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  • ilovehimyourhonour
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    tomorrow X together (txt) masterlist

    request open!!

    will update as more writing pieces come out

    prompt list (not necessary for request)













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  • cerisetalks
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    [10:01am] txt as your bestfriends 🥺 except crush!taehyun

    “my life is falling apart! I'm sick and I look like I've been dead for 3-4 business days straight!” you say with your head in your hands,, you woke up late, and not only late! but sick too!

    but being sick sure as hell won't stop you from coming to school, there was no way, no fucking way, you were going to pass on a school day full of ogling your long time crush—taehyun

    and that leads us to where you are now, sneezing and sniffing while having a full blown breakdown in the school canteen, sitting right beside bestfriend!beomgyu and across off bestfriend!hueningkai

    “nothing is going right! I look ugly today and guess what? taehyun isn't even here today!! or am I also going blind?? is this what it is? god? sir? is it my time already??” you bang your head on the desk and your friends watch in silent amusement

    “well I, for one, think you rock the whole half dead look you have going on”

    “shut up gyu!”

    soft hours: open,,,,, tagging <3 @sherlockholicsbysoobin @cesiareads @iminchaosnow

    #cerisetalks#kpop#kpop boys#kpop txt#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff#txt bestfriends #kpop tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together members #tomorrow x together yeonjun #tomorrow x together soobin #tomorrow x together taehyun #tomorrow x together beomgyu #tomorrow x together hueningkai #txt yeonjun#txt imagines#txt soobin#txt beomgyu#txt taehyun #txt huening kai #txt timestamp#txt members#fluff#kpop imagines#kpop fluff#kpop timestamps#wholesome
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  • ib9gyu
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✿: closer / c.bg

    warnings: angst , sad ending !!

    better if read while listening to: in my little mind - hodge


    "i love you" beomgyu shouted in the streets late at night, for all the world to hear. you laughed and punched his arm, wishing this moment could last forever.

    "to everybody who can hear, i love beomgyu more" now it was your turn to shout, your echo filling the small park. beomgyu turned around and cupped your cheeks, giving you a quick peck and resting his forehead against yours.

    "please dont leave me, ever. you're all I have" you let out a small chuckle reassuring him that could never happen, unaware he would break the promise one day.


    "you were all I had beomgyu" your voice cracked as you spoke into the phone. his phone number on the line, you knew he would never receive it, yet a part of you had hope he would call and tell you it would be okay.

    "why'd you leave me, you promised me" tears filled the plush you were hugging, your words went in vain as you were trying to send a voicemail to a boy who now doesn't exist, a boy who was buried in a graveyard. a boy who gave you his word yet broke it with no hesitation. you hated him, no, you wanted to hate him.

    "i wish we could go back to the nights we spent together, remember that gyu" a sad chuckle escaped you, the empty response on the opposite line making it hard to talk.

    "remember when we went to that park by our apartment, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. i miss those moments so god damn much" the memories stinging back into the front of your brain, burning on the way there. you slowly walked over to his room that you still hadn't packed up, the smell filling your lungs, it screamed beomgyu, it was a smell you wanted to last forever and ever.

    "i know somewhere deep inside, you wanted to stay, you wanted to keep breathing, but i know that you had given your all so there was nothing left to give, you did well my love, you did well" and with that, the line went blank, your sobs heard around the house. it would get better you tried reminding yourself, like he always did.


    a/n: i hate myself, this is making me cry and the music GOD PLEASE. i absolutely hate angst but why is it my forte 🤨🤨 i pulled a txt and said "crying crying crying" ❌❌❌

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  • girlsfortxt
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    masterlist | three | five

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer ( send an ask to be added )

