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  • 16syd
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Day 19: OC....Thats literally all I draw. So rather than making a new OC or re drawing an OC I figured ill make this day 11 part 2 of self imsert. Part 1/Day 11 is saying Eliza (I never use real name for self insert OC's) is a res 8 self insert 👉🏾👈🏾 and today/Part 2 is just Info dump 😅 I'm hoping to draw her one more time for Blacktober (🙏🏾) and splitting her into 3 (or 2) slots is better than all at once


    I also promised myself that once bt is over to draw her more 😌😌

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  • lulubelluleart
    19.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    *realize I never posted it here*

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  • qaz-xec-fouj
    19.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Daniela, raising her sickle up: Why can't I use this?

    Heisenberg, panicking on his chair with shaving cream all over his face: BECAUSE WE HAVE A RAZOR OVER HERE!

    Daniela, is sad and pouty: But Mother said the sickle is better!


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  • animefans-stuff
    19.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I'm tempted to write a Heisenberg x reader story.

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  • qaz-xec-fouj
    19.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I made another not-so-original RE8 meme using yet again a Squid Game template.

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  • 16syd
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ik it’s cool to think that Karl got his scars from his powers or Miranda as well as his hat/glasses/clothes from bodies he’s turned into Soldats, but sometimes I think his scars all came from the effect of not having ppe. His glasses/hat/clothes came because he didn’t/can’t have proper ppe (or doesn’t even know what it is) so he used the next best thing which is what he wears now

    #I see a lot of these vids #resident evil village #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#house heisenberg#daddy heisenberg
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  • lelianasbitch
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #maybe its ethan #maybe its her daughters' chaotic asses again #maybe its heisenberg's hobo fashion #alcina dimitriscu x reader #alcina x maiden #alcina x reader #lady dimitrescu#house dimitrescu#my asks#alcina dimitrescu
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  • qaz-xec-fouj
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Photo not mine! I got this from Facebook!

    Honestly, the first time I saw Bela Dimitrescu, I thought Amanda Seyfried was the face model and surely I was not the only one although others said Bela resembled Elizabeth Olsen as well.

    I honestly want Jason Momoa as Karl Heisenberg just because--

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  • iaintgonnabeg
    17.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Tag Dump

    #Shut your fucking hole!; OOC #And now let the games begin!; meme #The Metal Man; Karl Heisenberg #The Merchant; The Duke #The Sailor; Salvatore Moreau #The Dollmaker; Donna Beneviento #The Bat-Breaker; Bane #The Clown; The Joker #The Puppet; Marionette #The Mother; Penny Fleck #The Scientist; Otto Octavius #The Pirate: Hector Barbossa #The Sea; Davy Jones #The Fighter; Merle Dixon #The Doctor; Gregory House #The Eccentric; Grandmaster #The Ravager; Yondu Udonta #The Lieutenant; Hank Anderson #The God-Slayer; Kratos #The Professor; Minerva McGonagall #The Prince; Severus Snape #The Man-Eater; Fenrir Greyback #Mother Miranda is gonna love you!; drabble #Truth hurts doesn't it?; musings #You don't want to find out what's in that hole; headcanon
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  • 16syd
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Something I need to get out of my head 🇨🇭

    Every time I write anything about freedom Karl and his S/O and/or family I always like to think they live in Switzerland.

    I think after Miranda, and Karl could be set free, I think he would enjoy living in Switzerland. I can’t see him leaving Europe because he’s way too custom to living a village lifestyle and living away from everyone. I think, living in a city would have him worried that he’s gonna use his powers and be called a freak. Cities are just panic attacks for him. He needs to live in a place where if he uses his powers, he won’t cause a blackout and turn into a monster and have the BSAA try and put him down. The US is just a cluster fuck for him and the government trying to control him. Plus he would hate how close the homes are and how annoying neighbors can be. Most people didn’t have the corsage to visit lord Heisenberg but now that he’s Mr. Heisenberg people either want to get to know him, are scared of his facial scars and smoking habit, or want to fuck him regardless of him having a S/O.

    He would want to live somewhere that's almost similar to living off the grid but not entirely, and it's quiet and relaxing. I also think because he would be fearful of Miranda making a return, he would want to live near Romania. To keep a close eye on the area. If his night terrors and panic attacks of her coming back come true, he wants to be on her ass like white on rice. (AU of course) He hates that Chris just blew up the place and never went back to be 100% sure she’s dead. That’s something that's in the back of his mind daily. Chris should have checked for anybody's temperature or moving plants. Instead, he flew back to the US and never looked back.

