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  • scienceglitches
    19.01.2020 - 1 year ago
    #shockwave is just the hottest bachelor aboard the nemesis #convince me otherwise!! #HSUSHWHS #bless u madison mun #ooc#testimonial
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  • schraubd
    14.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Should I PlagueWatch It?: Series Finale!

    In March 2020, I inaugurated on this blog what I said "may but hopefully won't(?) become an ongoing series": Should I PlagueWatch It? Basically, it took the thing Jill and I do best -- watch TV -- and offered our recommendations for what you should watch to get you through the pandemic.

    Over a year later, Should I PlagueWatch It? did, indeed, become a series. In addition to the first entry -- HBO's Avenue 5 -- I also did entries on Gentleman Jack, Marvel's Runaways, Alpha House, Never Have I Ever, Jelle's Marble Runs, Making the Cut, and a "roundup" post that covered Billions, Insecure, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ultimate Tag, Titan Games, and Holey Moley.

    But now, it feels we're finally closing the chapter on the pandemic. Jill and I are vaccinated, my parents came to visit this past weekend, we're seeing friends, the CDC says we can go unmasked. It seems, alas, that all good things must come to an end. And while the pandemic itself is certainly not a good thing, some of us may be feeling a bit bittersweet at the prospect of being expected to interact with other humans rather than sit around and watch Netflix all day.

    So to wrap up the series, one more omnibus "quick hits" review of all the shows we PlagueWatched that haven't yet gotten their own entry.

    * * * Mild spoilers * * *

    Blown Away

    Reality TV can be wonderful in its formulaicness. Take a random hobby, find ten people who are pretty good at it, dangle $50,000 in front of them, and bang, you've got a competition show. This one's about glass blowing. I know nothing about glass blowing, but the competitors seem pretty talented to me?

    I was impressed at how versatile a medium glass is. I worried when I started the show that the challenges would end up being pretty one note (how many vases can one make?). But the competitors actually made a lot of really cool material!

    There's a lot of running and swinging and flailing given that they're handling molten-hot material.  It stressed me out. Also, apparently "glory holes" are an essential part of glass blowing, and nobody made a joke about it.

    This show is definitely more in the "everyone likes and supports one another" mold of reality TV compared to the "constant cat fights and 'I'm not here to make friends'" mold. No judgment, just letting you know what to expect.


    A Netflix series about a young college student with no sexual experience who decides she needs to develop an app to optimize the female orgasm. It's not the most innovative concept, but it works well enough.

    Of the core trio, my favorite character is Paulina -- the religious Catholic best-friend who is having (bad) sex with her fiancé and feels guilty about even that sin. She does a lot of great expressive work and has some superb character beats (her popcorn addiction -- just casually munching away while watching porn). 

    Speaking of Paulina, at the outset I told Jill she looked like someone and Jill's first guess was "a plainer Emily Blunt" (that's not an insult -- who isn't plainer than Emily Blunt?). It wasn't who I was thinking of, and soon I realized the answer was like six women I've known over the years. So maybe "plainer Emily Blunt" is a more common face than I realized?

    The show is in Polish (with subtitles), and I'm very proud that I managed to identify the language as Polish right away (I do not speak a word of Polish).

    The musical motif for the show combines one of the catchiest guitar riffs I've ever heard with a sample loop of a woman's sex moans. It fits the show perfectly, but it's a bit awkward to listen to on its own.


    You shouldn't need me to tell you about this show. It's good, but my hottest take -- and I stand by it -- is that as an exploration of grief Never Have I Ever does it better and it's not close.

    Can we concede that Wanda is the unambiguous villain of the show? With only the barest shift in perspective, Wanda could be the nemesis with an admittedly sympathetic motive. To some extent, I think the show was far too forgiving of her. Motives aside, how different is she from Kilgrave on Jessica Jones?

    Poor Emma Caulfield. So much build-up for her character, and it's only a head-fake.

    Space Force

    I liked it. It's not in the most elite of the elite comedies, and maybe that's the standard when Steve Carrell is the lead, but it was quite funny. That said, I keep on almost forgetting that I watched it, and have no substantive commentary to offer. So take from that what you will.

    AOC lookalike alert (the character even gets the nickname AYC -- "Angry Young Congresswoman")!

    Mythic Quest

    I love that Ubisoft is actually involved in the show (which is set at a game studio producing a popular massively multiplayer online RPG).

    Surprisingly, given my love affair with Community, Danny Pudi is one of the least interesting characters on the show.

    The actress who plays Poppy isn't the very strongest (though she's improving), but Poppy herself may be my favorite character. Of course, everyone knows I'm a sucker for an Australian accent.

    The show has some great characters in side parts who don't get enough attention, like Sue the community manager and Carol the HR director. Also, Aparna Nancherla has a small recurring role in the first season and apparently doesn't come back for season two? I don't get why she keeps getting sidelined like this -- she's funnier than the rest of the cast put together.

    Ted Lasso

    Good, sweet, endearing, fun. British soccer comedies with heart are a winner for me (Bend It Like Beckham, anyone?).

    Ted's estranged wife is played by the same actress who plays Linda in Better Off Ted. This was very strange, though admittedly I'm probably the only person who cared enough about Better Off Ted to notice or care.


    Dashing gentleman thief who's always a step ahead of his adversaries, except maybe the one nemesis who actually can match him step for step in a constant cat-and-mouse game? Look, it's a cliché for a reason. I'm not going to say Lupin breaks the mold, but it certainly is a well-crafted entry into the mold.

    If there is anything innovative, it's how Lupin particularly leverages stereotypes about race and class to maneuver more freely in certain spaces (e.g., he can smuggle himself into prison because the guards can't tell him apart from another inmate -- sad commentary, but useful for Lupin!).

    It did do something I hate, which is release "half a season" and just leave the audience hanging at the end. Maybe it was the pandemic's fault, but one could really feel its incompleteness.

    Kim's Convenience

    Of the Canadian shows I've been watching, I'd say Working Moms (not in this post because it is pre-pandemic) is the stronger of the two. But this is fun as well.

    It just got cancelled, unfortunately depriving it of the chance to wrap up its single greatest storyline (that's been ongoing since season one). That's a real, real shame.

    Simu Liu as Jung is the latest iteration of the Jason Mendoza trend of "dumb male Asian hottie leads". I guess it's a blow against stereotypes?

    Pastor Nina also could be an AOC lookalike. I think the show struggled a bit to draw a bead on her character.


