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  • i-like-everything-itsaproblem
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Unpopular re8 opinion: I found the Heisenberg factory scarier than House Beneviento.

    #getting chased by robo killing machines is way scarier than baby and the dolls #personal opinion#karl heisenberg#donna beneviento#house heisenberg#house beneviento #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil#re8
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  • dimitrescu-supremacy
    25.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Angie: Are you ready to die?

    (Y/n): No?

    Angie: Then I will come back later

    Donna: *disappointed in Angie*

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  • phyrric-victory2427
    25.07.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #Like for part 2? #i dont know why I got so angsty on this one #lady donna beneviento #donna beneviento#angie beneviento #resident evil 8 village #resident evil viii #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #resident evil#house beneviento #donna beneviento headcanons #feel free to ask for more
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  • maniacwatchestheworld
    25.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    So I was just wondering which of the Four Lords is the most ethical. Yes, I know they’re all villains, but this is just the dumb kind of shit that I like to think about! In any case, Dimitrescu and Moreau are right out. They both do experiments on live human subjects in addition to their habits of killing and eating people. And so that just leaves Beneviento and Heisenberg. Now we know that Heisenberg probably kills people and definitely experiments on human corpses, but as far as we can tell, he doesn’t experiment on live subjects which gives him a leg up on Alcina and Salvatore! And while we don’t get anything definitive, it is implied that Donna probably kills people... But after rereading the Gardener’s Diary from the game... How Donna probably kills people is real fucked up.

    The Duke says that while House Beneviento receives a lot of guests, that none of them return, so they’re definitely dying somehow. So what I think she must be doing is... Pretty much exactly what she did with Ethan. She lures her ‘guests’ in with illusions of their loved ones and then either makes them not want to leave, or has them play one of her ‘games’ which just about always result in the visiting party’s death. Either way, it’s a slow and unpleasant death! And honestly, I don’t know which is less ethical!

    I mean, it’s a tough call. Because while Karl does experiments on human subjects, at least they’re already dead. And while he probably kills people, at least he’d probably be quick about. Meanwhile Donna gives people a pretty cruel death, making them see only fanciful illusions of the people they loved before they die, possibly also putting them into some kind of death game. And personally I’d much rather have a quick death than a fearful, long, drawn out one!

    #donna beneviento#karl heisenberg#four lords#four houses #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil viii #alcina dimitrescu#salvatore moreau #resident evil heisenberg #resident evil beneviento #resident evil#re8#re village
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  • prophet-of-booba-lady
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Resident Evil 8 Master list

    Alcina Dimitrescu

    Lady Dimitrescus Summer Head Cannons
    Pt 2
    Reacting to "I Love You"
    Soulmate AU
    Birthday Head Cannon
    Pick Your Poison Story

    Bela Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Cassandra Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Daniela Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Karl Heisenberg

    Birthday Head Cannons
    Pet Head Cannons

    Donna and Angie Benevento

    Pot Dealer AU
    Reacting to "I Love You" (Donna)
    Reacting to "I Love You" (Angie)

    Requests open

    Check out my navigation for the other master lists!

    #head cannons #fandom head cannons #resident evil #resident evil village #res 8#x reader#alcina dimitrescu#mother miranda#karl heisenberg #donna resident evil #donna beneviento#house moreau#house dimitrescu#house heisenberg #bela dimitrescu x reader #dimitrescu daughters#dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu castle#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#masterlist #alcina x reader #alcina x maiden #lady alcina x reader #alcina demitriscu #karl heisenburg x reader #resident evil heisenberg #heisenberg x reader #angie beneviento
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  • ambers-art-stuff
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Karl, my beloved! I hate drawing beards but I think it turned out ok, I'm really happy with how his scars look!

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  • saturatedboy
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Donna Beneviento x Fem!Pirate!Reader

    Part 1- https://saturatedboy.tumblr.com/post/656447840040747008/hai-i-have-another-request-if-its-okay-can

    Words- 3K

    Now reading part 2

    The next day came quicker than she was prepared for. Waking early in the morning, Donna swiftly did her usual routine and needed straight out. She hadn’t wanted to waste a second minute doording about- her mind had been racing since the last day. How the face of the pirate was implanted into her brain, her words repeating like a Sailor's shanty and the smirk- The. Smirk. It was a smile of cheek that caught her. For someone who should be like the books, the pirate named after ‘Silvering’ was far more real than any of those stores would ever be. “Hey hey hey! Wait for meee!” Angie,Donna’s companion in crime, had hollered out as she reached with her wooden arms to grab onto Donna’s moving fabric. “You weren’t going to leave me behind on an adventure now, were you?” She questioned as she had seated herself onto Donna’s shoulder, holding onto her black veil as she shuffled around.