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  • gyucore
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    pairing: ot5 x reader (individual endings + true end)
    chapter tags: zombie apocalypse au, angst, mystery
    synopsis: an unknown illness has rapidly spread throughout the world, taking down nearly the entire population and turning them into mindless vessels of death and chaos. in the midst of the rubble, you and your partner find a notice of a safe zone, and are taken in by a small group of survivors. you only have to hold out for seven more days until rescue arrives, but danger lurks at every corner, and not everyone can be trusted.
    warnings: mentions of blood, gore, profanity, character death

    master post

    Up until now, it never really crossed anyone's mind just how much the world can change in the span of three months. Bright and busy streets that were once filled with people of different shapes and sizes, each living their lives the way they're intended, were now dark, empty, and uninviting. Garbage and rubble littered everywhere, and nature had taken over most of the run down buildings. What used to serve as homes for many were now hollow shells of forgotten memories. And areas that'd been avoided at all costs became shelter for those seeking refuge, be it a dark cave in the middle of a forest, a series of tunnels hidden beneath the local town plaza, or the rotten sewers of the downtown area. Anything to not receive unwanted attention. If it weren't for the looming threat of danger present around every corner, the world would've been a sight to behold.

    The downfall of mankind at the hands of an unknown illness. It had spread at an alarming rate, faster than renowned experts could ever have predicted. Endless efforts had been made to pinpoint its source, take note of its effects, and to prevent it for spreading any further, but before they could yield the results of their research, the sick started acting strange. Two weeks after getting infected, the patients started behaving erratically. They've refused to eat their meals, lost their ability of coherent speech, and have had their mental capacity regress to that of a toddler. A week into their strange behavior and numerous reports flooded in left and right about how they'd start viciously attacking anyone that came within a certain range.

    A child could piece together what's going on, and a good portion of the populace were well aware of what was to come. An illness that strips a person down to that of a wild animal, erratic movements and accounts of vicious attacks; the whole situation sounded like the start a film one would pay to see on the big screen at weekends, except this was real life. It had already been too late when the horrific realization fell on everyone.

    "I don't think we should do this."

    You snap out of your thoughts at the sound of someone's voice up front. It hadn't occurred to that you'd been staring blankly at the moss covered floor for quite some time. "Sorry, what were you saying?" You ask, getting up from your seat on the ground.

    Sunlight shone through the cracks above the sewers, illuminating the person's face. "I said, I don't think we should go through with the plan." It had been Beomgyu who'd stepped up to oppose this month's supply run.

    "Why? Is there a problem with the plans?"

    Beomgyu looks down for a moment, briefly avoiding your gaze to collect himself and find his resolve. He wasn't one to go against your decisions. After all, you'd never failed to take into account everyone's well-being in crafting your plans, and none of them have failed the group thus far. But this one just felt.. off.

    "It's too dangerous." Beomgyu says with clenched fists, eyes full of conviction. "I know we're basically out of rations at this point but we've never done runs like this before. What if something bad happens to one of us?"

    "I've thought this over a hundred times, Gyu." You tell him, eyeing the rest of your group on the side in concern. "You've seen it yourself during our last scouting, right? There's barely any resources left around these parts of the city. The only way we'll be able to survive until our next relocation is to raid the nearest mall."

    "We could scout the area again." Beomgyu insists, not letting his gut feeling slide. "We could find some other ways to get our hands on supplies without risking everyone's safety. You and I know the hordes prefer dark and wide spaces. There could be hundreds of them in there."

    "We'll take the risk." A hand makes its way to your shoulder. You turn and see the rest of your group, Suhyeon and Sungjae, the hand belonging to the former.

    Beomgyu frowns at the others' approval. You hold his hand and smile in attempt to reassure him, and for a moment, the two of you stare each other down. By the frightened look in his eyes, you could tell he was scared. And you were too. Everyone was, all the time. And with that fear, the idea of giving up seemed to grasp at your fingers, but the group wasn't in a place to do so. Beomgyu understood that.

    "Fine. I trust you."

