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    If me reading WIP Dramione fanfics aren’t proof enough that I might be a masochist, than I don’t know what is honestly.

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    Helpless|| G.W

    Chapter 5: Angelina

    Warnings: mentions of drinking, cursing maybe? Idk, unedited crap.

    Word count: 1.3k

    A/n: another longer chapter. I’m so sorry for how long this one took to update. My life is a ducking disaster lol. This is unedited and I don’t like it but I felt like I owe y’all a chapter.

    Angelina Johnson could be described in many ways: a natural-born leader, kind, competitive, caring. Nevertheless, the only word to possibly describe her now would be annoyed. Annoyed at her overprotective parents who insisted on taking an hour to say goodbye, annoyed at the overtalkative muggle cab driver that was taking her to the train station, annoyed at George Weasley for breaking Y/n’s heart.

    Y/n and Angelina had been friends since their first year. Being put in the same dorm, it was pretty much impossible to avoid but the two got along great and their mutual friendship with the Weasley twins only helped the friendship grow. Now they were graduates, starting on the same career, and hopefully becoming roommates soon.

    Despite their close friendship Y/n never did tell Angelina what had happened between her and George. Angelina had begged and begged y/n to tell her what was wrong after the whole incident but Y/n never gave in. It wasn’t until after the twins left that Angelina finally dropped the subject.

    When the girl received the letter from Y/n asking her to come stay with her and the twins she was shocked to find out what had happened between Y/n and George. So she put her plans aside and decided to help her best friend out.

    Angelina didn’t even bother to knock before she barged into the apartment. She was never one to be subtle. The loud noise caused a very hungover Fred to jolt off the couch and land on the floor, a loud groan originating from him as Angelina laughed and pulled open the curtains to the small window. “Well, I guess you all had fun without me,” the girl chuckled. Fred just groaned again at the girl's words rolling over on the floor and pulling his blanket back over himself.

    Angelina made her way down the short hallway finding Y/n asleep on a spare mattress in what must have been Fred's room and George sound asleep in his bed. Ange just shook her head at the two and decided to let them sleep. She made her way back into the small living space to find a very grumpy Fred sitting at a small table.

    “Well don’t you look lovely?”

    “I’m never drinking again,” Fred grumbled as he slouched down to rest his head on the table.

    “That’s what you said last time after you threw yourself into the black lake in the middle of December,” Angelina responded, “It appears alcohol makes you a blithering idiot.” The girl started digging through the cabinets in the small kitchen looking for a tea kettle. Fred paid her no mind as she did.

    “In alcohol's defense, I do stupid shit completely sober.” Angelina just shook her head trying to hide the smile on her face. She had finally stopped digging through the cabinets and was now turning on the stove to start some tea.

    “Hey! How come you only woke me up!” Fred realized.

    “Because Y/n’s my best friend and I think I might slap George the second he is out of bed.” Angelina looked back to the ginger at the table. “Ew Fred stop drooling on the table!”

    “I am not!”

    “You are too!” She shouted back hitting him with a kitchen towel she pulled off the counter. Fred just rolled his eyes and snatched it from her before wiping off the table. “There is a bottle of pepper up potion in my bag, take it. You look like hell.”

    “So I assume she told you,” Fred stated as he searched Angelina's purse for the potion. “Unless you have another reason for wanting to slap my git brother?”

    “Do you think he was doing it on purpose?” she asked. “Leading her on?”

    “No. I think they were just really close and he didn’t realize that he wasn’t acting like she was just his friend. Or maybe he just hasn’t realized he actually has feelings for her. Either way, what happened, happened and there is nothing we can do to change that. He is really trying to fix things. But he wants things to go back to normal and Y/n doesn’t think they ever can.” Fred's voice was hushed as if he was scared either one of them would walk into the room at any minute. “I’m sure you’re mad at him, but honestly I think the best thing to do is act normal. They just need to remember how to be friends.”

    Angelina nodded. “I think we can do that.”

    Y/n felt surprisingly awful when she woke up. Which was surprising considering she hadn’t drunk all that much last night. Luckily for her, Angelina had come armed with several bottles of pepper up potion. Still, the liquid did little to lift her mood. She didn’t know why she suddenly felt so gloomy especially since one of her best friends had just arrived. Maybe it was because just last week they were leaving Hogwarts together, she just hadn’t had the time to miss Angie yet. Either way, not even Angelina could lift her mood.

    “Are you sure you are feeling okay?” Fred asked as Y/n dropped herself onto the couch with a groan. “I mean I’m the one with a hangover and you look worse than me.”

    “Physically? I feel fine. I mean the potion Ange gave me worked. Mentally: I feel like I've been hit with the Hogwarts express.”

    “You’re not the only one.” This came from George who had just now pulled himself out of bed even though he had been awake for nearly two hours. He also had the problem of a crabby mood without the hangover.

    “I can’t believe you three got shit faced wasted without me.” Angelina laughed as she squeezed herself on the couch next to George. The poor piece of furniture was obviously not made to hold so many people. George stiffened as Angelina sat next to him but quickly relaxed as everyone made room on the small piece of furniture.

    “I can’t believe Fred is still alive after he downed all that firewhiskey,” George chuckled lightly. “We’ve really got to get our lives together.” Everybody laughed at that although they all knew it was entirely true.

    “When does the shop open?” Y/n asked.

    “Grand opening this Friday,” George replied.

    Fred groaned. “Mum and Dad are coming.” Both girls turned to look at him. He just continued to stare into the fireplace. Then both girls looked at George who stiffened but didn’t say anything.

    “Look, we love our parents,” Fred started.

    “You know we do,” George added. “But the last thing we need on the first day-“

    “Is another reminder that our mum doesn’t believe in us.”

    Both girls' frowns grew. Exchanging a quick look before Angelina got an idea. Quickly standing from the couch she announced, “why don’t we all go out. I think a change of scenery would be good for everyone’s mood.”

    Angelina had been right in her plans to lift everyone’s mood. All it took to brighten both twins' day was some ice cream from Florean Fortescue's. Y/n took a little more time to come around, but after an eventful walk in the park. The group spent hours doing light shopping and exploring muggle London before eventually settling down in the leaky cauldron. The group picked out a small table, Fred and George breaking off to order drinks.

    “So how are things?” Angelina asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “And by ‘things’ you mean George and me,” y/n concluded. A knowing smirk flashes across her face.

    Angelina scrunched her nose at you, annoyed at how easy you were able to read her. “Okay. Yes, I was asking about you and George.”

    “I don’t know. Surprisingly normal I guess. Nothing has been awkward yet.”

    “Well, that’s good,”

    “What's good?” George asked as he sat down next to Angelina, Fred following and sitting next to you.

    “None of your business,” Angelina laughed, taking the drink that George handed her.

    And that’s when Y/n saw it. The large smile that spread over George’s face. The light blush that painted his cheeks as Angelina teased him. The worried look he threw at her. She didn’t know why she hadn’t seen it sooner. She was his best friend, she should have been able to tell. George liked Angelina.

    Y/n’s miserable mood was back.


