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  • sooblvr
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    txt & matching outfits

    pairing ot5 x gn!reader // genre fluff, slice of life // warnings none // word count 0.6k


    he’s been trying to convince you since you started dating. you always decline because your mind jumps towards the ugliest, most cringe couple outfits

    but oh my it’s like you don’t know your own boyfriend

    you were out shopping for something to wear to your mom’s birthday party when you saw the cutest sweatshirt !!

    and obviously, mr stubborn virgo wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by

    “I say we get matching ones” “yeonjun, what am i even going to pair this with?” “did you suddenly forget you’re dating the fourth generation it boy”

    you’d never admitted it, but you did end up enjoying your matching fits

    —rest of the members under the cut !!


    soobin is definitely the boyfriend who loves the idea of more private relationships, and therefore wants to drop hints to everyone via subtle details like matching clothes

    the way he just knows exactly what you’re gonna like

    he gave you his hoodie you had always stolen and bought himself a matching one

    immediately you both had to try them on and see how adorable you looked

    he already has a highlight story for the times you guys have matched accidentally, and now he’s gonna add the ones of you matching on purpose

    his favorite one is the one where he rests his head on top of yours and you look so confused but still smiling


    out of all of them he’s probably the most playful. he’ll send you really ugly matching ideas and tell you it’s goals or something. makes you wonder if he really styles himself of if yeonjun is doing the lord’s work

    you needed to see if he was actually serious

    on one of your dates, you asked him to take you to a mall. as you looked through, you made the most awful outfit 

    the pieces were nice on their own, but never together, yet he had the audacity to “love it.” so of course, you bought the fits and walked around in them

    0/10 experience, beomgyu was making fun of you the whole time. he was also kind of enjoying it ?? he appreciated that you were in this together

    after that, you stuck to only matching the shirts


    you need to do the convincing here. i'm sure he’d be more than happy to comply, but never with anything weird or even just funny. you have to be fashion icons together

    more than clothing he’d like matching earrings 

    either way, i feel like matching just kind of happens. like soobin, sometimes you just match accidentally- you’ll wear the same color, or the hoody is the same, things like that

    so on one day when you guys pick up the same jacket, you rolled with it.  you had a little matching moment

    he actually ends up enjoying it and loves when you wear the same thing or similar without intending to. calls it a special occasion and all

    this one’s the deep but very deep down softie


    this one’s another playful one !! if he’s gonna gift you something matching it’ll be what you least expect. a scarf, socks, anything weird but funny. he’ll also tell you to stop copying him

    you already share your clothes so matching comes naturally

    “you love me so much you have to dress like me” “it was literally your idea to match” “shh i know you simp and that’s all that matters” “you need to get off twitter”

    he loves it though, and when you’re not around he’ll tell everyone you’re so cool for letting him play dress up

    also matches jewelry but the type that’s like those friendship bracelets. you two get together and make each other rings, necklaces, etc

    it’s not always matching, but it’s cute

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • xysthe
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #xysthe #prompts — my 200 special 🍥 #rain’s requests 🌼 #hueningkai#huening kai #txt huening kai #hueningkai drabbles#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai angst#hueningkai imagines#hueningkai scenarios#txt fluff#txt angst #hueningkai x you #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai x y/n #tomorrow x together #txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txt imagines#hueningkai fanfic
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  • ib9gyu
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ✿: closer / c.bg

    warnings: angst , sad ending !!

    better if read while listening to: in my little mind - hodge


    "i love you" beomgyu shouted in the streets late at night, for all the world to hear. you laughed and punched his arm, wishing this moment could last forever.

    "to everybody who can hear, i love beomgyu more" now it was your turn to shout, your echo filling the small park. beomgyu turned around and cupped your cheeks, giving you a quick peck and resting his forehead against yours.

    "please dont leave me, ever. you're all I have" you let out a small chuckle reassuring him that could never happen, unaware he would break the promise one day.


    "you were all I had beomgyu" your voice cracked as you spoke into the phone. his phone number on the line, you knew he would never receive it, yet a part of you had hope he would call and tell you it would be okay.

