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  • Howard: Have you ever looked at two people and wonder why they haven’t kissed yet?

    Bucky: Every dang day.

    Steve and Peggy: Why are you looking at us?

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  • Mandalorian chapter 4- Love a good 7 Samurai episode #seven #samurai #7 #sevensamurai #7samurai #mandalorian #themandalorian #pedropascal #ginacorano #mando #babyyoda #chapter4 #chap4 #chapterfour #kurosawa #howard #brycedallashoward #brycedallas

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  • date night! 

    (also this mans literally had a thought bubble with an engagement ring pop up,,,so i had to put it in!!)

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  • Inside Major League Baseball by Jim’s Record Barn
    Via Flickr:
    The first record I ever owned– I think it was only available via mail order coupon from Sports Illustrated–

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    And here’s the whole page of doodles. Off to draw more fanart because why not? They’re awesome and I just wish I could draw better

    #six the musical #six #catalina de aragon #anne boleyn#jane seymour #anna von kleve #Katherine Howard#Catherine Parr#Aragon#Boleyn#Seymour#Cleves#Howard#Parr #bless this fandom #may I find more Six fanart and fics #anna of cleves
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    For my next trick I bring a poorly drawn K. Howard. These days I really wish I had the gift of art. All I want to do is draw them properly

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  • Chapter 2 Link on AO3

    Playlist (Youtube)
    Playlist (Spotify)
    Songs 3-5

    CWs: Child abuse, domestic violence, unintentional ableism, kidnapping, panic attacks, & grooming

    Chapter 1

    When Toni was seven years old she found herself in her father’s office. she looked at his face he looked so scary framed in the backlight of the window. Toni babbled to him about something to do with an idea about smaller processor chips.

    “Antonia!” He shouted her name then his voice got very tired, “You seem to think I care what you theorize. If you don’t actually do something useful what is the point, you have to be productive get it? Every day.”

    Toni was shocked. The dismissal was normal, she expected it. But yelling was usually only for her mother and sometimes Jarvis. But she just nodded. And that was the norm after that. Apparently, Toni thought now she must be old enough to handle it. She just had to work harder so he wouldn’t have a reason to yell.

    Her mother was never the same day to day. Some days she would hold Toni tell her stories, tell her about her family, let Toni tell her about whatever science thing she was into. They would watch crap tv and eat food, not on a diet plan. Other days she was cold and didn’t talk at all. Then there were the nights her mother would cry and yell and cry. But after the crying stopped she put her makeup back on. Fixed her hair, and smiled. “Sorry Antonia bad day sweetheart.”

    The only thing that stayed the same was a small bracelet it was made of some cheap alloy metal that isn’t even shiny anymore, it had a small bead with the word home on it it was from her parents the only thing she still held on to from her childhood. She never took it off and Toni always held in her hands the days her mom remembered children liked to be held. The bracelet was special, one constant thing.

    That year was also Toni’s second Kidnapping well one where they actually got her long enough to seek a ransom. They wanted weapons. Toni had found herself in one of the family cars but Jarvis was not driving. She had screamed to stop but they had never listened. They took her a warehouse and tied her down. Toni was never able to get a real breath in no matter how much air she sucked in the whole time. It hurt her chest too much. But Toni had also been quiet and still so they ignored her. The kidnapper’s talked about how they wanted to bomb Congress and other important people.

    When they finally put her back in the car and took her home Toni after what she later learned was four days she had been in darkness the light all seemed too bright. Toni was allowed to see a therapist for a few months after that. Her father seemed genuinely pleased Toni had paid attention to what the terrorist said, all plots were stopped.

    “You were just like Captain Rogers. Helping get the bad guys, just like we do” Howard said.

    That made Toni blush, she had finally done something good.

    That didn’t last though

    One day Toni had come to them and she started to cry she didn’t want to be in the dark anymore. Her father had rolled his eyes “turn the light on for now?”