    I actually mentioned this show in my post about Jelle's Marble Runs, but it is such a joy to watch. I can't wait for season two, which is dropping very soon. For pure, simple, uncomplicated happiness, Legomasters beats out everything on this list.

    via The Debate Link https://ift.tt/3yamzYb

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  • santapedra
    02.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    hold on, I just remembered the scene where Josephine Crooks recognizes Ana Alegros bc the Rowley Conspirators are celebrities on Medea, and now I'm thinking about Crooks completely flipping her shit when she finds out her nemesis is secretly best friends with the woman who is hands-down the HOTTEST and also now MOST FAMOUS conspirator. Like what does one even DO with that information??? 

    #the pasithea powder #op#for josphine
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  • madlori
    22.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Coming soon: “Strike Anywhere”

    Sooooo like a month ago I had a fun lil plot bunny and banged out a short Schitt’s Creek fic called “Burn Out the Night.” In it, Patrick is a firefighter and David is a city engineer and they do Not Get Along, in fact they are infamous for their fights at calls. Except this night, a warehouse fire goes badly, and in the course of the situation Patrick is injured, at which point it’s revealed that these two bitter enemies are in fact married. Everyone is SHOOK. SEEKRIT HUSBANDS. It’s also super fun to have both these guys really lean in to their latent troll tendencies.

    People were into this concept, and I jibed so much with the premise that I launched into a prequel story about how these two met and came to be seekrit husbands. I expect to finish it in the next few days and start posting soon (one chapter per day). So I thought I’d post a lil trailer!

    Title: Strike Anywhere Fandom: Schitt’s Creek Rating: E Length: 65K Tags: David Rose/Patrick Brewer, Firefighter AU, Enemies-to-Lovers, Secret Relationship, First Responders, Hurt/Comfort, Patrick Brewer/OMC, Patrick Brewer Is Gay (and has been out for awhile), these are just temporary tags the real ones will be on the actual story with content warnings (none of the Big Four)


    Patrick Brewer would always remember the first words ever spoken to him by the man who he would eventually marry, because they were “What the fuck are you doing? Are you an idiot?”

    He straightened up, blinking dust and grime out of his eyes, a futile attempt given that he was standing in the middle of a destroyed store with a car through the front of it, holding a pneumatic cutter. The man who’d just called him an idiot was lurking on the sidewalk, peering in through the jagged hole in the storefront, dressed in expensive-looking shoes and massive white-framed sunglasses, his impressive eyebrows halfway to his hairline. “I’m baking a cake,” Patrick said, dryly, and went back to what he was doing.


    Once the woman in the car had been extracted and whisked off to the hospital, Patrick left the scene to the police, the tow trucks and the insurance adjusters and toted his equipment back out to the fire truck parked outside. He stowed the pneumatic cutters, spotting David Rose standing with Ronnie by her truck. Pique rising in his chest, he stalked over to them. “Okay, somebody wanna explain to me who this guy is and why he gets to barge into my rescue?”

    Rose turned to face him, tipping his sunglasses up on top of his head. “Who are you, sturdy wee man? An intern, or something? Does the fire service have interns?”

    “I’m Captain Brewer of the 315,” Patrick said, flatly. “I’m in charge here.”


    Patrick went back to his truck, tossing his helmet into the back with more force than was probably recommended by its manufacturer. Shit, he thought. This is going to suck, a lot. Having someone hovering over everything he did, second-guessing every decision he made, would be bad enough. But that wasn’t even the worst part.

    The worst part was that he’d be suffering the unwanted interference of possibly the hottest guy he’d ever seen, and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do to make that not true.


    “Ugh, I had the worst day. I spent three hours driving around with that snotty Captain from the 315.”

    “You mean Brewer? The one you won’t shut up about?”

    “Complaining about! Bitching about!”


    “He’s a self-righteous prick and I deserve some kind of peace prize for not flinging myself across the car and throttling him to death with my bare hands.”

    “I’m sure that keeping yourself from, uh, flinging was a real struggle.” Stevie picked up David’s tablet and started Googling something. “You know when you told me about this horrible Captain Brewer, your arch-nemesis, I pictured some grizzled, crotchety old guy. You neglected to mention...this,” she said, brandishing the tablet with a flourish.

    On the screen was an article from the paper with the headline “Toronto Fire Services Promotes Youngest Captain in its History,” above a very nice photo of Patrick in uniform, arms crossed, smiling and looking like a recruitment poster.

    “What, exactly, did I neglect to mention? Young guys can be grizzled and crotchety.”

    “You neglected to mention that Captain Brewer is a snack.”

    “If he is, he’s one of those tasteless low-carb sugar-free snacks full of xylitol that’ll give you explosive diarrhea and make you wish you’d never been born.”


    “Why’d you do it, anyway?” David suddenly exclaimed, coming off the wall to stand right in Patrick’s face.

    “Do what?”

    “Save my life, you fuckhead!”

    “That’s my job! What was I going to do, just stand there and let the truck fall on you?”

    “Great! Except now I have to, like, be nice to you.”

    “I am begging you not to be nice to me, I might drop dead of a heart attack from the shock!”

    David’s lip curled in a sneer. “I don’t know what kind of carnage I committed in a past life to deserve this. Look at you with your fireman outfit and your respectably-gay undercut and you probably have a modest tattoo somewhere under there and I could axe-murder you, I really could, you just had to be the big damn hero, throwing me to the ground like some damsel in distress, and that isn’t even the worst part!”

    “What’s the worst part?”

    “That a guy I can’t stand saved my pointless life and it was so goddamn hot that I might have to jump off a cliff!”


    ...coming soon!

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  • lynnslibrary
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    six of crows x pjo — camp ketterdam

    when kaz brekker first arrived at camp, he made it very clear that he wasn’t there for the ice cream and t-shirts, making him the popular topic of conversation amongst other campers. he remained unclaimed for weeks after he first arrived, and everyone liked to make guesses about what cabin he would end up in. hades, most bet. brekker’s black clothing and his consistent long sleeves and gloves even during the hottest days of the year made even the few hades kids expectant. others who had seen him train claimed ares, but some ares kids disagreed. an ares kid with a disability? no way, they insisted. and still others liked to guess zeus, king of the gods. the way brekker carried himself around camp suggested no different, and while many of the campers kept their distance, they admired the boy in black. even with a bad leg, kaz brekker trained hard, fought hard. he didn’t bother anybody who didn’t deserve it and was a great leader, as his capture the flag team told everyone, boasting to anyone with ears about how they had won. it was why only few were genuinely surprised when during one of the last campfires of the summer, brekker began to glow, an olive branch above his head dousing him in light. athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy, skill, warfare.

    nina gasped at the same time jesper groaned. “seriously?”

    kaz only shrugged, looking unsurprised. nina glowered as she pulled out a handful of drachma and handed it over to inej’s waiting hand. jesper grumbled as he did the same, only to a beaming wylan.

    matthias grinned, the only one who had refused to bet on kaz’s parentage. “you at least could’ve told them if it was your mom or dad.”