    "why'd you leave me, you promised me" tears filled the plush you were hugging, your words went in vain as you were trying to send a voicemail to a boy who now doesn't exist, a boy who was buried in a graveyard. a boy who gave you his word yet broke it with no hesitation. you hated him, no, you wanted to hate him.

    "i wish we could go back to the nights we spent together, remember that gyu" a sad chuckle escaped you, the empty response on the opposite line making it hard to talk.

    "remember when we went to that park by our apartment, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. i miss those moments so god damn much" the memories stinging back into the front of your brain, burning on the way there. you slowly walked over to his room that you still hadn't packed up, the smell filling your lungs, it screamed beomgyu, it was a smell you wanted to last forever and ever.

    "i know somewhere deep inside, you wanted to stay, you wanted to keep breathing, but i know that you had given your all so there was nothing left to give, you did well my love, you did well" and with that, the line went blank, your sobs heard around the house. it would get better you tried reminding yourself, like he always did.


    a/n: i hate myself, this is making me cry and the music GOD PLEASE. i absolutely hate angst but why is it my forte 🤨🤨 i pulled a txt and said "crying crying crying" ❌❌❌

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  • enluv
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Game Over – Epilogue

    genre/warning(s): it's all fluff!

    at the end there's a little a/n if you want to read it!

    masterlist | prev.

    coco's ♡ note:

    and that's a wrap! this is the final chapter of press play :) I want to start off by saying thank you to all my readers who stuck with me as I figured out where I wanted to head with this story. I know at times it was terrible but we pushed through together and I adore all of those who stayed to read it! Press Play came to me after a long debate over what smau I wanted to write with my friend Abby, it was seriously not something I thought I'd ever let out but then I started writing and now here are a month and some days later, ending it. Now I don't wanna get too sappy but I'm going to miss it a lot :) My first ever (completed) idol smau! She's my baby! What can I say. To keep this going though, thank you to all my moots who supported it as well, you all helped keep my motivation with the cute tags you'd leave and it means a lot! This is where Press Play ends now though and I hope it brought you as much happiness as it did me! If you have any questions or ever just want to talk about it with me, my asks are always open and I'd love to know your thoughts! Thank you all once again! - Coco <3

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (users in bold cannot be tagged)

    taglist: is CLOSED!

    #ahhh not me crying! #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai #txt social media au #txt text au series #txt texts#beomgyu smau#beomgyu texts #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together crack #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu series #press play!
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  • enluv
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    level #15 – the aftermath

    genre/warning(s): fluff! profanity + stan twt

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

    masterlist | prev.

    fun facts:

    - felix, chanhee, and y/n all met through streaming having started around the same time as one another, since both boys are big fans of hers they asked for her number!
    - both sunwoo and eric got a nice little hit on the head from y/n :)
    - if you look at the stan twt accounts you'll see some very familiar faces + names! (seungmin and keeho often argue with one another)
    - beomgyu kisses the homies goodnight: confirmed ✅

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (users in bold cannot be tagged)

    taglist: is CLOSED!

    #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai #tomorrow x together crack #tomorrow x together fluff #beomgyu smau #txt text au series #txt smau #txt social media au #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu angst#txt au#txt texts#txt blurbs#txt beomgyu
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  • odentist
    08.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Orange Juice

    ⊹ pairing: broke hueningkai x female y/n

    ⊹ warnings: shitty fluff, tiny angst, hueningkai is about to beat up beomgyu for money, swearing

    ⊹ a/n: this is 2/5 of my loser drabbles (updated randomly) and i doubt i’ll be making any of these into full fics. disclaimer | masterlist

     “Go on a date with me,” Hueningkai demands.

     Looking up from the overpriced orange juice bottle in your hand, you wrinkle your nose. Not this again. Not this in the middle of a grocery store. “Didn’t you just get fired?”

     “And your point is?”

     “Well, it’s customary for the person who’s offering the date to pay for the date.”

     “Alright, so what am I paying for? I’ll get you anything you want.” Hueningkai flourishes his hand across the refrigerated aisle, grinning widely as you shove his shoulder away from you.