    You breathe a sigh of relief, giving his hand a little squeeze. "I won't let you down." Was what you wanted to tell him, but couldn't find the courage to. You just hope things will actually go as planned.

    Since the beginning, Beomgyu has always placed his trust in you. Both of you were broadcasting majors in college, and had taken most of your classes together. The first wave of attacks from the horde happened during one of those classes. It was of pure luck that you were seated next to Beomgyu that day. Quick on his feet, he'd instinctively grabbed your hand and dragged you to safety as he ran. And you've never felt so grateful your entire life. The gruesome sight of your classmates being ripped apart bit by bit had rendered you frozen in place. If it hadn't been for Beomgyu, you could've been one of them. And ever since that day, you'd vowed to survive together no matter what.

    The group left the base around noon. It looked like it was about to rain so you urged everyone to move quickly. The last thing anyone wants was to have to navigate slippery grounds.

    Getting to the mall took nearly half an hour on foot. You had the group go around, sticking to the edge of the forest. In the situation you encounter a horde of infected, the dense trees and greenery would provide great cover. Fortunately, there had only been a few of them wandering around the streets, making it easy for the group to evade and not engage.

    Arriving at the mall, Suhyeon and Beomgyu proceed to scout the area, securing every entrance and exit. You and Sungjae stayed behind, reviewing the map of the mall by the main entrance.

    "Don't you think it's strange?" Sungjae says, copying the map on her notebook.

    "What?" You ask absentmindedly, drawing your own copy.

    "Usually there'd be more infected lurking around. This is the first time we didn't have to fight them off. Kinda makes me paranoid lmao."

    Kidding aside, Sungjae had a point. Supply runs usually never went as smoothly as this, but no harm ever came with looking at the bright side.

    "All entrances and exits secured. We're ready to go." Suhyeon reports tucking her ropes back in her bag. Beomgyu follows behind, giving an affirming nod.

    Sungjae passes down copies of the map, and you provide everyone with a final rundown of the plan.

    "We split up. Suhyeon and Beomgyu, you take the second floor. Scale the building carefully. Sungjae and I will search the ground floor. Take only the essentials. Prioritize food and medicine. Take anything that can be used as a weapon as long as it doesn't slow you down. Leave the basement alone. That'll reduce the risk of running into one of them. Hear a suspicious noise nearby? Get the fuck out of there. Each floor has three exits and two emergency exits, go to whichever is most safe. I'll trust that Beomgyu and Suhyeon did their part in properly securing the exits. If anything happens, fire the smoke signal. If all goes well, we regroup here. Everyone clear?"


    "Then let's go."

    Beomgyu sifts through the stock room in one of the pharmacies, balancing a flashlight between his neck and shoulder as he grabs anything useful and checks for the expiration dates. Suhyeon volunteered to keep watch out front.

    He couldn't seem to get his mind off of Suhyeon's words earlier. She'd told him about her suspicions regarding the lack of infected nearby. How there must've been something that caught hold of their attention long enough to lure them to another location. Possibly the work of other survivors. Either that or.. they're all having a grand feast at what used to be a group of survivors' hideout.

    Beomgyu shivers at the thought. He'd rather there be no bloodshed, even if it weren't their blood being spilled. But if it had been the former, the ones possible for the distraction must've had a lot of reassurance on their side, and a goal in mind that needed the absence of hordes to be completed. Government interference? After all this time? Probably. They were the only ones capable of such a feat.

    "Noise about five stores away. Slow pace. You done?" Suhyeon asks, popping out from behind and shining an extra light on Beomgyu's face.

    He nods. "All done. Let's get out of here."

    One step, and Beomgyu freezes. His eyes go straight towards the number of ad posters plastered on the walls. It was possible. An important notice from the government spread around through flyers.

    Beomgyu finds himself grinning.

    There's a fucking safe zone.

    Then the grin falls. There was no doubt you'd find out about the same information, but on what lengths you'd go to retrieve it has left him fearing for the rest of the group.

