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    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    hello, hybe labels, i'd like to film a report; HUENINGKAI has stolen my heart and has not given it back !
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    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    way home ◇ hueningkai moodboard, please like or reblog if you save it! 🥨

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  • tcdtyvnning
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    out of shyness or shame or desire

    [tyunning / omegaverse / omega tyun / alpha kai / boys in skirts / enemies to lovers / copious amounts of slick omg / classroom sex / asshole referred to as cunt / fingering / first time]


    Kang Taehyun presents as an Omega.

    After an entire week out of school, he returned with his head low and damn near praying no one says anything.

    But the pheromones wafting off him, so strong it nearly brought a few students to their knees, answered their questions for them.

    Strong Kang Taehyun, tough Kang Taehyun, the great Kang Taehyun was an Omega.

    He tried to make jokes with his friends about it - all the top Alphas of their school. Say shit about how no one saw it coming, how he’s just going to start blockers because ‘who wants to be some fucking Omega?’

    The self-deprecating jokes can only go so far before Taehyun’s left in the dust, only friendly with a couple of Betas.

    It was hard on him, that much was clear. The entire school knew he was an Omega that hated Omegas thanks to those Alpha-bastards. Everyone talked about how the great Kang Taehyun might take a swan dive off the roof any day now because of how miserable he looks.

    So, when Huening Kai approaches him, to offer words of comfort, Taehyun should jump for joy: Someone still cares! Someone is still here!

    “Taehyun-ah?” They’re in the bathroom at school, Taehyun’s hiding out during lunch. It’s petrifyingly embarrassing. “Are you okay?”

    “Huh?” Taehyun asks, obnoxiously.

    Kai is the last person who should give a shit about Taehyun’s wellbeing. And, maybe it’s because he ran into him. Maybe, if it wasn’t the polite thing to do, Kai would have never said a word to him.

    It’s better that way.

    “It’s just-uh-I know you’ve… Been struggling,” says Kai, awkwardly. “‘Cause everyone thought you were gonna be an Alpha. And you’re—“

    “An Omega. Yeah, I’m aware,” sneers Taehyun. It’s hard to look intimidating from his spot on the bathroom floor, tucked into the corner. Taehyun wonders if Kai can see the dried tears on his face.

    Kai’s face visually tenses. He takes a slight step back. “Those Alphas you used to hang out with were dicks,” he offers.

    Arguably, Taehyun agrees. He should say, ‘Yeah, I know. They sucked,’ and he and Kai could talk shit.

    But Taehyun spits. “They were my friends!”

    Again, Kai clenches his jaw. “I’m just- I know they were shitty and- and—“

    “You don’t know shit, Huening!” Taehyun cuts him off, fuming. With tears growing in his eyes. “You- You’re not even presented, but I know you’re going to be another Omega bitch with how much you nag and whine!”

    Kai has a moment of clarity and just sighs. “Okay, Taehyun. Whatever.”

    He leaves. Taehyun bawls on the floor.


    So, Huening Kai presents as an Alpha.

    Over the summer, apparently, during his visit to extended family, Kai entered his first rut.

    Likewise, his height doubled, his body filled out, his face matured. He grew into a perfect Alpha.

    Taehyun, over that same summer, was sent to a secondary-gender psychiatrist, to help him work through and overcome his adversity and disdain for his internalized hate towards his Omegahood.

    He grew into his own - Taehyun went off his blockers and suppressants, so he subsequently became a gorgeous young man. Shining eyes, lithe build, a rosey voice.

    Returning from break, the pair of them were the talk of the school. Kai, for his sudden and dramatic presentation, and Taehyun, for his personal acceptance and beauty.

    And like every other student, they noticed each other.

    Taehyun, especially.

    By his lunch period, Taehyun has to call on another Omega, Yeonjun, whom Taehyun became friendly with over the summer, to bring him spare clothes.

    In the bathroom, while Taehyun changes in the stall, Yeonjun asks. “What happened to your pants?”

    “Um-Mine got… Ruined,” explained Taehyun. Drenched in slick because the kid that I bullied in grade school got hot and I’m finally off suppressants.

    Living the first year of his presentation on a cocktail of pills to make his Omegahood practically go away has left Taehyun more sensitive and tender to Alphas and their pheromones.

    “Ruined,” Echoes Yeonjun. “If you seriously plan on stowing your mysteriously messed up pants in my locker, I expect you to tell me why.”

    Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Taehyun leans against the stall door. “Y’know… Huening Kai?”

    “The Alpha who presented over break?” Asks Yeonjun - because, duh, now everyone knows Kai. “What about him?” The urgency and worry in his voice makes Taehyun nearly groan.