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    #remus lupin #remus lupin x reader #remus lupin fic #remus lupin fanfiction #remus x reader #remus lupin imagine #remus lupin x fem!reader #remus lupin x you #remus lupin x y/n #anything for our moony #harry potter#hp #harry potter fanfiction #hp fanfic#imagine#hp imagines#hp imagine #remus lupin fluff #remus fluff #the marauders era #the marauders #harry potter one shot #remus lupin oneshot #remus lupin one shot
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    Has anyone read “Saving Harry” by The Seeker, who can tell me about pairings and such? 🙏

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    It’s you

    A gift for @snapesnailtape

    ✨ Snapecember 2021 ✨

    Week One prompt: First Date

    Tags: wlw Snily, trans!Sev


    “I know it has to be in here somewhere,” says Lily, sounding annoyed and exasperated.

    She’s looking for her frock in her trunk.

    “Maybe it’s in a separate box?” Sev suggests.

    She herself doesn’t have much where personal items are concerned, so she can’t really relate to needing to look for things.

    Lily’s parents can afford to spend a bit of money on her. So Lily always comes to Hogwarts with various items shrunk inside her trunk.

    The dress her best friend (and love of her life) is currently looking for is a mystery to Sev. Lily didn’t want to show it until it was almost time.

    Sev has a dress for the end of the year Ball too.

    It’s her mum’s old one from her Hogwarts Ball that has been gathering dust in the attic away from the prying eyes of her father.

    It will be the first time she’s worn something pretty. Sure it’s old and utterly out of fashion, but it’s only been worn once by her mum. Which actually makes it practically unused. Not a tear in sight.

    Sev won't need to do much to it at all. Just adjust in a few places. But not mend. Not this time.

    For once in her life, she will be wearing something beautiful. The fabric is as soft as velvet. Maybe it even is velvet, or something similar. Sev knows nothing about clothing and tailoring and fabrics.

    A black floor length gown with green trimming, long sleeves and high collar. Some black lace here and there.

    Too old fashion and too modest perhaps for the times. Sev doesn’t mind though. If she has to be entirely honest with herself, she might be too old fashioned and too modest for the times herself.

    Therefore she’s extra happy about her dress. Both how it is tailored and it being so beautiful.

    Maybe I am just like other girls, her mind supplies and she chuckles a bit.

    Sev only has ratty old clothes to wear during hols and on the weekends when they change from their uniform. She doesn’t mind that much. She’s used to being the dirt poor half blood. Sometimes she feels as though other wixen are afraid of touching her in fear of catching “the poor.”

    It should feel condescending. It doesn’t. Truth be told, Sev isn’t that comfortable with touch, any physical intimacy really. Unless it’s from Lily.

    Keep reading on Ao3

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    Brownies before Basketball

    summary; you and your friends play basketball while you’re high.
    warnings; drug use (marijuana), poor explanation of basketball (i don’t know shit about sports), chaos, roller coaster of emotions (not for u, for the characters). — 4k words. (HELP??!$#@# I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IM SO SORRY).
    characters; fem!reader, carmen moreno (fem!oc), holly knight (fem!oc), caitlyn chang, cedric diggory, niko clementine (male!oc), ernie macmillan, zacharias smith, hyde cyprus (male!oc), harlem cyprus (fem!oc).
    i changed cho’s first name due to the fact that the name cho is simply another last name (she is still very much played by katie leung). and it annoys the absolute hell out of me that jkr can’t even give proper representation and name an actual person w/o being a racist.
    disclaimer; please keep in mind that english is not my first language so I do apologize if there are any mistakes and/or such.
    a/n; i didn’t have my laptop so i wrote this on my phone so sorry for any mistakes :/ also this is kinda like if the baseball episode of greys anatomy and weed cookies combined + that one thanksgiving episode of friends, so i guess this is kinda inspired by those.

    As you entered your second week of summer, you decided to invite your friends over to hang around at your house. Especially after the muggle twins that lived next door to you had invited you over to play something basketball with them someday, so you decided to kill two birds with one stone and invite your friends over so you could all have something to do (plus you may or may not want to see your Pureblood friends get confused by the game).

    So when the day came, your parents were out of town for the week, and your house was already cleaned up as you wait for your friends to arrive.

    Cedric put both his hands in his pocket after pressing on the doorbell as he wait for someone to open the door for him.

    The door swung open after quick steps were heard. But when he saw who had answered the door, Cedric furrowed his brows in confusion.

    “Caitlyn? Why are you answering the door—”

    He was quickly cut off by the raven-haired girl, “Cedric! Thank God you’re here!” she exclaimed in a rush. Only now the boy noticed the frantic look on the Ravenclaw’s face.

    “What happened? Is everything alright?”

    Letting the boy let himself in, Caitlyn quickly speed-walked towards the stairs with the boy following in tow.

    “Absolutely not! You’ll have to see for yourself.” she replied as she ran up the stairs with the boy still following closely behind her.

    When the two made it upstairs, Caitlyn stopped in front of your door, blocking Cedric from entering in.

    “Okay before I show you, I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I arrived before you did and they were like this when I came in looking for them.”

    Arching his brow, Cedric asked, “Are you saying you broke into the house?”

    “Of course, not! Y/N told me where the spare key was some time ago.” she paused, turning around to open the door, “Brace yourself.”

    Arching his brows even further, Cedric was confused, why should he brace himself?

    When the door opened, a loud gasp was heard as a group of screams followed. A shush then erupted and everything was quiet, making Cedric pop his head to the side from behind the shorter much shorter girl (for some odd reason), letting his eyes scan the room, looking at his friends that were scattered around the room.

    You, Carmen, and Holly were on the corner of the room all huddled together looking caught and guilty, your hand covering Carmen’s mouth for some odd reason whilst Holly simply stared into the nothingness in front of her. On your front left, Ernie was splayed on the floor, propping his head up for one quick second to see who was at the door then dropped it back to the ground, continuing to stare at your bedroom ceiling. And behind him was Niko, who was sitting on your bedside table, knees to his chest as he also had a grip on your lamp, looking mortified as ever. Last but not least, half of Zacharias’ body was somehow hanging upside down from the roof of your four-poster bed, a guitar in hand. Cedric’s eyes looked skeptically at the six of you, darting from one person to the other.

    His eyes widen at the realization when he saw the one familiarity you all had, “Are you all fucking high?”

    A few seconds passed, the six of you looked at each other before bursting out laughing after being caught.

    “Holly made us brownies!” you exclaimed happily.

    “Have you learned nothing?! You should never eat whatever Holly bakes!” exclaimed Cedric.

    “Hey! How dare you mister—just because you’re a Prefect does not mean you’re a judge in The Great British Bake Off!” barked Holly, who was snapped out of her own little world at the mention of her name.

    “No he’s right, every time you bake, something bad happens — you should get your own kitchen.” all of a sudden sounding gloomier than before, you spoke from your spot, earning murmurs of agreement from around the room.

    Holly huffed begrudgingly as she crossed her arms, retreating back to her corner like a toddler, grumbling multiple complaints under her breath pettily.

    Cedric was about to scold the lot again when the doorbell rang.

    Panic raised in the two sobers’ bodies, turning around then back at the group, they look at each other, “Shit! I think that’s Hyde and Harlem!” said Caitlyn in panic.

    “Hyde and Harlem? What are they? Post-apocalyptic evil twins—” Ernie jumped out of his spot gasping, “—Are they?! Oh my god– my family– by parents! They’re all dead, aren’t they?! Oh my god– oh god– did they—?” he stood up from his seat, panicked cries booming around the room of stoned teenagers, “Those scumbag evil twins– it was them, wasn’t it? I knew they were no good! They’re gonna pay for this.” the Hufflepuff went to run out the room but was quickly stopped by Cedric who held his shoulders.

