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  • maniacwatchestheworld
    25.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    So I was just wondering which of the Four Lords is the most ethical. Yes, I know they’re all villains, but this is just the dumb kind of shit that I like to think about! In any case, Dimitrescu and Moreau are right out. They both do experiments on live human subjects in addition to their habits of killing and eating people. And so that just leaves Beneviento and Heisenberg. Now we know that Heisenberg probably kills people and definitely experiments on human corpses, but as far as we can tell, he doesn’t experiment on live subjects which gives him a leg up on Alcina and Salvatore! And while we don’t get anything definitive, it is implied that Donna probably kills people... But after rereading the Gardener’s Diary from the game... How Donna probably kills people is real fucked up.

    The Duke says that while House Beneviento receives a lot of guests, that none of them return, so they’re definitely dying somehow. So what I think she must be doing is... Pretty much exactly what she did with Ethan. She lures her ‘guests’ in with illusions of their loved ones and then either makes them not want to leave, or has them play one of her ‘games’ which just about always result in the visiting party’s death. Either way, it’s a slow and unpleasant death! And honestly, I don’t know which is less ethical!

    I mean, it’s a tough call. Because while Karl does experiments on human subjects, at least they’re already dead. And while he probably kills people, at least he’d probably be quick about. Meanwhile Donna gives people a pretty cruel death, making them see only fanciful illusions of the people they loved before they die, possibly also putting them into some kind of death game. And personally I’d much rather have a quick death than a fearful, long, drawn out one!

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  • prophet-of-booba-lady
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Resident Evil 8 Master list

    Alcina Dimitrescu

    Lady Dimitrescus Summer Head Cannons
    Pt 2
    Reacting to "I Love You"
    Soulmate AU
    Birthday Head Cannon
    Pick Your Poison Story

    Bela Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Cassandra Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Daniela Dimitrescu

    Nothing here yet

    Karl Heisenberg

    Birthday Head Cannons
    Pet Head Cannons

    Donna and Angie Benevento

    Pot Dealer AU
    Reacting to "I Love You" (Donna)
    Reacting to "I Love You" (Angie)

    Requests open

    Check out my navigation for the other master lists!

    #head cannons #fandom head cannons #resident evil #resident evil village #res 8#x reader#alcina dimitrescu#mother miranda#karl heisenberg #donna resident evil #donna beneviento#house moreau#house dimitrescu#house heisenberg #bela dimitrescu x reader #dimitrescu daughters#dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu castle#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#masterlist #alcina x reader #alcina x maiden #lady alcina x reader #alcina demitriscu #karl heisenburg x reader #resident evil heisenberg #heisenberg x reader #angie beneviento
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  • viraluck
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i see people are still demonizing ethan in the tags huh

    #hmm why is he being an asshole and killing people and being angru #idk man maybe the fact that his daughter was kidnapped and his new silent life #and that he wanted to live a normal life after a literal nightmare he had to go through has something to do with it #people sometimes forget that ethan is just a normal guy gettinf dragged through the mud of bioterrorism #why is he shooting every lorf he encounters? idk maybe because alcina decided to string him up and straight up wants to kill him #maybe because donna put him through the most traumatic haunted house experience of his life? #maybe because moreau trapped him and wanted to eat him while he was in that resevoir? #and why didng he accept his alliance with heisenberg? idk maybe because he has nothing to hold on to #that ensures he and rose are coming out of thag deal alive? #what did heisenberg give him? his sob story? his word that is not grounded on anything? #remember that heisenberg only wants one thing: revenge against miranda for what she did to him #remember there is also a note when karl literally said he would live to experiment on ethan and rose's bodies? #and you people are wondering why ethan is fighting back #i get that most of the villains here are just victims of miranda's opportunistic ass #but can pls not forget they are villains of this game #they are not innocent #and lets not twist the story just to fit what you believe in #anyway
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  • ambers-art-stuff
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Karl, my beloved! I hate drawing beards but I think it turned out ok, I'm really happy with how his scars look!

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  • karlheisenbergswife
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Someone: the four lords were meant to have that ending, I mean they're viLLaiNs and blah blah blah

    Me: No💜

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  • biohczard
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago


    donnas continuity might make no fucking sense but imagine the trauma that girl had to go through (or see in ethans past i guess) to create the hallucination of that fucking baby

    #out. #the dolls still freaked me out more the fetus monster had more pt vibes than anything but like #i remmeber seeng it for the first time and actually gagging lmao #jessie dont look #assuming unhavent gotten to this part of the game yet in ur playthru watchingninstill wanna see ur reaction to it lMAO #its the squish squish sounds that really just do it for me #on todays episode of donna has like four different continuities in one gd game and none of them match #but w/e i love her anyways #i know most ppl are like terrified of the baby i wasnt necessarily terrified as much as ‘oh yeah this is a horror game lol’ and more so #‘das kinda gross lol’ #squish squish mofo #thE NOISES #if you ignore its baby screams and jus tlisten tonthe squishes its like #oh yeah u ur a gross lil fetus monster #squish squish squish #slappin blood everywhere #i know it can eat ethan but assuming its a hallucination like everything else that happens in that house lmao #if it wasnt a hallucination and an actual fetus monster i feel like the sisters would just be really confused lMAO #’aunty donna why. just why.’ #moreau makes wolves heist controls the wolves and makes robo zombos #donna makes dolls and has a fetus monster as a pet lol #everyone claims heisenberg is the only one thatbdoesnt experiment on oeople but /SHOWS OFF DONNA #/THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY DOESNT EXPERIMENT ON PEOPLE #/YONOW THE YOUNGEST LORD WHO LITERALLY SITS THERE AND PLAYS W DOLLS ALL DAY #she moiders ppl but shes not experimenting on them shes just making them relive their worst moments and then angie and the other dolls bite #them and stab them to death or they die of fright or smthn thinking theyre being eaten by a fetus monster lil
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  • thevaultmessiah
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    HOLY COW!!! Wow I‘ve got no words except to say I’m super grateful. 💙💙💙