    “i grew up without both. wasn’t sure myself.” kaz replied.

    nina elbowed jesper, still looking annoyed. “i told you we should’ve bet on mom.”

    jesper snorted, shaking his head. “team mom? besides athena, what were the other options? aphrodite? hestia? can you imagine, kaz’s mom being the goddess of hearth and family?”

    nina just rolled her eyes in response. she had been the first to be claimed out of them all, arriving at camp 2 years ago and being claimed by her father, hades, on her first night. the entire camp had been shocked. the campers had been sure she belonged in cabin ten with the rest of aphrodite’s children. newcomers still made the mistake, looking confused when she headed to dark, isolated cabin thirteen. but nina had always known. her mother had died when she was younger, but her dad had never been in the picture. death had always brought nina a kind of comfort though, and she easily put two and two together even before her father had acknowledged her.

    now, she leaned on matthias’ knee, grumbling. “could’ve been nemesis.”

    “don’t take it too hard, love.” matthias said. he had been the last of them besides kaz to be claimed, but his parent had come as no surprise. matthias had been considered part of the ares family since the moment he arrived. his siblings took pride in the large blonde, who was ruthless when it came to a battle, strong and smart. he feared almost nothing. it was only with nina he let down his guard, and she had fallen in love with the boy because of it. matthias knew war, but it was more than that, nina knew. he was strongest when he was fighting for something he believed in.

    on the log beside them, wylan was comforting his own boyfriend. “it’s okay, jes. hermes was a good guess, too.” when wylan first arrived at camp, he had also secretly thought that the dark-skinned, tall boy who always hung around the pale boy with a cane, was a son of aphrodite, only to be pleasantly surprised when he saw that the boy lived in cabin nine. hephaestus. he only thought it more fitting when he saw the boy, who he found out later was named jesper, with fire. if he had noticed how the boy’s skin glowed in the sun, muscles flexing as he held up a shield, jesper’s entire body was radiant when he had flames in his hands, in the process of forging something from nothing.

    wylan himself had been claimed by his father apollo his second week at camp, which hadn’t even been too long ago. he hadn’t cared who his father was amongst the gods, was just happy to have a place to escape to in the summer from his horrible stepfather’s mansion. after his mother had died, leaving him alone with the evil man, he had finally found a family amongst his friends at camp ketterdam. his father was apollo, he had marveled when he first found out. god of sun, music, archery, poetry, healing, prophecy. at camp, it didn’t matter that wylan couldn’t write a sentence or study from a book. he was good at everything else, and that was what his real father cared about.

    kaz could sense it when inej approached, face lit with the dancing flames in front of them. “congrats, kaz.”

    kaz shifted over, offering her a seat next to him on the log. inej sat, small figure barely brushing his shoulder. the daughter of artemis was one of her mother’s favorite children, kaz knew. inej had the talent and grace of artemis when it came to the hunt, a terrifying force with her fourteen knives. there were few people kaz didn’t want to cross, and inej was all of them. “congrats yourself,” he replied easily, eyes trained on the fire. “you guessed right from the start.”

    inej had guessed athena from the beginning of her friends’ friendly bet, staying loyal to her first guess while the others had gone back and forth. she didn’t know exactly when she had decided athena was the right answer. it could’ve been the moment she met kaz, when he had taken off his helmet after a long session of training and she had noticed the startling grey of his eyes, reminding her of one particular goddess. or the moment kaz had offered her a hand where she lay, knocked down by a member of his team during practice. inej had ignored it, pushing herself up and spinning a knife into her hand in the space of a breath. she registered his surprise with a bit of annoyance, but then he wore a small smile—and suddenly the infamous camper looked younger, a boy at summer camp, sweating like the rest of them under the sun. or it could’ve been any of the moments during the night before capture the flag, when they had stayed up until dawn, strategizing over a table. it came effortlessly for kaz, she noticed. he foresaw every opponent’s move, blocked every loophole that could exist. she had been tired but refused to sleep, wanting to hear about all of kaz’s plans.

    and now, as he sat beside her, inej knew it was all of them that had given her the answer, not only to kaz’s parent but to her developing feelings for the boy in black. summer was coming to an end, and inej was far from ready to leave camp and her friends. but she knew they would return the next summer, and the next. all she could do now was sit beside kaz as he continued to glow gold, his edges blurring as if about to fade. all she could do was sit, take the marshmallow kaz offered, and smile to herself, thinking about how good kaz brekker looked in color.

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  • aritimena
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So Niki revealed her Syndicate codename as Nemesis, time for my obligatory infodump

    So Nemesis (Rhamnousia in Greek, not important but I think it’s pretty :) is the goddess of vengeance, I think most of us know that already, but specifically she is the goddess of “retribution against those who succumb to hubris, arrogance before the gods”. Which I think is pretty interesting considering Tommy’s conflict with Dream “I’m practically a god” WasTaken and Niki’s (now discontinued?) murder plot against Tommy.

    -Her name roughly means “to give what is due” and wikipedia says that the word nemesis originally meant “distributor of fortune” neither good or bad but a citation is needed there

    -One could see her as the negative side of Tyche (Fortune) idk

    -comparable to the Erinyes (Furies)

    -It is stated that her patron animal is the Goose which I find hilarious.

    -She is the daughter of Nyx (Night) and is thus related to a bunch of lesser known but very cool gods such as Eris, Hypnos, Thanatos, Achlys (hi dev), etc.


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  • bllvkbird
    12.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #thank you so so much karen! i am really rusty with resident evil though so my bad for the kinda incomplete answers #haloinfinite #asks.
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  • gameofdrarry
    02.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Wizards Hearts Recs: Aging Up

    Wizards Hearts was a four-month-long Drarry reading fest. Players were given a playing deck of 52 tropes, and were asked to find 52 different fics to read and comment on to fill their decks. To prevent the same few fics from being read, fics were restricted to only being used for the game three times before being considered ineligible for further points. The tropes and submissions list can be found here.

    Check out the masterlist of fics for this trope below the cut!

