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  • aka-a-shii
    17.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Them applying lipbalm and you kissing their lips to share

    Haikyuu Boys x Fem!Reader

    includes sakusa, akaashi, suna, bokuto & kuroo

    Warnings: none just fluff

    a/n: Hello~ Aaaahhhh I haven’t written in awhile and yes I missed writing so much 🥺 i had been busy with work nowadays 🥺 also this was based on this tiktok i saw and ever since i can’t stop thinking about it 🥺


    He was facing the bathroom mirror as you walked inside to get the hamper for laudry as you spot a black egg-shaped thingy he was holding. “What’s that Omi?” you asked. “Its a lipbalm babe.” he opened and applied some on his lips. “See?” you nodded in amusement. “Do you want some?” he said as he extended his lipbalm to you. But instead of taking it, you put down the basket you were holding and tiptoed to kiss him. “Nope! This one’s better!” you said nonchalantly and left the bathroom leaving your flustered husband glued on the floor.


    You were organizing his home office desk when you noticed a black stick thing lying near his journal. you picked that up and smelled it, and it smelled like (your fave fruit)! you were lost in trance that you didn’t notice Akaashi coming back to the room until he said, “Love? What are doing with my lipbalm?” you almost had a heart attack because of that. “Oh~ this is a lipbalm?” “Yes love I used it to moisturize my lips. Oh and its (your fave fruit) flavored.” he then reached for the lipbalm and applied some on his lips. “My lips are kinda dry these days due to the weather.” he adds. but without a second beat, you reached for his collar and placed a gentle peck on his lips. “You’re right! Its (your fave fruit) flavored!” you said as you tapped his chest and left him there, awestruck.


    “Babe? Have you seen my lipbalm?” “Nope~” Suna replied without even tearing his gaze from his phone. “Ugh. I can’t find it anywhere!... Can I use yours instead?” His head suddenly perks up. He def knows that the moment your hands land on his precious lipbalm, he could never hold them ever again. “Wait! Y/N!” He suddenly sprints to your shared bedroom. You were about to pick up his lipbalm but he immediately grabs it from your hand. “Rin!” “Uh-uh. You can’t have it.” he tries to reason as he lifted if up away from your grasp. “Just a little pleaseeeee” you tried to reach for it but failed due to your difference in height. “Nope.” and he even put some and puckered his lips to taunt you. “Fine!” you gave up, but as soon as he pocketed his lipbalm, you tackled him down and kissed him. “There! Now my lips are moisturized!” he was speechless then after. Serves him right!


    “Kou? Where are you?” “I’m in the bathroom!” you heard his muffled reply and set foot to your bathroom, you saw his broad back flashing through the door as he busied himself in front of the mirror. “Kou what are you doing?” you asked. The moment he turned around, shocking was an understatement. He had some of your mud pack on his face! “I was trying your mud pack baby! I wanna have smooth glowing skin like yours!” he enthusiastically answered. your heart can’t stop swelling from your husband’s antics. you watched him until the last step of your skincare routine “There all done! How do I look?” you gaze at him lovingly, “You look so handsome baby!” “Oh wait! Forgot something!” he then took your cherry chapstick and applied some on his lips. “I really love this flavor.” Bokuto comments you slowly cupped his cheeks and guided his face closer to yours then pecked him gently. “Yeah, me too.”


    You were lounging in the living room while Kuroo was reviewing some documents for work on the coffee table. “Kitten, can you get my pen from my satchel?” “Sure thing” you replied as you reached for his satchel beside you. You were lookimg for his pen when your eyes caught something else. “Tetsu, why is my lipbalm in your bag? I had been looking for this!” Kuroo suddenly halted his movements. “Kitten, I had been using it. My lips are chapped due to the cold weather. See?” he retorted and puckered his lips towards you. “Okay~” he sensed you’re kinda skeptical about it so he reached for the lipbalm and applied some on his “chapped” lips. “There! All moostirized!” he then looked at you. “Lips are kinda chapped as well. Let me moisturize it as well.” he nonchalantly and kissed you. Sneaky bastard.

    Hello~ REBLOGS would be very much appreciated! Thank you!!

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    17.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #b.3k match up event #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fanfic#hq matchups #hq x reader
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    17.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    210917 KBS Kpop YouTube Update
    Yunho - Deja Vu Fancam
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    210917 Naver Update
    210913 ZERO : FEVER Part.3 Showcase
    #ateez#yunho #e:zero: fever part 3 #p:naver#hq #ev:zero: fever part 3 showcase #cr:naver#210917#210913#210913 hq
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    17.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    210917 Naver Update
    210913 ZERO : FEVER Part.3 Showcase
    #ateez#yunho#ot8 #e:zero: fever part 3 #p:naver#hq #ev:zero: fever part 3 showcase #cr:naver#210917#210913#210913 hq
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    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    fnf songs that rely too heavily on the background music my beloathed

    #i like watching f n f videos when im bored and this one was an hd remake of m idfight mas ses #the sprites are hq and at the same time lq its so bad #and the songs have been remixed to rely on the background music so bad you cant even hear the actual dudes voice #hissing #dee.txt
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  • robindrabble
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A little vice, and reverse!

    NSFW fic (although just a head's up, I did it for balance in the chapters' size but you can actually not read the NSFW parts (chapters 3 and 5) if you don't want to and just enjoy a T-rated fic - with a lot of sexual tension nonetheless - without it being damaging to the plot.)

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  • complexgods
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #kuroo smut#hq smut#haikyuu smut #haikyuu x reader #kuroo x reader #anon#answered #oh to cockwarm the stress out of kuroo :(( #I just… hmm I’m in love with him okay
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    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #haikyuu!! #hq akaashi #akaashi x reader #akaashi x female reader #pwp#ao3 #kuroo tetsuro x reader #bokuto #bokuto x reader #bokuto x akaashi x reader #fanfic#writing#mafia au
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    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    your muse finds this little guy on the street, what do they do.