    I never expected this much support within the first 24 hours. We’re already nearly at the halfway mark to our first goal. So thank you so much for sharing this around to your fellow gamers, guys. You rock. 👍🏻 There’s still a few more pins I’d love to see make their goals, so keep that train a’movin!

    Kickstarter 🎮 Instagram

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  • 16syd
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Alright pro simers I need someone to make Karl’s factory and some sort of Reservoir and a moreau. Thanks

    #sims 4 #resident evil village #karl heisenberg#salvatore moreau #Donna and her house exist but idk where I want to put her #lady d her daughters and the castle live in forgotten hollow
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  • saquinnn
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    lady d: can i be frank with you guys?

    heisenberg: sure, but i dont see how changing your name is gonna help.

    moreau: can i still be moreau?

    donna: shhh, let frank speak.

    miranda: ...

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  • k-oarts
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago



    I really loved this game overall and all it’s crazy characters. What a stellar finale too! Definitely gonna play this one quite a few times.

    Kickstarter 🎮 Instagram

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  • ask-thefourlords-plus-ethan
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    For this post I will make rules for the ask blog

    1: keep it sfw for any minors who want to ask questions as well and not get scarred for life

    2:this is more fanfic wise and some of it will not being alined with the cannon story of the game such as the ship heisenwinters being present in the some what lore story

    3:don’t start any shipping wars

    4:keep in mind I do draw these out and it may take time because I have other things I am doing

    5:I will draw out the lore before Ethan and how the lords acted and where my oc comes in so if you have questions on that they can answer such as “what did Donna do before Ethan?”

    6:Remember this is for shits and giggles and asks I believe will be for lols will be for Lols and may or may not tie into cannon

    7: no hate comments not necessary here

    8:If you want commissions or prices for art prints DM me

    9: Do not hate on the characters

    10: have fun and enjoy the chaos

    Story synopsis before Ethan: Mother Miranda had just left to play as Mia at the Winters house leaving the four lords alone. The lords have become worried of upcoming arrival of rose winters believing she could ruin the relationship the siblings have. As nights grew colder the duke arrived in his carriage holding a young woman in the back. The duke stated a friend of his picked her up with a message saying she must find sanctuary. The lords are baffled with the young woman on the warmth she gives off in the cold village. The duke explained that the woman was a part of seven sisters married to experiments called the cardinal sins and each sister Bare a child for their husbands as a symbol for their partnership. He then said that this is a way to prove that your relationship with each other is stronger than Miranda’s way by working with one another to protect the woman. The lords discussed amongst themselves on what they should do with the woman and agreed that there will be a pass off in order for her to be unnoticed by Miranda. So it goes to the arrival on Ethan winters and his journey through his the village.

    #resident evil donna #resident evil angie #re8 moreau#re8 heisenberg #resident evil 8 #asks open #send me asks #ask me anything #ask blog #ask me questions #resident evil#lady dimitrescu #tall vampire lady #lady alcina#house moreau#daddy heisenberg#heisenwinters#karl hisenberg#ethan winters #ethan x heisenberg #ask me things #send asks
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  • pink-alchemy-simp
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cigar Smoke and Metal-Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Check out the Masterlist for the complete fic!

    Chapter 8 “Something more than friends, eh?” He finally spoke after a long silence.

    “For… forget I said that. I didn’t mean it that way.”

    “Sure you didn’t, sweetheart. I know, I know, I’m a hunk. Ladies just can’t get enough of me.”

    “Yeah, yeah.”

    He expected you to come back with a clever quip, but all you did was go back to cleaning.

    “Miranda did not send me, for the record.” You said after a while.

    “To be fair, it is summin’ that she would do.”

    “Why do you call her mother if she is so awful to you? The stuff you told me is just…” you trailed off. “Not right.”

    “Not like I had a choice.” He paused. “There you go again, gettin’ me to tell you things I won’t tell anyone.”

    “Well, you have the same effect on me…” you mumbled, recalling your earlier comment.

    “Truth is… I’ve never met anyone like ya’, buttercup.”

    “You’ve also lived in this village all your life…”

    “Yes, but what I’m saying is… is…” he took a breath, trying to make sense of what he was thinking. You were the first person to ever break down his walls, without even meaning to. He could tell you anything. He could talk to you for hours. He had all these new feelings when you were around— feelings he couldn’t quite express. His brain, though tremendously large, had a tendency to freeze when it was put in stressful situations such as this one. “Ugh. Screw it.”

    He grabbed your shoulders and kissed you. Metal flew around you, creating sparks in the air. Your entire body seemed to fill with these same sparks, the feeling of his lips on yours lighting up your nerves. Timidly, you began to kiss him back.

    He pulled away, looking into your eyes.