    “We’re all gonna die!” cried Carmen in the back dramatically, followed by the rest of the group who panicked their own ways — all as dramatic as the other, some even more.

    “No one’s paying for anything! And no one is gonna die! Sit down!” he pushed the boy lightly back to where he was before. “Look I’m gonna try and stall them, you lot stay here.” he announced then turning back to where Caitlyn was stood next to the door frame, “You, figure something out while I stall.” he quickly ran out and down the stairs before she could stop him.

    Taken aback, Caitlyn moved out of the door, facing Cedric who was already walking away, “Me? Why me?!” she protested.

    “I don’t know, you’re the smart one!” he yelled.

    “Hey! Just because I’m a Ravenclaw—” she stopped mid-sentence knowing the bit could no longer hear her and that she didn’t exactly know what her objection was, she sighed, grumbling as she walked back into the room.

    Caitlyn went to you and the girls at once, offering her hand out, “C’mon let’s get you all up first.”

    Your face stared in awe as you grabbed her hand, “You’re so pretty– is your Mum Aphrodite?” your voice sounded in a daze as you stumbled your way to standing up as you stared at the girl in awe.

    “Do you have a boyfriend?” asked Carmen who also had a hazy voice.

    The black-haired girl chuckled lightly, “Something like that.” she mused.

    The three girls groaned at her answer.

    All of a sudden, Holly gasped, making every head turn to her.

    “Are you a Mermaid?” she whispered loudly.

    Chuckling again, she offered the curly-haired girl her hand, “Unfortunately not.”

    Groans of disappointment rang around the room.

    A moment later as Caitlyn was busy getting the girls to even stand up from their corner, she heard the strums of guitar from behind her. Zacharias (still only showing half of his body from the roof of your bed) started humming a tune as his fingers strum a perfect chord somehow.

    Caitlyn wanted to get the boy down before he falls off, but she was also curious as to what he’s about to do next — what song he was gonna sing.

    “The stars are falling from the sky...

    And you’re the reason why...”

    The strums of his guitar going softly with his voice, even surprising the dark-haired girl.

    “The moon is shining on your face...

    And I finally think it’s found it's place...”

    The group of stoned teenagers followed along, humming the song with him. You, Holly, and Carmen bopping your heads softly — all very much in a daze still.

    Then the rhythm started to go a bit harder than before, “‘Cause maybe, baby, I just wanna do you, do you,” his voice going more high-pitched and louder.

    Caitlyn sighed at the sudden change of lyrics and intensity of the song, moving forward where Zacharias was, just a few centimeters away from his body thing upside down.

    “Do you wanna do me, do me? Underneath the moon—” his overly-high voice got cut off by the younger girl under him.

    “Zacharias! Get down before you hurt yourself!” she exclaimed.

    The Hufflepuff whined at the interruption, “Why...” elongating the word, making Caitlyn sigh.

    “You’re gonna eventually fall off, now get down before it happens.” She said sternly.

    “But Cait...” he whined again, “Don’t you wanna hear the rest of my song?” Flipping his body over so he was now facing the girl. “I wrote it for you...” he said cheekily, an ominous smirk playing at his lips.

    Caitlyn groaned in disgust at his confession — somewhat. “Oh hell...” she muttered under her breath in disbelief. Shaking off her disgusted thoughts, Caitlyn looked back up at the bit sternly, “Off!” She exclaimed, the boy getting down begrudgingly at once, words under his breath that were along the lines of Caitlyn being a ‘buzzkill’. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he stumbled forward and was unable to stop himself — Cait too was too late on catching him — Zacharias landed harshly on Ernie’s body that was splayed on the floor.

    Both boys yelled as Zach’s body hit Ernie’s stomach, Ernie being louder than the other seeing as every and all weight that belonged to Zach was now on him. “Get off you fat-arse!” Ernie exclaimed at the blonde who lay limp on top of him.

    “You’re comfy...” he muttered.


    Zacharias grumbled once more as he stood up at once, offering his friend a hand to stand up.

    All the while that was happening Caitlyn had somehow become confused at where the guitar Zacharias once held went, “Where’d it go...”

    She cursed herself for getting distracted, moving her gaze to the boy who was still sitting like a statue on Y/N’s bedside table.

    “Niko...” she said softly at her brother who still looked mortified. He blinked at the sound of his name, his eyes finally moving to where his sister was standing, “Hey buddy... Why don’t we get you down yeah?” She said softly, nodding along with Niko who slowly obliged.

    Everyone was now finally standing up, all in their own world, some giggling, some just simply existing.

    Caitlyn stared at the line of human chaos, unable to think of what next.

    Until someone spoke up.

    “What are we doing anyway?” exclaimed Holly from the far left, murmurs of agreements following.

    “We... Are going to play, basketball!” Cait said truthfully, trying to pull a response from the group. Some signs of their knowledge of the game.

    The group stayed quiet at the news.

    Ernie spoke up, “W-what’s basketball?”

    Caitlyn was about to answer the boy’s question when someone else beat her to it.

    “Isn’t it the one with the big stick and pillows on the ground?” You thought out loud.

    “No, dingbat!” objected Carmen, sparking hope inside of Caitlyn, “That’s Tennis...” she continued softly.

    Holly then voiced again, “Oh... isn’t that the one with the netted sticks– stick-nets–”

    The group continued to argue on what basketball is with Nicholas muttering, “I thought that was Lacrosse...” alone in the background.

    Caitlyn looked over the group of older kids, sighing as she was hopeless.

    “H-hey!” Greeted Cedric nervously as he opened the door, being met with the muggle twins themselves.

    Both giving him a bright smile, Harlem had a headband in between her fingers, fiddling with them. Hyde being on the other side of his sister, he held a basketball in his arm, a smile also decorating his face.

    “Hello?” Greeted Harlem, a tad-bit confused (despite her cheery expression) at the unfamiliar boy who had answered the door.

    “Did Y/N move?” Hyde whispered lowly to his sister — though failing as Cedric could still hear him.

    “Oh—no! I-I’m Cedric!” failing to keep hiding his nervousness, Cedric introduced himself.

    The twins’ eyes brighten at the mention of his name. “Cedric!” They exclaimed.

    Now it was the boy’s turn to get confused, “Yeah?” he stared warily at the two.

    Snapping out of their daze, Harlem was one to speak, “Sorry! It’s just– we’ve just heard so much of you. Y/N would not stop talking about you.” She said casually.

    Cedric’s cheek immediately felt warm at the news that you talk to people about him, “O-oh?” he said shyly, making the twins chuckle, nodding. For a few moments, Cedric was unable to form words in his mouth, his brain felt like it stopped working. Soon enough, he notices the two people standing in front of him again, he shook his head and plastered a small smile on his face, “All good things I hope.” He said smiling.

    “Well yeah, the best. It’s always, Cedric this, Cedric that, ‘Cedric won the Quidditch cup!’”

    “Oh—” he was surprised that the boy had mentioned Quidditch, which made Cedric almost object and make up a lie about how Quidditch was a muggle sport they had never heard of.

    “No need to fuss up a lie mate, we know.” Hyde reassures casually, which made Cedric a bit tense but overall relieved he didn’t need to lie about one more thing.

    “Can we come in?” asked Harlem.