    In Switzerland, I think the best place would be near the Alps. It was one of the first places outside the US that he visited that left in my awe what he was missing out on. This beauty was right outside his factory and she kept that from him. When he realizes that he wants to stay there, he would make a house for him and his S/O. While he’s still getting permission to build a house they ya’ll live in hotels to get to know the country. His favorite thing is the train. His inner child loves it! He thinks it’s the coldest thing ever and starts to calculate the speed at which is going. You have to tell him to lower his voice because people begin to stare. Of course, he loves it even more. He’d get the freedom he always wanted while looking at the alps, and knowing he doesn’t have to work on his metal army. Instead, he becomes the village's metal shop repairman. It’s a good opportunity for him to work on being around people and not use his powers and to remember when he gets angry to take a deep breath and not lose control.

    Living in Switzerland he also gets to learn about his German culture since it's right next door to swiss. Yet I also think living directly in Germany would be too emotional for him. He was supposed to grow up there. He was supposed to have family and friends here. He should have grown up with a heavy German accent. Instead, he was kidnapped, and forced to grow into a family that didn’t care about him. I would think he would go there for festivals or relocating the whereabouts of his real mother and family.

    I also like to think if there are people who hate him because of his German descent, It would teach him a new meaning of hate. That would probably put him in a confused and angry slump that resulted in him using his powers or retreating to his new home to calm himself down. He’d either confide in his S/O emotionally or sexually. We know how angry sex would be like but I think if just a quick vent it would be kinda like….

    “I’m used to folks hatin on me because of somethin to do with Mirander…”

    “I’m used to that… super-sized bitch hatin on me cause her ego is in ‘er ass..”

    “But This?”

    “…this is a new low…”

    “I hate it..”

    “They should have the balls to hate on me for a reason not because of where they, THINK, I come from!” “They don’t know nothin about me…”

    “NOBODY, except for you, Ethan, Mia, and everyone else from that damn village don’t know SHIT ABOUT ME!” ✋🏻💥⚙️

    #resident evil village #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#daddy heisenberg #wrote this at 3am but I don’t want to add anything else #house heisenberg
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  • imamericasass
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    beginning my bela cosplay ;)

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  • 16syd
    16.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I always liked to think that younger Karl could have looked like Jason Mamoa if it weren’t for Miranda but now Jason Momoa is looking like a younger Karl 😍

    Karl is in his 80’s at some point he had to have had longer hair and a thicker/longer beard with no gray🥺

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  • queensoybean0724
    15.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Succession Chapter 21 (Karl Heisenberg/female reader) Resident Evil Village fanfic

    Title: Succession Chapter 21

    Characters: Karl Heisenberg, female reader

    Rating: NC-17 for sex and language (P in V, unprotected sex *wrap it up, kids*, and creampie)

    Summary: you discover a long lost relative has died and made you his sole beneficiary.  While flying to collect your inheritance, you crash in a village in Romania.

    Author’s Note: I do not own the characters from Resident Evil Village.  This is a work of fiction.  Anything remotely similar to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Chapter Five

    Chapter Six

    Chapter Seven

    Chapter Eight

    Chapter Nine

    Chapter Ten

    Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Thirteen

    Chapter Fourteen

    Chapter Fifteen

    Chapter Sixteen

    Chapter Seventeen

    Chapter Eighteen

    Chapter Nineteen

    Chapter Twenty

    Chapter 21

    Once you locked the sliding doors and sounded the alarm, you rushed to Heisenberg’s living quarters to begin with the surprise.  You placed the poultry and meat into the refrigerator and put the bottle of Asbach Uralt on the table.  Two brandy snifters were on the upper shelf of the cabinet.  You grabbed those and placed them on either side of the bottle of liquor.  You removed  the toiletries and other things you had in the sack and put them with the rest of your belongings.  The remainder of supplies Heisenberg had on his list stayed in the sack and sat on the floor beside the table.  Heisenberg would know where he wanted them.