    “You really are some kind of witch.”

    “…” you were currently unable to form words.

    The metal flying around you settled.

    “You’re cute when you blush. Gonna have to make you do that more often.” He cupped your cheek in his palm.

    You wrapped your arms around his frame and enveloped him in a hug, something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

    Karl completely froze in place; a whole new series of emotions and sensations were overwhelming his already overwhelmed brain.

    When he didn’t hug you back, you pulled away. “… is that not allowed?”

    “Do it again” he muttered.

    Is he really that touch-starved? Well, he had to be, considering he was locked in this horrible place for what had to be decades. You remembered a time when you were small, a time you had tried to forget. You just needed a hug, but no one was there. It was awful. How many times had he felt like that? How many times had no one been there for him?

    I promise, Karl. I promise I’ll be there for you however I can.

    You humored him with another hug, which this time he reciprocated with slightly shaky hands.

    “How ironic that the first woman to stay alive in my factory for more n’ a week falls head over heels for me, eh?” He mumbled in a joking tone.

    “I dunno. You aren’t exactly a charmer.”

    He laughed at your comment.

    “I’m sorry I made you think I was working for Miranda.”

    “Nothin’ to be sorry for.”

    You stood there in silence for a long while, holding each other, before the rumble of your stomach pulled you both out of the trance.

    “Hungry, sweetie?”

    “I guess so.”

    He picked you up gently and walked toward the elevator.

    “I can walk, you know.” You sighed, leaning your head against his chest.

    “And I can carry you, dollface.” He smirked at you as the elevator began its ascent.

    You rolled your eyes as you shifted in his arms. “If you’re going to carry me around like this all the time, you’ll need to wash that coat of yours.”


    “It’s almost as dirty as your mind. It needs to be washed.”


    As much as you hated it, the scent of the coat had started to grow on you. It was him. Cigar smoke and Metal. The blood, sweat, and tears of a tireless engineer working towards his goal. Countless failed experiments and even more successful ones. Murders. Electricity. It was him. It was Karl.

    “Summin’ on your mind, sweetheart?” He asked as he set you down on the kitchen table.

    “No.” You hopped onto the floor and got out leftovers for lunch.

    He watched you as you heated up the food, once again entranced by your every movement. He swore to himself to protect you as long as you were here. He couldn’t lose anyone else. Especially not you. Especially not to Miranda.

    “Just so I know what I’m competing with… what’s your normal type?”

    “Not anything like you, that’s for sure.”

    “Never seen anyone quite like me, eh?”

    “Usually in my country, you stay away from stinky hobo men.”

    He laughed. “You’ve got spunk, sugar.”

    “So I’ve been told… where I’m from, that isn’t exactly desirable in a person.”

    “Really? Your fight is one of the hottest things about you.”

    You blushed. “Really?”

    For the rest of the meal, he did nothing but talk about what he found attractive about you… which lead into talking about everything attractive about himself. All of which you had already noticed.

    This stupid metal hobo is making narcisism attractive…

    You couldn’t help but listen, though. When he talked, especially about himself, he got this fire in his eyes that you simply couldn’t ignore. It entranced you nearly every time he opened that pretty mouth of his,

    After lunch, he wanted nothing more than to be with you. So, you decided to teach him the art of cuddling. You put on a movie and laid on the couch. He laid beside you, and you wrapped your arms around him. “You’re a good little spoon, Heisenberg.”

    “Why do I have to be little spoon?” He grumbled, unhappy that he wasn’t in charge of the situation.

    “Because you’ve never cuddled before. Someone’s gotta show you how.” You said with a smile. “Besides. I can play with your hair from back here.” You began to braid his hair into cute little pigtails.

    “Tch.” He chuckled in spite of himself.

    You both allowed yourselves to drift off in each other’s arms, both happier than either of you had been in a long time.

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  • karlthefreeman
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #thank you for the ask #thanks for the ask! #lord karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#house heisenberg#house beneviento#house dimitrescu#house moreau#angie beneviento #lady alcina dimitrescu #resident evil village ask #re 8 spoilers #re spoilers #resident evil heisenberg #re8 heisenberg #resident evil viii #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re: village#resident evil #resident evil the village #resident evil village theory #heisenberg#heisenberg factory#heisenberg theory#salvatore moreau#lord moreau #angie the doll #mother miranda
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  • pink-alchemy-simp
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cigar Smoke and Metal-Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Check out the Masterlist for the complete fic!

    Chapter 6

    You cried all night. Eventually, you became so dehydrated you physically could not cry anymore— all you could do was lay on your bed and hiccup. You were really stuck here with him. You had done all he had asked and more. You had even begun to care about him, and after he fixed your phone, you thought he felt the same. Clearly, you were mistaken. Looking down at the trinket he had given you on the first day, a thought slipped into your mind.

    All I am to him is a pet.

    As your heart sank with this realization, you felt the last bit of control you had on your life slip away into nothingness. You slowly sat up on your bed, a new numbness washing over you. You needed to control something in your life or you would go completely under. Slowly opening your door, you listened to see if he was nearby. All you heard was the usual noise of machinery. As you made your way to the kitchen, you turned the idea over in your mind. This is the only way you could grasp some sort of control. Taking the kitchen scissors in your hand, you grabbed a large chunk of your hair and cut it off. Relief flooded your system. You continued your hair-cutting until your hair reached just past your ears and there was a sizable amount of hair on the floor. You picked up your cut hair and threw it away, feeling some form of peace with what you had done. You chugged a glass of water before going back to your room and passing out on your bed.