    “I’ll come to lay with you now,”  her mother said, “But sweetheart you have to grow out of it.”

    The lesson her parents wanted to teach was clear, no matter how much you hurt you just move on. You shut it down. But she couldn’t, Toni didn’t know how. So she cried. She cried when her dad ignored her. She cried when her friends broke her things. But she did it in her room with the door shut.

    Sometimes Jarvis would come in and he would sit next to Toni bring her candy he’d ruffle her hair and let her cry. Ana Jarvis would even send over baked goods for Toni when she was having particularly bad weeks.

    One day the sound of the locking door sent shivers down her spine. Her breathing caught and her hands shook. Curled halfway on the floor her breath never reached her lungs.

    “Toni” Jarvis said keeling down.

    “Jarvis” Toni huffed out between gasps.

    “Your okay, you’re safe here. It’s okay”

    “Mhmm” Toni nodded.

    “Breath deep with me okay, come on, that’s it”

    Toni breathed eventually it reached her for lungs real, she didn’t feel better just exhausted.

    “You’re okay. Just a bit of shell shock, you’ll be fine.”

    Toni just nodded.


    When Toni was eight Maria’s episodes started. They were super scary because nothing Toni said her mom really seemed to hear. She would ramble about things, and run around and seemed really excited about things but Toni couldn’t really follow. Most of the time Jarvis would let her leave and he would handle it. Her dad never helped when it happened it was Toni’s job to “deal with your mother’.

    “Young miss, she is ill,” Jarvis said sighing for the second time that month he had to try and convince Toni it was okay when it wasn’t. Jarvis wanted to try and convince Maria to get help but he knew she never would. He looked at Toni who looked too tired for eight.

    “I know,” Toni said staring at Jarvis wishing he could make it all go away.

    One of the episodes that could never leave Toni or Jarvis’s mind was when Toni had found herself pinned to the bed by a pillow shoved into her chest. It didn’t matter when she said stop or how she wiggled her mom wouldn’t let her up. Toni had smiled though because her mom was trying to be nice of course, she just didn’t understand that it hurt Toni. At least that’s what she told herself over and over, her mom didn’t know so it was okay.

    Toni had to start going to all the garden teas, the parties and the holiday balls for the whole time now. She used to get to leave partway through with Jarvis but now she had to stand around smiling watching the dizzying display of fancy dresses and handshakes. Her Father would discuss business deals and Her mom would laugh funny. Whenever Toni came up they said how bright she was and how she looked just like her father but cuter, then they would do that funny again.

    The worst part of the parties was her mom looked fake like she had painted on a new person made of sharp edges and red lips, none of the good parts of her mom left. The only real thing was the bracelet all cheap metal and scuff marks.

    Toni also mastered the skills of eavesdropping this year. There were two ways you could do this. One was to let people forget you were in the room, this was most effective when the other people had been drinking. The other was to stand to the side of a door, then you could hear but the didn’t know you could. This is how she learned that Peggy was part of a group called SHIELD, another was that her Father made bombs that had accidentally killed a bunch of kids. Toni had to admit she didn’t like the idea of dead kids much.


    When Toni turned nine the went on a trip to tour Stark Factories. Toni was in love with all the machines. They whipped around in circles assembling all kinds of tech. She liked to watch the techs as they went over every inch of the new products, or read the formulas behind different types of plastics and alloys.

    Seeing new places was also cool, she had been on vacations before but they usually to other Stark houses. This time she got to go to huge hotels in all kinds of places. The crowds were a lot but it was so cool to be in the thick of life.

    The worst part of all of this was her father’s business partners. Toni decided on this trip she didn’t much like the military, and that most men are just like her dad. One day she had been in a factory with her dad discussing some new weapon.

    “You know when made the atom bomb I thought that would be the end to this General. But no! we keep having to fight forever”

    “If you ever make that weapon we might not even need us anymore I’d be out of a job” The general joked.