    Rifling through your suitcases, you found the black dress you had packed for your trip to Moldova, the one you had planned to wear when signing the inheritance documents.  A momentary pang of disappointment rose in your heart.  The money you were poised to receive would have been much needed.  What would happen to the money if you didn’t claim it?  Mr. Dathermi said you were the sole heir.  The Moldovan government would surely swoop in and take it.  Perhaps you could talk with Heisenberg and the two of you could make the trip once he vanquished Mother Miranda.

    You laid the dress on the bed, smoothing it out to remove the wrinkles.  You retrieved the black two-inch heels that you packed to go along with the dress.  Any other pair higher than two inches would’ve caused you to break your neck.  Heels weren’t your friend.

    Grabbing two clean towels, you opened the shower door and ran the water until it came out hot.  You washed your hair, shaved, and washed with a floral scented body wash.  Hopefully after Heisenberg filled up on his favorite meal and favorite brandy, he would want to throw you on the bed and fuck your brains out.  Knowing that man and his insatiable sexual appetite, you were betting he would.

    After stepping out of the shower, you picked up the piece of paper the Duke gave you with the ingredients and directions for Tochitura de Pui.  You read over everything as you dried off, remembering certain notes and tips the Duke said about the meal.  Your stomach did nervous flip flops.  You hoped that you would be able to make Heisenberg’s favorite dinner correctly.  It would be mortifying if it didn’t turn out well.

    You pulled on your panties, dress, and shoes.  The dress was tight so a bra was not needed.  After styling your hair, applying your makeup, and putting on a few pieces of jewelry, you checked the time.  The clock read 4pm.  You didn’t know when Heisenberg would return, but the preparation would take a few hours.  

    Jumping to your feet, you collected the pots and pans.  The Duke also gave you a small bag of rice and some asparagus to pair with the meat.  You placed both sides into small pots on the back burners of the stove.  While they slowly simmered, you cooked the chicken and meat in two pans.  You measured the rest of the ingredients and followed the directions of the recipe down to the letter.  Everything looked and smelled fantastic.  You could see why this was Heisenberg’s favorite meal.

    A few hours later, Heisenberg lifted up the elevator door and marched across the steel walkway.  Once he opened the heavy metal door, the enticing aroma hit him.  His stomach began growling almost immediately.  Tochitura de Pui...a meal he hadn’t cooked for himself in several years.

    His footsteps increased in speed as he turned the corner and began marching towards his room.  You heard him and an excited surge of nerves churned in your body.  Rushing to the table, you opened the bottle of brandy and poured the alcohol into the glasses.  He walked through the doorway as you turned with the snifters in your hands.

    “Surprise!” you smiled.  

    Heisenberg could not believe his eyes.  His favorite meal was marinating on the stove and the woman he loved was standing before him with two glasses of brandy and looking like a goddamn knockout.  He smiled as he removed his hat, sunglasses, and necklaces.  He placed them on the counter, slowly walking towards you.

    “What is all of this, pussycat?” he asked as he took his favorite drink from your hand.

    “I wanted to do something special for you,” you answered, “I asked the Duke what your favorite meal was and he gave me the recipe for Tochitura de Pui as well as a bottle of Asbach Uralt…”

    He sipped from the glass and slowly closed his eyes, humming as the familiar liquor warmed his throat.  You lifted your glass to your lips and took a small sip.  The alcohol was strong, stronger than anything you’ve ever had.  You squeezed your eyes shut and shook your head.  You exhaled with a loud whoosh and Heisenberg laughed heartily.

    “Fuck, that is strong as hell!” you exclaimed, putting the glass down on the table, “now, please, Karl, have a seat and I’ll bring you a plate!”

    Heisenberg removed his trench coat and sat down, looking at the table.  The bottle of Asbach Uralt was placed between two sets of utensils and napkins.  A smile spread along his face as he turned to you, pulling his gloves from his hands.  

    He gave the back of you a thorough once over.  Your black dress fit you like a glove and hugged every curve.  His tongue slid across his lips as images of you spread across the table flew through his mind. You turned and walked to the table, placing his dinner before him.  

    “Thank you, doll face,” he said.

    “You’re very welcome,” you smiled as you went back to get your plate, but not before Heisenberg gave your ass a swift spank.  You yelped and giggled.