    #(ooc) #mini yams is all i need on a friday morning #good morning everything is shit so i'll be lurking here and doing drafts because hq and this rpc are super serotonin doses #smooches on your cheeks be kind to yourselves and take a break when you need one <3 #i'll be replying to discord messages too my attention was stolen away last night #but!! i'll be here shortly
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    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Army HQ 1 STC Jabalpur Recruitment

    Army HQ 1 STC Jabalpur Recruitment

    Army HQ 1 STC Jabalpur Recruitment 2021, Group C 21 Post Army HQ 1 STC Jabalpur Recruitment: HEADQUARTERS 1 SIGNAL TRAINING CENTRE  has published a notification for the post of Group C (Lower Division Clerk, Civilian Motor Driver, Civilian Teaching Instructor, Stenographer Grade-II  Vacancies. The official Job Publish Date 16/09/2021. The following application is for the recruitment of…

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    #ARMY HEADQUARTERS 1 SIGNAL TRAINING CENTRE #Army HQ 1 STC Jabalpur Recruitment #Central Government Jobs 2021 #Civilian Teaching Instructor recruitment #Jabalpur Recruitment#Stenographer Recruitment
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  • dr3ken
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    norwegian wood / miya atsumu

    words from yours truly: murakami thats it. this has been in my drafts forever so yea u will notice the change in style genre: fluff . idk. pairing: miya atsumu x gn!reader warnings: manga spoilers at the end

    his mother had told you, to break his overinflated ego, you should ask him to read out loud. he was never one for academics, let alone serious literature, and if it weren't for the fact that his and your relationship was a lot more than it was in grade school, he wouldn't have obliged.

    so miya atsumu reads.

    murakami, to be exact. you're pretty sure that he's not paying attention to the words that he's scratchily reading out loud, and instead focusing on his hands in your hair, but you listen nonetheless.

    "naoko smiled and shook her head," he stops to clear his throat as his half-asleep eyes roamed across the page. you can see the dogeared cover through your own groggy pupils, and his hand holding the book. "no, two will do. one is for you to realize how grateful i am that you came to see me here.."

    you miss kobe, you really do. paddy fields , pool rooms and low-lying houses over tokyo life any day. you still think you stick out in the massive sea of oddballs that make up the capital, but you've only got to roll over in bed and see someone who fits in perfectly with city life.

    he takes the hibiya line like a natural, manages to get a seat before ginza, not get pushed or shoved at crossings, stay up till midnight at izakayas and yell back at the neighbours when he's the one who's too noisy.

    and then there's you who needs to swipe your metrocard twice before getting onto the subway.

    if it wasn't for him, though, you're pretty sure you would have ran back home, crying. you're lucky you love him, and more importantly, he loves you, because you've seen what happens when miya atsumu does not love back.

    it hurts. it hurts like the way you jump into water and land flat on the water. it knocks the wind out of your lungs, it stings like dotty needles that run across your skin and burns like hell. it hurts because it involves him. and he does not know middle ground, he never has, so whatever he does will either hurt like hell or make you feel like heaven. you have felt both, felt them till it's him, him, him that fills your bones, flows through your blood and drops from the tips of your eyelashes onto the ground.

    and despite that, you choose to love him. you love him for both. he knows, but he shows love in different ways.

    an eight kilometer run at 6 in the morning. puffs of short breath and gravel crunching. "can you not go any faster?" ending up in him carrying you back.

    ironing your clothes on sundays because he's particular like that. organising your cupboards when you can't find that one top you liked.

    brutally honest, but it helps. "you look poor." "you literally told me this dress looked nice a day ago?!" "yeah, but you have better ones!"

    different ways, unconventional ways. he jokes at dinner parties that anyone else would have gone mad with him, but you're an angel to put up with him. you are, and he knows that as he grows old he does a better job of appreciating you for that.

    foresight is not his forte - he'd rather live in the moment. he will fall out of love with what he does, go through the motions, end a contract, start a new one, but he knows you will be there. he wants to go back to kobe one day; he loves tokyo, he really does, but a house in the countryside doesn't sound like a bad place to spend the rest of his days. and you'll be there, with him. he knows that you'll be sick of tokyo soon enough, so he's already started saving up for that.

    he reaches the end of the paragraph, ingloriously. his ego is broken for the night, and you're afraid after all the stuttering it'll take a while to come back. good thing they're playing ejp the next game.

    "i want you always to remember me. will you remember i existed, and that i stood next to you here like this?", and he pauses. "always, i said. i'll always remember."

    © dr3ken mmxxi do not modify or repost reblogs are appreciated! masterlist

    #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff #atsumu x reader #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader
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    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #oha şunlara bakın cok tatlilar agagsjwndkwnxks #jjk#hq#haikyuu#tokyo revengers#matching pfp #ayy cko güzeller #itadori yuuji#gojo satoru#hinata shoyo#kageyama tobio#chifuyu matsuno#baji keisuke#anime icon #CKO ETIKET ÇÜNKÜ HERKES GÖRSÜN BUNLARI #jujustu kaisen
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  • gojosflame
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    how the haikyuu boys tease you in public <3

    randomly mutters good girl under his breath, "oh i like that", sighs a bit deeper than usual while leaning back, lets his head fall back to expose his neck while laughing, says "i got you" but slowed down juuust enough for you to feel the sultry undertone. smirks when he sees you glare at him, your thighs slightly clenching make him chuckle. casually slides these into the conversation, but he knows exactly what hes doing to you ;)

    - daichi, kuroo, ushijima, sakusa, k. ukai, terushima, suna, meian

    talks softly and when you say you can't hear him, leans down to almost whisper in your ear. takes his time to say the most mundane things, just to watch your face heat up. always has a protective arm around you, while guiding you through crowds or just sitting on the couch. lets his arm wander just a bit, a bit lower on your waist or an inch away from your chest till you excuse yourself.

    - tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, akaashi, hanamaki, osamu, kenma

    hugs you from the back, pulls you into him just enough for you to feel him against your ass. rests his face on your shoulder and has his sunshine smile so nobody suspects a thing. rolls his shoulders to ease his muscles, gives you a sneaky wink when he catches you staring. has a hand on your thigh whenever you are sitting beside each other, squeezing it mindlessly as you squirm

    - bokuto, asahi, nishinoya, hinata, tanaka, yaku, atsumu, ennoshita

    #haikyuu smut#hq hcs#haikyuu hcs #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #hq x you #haikyuu x you #daichi x reader #hq smut #oikawa x reader #kuroo x reader #bokuto x reader #suna x reader #tsukishima x reader #akaashi x reader #ushijima x reader #iwaizumi x reader #sakusa x reader
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  • sunaerin
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    + anniversary

    + haikyuu boys (timeskip) x f!reader
    + MDNI - 18+ 

    I wasn’t able to thank you guys for all the support in such a short span of one month since creating this blog, so for a very overdue 500 followers appreciation post (we’re also just about to hit another milestone), here is a small token of my heart to you !! (ty for everyone’s kind words and respecting my rules, this is for you guys so please enjoy) 

    i’ll take the time to edit this tomorrow, but until then... enjoy and read past the mistakes please 😭😭😭

    # 1. rose petals & sweet aromas - 1.5k

    Your boyfriend had the night fully planned - to treasure you, love you, and glorify you. The moment you ended work, he’ll be outside your building waiting to pick you up with a nice outfit on, and donning the cologne that he knows… drives you utterly insane.

    So there you were, in the passenger seat, with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, as you basked in his glorious scent. He looked so beautiful, especially his side profile - with his jawline that could cut through the hardest of surfaces, with his hair properly polished -  everything about him made you want to strip him dry and fuck him right there… 

    but, he would catch you stare, and when he did he’ll give a grasp of your thigh and simply tell you, “Not now princess, you can have me later.” He shouldn’t have talked, because his husky, manly voice made you want him more. So in order to alleviate your tension, you firmly clenched your core... but your perceptive boyfriend notices you slightly squirming in your seat, and knowing you were frustrated, he simply chuckled at how cute you were, simply letting you suffer at your own sexual frustration - because he was going to take care of you later tonight. 

    He’ll properly treat you to fine dining, asking you about your day, reminiscing and laughing about the past you two shared… and how thankful he was for you to be in his life. He’ll be holding your hand through the whole night, where his thumb gently rubbed against yours - never failing to let you go… he wanted you close, always close to him so you could hear the rapid beatings of his heart whenever he would look at you. He wanted you near so you could feel the nervous pulse that resided in his blood as he stared deeply into your eyes - he loved you, and you were confident he did so, never once questioning his allegiance to you. He always, anniversary or not, made you feel love and adored.

    Finishing up your meal, he lets you know that the final destination was a hotel room he’s booked, so he simply led you back into his car and quietly drove listening to the soft serenades of Nat King Cole playing within his stereo. He’ll have you wait outside the hotel door for a couple of minutes, and once he was all set and ready he’ll bring out a blindfold and guide you in. There he would lead you into the hotel bedroom - nervous but anticipating of what he had in store, you gripped his strong hand with both of yours and followed through. 

    “You ready baby?” you heard a whisper coming from behind you, as his voice tickled your ears as he placed a chaste kiss on your neck. When he heard your soft compliance, he chuckled while gentle caressing your body, “Such a good girl for me, daddy’s got you tonight.”

    When he takes off your blindfold, you’re met with a sight that makes the ducts of your eyes quickly water. You immediately pulled him close, completely moved by his efforts of tonight. There before you, was a dimly light room with the scent of your favorite candles were drifting within. He had pictures of you both that he had stored for the past years of being together with you. And placed in the middle of the bed was a small velvet container. 

    “It’s not a proposal, YN… but I really want you to know that I’m serious about you… so take this as a promise that I’ll have you mine one day.”

    With your hands on his rosy cheeks, you pulled him in for a kiss - letting him know that you’ll wait for as long as he needed, because you were his and his only. 

    The night was long for you both. He will slowly strip you of your clothes, kissing every fine detail of your body, as he littered his canvas with marks of love. He’ll pull you into the bathroom, as he proceeds to wash your delicate frame, as he slightly tickled you with his soft touches, where he would trace along your body line. 

    He’ll have you closely wrapped within his arms, close to his body, as he ran his hands through your hair, further pulling you in for a deep kiss- a kiss that left you wanting more, a kiss that instinctively made your hand go down towards his erection - to palm his strong manhood. And with the touch of your warmth on his red, swollen head, he felt you glide your thumb across his slit, causing him to let out a soft moan and small growl. Wanting you at that moment, he would place his forehead on yours with both his hands on the sides of your face...

    “Let’s go back into the room, bunny… Let me show you how much I adore you. I want to make love to you.”

    And there you were, sprawled out in bed, as he had you pinned under his body.

    He started off with kissing your forehead, moving down the expanse of your small body, and only to stop and land at your core - dripping and wet from his touch. He took his time to glorify and become enchanted at such a pretty sight before him - you naked in full glory, prettily spread out just for him... made his dick twitch every time he saw you so vulnerable. You gripped his hair as he made small blows at your cunt, as he played with your bottom lips with his long fingers. He’ll eat you out till he’s gotten you to cream on his digits at least twice, before he would even consider to insert himself in. He needed to know that he’s properly stretched you and prepped you enough for his length. 

    Your boyfriend was always considerate of your comfort. Despite the countless of times you took him, he still went in slow - painstakingly slow, often causing you to quicken the pace yourself, only to be stopped him pulling out to tell you you weren’t ready yet. He would check to see if you showed any signs of discomfort on your face and when he didn’t... that was when he’ll further press in. And when he’s bottomed out, you both never failed to release the first gluttonous moan together - where your arms are tightly wrapped around his neck, and his arms are fully embracing your body, where your chests were directly touching one another... to the point you could feel the vibrations of each other’s moans from within. 