    If her face was unveiled, Angie would’ve seen the bottom lip of the doll marker’s being bitten off as she tried to change her answer. “No, I wasn't. I just thought you might want to stay behind is all,” Her voice came out more strained than anything. She really did want to see the Lady Pirate on her own, to be able to get closer to her.

    “Mhmhmm-” The groan from the doll came out short as the front door of the Beneviento manor shut behind them. The walk to the tree in the middle of the forest was filled with small conversation. Changing from the flowers that were finally blooming to the talk about maybe hosting a family party down near the waterwall-however Donna spoke that she wouldn't be having any of them around since this tree could be used for her mother’s reasons and she may never see the pirate again.

    Angie felt herself falling asleep, the walk around there was a long walk indeed, the sound of leaves rusting to the noises of birds chirping as the sun was finally making its way higher and higher into the dark blue sky littered with small lanterns of gas. The atmosphere around them surrounded in sheer coldness had created a translucent fog amongst the dirt and fallen branches of the leaf floor. With Angie’s gentle humming, anyone who would’ve dared to cross paths with Lady Beneviento would have run the other way not wanting to know where the sound was coming from.

    Up ahead the tree stood, the same orange goop heavily dropping from its branches. How had no other villager come across this yet, Donna had no clue but she was delighted to know that they hadn’t because this meant that she could rather keep this tree private for her and Angie’s use only. “Look Donny, its thereeee!” Angie cheered, jumping on her shoulder with her legs flailing about.

    Donna nodded, staying quiet with her lips locked together and quickened her walking pace to meet up with the tree. The tree stood tall as usual. The orange goop dripping down and becoming enchanting to look at. “It’s...pretty.” Donna muttered, her dry lips breathing out into the cold air. Raising her small hand out, Donna reached out towards the goop but hesitated as she was a slight touch away. Looking between the hand and goop, Angie tilted her head and twitched.  

    “You...gonna touch it?” She questioned, leaning forward to get a look at Donna’s face which she couldn’t see anyway. A silence moment appeared between the both, the wind and birds filling the dense sound with their morning talk.  

    “Maybe-I’m not sure. What should I do?” Donna held her arm in place, unmoving herself away from it all.  

    “Touch it, touch it for an adventure!” The excitement of Angie had slightly knocked Donna off balanced and made her step forward to catch herself, however by then the goo came in contact with her finger and instantly made her feel light headed. The slightly banging came back and swirled in her mind, the forest around both Angie and Donna had fell into a whirlpool of moving images. Heavy breaths came from Donna as she set herself down on her knees and curled up gain, finding this position was quite comfortable after her last visit to see the pirate. Closing her eye, Donna felt the movement of air change as well as the forest smell now forever gone. With her eye shut, she could only identify where she would be with sound. The chirping birds became into squawks, the leaves rustling became the sound of waves crashing over one another, the sound of the wind whispering had become one with the water. Underneath her, Donna could feel the change in texture through her dress. The ground was no longer he usual soft dirt after a rainstorm, rather this time it was more breakable, soft under the touch.  

    “This happened more...quickly.” She quoted, waiting for her headache to move on so she could open her eyes. On top of her laid Angie, watching everting around them disappear to change into a completely new scenery. Angie laughed at the new brighter colours surrounding them, the green, yellows, blues and browns coated the area very nicely in warmness. The usual coldness of the forest was far gone, stranding both of them into a desert island with the odd red crab running along back into the waters.

    “Oh, this is so cool! Donna! Donna looks! C’mon sleepy head look!” Excitement from the other had gave Donna determination to open her eye, sitting up after to look about. This was no boat. This was not where she was last time, this was a new territory. Clinging Angie close to her chest, Donna rose to her feet being brave to face whatever shall come towards her. Out in front of them was the sea, softly waves came in and out as they rolled amongst each other. “Look over here!” The attention was soon brought to where Angie was pointing. To the far left out to see was a figure slowly coming closer. The more Donna stood and looked, the more she could see what it was. The speck soon became a dot that came a shape. The noise had been lifted with shouts and cries from the shape. It soon all became a boat, filled with pirates.