    📜 Three Stripes, a Muffin Top, and Those Pink Shoes by MaesterChill Rated:  Explicit Words:  15600 Tags: Established Relationship, Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, accidental infidelity, Accidental Hugo Weasley/Harry Potter, Minor Hugo Weasley/Anthony Goldstein, Dubious Consent, Impotence, Model!Draco, Retired!Harry, swimwear, Tattoos, Pool Party, cocktails, Draco in Heels, Crime against a Buxus, Anthony Fucking Goldstein, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Rimming, Unreasonable Amounts of Come, HP Drizzle Fest 2018, Fluff, Angst, Body Image, Aging Worries Summary:  It’s the hottest day anyone can remember. It's also Draco's 45th birthday and Harry has thrown him a pool party. Everyone’s feeling the heat. Well, everyone except for Harry. Something and someone are making things complicated. Something soft and someone hard. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 A Sword Laid Aside by korlaena Rated:  Explicit Words:  128749 Tags: Graphic Depictions of Violence Past Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, past Draco/OMC, Harry and Draco are in their 40s, Draco works undercover, hermit Harry, Fallen Hero Harry, Powerful Harry, Desi!Harry Potter, Fugitive Draco, Forced Proximity, Safehouses, Domestic, Arguing, Motorcycles, some smoking, some drinking, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Implied/Referenced Dubious Consent, Past Drug Addiction, Sleep disorders, On the Run, Camping, Platonic Affection, Self-Hatred, Confronting Personal Demons, Case Fic, Action, Blood and Injury, Dark Content Related to Case, Kidnapping, Wrongful Imprisonment, Minor Character Death, Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs, Prostate Massage, Edging, Coming Untouched, Aftercare, Anal Sex, Praise Kink, Light Dom/sub, Top Harry, Switching, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Slow Burn, Harry/Draco Big Bang 2018, Community: harrydracobang Summary:  When Draco’s cover is blown during a deep undercover operation and the Ministry is compromised, Ron takes Draco to the only safe place he can think of—Potter. Hiding out with a taciturn Harry Potter, who has been missing from the Wizarding World for almost two decades after a shocking fall from grace, is nothing like Draco thought it would be. Draco has to navigate dealing with this Potter while being hunted by Dark wizards and wanted by extremists in the Ministry. When things take a turn for the worse, Draco has to decide whether he's going to keep running or find a way to protect the world and the people he cares about most. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 December Never Felt So Wrong by MaesterChill Rated:  Explicit Words:  50001 Tags: Post-Hogwarts, Angst, Mystery, time skip, 00's Music Sung Badly, Fluff, Amnesia, A niffler, 25 Days of Draco and Harry 2018, curse magic, Knitting, Sex, Cuddles, Blow Jobs, First Time Sex, wanking, Advent Fic, Christmas, Magical Artifacts, Falling In Love, Magical Theory, drarry dads, Rimming, Memory Loss, A tiny bell, Sharing a Bed, Dad Jokes, Cursed objects Summary:  'Twas the month before Christmas and sixteen year old Draco Malfoy had never felt worse. His attempts to kill Dumbledore were failing and, as usual, Harry Fucking Potter was a constant thorn in his side. All that suddenly changed when Draco woke up 15 years in the future and discovered that not only was he allegedly shagging Harry Fucking Potter, he also had thinning hair and a five year old son, and no fucking clue how he got there. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Heart Like Neon by lq_traintracks (lumosed_quill) Rated:  Explicit Words:  41103 Tags: Sex Work, Sex worker Harry Potter, Rentboys, rentboy Harry potter, Past Harry/Ginny - Freeform, past Draco/Theo, Harry/OMC - Freeform, Trans Male Character, Trans Female Character, Switching, Transphobia, Tattoos, hung harry, POV Alternating, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Rimming, Comeplay, Watersports, Duelling, Facials Summary:  Bored of being The Chosen One, Harry discovers he rather likes sex and becomes a professional. He’s good at it, and part of why is that he can read people. Not minds, not Legilimens, but their whole self, and he can give them what they don’t even know they want. Enter Draco fucking Malfoy, enigma to everyone, including himself. Harry can’t help but want to break into him, to figure him out. And Draco, thinking he’ll fuck Potter on a lark, has no idea what he’s in for. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Coming Home by PalenDrome (nerdherderette) Rated:  Mature Words:  9828 Tags: Major Character Death, Alternate Universe - Ghosts, Ghost Draco Malfoy, Auror Harry Potter, Quidditch Player Draco Malfoy, Loss, Grief/Mourning, Angst and Feels, Marital Bonds, Bonds Beyond Time, Flashbacks, Domestic Fluff, Mild Sexual Content, Ghost Sex, Mentions of Offscreen Canon-Typical Violence, Loneliness, Drinking, Reckless Driving, Hopeful Ending, Moving On, H/D Hurt!Fest 2020 Summary:  Three years after his world was shattered, Harry tries to pick up the pieces at the place he once called home. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 The Darklist by Cheryl Dyson Rated:  Mature Words:  91023 Tags: N/A Summary:  When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter. ❤️ Read on FFN

