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  • nbvethbrenatto
    02.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    moodboard: aromantic connor walsh

    #connor walsh #how to get away with murder #htgawm#htgawmedit#htgawm edit#my moodboards #i was reatchign some of the early seasons on netflix and remeber that this was actually a good show for a hot mnute #anyways connor was aro as fuck and u cnanot change my mind #(and as always hes still gay just homosexual and not homoromantic)
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  • jackmansharlow
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Jack Harlow as Series Covers. Which one is your favorite? 🤔

    [source: jackhposts on Twitter]

    #jack harlow#upload #it’s between YOU and HTGAWM
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  • roughentumble
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    ok my mom started watching how to get away with murder, and here’s my expert opinion, based on what i’ve seen as she watches:

    wes and the gay one who isnt oliver should make out, because theyre the only hot ones

    #is this the bit htgawm ship?? it should be.
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  • unap0l0geticbitch
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Fucking beautiful. 

    #the actual love of my life #annalise keating#Viola Davis#htgawm #how to get away with murder
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  • winslowmontgomery
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago


    #god an if based on how to get away with murder would be so cool #i have no idea how it would play out but ugh doing my monthly htgawm rewatch and the potential!!!! 👀👀👀👀
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  • ktinaj
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #brennan and jane omfg the character growth #I need to rewatch the mentalist soon #Mindy was a mess but I love her sm lmao she made me want to be single in NYC #buck of course bc I feel like I am him #annalise…who has ever come close to doing it like her #I need to rewatch HTGAWM too
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  • wildfl0wer-love
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    Heart's still beating, but it's not working. I reached out trying to love, but I feel nothing. Yeah, my heart is numb.  But with you I feel again. Yeah, with you I can feel again.  I'm feeling better ever since you know me. I was a lonely soul, but that's the old me.
    lily reinhart x jack falahee (suggested by  une-brindille)
    #crackship#jack falahee #jack falahee crackship #riverdale#htgawm #Original gifs are not mine #credit : maurawrites #credit : gwennifergifs #lili reinhart #lili reinhart crackship
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  • slvtbible
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    #im voming after the writers #ill burn them instead #I HATE THISS #htgawm
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  • calhanx
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    one thing i found out about myself that i never expected is how much i loved tv shows where everyone is a horrible person. i was given netflix for a short while and. it was so indulging to keep watching shows where everyone manipulated the hell out of each other because of whatever the fuck and even involved innocent people in what literal crimes the characters would commit

    #htgawm and dynasty LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA #and oh my gosh the boys ❤❤❤ #AUUUGH I LOVE IT WHEN EVERYONES A BAD PERSON #or most#sooooo good #ive been seeing posts about this show called succession and? #i kinda wanna try it #i hate reality tv tho #unbearable. #i alos love media thats like... starts out sorta normal but #goes insane after a short while #like dghds! #aaaaahhh.... nice show #the mc developed a codependent relationship on that one its hilarious
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  • madeincu18
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    insane how i have to adjust my moral compass depending on the show i’m watching, one minute i’m with sex education like “eric should learn emotional responsibility 😌” next i’m with succession like “at least shiv disagreed with the fascist before endorsing him 😩” and then i’m with htgawm like “technically she didn’t murder anyone, she just covered it up 🧐”

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  • streetsofsecrets
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    also im changing sheila’s fc to aja naomi king because even though i love antoinette robertson the coloring in dear white people drives me wild and i lowkey hate how all of her scenes take place on campus. there’s not much variety. 😩

    #plus aja's outfits on htgawm are really cute #ooc.
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  • imcatchingteardropsinmyhands
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    My family is a big fan of htgawm and we were talking about it so I thought I’ll ask them about MW, so I showed them pictures of her and asked them if they knew who it was and now they are having a discussion whether she’s one of the Winx or not.

    This fucking family.

    #nobody remembers her #I ended up telling them she was in htgawm and they still didn’t recognise her and finally told them who she was and my little sister was #like ‘I don’t remember her she was irrelevant and had no acting skills’ I fucking taught her well 🤣 #anti megan west
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  • highpopaesthetics
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    A handmade heaven.

    #sister mary eunice #lily rabe#ahs asylum#AHS#AHS 2#ryan murphy#ahs fx#connor walsh#jack falahee #how to get away with murder #htgawm#Dolores #evan rachel wood #tessa thompson#westworld#hbo #gael garcia bernal #Glasses#👓#🤓 #I support vampire rights #🧛🏽‍♂️#artistic gymnastics #Japanese sword dance #Peach#voguing#posing#nintendo#rihanna #Didn't I tell you that I was a savage?
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  • a-disasterperson
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ok this could be a really niche idea but i think its great so bear with me

    A how to get away with murder and shameless crossover

    Ian and Mickey are not together in the beginning of the fic

    Mickey could still be in jail or just not there

    Ian is still in love with him tho

    then Ian sleeps with Connor

    and they start to sort of date eachother

    they both know that the other is in love with someone else tho

    you could focus on Connor and Ian in the beginning

    how they would be together

    Connor meeting the Gallaghers

    or Ian meeting the others

    Connor doesnt often bottom

    so his friends tease him when they find out that Ian is topping

    also connor being all rich and fancy

    while Ian is all southsider

    could be fun

    they break up when Connor gets back togehter with Oliver

    Ian is ok with it since it was all really casual anyway

    Then they meet again a year or so later

    this time in court

    Mickey and Ian are now together

    Mickey gets all pissy when Ian knows one of their lawyers

    Oliver isnt pleased either

    but Connor and the others think its great to see Ian again

    Ian and Connor think its hilarious to see their respective boyfriends/husbands react all jealous

    As always, im not a writer but id love to see someone else write a fanifc even remotely close to this one :)

    #shameless#ian gallagher#gallagher#mickey milkovich #how to get away with murder #crossover#connor walsh#oliver hampton#htgawm #this is fuckign niche #probably #would still love to see it tho #gallavich #mickey and ian #ian and mickey
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  • unap0l0geticbitch
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Annalise: “Good morning. I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma's out of balance to get assigned to my class.”

    my karma must be in balance because i love Annalise Keating
    #annalise keating #the actual love of my life #htgawm #how to get away with murder #Viola Davis
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  • fandomidiot
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Derek: what are you guys doing here?

    The pack: *engaged in an intense game of Twister in Derek's loft* studying

    Derek: well do it somewhere else. I want my house back!

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  • slvtbible
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    also laurel is starting to get on my fucking nerve this bitch dont how how to shut up

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  • slvtbible
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    its not fair how oliver got dragged into this mess, HE’S TOO INNOCENT YOUR HONOR LET HIM GO

    #hes too precious for thisssss #htgawm
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