    The next morning, you were awoken by a knocking on your door.

    “Quit your knocking, I’m up, I’m up…” you groaned, tumbling out of bed. You pulled on a dress and brushed through your choppy hair, not caring how it looked at that point. You opened your door; the stinky metal man himself was standing outside. He was holding a small box, and he wasn’t wearing his usual sunglasses.

    “Listen, I, uh…” he trailed off when he saw your hair. “You cut your hair.”

    “Mhm.” You sighed. “And?”

    “I feel bad. About what I did. Wanted to make things right. Wasn’t your choice to stay here. Made you summin’ to make your chores a bit easier.” He thrust the box in your arms; the lack of his usually boundless confidence displayed how hard this was for him.

    “… thanks…”

    “And don’t worry about breakfast… got that covered. Just do the usual stuff today.” He sauntered away, only without the confident stride he usually had.

    You raised your eyebrows.

    I wasn’t expecting that.

    You set the box on your bed; inside was another box with mechanical workings inside and messily written instructions on how to use it. As you read over said instructions, you realized it was a vacuum.

    He made me a little roomba.

    You set it on the floor and pressed a little button, causing the machine to whirr to life. It immediately got to work cleaning the floor of your room. You decided  to leave the machine to its work, opting instead to see what Heisenberg had made for breakfast. You found two pieces of almost-burnt toast and hard cheese on a plate. It wasn’t much, but it was… edible. You poured yourself a glass of milk to wash it down with. As you ate, you thought about what he had done and the previous night’s ramblings.

    Maybe he doesn’t think of me as his pet after all…

    You put away your plate, then went back to your room so you and your new roomba could do your chores together.

    After an hour or so of tidying up Heisenberg’s living room, you gave the roomba a name— Roger, after one of the characters from that stupid movie he made you watch.

    “Roger, watch out for the couch. You’ve already bumped into it three times.” You sighed, bopping along to music playing through your headset.

    Roger hit the corner of the couch, causing you to giggle.

    “What’s so funny, sugar plum?” A voice behind you asked.

    You jumped and turned around, making Heisenberg laugh. He was even more covered in oil and sweat and who knows what else than usual.

    “Roger? You gave the thing a name?”

    “… yeah. He’s been helping me a lot today.”

    He chuckled, clearly amused by you. “I got a meetin’ later. Don’t wait up for me.”

    “You’re going… like that?” You scrunched up your nose slightly.

    “Of course I am. Can’t beat perfect, buttercup.”

    Nice to see his confidence is back.

    “When’s the last time you washed your hair?”

    “Does it matter?” He said with a sigh.

    “Yes. Even if you don’t like them, you gotta make an impression on these people. Go wash your hair.”

    “I look fine, doll. Don’t sweat it.”

    “If you won’t, I’ll do it for you.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “Hm?”

    “Come on.” You grabbed his wrist and took him to your bathroom. You dragged a chair over to your sink and sat him in it. Next, you grabbed your shampoo and conditioner from your shower and wrapped a towel around his neck.

    “Stay still.” You wedged yourself between the sink and the wall and began the process. His hair was, to put it lightly, absolutely disgusting. You could guess that it had probably been more than two weeks, maybe even a month, since he had washed it. As you scrubbed in the shampoo, trying to get out as much grime as possible, you noticed he had closed his eyes.

    Has he never had his hair washed before?

    You ended up having to wash his hair three separate times to get the grime out. As you turned to get the conditioner, he began to sit up.

    “Where do you think you’re going, mister?”

    “… you’re not done?”

    “Nope! Still gotta condition. You actually have really nice hair when it’s not caked in grease.”

    “… condition?”

    “It makes your hair soft and shiny. It also helps with tangles.”

    “Good… nothin’ I hate more than tangles.” The sarcasm was evident in his voice. He settled back down into his chair, a smirk donning his features. It was clear he was enjoying having you fawn over him. You worked the conditioner into his hair, letting it sit for a while before washing it all out and towel-drying his hair. He hardly looked the same.

    “… this really is somethin’, sweet pea…” he mumbled as he ran his fingers through his soft and shiny hair.

    You smiled, proud of your work. “See? Clean hair does wonders. Now about that outfit…”

    “Would love to stay and let you style me, but I really gotta go, sweetums.” He picked up his hammer. “See you after the meetin’, doll face.” He said as he walked out of the bathroom.

    Seeing as you had nothing else to do, you went to the living room and looked through Heisenberg’s VHS collection. Finding a movie you actually liked, you popped the tape into the ancient VCR and sat on the couch, allowing the film to lull you to sleep.

    When Heisenberg returned from the meeting, he was very obviously angry. He stormed into the living room. “Really now, you’re watching this crapshow of a—“ he stopped in his tracks when he saw your sleeping form. He seemed to calm down, his tensity leaving his body as he watched your breathing. He slowly made his way over to the couch, making sure you were really sleeping. Picking you up, gently this time, he carried you to your room and set you in your bed. He stood in your doorway for some time before gently closing the door, leaving you to your dreams.

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  • pink-alchemy-simp
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cigar Smoke and Metal-Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Check out the Masterlist for the complete fic!

    Chapter 5

    “He really did that?” said Donna as soon as you told her what had happened.