    📜 Something Good (The Second Time Around) by Ravenclaw626 Rated:  Explicit Words:  99382 Tags: Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, POV Harry Potter, Stay-At-Home Parent Harry Potter, Potioneer Draco Malfoy, Research, Mpreg, Mpreg Harry, Pregnant Harry, Medical Procedures, Childbirth, labor pains, Harry Potter is a Good Parent, Redeemed Draco Malfoy, Implied/Referenced Underage Sex, Implied/Referenced Dubious Consent, Non-Canonical Character Death, Homophobia, Marriage Proposal, Weddings, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Pregnant Sex, Pregnancy Kink, Unplanned Pregnancy, Single Parents, Single Parent Harry Potter, Single Parent Draco Malfoy, Top Draco Malfoy, Bottom Harry Potter, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Sex Toys, Rimming, natural birth Summary:  After putting his youngest on the Hogwarts Express, Harry feels a little lost and without direction in life. There’s someone on the platform who notices, though, who also knows how it feels to come back to an empty home. Can this someone help Harry find his way? After years of contentment, acceptance, and ‘good enough’ — he never could have imagined that a whirlwind romance with his former childhood nemesis would become his something good after a lifetime of trials. A story about love, happiness, and second chances. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Color Me Enamored by peachpety Rated:  Explicit Words:  3952 Tags: Bathing/Washing, Bubble Bath, Color Changing Bubbles, Emotions Depicted as Color, Friends to Lovers, Smut, Mutual Masturbation, Voyeurism, 40 Year Old Drarry, Draco Wears a Tuxedo, Whiskey and cigars, Sock Garters Summary:  Draco finds Harry soaking in a rainbow bubble bath and wants to engage in conversation. Harry just wants to unwind and think about his silver fox assistant, ok? Emotions run high and the bubbles can barely keep up. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Fight the Signs of Aging by Enchanted_Jae Rated:  Teen and Up Words:  1159 Tags: Arguing, Mentions of Sex, Community: hp_goldenage Summary:  Prompt C11 suggested by themightyflynn: Draco is aging and determined to not do it gracefully. Maybe resorting Muggle remedies to stop the aging process? ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Eternally Consistent by kitsunealyc Rated:  Explicit Words:  44536 Tags: Glasses kink, HP: EWE, Aurors, Unspeakables, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, But not quite in that order?, Time Turner, physics kink, Quidditch, Time Travel Summary:  Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy's doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 the potential of broken things by icarusinflight Rated:  Explicit Words:  10727 Tags: Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, Post-Hogwarts, Auror Harry Potter, Ex-Auror Draco Malfoy, Bisexual Harry Potter, Drinking, Kneazles (Harry Potter), Explicit Sexual Content, Intercrural Sex, H/D Erised 2020 Summary:  "Can you feel that? Some things want to be what they once were. The original spell is still there, and it wants to work again. All it takes is a little push and then"—Draco clicks his fingers of his free hand—"snap, everything will go back into place." Harry's feeling lost, but he finds Draco in a shop full of (not broken, just waiting to be repaired) items. He stays a while. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 (not anyone) you're the one by panicparade Rated:  General Words:  16937 Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Post-Hogwarts, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Break Up, H/D Erised 2020, Getting Back Together, Coming of Age, POV Draco Malfoy, Secret Relationship, Christmas, Mistletoe, Herbology, Ex-Auror Harry Potter, Kid Fic, Harry Potter Raises Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, Unusual Career, Banter, Boys In Love, Fluff and Angst, Christmas Fluff, Soft Draco Malfoy, First Kiss Summary:  “Bit early for some exercise, Potter.” The other blinked, posture rigid before he all but deflated, wand arm falling limp to the side as he wiped a hand across his forehead. Despite the relaxed stance, Draco didn’t miss how Potter kept a tight hold on his wand. “Malfoy,” Potter gasped, struggling to catch his breath, blinking rapidly as the wind picked up speed. “What are you doing here?” or The one where Draco and Harry get together, fall apart, grow up and then find their way back to each other. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Bloody But Unbowed by Lomonaaeren Rated:  Explicit Words:  100740 Tags: Healers, Curses, Denial Summary:  Nothing in Harry’s life since the war has gone the way he expected. And now he’s the mediwizard assigned to take care of Lucius Malfoy, of all people. But he’s Harry; he grits his teeth and endures. He won’t allow even Draco Malfoy’s flirting, which he knows is just a joke, to disconcert him. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 darling, your kisses are sweeter than honey by unicorninthelibrary Rated:  Teen and Up Words:  1076 Tags: Fluff, Saps in love, Domestic Fluff, Post-Canon, Older Characters, Growing Old Together, HP Fluff Fest 2020 Summary:  No matter how many years have passed, waking up next to Draco is Harry’s favorite thing in life. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Letting Go by sassy_cissa Rated:  Teen and Up Words:  2418 Tags: Getting to Know Each Other, Established Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Older Harry, Older Draco, Tiny bit of Angst, parenting Summary:  Harry isn't sure his son's choice for a partner is the best one. ❤️ Read on AO3

    📜 Whispers on the Wind by WinonaFlammery Rated:  General Words:  1081 Tags: Major Character Death, Grief/Mourning, Death from Old Age, Old Age, I do not know how to tag, I think the ending is hopeful, Gay Draco Malfoy, Bisexual Harry Potter, (at least it's implied), Harry Potter Epilogue Compliant, Future Fic Summary:  "You only get so many years before your body grows too frail and your magic too weak. In the end, all that is left is a game of waiting." ❤️ Read on AO3

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  • justagirlinafandomworld
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Are y’all ready for this? *plays that song* *does the running man* This list includes some amazing stories written and shared by some ridiculously talented people. Summaries, warnings, and my silly little praises are all included.

    Happy Reading Lovelies!


    Moonshine by @whitestarbucky​ A year after The Accords and life has an awful new normal. Until Steve comes back. Except, he’s not quite Steve anymore. And you’re not quite you. But a promise is a promise...or so you both still hoped. Warnings: Angst. Smut. Slow kiss turning to big kiss trope. Little bits of fluff sprinkled in. Established relationship. Post CA:CW-era. 18+ only!

    If you have never read a single story from Riley, you are in for a lovely treat! Her words are beautiful~ they will fill you up with pure emotion and whisk you into the arms of a sad and hunky super soldier. This story happens to feature nomad!Steve and... maybe I should have led with that? 😉

    So Much Wrong by @carryoncaptainrogers / @carryonmywaywardcaptain​ Bucky tries to comfort Y/N with the guilt she’s carrying after a mission gone wrong. Warnings: kind of angsty, mentions of a casualty on a mission, implied struggle with depression, guilt, and coping; hopeful/ fluffy(ish?) ending

    A sweet piece for our sweet boy Bucky. This story captures the parts of him that draws us all in, that quiet astuteness. Lyrics to Pink’s Walk Me Home are weaved through the story, creating a an ambience that will turn you to mush. ;3

    snooze. by @xbuchananbarnes​ it’s too cold, there’s no need to go outside. 

    When Dani gives you a nugget for your request, you cherish that nugget. Because that nugget is gold. I requested, I am cherishing, and you bet your bottom it is gold! Bucky snuggles and pure fluff. I love it. You’ll love it. I rest my case.

    Versus by @indyluckycharlie​ Bucky, a private eye, is preparing for a long overdue showdown with his elusive nemesis, you. Warnings: Some swearing. Gun violence, Bucky and the reader are trying to grievously, if not fatally, wound each other. A potentially poorly written action sequence. Me dropping hints about something I know very little about.

    This story features an exciting game of cat and mouse. I can’t give too much away, but you will enjoy the writing, it sets a gritty noir scene that tickles the imagination. The pacing is wonderful, the mystery is only resolved at the veryyyyy end. For a good time, read.