    And how to admit this without wanting the floor to swallow him whole? Taehyun ponders this a second before throwing caution to the side. “I-uh-His scent… Is really getting to me—“

    “Oh Jeez, Tyun!” Yeonjun chastises. “And you’re so slicked up you need new bottoms - shit, well… Okay, don’t be mad.”


    Yeonjun pauses, sighing from his place outside in the bathroom. “The only spares I had were-um-the uniform skirt.” It sails over the door. “I left my extra trousers at home and… Yeah.”

    All Omega students had the option of pants or skirts with their uniform. Taehyun, only recently beginning to successfully combat his internalized sexism, still adamantly chose trousers over the skirt. He groans when he sees it.

    “I’m dripping!” Taehyun seethes. “That… Includes my boxers!”

    “Well, I’m sorry!” Yeonjun exclaims. “But I don’t have anything else to give you!”

    Taehyun thinks he could cry - he seriously could see himself bursting into tears if someone so much as said a word to him about wearing a skirt ‘as an Omega should.’

    Luckily, Yeonjun was a size bigger than him. So, sure, the skirt sat a little low on his hips but ran past his knees. Should the skirt have been properly sized, it would stop halfway down his thighs.

    Class goes by with ease. Taehyun has since gotten a grip on himself. He’s fine. His problem is under control.

    Until their final period, that is.

    With just seconds till the late bell, Kai strolls into the classroom. Taehyun feels himself clench.

    It takes everything in himself to not spill over the edge of the chair during class. Kai’s scent was so frustratingly intoxicating, Taehyun could hardly pay attention. The syllabus they were supposed to be discussing laid simply on his desk, but was ultimately ignored by Taehyun.

    Godspeed - Class ends. Taehyun formulates texting Yeonjun once again for help. There’s no way Taehyun could stand up with every person in his class noticing the slick that ran down his thighs.

    So Taehyun painstakingly waits for the classroom to empty before texting Yeonjun. Except it won’t empty.

    Huening Kai leans against the doorframe. “‘Sup, Taehyunnie.”

    Taehyun feels his knees knock together. Oh. Kai’s voice.

    Get a grip.

    “H- Hey… Huening.”

    “Are you waiting for someone?” He shuts the door.


    Kai walks closer - and Christ, he smells so, so good. Fresh cut grass. “I was wondering why you’re just sitting there.”

    “Um—“ Taehyun mumbles. He can’t think clearly. Kai is leaning over the desk, toward Tyun - hovering over him.

    “Or, are you terrified of spilling slick all over the floor?”

    “Fuck,” Taehyun curses.

    “I could smell you the entire time,” chastises Kai. “You reek like a bitch in heat.”

    Taehyun nearly mewls. Kai was so overwhelming. Tyun has to dig his nails into his palm in order to even slightly focus. Kai. Jesus Christ.

    “I-um-I j- just—“

    “Are you in heat?” Asks Kai, feigning concern. He pretends mull it this. “What else could be making you like this?”

    If Taehyun planned to answer, he would have just been interrupted.

    “‘Cause… It’s not me, is it? Not just some whiney, nagging Omega-bitch, right?”

    Taehyun practically melts into the floor. He can feel himself getting hard. Kai notices.

    So Kai drops his massive hand down to Taehyun’s crotch, sneaking under his skirt. His entire hand covers Taehyun’s entire cock. Kai jeers. “God - no underwear either?”

    “They—“ Taehyun tries. “They- They got… Slicked up.”

    “From what? What has Taehyunnie so wet?” Kai’s fingers nimbly graze his shaft.

    “Don’t make me say it, Huening.” As his response, Kai starts to retract his hand. “Shit - Huening…”

    “If you want me to keep going,” Kai begins. “Say it.”

    Taehyun slides back in his chair, offering a more optimal space for Kai to grope him.

    “Pl- Please I—“ Taehyun swallos his pride in favor of getting off. “I’m… Wet because of Huening…”

    “Up,” mumbles Kai, using his free hand to guide Taehyun to a standing position.

    He follows the instructions, Taehyun numbly climbing to his feet, only to subsequently be flipped and bent forward.

    “We’re- We’re in a classroom,” mumbles Taehyun. Kai has a hand pressed firmly on his back, holding him in place.

    Rolling down his thighs, to the floor, Taehyun was covered in his slick now. Every moment he made, caused obscene squelching noises.

    Kai leans forward and whispers. “Just tell me if you want me to stop, Taehyunnie, and I will.”