    He turns to Suhyeon, face grim. "We need to find Y/N and Sungjae. Now."

    "The hell?"

    The infected collapses on the floor with a thud, its head bashed up from the blow. It had been following you and Sungjae ever since you'd passed through the stock room in the grocery. You two managed to corner it in one of back isles.

    "What's wrong? You okay?" Sungjae looks over at you, placing her bat down as she wiped off the blood on her arm. After asking, she notices your hands start shaking. You seemed so fixated on the bloodied piece of paper that fell out from the infected's mouth. She winces when you immediately picked it up. "I don't think you should be holding on to that thing any longer than you should."

    "Right, sorry. It's just.." You read through the contents thoroughly, repeating them again and again until everything just goes blank and an array of uncontrollable emotions started flooding in. "Sungjae.." Your voice cracks a little as you hand the paper over to Sungjae, holding onto her shoulder as she too reads the few words on the print.






    "Y/N, this is— You mean, we can finally.." Tears gather in her eyes as she clutches the paper for dear life.

    You nod, letting go of Sungjae and readjusting your duffel bag. "We haven't gathered as much supplies as planned, but the ones we've bagged from this grocery should be enough. Beomgyu and Suhyeon can handle gathering supplies on their own. And I think we can both agree that what we need to do right now is to find out more information about this safe zone." The torn up flyer obviously wasn't enough, and you were confident there were more nearby.

    Sungjae agrees, placing the last of her haul in her backpack.

    A crashing noise alerts you two, prompting you to ready your weapons.

    "The noise came from up front." Sungjae whispers. "Let's leave through the side entrance."

    You two got out of there quick, not wanting to aggravate whatever was wandering around in the front. The goal was clear.

    "Find anything that could lead us to a flyer. Someone must've put them up, right? There has to be more around here." You say in between pants, stealthily striding your way through the halls.

    "Uh, Y/N?" Sungjae stops you as you pass by a bulletin board at the center of the mall. From the looks of it, flyers about the safe zone were plastered here, only that other survivors had gotten to it first, leaving a few useless scraps behind.

    If only you'd gotten to it sooner, fists clenching at the thought. "Let's keep looking."

    The next few minutes were quick to pass by. All the running around, carrying heavy bags were starting to tire you down. Strangely enough, you hadn't encountered any other infected aside from the one in the grocery.

    "Y/N, can we rest for a bit? We've searched the entire floor already." Sungjae begs, exhausted. You remember how Sungjae had the lowest stamina in the group, although she made up for it with her knowledge in medicine and first aid. She's always been the one to patch you up.

    "Maybe we should head back to the meeting grounds. Beomgyu and Suhyeon are probably waiting for us there. If they found any useful information upstairs, they'd surely tell us."

    You consider Sungjae's suggestion. She had a point. But the ticket to salvation was already right in front of you. If you'd search for a bit more, surely you'd find it. Scouting the second floor was a no go. All the stairs and escalators were demolished by a bunch of freak survivors called the Lost Boys, evident by the obscene Peter Pan inspired graffiti they'd placed on the floor near the rubble. A part of you wishes they'd have a shitty day ahead.

    To go up from the inside, you'd need to scale the walls, and you weren't equipped for that. The only other accessible place you hadn't searched was the basement but that would be too much of a risk. You don't want Sungjae or the others getting hurt. On the other hand, if you were to go alone..

    "Jae." You turn to Sungjae, tone a tad too serious for the latter's liking. "Head to the main entrance and regroup with the others. I'm going down the basement to find more flyers."

    "What?!" Sungjae covers her mouth, realizing her voice had been too loud. Her next words come in whispers. Angry whispers. "Are you crazy?! Did you not have breakfast or something? I can't let you go down there alone! You said it yourself, it's too dangerous!"