    Tonight was a night that signified as a testimony of love and faithfulness for you both. So on such a special day... he won’t let you sleep, even if his cock is steaming red from the overstimulation, his goal was for you to fully feel his love - even if that meant no sleep for you.  He’ll take in different positions - missionary, doggy, flat iron, but he’ll always end it with breeding. He’ll position his cock directly lining your womb, shooting in his load as he directly faced you… not giving you room to breathe but simply inhale him as your source of air. He wanted you to scratch him up, bite his shoulders, grip his muscles - to simply show him that you’re desperate for him and that he was doing a good job. 

    Just as you were crazy about him, he was infatuated with you. As he pounds into you, with his throat full of grunts, groans, and gasps… he’ll still push through despite being tired, and the painful ache of his cock radiating through out his body. 

    He’ll desperately hold you close, fearing that if he let you go, you would disappear from his grasp so he holds you even tighter. He’ll place a long lick from the base of your throat, as one hand held it tight to stabilize your face to continuously look at him... and he’ll hungrily kiss your lips leaving them bruised and red from his biting and pulling. 

    He specifically got a room just so that it can overlook the city lights, and high enough so that even if he fucked you against the windowed wall no pedestrian could see such intimate acts unless they really strained their neck. So, he’ll quickly pick you up and take you to the window. You were embarrassed that people might see, so you hid your face into the crook of his neck but he reassured you that you were going to be alright. As he let you down, he quickly spread out your legs wide, pushed you against the wall where your breasts flattened out from the pressure, and immediately inserted his cock into your hole without any sort of warning causing you to gasp harshly at his thrusts.

    Feeling full from his length, and being unable to concentrate from the nervous feeling of someone possibly seeing, you unintentionally clenched your pussy tight, forcing out a moan from your boyfriend - pushing his body against yours, causing you to squeal at the impact. He loosely gripped your hair, making your back arch, and had you leaning into his chest, as he bit your shoulders and continued to paint your neck with marks as he ferociously grunted while he pistoled in his cock into your abused, dripping cunt. 

    the night was young... so embrace yourself from the limping you would most likely suffer the next day...

    And when he’s concluded that he couldn’t take it anymore, and he’s most guaranteed that you’ve been fucked dry; he’ll release his last thrust, moaning from his overstimulation as trembled in your arms, while he further proclaimed his love for you. 

    The night will end with you falling asleep in his strong arms, as he had you tightly wrapped within, where he would take the time to caress your head, place soft gentle kisses alongside your sweaty face - complimenting you for being such a good girl. And when he’s deemed that you’ve fallen asleep, he’ll wash you clean, put you on a fresh set of panties, and wrap you tightly in the comforter as he gazes at your sleeping figure with a small smile on his face, and a small tear falling from his eyes - he thanks the gods of what they’ve given him… for you were the greatest gift of all. 

    +. kuroo, daichi, iwaizumi, bokuto, akaashi, kita, osamu, hirugami, sakusa, ushijima, kageyama

    #2. the sensual fragrance of mommy & daddy - 1.1k

    These are the boys that wouldn’t mind much on how you celebrated the night - luxury, casual, at home, or at a hotel… didn’t matter. These were the boys that simply wanted their mommy because their daddy was ready always ready for them.

    He’ll have a casual night planned for you both, but the whole day he was simply itching to get inside of you. But despite his entire horny, he’ll still treat you with dedication and respect… until that is… when you reached the final destination - then that was fair game for you both. He’ll try his best to prepare a romantic dinner for you both. He can’t cook for the life of him, so he’ll take out your favorite foods, and have them neatly placed at his apartment… but he won’t forget one thing - the dessert. As he prepares to have you over, he chuckled at himself for possibly forgetting… for he couldn’t wait to try something new with you and that made his balls tickle.  

    As a fine gentleman, he’ll head over to your apartment to pick you up, only from you both to quickly head back to his place (he’ll make sure that you brought an extra sets of clothes… because he’ll more than likely rip off them off despite already having sex and having washed up just a couple minutes before.) He’ll have your favorite flowers ready for you at home, and your favorite wine prettily displayed next to the meal that he had set. He will most entirely make sure you had a good amount of food within your system… he’s gonna need you to keep up with his stamina because…. Well, he wasn’t going to let you go quite easily tonight. 

    When he notices that you were almost done, he’ll giggle as he pondered about what he had planned for dessert. “Why are you laughing…?” as you eyed him suspiciously. With an all too innocent face, he’ll respond with a shrug to his shoulder, “Nothing… just happy you’re here with me” proceeding to give you a wide and innocent toothy grin. 

    He doesn’t waste a minute after you were done. He’ll quickly pick you up, and take you to his bedroom. Knowing that you’ll cramp if he took action right after you ate, he planned to give you some time to digest… as he chose to play with your body…. He quickly runs to the kitchen, and he comes back rushing into his room with something hidden behind.

    Your boyfriend was a liar, and it was you that fell into his trap again. 

    He had you flat down on the bed, with a blindfold on as his strong arms gripped yours above your head as he proceeded to finger you. He was strong, so you were simply trapped in his grip - but you never complained… for his oral game was truly immaculate. He’ll be at your side proceeding kisses, licks, and small touches upon your body - where he would lean over to your pussy, giving it a small kiss before he proceeded to eat you out. 

    “You like that mommy?” as he swirled his tongue languidly across your nerve bud. With your back arched and squirming under his grip, he sucked harshly at your clit to get an answer from you. “Ngh, y-yes! Daddy you’re so good!” Chuckling at how cute you were, he gave your pussy a slight slap leaving you to instinctively to curl your body for the stimulation. Suddenly you felt the mattress convulse as he proceeded to shake something harshly. And then a couple of seconds later, you would hear the static nose of something protruding out and ending up on your body. It was cold… and he placed it on both your nipples, a straight line across your stomach, and all around your cunt - thick and heavy.