    Taehyun isn’t completely sure if he believes Kai or not, but nevertheless, his knees buckle. Taehyun can feel Kai holding him in place.

    “M- More~” Taehyun moans, sliding his hips back until his ass presses squarely against Kai’s clothed dick. He tightens his grip on the desk as Kai jerks his hips forward and bucks against Taehyun’s drenched hole. “‘Need… More,” Tyun practically cries.

    “Poor Kang Taehyun - you need my dick? You need something in you?” Taehyun nods - a burning shame singes his chest, but he nods regardless.

    Kai pushes the skirt upwards and slides two fingers into Taehyun’s cunt. The action elects a strained reaction from the Omega. Taehyun’s legs shake while Kai finger fucks him, scissoring him and stretching him opening, repeatedly driving into his swollen prostate.

    “Have you ever fingered yourself, Taehyunnie?” Kai asks, watching the former drool all over himself.

    “… N- No…” Taehyun weakly replies, fucking back and chasing Kai’s fingers. They were big and wonderful. Taehyun could feel his brain going completely light while he’s being defiled.

    “I figured. You’re a virgin right? But you’ve never even touched yourself?”

    “I’ve—“ Taehyun’s breathing hitches. “I’ve touched myself.”

    Kai’s free hand, which traveled from Taehyun’s lower back to his hip, tightens. “But you’ve never been inside of yourself.”

    “Huening…” Taehyun mumbles. “Can you- Will you- Please fuck me.”

    “Does Kang Taehyun want my knot?” Asks Kai. “No… He can’t want my knot.”

    At the mention of a knot - knotting, breeding, pups, pups, pups - Taehyun outright cries. He goes completely feral. He sobs and shakes. “Knot me, Alpha, please, please, p- please knot me! Fill me up with your pups.”

    Taehyun hears Kai faintly curse, ‘oh fuck,’ which is followed by the sound of Kai’s uniform pants being unbuckled and hitting the floor.

    He gingerly pulls his fingers free. There’s no time to complain about any empty feeling, because Kai fills Taehyun up to the brim with his cock. Kai starts fucking Taehyun almost immediately. Steadily thrusting his dick in shallowly, slipping in and out of the entrance of Taehyun’s cunt.

    Taehyun’s mind goes blank. He drools out onto his desktop, his grip on the sides of the furniture slipping. He swallows hard, moaning pornographically once Kai bottoms out and fucks him good and deep.

    Kai now holds onto Taehyun’s thin waist with both hands, keeping Taehyun in tune with his rhythm of fucking. “Taehyunnie, you have such a pretty figure,” he praises.

    “Nice little waist, perfect curve to it. Pretty little Omega waist. Did you know that? Did you know you have a pretty little Omega figure?”

    Taehyun is fucked stupid. Absolutely no thoughts were going on behind his big pretty eyes, but when Kai spoke to him, he responded.

    “‘Pretty… Omega…” He loosely repeated. “Pretty Omega.”

    “Uh-huh,” Kai grunts, thrusting particularly hard. “Taehyunnie is such a pretty little Omega. A perfect little Omega,” he says. “My perfect little Omega.”

    “Your perfect Omega,” mumbles Taehyun. “Kai’s Omega.”

    Kai leans forward and kisses the shell of Taehyun’s ear. “My Omega. My pretty Omega.”

    “Kai’s pretty Omega,” Taehyun repeats again, his response getting further clouded as he reaches his climax. “I’m your Omega. I’m your perfect Omega.”

    He is Kai’s perfect, pretty Omega. He’s his precious little Omega.

    “Perfect Omegas get knotted. You want t’be full of my pups? Get Taehyunnie all swollen and round?” Askd Kai, his voice catching. “I’m filling up my Taehyunnie so good.”

    “Yes, yes, yes. Alpha, fill up your Omega, please—“

    Kai cums viciously. His knot begins to swell, stretching the rim of Taehyun’s pussy.

    His seed is buried deep inside Taehyun in an untouchable, unreachable place. Locked up inside him for anyone Taehyun speaks to for the rest of the day to smell and know Taehyun was bred within an inch of his life

    Taehyun cums all over his skirt to the idea of it.

    So, they lay there gasping, Kai still locked inside of Taehyun.

    Taehyun clears his throat. “… What the hell was that, Huening?”

