pulls her in for a hug. Jack and Ethan both give hugs. 

    You make it through the ceremony without dissolving into tears. Aaron squeezes your hand through the whole thing. And when it’s time for the father daughter dance you watch intently. When Lady by Brett Young comes on you nearly fall. It’s a song you’ve always said was made for Aaron  and your daughter. You remember the look of fear on his face when he had heard her heartbeat the first time. You remember him cradling your belly and telling you he hoped she turned out just like you. You can’t help but think she’s turned out better. You glance at Aaron. His old agent face has come into play, and you know it’s because he’s trying very hard to not cry. She may be grown and married, but she’s still his baby.

    When the song ends Jack steals Peyton away, and Aaron pulls you in for a dance. The two of you may be on your way to being empty nesters but you’ll always have each other. 

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    submissive and breedable greg montgomery part 2

    if anyone wants to be tagged in greg montgomery pics just reply or ask me :D

    taglist: @ssavanessa22 @stupendousrunawayobservation

    #awww look baby is scawwed he got caught #soft hotch#hotch pics #dharma & greg #greg montgomery
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    "Aaron Hotchner, are you asking me out on a date?"

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    threads  with  hotch  in  witsec  pretending  he’s  a  normal  single  dad  that  just  moved  into  the  neighborhood  and  trying  to  fit  in  (  while  also  trying  to  shut  off  that  part  of  himself  that  profiles  and  does  the  job  he  did  as  unit  chief  )

    #нey тнere deмonѕ ιт'ѕ мe; ya вoy. 〈 ooc 〉 #ғorgιveneѕѕ doeѕ noт cнange тнe paѕт вυт ιт doeѕ enlarge тнe ғυтυre. 〈 hotch; wishlist 〉
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    #нey тнere deмonѕ ιт'ѕ мe; ya вoy. 〈 ooc 〉 #percy lbs cm. #i'm personally offended #and so is hotch inmy head
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