    Donna watched as the boat came closer and closer, the faint shouts soon becoming audible to the human ear. “Captain! Tis the strangers!” Voices repeated over each other as faces of all colours and shapes looked around the boat as their eyes landed on Donna and Angie. Angie squealed as she saw the boat take stop on the side of the beach island, seeing the anchor get thrown down made her look at it in awe.  

    “I bet I can lift that!” Her voice had reached higher pitches than ever, her excitement grew as she jumped off Donna’s shoulder and flew over to the black anchor on the beach land. The Lady of the Manor stayed in place, keeping a watchful eye on her companion knowing her emotions can get her into more trouble than ever. However what Donna hadn’t realised was another watchful pair of eyes looking down at her from the boat, the usual smirk being wider than ever.

    With Angie caught up in looking at the anchor, and the pirate crew watching the strange doll scare them by disappearing and reappearing, this was a perfect moment for the two unknowingly attracted entities to meet again. With the sun still high in the sky, their time together would be longer then their last. With a command to her pirate crew, the captain of the ship slipped through the back onto the bottom deck and out threw a cannon window. The fall was deep, but with a date to get someone flustered the captain completely ignore that and risked the jump. Feeling her cloak lift behind her and the air rushing around her exposed skin, the lady of the ship felt at peace after the day’s events of stealing and capturing others.

    Once her boots had touched the ground, she took off with a walk of pride towards the unique guests of some sorts. “If it isn’t the pretty lady,” She spoke, her teeth shining in the light of the sun in the East. Although her voice was slightly unheard to the lady of the manor, she still turned her head after seeing her figure approaching from the ship. With hands placed behind her, Donna walked at her own slow pace towards the other staying mute. “’ey, not talking are we today.” With a shrug in return, the captain breathed out a breath and nodded. “I get that, sometimes you ain’t wanna talk but sometimes ya do. No need to rush in hearing your voice, I’ve had it playing like a melody in my head since yesterday.” The words that were unfamiliar to Donna had brought the same light blush it did as the day before. Her head was no longing spinning yet a feeling deep in her stomach had turned into a mass of butterflies fluttering about making her furrow her brows and her lips become slightly parted with hearing each word from the captain.

    “(Y/n), right?” The captain looked pleased, hearing the ‘pretty lady’ speak.

    “And there it is! The voice sweeter than any mermaid in the sea. And why yes,” Bowing, (Y/n) took her hat off and placed it where her heart would be, looking up to see the veiled woman staring at her. With a toothy grin, she lifted herself back up and placed her hat back on. “-my name is indeed (Y/n) fair lass.” Being light on her feet, the pirate had snatched Donna by the waist and dipped her down with her face hovering over the veil- but the quick movements of being thrown back had forced the veil to drop of Donna’s face revealing all that’s under. Finding the sudden situation awkward, Donna looked everywhere other than the Pirates eye, but (Y/n) wasn’t having that. Using her fingers, she gripped onto Donna’s chin and made her face her to be met with (Y/n) smile-no smirk a smile. “Pretty Lady, no need to hide your battle scars. We are all pirates here facing great big problems bigger than the sea, don’t let waves take away what’s precious to you.” Donna slightly teared up; she could feel the light touch of fingers running over her Cadou scar. “You’ve sailed through great storms it seems, but rest now, the storm is at peace.”  

    The safety of the embrace she was brought into had Donna sniffling back held emotions. How could he easily fall apart in the arms of a fictional figure- but the safety was all she needed. With her head buried into (Y/n) chest, the other hand an arm wrapped around her waist and the other was running light circles onto her neck calming her down. Being a pirate raised by her mother, she was taught to give to those who needed the most, and to never look down on someone who came out on top. Respect the place you place yourself in and live in the moment where you are- those were the rules set by her mother. Inhaling deeply, the soft scent of flowers filled (Y/n)’s nose as she swayed side to side with Donna in her arms. “To say you’re a pirate...you’re oddly pleasant to be with.”

    With a fake gasp and heart on the forehead, (Y/n) chuckled and pulled away from Donna. “Me- oddly pleasant. Now I think I’m going soft.” the laugh from (Y/n) had sounded wonderful to Donna’s ears. The deep chuckle that came from the female had her in a safe space of mind away from the family problems at her home. “But anyway, want to ‘ear a story?”  