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  • sooblvr
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    pairing choi soobin x gn!reader // genre angst aha, unrequited love // warnings none // word count 0.4k // request here

    there was never a dull moment or conversation with him. even if you weren’t doing anything in particular, his company was more than enough. it was hard to say when you started having feelings for soobin. it seemed like things had always been that way. always giving him lost puppy eyes when he left, feeling butterflies while you got ready to see him, yet getting a rush of sheer peace the moment you saw him. 

    though you were careful not to give in to foolish hope, it was nearly impossible to not let your mind wander when the lights were off, blankets wrapped around your body, half asleep. 

    did his smile linger when you complimented him? had he blushed the time you grabbed his hand to drag him inside a store? was his umbrella actually broken or did he just want to share yours?

    it was the beginning of the end when soobin started spending less time with you. if you wanted to visit a recently opened art gallery, he had already gone. if you needed someone to accompany you to the movies, he was busy. even when you did see each other, there was an awkward coldness to him. 

    you hadn’t been at his dorm for more than five minutes when he walked in with another person. there was a tingling sensation in your hands upon seeing how gently he was holding theirs. his roommates were in the living room playing some new game beomgyu had brought. 

    “everyone, this is my s/o, they’re the person i've been spending so much time with lately.”

    like a deer in headlights, you couldn’t hide your surprise. it’s not like you expected him to be single forever; above everything else you wanted him to be happy. “he’s a keeper,” you smiled at them genuinely. shortly after, you added, “he takes too long to answer texts though.” 

    you went for a long walk after. you had been one another’s go to person for so long, it felt weird to think this wouldn’t be the case anymore. perhaps it was better to distance yourself, sort your feelings out before saying something you’d regret. but before you could get too deep in your thoughts, you received a text from taehyun, “i took back your letter before he could see it. how are you feeling?” 

    the reason you were on the dorm when soobin wouldn’t be home was to drop off your confession letter.

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #txtnetwork#moasource#moahour #tomorrow x together #beomkai#beomgyu#huening kai#hijaehyukkies#usersoppa #hyukaheart! #txt#musical geniuses#gif: beomgyu#gif: hueningkai#txt*#gif* #aldsjsfk self indulgent set rly #(pants twt video quality ya'll know the drill)
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    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
    kai: casually admits gyu is his type
    #txtnetwork#moasource#moahour #tomorrow x together #beomkai#beomgyu#soobin#huening kai#idolsincedits#ultkpopnetwork#hijaehyukkies#usersoppa #hyukaheart! #txt#musical geniuses#gif*#txt*#gif: beomgyu#gif: soobin#gif: hueningkai #HELP??? HE JUST STRIDES OVER AND SAYS THAT???????????/ #sorry my brain is only static now. #how do i survive after this. after this ENTIRE ERA bye
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    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    thanks to everyone who liked clueless! it means so much to me🥺 n i want to write more but idk what to write.. can someone pls suggest something? plss 💔

    #ive been trying to come up with something for days😶‍🌫️ #gonna put this in the tags cause im desperate #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions#beomgyu imagines#yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines#txt angst#txt fluff
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    20.09.2021 - 14 hours ago
    a typical day inside txt’s practice room 
    #txtnetwork#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai#choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #gifs #LMFAOO BOYS WILL BE BOYS #LOOL BEOMGYU JUST RECCORDING
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    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ‘ hueningkai ; lockscreen ’

    like / reblog if u save don't repost

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  • tsukkisaurousrex
    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Our Summer

    "Spread before your eyes is the ivory Milky Way Blooming gold season, like our summer No matter where you are, no matter what season If we're together, it feels like summer"

    - TomorrowxTogether

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  • definitely-correct-bighit-stuff
    20.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Hueningkai: Fine, I'm done with you.


    Hueningkai: Don't talk to me until bedtime.

    #incorrect kpop quotes #txt incorrect quotes #incorrect txt #incorrect txt quotes #txt incorrect#txt#txt post#txt hueningkai#hueningkai#txt taehyun#taehyun #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together
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    20.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    hueningkai - 210827 musicbank interview

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    20.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    @ all my followers or whoever comes across this

    For the Hyuka au I'm planning, please let me know if you'd like to join the taglist! Umm... I'm planning it all out right now, but I'm planning to start it about a week after Not For Sale ends. So uhhh yeah! Send an ask or reply to this if you'd like to be added to the taglist early!

    #hyuka au#hueningkai au#hueningkai smau#txt au #txt huening kai x reader #txt x reader #txt smau
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    20.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    besties wanna say hi! (feat. hueningkai >_<)

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  • everythingaboutglobalshooky
    20.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    TXT Fact n°83 - TXT on BigHit station 

    BEOMGYU was picked 1st for most difficult to babysit by the members.

    (Source: @304verse/twitter) 

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    20.09.2021 - 19 hours ago
    TXT x Chaotic Wonderland - Concept Clip ‘ZERO’
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