    “It’s sad that civilians must deal with the destruction, but collateral damage is what it is.”

    The other military men nodded their heads. Toni felt ill how was it fair to kill people who had nothing to do with it. She understood her dad wanted what was best, but why did the have to hurt people.

    One of the army men turned to face Toni. Her face went pale and eyes wide.

    “Our talk scare you?” Army man asked.

    Toni nodded.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re just a little girl. You’ll get it one day. But for now, stay out of my goddamn way” The man shoved Toni aside and left with the door Toni had pinned herself against.

    After they returned from the trip Toni followed Howard into his lab.

    “Why are you killing innocent people?” Toni asked straight to the point.

    “You wouldn’t understand. You have never seen a war child. You don’t know that we do what must be done.”

    “But dad couldn’t we do something to help them without killing them!”

    He raised his face from the papers he was reading eyes filled with anger.

    “Look if you are really worth the gift you were given you would suck it up. You are no Stark if you are led by idealism. Life isn’t nice or fair, we have to be made of iron to rule it”

    Toni looked blankly into his eyes. Toni decided he didn’t deserve a nickname. So from then on, he was just Howard.

    Toni was glad that Aunt Peggy still came pretty frequently with her spy friends.  Every visit included new steve and bucky stories, Aunt Peggy always had gifts. Her armour fell when they sat in her room and looked at Aunt  Peggy’s journals or Toni told her about the kids harassing her at school. But Toni watched the armour rise when Aunt Peggy met Howard and any SHIELD people following her. Never let them see her break.

    That summer Howard's’ business partner Obadiah Stane seemed to be an ever-present face in the mansion. He bought Toni lavish gifts. He even told her to call him Obie, inviting Toni to use a nickname which made her stomach do flips of excitement.

    Between Obie and her mom someone who was now generally willing to pay attention to her. Which was new. Obie bought ice cream, and much to her Mother’s disapproval they ate quite a bit of it. Obie told her she was beautiful, which made her blush. Anytime he was there he never yelled, he never checked out. He drank like Howard did but never got loud or mean. Toni even liked it when he called her Antonia. She lived for his visits as much as Peggy’s. She had hope, Maybe Obie would love her, all the time.

    One night they were playing chess in one of the parlours. Music drifted from the walls and Maria hummed along with it.

    “Check,” Antonia said with a smile

    “You know Antonia?” Obie said


    “You may be better than Howard at this game.” He said “checkmate” and knocked his king over.

    Toni smiled and flapped her hands up and down, then quickly stopped glancing around for Howard.

    “You win honey?” Maria asked.

    “Yes, mom,” Toni said.

    “Good,” Maria said turning her gaze away.

    Toni sighed She turned back to Obie her hair falling in front of her exasperated face.

    He brushed it off softly. They both smiled Toni pressed her face into his hand. Warmth running through her at the kind touch.


    The end of the school year when she was ten was one of the better ones. Toni had tried so hard to do everything right and it actually went okay. The classwork was easy. Howard did like this Straight-A report cards and suggestions at the end of the year to skip another grade got her a real smile that wasn’t followed by yelling for a whole day. Her mom bought her toys, and they weren’t even Captain America.

    The third night of that summer her mom had a particularly bad episode rambling about scissors and yelling, trying to make Toni do something. Once she had finally gone to sleep. Antonia stood on the balcony outside her room her head burned but she also felt incredibly numb. She was ten and she was already so tired. A few days had been good and then this.

    Jarvis came out He looked at her she was staring out into the long drive and ice burned in his heart. Toni’s slightly vacant eyes and nervous hands made her look much to like her mother. He cleared his throat and placed his hand on her shoulder she jumped.

    “You were very brave Tonight young miss” he praised passing her a bag of Haribo Gummy bears.

    “Yes, Jarvis.” She said.

    He walked back inside.

    She sat and ripped open the bag and placed one into her mouth she cried softly as she prayed for Steve to be found, maybe he could help her.