    The two of you sat at the table and began eating.  The recipe looked delicious on paper, but smelling and tasting it was like heaven.  “I have not eaten this in years and it tastes even better than I remember,” Heisenberg marveled.  You couldn’t help the giddy elation in your stomach as he devoured his meal before going back for seconds.

    And you had to admit that the food was wonderful.  You still drank the brandy, but you switched to a glass of water once your snifter was empty.  It was very strong and you could already feel your head spinning.  But this was all for Heisenberg and you wanted to make sure he had his fill of food and alcohol.

    As you talked about how the Duke helped you figure out the best way to surprise him, Heisenberg simply listened and looked you over.  Not since his own flesh and blood had anyone ever done anything nice for him, other than the Duke and occasionally Moreau.  And the fact that you dressed up and made his favorite dinner in order to surprise him...it made him fall deeper in love with you.  You were selfless, giving, and caring.  It baffled him how someone that started off as his captor and hated him with a passion would grow to love him and want to surprise him.  

    “Thank you so much, Y/N,” Heisenberg said, taking your hand and bringing it to his lips, “the food was amazing…”

    You blushed as he turned your hand and pressed a kiss to your open palm, your stomach fluttering.  “You’re welcome, Karl.  I wanted to do something special for you.  You’re always cooking for me…”  You placed both sets of utensils on the dirty dishes and took them to the sink.  Every bit of food had been polished off so you put the pots and pans in the sink as well, filling them with water.

    Heisenberg stood from the chair and made his way over, coming to a stop behind you.  The sound of his footsteps and his looming presence behind you made your heart flutter.  He brought his hands to your hips and pressed his groin against your ass.

    You moaned softly, your eyes closing.  He lowered his lips to the side of your neck, laying a deep kiss to your skin.  “Don’t worry about the dishes,” he murmured, “I’ll do them later...right now I want you...I want you so fucking badly…”

    “Karl…” you moaned.  You rested your head back on his shoulder as his hand moved up the front of your body, taking hold of the front of your neck.  He kissed along your shoulder before moving his mouth to your ear, his tongue licking along your earlobe.  Another whimper escaped your lips as you felt wetness pooling between your legs.  You pushed your ass against the erection in his pants.

    “I want to devour you,” he growled in your ear.  Releasing your neck, he pulled up your dress and pressed his hand against your panties over your pussy.  You moaned and squeezed your eyes shut as his other hand reached under the neckline of your dress and groped your breast.  His fingers pinched your nipple as he ground his hips against you, trapping you between his body and his massaging hand on your cunt.

    “Karl...I want you to fuck me...oh my god...uh...uh fuck, Karl…” you pleaded.  His hot breath tickled your ear as he chuckled.  You wriggled and arched against him, pressing your palms to the countertop.

    “This pretty pussy of yours is going to kill me, doll face,” he whispered, “you’re soaking your panties already...I need you to drench my cock…”

    Unable to stop himself, he released your breast, pushed his other hand up your dress, and pulled your panties down your legs.  You stepped out of them without being told.  Heisenberg pulled your dress up your body and over your head.  “Stay right there,” he growled, pulling his buttoned up shirt and undershirt from his body.  He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

    You let out a surprised gasp feeling him lift one of your legs and placing your knee on the edge of the counter.  “Keep your leg right here...I want to get deep inside of you…” he demanded, pulling his cock from his pants.  Your chest rose and fell as you looked back at him over your shoulder, waiting impatiently.  

    Heisenberg let the tip of his cock slide back and forth through your pussy lips.  You whimpered and pushed back against him, to which he chuckled.  “Are you desperate for my cock, pussycat?” he asked teasingly.  All you could do was nod your head and bite your lower lip.  “Tell me,” he said, “tell me how much you want me.  I want to hear that beautiful voice beg for my cock…”

    “Karl, please,” you moaned, pushing against him.  You were spread wide and Heisenberg was the only one able to control how much or how little of his cock you received.  He gripped the base of his length, moving gently, waiting for you to beg.  “Please...I want you to fuck me...right here...against the kitchen counter...I need you, I fucking need you!!”

    “That’s more like it,” he moaned as he pushed deep inside of your cunt.  The both of you moaned loudly.  One of his arms looped around your waist, holding you close to his body, as the other hand went back to the front of your neck.  His lips were at your ear as he started his punishing thrusts.  “Moan for me, Y/N...I want to hear you...you sound so fucking sexy when you scream for me…”

    His hips hammered against your ass.  You felt him rubbing back and forth across your G-spot and every sensation made you shiver.  He knew every sweet spot in your body...where to kiss, where to lick, where to suck...and it felt beyond amazing.