     “Nothing. Because I’m not going on a date with you.”

     Bending down so his face is level with yours, Hueningkai raises his eyebrows innocently. “You won’t date me just because I’m a little broke?”

     Closing your eyes, your tilt your head back in annoyance. “You’re impossible,” you groan while making your way towards the self check-out.

     Hueningkai’s smile falters a little. He knows you don’t take him seriously. He wishes you would.

     Maybe you’re just too dense. Or maybe you pretend not to notice. But he’s with you all the time. Talking with you all the time. Thinking about you all the time. How could you not notice?

     “Honestly though…I’ll pay anything,” he mutters, trailing behind you.

     “Fine,” you sigh and extend your bottle out to him.

     “What’s this?” he asks grumpily.

     “Cough it up broke boy, it’s your price to go on a date with me.”

     Hueningkai’s eyes bulge. “Huh?”

     You huff loudly. “Do you want to date me or not?”

     “Yes, of course but…uh, you were not lying when you called me a broke boy,” Hueningkai laughs nervously under your impatient glare.

     “The offer is about to expire,” you warn as you untuck a few dollars from your wallet.

     “Wait! Give me a sec…” Eyes searching frantically, Huenenkai locks in on his target.

     As he marches towards a boy with straw-like streaks in his hair, anxiety raises in your chest.

     “Don’t shake someone down,” you call in panic.

     Hueningkai turns briefly. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him look so determined before. “Watch me. You’re getting that fucking orange juice.”

    #hueningkai txt#hueningkai#hueningkai drabbles#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai angst#hueningkai imagines#hueningkai scenarios #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #txt#kai txt#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txt imagines #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai x you #hueningkai x y/n #kai kamal huening
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  • odentist
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    🧊 angst 🦷 favorite 🩹 fluff 🪡 smut

    ⊹ 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 disclaimer


    The Loser Drabbles: basically txt keep getting rejected; loosely related to the LO$ER=LO♡ER comeback

    ⊹ Lightning 。 。 。 。 (Soobin) 。 。🧊

     ⊹ Orange Juice 。 。 (Hueningkai) 。 🩹

      ⊹ Smoke Sesh 。 。 (Taehyun) 。  🧊

       ⊹ Edge 。 。 。 。(Yeonjun) 。  🧊

        ⊹ Rude Boy 。 。(Beomgyu) 。 🪡

    © oDentist 2020-2021, all rights reserved. All works are protected under this license.

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  • beomgyuanti
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    write it down

    your best friend was never supposed to find that notebook, let alone read it
    pairing:: hueningkai x gn!reader
    genre:: fluff, best friend to lovers au
    word count:: 1.5k (please this was supposed to be so much shorter :') )

    The light outside was fading when you made it home but summer nights were warm and this one was no different. With a gentle breeze to ruffle your hair as you walked up to the door. You could see the lights were on and you knew your best friend was inside.

    It was a relatively new thing, Kai coming over when you weren't home but the two of you had grown so much closer in the past few months of your friendship. You trusted him wholly so giving him a key to your place wasn't a very difficult decision. He came over almost every day anyway and his plushies had already begun to infect your apartment.

    Though you didn't mind, especially not since realizing the feelings you had for him. He made your heart pick up it's pace with his gorgeous smile and gave you those butterflies in the pit of your stomach. It was getting hard to hide the way he made you feel, though you still did your best. No way were you going to ruin being his best friend just for the way you felt.

    You opened the door then, shaking the thoughts from your mind as you spotted him in the kitchen. It appeared to you that he was trying to cook something but it was obviously not going well. He had made a huge mess on the counters and a small fire shortly erupted on the stove making him yelp and jump back.

    "Kai! What are you doing?" you rushed forward to help him, panic at the thought of him being hurt clouded your mind. He looked upset as you picked up the pan that was on fire to put in the sink so you could put it out.

    "I'm sorry y/n! I was just trying to make dinner for you and..." he sounded so dejected as he spoke and once you were sure the fire was out, you turned to face him.

    "It's okay, nothing terrible happened. Are you okay?" you raked your eyes up and down him, looking for any sign he'd been burned as he fidgeted where he stood.