    …. This was what he was laughing about. Fuck. 

    He would excessively swirl his tongue as he licked you dry from the whipped cream, watching your body move in accordance to the movement of his tongue. “Daddy, I wanna touch you.” Hearing you whine, he let go of your arms and quickly settled in between your legs, licking his lips - excited to fully experience his main course. 

    He wasn’t worried about cleaning you up, he’s got that taken care of. Whether you cream all over his face, squirt all over his mattress or simply sweat up the whole comforter - he didn’t care, his only attention was eating you out and pleasing the fuck out of you, so he goes all out. He’ll split your labia open, with both his arms firmly pinning your thighs... He’ll proceed to give your pussy one full lick as he eats up all of the sweetness but... he’ll then keep his mouth fully encasing your cunt, continuously sucking on your clit - watching you unravel under his power. With your bottom lips still open, he’ll take a good look at your pussy and watch your tight, cute hole clench under his grip - and that makes him go off. 

    He’ll quickly coat his cock, his member leaking of precum as it glistened in the dark night, and he’ll teasingly tap his erection at your cunt, leaving you to gasp at the feeling. “Daddy, hurry pl-” just when you were about to finish your plea, he harshly penetrates … fully basking at the warmth of your inside, “Mommy, you ready to make a little baby tonight?” he teased as he brows furrowed from the sensation of your tight hole surrounding his pulsing dick. 

    He’ll have your legs firmly pinned against your chest, as he further pushes in his cock into your velvet walls. Your boyfriend loves to tease you; never forgetting to position his dick just right so that it glazed your sensitive spot. And when you were good enough and deemed worthy to cum, he’ll reward his mommy by fully hitting that spot, having you releasing your fluids and squirting all over him and his clean bedsheets - leaving you a heaving mess, trembling in his hold. 

    “Mommy’s so good to me. Daddy loves you, and he’ll make sure we have a baby tomorrow” he whispered as he held you close.

    You knew the night was going to be long… the nights where he had his mommy kink raging were the times when you honestly feared he would literally fuck a baby within you… but, it was something you both talked about and more than ready to take the next steps with him. If the gods blessed you with his baby, then you would gladly accept... but until then, playing mommy and daddy with your love would be more than enough.

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    #3. the pampering and smooches - 1.7k 

    He’ll ask you to stay over the night before, just so that he could wake up to your beautiful sleeping face first thing to his the morning. Currently at 6:43 am, a bit too early to be awake on the weekend but he doesn’t care, he wants to spend every minute with you on this special day. He has his head stabilized by his hand and he lay sideways next to your body… simply smiling at your cute face as you snuggled close into his frame. He’ll gently shake you, trying to get you to wake up, but unsuccessful... he’ll simply place gentle grazes with his soft fingers across your body, cooing into your ear, “princess, wake up... play with me please.” 

    Despite his calm demeanor, your boyfriend was simply ecstatic. He wouldn’t stop fidgeting the day before nor did he think to stop running his mouth about what he had in store for today - he simply desired to see your face glimmer in happiness as he treated you out. 

    Knowing you’ll wake up soon, and probably throw a tantrum for being hungry he decides to make breakfast. Even though it killed him to leave you alone in bed, where you were cuddled tight into him like a baby koala, he pulled himself off of your grasps, leaving you with a soft kiss to both cheeks, and simply proceeded to make his way to the kitchen. 

    You wake up to the aroma of sweet souffle’s and fresh fruit, and the rich aroma of coffee permeating your senses. The apartment was littered of beautiful flowers and candles to light your way into the kitchen - there you saw the man of the hour dressed up in an apron looking domestic and lovely as ever. 

    He had breakfast set up, simple but yet intricate in the fine details of table placement and decorations - this was the start to your day, a beautifully dressed boyfriend and you… you’re still in your pajamas. 

    He’ll have the one item that you’ve been saving up to purchase or have always been wishing to have in the back of his car, getting his phone out to record your genuine reaction when he presented it to you. If he didn’t make you cry... you knew he would probably be sulky the whole day, so you forced out a tear by slightly pinching the side of your thigh. Despite his large frame, your boyfriend was still a little boy at heart, and his purity was embedded in his bones that no matter how old he got, he still maintained the precious heart of a lovestruck boy. 

    Every moment with you was a moment treasured, and he wanted to film every single second with you… always keeping you close in his memories. 

    The first stop was the mall. 

    He wanted to pick up matching love rings from Cartier, specifically engraved with both your initials with a delicate heart next to it. Never did he think about the price tag when it came with you, but today… it didn’t matter if he went bankrupt, he was going to spoil you dead. 

    Checking to see if there was anything you wanted, he’ll take the time to walk around the mall - taking note of everything that made your eyes sparkle. He’ll then take you to the five star spa for you both to enjoy a full on couples massage. Donning on face masks, and getting every inch of your muscle unwinded… he was on the verge of crying from the pain of his tense muscles caused by the strenuous workouts as an athlete... but more so, because his pain tolerance was far below zero. 

    When the masseuse was gone, he wouldn’t fail to quickly get up from his bed, with a smile so wide and a bit scary, to land you a kiss and cuddle in your bed, where his large frame would stick out causing him to desperately hold you even closer hoping he won’t fall. Telling him to let go, he’ll whine ,”just a couple of minutes baby... I missed you”, until he would spring back to his bed just before the worker would come back. 

    He’ll top it all off with a mani/pedi for you, as he sat next to you asking if you wanted anything to drink or if you were hungry. He’ll caress your head, and run his fingers through your hair, simply awestruck at your beauty and just thankful that you were his. Where he wouldn’t forget to jab a compliment here and there to the nail lady about how amazing you were and how lucky he was to have you. 

    Finishing the night off, he’ll set you down on the dinner table and have you watch him prepare a full course meal for the night. His shirt sexily cuffed to his elbows, where you got to witness the veins of his arms protruding from his muscular arms… the sight of him domestic and so husband-like made your mouth water, and your pussy firmly clench. 