    “I know. I think he was expecting me to come back, because the next morning I found him passed out on the couch. I may have acted like a damsel in the moment… but I can handle fear on my own.”

    “Uncle Karl is so annoying! And bad!” Angie sighed, reaching towards the skylight in the Sun-Room.

    “Now Angie. Let’s not be rude.” Donna lightly scolded.

    “He’s listening, anyway. Apparently he can use his weird metal powers to eavesdrop in every room in this place.”

    Donna sighed. “Of course he can.”

    “Do you have any family meetings coming up?”

    “Tonight!” Angie squealled. “Mother Miranda’s gonna talk about when the village purge is! Oooh, I can’t wait!”

    “Village… village purge?”

    “Yup! When Mother Miranda gets her baby back she’s gonna trash this place!”

    Donna didn’t comment, an indicator that this was a touchy subject for her.

    Would I go up in flames with the rest of the village?

    You decided not to push it for Donna’s sake, but the thought plagued you for the rest of the day. You found somewhere where you were safe, and had friends and music to keep your company, albeit you were held against your will. But this situation was much better than your old one. Even if you didn’t die… would Karl? You had grown to begrudgingly care about his well being. You sort of liked being around him. If he died… where would you go?

    You set out a low-effort dinner for him to eat after the meeting, but you didn’t feel like talking to him. You holed up in your room, listening to sad music and contemplating death.

    As you began to drift off, a metal clank alerted you to Karl’s presence outside your door. “You’re not asleep, are you, sweetcheeks?”

    “No. Just don’t feel like talking to people. Have a good night.”

    “Aw, come on, sugar plum. I don’t intend to eat alone.”

    “Then turn on the TV. I’m staying in here.”

    You heard him leave, prompting a sigh of relief. Your regained solitude was again stolen when you heard him come back. A half-eaten bag of chocolates was slid under your door.

    “… what are you doing?” You asked as you went to take the chocolates.

    “I’m not eating alone. Besides, you’ll love to hear what the Big Vigaro did at the meeting.”

    You tenitavely sat down by your door, quietly eating your chocolates as he regaled you with tales of Lady Dimitrescu’s antics.

    “I think she’s still mad I got you, sweet pea.” The smirk was obvious from his voice.

    “Is she that worried about not finding… prey?”

    “Mhm, but soon there will be plenty of corpses for her to eat herself to death off of. That’ll be the day.”

    “… there will?” He’s talking about the village purge.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t let the lycans get to you. Who’d cook? Or do my laundry? Besides, I got another plan that’ll get rid of all our problems.”

    … our?

    “What do you mean?”

    “Can’t tell you, Buttercup. You’ll see real soon.” His chuckle sent a shiver down your spine.

    He’s planning something.

    “… your plan wouldn’t happen to contain killing the other lords, does it?”

    “No. Not yet, anyway. I would love to see the giantess bleeding out, though…”

    “The way you casually talk about murder is concerning.”

    “Murder is a casual thing to me now, babydoll. Gotta do what you gotta do. World will still spin even if one schmuck isn’t at the dinner table.”

    You didn’t say anything. You were terrified. Would he murder you if murder is just ‘casual’?

    He continued rambling about something or other for the rest of his meal. You didn’t pay attention, or frankly, care. You were too busy plotting your escape. As of now, Donna’s would be your best bet. You had a map that you had picked up while cleaning that showed the village as well as the 4 Lords’ estates around it. It was a bit of a trek to Donna’s, but you wagered if you left just after Karl fell asleep you’d be able to make it by morning. As soon as he left, you began to pack necessities into a pillowcase. You put on your warmest clothes and silently slipped out of your room and into the elevator. Though it made a lot of noise on its descent, you didn’t seem to wake him. You dashed out as soon as the elevator opened and didn’t look back, blindly making your way into the village. You soon made it to the gates.

    “Which one was it again…” you squinted to read the map, not being able to see in the dark.

    Suddenly, behind you, you heard a growl. Wolves? No. Lycans. What had moments before been an empty square was now crawling with lycans— on top of houses, climbing the fence, and surrounding you on all sides. You hadn’t foreseen this in your meticulous planning. You screamed, the only thing your brain could think to do. One lunged at you, but dodged at the last second.

    “Well, well. Look what the dogs cornered today.” Heisenberg emerged from the shadows. “A little runaway and her rucksack. Where do you think you’re goin’, huh?”

    “I… I… I… you don’t scare me! You and your weird monsters and crap. You’re not scary. I am going to Donna’s. She’d treat me better than you.”

    “She would? She doesn’t talk half as much as I do. Wouldn’t all that quiet make you as crazy as everyone else who ever goes in that house? Trust me, sweetheart. You don’t want to go there.”

    “Donna isn’t as crazy as you think she is.”

    “Sure, sugar. Are you done with your little…” he flicked his wrist. “Temper tantrum?”

    You sighed. “I have conditions.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “I’m listening.”

    “Let me have Donna over for tea at least once a week. I need to do something besides your bidding. And no more freaky movies. And let me go to the duke with you so I actually know what I have to cook with.”

    “… it’s a deal.” He walked over to you and stuck out his hand.

    You shook his hand, but he used it to throw you over his shoulder and start walking back to the factory.


    “You walk too slow. You’ll freeze to death if we go back at your pace, babycakes.”

    You thrashed around wildly to make the experience for him as uncomfortable as possible. Weirdly, this didn’t phase him.

