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    and when you move, I’m moved 🌻

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  • if NFWMB is your favourite hozier song, youre a top

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    Originally posted by marci1900

    ((A/N: Just felt like compiling all of those indie/alternative songs that everyone knows and loves!))

    ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers

    ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii

    ‘On Top Of The World’ by Imagine Dragons

    ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men

    ‘Spirits’ by The Stumbellas

    ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford and Sons

    ‘Best Day Of My Life’ by American Authors

    ‘Sail’ by Awolnation

    ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People

    ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier

    ‘You Found Me’ by The Fray

    ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic

    ‘How to Save a Life’ by The Fray

    ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City


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  • #hozier #in the woods somewhere
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  • cannot stop thinking about this

    #this tweet lives in my mind rent free #i think about it approximately 12 times a day #allie talks#hozier
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  • types of people (based on my friend group)

    nanya: hardcore romantic, the mom friend, the smell of french perfume on a handwritten love letter, shameless flirting, a seductive wink across the room, stubborn™, killee fashion sense, tears at midnight, warm hugs, haunting trauma

    burrito: loud laughter, the smell of a warm fire, truth or dare at 2am, wanting to know everything about their friends, proving someone wrong, dancing in the rain, maniacal grins from across the room, bright eyes, creative, arguments, midnight snacks, the barking of a dog, doing something as a challenge, bold, comfortable, and feels like home

    jhadu (me oop): sly smiles from across the room, cold eyes, gothic novels, quoting Poe at the most innapropriate times, pale skin, blizzards, winged eyeliner, black coffee, dark chocolate, daddy issues, suggesting “kill them” to anything, would do anything for their friends

    tag yourself ;)

    #aesthetic #types of people #friend group#writing#funny #read this pls #slytherin#Gryffindor#hufflepuff #types of people as #books and literature #academic#idk#cool#vintage#hozier
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  • I find it wack how vastly personal opinions on things can change. And this isn’t about anything important or profound. Just when Take Me To Church first came out I full on detested the song, like it’d come on the radio and I’d feel sick. But now I just fucking bop to it and sing along so like character development.

    #And by character development I mean realising I'm a lesbian #jk jk#hozier
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  • I wish I had someone to love, who would write Hozier style poetry/songs about me…

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  • i love how hozier just accepts how much the lesbians love him

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  • he makes me laugh, head thrown back and eyes alive with happiness. he asks me to come closer when we sleep together, squeezes my hips and grins. he tells me I look beautiful in a black dress and heels with my hair messy and tangled but says he knows I’d look beautiful in anything anyway. he kisses my neck and my thighs and my hands and says “baby, you’re the most lovely thing my body has ever loved”. touches me in a way that makes me think, god even the sun hasn’t spilled her light on me like this.

    I can’t tell you what it feels like, to have a boy blush when I kiss him, no memorised pick up lines, sauve attitude or cocky mannerisms. he’s so honest, so raw and passionate. so in love. so in love with me.

    I used to think love was this anxiety-inducing dance for two, where everything had to be absolutely perfect. where things are painful and frustrating. where I have to chase and beg and call and entertain and cry and lose. always lose. but he’s right here now, sleeping on my shoulder. soft and sweet, with his arms around me.

    and I think he’s going to stay.

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  • You know what

    I’m honey and blueberries and winter nights and jasmine and looking at the stars.

    I’m 1-4 am when everything is peaceful and ok and there are only a few cars and everything smells clean

    I’m fire and knives and hights and the darkest part of night and I’m scared and scary but I’m safe and I feel like it.

    I’m the feeling when the wind is whipping around you and you can hear it and feel it and Im the feeling when you’re in an open field and you look around and feel free

    I’m hozier and singing and August rush and descendants and dancing around your room like an idiot and twirling in circles

    I’m writing that story. Im learning about that topic. Im history and documentaries and animals and I’m wondering about the future and feeling weird.

    I’m science and literature and art and running and im smart and a dumbass. I’m guitar and parkour and Italian and latin and learning even when I forget to for ages.

    And dear lord. I’m love and im anger and im that moment when you push it all down and I’m the moment when you let it all out.

    I’m feeling too deep and too much and I’m the way the light reflects off someone’s eyes and the rock you pick up for no other reason than it’s there.

    I’m that one line or quote that clenches your stomach and warms your chest and lifts the corner of your mouth and brings tears to your eyes without letting them fall.

    I’m making food and bird houses and never throwing a punch and hope and logic and dragons and foxes and late night drives and drinking in a park and shitty jokes.

    I’m coloured hair and a few tattoos and warm blankets and always knowing but never knowing and being good. I’m flower and bees and swimming and the ocean and coming of age movies and acceptance.

    I’m feeling free. I’m small details. I’m misunderstandings and contradictions. I’m learning and trying. I’m not perfect and im not even great but damn aren’t I enough

    See this is what happens when I get thrown into a certain mood. This is literally all my small details thrown into one post.

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  • is your high gay art even high gay art if it does not possess some modicum of religious guilt?

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  • Cherry Wine was made to be warm, loving, and inviting to listen to, and only if you look deeper and actually pay attention to what’s being said can you realize what’s happening.

    And y'all fall for it every time.

    Not to get deep, but that’s exactly how domestic violence works. Stop thinking Cherry Wine is your next wedding song. It’s not.

    #hozier#cherry wine #im tired of people making themselves look like idiots
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  • I’m in love with hozier help-

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  • Jesus fucking Christ, the way my soul takes flight when it listens to Sunlight

    1am is Hozier o'clock, shit

    Thank God you can sing, buddy @hozierofficial or else we would’ve only gotten poetry out of you

    While beautiful, it wouldn’t been enough, it wouldn’t have made my soul fly out of my body like this lmao thanks Bog Man 💕

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  • Well anyway I just discovered hozier and turns out every good emotion I had up until this point was a sham and I will now be disappearing into the forest to start my new life

    #like i had friends who listened but i never stopped to listen myself #goodbye to all those frienda btw as society shall never see me again #hozier #like real people do #this is my favorite one by far
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  • Can we 👉👈 run away ✨ together 😌and build 😊 our own 🥺 little cottage 😎 in the middle 🥀of the woods 🏵️ and can I 👀 put hozier on, both albums, because ✨vibes✨

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    Just a small reaction gif from behind the scenes of Hozier’s 2014 performance for Tenement TV.

    #Hozier #to brighten your day #since they've just posted this #gif
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    ‪ * . • . . : . • . * . . * • ☾ . • . . * • . *. *. • . * *. . •. *. • * . . *. •*. • . .* . *. • . . *•‬

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