    “Fuck me, Karl...just like that...oh fuck yes...just like that!!!” you moaned, tossing your head back.  His fingers gripped your neck as he panted in your ear.

    “You’re mine, pussycat,” he growled, “all mine...I’m never letting you go...oh fuck, your cunt is so fucking tight!”

    His hand moved from your waist to your pussy, his fingers rubbing your clit in time to his thrusts.  You began to scream.  The double punch of his cock stretching you out and his fingers rubbing your sensitive clit were about to drive you insane.  You were going to cum soon...so close...almost there...more...more…

    “I love you, Y/N…” Heisenberg moaned, “...so much...cum for me...cum for me like a good girl…”

    “I love you, too,” you whimpered, “...I’m almost there...Karl...almost there...oh fuck!”

    His teeth sunk into the flesh of your neck as he felt your pussy grip his cock tightly.  His moans and grunts were stifled as he heard you scream.  Your body trembled and your hand went over his on your clit.  Your hips bucked wildly, humping his hand and riding his dick.  Your orgasm broke the surface and your moans were strangled as you trembled uncontrollably.  His teeth released your skin as he came inside of you, his deep moan echoing through the room.

    He slumped against you as both of your bodies quaked from aftershocks.  Drops of sweat slid down your neck.  His arms held you tight as he pressed his forehead to your shoulder.  “You’re gonna kill me one of these days…” he whispered.  You chuckled softly.

    You lowered your leg from the countertop as Heisenberg pulled out of your pussy.  Your legs felt numb and you had to hold yourself up as you kicked your heels off your feet.  Heisenberg could see that you were weak.  Without a word, he swept you off your feet and took you to the bed, laying you down amongst the soft covers.

    You pulled the sheets and blankets down as Heisenberg removed his boots, socks, and pants.  He slid under the covers with you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.  You laid your head on his chest, inhaling the sweet smell of Tochitura de Pui still in the air.

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  • karlthefreeman
    14.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    #re: village#karl heisenberg#heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil#heisenberg factory#re8#lord heisenberg #lord karl heisenberg #house heisenberg #resident evil 8 #resident evil spoiler #resident evil mod #resident evil village heisenberg #re8 heisenberg #re 8 spoilers #re 8 theory #re 8 village #re 8 heisenberg #re 8#metal man #Re 8 village #family meeting#heisenberg imagine#Rev#Image#videogiochi#video games
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  • cherrislashers
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I slept for 5 hours today 👁👄👁

    So uh send requests? I uh.. probably won’t be sleeping

    #cherri rambles #DONT ASK IDK HOW IT HAPPEND ASDFGHJK #vincent sinclair #house of wax #bo sinclair#brahms heelshire#lester sinclair #karl heisenberg x reader #slashers
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  • piers-wifey
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Heisenberg: *is drowning*

    Alcina: I'd save him. But who am I to play god?

    #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #alcina dimitrescu#karl heisenberg#lady dimitrescu#lady d#heisenberg#house heisenberg#heisenberg factory#castle dimitrescu #resident evil incorrect quotes #incorrect resident evil quotes
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  • piers-wifey
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Bela, Cassandra and Daniela: *playing*

    Karl: What's that horrible sound?

    Alcina: Children.

    Karl: Ugh, gross.

    #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 the village #resident evil village #re8#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#house heisenberg#alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu#lady d#castle dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #resident evil incorrect quotes #incorrect resident evil quotes
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  • 16syd
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I love Karl so much he would be able to turn me into a house wife….& yes that includes Kids😭😭😭…..House wife and motherhood sounds boring and terrible, but for Karl. Oooooh karl

    Y’all, I want to make piles of bacon for him and then rub his stomach because he ate to much and got heart burn while he complains that he has to get the kids to school because he thinks early is on time but on time is late. The kids eat their bacon but they also laugh at their dad going through a food coma because they think that means they won’t have to go to school early🥺

    #watching George Lopez & started thinking of him #resident evil village #karl heisenberg #this got out of hand but I love him so much #yes my black ass chose black gifs Karl knows what he’s gettin #lord heisenberg#house heisenberg#daddy heisenberg
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  • draconic-ichor
    04.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    NSFW dabble
    Warnings: strong language, sexual themes, oral sex, hand jobs, penetrative sex, fingering, cream pie
    Heisenberg x Reader
    This is part two of a previous Touch Starved Karl fic. I wrote this very late last night and did very little editing
    Part 1

    It had been a while since that first steamy encounter. Afterwards he was all bravado and toothy smiles, obviously knowing your attraction to him bolstering his ego to the moon. You were still shy, easy to get embarrassed by his heckling.