    He didn’t put you down until you were back in your room, at which point he dropped you straight onto your bed. “Sleep well, kitty, because tomorrow there’ll be punishment for leaving like that.” He grabbed his hammer and sauntered out of the room.

    You sighed, curling into the fetal position. He had saved you from those… things, yes, but he didn’t bring you where you wanted to go. You really were stuck here with him.

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  • pink-alchemy-simp
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cigar Smoke and Metal-Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Check out the Masterlist for the complete fic!

    Chapter 4

    The days passed by uneventfully. You woke up, cooked his breakfast, did laundry, cooked his lunch, cleaned, cooked his dinner, swept, and went to bed. In that order. Every day. You learned that the Veiled woman had given you the clothes and extra furnishings in your room, and that her name was Donna Beneviento, the dollmaker lord of the village. Though she hated the factory, she pushed past her inhibitions to visit you as often as she could. She would bring fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as furniture she didn’t need that you used to spruce up your living space. You often enjoyed each other’s company in an abandoned room with a large skylight, which you dubbed the sun-room. After bringing in a small table, rug, and some chairs, it almost felt cozy. Heisenberg never came up there, making it a perfect spot for tea on Donna’s better days.

    “Alcina is still angry that you were given to Heisenberg instead of her. She has brought it up at every meeting since your arrival.” Donna remarked as she lifted her veil to sip her tea.

    “… Alcina? Is that the big vampire lady?”

    “Yes. Many of the mortals who stumble across the village are sent to her, if not to Moreau for Cadou experiments.”

    “Is Moreau the fish guy? Heisenberg won’t tell me anything about the other Lords. Or Miranda.”

    “It is better that way. Our family is quite confusing.”

    Angie, who had been still up until then, nodded vigorously. “That ugly freak is Moreau!”

    “He seems… interesting. Do you think Heisenberg would let me go down to the reservoir for a visit?”

    Angie laughed.

    “No, I’m afraid not. Heisenberg hates all the other lords except myself. He… mildly tolerates me. I wish he were half as fond of me as he is of you.” Donna sighed.

    You laughed. “I’m his maid. He isn’t fond of me.”

    “He would have used you for one of his Soldats if he didn’t like you in some form.”

    “… soldat?”

    “His creations.”

    “Oh.” You sipped your tea, not quite sure what to think.

    An all-too-familiar clank alerted you to Heisenberg’s presence in the room. “Are you distracting my little maid from her duties, Donna?” He asked, leaning on his hammer.

    “She’s a human! She can’t work all the time, Karl.” Angie said, running away from Donna’s side to annoy Heisenberg.

    “Oh please. Let’s wrap this tea party up, I got a job for you, Buttercup.”

    Even though you’d been living in the factory for weeks, he’d never called you by your actual name.

    “Why do you carry around that big hammer all the time, huh? Do you use it to crush your enemies? Can I hold it?” Angie danced around him excitedly.

    “Why haven’t you learned to shut your trap?” Heisenberg snapped at Angie, who blew a raspberry back at him and went back to Donna.

    Once you had helped Donna pack her tea set away, you went to the kitchen to see what Heisenberg wanted you to do.

    “Come with me.” He motioned for you to follow him down the hallway and into the elevator.

    “… your first name is Karl?” You asked as he pressed a button.

    “Yes it is, sweetie pie. Use it if you want. I don’t care.”

    “Why don’t you like Angie and Donna? They’re very nice… if you get past the creepy doll stuff and all that.”

    “I saved you from the nervige Dame so you could work for me. Not have tea parties.”

    “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy, you know.”

    “Since when are you so talkative?” He snapped, making you flinch.

    You looked down at your boots and kept quiet for the rest of the descent.

    As soon as you arrived at the ground floor, Heisenberg pulled you out of the elevator and into another room. Inside were destroyed targets and scrap metal.

    “Fix my targets and put all the metal into buckets. I have a surprise for you when you’re done.”

    You internally groaned as you watched him get back into the elevator and go back to whatever he was doing.

    “I am tired of cleaning up after this slob of a man. Who does he think he is, anyway? He gets a maid, so he thinks he doesn’t have to clean up at all anymore? Honestly!” You ranted aloud. “I don’t even have any music to work to. Just machinery. I just… I want to go home… or at least fix my phone so I can have some contact with the outside world… I’m going crazy. I’m talking to an empty room. This factory is driving me crazy.”

    As you angrily dumped scrap metal into a bucket, soft music began to play from the loudspeakers you thought were obsolete. You didn’t recognize the tune, but it was uplifting. It made you feel better.

    Was he… listening?

    You continued to clean at a faster pace, and the music continued to play. Repairing the targets proved to be a challenge. As you tried to figure out how to piece them back together, the idea of Heisenberg listening to your empty ramblings crossed your mind. Has he heard everything? If he had, that wouldn’t prove too good for you. Especially in your first week, you’d said some not-so-nice things about him. And his stupid hammer.

    You fit the target pieces together, and you noticed it was painted with Miranda’s image. Odd. Maybe he took them from some villager. They did have a weird obsession with her. Standing back to marvel at your work, you ran straight into Heisenberg.

    “Oop, I didn’t hear you come in… sorry…” you turned around, looking sheepish.