    Cedric nodded in realization, moving out of the way for the two to enter.

    “So... Where is Y/N? And the rest of your friends? She said there was gonna be quite a lot of you.” Harlem mentions casually.

    Remembering about his group of friends, Cedric began to fumble nervously again, “They’re upstairs—” quickly thinking up a lie, “Freshening up!” not quite a lie actually.

    “Oh, okay.” the two muggles reply softly as they sat down on the dark blue linen couch.

    Silence passed the three for a moment, slight awkwardness (that was radiating off of the only wizard in the room) hanging in the air.

    “So...” Cedric started, moving over to the small ottoman across the couch, the coffee table separating the twins and the Hufflepuff. The two looked up at the suspiciously high-pitched voice that belonged to Cedric. “W-what’s it like, b-bein’ a muggle and all that?” he asked, that being the only thing he could come up with. Looking all innocent, Cedric rested his chin on his palm, smiling awkwardly at the two as he waited for them to say something.

    “Uhm—it’s, okay?” said Hyde, a bit unsure at what he was supposed to respond.

    Harlem was about to defuse the tension by saying something but she was stopped by a loud thud and a pair of yelling coming from up the stairs. All of the words that were in her mouth before were immediately bumped by the new forming ones, so she asked, “Is everything alright up there?”

    “Y-yeah.” Answered Cedric nervously (as per usual). “Y-you know what, I’m gonna go check on them– you two wait here and look pretty.” He said in a rush, not realizing what he had just said.

    “W-what?” they both said in unison as the boy ascended up the stairs.

    The boy barged into the room of stoned teens arguing over basketball.

    “What’s happening, why aren’t any of you sober?” he asked, all attention immediately turned to him.

    He looked at Caitlyn expectedly, waiting for an answer. The girl uncrossed her arms and started, “There’s nothing I could do about this! Marijuana usually lasts longer when ingested, I don’t know when they’re gonna be sober!”

    Looking around nowhere to be exact, Cedric tries to think of something — anything. But nothing came to mind. He looks up, your mouth falling agape.

    “Alright, I can’t think of anything right now so, I’m gonna have to ask you guys to act sober alright? As much as you can. You can do it, I believe in you.” He explained.

    All the while he was explaining and looking at you all expectantly, your mouth was still a wide O. Carmen noticed how you were staring at the boy, looking confused and disgusted, she lifted your chin to close your mouth only for it to drop again.

    Then all of a sudden his eyes met yours and you can feel your heart stop, “Are you a prince...” you said softly.

    Seeing as that was the only response he got, the boy slapped his forehead, his palm gliding down his face, trying to stay calm and not snap at your currently fragile feelings.

    He sighed, “If I say yes would you all do as I say?”

    A variety of agreements were heard from the group.

    “Alright then. Go wash your faces, we’re playing basketball.”

    Everyone stood in the middle of the court as the game was about to start.

    You had somehow changed into a white Tune Squad jersey along with the pants set. Everyone else were either wearing a shirt or a tank top and joggers. Carmen herself had a headband she had misplaced, making it cover her eyes instead.

    The Cyprus twins looked at your dazed little group — all still trying to act sober (failing terribly might I add).

    “Okay... Uhm,” started Hyde who was confused, “L-let’s choose teams.”

    Cedric looked around, specifically at the group behind him, “Uh—yeah, alright. Who’s gonna be the team leaders?”

    “You and I, can— if you want. Since I heard you were captain of your Quidditch team, and I’m captain of my basketball team.” Hyde continued.

    “Yeah, alright, uhm—”

    “Can I be on his team?” you cut him off, pointing at the boy himself.

    Cedric stared at you, then to Hyde.

    “No, go ahead.”

    After a surprisingly short team choosing session, you end up with Yourself, Zacharias, Carmen, Harlem, and Holly in Cedric’s team. And Caitlyn, Ernie, Niko, and Holly on Hyde’s.

    A few minutes into the game, everything went pretty well. Good actually, the boys seem to at least know what’s going on, whereas Caitlyn had to occasionally bring you and the other girls back to reality.

    Slowly but surely, those who are the brownies slowly lose their focus on the game. You had passed the ball to the opposing team on purpose because you thought Holly was pretty and Niko had also thrown the ball right at Cedric’s forehead, causing a few minutes time-out between the game.

    Now it was another five minutes into the game, you and Zacharias had one arm slung over the others’ shoulders the two of you singing the lyrics to ‘Stacy’s mom’.

    “She’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long...” your voices mend together as both of your free hands waved in the air.

    “Stacy, can’t you see?” Letting yourself free from Zach’s arm, you faced him as you subg the lyrics on his face.

    “You’re just not the girl for me...” he sung back.

    Harlem watched in confusion as she dribbled the ball, running towards her opposing team’s net.

    Holly was on the other side of the court singing along quietly by herself, swaying around in her own zone before Caitlyn walked up to her, hands on her shoulder, “Have you seen Niko?” she asked.

    The Hufflepuff took a moment to pause and think, “Oh, yeah. He went to chase for Alvin.”

    Caitlyn furrowed her eyebrows, “Who?”

    “You know... Alvin, the little guy. He uhm—he has two brothers, the other one is blue and smart and like—there’s the smaller chubby green one.” she explained all loopy.

    Furrowing her eyebrows further, she tries to decode Holly’s little imaginative explanation. Her eyes look like they could pop out of her head, “He went to chase a squirrel?!” she exclaimed, immediately finding her brother trying to climb up a tree in the distance, running towards him at once, leaving Holly on her own once more.

    “Hey! They are chipmunks! Those are different...”

    Soon enough, everything returned to chaos; Caitlyn was trying to get her brother off the tree before he could hurt himself (“I hate this deja vu,” expressed the girl), Ernie was somehow laid on his front on the floor, crying his eyes out for absolutely no reason and Carmen sitting quietly on his back, you and Zach had moved on to another song (“If long hair and tattoos are what attract you, baby then you’re in luck!”) and dancing around in circles, focused on your own moves though your voices moved in sync.

    There were so many things happening, the only two people sober who were aware of the situation had forgotten completely of Hyde and Harlem who was now standing next to each other, watching every scene in sight unfold.

    “They are definitely all high...” whispered Harlem to her brother.


    You woke up with a groan escaping your lips, you were confused when you didn’t feel or see even a slight of sunlight. When you open your eyes, you were in your room and it was dark outside, next your eyes scanned across your room, immediately noticing the brunette that was sitting on a chair, a book in hand.

    “Cedric?” at the name, said boy looked up with a smile on his face.

    “Hey, you’re awake...” he said, his smile not faltering.

    Then your eyes scanned across your room again, seeing all of your friends splayed out and all dead asleep. Ernie was on the floor next to you, a blanket underneath him along with a pillow, you could see spikes of brown hair at the end of your bed where a small ottoman was placed — probably Zacharias. On the end of your bed right next to Zach, Carmen was fast asleep on your feet, her arm draped over her eyes. On your left, you notice a mess of brown curls, moving the hair up a bit, you can see Holly sleeping peacefully. The only ones missing were Niko and Caitlyn.

    You looked back to Cedric, the boy already knowing what you were about to say, he nodded his head towards the direction of the other side of your bed, you carefully towered over Holly to see the other side (very careful not to wake her), seeing Niko sleeping peacefully with one of your stuffed animals in his arms.