    "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm sorry..." he met your eyes for a moment before looking back down to his feet. You could clearly see how sad it made him that he couldn't make dinner and it broke your heart a bit.

    "You don't have to apologize, as long as you're okay it's fine." you shook your head and went to face the mess he'd made.

    "How does delivery sound though?" you asked and he couldn't help but giggle. It was a relief to hear him laugh again and it eased the tension in your shoulders instantly.

    He went to order it quickly once you'd asked and then came back to help you clean up. By the time the food was delivered, you'd finished cleaning and Kai was back to being himself. His usual smile was plastered on his face once more and your heart was back to stuttering.

    "Are you going to come eat?" you looked to the kitchen where Kai was still standing on his phone. You'd moved to the couch with the food in front of you on the coffee table.

    "Yeah, I just want to go grab something first." he said and was off to your bedroom. You shrugged and began flicking through the tv shows to find something to watch while you both ate. Once you found something, you began to pull out the food from the bag so you could set it in front of your respective seats on the couch. That's when you realized that he'd been gone for quite a while.

    "Kai?" you shouted and watched as he walked back towards you with something in his hands.

    You stood up quickly and the color drained from your face as you made out the black notebook that was flipped open. You realized you must have left it on your bed before you'd gone to work this morning.

    You had to admit, you had a terrible memory so you kept lists on your closest friends. Most of them knew it too. You wrote down everything from favorite movies to most hated food items. But you kept the most detailed list on Kai, who had more than one page compared to everyone else's. One of his pages also had an admission of your feelings and there was no doubt in your mind that's what he had read.

    "Y/n..." he took his eyes off the page and looked to you. Nausea rose up and you felt like you were going to be sick as you stared at him with the notebook. All you could hear was your heart pounding in your ears as your thoughts ran wild. It was all in his hands now, you could lose your best friend this instant depending on what he did next.

    "You never said anything. And you were never going to..." he said slowly and all you could do was open your mouth for words that failed you. You waited for him to make his next move as you stood so helplessly. The time felt like it was moving too slow as you both looked at each other. You couldn't read his expression and it only made the anxiety grow.

    “Why are you being so quiet?” the concern on his face was clear as he stepped closer to you. He set the notebook down on the counter, still open to the page with everything you’d written about him.

    "Because, you were never supposed to see that... And I don't want to lose my best friend..." you whispered and dropped your eyes to the floor. You didn't want to look at him anymore, you could have died of the embarrassment you felt right then.

    "Y/n. Look at me." Kai said with a sternness you'd never heard from him. You obeyed slowly and met his eyes that you still couldn't quite read.

    "You're not going to lose me. And you really think I didn't know? The hyungs have been teasing me for months about your crush... And mine." he said, his tone much more gentle now as he moved closer to you.

    Your eyes widened and you couldn't process what he was saying as he brought himself so close that your bodies were almost touching. Heat raised in your cheeks and ears and you just knew your face was bright red. You couldn't help but look at the still open notebook behind him, and his hand on your cheek snapped your attention back to him.

    "What? You need to write down that I like you, Y/n?" he teased with a little laugh as his thumb traced over your cheek. His touch fogged your brain so much you could barely think and the way it felt like it'd burn right through you didn't help either.

    "Shut up... of course I don't..." you mumbled slowly as your eyes studied his face that had moved much closer to yours than the last time you'd looked at him. It was when you felt his breath on your face that you stopped breathing completely and it was enough to make your pounding heart stop in its tracks.

    "Hmm, why don't we both shut up and you kiss me?" he mused and you froze at his words, but before you could say anything he leaned forward and pressed his beautiful lips to yours.

    Your returning breath caught in your throat as he kissed you gently. His lips were soft and gentle against yours and he didn't apply much pressure, giving you every chance to pull away if you wanted. But who in their right mind would?

    Once you quickly processed what was happening, you couldn't help but smile against him and kiss him back. A new excitement bloomed in your stomach as his arms wrapped around your waist and yours moved to his neck. It felt perfect to be kissing and holding him at that moment.