    Star Trek

    Screw You by @wickedsingularity​ Imagine your OTP Person B: Screw you and your beautiful face! Person A: Screw you and your beautiful eyes! Person B: FUCK YOU AND YOUR PERFECT GORGEOUS SMILE!! Person A: OH, YEAH?! WELL FUCK YOU AND YOUR PERFECT LIPS!! Person A and B: *end up making out*  Warnings: Alcohol, language, some smutty things

    It has been too long since I have read for Jim Kirk! This was a great dive back in. You’ve got the reader mad at Jim without him knowing exactly why, but then when it is laid out plainly - all the stuff he has done...ooohhhh, he is backed into a corner. There is a reason behind his actions, but, ya know, if he told you, that could only lead to trouble. I may have done a little happy dance at the end of the fic.


    Legally Yours by @smol-and-grumpy​ Dean Winchester tops the list of hottest entrepreneurs 2020 and yet, there’s still something he wants but can’t have because, in order to get that, he would have to settle down and get married. She agrees too quickly because she wants to secure a more comfortable life for her and her daughter. Will she be able to help Dean get what he wants without losing herself in the fake story they spin up to deceive his father and the world? Warnings: Slow build, slow burn, fake dating AU, angst, fluff, smut.

    I am three chapters into this story and so far it is amazing! Dean’s character and voice lifts off the screen, guttural, chilling and in a fine ass suit. Settle into this fake engagement story, because it is a blast!!! Have seen nothing but positive reviews for future chapters and I am excited to continue!

    Trust You With My Heart by @deanwinchesterswitch​ She trusts him with her life, but can she trust him with her heart? Warnings: 18+ NSFW {for complete series}, language, flangst. Cardiophilia-heartbeat kink.

    Oh my goodness, get ready to swim in the feels with this story that is 2/3 done! Dean is so soft, so sweet, so freakin’ endearing and the relationship with the reader is on the precipice of something new. Also, hello new kink! The fear, the love, the sexual tension is all perfectly translated - I cannot recommend this fic enough! Please read!

    Sixth Time’s The Charm by @calaofnoldor​ All the times Dean has tried to get Sam to admit his feelings for you. Warnings: jealous!sam, protective!sam, huffy!sam, badass!reader, exasperated squirrel, mutual pining, idiots in love, slow burn, fake marriage, tropes

    I hope you are ready for some quality SAM WINCHESTER fic, because this series is A-FREAKIN-MAZING! Huffy, jealous Sam, a poor confused reader, and an exasperated Dean, I MEAN that is just a cocktail made for ENJOYMENT. Please, please, please read this. You just gotta.

    Mechanic and Mistletoe by @deanwanddamons​ Y/N, an ER nurse is driving home to her Mom on Christmas Eve. Her car breaks down on the side of the road. She calls Winchester Singer Autos and Bobby sends Dean to help her. Will she make it to her Mom in time for Christmas? And will she get back home in time for her shift on Boxing Day?

    This month I read parts 5, 6 & 7 and I could go on and on about how sweet this story is turning out to be!! You’ve got bits of Christmas cheer, some very special scenes of Dean being his incredible mechanical self, and a love story that is blooming bright like a poinsettia in the snow! Check it out!

    Always by @firefly-in-darkness Y/N is feeling insecure and Dean doesn’t help, especially when he forgets a special date. Warnings: Insecurities, angst to fluff.

    Look, look, look, look, I’m not sure I could quite convey. How important this fic is. I was a puddle of emotions by the end. All the insecurities are laid out here, okay. And Dean is *deep shaky breath* perfect. And Daisy is such a darling for writing this. Please read.

    Desire by @princessmisery666​ “Take that which your heart most desires or perish. Fulfill your desire to break free.” A witch curses Sam to take what his heart desires, but there’s consequences. Warnings: Smut, language, regret, betrayal, rough sex (maybe), a bit of fluff if you squint and turn your head upside down, angsty stuff, cheating, language, use of the word ‘exponentially’ (I dunno - I’m in a dumb mood).

    This is a hell of a story. I have to laugh because a lot of my reactions cannot be put into words! It’s good. It will suck you in. Roll you around. Bite your neck and make you feel things. Then at the end you will say out loud and unapologetically “WELL FUCK.” 

    Stolen Crown by @roonyxx​ & @jay-and-dean​ What happens when she is sent in a world that isn’t hers, but with very familiar faces? Series Warnings : Smut (please be 18+), Fluff, Angst, Swearing. Mention of physical pain. Each Chapter will have detailled warnings.

    3 chapters in and I am hooked!! A fantastic tale coauthored by some talented writers. The reader is thrown into an alternate reality where she is mistaken to be the queen. Separated from her Dean, she has no choice but to trust the knight Dean to keep from being found out. Royal!Reader, Knight!Dean, reader trying to find her way home - I mean the story is sooo goood! Check it out!

    Knives Out

    Just Friends by @navybrat817​ You want to be more than friends with Ransom. When he laughs it off, you cut him off. He doesn’t like being ignored. Warnings: Explicit sexual content, jealousy, possessive behavior, semi-public sex, Ransom being an asshole.

    I read Ransom stories for one reason only. And this one is a purrrrrfect example of why. I love everything about this. From the reader standing up for herself, to Ransom going crazy from being ignored, to the semi-public sex scene that left me parched. Excellent, excellent story!

    The One Who Got Away by @stargazingfangirl18​ Wish fic: Ransom x the one who got away. Years ago, Ransom had an intense relationship aka lots of love and crazy good sex. Linda freaked out when she found out Ransom had bought an engagement ring. So she found a way to break them up (unbeknownst to Ransom, feel free to make up Linda's ploy and reader's awareness). FFW: they cross paths again and Ransom plots his revenge. Shameless hoeing ensues but it can be soft too. Warnings: Explicit language. Light groping/suggestive themes.

    I think this is the title, please let me know if I’m wrong! But, here I go contradicting myself from what I just said. Ransom is...not an asshole in this? He is angry and hurt, but as you can see from the request, it was all a misunderstanding and what commenced was equal parts soft and sexy. Highly recommend!

    Share Some Love! 

    Feel free to let these writers know if you enjoyed their works. Promise, it’ll brighten their day. ❤

    beautiful dividers provided by firefly-graphics.

    #just a girl reading fics in february 2021 #fic rec february 2021 #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #jim kirk x reader #dean winchester x reader #sam winchester x reader #ransom drysdale x reader
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  • artistsfuneral
    19.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Summer Romance

    for @anythinggoesfandoms

    Lambert/Jaskier, fade to black smut, no actual smut but they’re horny, lambert likes the sexy professor look and jaskier has a thing for freckles, summer romance, 1.6k, ao3 link in the comments


    Naturally, it was only a matter of time until one of the wolves would seek out the rather infamous bard. Geralt never had been one to kiss and tell, neither was he known to share his path with anyone for longer than a few weeks, and yet... Over the years Geralt had fed them with more than enough stories of one 'Jaskier the bard' to make them awfully curious.