    Sitting back on your side of the bed, your eyes fell to Cedric again, you were about to say something when a groan cuts you off.

    “Ugh... What happened?” asked the blonde boy to your right, his question waking the rest of the group (except Niko, presumably).

    “Holly baked.” replied Cedric as a matter of factly.

    Everyone immediately groaned at his response, knowing all-too-well what had happened.

    “Hey!” the baker sat upright in her spot, pulling out her defense and offense, “I was just trying to do something nice...”

    “Pot brownies are too nice Holls...” mumbled Zacharias, Holly only making a ‘hmph’ noise in return, then falling back onto her bed covering her face with your covers.

    Noticing the absence in the room, Carmen was the one to ask, “Where’s Cait? —Wait, I didn’t–” she paused, “I didn’t do anything too stupid, didn’t I? Cedric, please tell me she’s still my girlfriend...” she looked at him pleadingly which only made him chuckle.

    “Don’t worry, she still loves you.” he reassured, “She went home early, said she had to wash off the stupidity off of her.” he chuckled.

    Pausing for a moment, Carmen shrugged, “Eh, good enough.”

    Carmen’s question sparked a realization in yourself, you quickly looked at Cedric and as if he had read your mind (your expression showed it all, actually), he reassured with a smile, “I am still your boyfriend, don’t worry.”

    All of a sudden, Niko’s voice came out of the blue, “Hey, y’know Holls... If you ever decide to open a bakery, you should call these the Pot Puffs special, since you’re a Hufflepuff and all.” he joked, making his presence known to the room. His joke only made Holly groan from under the sheets.

    Popping her head from under the covers, she glares down at the bit to her right, “Say crap about my baking again, next time it’s rat poison.” Pointing her finger at him then continuing moving her head for everyone to see, she pointed around the room, “Goes for all of you lot.”

    this was supposed to be short whoops (could’ve been longer, this was the shortest i could go).

    #cedric diggory fluff #cedric diggory oneshot #cedric x reader #cedric diggory imagine #cedric diggory x reader #cedric diggory#ernie macmillan#zacharias smith#cho chang #cho chang x reader #harry potter imagine #harry potter#hp imagine #harry potter oneshot #harry potter goblet of fire #oneshots#fanfiction#hp fanfic#fanfic#comedy#basketball #oc x oc #oc x you #multiple characters #multiple characters x reader
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    FIC REC: A Problem for Another Time (Draco/Harry, G)

    Title: A Problem for Another Time Author: @jalesidor​ Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing(s): Draco/Harry Rating: G Warning(s): None Word Count: 6.6k Summary: Harry enjoys his evening walks by the Thames. Nothing to do with Draco Malfoy's dog, or Draco Malfoy reading poetry on a lone riverside bench. No sir. Nothing at all.

    This fic was stunning! I loved Draco’s dog, Harry’s tea obsession, their talks of literature and how they’ve grown into their adult selves. Just fantastic!

    You can find more recs in my tag and on my shelf.

    #drarry #draco x harry #draco malfoy#harry potter#hp#fanfiction #harry potter fanfiction #hp fanfiction #fangqueen recs fics
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  • cosbrarian
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #harry potter #harry potter fanfic #a christmas carol #fanfic#hp fanfic#hp fanfiction #harry potter fan fiction
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  • sorry-i-ship-drarry
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Wind in your hair

    Day 7 - Ice skating for hp de-stress feat @hpdestress

    It was a start.

    I knew it. Watching you with lingering glances was just a start but I told my traitorous heart to keep itself shut and move on with it but I knew it was just a start. A start of all.

    I knew I shouldn't had watched you like a crow, noticing every hour of your every day but I kept telling my heart to put shut but it only induced in me more adrenaline to see you, every second of every hour. I wasn't watching you a creepy way as someone would misunderstand, I was merely curious, at first at least. Watching you watch the book shelf attentively, your eyes going down like a ladder for the book of just your choice or while you were watching your teammates fly in the air so high, I could see you yearned for it but you had lost your incredible confidence or while you were reading the notice board looking for something new like a new letter would be posted for you there or just watching you walk across the hall with your hands in your pocket tucked away in the warmth. Here's the strange trick though, I didn't want to watch you, never by choice in the beginning but it was as though I had a sense everytime you were around me and I would not be able to help myself from watching you, so when I eventually gave up from trying to ignore my heart, I watched you and it was just a start, a start to knowing there's so much more to you than I had ever cared to venture.

    I knew you didn't hate me anymore, you smiled at me like you never used to before, I knew you didn't hate me but I didn't know if you liked me either. I could sense that you knew that I was watching you or maybe it was just Paranoia who kept telling me that you knew that I was watching but if you dif know that I was watching you, then I think maybe you enjoyed it, not the attention but just being cared enough to be looked at. I know it now. And if you didn't know I was watching you, then I think maybe you should've.

    Until the days when I first started realising that I was watching you more than doing any other thing, I never really thought about it or I didn't allow myself to think about it but seeing you do the littlest of things and smiling after small achievements made my heart beat faster in my chest even though I tried to avoid it. I thought that would be the most of it, my heart skipping a beat when I watched you smile but I didn't know there were so many levels of heart skipping faster and I only knew of it then when I followed you to the forest one late night after having being welcomed into a Narnia of insomnia. I carefully followed you without your knowledge and saw you like I did everyday but that night it was different. It left me curious as to what you would be doing at the lake in the Middle of the night but soon enough from shelter of the tree I saw you walk into the river, but not into, Over the river. I stared more carefully until I didn't need to anymore when you slid through graciously over the lake. You were ice skating and it was perhaps the most perfect thing I had laid my eyes upon, you ice skating. The way you slid over the lake with your shoes Making the scratching sound and your arms open to feel the air pass through you. I knew that you liked it because I had never seen you smile that much. It made you so happy, as if it made you feel alive. It made you happy to just be there and I was happy knowing I was seeing your happiness until it suddenly Struck me that I was watching you, not just tonight but everyday and perhaps you still didn't have a knowledge of it which made it more upsetting because I was watching you feel alive, feeling happier than you do in a day and maybe there's a reason why you keep your smile hidden all day so no-one would see but Only yourself, but I was breaking the boundaries and watching you be happy when maybe it could've so easily been a thing that you didn't want me to know it. So I walked away that night, hoping it would be the last but it had just been the start of something so tragically beautiful that I yet don't know where it's headed but the feeling of being around you and skating with you over thin ice had made me feel more alive that I ever had, even with the air in my lungs and heart beating loudly in my chest.

    So you make me feel alive Harry Potter, I don't know why or how yet, but it's just a start I suppose and I'll stay till the end.

    Day 6- in "that" phase || Day 8 - snowball fights



    #drarry#harry potter #draco x harry #draco malfoy#hp fandom #harry james potter #drarry prompt #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter fic #draco malfoy fic #drarry fluff fest #drarry fluff december #drarry fluff#drarry ficlet#drarry au#drarry fic#drarry microfics #drarry hp dress fest #hp fanfic#drarry ship#drarry stuff #drarry 8th year #gay#drarry oneshot
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    Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy

    Rated E, non-consensual touching

    After accidentally stumbling upon a private moment in Professor Potter’s chambers, Scorpius can’t get the image of Mrs. Potter out of his head. A chance encounter years later as a Herbology Apprentice leads Scorpius to the most exhilarating night of his life.