    The kiss didn't last too long and he pulled away from you with a grin. He rested his forehead against yours with a small sigh, and neither of you moved to let go as you melted into one another. You rushed to etch this moment into your brain so you'd be sure to never forget this.

    "I don't think you know how long I've been waiting to do that." you couldn't help but smile at him as he spoke and tightened his arms around you. He was so, so warm and his body felt like heaven against yours, even you couldn't lie about that, and this feeling was so much better than anything you could've daydreamed about.

    "The food is probably getting cold." you blurted out and he laughed as you took his hand in yours to drag him onto the couch. The notebook completely forgotten about as you both began eating.

    "So... I get to be your boyfriend now, right?" your cheeks flushed red again and he couldn't help laughing at the quick nodding of your head.

    As the night continued, all you could think was just how fast you were falling head over heels in love with your best friend.

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  • enluv
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    level #14 – the big speech

    wc; 926!

    genre/warning(s): written content, angst, cheesy tooth rotting sweet fluff, beomgyu is so cute pls :(

    Beomgyu's nerves heighten as he watches you walk down the long red carpet into the Gala's home building. He'd shown up twenty minutes earlier with Yeonjun and Soobin, Hueningkai and Taehyun having already started hosting a few hours before. He knew you'd be there but he was still in awe at the way you'd walked out wearing the purple dress your best friends had chosen for you. They'd told him before hand what you'd be wearing so it was easier to spot you when he gave his speech.

    Speaking of his speech, it was long. The longest thing he'd ever written probably, but every word meant so much. His time was short and if he was going to confess his love for you, he might as well go out with a boom while doing it.

    Hueningkai's tall form walks towards him holding a mic, he'd just finished interviewing the last round of celebrities arriving and was now moving to the stage. Food would be severed shortly and then the moment Beomgyu had been preparing for would come.

    "You look constipated," Hueningkai jokes trying to get his friend to laugh but to no end doesn't it work.

    "Do you think she hopes we don't run into each other? She looks really happy with Eric and Sunwoo."

    Hueningkai sighs, as his attempts fail at making Beomgyu's mood brighten. "Honestly Gyu, I think she's just trying to have a good time tonight, after everything that's happened, you're probably the last thing on her mind, but that's why you need to tell her how you feel. It'll get her to see you like she once did and things will be okay again."

    The seating arrangement wasn't necessarily picked by anyone. The company hosting the gala had made a pre-planned seating chart and to his dismay, Beomgyu and his friends sat right next to your table.

    Dinner was awkward to say the least, stolen glances and burning stares from the other really topped it off, but thankfully it went quickly, and soon came the winners speeches. Eric was up first, second was Felix, after him Chanhee, then Hyunjin, and finally, Beomgyu.

    "...well it was a ride, but thank you to those who supported me throughout it all! This one's for you, my lovely supporters!" Hyunjin's final words fly past Beomgyu's head as he's quickly handed a mic.

    "It's your turn Beomgyu. Good luck!" Taehyun ushers the boy on stage as quickly as possible and with his cards in hand he walks slowly towards the black podium in the middle.

    His sticky hands set down the cards as neatly as possible while he tries to remain focused on the most important target in the room, you.

    "Hello, sorry for the nerves, feeling a bit of pressure after all those amazing speeches before me," he jokes lightly, "I'll be honest, if you'd told me that I was going to be standing infront of all of you, here at the iconic Gaming Gala a year ago, I'd have laughed in your face and went on studying for midterms. Yet, here I am today, a year later thriving in my field and fully appreciative of that. I want to thank everyone who pushed me to follow my dreams, and kept me on the right track. My tomorrow brother's who continued to push streaming onto me even when I continuously said no, my manager who puts up with my "brat-like" attitude as some reporters would say, but most importantly there is someone here tonight that I'd like to thank profusely, and that's my girl," his hand points outward at you and the crowd surrounding him begins to murmur as all eyes turn to you, seated smack in the middle of your cheesing best friends.