    Your innocent boyfriend was a victim to your savage heart... and you were unapologetic about it. 

    And just when you think he was done for the night, he’ll pull you in close, grabbing you by the waist as he held you still; he’ll look into your eyes, lovingly asking you if you had a good day and if you felt loved. Pulling you in for a gentle kiss, he’ll tease you by biting your lower lip and softly tugging on it to elicit a moan out from you, “well, sorry to say… I’m not done with you yet angel” just before he smashed his lips passionately into yours, leaving you no time to object or take in a breath. He’ll prompt you to jump by tapping on your thigh, quickly obeying you’ll wrap your legs around his waist... where he’ll firmly grab your buttocks as he made his way to his bed. 

    He’ll softly lay you down, with him hovering over you, elongated the kiss but when you both start to run out of breath, he’ll end the kiss with a bit of spit still connecting you both… looking into your eyes to simply tell you, “I’m going to take care of you tonight, so you just lay there pretty, okay?” 

    But you wouldn’t allow that… he’s been so good to you the whole day, every day, all the time.... you wanted to at least appreciate him by showing a small portion of his pampering back. You’ll let him take control just for a little bit, until you’ll stake your prize. 

    He’ll kiss your body, run his soft tongue from your lips to your pussy, as he kissed along in his tracts. He was a pussy worshipper, being so delicate to your womanhood, offering light licks and kisses to your clit, while he would also stiffen his tongue to let it enter your hole. He loved it when you grabbed his hair and clutched it firmly as it elicited out a moan from you. He’ll have his pretty slender fingers inside your cunt as he passionately licked your overstimulated bud - he had no plans of stopping until he tasted your sweet cum and felt the vibrations of your thighs tightly pressed against the sides of his face.

    As you came down from your climax, with breaths unsteady and beads of sweat on your forehead, he’ll come back up to meet your lips only for you to stop him... and with eyes that he could never resist… “can I please suck on your cock… I want it” all with a cute pout - double combo of defeating your boyfriend. 

    Despite him adamantly stating that today was your night, he could never say no to you - especially with sex. So, reluctantly he’ll abide. You asked him to lay on his back as you propped a pillow behind, for him to have better stability and comfort, and with a chaste kiss to his lips, you simply let out our wish, “let me take care of you just a bit, I want to do this” and with a nod from him, you proceeded to make your way down - not forgetting to kiss every inch of his finely sculpted body, passing by each abdominal muscle, and grazing past his v line on his pelvis, all the way down to the inside of his thighs where you place a gentle love mark, and finally to his painfully erect cock which glistened with precum. 

    You started with simply licking the salty liquid from his slit, swirling your tongue as you playfully split his tiny hole. Your boyfriend had not only the length but also the thickness to his manhood, often causing your jaw to ache when you tried to fully take him in. As a solution, you had one hand gripping the base of his cock, as you put his cock inside your mouth, while the other fondled with his balls. 

    The sight of him moaning, and arching his back from your actions made your core feel tight - just with the sight of him alone squirming could make you cum… But, you wouldn’t… not yet, not until you made him cum. 

    You’ve been researching about the male’s genitalia and you happened to find out that their g spot was located in their rectum… and ever since finding out... all you’ve wanted to do was try it on him. Knowing full well he’ll never approve on a normal night… this was your chance and you weren’t going to let it go. 

    So, before he could get a chance to catch on to sly plan, you palmed at his length as you inserted your middle finger into your mouth to lubricate it to the best of your ability. When you felt ready to try, you started by teasing his hole with your thumb as you continually gave him a blowjob - rubbing it softly against the soft plush of your thumb, you felt his hole clench and the arch of his back increasing its angle. You heard him slightly moan a bit louder from just the touch alone, where his breathing would become hitched from the new sensation.

    Bingo! you got him under your mercy now. 

    And just when he would least expect it, you slowly started to prep him with your wet finger. 

    When he felt you insert your finger into his anus, his eyes blew wide as he attempted to prop up his body, but you were quick. You quickly pushed his chest down and latched your legs around his hips as you positioned yourself for a 69. There… he’ll either be forced to either just bask in his newfound sensation or appreciate the sensation while he enjoyed the taste of your wet pussy again. It was his choice, but you weren’t going to stop. 

    So he took what he could, and started playing with your slit... but his technique was off because all you felt was the clenching of his nails harshly into your buttocks, as he pressed his head further into his pillow unable to handle the weird sensation occurring in such an unexpected region.

    With now a full finger inserted in, you curved your finger around two inches down from his hole, trying your best to quickly find his sweet spot in his rectum, because you didn’t know how much longer you could pin him down. He was being merciful to you with his strength... but you weren’t sure how long that would last, so you needed to hurry.

    And then… when you hit a gushy portion of his inner walls, you felt his butt clench, his cock twitch, and the muscle entrapping your finger grip hard and slightly spasm - you found it. Quickly taking action, you started to rub your finger against his gummy walls, picking up your pace as you saw his balls move up and down with your stimulation and his cock pulse with heat. 

    He was begging you to stop, as he let out sweet curses... but you didn’t listen. As you lightly pulled on his sack, with your mouth warmly encasing his cock, you continued to graze your finger on the g spot, not caring if your boyfriend was squirming relentlessly under your reign.

    Never had you heard your boyfriend whine like today, and never had you seen him so stimulated - you were proud of the mess you made of him, and if he was willing to try... you wanted to implement this into your sex life more often. You were even willing to beg because seeing your boyfriend so aroused made you easily climax... without even being touched - it was a win for you both. 

    With his breath heaving, and his large palms gripping your buttocks, he let out desperate moans, “YN, s-stop… I’m going to c-cum if you keep going… I can’t… ngh fuck” and just like the times when he would let you cum, you firmly let out, “then cum” as you continued to proceed with your lewd acts. And hearing your command, and the dominance in your voice, he bucked his hips into your throat making you gag at his sudden force, with a finger still inside his rectum, you continued to push in and out of his hole… and he came, and he came hard. 