    Graphic by the wonderful cnova!

    #harry potter fan fiction #hp fanfic#fanfiction #hp rare pairs #rare pairs #harry potter/ginny weasley/scorpius malfoy
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    home for christmas | r.l

    remus lupin x reader

    requested by anon where the reader visits their hometown at xmas, and runs into their estranged childhood friend, remus.

    warnings; no pronouns used, mentions of food, fluff!

    word count; 1300+

    to be notified when I post, follow @mirclesjournal

    It had been an age since you’d returned to the town in which you were born. Your grandparents still resided there, reluctant to move away, even if their neighbours were no longer the nicest of folk. And this Christmas, they had insisted you were to come to them for once, a request which your parents could not refuse. You weren’t so bothered either, thinking it might be nice to walk the streets you used to as a child, and peer into the windows of your old house.

    One thing you had not expected too see upon arriving in your hometown, was someone (besides your family) you recognised from a lifetime gone by. But as it so happened, your old childhood friend was just across the street, oblivious to your bewildered stare. Remus Lupin and you were once inseparable, two children so akin that nothing could tear them apart, not even anything from their wildest dreams. You still thought of him, more frequently than you cared to admit, wondering how he was getting on and what kind of life he was living. You always thought him destined for great things.

    But it seemed childhood loves could be quite easily torn apart, for children have little control over their own lives and little knowledge of the world around them that cared little for the wants and wishes of its inhabitants. When your parents informed you of the distance that was to separate you from Remus, neither of you would comprehend the toll it would take on your friendship. Of course, you promised to write everyday and convince your parents of weekend trips, but as it so happened, you never once received a letter from him.

    For days you sat by the front door, wishing and hoping that a letter from Remus would appear on the floor beside you. Yet each envelope that fell through the door did not display his handwriting, nor his mother’s. The postman began to notice your sadness deepening, and even gifted you a lollipop one morning. But the temporary happiness would not distract you from your friend slipping away and the realisation that there wasn’t anything you could do to get him back. After that day, all your anger was poured into a heated letter, stamped with vigour and launched into the postbox beside your new house, and you never wrote to him again, nor did you ever receive a reply.

    Now staring at him in the flesh, you almost let him walk away, disappear around the corner with all the answers you’d waited years to hear. They were answers only he had and that only he could give to you. Even after all those years and the making of new friends, Remus had always lingered in the back of your mind. Perhaps it was because of the crush you’d had on him and the type of fondness that came with it, but even without it, he was the best friend you’d ever had, and it hurt that he broke his promise. It might have been easier to bear had the friendship fizzled naturally under the burden of distance, but the abruptness stung more painfully than the dull ache of time.

    “Remus! Is that you?” you called out to him–he looked rather taken aback, though you weren’t surprised. You were probably the last person he ever thought to run into on the street.

    “I can’t believe it,” you continued, crossing the street so you didn’t have to shout over the road and draw attention.

    “Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asked with a surprised smile.

    He had grown up handsome, as you were sure he would. His old and tattered jumper hung over his slender frame, engulfing him rather endearingly. His wooly hat covered his hair but for a few wisps, and his cheeks were stained pink in the winter chill. But he was well dressed, well mannered and irritatingly just as he always was. You hoped maybe he’d turned into some criminal, that way there’d be an easy explanation for the pain he had caused you.

    “Here for Christmas, my grandparents never moved away,” you laughed, watching his eyes survey you.

    “You look great,” he complimented, “It’s been so long since I last saw you.”

    “Well it needn’t have been, all you had to do was write,” you scoffed, trying to hide your festered anger with humour, though he did not find it very funny.

    “I did write,” he replied solemnly, “I wrote nearly every day. That was until I received a rather angry letter from you telling me you never wanted to see or hear from me again,” he furrowed his brows and crossed his arms, defending himself as he thought he should.

    He too was hurt by the crumbling of your friendship. He’d no idea what he did wrong, and that letter broke his heart. He was about to post another when it came through the letterbox as he reached the door, but he left it in his room as he cried over the lines you’d written in such anger.

    “No you didn’t! I never got any letter, that’s why I wrote what I did. I was angry and upset, but I probably didn’t mean half the things I wrote. I reckon I’d cringe to read it now,” you winced, thinking of your childish fury.

    “Still got it,” he scoffed, “And the last one I wrote you, but I never posted it,” he sighed, looking down to the book he’d tucked under his arm when he began conversing with you.

    He took the book and opened it to the page he’d been reading last, revealing a very old envelope with childish scrawls across the front. It was crumpled in places and most of the corners were folded over, but your name was clear as day at the top. He rubbed his fingers over it before folding the corner of his page in the book so he didn’t lose his place.

    “Here,” he said, offering the letter to you.

    It was an unbelievable thought that he’d kept it so long, and so close to him too, somewhere he’d see it all the time and be reminded of you, perhaps with feelings of bitterness, or perhaps not. You were anxious to read it, words written so long ago. You were two different people now, maybe not even compatible for friendship. Perhaps the words would seem foreign to your aged eyes and matured brain. Perhaps it should be read by the heart, for that had barely changed, especially when it came to Remus, a boy you thought would remain only in memory.

    “Rem!” you gasped, “This address is awfully wrong,” you laughed, tears of relief forming in your eyes, “This must be two towns over from where I live.”

    “What? But that's the address I wrote on all your letters!” he cried, taking the letter from you and reading the address, “The very same!” he concluded.

    “Well no wonder I never got your letters. I take it I owe you an apology,” you laughed, wrapping your arms around him tightly, an embrace that had been so longed for for years that you couldn not stop yourself from initiating it.

    Remus was startled at first by the gesture, but his arms quickly fell into place as he hugged you tightly. The two of you were trying desperately to reshape your memories with the new information bestowed upon you, which meant neither of you were the villain of the story. Neither of you wanted to let go, but as you pulled away from him and his warmth, you smiled brightly, to which he felt inclined to return.

    “I’ll buy you a coffee, maybe even a Christmas cookie, if you want,” you giggled, “And then maybe we could catch up?” you asked nervously.

    “I’d love that,” beamed Remus, falling in line with you on the pavement, venturing to reach for your hand, only for you to close the distance and hold on as tightly as him.

    #remus lupin fanfiction #remus lupin fluff #remus lupin fic #marauders fanfiction#marauders fic#marauders fluff#marauders imagine #remus lupin imagine #remus lupin x reader #remus lupin x y/n #remus lupin x you #remus lupin #marauders x reader #marauders era fic #marauders era fanfiction #marauders era fluff #marauders era x reader #hp fanfcition#hp fanfic #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter fic #harry potter imagine #harry potter christmas
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    Hermione can see this sentiment. If using a runic method to fix the Cabinet worked, it would enable Malfoy to do what he was tasked to do by Voldemort. Maybe it would have been best not to engage with him in this matter. Though she supposed that getting any closer to what he was up to still had its risks.

    Excerpt from the upcoming ninth chapter of The Dance of the Death Eater and the Muggle-Born. Available to read on AO3 & FFN

    #hp #harry potter fanfiction #hermione granger#draco malfoy#dramione#dramione fanfiction #my fics: the dance of the death eater and the muggle born
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    REMINDER: Please confirm your assignments!

    Hey, all!

    Claiming has been open for a week now, and we already have so many participants signed up with us! I honestly couldn't be happier! I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with this round.