    "Y/N, without you there would be no me. If you hadn't left I wouldn't have been #1 and if you hadn't come back I would have never dmed you about getting that spot back, but most importantly if you hadn't shown me love and compassion I'd be lost in fame and money. You are the reason I want to continue doing what I love most, you are the reason I smile, the reason I go out and face this crazy ass world. I know that a lot has happened between us but I'm glad it did because if we never met, I'd be stuck and alone, never finding my purpose, which is to be my happiest in life, with you. I really do love you."

    The crowd around you let's out a course of "awe's" and "wow", and Beomgyu knows he's done good when your eyes roll and you smile up at him from your seat at the table next to his. You may still have a lot to talk about but he knows things will be okay now.

    As he walks off the stage, you're standing to the right waiting for him. His once confident demeanor falters, as he now has to face the reality of if you'll take him back into your life or not.

    You awkwardly give him a wave and his heart beats faster. Maybe he should turn the other way – no he needs to do this, even if you tell him to get lost forever.

    "Hi," he breathes stopping only a few feet in front of you.

    "Hi gyu, heard you love me or whatever."

    His smile widens at your words. He really does love you and if he has to spend days, weeks, months, even years reminding you he will.

    "Yeah I do love you."

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  • enluv
    03.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    level #13 – tonight's the night

    genre/warning(s): just another semi filler since the REAL chapter comes out (hopefully) tomorrow! + some profanity!

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

    masterlist | prev.

    fun facts:

    - yes sunwoo picked y/n's outfit!
    - y'all eric had a caption but he accidentally hit post and well he couldn't exactly edit it 💀
    - all the txt boys are in on beomgyu's plan btw! they are very supportive except yeonjun said if beomgyu fucks up he'll shoot his shot at y/n (as a joke! just a joke!)

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (users in bold can't be tagged)

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    #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai#kim sunwoo#eric sohn#beomgyu smau #txt social media au #txt text au series #txt au#txt beomgyu#txt fluff#txt smau #tomorrow x together smau
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    31.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    level #12 – soobin the waiter

    genre/warning(s): cursing, sunwoo best boy, literally just a small filler but important nonetheless!

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

    masterlist | prev.

    fun facts:

    - y/n really does not want to go to the gala but sunwoo insists so she has to
    - hueningkai and taehyun are super excited to host the gala since it's their first time doing something like it!!
    - soobin is not going to be a waiter!! he's just hueningkai's plus one!
    - this is a small filler since next chapter will be very long and also will hopefully move the story along! the finale is close ahhh!!

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (bold cannot be tagged)

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    #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together smau #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu#choi yeojun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai#beomgyu au#beomgyu angst#beomgyu blurbs#beomgyu drabbles#beomgyu fanfic#beomgyu smau #txt text au series #txt smau #txt social media au #social media au #tomorrow x together
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    28.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago


    after the movie ended, y/n and her friends went for dinner (of course after arguing for about 15 minutes on deciding where to eat, hyuka won the argument). they talked about everything and nothing, mostly ally and y/n roasting hyuka and soobin trying to defend him, until hyuka suddenly directed a question to y/n,

    "y/n, you like beomgyu dont you?"

    she was caught off guard by the question, but then again, her bestfriends would be blind if they didnt notice it by now.

    "um i think so, how did you guys figure that out?"

    "you dont think we notice your hearteyes everytime beomgyu was within 3m radius?" it was soobin's turn to ask.

    "it's THAT obvious?"

    "it's VERY obvious to the extent that it becomes painful to watch" ally agreed.

    "the tweet was about him, wasnt it? what did he say?" soobin asked.

    "i asked him to stop flirting with me and he asked me what's wrong with that, but knowing how he is, i think he's just teasing me, you know."

    "i dont know if you're just plain stupid or dumb, y/n" hyuka said, adding salt to wound.

    "HEY whats that supposed to mean?"

    "idk, you figure that out,"

    "stop being mean to her hyuka, im sure if you use your head a bit, maybe u can figure this, y/n" ally comforted her.

    y/n went to bed thinking about her conversation with her friends. she decided since they all know about her feelings already, might as well just let them follow her private twitter acc. while cleaning up a bit of her tweets about taehyun, a message came in.