    Time had flown by as the two talked and listened, sun setting closer to the sea line as their hands touched and cradled in one another. Their talks had led deeper than the sea itself, talking from family to aspirations in life. A few of the crew members including Slasher the mutt had joined in to listen as the waves swayed back and forward. With a few rum beers later, the crew had decided to go explore the island leaving the two strangers and their captain alone to sit together on a stray log they pushed out from the island behind. Taking a swing at her beer, the captain placed her mug down and took her white hat off- only to place it on Donna’s head. “Looks a lot better on ya then it will on me m’lady.” (Y/n) spoke, smiling as she watched Donna readjust it on her head liking the feeling of having the hat.

    “It's a beautifully made hat,” Donna said after, cradling Angie in her arms as the doll was asleep after tiring herself out scaring the crew and trying to lift the anchor. More laughs came from the captain, her pulling her hair strands from her face.

    “Thank ye, this was my mothers. I just hope to complete my main goal she never did, to find the perfect woman to spend life with." Although the pirate had been joyous and kind to her since she first came, Donna couldn't shake the feeling of the sorrow that had drowsed the poor soul’s voice when the talk about her mother was brought up. Cradling Angie with one hand, Donna uses the other to place on the pirate's knee and leaned forward.

    “I’m sure she would be proud of you with or without a completed mission.” The words that came from her made (Y/n) smile and look away, the slight nodding of her head showing she appreciated the words. The silence erupted the air again, however their presence to one another was more comfortable than the clouds hat clouded over the sky as night rolled in. Watching the sea, Donna had failed to see the captain turn to her and stare at her with awe in her eyes. Such a pretty lady- always a pretty lady no matter what she looked like. Fidgeting with her fingers, the pirate coughed into her hand and gently tapped on Donna’s shoulder beside her. Turning around, Donna smiled at the sight. Their (Y/n) had her hand out, a silver ring with an orange gem in the centre was in her hand out on show to Donna.

    “I want ya to have it- to remember me when you disappear again. Although we may not always cross paths, I hope to have ya in my future with my crew. We get people from everywhere in different places, they come and go.” Taking a breath in and out, the pirate slowed her talking down and took Donna’s free hand into her own placing the ring onto her right-hand ring finger. “And if you must come and go like them fairy tales, I’d be glad to have you remember me if you do not return back.” The sun that was close to setting had made the orange gem glow dimly in its light, the orange reminding Donna of the goop back at the tree in her own place. Could the ring be connected to it?

    “I’d have it on every day in hopes to meet you again,” Donna smiled sweetly, the company of the Pirate had become one she was rather enjoying more of. She knew she would be going6 soon, the sun setting was a ticking timer and her minutes with the other was disappearing quickly. “Let us meet again and go on an adventure.”

    (Y/n) watched as Donna’s eyes grew tired, the white shine in them was going greyer by the second. With a sad smile, she nodded, feeling Donna that had little strength now, place the hat she was wearing back onto her head with a weak smile. Donna fell against her chest one last time, sniffing into her scent smelling the smell of salt and weirdly enough grapes. “You smell like grapes,” She whispered, feeling (Y/n) coil her arms around her tighter, pulling her closer to her body.

    “I loves grapes as much as I love you- your company I mean!” The quick save from the other was not taken lightly the Donna. With a shake of her head, she leaned up and kissed her lips feeling instantly the feel of a hand being pressed against the back of her head onto (Y/n) lips, having them much closer with the pressure. As their moment would be forever remembered by the lingering touch, Donna had slowly left the space next to the pirate as she soon realised, she was kissing just the air. No sign of another ever being next to her. Smiling and wishing to see the other again, she stood up and stride away back to her boat, ready to set out on an adventure in hopes the pretty lady would show up again soon.

    “Donna are you listening?” Mother Miranda had asked the doll maker.

    “She is mother Miranda!” Angie replied for the other, keeping herself upright on her partners knees as she held onto them. Behind Angie, Donna’s hands were placed. She was far too into her own world to be listening to her ‘mother’ right now. Ever since she came back from her adventure with the other, she couldn’t stop messing with the silver ring around her finger. You see, when she first came back from her adventure after the kiss, her ring had glowed up brightly, the gem seemingly to respond with the tree. The tree has not gone anywhere, the tree still stands tall in her territory and Donna was willing to do everything in her power to keep anyone from finding out about it. Her pirate story was one she was not willing to share. after all, if any ones-

    It’s all just a fairy tale.  