    Allowing him to bask in his climax for a bit, and catch his breath, you simply cleaned him up with your tongue taking in all of his cum, releasing his cock with a pop to your mouth, you slowly released your finger from his hole, and proceeded to wipe your hand before getting a chance to touch him. 

    You found your boyfriend with his long limbs laid out in bed, with an arm placed over his eyes, with his chest heavily grazing up and down as he tried to catch his breath. You softly positioned your body on top of his so you could kiss the sides of his face and place tender love marks onto his neck, as you lightly grinded on your hips to his aching semi erect sock, pulling out soft moans from his lips as he gripped your waists to properly position you on top of him... whispering into his ear that he was so good and that you were ready for him to show you who’s daddy.

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    #4. the lax and chill - 1.1k

    Celebrating an anniversary was never a thing for you both, always opting to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of each other’s presence… so this year, just like any other year, you both were entangled in bed without a care in the world.

    The clock currently reads 12:43 pm and from the looks of you both, with hair messy and drool leaving your mouths, greeting the world wouldn’t happen until an hour or two later. Anniversary or special occasions were days like these - simply staying at home, watching a movie or two, and ending the night with your favorite take out and sweet sex. You both liked stability, and quiet and often resorted to normal and mundane rather than glam and luxury. So oftentimes than not, dates would look boring to others, but to you both … it was the time of your lives. 

    Surprisingly he’ll be the one that wakes up first, and when he sees your sleeping figure, he can’t help but chuckle at the sight. Hair sprawled out in all directions, with a hand under your shirt revealing a portion of your tummy, and shorts raised up where he could see a peak of your cute butt - no other sight was more beautiful than your natural form. 

    He’ll have a small breakfast prepared for you both, nothing fancy or crazy - an omelete and toast, with a cup of iced coffee. Not bothering to have you walk over to the kitchen, he’ll bring it over to have a cute bed and breakfast - unknowing all too well how cranky you would be with him waking you up from your slumber. But embracing all feral attacks from you, he takes his chances because he needed to feed you… because your hangry was a demon in itself that he didn’t want to endure today.

    The day would simply be spent lounging around, laying on each other’s bodies, where the warmth of his body made you feel safe and cozy, while the smell of yours gave him peace and serenity.

    Most likely you’ll have sex, probably multiple times that day… but it was never grand or crazy like other typical nights. Your boyfriend seemed to have mastered the art of lazy sex, because the grind of his hips that signaled his want for you… it was a drug on its own. It was perfect measure of oomph and a perfect push to elicit a sweet moan from you.

    As you lay beside him with your butt grazing his cock, he’ll pull you close so that even a small movement would further stimulate his semi-erect dick. He’ll slowly thrust his hips into yours, as he whispered sweet nothing into your ears and kissed the sides of your neck. He’ll palm your tender breasts with one hand, as his other would be sensually rubbing your clothed pussy.

    When you couldn’t take any more of his teasing, you simply take his hand and guide it into your underwear, moving his large fingers along your clit signaling him to hurry up. Chuckling from your impatience, shaking his head he was determined to give you want you wanted. He’ll do as he’s prompted and make small circles as he separated your labia with his middle and ring finger, gliding them up and down your edges furthering stimulating your clit. Feeling you increasingly get wet, and the movement of your hips into his fingers getting more powerful, more desperate, more whiny… he’ll tilt your face to meet his lips with yours while he simultaneously penetrated two fingers into your hole, strategically muffling your gasp and moans in his mouth. 

    He’ll pull one of your legs up, to give him greater access to your cunt, by holding it up to your side while his fingers ran in and out of your pussy, where the sounds of the erotic squelching of your juices made you clamp tight on his fingers. Directly moaning into your ears, “bunny, you like that? You’re going to break my fingers if you clench so hard” where his hot breath steamed up the side of your face… as he grunted as he fully enjoyed just about how much he was stimulating you - making you putty under his reign. He felt the shake of your thighs as your reached your climax. And knowing your body too well, he quickly pulled out his fingers, and made wiping motion against your clit to help you release. Soon his tired hand and your vibrating thighs were met with a clear liquid that splattered across the mattress leaving you convulsing in ecstasy… where your boyfriend massaged your thighs and kissed the side of your face - simply so proud of his good girl.

    Feeling the urgency of his dick, he quickly starts to palm at his cock, moving your panty off to the side just so that his shaft can enter through. Feeling satisfied by the fullness of your core, and him feeling immense pleasure from the warmth of your velvety walls, you both elicit out a sweet moan as he held you close. He’ll start to move his hips further into your vagina, where his buttocks would slightly clench from the force of his thrusts, where one of his hands would move to continue playing with your vagina. 

    Lazy sex with your lover doesn’t last long, it’s never meant to be something strenuous - always sweet and savory. So, when you felt the specific thrust of his hips, and savage groans that were an octave lower than normal, where his thrust signaled that he finally was close… you immediately prepared yourself for his next few words, “bunny, I’m gonna cum soon… cum with me, yeah?” And your response was simple, knowing that it’ll get him off, “ngh, c-count down for me…”

    And from the count of five, with a continuous constant speed of his thrusts, he’ll count down. And when the painstakingly torture of edging reached zero, you clenched your pussy as tight as you could, grabbing whatever possible to help you find leverage, you felt his cum splurt and paint your squishy walls white… as he continued to thrust and make circles with his hips as you trembled within his arms. 

    Kissing the sides of your face and leaving his flimsy cock inside of your vagina, he’ll hum and gently massage your arms and stroke your butt … helping you both to fall asleep… only to wake up and repeat the cycle again a couple of hours later.

    But… he’ll still treat you out the next day, as an appreciation for handling his ass for another year… but anniversaries will always be like such - within each other’s arm and being content with little because it was in the simple that you got to experience the realness of your partner and that was worth it.