    He pulled you into the elevator. “Fixed your phone. It’ll play any music you want ‘long as you’re in the factory. And a wireless headset. So you won’t annoy me.” He passed you your fixed phone and a headset. “I disabled calls and messaging. Nothing works except music. Don’t try it.” He pressed a button to go back to the top floor.

    You smiled, your first real smile in ages. “Thank you, Heisenberg… er, Karl. And… if you’ve been hearing my rants… I’m sorry. I didn’t know… I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t mention it.”

    “I’m sorry…”

    “I said don’t mention it. Go do some cleaning crap.” The elevator doors opened. “I’ll be back for dinner.” He said in an angry tone, sauntering away.

    You sighed. Had your rants really affected him that much? You decided to do something nice to indirectly apologize. The other night, when you had made strawberry Jello, he seemed to have liked it more than anything else you made. You decided to make him a large portion, with real strawberries suspended in the Jello-y goodness and whipped cream. You put the finished desert in the fridge and began dinner prep.

    When he came down for dinner, Heisenberg was surprised. You prepared a whole spread— mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, carrots and dip— basically every food you had made which he somewhat enjoyed.

    “What’s this for?” He asked, setting his hammer down by the door.

    “You saved me from death by vampire. I haven’t been grateful. So, this is my thank you. I might have gotten carried away with the cooking… but that means leftovers for you.”

    He cracked a smile. “Thanks, sugarplum.” After the feast, he didn’t leave to go back to work like he usually did. “I don’t feel like working after all that… wanna watch a movie or summin?”

    “You watch movies?”

    “Of course I do. Unlike the rest of the freaks that live here, I am cultured.” You followed him to a room with a tv. Of course, he picked the movie: The Conjuring.

    One thing you had never told him: you hated horror movies. With a passion. Cliche girl stereotype, yes, but psychological horror was no laughing matter. You took the tattered blanket on the couch, hoping to fall asleep before the scary parts started.

    Karl looked over at you. “What’s the matter? Afraid of a little movie?”

    “No.” You tried to defend your character. “I’m cold.” You knew now that you had to watch it. Every jumpscare made you jump, which made him laugh and tease you about being a ‘fraidy-cat’. You unintentionally scooted closer to him until your shoulders were touching; neither of you noticed until you grabbed his arm after a particularly harsh jumpscare. He looked down at you and raised an eyebrow, but otherwise didn’t react. You didn’t notice; you were terrified. As the credits rolled, he turned to look at you. “You enjoy that, sugar?”

    “Yeah. Mhm. Um…” you noticed you were still holding his arm. “Sorry. Um…”

    Seeing how flustered you were made Heisenberg smirk. “Something the matter?”

    “Nope. I gotta… go to bed now, long day, you know how it is… goodnight.” You charged out of the room as fast as your feet would take you.

    Heisenberg chuckled to himself as he lit a cigar, thinking how adorable you looked when you were scared.

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    Iubirea Lui Pierdută | Resident Evil Village

    Chapter 4: ~Stăpân~

    For Chapter 3: ~Trăsnet~ click here. 


    She chose not to look at herself just yet, she promised herself she wouldn't until her positive and confident self was back. Till that time Heisenberg and Zuriñe would train together to understand how her abilities worked.


    "Keep your head empty and focus on the electrical discharge you want to unleash." Karl stood behind the concentrated woman, holding her arms wide and raising them a bit more.

    "How am I supposed t-..." Zuriñe wanted to whine, but was cut off instantly by the Lord.

    "Keep your head empty and stay silent. If you want this to work, you have to listen to me for once." He stated, releasing the woman's arms to circle around her and stop ahead of her. "Look at me and take in a deep breath." She did what she was told, just so this training session would soon be over and he returned to his less stern and serious personality. She knew he wanted the best for her and wanted to help her, but she was exhausted and in pain. Right after Zuriñe's wounds had closed he started pushing her to the limit every day, even when he knew deep down that boundaries stay boundaries. "Since closing your eyes and calming your mind don't work, I want you to stare into my eyes and picture something terrific happening to me." He explained emotionless.

    "What?! Why would I-.... you know what? Perhaps that will do me some good. You've been pushing me around, hurting me, and I'm done with that!" She raised her voice, almost yelling and she lowered her arms so she could poke him in his chest. "Nothing is going to happen! It's been 3 weeks after the event." She exploded, her lovely manners fading away.

    "Buttercup, calm down."

    "Oh, now you suddenly want me to calm down." She had rolled her eyes before she shook her head. "I'm done here, Karl."

    "Where do you think your going?!" Heisenberg yelled after her, blocking the door with a huge metal bench so she had no way out. "You have no where to go. Remember what happened to your family?" His voice had put coldness behind the words about her dead family, a way he had never talked to her.

    The white haired woman rotated herself, glaring into the green and gray eyes of the Lord and she clenched her jaw. Rage filled her up and took control causing her to only see the color red surrounding her. She wasn't a fighter, she was a lover and what she was being forced into wasn't something she was used to. She needed his comfort, not his cold attitude. "The disrespect." She hissed through her teeth. The feeling of sudden numbness mixed with the adrenaline that managed to keep her upright and the same glowing nerves returned. Something shot through Zuriñe before she elevated her hands. Electric stream jumped from nerve to nerve inside her arms and it swirled around her fingers just like the last incident. She felt powerful. More powerful than she ever felt in her life and then a bright flash followed together with a engine's growl sound.