    "But still.." You can't let go of the feeling that you might find something useful if you just kept on searching. Hiding down below isn't exactly as safe as it seems, and resources were scarce. It's not just the infected you have to wprry about but starvation and illness as well. The sewers weren't kind to survivors.

    "Alright, alright. Fine. You crazy bastard. If you really wanna go down there then at least take me with you. Two heads are better than one or whatever." Sungjae rolls her eyes as she drags you to the path leading downstairs.

    "You sure you're okay with this? Suhyeon will kill me if you ever got hurt." You try to free yourself from her grip but fail.

    Sungjae snorts at your comment. "I can take care of myself. Just promise me we'll be in and out real quick, okay?" She gives your hand a little squeeze as you made your way down, and you can't help but smile. Having someone who's got your back made all the difference.

    But if only you hadn't taken her.

    "Shit!" Beomgyu shoots another infected down from afar. "Nine. Hey, Suhyeon, how ya holding up down there?!"

    "Twelve! That makes all of them!"

    Beomgyu clenches his teeth as he propels down. They were on their way down the second floor when the fire alarm went off. The blaring sound attracted a few of the infected near the area, but not enough to overwhelm the two.

    The alarm could only one thing— you and Sungjae were in big trouble. Everyone had agreed on releasing a smoke signal when in danger. The appearance of smoke and its distinct smell would've alerted the other members of the group without attracting the attention of the infected. But setting off the fire alarm wasn't part of the plan.

    Beomgyu and Suhyeon rush inside the ground floor, readying their weapons for an encounter with an infected but there weren't any around. Not a good sign.

    "Now where the fuck are th—"

    A piercing scream cuts Beomgyu off. Suhyeon could barely move when she recognizes the voice. "Please, no.."

    Beomgyu places a hand over Suhyeon's shoulder. "It came from the basement.."

    And with that, the two took off.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but curse you in his mind. The basement was off-limits, and there was no way Sungjae would've decided to go down there on her own volition. It had to be you. He knew you'd be like this the moment you'd find out about the safe zone. Partnering up with you from the beginning would've been ideal, that way, he could've slapped some sense into your head when the time came.

    "I know what you're thinking, but going around pinning the blame on someone won't get us anywhere closer to saving them." Suhyeon blurts out as the two made their way downstairs.

    She was right.

    Beomgyu clears his head. The details could wait after the rescue. He just hopes he was fit enough to pull this off.

    What awaited the two in the basement was a scene that could only be described as something straight out of a nightmare. There you were standing on top of a banged up display car in the middle of the floor, the flickering light of the fluorescent above you illuminating your bloodied figure as you shot the infected down one by one as they came crowding. Estimated, there were at least forty infected coming in from left and right, prompting Beomgyu and Suhyeon to stand their ground, shooting down the horde as they got closer.

    Half of the infected had turned their attention towards the two, taking away most of the burden on your part.

    But as the the duo's eyes adjusted to the dark, your figure started becoming clearer. You weren't alone. Never should've been but Sungjae was nowhere to be found. Beomgyu could feel the blood draining from his face as he sees what it was you were clutching your arms, or rather, who it was. "Well fuck."

    "Sungjae!" Suhyeon cries out desperately, taking out her bat with her free hand and charging at the horde with both weapons, hoping to get to Sungjae as fast she could.

    "Fuck. Suhyeon don't—!" Before he knew it, he'd lost sight of his comrade in the dark. All he could do was continue to shoot, but for how long? His eyes wander back to your figure, and couldn't help but wish it hadn't. He could make out Sungjae's state in your arms. At least, what's left of her. The look on your face screamed a thousand words and emotions. Regret, fear, grief; he couldn't really point it out. You looked like you were just about ready to leave the world behind at any moment, holding your half-eaten friend close.

    Everything was in chaos. Beomgyu didn't know what to do anymore. The horde just kept on coming, and he'd thrown himself in this dangerous situation without thinking straight. How had you gotten yourself in this situation in the first place? Why did Sungjae have to die? How will they ever survive this? Beomgyu could only pray for a miracle.