    But now if he caught you, it was messy kisses and groping hands.

    You were yet to have actual sex, nervousness coupled with his busy schedule. Heisenberg had taken the time to eat you out on several occasions, even lifting you up on one of his operating tables to do so once. He loved the sounds you made, loved that he was the one making you produce them.

    Your own hands finding his cock and trying to learn what he liked. He enjoyed your back and forth, definitely not complaining about getting off. But his mind was ate up with the need to stuff you, it started impeding his work, even.

    That day you were in his workshop, organizing papers over a desk while he worked. Or while he was supposed to be working. Instead he was starting at your ass, his pants tightening as you bent over the desk to get more papers.

    You didn’t hear him stand, or as he closed the distance between you.

    “Y/n…” his voice was low causing you to jump.

    You dropped the stack of papers, hissing, “Heisenberg don’t do tha-“

    The words were cut short in your throat as he pressed against your back, trapping you between the desk and himself. You suddenly felt his erection press hard against your ass.

    “Heis…” you breathed out as his hands snaked around your body to cup your breasts.

    “I told you to call me Karl.” He growled softly into your ear before nipping at your neck.

    A moan escaped your lips as his teeth found your sweet spot, “Ah-ah, Karl!”

    He hummed into your skin at the sound of his name from your pretty mouth, bathing the mark he left with his tongue.

    Your face felt hot, your core moistening from his attention. He felt how you started to tremble, drifting a hand down your front.

    He pushed you more forward, grinding himself on your ass with a groan.

    “Goddamnit y/n…” Heisenberg started, “You’re such a distraction.”

    “I w-was trying to help.” You mewled.

    “I know.” His voice was almost a purr as he ran his hands down your sides, “You’re always such a good little kitten for me.”

    The praise made your thighs clench, forcing you to swallow the sound that threatened. Heisenberg thought for a moment, pulling you up to be flush against him, one of his large gloved hands engulfing your throat.

    You looked at him over the top of your head, gasping a bit from his hold on you.

    “I need to get this shit done.” His voice was low, “So be a good girl and go wait in my room for me?”

    You tried to nod the best this position would allow, causing a smile to spread across the man’s lips. Your obedience was definitely doing terribly wonderful things to his mind. He released you, stepping back to allow your escape. You took a breath to steady yourself before dashing out of the workshop. He watched you with ever sharp eyes.


    It felt like hours since you were instructed to wait for him. His room was much more cluttered then your own, the bed smelling heavily of smoke and musk. You had removed your pants and bra, only in your shirt and panties now as you lay on your belly across his bed. You buried your face into one of his pillows, his scent driving your already sensitive body wild.

    You cursed him for getting you all worked up earlier, just to send you away.

    The sound of the door startled you, lifting your head to see Heisenberg striding in. He looked hungry and determined as he took large steps towards the bed, with every step he shucked a layer of clothing from his body, pausing to kick away his boots. By the time he was at the bed he was only in his gloves, tank top and boxers.

    You rolled over to watch him. His eyes were almost glowing as he pulled his gloves free, tossing them aside before diving into the bed.

    You made a little sound when he pounced on you, his mouth swallowing them up as he locked you into a heavy kiss. Your hands found his hair as it deepened further.

    You both were a jumble or hands and legs, your mind swimming from the contact. Your core almost ached from the lack of stimulation, your nerves wearing thin.

    “Please just fuck me!” You whimpered out. Your previous fears forgotten, mind too ate up with lust.

    “The mouse is making demands?” Heisenberg chuckled huskily.

    You tried to speak, say something smart, but he nipped at your throat, huffing as he rutted your clothed sexes together. He was like a Lycan, messy and hot. He pulled his mouth away, leaving a string of saliva.