    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    leave feedbacks ^ - ^

    tags: @chaoticdreaminisode @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe @fruitysann @jueunnn @shrutiajit @pcybuttercup @fiantomartell (send ask to get tagged <3)
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  • enluv
    27.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    level #11 – want me to eat his bird?

    genre/warning(s): cursing, mentions of eating a bird, sunwoo is a lil wild but we love him okay <3

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

    masterlist | prev.

    fun facts:

    - sunwoo would never eat beomgyu's bird! he is just very upset with him.
    - y/n spammed eric and sunwoo but neither of them have answered her
    - my lovely readers, you're all invited to the gaming gala, stay tuned for more details in the next chapter!!

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 (bolded cannot be tagged)

    taglist: CLOSED!

    #press play! #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai #txt social media au #txt text au series #txt beomgyu#eric sohn#kim sunwoo #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff#beomgyu smau#txt smau
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  • luvrlixie
    25.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    hi! tysm to everyone who's followed me already! I have some longer stuff planned but I figured for my first post I wanted to start off with something short and fluffy. and ty to the two people who have already sent in requests! I am working on them and they will be posted soon :) intentional lowercase


    he's the clingiest out of all the boys (or at least he's just the most obvious)

    so he doesn't even have to ask

    when he wants cuddles, he'll just cling onto you

    it doesn't even matter where you are. He just clings

    "Yeonjun, baby, you have dance practice in 5 minutes you've gotta let go"

    "ahh but y/nie!!!" *cue pouting face*

    basically this boy is always touching you in some way

    he's pretty good about asking for cuddles when you're having a bad day though

    cause he always wants to help you in whatever way you need. whether it's extra kisses or some time alone, he's happy to provide

    "c'mon on my love, you wanna go cuddle? I know it's been a long day but I'm here for you. Whatever you need, I'll give you"



    omg he's so shy omg he has such a hard time asking <\3

    luckily it's usually pretty easy to tell when he needs extra attention. he gets extra touchy and fidgety and starts chewing on his bottom lip

    the biggest giveaway is when he starts tugging on your shirt sleeve

    like you'll be watching a movie with him and the other boys

    but soobin hasn't seen you in DAYS cause he's been so busy

    he hates that he can't just be alone with you, poor boy just wants to hear your giggles and kiss you all over your face. but he can't and even though you're sitting right next to him, it's too far

    you've been resting your head on his shoulder, and he's been rubbing circles on the back of your hand

    then he starts fidgeting with the sleeve of your sweater and staring at you with big eyes

    you get the message and finally move onto his lap and soobin is so happy!!!!! he has to hide his face in your hair cause he can't stop smiling



    he'll certainly ask.

    except, he can never just ask, no no no. It's always a dramatic performance

    you're sitting on the couch with your phone?

    gyu is flopping down next to you and laying his head in your lap with the loudest sigh ever

    "I can't believe my s/o is ignoring me! agh even with the most handsome boy in the world on their lap, they still won't look away from that phone"

    you better not be busy. ever

    cause if you dare to turn down cuddles, prepare to be given his judgy face... y'know the one

    "cuddles! cuddles! cuddles! cuddles!"

    "gyu I really wanna but I promised yeonjun I'd go shopping with him :( I'm all yours once I get back"

    "you'd rather spend time with an old man than cuddle with your boyfriend?!"



    yeah he's never asking

    he'll initiate skinship if he can tell that you want it, and he'll always cuddle you when you're asking

    but when he wants it???? he doesn't do anything about it

    (I mean - have you seen their recent tik toks??? I can't be wrong)

    I promise that he's working on it though

    Taehyun really does love you so so much and he never wants you to feel like he doesn't

    it's just hard for him to be open like that. you're always supportive though, and you hate that he feels like he can't go to you for those things :(

    when he does ask, he's pretty casual about it

    "instead of going out, can we stay in tonight? I just wanna be lazy and stay in bed"

    sleepy taehyun is a completely different story

    when he's tired and delirious, he has no problem wrapping his arms around you and telling you how much he loves your hugs :((

    and if you wake up in the morning needing to pee??