    And with the sound of the ceiling bursting, his prayers were answered.

    The rubble crashes to the ground, burying most of the infected with it. Beomgyu takes this opportunity to shoot down the remaining few in front of him, maneuvering his way to the front in search of Suhyeon, hoping that his friend had made it through the nightmare.

    To his horror, Beomgyu finds her body crushed beneath the rubble. "Suhyeon!" He hurriedly gets the debris off her but realized it had already been too late. She was done for even before the ceiling gave away. Her lower half had already been eaten. The dread slowly kicks in.

    He could've stopped her.

    She would've still been alive.

    A barrage of shots forces him out of his thoughts. He stumbles as he looks behind, seeing the silhouette of two individuals, non-infected most likely, actively shooting at a few infected coming in from the distance.

    Are we being rescued? He figures the whole ceiling mishap was their doing too.

    Beomgyu's attention then shifts to you, finding his strength to run to your side.

    The strangers alone managed to finish off the remaining threat, allowing the two of you some time to pull yourself together.

    Beomgyu quickly holds his hand out for you to take, but all you did was stare back at him in defeat.

    "Beomgyu, I.." You croak, gaze wavering. "Sungjae.."

    Beomgyu watches as you hold Sungjae closer to your chest.

    "She's.. She's.." Your body flops down, the smooth surface of the car's roof making you slip. "It should've been me."

    Your words weigh down Beomgyu's chest. He couldn't even bear to look at you like this.

    "Sungjae's gone, Y/N." He whispers. "Suhyeon is too. I know all of this is hard to take in but we have to get out of here right now."

    Beomgyu offers his hand again, and this time, you make the move to take it.

    "Better get your shit together fast you two." One of the strangers calls out. "Your stunt with the alarm attracted all kinds of danger. There's more where these guys come from. If you wanna make it out of here alive, you better come with us."

    He was the taller one out of the two. Dark hair. Probably around your age. The same goes for his blonde friend.

    The blonde looks over at the bodies of your friends and sighs. "Small group, huh? I know how you feel. But we can't bring them along. Too risky. We don't want a potential infected in our hands."

    "The jeep's out at front. We'll wait for you there, but I suggest you decide quick. Coming along is all up to you but we're not sticking around here for too long." He adds.

    Beomgyu looks to you, eyes pleading. You take one last look at your friends. Suhyeon and Sungjae. You vow to never forget this day, to never forget them, and to never forget what they've done. The object in your hand served as a beacon of hope, and a grim reminder.

    "We're coming."

    "Smart choice." The blonde nods, and the two turn around to lead the way.

    You and Beomgyu follow after placing Suhyeon and Sungjae's bodies safely to the side, leaving behind your jackets to cover them up.

    You couldn't stop the tears from falling as you stared at the crumpled flyer in your hand. Sungjae had sacrificed her life for this flyer, and Suhyeon for everyone.

    Heavy rain pours endlessly from the sky as you got out, weeping for the lost. You hold on tight to Beomgyu's hand, earning his attention as he looks back. The gaze you shared was enough for you to know the other had been thinking the same thing. From this point on, you were to continue your lives not only for yourselves, but for your two comrades as well, swearing to not let their sacrifices be in vain.

    And if you could save a few more lives with this flyer, then so be it.