    Zuriñe's legs gave out and she sank through her knees. Heisenberg immediately reacted and rushed to her side, almost slipping over the smooth concrete floor.

    "Hey... sweetheart... hey!" His rough hands ran through her wavy thick white hair while he embraced her tightly, both sitting on the floor. "You'll be fine. Try to keep breathing, okay?"

    "I'm-.... I'm s... sorry." She stumbled over her words as her body continued to tremble in the man's arms, also afraid that she had hurt the man.

    "I should be the one apologizing." He lowered his head, staring at his lover from underneath the brim of his hat. He was too ashamed to look her in the eyes. "Even though I don't like it." He whispered. "Seriously, I'm sorry for trying to unleash your anger to let it happen.... I shouldn't have played you like that." Zuriñe carefully nodded at him, excepting his apology. It was hard for him to put his pride aside and she knew that if he did he truly meant it.

    Both forced themselves to look each other in the eye and together they climbed to their feet. Zuriñe closed her eyes, bringing her lips to Karl's and he automatically closed his arms around her lower back as they kissed passionately. She tasted so lovely, so sacred, while he tasted so rough, so powerful. The kiss reminded them both of the first time rumors were told in the village about them being a couple. How they gossiped about them not being made for each other because they were complete opposites or that it wouldn't last long. They had always ignored those people and they were proud. Proud to be the ones who were able to prove them all wrong. Heisenberg was the one to break the connection and examine the room as a weird smell filled the room. It smelled as if something was burning internally.

    "You smell that?" He questioned, his hand trailing over his desk behind him as he followed a specific wire.

    "Yeah, a little bit." She responded weakly, curiously following the man with her eyes. "What are you doing?"

    "The flash. The engine's growling." He began.... putting on his black glasses as he suddenly dropped to his knees to study something closer. "Zuriñe? Come take a look."

    The white haired woman furrowed her eyebrows and quickly, without hesitation, approached the huge machine next to the small desk on the upper floor of the factory. Cords were burned and thick white smoke was coming from the unit.

    "It's been blown up inside..." Her voice had a confused tone in it as she also squatted to see the back of the machine. She never knew what it was for, but Heisenberg didn't seem to use it so she didn't bother finding it out.

    "Too much electricity. It appears you can manipulate anything running on current, not just current you create. Perhaps you were able to connect the two and blow something up out of the anger that was caused."

    "Isn't that too far-fetched?"

    "How do you explain what happened then.... how do you explain what happened to me or Salvatore? Or Donna and Alcina?" Karl watched Zuriñe from over his shoulder and she looked back at him while she stood up with effort. Her body reflected in his dark round glasses. "We can't explain it, Zuriñe. It's as simple as that. Sure we can explain what we are able to do, but not where that Cadou originates from and why it does what it does. People from the outer world would declare us crazy if we ever tried to tell them, though whatever happened to us.... it's real and it's unexplainable." She knew he was right. She knew what happened to them sounded crazy to other, but to themselves it all made sense.

    "I think I have to accept it." She swallowed, nervousness making her body shake a little. "Can we move ourselves to the bathroom?" Heisenberg in the meantime got to his feet, grabbing one of her hands gently.


    She nodded, then hummed. He noticed she wasn't quite sure of the decision she made, the decision of finally seeing herself. He wasn't going to question it though because if she wanted it, he would let her and would stay by her side. Besides that she was beautiful in his eyes... even without her former green eyes and black hair. In all honesty he was already used to her new appearance and he had to admit he fell a second time for her. However, that didn't mean she would find herself beautiful again. The thought hurt him because she was always pretty confident about herself, especially when he was around her.

    A lot was going on in Zuriñe's head. Of course she had seen herself in vague reflections, but never had she fully seen her current self. It was time she did. The close couple walked down the worn stone stairs, making it to B4 where one of the few mirrors where located. Heisenberg didn't have a large bathroom. There was no need to have a massive one because how long was he going to spend his time in there? It wasn't really his favorite activity to lay in a bathtub for 2 hours when he actually had so much more important things to do. The lord pulled down the rusted door handle and pulled it open. "After you, Buttercup." He winked, trying to lighten the mood.

    The biggest mirror you could find in the factory was standing in the small bathroom. It covered up the small wall next to the shower from the ceiling to the floor.

    Zuriñe stepped inside, leaving Heisenberg by himself in the doorway. He leaned against the side and watched the woman slowly as she glared up at herself in the mirror. Her jaw dropped and her eyes closed in shock. Her smooth skin, her forest colored eyes, her glowing black hair.... it had all changed and it frightened her. Luckily, the man picked up the signs of her sudden shock and pushed himself of the entrance, hugging her from behind. His chin rested on her left shoulder and his hands folded together after his arms had sneaked around her waist.

    "Open your eyes." The scared woman took her time before she finally opened her glassy eyes once more. "You see her? That's the woman I'm in love with.... nothing's gonna change the way that I see you." He sweetly confirmed, not knowing if she heard him or not. He wasn't good at comforting or returning her playful mind, he never had to. If he had to, he tried though and she valued it every time.

    "I'm fine.... I'm fine." She repeated, staring into her own eyes. The suffering was recognizable in all her scars, the gloom was visible in her colorlessness and the pain was recognizable in her posture. She promised herself at that moment she was going to work on her own self esteem. She would face the setbacks she experienced and return to her former life with the man she loved. Miranda was going to pay, they only had to find the perfect plan together.

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