    too bad. taehyun is holding you so tight and letting out the most pitiful whine you've ever heard everytime you try to wriggle away


    he literally just...


    like a normal person

    he has no shame, and why would he??

    huening loves skinship, he loves you, and you love him. so why would he have a problem with asking for what he wants??

    you always know if he's in a super cuddly mood or not before you even meet up with him

    cause you're always texting and you can tell if he needs cuddles

    "y/n, soobin stole molang again 😭 pls come over or else I won't be able to sleep"


    "you're not allowed to greet beomgyu when you get here bc he's gonna try to rope you into a plan to prank yeonjun and I know you'll say yes but I'm going through cuddling withdrawals 😔 and soobin never lets me be the little spoon so I really need you"

    #txt x reader #txt imagines#txt drabbles #txt x you #txt reactions#txt scenario #yeonjun x reader #beomgyu imagines#soobin imagines #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #yeonjun imagine
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  • channoticedmeuwu
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    p : hueningkai × fem!reader | g : fluff, like a tint of slice of life? co-worker!kai, strangers-to-lovers!au | w : none <3
    a/n : I moved on from hyuka, I loved on from hyuka, I moved on from hyuka, I moved on from hyuka, I moved on from—

    inspired by hueningkai's aesthetic in LO$ER=LO♡ER !

    — [16 : 31 HRS] "hey, is everything okay?"

    huening kai leaned in from behind the counter to the kitchen at the back, his little sailor hat was pulled over his usually messy blonde hair, now combed through for this professional setting. his curious eyes narrowed down to y/n, who wiped her cheeks and plastered a smile over her face.

    "yep!" she managed, scratching the back of her neck. Her eyes glimpsed at the boss's office door, "I'm a-okay!"

    "are you sure?" he looked where she was looking, frowning a bit, "was he getting to you again?"

    y/n sighed, rubbing her nose and nodding a bit. She was new to the job, so maybe she was taking everything too seriously.

    "hey, tell you what?" kai smiled, walking and taking the cloth out of her hands, "let's take a break for a while."

    y/n's eyes grew wide. "we can do that?"

    "I don't think anyone ever told you," he washed the cloth at the sink and spread it out to dry, "but 4:30 pm onwards, yuna and minho join us for a reason."

    as if on queue, the front door jingled as someone unlocked the closed restaurant and walked in, allowing a cold gush of wind to enter with them. "hey, hyuka, hey y/n!" yuna's cheerful voice sounded from behind the counter, followed by the papery sound of her taking her taking off her wind-breaker.

    kai looked back to y/n, eyes twinkling with nothing but comfort. He held a hand out to her, "you look like you could use a break."

    reluctantly, y/n agreed, nodding with a soft smile, sliding her hand in his, "thanks, kai."

    he smiled, his fair skin fluttering pink with warmth at the little contact, "hey, yuna? watch over while we take a breather, okay?"

    "will do," she said, groaning as she stretched her arms, "it's damn cold out there, guys! I can't feel my bones."

    y/n clicked her tongue, frowning as she reached the front door. "I think I forgot my jacket," she mentally scolded herself as she pulled up her hood, tapping her foot to the ground and watching the wind blow trees and leaves outside.

    "it's okay," kai hummed, coming out from the back, carrying a wind-breaker. He had taken off his sailor cap and ruffled his hair up a bit, making them curl perfectly around his shining eyes.

    "you can have mine."

    main taglist (hmu to get added!) : @koishua @navyhyuck @allegxdly @daystiny  @yunntext  @neotism  @bluejaem  @radiorenjun  @sleepylixie @oifelixcmerebrou  @coffeevddict @mrkcore @imdamnconfused  @sicluvz @hyuckefi  @jenoly-simp  @cafe-jeno @abhirami20 @tyongishs @emvrd @brxght-world @chaoticdreaminisode
    I’d appreciate if you’d give me a little feedback on the drabble if you read, whether it’s an ask, a reply or in the tags of the rb! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago



    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    leave feedbacks ^ - ^

    tags: @chaoticdreaminisode @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe (send ask to get tagged <3)
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