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    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    masterlist | two | four

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan ( send an ask to be added )

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    👻 02 — time of need

    masterlist | one | three

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup ( send an ask to be added )

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    I’m going to make some txt and enhypen imagines so if anyone wants to request please do! I have a prompt list that you can use for.m the request of you want to 😊

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    👻 01 — creative burnout

    masterlist | prev | two

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is ( send an ask to be added )

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  • enluv
    12.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Game Over – Epilogue

    genre/warning(s): it's all fluff!

    at the end there's a little a/n if you want to read it!

    masterlist | prev.

    coco's ♡ note:

    and that's a wrap! this is the final chapter of press play :) I want to start off by saying thank you to all my readers who stuck with me as I figured out where I wanted to head with this story. I know at times it was terrible but we pushed through together and I adore all of those who stayed to read it! Press Play came to me after a long debate over what smau I wanted to write with my friend Abby, it was seriously not something I thought I'd ever let out but then I started writing and now here are a month and some days later, ending it. Now I don't wanna get too sappy but I'm going to miss it a lot :) My first ever (completed) idol smau! She's my baby! What can I say. To keep this going though, thank you to all my moots who supported it as well, you all helped keep my motivation with the cute tags you'd leave and it means a lot! This is where Press Play ends now though and I hope it brought you as much happiness as it did me! If you have any questions or ever just want to talk about it with me, my asks are always open and I'd love to know your thoughts! Thank you all once again! - Coco <3

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (users in bold cannot be tagged)

    taglist: is CLOSED!

    #ahhh not me crying! #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai #txt social media au #txt text au series #txt texts#beomgyu smau#beomgyu texts #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together crack #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu series #press play!
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    12.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Prompts Game!

    send me a number + TXT member

    1. “ i've never kissed anyone before. “ “ let's practice. “ (c.yj)

    2. ''i'm here for business, not pleasure.'' ''so you don't want me to kiss you?''

    3. “ if you kiss me now, i don't think either of us are going home tonight. “ (k.th)

    4. ''you mean... you, and me? ...kissing?''

    5. “ can i kiss you? “(wip) (hk)

    6. “ hey, have you seen my sweater? “ *is wearing it* “ n-no. “(wip) (c.sb)

    7. ‘‘can i have your number?’‘ ‘‘at least --’‘ ‘‘let me guess, invite you out to dinner first?’‘ ‘‘i was going to say kiss me.’‘ 

    8. “ just listen, real closely, all right. and stop laughing. “ (c.bg)

    9.“ ___ told me you're in love with me. tell me it isn't true. tell me this is all just a huge misunderstanding. “ “ i can't. “ (wip) (k.th)

    10. ‘‘I’ll kiss you right now to prove that I don’t feel anything for you.’‘ ‘‘okay.’‘ (c.yj)

    11. ” i can't do this. not anymore. ”

    12. ” just pack your bags and get out. ”

    13. ” did you ever even love me? ”(wip) (c.bg)

    14. ” i don't love you anymore. ”

    15. ” it was all just a game to you. ”

    16. “ wait, you knew? “ “ you haven't exactly been discreet. “(wip) (c.bg)

    also open for any prompts other than these if you want!!

    prompts from : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    12.09.2021 - 6 days ago



    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    tags: @iminchaosnow @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe @fruitysann @jueunnn @shrutiajit @pcybuttercup @fiantomartell @multi4lifer @beomsunjun @taehyunsfel @gloomyghostface @mxrcayong-main @beombeomlvr @snowfalltxt @jaemsluvr @envy-brr @deezarenotmynutz @mariecoura @todorokiskitten

    a/n: that's the end of a series of unfortunate events :D i rlly hope u enjoyed it (at least i did enjoy writing it hehe). this is a result of my deranged romantic feelings for beomgyu so- anyways thank you for reading 🥺

    pr0dbeomgyu asoue logging out......