    Your mind was a mess, tangle wires fried by his heavy teasing. He felt you trembling under him, plush thighs tightening around his hips and driving him mad.

    Fuck he wasn’t going to be able to be gentle, not at this rate.

    Every nerve screamed for him to breed you into the mattress. And with you begging under him…

    You gasped as he tore through the rest of your clothes, the cool air not getting a chance to find your skin. He was a wildfire over you, hungry hands finding your dripping core. Two fingers dipped into your honeypot, setting a fast pace.

    Your mewls spurred him, his movements giving some relief to your aching core.

    He licked his lips, cock jumping at the squelching sounds his fingers made in your cunt.

    You met his eyes, his dark and blown out. You panted out, clenching around his fingers as you felt your release coming. Your cry turned into a whine as he pulled free of you, licking his finger clean of your slick.

    “Mmm, fuck!” He smiled roguishly, “You taste so fucking good y/n.”

    You could feel the blush burning your cheeks.

    It caused him to chuckle again as he pulled away enough to strip the rest of his clothing off, “Aw, don’t get all shy on me now buttercup. We’re just getting started!”

    With that he lifted your legs to hook around his hips. You fell into place almost instinctively, the want to come driving the anxiety from your body.

    Heisenberg rolled his hips shallowly, his weeping cock head rubbing your clit. A moan slid past your lips, causing your own hips to buck a bit. He grabbed your thighs, keeping you still as he pushed forward. His cock slid into you, causing your walls to burn as they tried to accommodate.

    It took all his willpower to halt, giving you time to adjust. His hands moved to prop himself over you, breathes ragged as his eyes flicked over you intently.

    Tears threatened your eyes at the intrusion, the thickness of him teetering on pain.

    “Relax.” He whispered, cupping your cheek with one hand. You felt his calloused thumb wipe away a tear. You nuzzled into his touch, taking a deep breath to calm yourself.

    Feeling your walls ease slightly he gave a testing thrust. Hearing you mewl he paused, worriedly.

    “N-no keep going.” You managed.

    He didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled back until just the head was left in your fold before rocking back into the hilt, fucking you completely open.

    The burning sensation gave way to pleasure, the veins of his cock rubbed deliciously against your soaked walls. You panted in-between cries, it spurring him to thrust into you faster.

    He’d been waiting for this, fantasizing how’d you feel around him as he used his fist on himself for weeks.

    Now he had you, begging and crying under him. Fuck it was amazing. Everything he’d hoped for and more. Your cute sounds filling his ears as he stuffed you.

    “Fuck, y/n!” He hissed, moving your legs to his shoulders, “You’re so tight.”

    The new position allowed him to hit deeper, bottoming out with each thrust. Your body shuttered, the tight band in your core snapping.

    You screamed out your release, cunt gushing onto Heisenberg as his name tumble off your tongue.

    He watched you fall apart, keeping up his onslaught. It wouldn’t be long now until he also succumbed to the pleasure, he knew it.

    He bent down, nipping and licking your neck as you trembled and mewled under him. You felt his body rutting against yours, chasing his high, fingers holding you hard enough to bruise.

    The sound of the factory was drowned out by the wet slapping of your hips.

    “You’re mine.” He growled, voice hot against your ear, “You’re all mine, y/n.”

    He licked the shell of your ear, thrusts meeting your hips roughly, each one gaining strength as he neared his end.

    “Say it.” He demanded, not letting up.

    You tried to formulate the words but your mind was garbled. He didn’t take the silence well.

    “Tell me your mine!” He growled savagely, bucking into you now like a beast.

    “I’m y-yours!” You cried out, digging your nails into his back as your walls clenched down on him. Your body was a fever of pleasure, vision whiting out as your second orgasm crashed over you like a tidal wave.

    He was done for, feeling your body tighten around him was too much. He pushed forward, wanting to plant as much as he could fit inside you.

    You whimpered as you felt a rush of liquid heat, his cock painting your swollen walls. He gave a few shallow thrusts, riding out his own orgasm.

    Feeling your core milk him made him shutter, the overwhelming sensation of spilling inside you blanking his mind for a moment.

    Come oozed around his still inserted cock as you both tried to calm your breathing.

    “…Fuck.” He cursed, pulling away enough to catch your lips in a messy kiss. You hummed into the contact, body tingling all over.

    You held onto him, not wanting this feeling to end.

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