    That December at school she was still majorly unpopular but at least they called her Toni or Stark now proving the kids actually listened to her and remembered what she said.

    That day she sat humming at her desk when a tall boy a few years older sat on her desk, he was Tiberius Stone his dad built army things just like hers. He was super popular everyone wanted to be his friend.

    “You the Stark girl right?” He said voice smooth.

    “Yeah, what do you want?” Toni asked everyone at school hated her, why would he talk to her?

    “Your father is very important.” He said.

    “Yes,” She smiled as gracefully as she could trying to will him to go away.

    “Well, I have to go to your Mother and Father’s Christmas ball.”

    He dramatically rolled his eye Toni’s smile became more genuine at that gesture.

    “I was wondering if you would be there. Your too young to do any side partying but my general crowd aren’t invited to this one.”

    Toni scrunched her eyebrows confused,

    “Aww don’t worry. I just want to know if you’ll hang with me, I doubt you actually enjoy these balls?”

    “Course not.” She said.

    “Well then, look for me around we can mock the silly ways the adults’ act”

    Toni felt excited he actually wanted to talk to her, maybe the ball wouldn’t suck.

    The Christmas ball was generally a dull affair. But this year was much better. Obie had been there and had bought her earrings that glittered. Toni got dressed in a red dress her long hair was braided down her back. Her family smiled and looked as important and put together as possible. As her parents wined and dined their so-called friends.

    Toni found her way over to Justin. He was watching the assembled people mill about.

    “Want to guess how many of them are drunk or high already?” He said


    They spent the rest of the night together. Able to avoid total boredom by mocking the fancily dressed bores that populated these events.

    At the end of the night, he sighed,

    “I’ll tell people to back off you know? I only really have sway with some of the kids but it might help.”

    “Thanks,” Toni said,

    “It’s a shame if you were a little older ya know? But you too young for my kind of party.” He trailed after his parents who were shouting his name.

    Toni smiled. She guessed she did look like a baby to a fifteen-year-old, but he was still impressed enough with her to do her a favour.


    In late January Obie came to visit but the first night he went right to his room. Antonia was sulking in her room wondering why he ignored her this time, had she done something wrong?

    Jarvis came in sat next to her on the bed.

    “I am sorry young miss.” Jarvis breathed pulling a small box from his pocket

    “For what?” Toni asked meeting his eyes.

    “I’m not going to be able to save you.”

    “From what?”

    “I…” Jarvis started a sad smile crossing his face as he squeezed Toni’s shoulder unable to get the words out.

    He opened the box and clasped a necklace around her neck. She held the charm it was a locket. Jarvis was holding her in his arms on one side and the other was Toni with her Bucky Bear. heat stung her eyes, she didn’t know what was wrong, but the fear choking her was strong.

    “I love you.” He said and pat her head. He stood up to his full height looking down again at the poor child.

    She nodded and stared at the floor. She wasn’t even sure when the tears started to fall, but Jarvis had never said he loved her before. She wanted to scream. She was so alone, even with the heart on top of hers the love seemed hollow. And she was filled with dread unbefitting for someone so small, the words were haunting ‘I’m not going to be able to save you.’ She went silent, too scared to move too scared to even breath.

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  • @fableroot‘s photoshop action is soo good!! love it!

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    Howard is seriously offended by his pretty paws 😂

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  • howard knows how important art is to carrie, so he made sure that the contractor of the house added in a private studio.

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  • soooo carrie decided to move in….

    EDIT: i forgot to add that the home is by @archisim

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    I’m pretty sure this will be the Howard skirt for Jennifer Caldwell (UK Tour Boleyn and Howard). It varies substantially from Bryony’s Howard (Six Bliss). there’s also the possibility that it will be for the Breakaway cast.

    credit to @sladegabriella on instagram

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    Good morning folks! Hope you have a wonderful day 💖

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