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    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #not a scenario #discussion time#vc anon #in other news my siblings apparently like resident evil 8 #so i just wander around castle Dimitrescu and break shit #they think it's hilarious #i don't show them house beneviento for obvious reasons #they also don't shut up about Heisenberg whenever he's on screen #to be fair same tho #mod omen
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  • karlheisenbergswife
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Someone: the four lords were meant to have that ending, I mean they're viLLaiNs and blah blah blah

    Me: No💜

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  • ana707
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    what the FUCK was that fetus

    #re8#donna beneviento #i hated this #i was having a good time #right up until that thing showed up #nothing is more stressful than a deformed fetus chasing you around a house in the dark
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  • jezebel-benievento999
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    A Doll-Maker’s Story: Part III

    A few months had already passed and you on the final stage of pregnancy. Donna strokes you belly. You smiled at her and kissed her cheek. Donna giggled and kisses your head. “I already found a name for our daughter.” You said. 

    “... What is it...?” Donna asked. You smiled. “Annabelle... Annabelle Beneviento...” You said.  “Such a beautiful name...” Donna said, grabbing your hands. You rested you head on Donna’s chest. Then the doors broke down.

    It was Chris Redfield and his team, coming in. He grabs Donna pins her to the ground. “Stay the fuck down!” he demanded. Then, your water broke out. You are in labor. You tried to fled the scene but a man grabs your arm. “Where do you thing you’re fucking going?!” He asked. You looked at him. Fear has swooped around you and your wife. “I’m in labor!!” You screamed. Chris loos at you. “Take her to the van!” He ordered. 

    The man escorts you out, but Chris holds Donna down. Until he takes out a needle, but you’re already outside, and the doors just closed. You hear your wife’s screams of agony. “You bastard! Let her go!” You screamed. The man takes you in the back of the van and places you on a mattress. You screamed as you push. Then at one final push, the baby is out. The man grabs the baby to clean and wrapped in a blanket. 

    “Give me my daughter!” You demanded. The man obeyed. You held your daughter in your arms. Annabelle Beneviento. A couple of minutes, you see Chris coming out holding Donna who is drugged. She’s in a deep sleep.

    Chris places Donna on the seat while man gets in the front with Chris. The other guy closes the door and locks it. The van takes off. You quietly shook Donna, trying to wake her up. “Donna!” You called. Chris bangs on the wall. “Shut the fuck up!” He yelled. Annabelle started to cry. “Sshhhh...” You said. “It’s okay...”

    Then Donna wakes up. She saw you holding Annabelle. “... W-where are we...?” She asked. You started to sob. Donna came close to you and kisses your head. “...well make it through.” She said, as she kisses her daughter’s head.

    #donna beneviento #donna beneviento x female reader #donna beneviento x maiden #re8 donna#house beneviento#lady beneviento#lord beneviento #the doll maker #resident evil village #resident evil village donna #angie beneviento#re8 beneviento#chris redfield #re8 chris redfield
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    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago
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    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    HOLY COW!!! Wow I‘ve got no words except to say I’m super grateful. 💙💙💙

    I never expected this much support within the first 24 hours. We’re already nearly at the halfway mark to our first goal. So thank you so much for sharing this around to your fellow gamers, guys. You rock. 👍🏻 There’s still a few more pins I’d love to see make their goals, so keep that train a’movin!

    Kickstarter 🎮 Instagram

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    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago
    #asks#my asks#anon asks #donna beneviento x reader #donna beneviento#angie beneviento #angie the doll #my fics#phyto's guide #the phytologist’s guide to falling in love #king owl house
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  • verypurplepenguins
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    I started playing Baldur's Gate 3 again and now I'm torn between playing that and Resident Evil Village send help

    #personal #i missed my lil shit drow rogue and astarion causing problems #but i still wanna play re8 #however i'm back at the beneviento house with the damn baby so :(((
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  • castle-dimitrescu
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago


    Anyway this is Centaur!Donna cus why not lol. The breed of horse I chose for her is the gypsy horse because of their elegance and grace. I might draw more of the lords in this au if yall like this :)

    #ooc#my art #resident evil 8 village #resident evil#re8 village #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resi 8 #resident evil fanart #donna beneviento#house beneviento#aus
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  • saquinnn
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    lady d: can i be frank with you guys?

    heisenberg: sure, but i dont see how changing your name is gonna help.

    moreau: can i still be moreau?

    donna: shhh, let frank speak.

    miranda: ...

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