    Deliberately Lambert and his brothers had started to ask the most causal sounding questions about Jaskier, trying to get as much information out of the white wolf as possible. Geralt – not as oblivious as they thought – indulged them for his own amusement and warned his friend come spring. (Jaskier was delighted about the attention)

    Thus far none of the wolves had discovered the final puzzle piece. That was, though, until Lambert had discovered Jaskier's real name and with that his profession as Professor Julian Pankratz in Oxenfurt. The youngest witcher knew, that it would be only polite to tell his older brothers straight away about the new information. Sending a bird would only cost him a few coins, coins which he had plenty after his latest contract. But Lambert was neither polite, nor willing to share his information so soon and as luck would have it (what a coincidence) he was already in Oxenfurt.

    With a satisfied smile on his lips he silently slipped through an open window, right into one of Jaskier's lectures and made himself comfortable in a dark corner of the room. At least, that was the plan. In reality it took him only a few minutes and suddenly Lambert was hanging on Jaskier's lips like every other student in the room.

    There was just something... absolutely enticing about the man.

    While all three of them knew from Geralt, that Jaskier had brown hair and blue eyes, none of them really knew what he looked like in person. So Lambert could all but stare at the man at the other end of the room. Surely he must have been as tall as Geralt, which meant he was taller than Vesemir and Lambert (and what a thought that was), but he was no way as lanky as the witcher had imagines him to be. Jaskier's shoulders were wide and strong, the human held himself upright in a way that clearly showed his confidence and inner strength. He paced around the room with wide steps, hands wildly gesturing, their pace always fitting the part of the story he was telling his students. Such a simple thing, he probably didn't even notice he was doing it and yet it spoke loudly for Jaskier's musical talent.

    And then there was the man's face of course. What a face that was, Lambert mused, allowing himself a moment to appreciate it and the feel of attraction it caused. To the trained eye it was obvious, that Jaskier was of good breeding. He had those high cheekbones, a straight noseline and what Lambert liked to call 'noble eyebrows'. The thick brown hair on top of his head and around his jawline showed the tiniest hints of gray and white and although Jaskier lacked wrinkles on his forehead, he already had crows feet in the corners of his mesmerizing-blue eyes.

    And the story he was telling his students; absolutely fantastic. It was evident that Jaskier had a talent of commanding a room solely with his voice. Lambert was actually sad that he hadn't heard the beginning of the story, but what he had understood so far was, that Jaskier was talking about a sort of dress code during a court he had attended.

    “Now mind you, Valdo Marx was still in the believe that he was invited to Lady Cassandra's orgy later that evening, so he wore a special kind of doublet. One that – quite cleverly – could be taken off by pulling on one single string.” Jaskier paused for a moment, as did his gesturing, while he looked at a few of his students. “That's where his earlier comments start getting important. I'm sure you can all imagine my intentions after this discovery, especially since he had called me out in front of the whole court. But-,” he stopped himself with a small smile and looked at the turned sand clock on his table, “I'm afraid our time is up.”

    A wave of protesting whines and annoyed groans came from his students, making Jaskier laugh. “Professor!” A girl in the front row spoke up. “Did you or did you not pull at the thread?” The man send her a secretive smile and leaned against his wooden lectern. As if being told confidential information, the whole class (including Lambert, although he would deny it) leaned closer to their teacher. A pleased grin spread across Jaskier's face.

    “Now I don't want to scandalize anyone, but lets say it like this: I was absolutely delighted to find out that Valdo Marx, during his oh so important summer at court, had gotten pretty fat around his middle.”

    The room burst out laughing for a good minute, before the students collected their belongings and one after another left the class, saying their goodbyes to Jaskier. Lambert leaned back into the shadows and waited until Jaskier turned his back towards him, before standing up.

    To his utter astonishment, it was Jaskier who spoke first. “Be a darling and help me carry those books back to my office, Lambert.” The witcher let out a quiet 'huh' and started to stack the books in his arms, Jaskier had pointed at. “How did you know it was me?” Jaskier huffed out a laugh, still not having looked at Lambert, and answered honestly, “I didn't. But from what Geralt told me about the lot of you, which is to say quite little information, Eskel and Vesemir would have been polite enough not to visit me in the middle of a lecture.”

    That was surprisingly correct, Lambert realized. Vesemir probably would have waited until the lecture was over

    or come back later in the evening, while Eskel would have been there in the beginning of the class, wanting to listen to it whole. He could have commented on it, but instead Lambert decided to ask the more important question. “Did you really cause that Marx guy to stand in court naked?”

    “Of course I did! He's my arch-nemesis.”

    “Nemesis? You're a bard.”

    At that, Jaskier let out an offended noise and turned around promptly, “Now, listen you-”

    He stopped, his impossible blue eyes going wide and his mouth gaped open. Lambert raised an eyebrow, “Something on my face, bard?” Jaskier blinked a few times, his face blushing from- embarrassment? “Um- No just- Geralt never told me you had freckles.”

    “Why would Geralt-” Oh. Oh! Not embarrassment then. A cocky grin spread across Lambert's face, as he wriggled his eyebrows in suggestion. “Say, bard, you have any plans for tonight?” Jaskier seemingly needed another moment to collect himself, stared at Lambert as long as it took to get his head out of the gutter. The witcher could hear his pulse pick up speed, could see Jaskier's pupils dilate and the blush on his cheekbones darken. A reaction like that, simply because Lambert was there, because he existed in the same room as the bard; Lambert's chest filled with pride.

    “Usually I would tell you to buy me dinner first, but I really can't cope right now,” Jaskier confessed slowly.

    “How cute,” Lambert grinned, “you will make me blush, if you don't stop.”

    Now it was Jaskier's turn to chuckle, “I now for a fact that witcher's don't blush that easily. But then again, I'm known for my talented mouth, am I not?” An open invitation, missing any ridiculous maskings. The bard clearly knew what he wanted and was used to getting it too. Balancing the stack of books easily in one arm, Lambert used his free hand to pull Jaskier down, so their faces were on the same level. “Prove yourself then,” he growled and promptly let go of Jaskier again, taking a step back and tilting his head to the side. “Your office?”