    This is a quick reminder to those who have signed up thus far: you should have already received an email verifying your selected prompt.

    If you have gotten that email and have not yet responded back confirming as such, please do so at your earliest convenience. I want to make sure everyone who asks for an assignment receives all the info about it, and that everything's good to go.

    If you know you have submitted a sign-up request and for some reason have not received that email, please let me know ASAP.

    If you have received the email and have already replied to it, then you're good to go, so please disregard this message. :)

    The email should have been sent out via Airtable, but replies will return to rdfestmod@gmail.com, which is where you can reach me in the event that you have any questions/comments/concerns, and/or if you need to let me know you haven't received your assignment yet.

    And finally, if you haven’t had a chance to claim yet and would like to, you can find all that info here!

    Thanks for your time today! I should have submission info up for you soon.

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  • wheezywizardweasleys
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    I started writing this story as a sort of comfort hobby to take my mind off of things, and I never expected anyone to read it!

    But yesterday it hit 2K reads and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am 🥺 If you’ve been reading from the start or if you’re a new reader, I appreciate you so much!

    #ily guys#fred weasley #fred weasley fic #fred weasley fanfiction #fred weasley x reader #weasley twins#george weasley#harry potter#hp fanfic#hp
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  • sarmofishy
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    The final installment of Sick Days In which Hermione is feeling better and has her favorite potions master to thank for that.

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  • harrypotter-imaginees
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    Quidditch rivalry (part 2)

    „I worked the last fucking three years for this spot, and I’m not going to let some newbie takes it from me.“ He said through his teeth „Got it!?“ Was the last thing he said before he pushed himself off the wall, grabbed his broom and walked angry to the locker rooms. Your cheeks turned red, and your heart was pounding. You hated how hot he looked. But you wanted to show him that you're not some spoiled newbie.

    For the next few weeks, you attended every practice and always showed your best side. You could see in Oliver's eyes that he hated the attention that everyone gave you. But you knew he needed you on the team, you were the best chaser from the team.

    Today you played your first game, against Slytherin, and they were known to play dirty. Before the game started, Oliver pulled you aside and said „I hope you take that game serious y/n. I don’t want to lose because of you. So stop showing off your skills and focus on the game.“ You wanted to say something back, but he already walked away. The Weasley twins walked up to you and Fred said „Scared Y/n?“

    „A little“ you answered“ „It's alright, we felt the same before our first game.“ George said.

    „What happened?“ You asked. „I took a bludger to the head two minutes in“ Fred said. „And I got knocked off my broom from some Slytherin Chaser“ Said George. „That's not helping“ You said. The twins walked laughing to the Quidditchfield and you followed them.

    *Ten Minutes later*

    You were on your broom holding the quaffle in your Hand and flew in the direction of the Slytherin Keeper. You threw the ruffle in the air and kicked it in the left loop. „Ten points for Gryffindor“ You heard Lee saying. Everyone cheered, and you saw Oliver, who looked a bit jealous because everyone loved you more than him.

    You scored two more times and the whole attention was on you. You grabbed the Quaffle and flew to the gate from Slytherin. But suddenly two Slytherin Chasers encircled you. Adrian flew on your right and Flint on your left. You tried to get rid of them, but they wouldn’t leave you. They only squished you more in between them. In the time you tried to get rid of them, you didn’t notice the bludgger who flew towards you. You heard someone else shouting „Y/n watch out“. You tried to dodge, but it was too late. The bludger hit your stomach and a terrible pain went through your body. You were knocked off your broom, and you were plummeting to the ground. You thought you heard Oliver screaming your name, but maybe it was just in your mind. Your body hit the ground and just a few seconds later you felt two hands pulling you closer. You opened your eyes a little, and you saw Oliver holding you and looking for help. Then you passed out.

    *A few hours later*

    You opened your eyes and saw someone siting on your bed. Their back facing you. You cough to get their attention. The boy turned around and looked at you. You were expecting seeing Harry or one of the Twins, but the boy who was now looking at you were Oliver. You smiled a little and said „Thanks for being there for me.“ „Mhm“ He flatly hummed. „Okay what’s your problem Wood? I try to be nice, but it seems like you’d rather fall off the planet then talk to me“ you said angrily. „My problem is that you were so caught up in taking in all the cheers that you couldn’t pay any attention to the game!“ He answered. „That's NOT true. I worked my ass up on this stupid field. And maybe I'm not even the problem, you should stop being such an di-„ Your words were caught off by his lips crashing onto yours as he cupped your face with one hand. You were shocked but quickly gave in to his soft and warm lips.

    Should I make another part?

    #hp imagine#hp #harry potter imagine #harry potter #oliver wood smut #oliver wood imagine #oliver wood #oliver wood fanfiction #oliver wood fluff #oliver wood headcanon #oliver wood x you #oliver wood one shot #oliver wood x reader #Oliver Wood#part 2
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    Jily |  WC: 4,435 (WIP)  |  Rating: General  |  Canon Divergent

    PART 3/6

    The Order safehouse was more busy than usual, with several groups of people scattered around the main room either planning out upcoming missions or waiting for the debriefing for their latest.  James and Remus were huddled over a desk, going over plans for a reconnaissance mission that involved sneaking in and out of the Ministry of Magic unnoticed, a task that was proving particularly difficult to map out.

    “You know what would have really been helpful for this?” Remus asked as he stood up straight and stretched out his back.  “If someone hadn’t quit his cushy ministry job and lost his full access pass to the entire building.”

    “I can’t even bother to feel bad about that, Remus.  I haven’t filled out a form in two years.  It’s liberating.”

    Remus chuckled and shook his head, but his retort was cut off by the sound of the door opening.  Lily walked into the room, peeling the scraps of a torn sleeve off of a nasty wound on her arm, and headed straight for Moody’s office without a word.  It’s been a year since Lily rejoined the Order, but although she’s been instrumental in several of their victories — hell, she saved Sirius’ life in the Department of Mysteries a few weeks back — James couldn’t help but wonder if this was the right choice for her.  At first he assumed that she would slow down once her anger and grief burnt out, but she’s been as active as ever.  By all accounts, she’s adjusted quite well and her behavior seems perfectly normal, but James was still saddled with the uncomfortable feeling of being left bracing for a crash that never quite came.

    “She’s fine,” Remus said from beside him.  “You don’t need to worry.”

    James turned to Remus, only now realizing that he was still staring at the door Lily had closed behind her.  “I’m not worried.”

    “You should tell that to your face, then.”

    [Continue Reading on AO3] [Start at the Beginning]

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  • sallyjavery
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Chapter 21: Strategy Space

    “No,” she said again, softly, the word escaping in a puff of frosted air that shone silver in the deepening twilight. Harry shifted at her side, and when Hermione looked at him he turned his eyes from where Neville stood, flanked by Ron and Pansy, to meet her gaze. She could see her own disbelief reflected back at her, but beneath it something else: a grim certainty of purpose that she had not seen on his face in over a decade.

    It was the truth of loving him, Hermione knew, to live with the fact that Harry was the person who would always run towards rather than away, would throw himself in front of curses and lay down his wand and walk straight into the flames. She hoped he could see it in her face as she squeezed his hand, that this was what she chose - that he, Harry, was what she chose - even knowing just how easily he could break her heart. Even knowing what he was about to do, and knowing that she would love him for it all the more.