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    #5. the times forgotten but still remembered - 1.2k

    You’re dolled up, with your best lingerie set, donned your finest perfume, properly have groomed your body for the night ahead…

    only to be overwhelmed of the thought of ex - it was the night of your supposed anniversary with him. You forced yourself to go on a date, to simply get with any man, because the thought of your ex and not being able to celebrate it was too much for your broken heart to handle. 

    So here you where in a restaurant in the inner city, with a fine gentleman that you met a couple times as he talked to you about his day and you tried your best to listen. But from the corner of your eye, you see a figure staring at you and when you take a look… you saw that your ex was with another girl, enjoying a date just like you. You quickly turned your gaze and set it to your lap. Noticing your sudden discomfort your date asked in worry, “hey, YN you okay?… you don’t look too good… did I say something wrong.” Reassuring him that you were fine, you gripped your fist into your napkin and you forced yourself to stake all your attention to him - despite all your attention being two tables across placed ten minutes before the striking hour.

    As the night was rounding to a close, and knowing what the next steps would be… you just wanted to go home and simply cry - you tried your best to be calm and not let it get to you… but in all honesty, you missed him, and the sight of him with another woman really got the best of you. So you kindly asked your date, apologizing that you didn’t feel too well.. and if he could take you back home. 

    Arriving at destination, he simply pulled you in for a hug and told you to take care and that he’ll see you another time. You simply nodded your head, but you knew you weren’t going to see him again. You needed to get over this break up without rebounding because it wasn’t fair to him nor was it good for you. So with a heavy heart you made your way up the stairs and to your floor.

    And just when you rounded your corner to reach your apartment, you saw a familiar figure waiting outside your door with his head hung low and his fists in his pockets. Assuming that he’s come to see you, and not caring of his reasons, you took your chances and ran to his presence. In with utter need, you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck where he instinctively grabbed your waist and pulled you in for a kiss - a kiss with teeth clashing, tongues fighting for dominance, moans uttered, and a slight drool leaving your mouths.

    He was the one that ended the kiss, only to place his forehead on yours, and to gently grasp your face, “baby… I want you, I missed you so fucking much” and knowing he’s been hurting just as much as you, and suffering from the aftermaths of a breakup just as harshly as you… you kissed him again and with your muffled moans, you whispered, “me too, please take me inside.”

    And with the pin that he’s memorized, pushing you against the door, without failing to desperately encase his lips on yours, he enters the code. When he hears the ring of the door opening, he’ll prompt you to jump for him, to carry you in without sacrificing his need of burning his tongue into your throat and take every inch of your face - because he’s been starved of it for too long. 

    Quickly making it into bed, he slowly drop you down, with you on your back as he quickly strips you of your clothes, strategically unclasping your bra… as you made your way, with a trembling pants, to unlatching his belt and nervously palming his member. When he felt your warm hands embracing his cock, he let out a deep moan into your mouth… causing his finger that was placed inside your core to feel all the effects of your harsh clench.

    Both of you were desperate, dying to feel the touch of the other, so both clung to each other tight fearing that if one of you happened to let go… this would only be but a wet dream - a dream both of you dreamt too many times, a dream that left you both crying as you missed the other’s embrace.

    Without a second to spare, he’ll lick up his slimy fingers and start playing with your cunt. “Bunny, you’re already wet for me? you missed me? Tell me how much you missed me” as he pressed firm kisses along your neck and collar bone, biting your skin, making you moan out his name and grasp his hair tight. He’ll then insert his fingers and move it in and out at a speed he’s been trained to do, a speed not too fast but just right with a slight curve to his fingers just so that he can brush along your sweet spot. 

    Moaning and grunting at the pleasure, he’ll situate himself between your legs, with his knees anchored into the mattress, with his firm cock aligned at your core… he’ll push in. He wasn’t going to waste his time pleasing you with different positions, he’ll do that later… but right now he wanted you and he wanted to prolong this intimate moment with you - he was going to hit you with missionary. The position alone was tender and engaging but he simply wanted to take in all of you, see you trembling under him from the thrustings of his cock, feel you squirm from the teasing of his lips - to simply witness what he’s been starved of during his time away from you. 

    As he penetrated deep within your walls, he felt every ridge of your channel. He felt the warmth of your core, and he loved the clench and tightness of it all. With his arms tightly wrapping your body, with only your head sticking out his shoulder, he rutted deep and hard showing his desperation to be further connected to you. 

    You didn’t know if it was from the rush of emotions or the thrill of having sex with your ex, but you felt your core getting tight and the burning sensation of your lower stomach starting to bloom. So you grasped his neck tighter, and with all the strength you could obtain you let him know you were close, to fuck you harder and he complied with a simple, “I know bunny, I know… just let go, I got you.”

    With his cock pistoling in at a rapid speed, where his sack would make wet slapping noises as it made contact with your lower cunt… you counted down in your head until all you saw was white while your body instinctively clenched hard. Your ex came thereafter gasping harshly into your neck with his mouth open in agony of trying to ride out his climax, but not forgetting to hold you close, as he stabilized your body and helped you release with the weight of his body and him cooing in your ear, “good girl… shhh let go, I got you baby.”

    Coming down from your high… you realized he’ll be gone and what you just did would simply hurt you more and elongate the process of getting over him. Blaming the raging hormones and the stimulated emotions of sex, you unknowingly started to cry… releasing fat tears into his neck… and he knew, and all he did was pull you close.

    He pushed you to your back as he gently hovered over your body, locking his eyes with yours as he simply caressed your cheeks with adoration and love.

    He kissed your tears and tenderly latched his lips with yours, only to profess his heart to you, “I know we broke up, but if you feel the same way as me… would you be willing to try again? No matter how long it’s been YN, I love you too much that I can’t simply let you go…” and with lips quivering, fully knowing you looked like a mess with sweat and smeared makeup… you held his face and with tears leaking from your eyes, you grazed your thumb at his bruised lips and replied, “yes… come back home.”

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