    Needless to say, Lambert was more than happy about his decision to keep Jaskier's other name to himself for a while. During the hottest time of summer he stayed close to Oxenfurt and the Academy, spending his mid-days in the shade of the city, going skinny dipping with Jaskier and his friends and the colder nights he warmed the professor's bed. Spending time with Jaskier was a bliss. The man was not only pretty and smart, he was also loudmouthed bastard, a cheeky shit, an amazing lover and a great listener. Lambert was terrifyingly enthralled by him and the way Jaskier looked at him – with that stupid grin on his lips and those beautiful eyes – made Lambert hope it wasn't one-sided. (It wasn't he would find out later)

    Only days before the summer term ended and Jaskier was to be picked up by Geralt, Lambert moved on. He left with a promise to  meet the bard again soon, a content smile on his face and a slowly fading hickey on his neck. The following winter he told his brothers about the discovery of Jaskier's name and profession, though, he left out any further commentary on what he did during his summer on the path. It would be way more fun this way.

    Geralt, finally having had enough about their endless questions, promised to bring Jaskier with him the following year. Lambert could wait that long.


    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it, although it turned out more sappy than planned, Ana :D

    #the witcher #jaskier x lambert #the witcher fanfiction #artistsfuneral about the witcher #ao3 crosspost#geraskier #implied in the background #jaskier #julian alfred pankratz #lambert#lamskier #is that the ship name? #fluff #no real smut sorry #valdo marx #bullying valdo marx lol
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  • hairofthedogcast
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    The Dogcast - 89 - It's Not Me, It's You (Big Breakups in Gaming, Vol. 1)

    Valentine's Day has come and gone.  Life has returned to its cold, lonely reality.  But hey, we still have beer...and our love is forever!!!  On this week's episode of The Dogcast, we tackle our Valentine's Day hangover by discussing some of the biggest (and messiest) breakups in the history of the video game industry!

    Also on this episode:

    Is EA back in the huddle with a College Football revamp? Hugh Jackman was the original Yoshi? Switch steamrolls past a new milestone! The hottest video game movie takes! Did Warner Bros. just become the Nemesis of innovation? Lego Mario impressions! And. So. Much. More!

    Times: 11:00 - Headline News. 1:03:00 - What We're Playing. 1:21:00 - BIGGEST GAMING BREAKUPS.

    CONTACT INFORMATION: We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us here:

    Twitter: @HOTDogcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hairofthedogcast Email us: hairofthedogcast@gmail.com Instagram us!

    To see how you can support The Dogcast and access a bunch of cool, exclusive perks, visit our Patreon page:  https://www.patreon.com/hairofthedogcast

    We'd appreciate your support!

    Hair of the Dogcast is also a proud part of the Greenlit Podcast Network. Learn more about us and all of Greenlit's shows at https://www.greenlitpodcasts.com.

    Check out this episode!

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  • harmonyandco
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    In their sixth year, after a particularly good win against the Slytherins in a quidditch match the Gryffindor house decides to celebrate but the real party only starts when the younger students have been sent to bed as well as the girls have departed too as Ron Weasley brings out a stash of Firewhiskey that the boy’s twin brothers had smuggled in and sent to him.

    As the boys drink, they decide to play a game of truth or dare and eventually Ron in a drunken stupor asks an older boy who does he think is the hottest girl in the school, someone he’d like to snog and if possible take against a wall if given a chance and the boy immediately names Hermione making Harry’s hackles rise. The guy unaware continues to praise how Hermione is so intelligent and he finds the combination of that mind in that body sexy as hell and how whenever she passes by him smelling like sin itself with that perfume of hers, he gets hard in his pants. If given a chance he’d take her against a wall and then turn her around so that he could smack that tight little arse of hers that he’d love to eat.

    Ron ends up punching the boy and the party ends.

    But it’s Harry who is unnerved because it’s the first time he realised that he would have murdered the boy who dare objectify Hermione like that.

    Things get worse for Harry when he starts dreaming of the very things the boy had mentioned as he had described his lurid fantasies about Hermione. The catch - Harry sees himself doing all that and more to Hermione himself.

    When Slughorn announces a party, Harry ends up attending it with Hermione where they have a good time and as the night ends, Harry finds himself in an empty classroom with Hermione, the two of them a little tipsy as they are passionately kissing. Before the night ends, Hermione has a couple of love bites and Harry sports a few of his own.

    The next day the two friends are awkward around each other but they finally talk, in private, and decide to explore the attraction between themselves.

    Ron learns his two best friends are dating but he doesn’t have any leg to stand on as he’s been snogging Lavender publicly for weeks by that point. So, instead of getting jealous, he gives them his blessings, something that relieves the duo.

    When Harry and Hermione realise that the best way to foil Draco’s plan is to keep him out of the RoR they hole up there every chance they get and things start escalating between the two as they start spending more and more time by themselves and things heat up as from snogging they get to the point of going down on each other, to Harry finally convincing Hermione to try rimming her. It doesn’t take long for them to start having sex and Harry is surprised that Hermione has a book he never knew about when she brings a copy of the illustrated Kamasutra and they get even more horny and experimental.

    Draco Malfoy can never find the RoR and Hogwarts is never attacked by Death Eaters. The Malfoys are killed by Voldemort for being incompetent fools.

    Snape dies as a result of being unable to keep his vow to keep Draco safe.

    Dumbledore has to take Hermione into confidence watching his spy kick the bucket and the furious girl gives Dumbledore a hell of a tongue lashing and then ends up making desperate love to Harry and tells him everything Dumbledore told her.

    Taking their closest friends in confidence, the two restart the DA and start training as many students as rigorously as possible. The trio also get special permission to leave the premises of the school to destroy horcruxes, roping in Bill Weasley with them whenever Dumbledore locates one.

    Almost Voldemort’s horcruxes are destroyed, barring Nagini, who gets killed by Neville Longbottom when Voldemort finally attacks Hogwarts.

    Dumbledore dies protecting the school as he takes a killing curse from Voldemort in his weakened and cursed state and as Voldemort is celebrating his victory over his once teacher, Harry casts sectumsempra on his nemesis killing him instantly. Hermione kills Bellatrix while Seamus Finnigan sets Fenrir on fire.

    The good guys win with minimal damage to the school. The casualties are Dumbledore, Slughorn, Hooch, Molly and Ginny Weasley. As well as a couple of Aurors

    Three years after the war Harry marries Hermione on a spring day as she is expecting their first child, a fact he learns on their wedding night as his wedding gift from his wife, a news that startled him momentarily before he became deliriously happy.

    #submission#harmony prompt#harmony#coco#hbp #not so much a prompt as a story #harry x hermione #Harry Potter#Hermione Granger
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