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  • enluv
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    level #15 – the aftermath

    genre/warning(s): fluff! profanity + stan twt

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

    masterlist | prev.

    fun facts:

    - felix, chanhee, and y/n all met through streaming having started around the same time as one another, since both boys are big fans of hers they asked for her number!
    - both sunwoo and eric got a nice little hit on the head from y/n :)
    - if you look at the stan twt accounts you'll see some very familiar faces + names! (seungmin and keeho often argue with one another)
    - beomgyu kisses the homies goodnight: confirmed ✅

    taglist - @bloom-bloom-pow @igyus @beomjunies @envirae @whatinthebts @jcngseongs @tyunningfiles @k6ho @spookybias @changmin-wrlds @junityy @sukirene @viscoolreal @faiirybread @vantxx95 @strwberrydinosaur @milkycloudtyg @nyfwyeonjun @staysstrays @jakeycore @lcvekdy @icywhatim @hjinnie @msxflower @lovebeomb @bbeomies @lokideadontheinside @eeheeeh @onigiriyuki @damselindistressanu @akaashisbunny @jjikyuu @ikyk-leeknow @softkons @loonathewurld @pr0dbeomgyu @hanniesss @sunooflowerss @gothmingguk @dongyucks @w3bqrl @baekhyunstruly @korejijiyo @soobsdior @shawnkneecaps @wooyoponyo @hobizi @032421 @meiiiwa @90s-belladonna @eclisqc (users in bold cannot be tagged)

    taglist: is CLOSED!

    #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu angst #choi beomgyu blurbs #choi beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#kang taehyun#hueningkai #tomorrow x together crack #tomorrow x together fluff #beomgyu smau #txt text au series #txt smau #txt social media au #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu angst#txt au#txt texts#txt blurbs#txt beomgyu
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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 the spook troop

    the spook troop — started 7 months ago. they visit rumored haunted buildings in the hopes of catching real ghosts (they haven’t yet). they don’t take themselves too seriously and almost everything is they post is a joke. the videos featuring their friends always do well. none of their videos have blown up—yet.

    masterlist | prev | one

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 letterboxd ceos

    y/n — the president of the film club. is saving up for a new camera. wants to direct movies in the future.

    yoon — isn’t in the film club but hangs around their meetings anyway. one of the spook troop’s first subscribers. swears she’s psychic.

    jongho — y/n’s co-president. has never been in a fight. makes fun of yeji’s kpop addiction but has a secret twice acc.

    yeji — only in the film club because she needed an elective. constantly changing her hair colour. has beef with yeonjun.

    masterlist | prev | next

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 mystery inc

    taehyun — 1/2 of the spook troop. does not believe in the supernatural. does the research and picks all the places they visit.

    hueningkai — 1/2 of the spook troop. swears up and down that a friendly ghost helped him out of a slide he was stuck in when he was 8 years old. organises their equipment and edits their videos.

    yeonjun — president of the dance club. lends the spook troop his car on the weekends. has beef with one of y/n’s friends.

    soobin — a part of the film club. sometimes films the spook troop’s videos. scared shitless of everything supernatural.

    beomgyu — y/n’s neighbour. the spook troop’s biggest fan. no one knows if he really believes in ghosts or not.

    masterlist | next

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr ( send an ask to be added )

    #👻 — ghosting series #ficscafe#txt smau #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #kang taehyun x reader #taehyun reaction#taehyun imaginanes#taehyun scenarios#hueningkai reactions#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines #txt social media au #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions #txt x reader
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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    PAIRING — kang taehyun x gn!reader ; huening kai x gn!reader

    — taehyun and hueningkai run a small youtube channel where they visit “haunted” buildings around seoul. when they are down a cameraman, they ask you, the film club’s president, to fill in. they don’t expect to actually see a ghost—or for you to become one. ( loosely based on danny phantom )

    GENRE — smau ; ghost hunting au ; supernatural au ; high school au ; strangers to lovers ; crack ; fluff ; humour ; light angst

    WARNINGS — swearing ; descriptions of violence ; mentions of blood ; injuries ; ghosts ; jokes about dying

    send me an ask to be tagged! header by @samu-sorbet <3 !

    PROFILES — mystery inc ; letterboxd ceos ; the spook troop

    👻 01 — creative burnout

    👻 02 — time of need

    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    👻 05 — the creeps ✏️

    👻 more spooking soon...

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    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    TXT hour 3 photoshoot

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