    Harry swallowed, hard, then nodded. For a moment he squeezed Hermione’s fingers tightly between his, and then he dropped her hand, and stepped forward.

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  • slytherweasley
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Paranoia (Oliver Wood x reader)

    Warnings: smut unprotected sex, oral male & female receiving swearing, underage drinking

    Summary: Y/n and Oliver have been avoiding their feelings for each other, the sexual tension is always unbearable for anyone around you. In order to get over the awkwardness y/n and some friends play paranoia

    Gryffindor lost one of the easiest games against Hufflepuff in a while, everyone was off their game, Oliver is fuming, that is an understatement.

    You let him be for a while and everyone in the quidditch team separated for a while. That was until Angelina and Alicia knew how to cheer everyone up, they each went around to various quidditch players and got them to sit at the round table in the common room for some games and drinking.

    All that was left was Oliver, they couldn’t play without him but no one was game enough to confront him. “Let’s just wait until Y/n gets here” George says “Why are we waiting for me to get here?” You walk up to the six of them sitting around the table “You’re good friends with Oliver” Katie says “Yes that’s right” “Could you invite him to play?” “You guys are that scared of him?” “Well when he’s angry he’s scary” “Okay fine I’ll go.”

    You knock on his dormitory door, there’s no answer but you know he’s there. You try the door and it’s open, he’s hugging a pillow laying on his bed sulking.

    “Hi Oli” you smile approaching him “I want to be alone” “Everyone is about to play some games in the common room, it will cheer you up” “No it won’t” “There’s alcohol” “Fine” he was clearly still upset. “Come here” you wrap your arms around him, you feel his strong arms hold you close to him as he melts into the hug.

    You and Oliver have a complicated friendship, you love Oliver in more ways than one and so does he but neither of you do anything about it. Oliver’s lover is Quidditch and you can’t be second to a game so you decide not to do anything about it.

    Oliver sits across from you at the table. You play cards, board games and finally Lee Jordan brings up Paranoia. You’d played this game many times before, it always ends up being awkward.

    “Explain the rules for new players” Fred says.

    “You whisper something to the person on your left or right that relates to a person in the circle. That person has to say a player in this circle’s name that applies to the statement. A coin is flipped, heads you have to say what the statement was, tails you never get to reveal what the question was even after the game. You can skip if you don’t want to answer but you must take a shot.”

    Your name was said a couple times but you didn’t get to find out what it was. Usually it starts tame and progresses from there. Angelina whispers in your ear “Who do you think is packing the most downstairs?” It’s quite a tame question compared to previous games played. “Oliver” you try not to chuckle or smile. Angelina flips the coin, landing on Tails. Oliver gives you a look like he already knows what the question was, the aim of the game was working, you’re paranoid.

    Katie whispers to Oliver, he contemplates on whether to drink or answer “Y/n” he answers, the coin lands on heads, Oliver and Katie look at each other. Katie chuckles “Who looks like they give the best head” you blush, Oliver has no shame, he takes a sip of his drink while meeting your eyes.

    As the game progresses it turned into a sex filled game, every question revealed seemed to be about sex, the hormones raging from the table was almost unbearable but alcohol helped numb it a bit.

    “Who do you think would give you the best most mind blowing sex of your life?” You chuckle “Fred, it’s not going to be you” “Are you sure?” “Yeah though I’m sure Angelina would” “Hey! Don’t bring me into this, it’s your question” “Fine, Oliver” “Hmm what a surprise, never thought I’d hear that name” Fred says sarcastically. The coin flips to heads Fred repeats the question to everyone.

    It had come to the point where it was terribly obvious you and Oliver just wanted to rip each other’s clothes off and go at it all night.

    Everyone was done with the game after it got to be too much “Angelina do you want me to come help you with that thing?” Fred asks “Uh yeah I did need your help with that.” “I guess we are crashing in Oliver’s dorm tonight” George says to Lee until they see the two of you eye fucking each other from across the room.

    “Alicia?” George asks “Just stay the night.”

    You didn’t know how to talk to Oliver, you weren’t going to ask if he wanted to fuck so you put your head down and walk past him. He grabs your hand, you look up at him and subconsciously move closer to him. He pulls you into his body and kisses you.

    “Do you want to spend the night with me?” He asks, you smile “Yeah, I do.” You go up to Oliver’s empty dorm and make out on his bed both our hands roaming each other’s bodies. The kisses are passionate and desperate.

    When you felt comfortable you led Oliver’s hands to the bottom of your top giving him permission to take it off. He breaks the kiss for seconds to take it off, he quickly removes his shirt revealing his prominent abs, he’d worked hard on. You’d seen them before and almost tripped over when he lifted his shirt to wipe his face with the bottom of his shirt.

    He breaks the kiss again his hands at the button of your pants “Can I?” He asks “Yeah” he unbuttons them and throws them on the floor. His fingers move up and down your clothed slit he uses a finger to put pressure on your clit, you moan against the kiss. His fingers slip into your underwear, he feels how wet you are already, he rubs your clit with a couple fingers in circles.

    You have to pull away from the kiss breathlessly. You throw your head back with your eyes screwed shut letting out little moans. Oliver watches you carefully, he lifts his fingers off your clit for a second to pull off your underwear, you unclip your bra leaving you naked on his bed.

    “You’re so pretty, darling” he says a finger moving down your stomach, you blush, somehow embarrassed by his statement and the fact that he is seeing you completely naked for the first time. He spreads your legs and gets down close, he kisses your inner thighs before using his tongue to lick up and down your pussy.

    His tongue works on your clit while his fingers move inside you. Your hands grip the side of the bed, you let out loud moans “Please Oli, feels so good” “You’re doing so well baby” he continues eating you out until you finish, your chest rises and falls as you finish with a loud moan of Oliver’s name. He smirks when he sees how ruined you look.

    “You’re a good girl” he pinches your nipples and massages your breasts as you catch your breath. “Lay down” you tell him and undo his pants pulling them down all the way followed by his underwear.

    You use your hand to spread the precum around his dick. You put him all the way into your mouth hitting the back of your throat. You move your head up and down using your hands for what you can’t manage. Oliver’s loud in bed, he praises you making sure you know you’re making him feel good.

    He gathers to ur hair pushing your mouth all the way, you move faster up and down almost gagging on him. “I wanna cum inside you, sweetheart” you do as he says hovering over his cock. You sink down slowly, both of you moaning at the feeling. You bounce up and down “Good girl” he holds your hips with his calloused strong hands moving up and down and guiding your hips “Making me feel so good.”

    You bounce up and down fast bringing both of you to your high. You finish around Oliver and he finishes inside you.

    You lay beside him your legs shaking as he cleans you up. “Lay there until you feel better darling” “Stop calling me pet names Oli, you’re making me feel some way” “Sorry but you are my darling.” “That better mean you want to be my boyfriend” “I would have thought you figured that out ages ago” “I thought you just wanted to fuck me and get it over with,” he chuckles. “If that’s what I wanted I would have shot my shot ages ago.”

    #harry potter#hp imagine#smut #oliver wood angst #oliver wood x you #oliver wood x y/n #oliver wood fluff #oliver wood x reader #oliver wood fanfiction #oliver wood smut #oliver wood imagine #oliver wood
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  • hinnyfied
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    I think this is the fic that I'm most proud of since I started writing. It would mean a lot to me if you gave it a read!

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