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  • beautyqueen71999
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    TXT Reaction: First kiss

    Yeonjun: Being the tease he is, he would often make you think he was going to kiss you but would kiss your cheek or forehead. Until one day you had enough and grabbed his face. He was confused at first but then you kissed him. He would smile and grab your waist pulling you close. When you both pulled away to breathe, he would let out a breathy chuckle. He would tease you about how you couldn't handle not kissing him which would cause you to playfully slap his arm while you blush.

    Soobin: He was nervous about it. He never kissed anyone before and didn't want to mess up. You know he hadn't had his first kiss and you were positive he was nervous. So when the time came, you sort of initiated the kiss. It was soft and slow letting both of you process what it feels like. After a moment, you pull back red and look at him. He seems to be in his thought till he gently grabs your face and pulls you in for another kiss. He never felt anything too special and he really didn't want to stop.

    Beomgyu: He didn't really know what to expect when he decided to kiss you. He hadn't thought it through when he quickly kissed you. Of course, you were surprised and couldn't properly react. That caused him to think he had done something wrong and starts walking away. You pull him back and grab his face kissing him. He is shocked but reacts quickly kissing you back. When you both pull away, you both blush and avoid eye contact for a while.

    Taehyun: He never would have imagined kissing you but you can't say the same. You knew Taehyun wasn't one to show affection. However, you grew tired of being in a relationship with not much affection. You took things upon yourself and kissed him. You left before he could even process what happened. When he came to your apartment later, you figured he wanted to break up. But he grabs your face and kisses you with more passion than you could imagine. You kissing him earlier made him realize he needs to show you more love.

    Kai: This baby was shy and so were you. You both talked about it making sure you were both comfortable enough. After that talk, it took a couple of days before he made his move. It was after your date and he looked nervous. You never came to mind that he was going to kiss you that day. So when he leaned forward and placed his lips softly on yours, you melted. You kissed back and pulled away when you needed to breathe. You both giggled and looked away shy.

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  • sooblvr
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    txt & matching outfits

    pairing ot5 x gn!reader // genre fluff, slice of life // warnings none // word count 0.6k


    he’s been trying to convince you since you started dating. you always decline because your mind jumps towards the ugliest, most cringe couple outfits

    but oh my it’s like you don’t know your own boyfriend

    you were out shopping for something to wear to your mom’s birthday party when you saw the cutest sweatshirt !!

    and obviously, mr stubborn virgo wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by

    “I say we get matching ones” “yeonjun, what am i even going to pair this with?” “did you suddenly forget you’re dating the fourth generation it boy”

    you’d never admitted it, but you did end up enjoying your matching fits

    —rest of the members under the cut !!


    soobin is definitely the boyfriend who loves the idea of more private relationships, and therefore wants to drop hints to everyone via subtle details like matching clothes

    the way he just knows exactly what you’re gonna like

    he gave you his hoodie you had always stolen and bought himself a matching one

    immediately you both had to try them on and see how adorable you looked

    he already has a highlight story for the times you guys have matched accidentally, and now he’s gonna add the ones of you matching on purpose

    his favorite one is the one where he rests his head on top of yours and you look so confused but still smiling


    out of all of them he’s probably the most playful. he’ll send you really ugly matching ideas and tell you it’s goals or something. makes you wonder if he really styles himself of if yeonjun is doing the lord’s work

    you needed to see if he was actually serious

    on one of your dates, you asked him to take you to a mall. as you looked through, you made the most awful outfit 

    the pieces were nice on their own, but never together, yet he had the audacity to “love it.” so of course, you bought the fits and walked around in them

    0/10 experience, beomgyu was making fun of you the whole time. he was also kind of enjoying it ?? he appreciated that you were in this together

    after that, you stuck to only matching the shirts


    you need to do the convincing here. i'm sure he’d be more than happy to comply, but never with anything weird or even just funny. you have to be fashion icons together

    more than clothing he’d like matching earrings 

    either way, i feel like matching just kind of happens. like soobin, sometimes you just match accidentally- you’ll wear the same color, or the hoody is the same, things like that

    so on one day when you guys pick up the same jacket, you rolled with it.  you had a little matching moment

    he actually ends up enjoying it and loves when you wear the same thing or similar without intending to. calls it a special occasion and all

    this one’s the deep but very deep down softie


    this one’s another playful one !! if he’s gonna gift you something matching it’ll be what you least expect. a scarf, socks, anything weird but funny. he’ll also tell you to stop copying him

    you already share your clothes so matching comes naturally

    “you love me so much you have to dress like me” “it was literally your idea to match” “shh i know you simp and that’s all that matters” “you need to get off twitter”

    he loves it though, and when you’re not around he’ll tell everyone you’re so cool for letting him play dress up

    also matches jewelry but the type that’s like those friendship bracelets. you two get together and make each other rings, necklaces, etc

    it’s not always matching, but it’s cute

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • anonymousuno
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    What Do I Do

    Harin is reeling in the information her mother told her

    Harin was still sitting on the floor in the same position. She had long stopped crying since her mother left. She was feeling a flood of emotions.

    Confused as to why her mother had decided to tell her about her father. She wasn’t sure why her mother all of a sudden wanted to start being a mother. Was it another ploy? Did she have ulterior motives?

     She was sad. Sad that her relationship with her parents was so bad that it had come to this. Her father exploiting her personal life in order to get her to go back to that place. Sad that her parents couldn’t just support the one dream she’s always had. That they couldn’t be proud of her and all she’s accomplished with the group so far in just a few short years.

     Anger. Anger that not only had her relationship been put into jeopardy because of her father’s ploy’s, but also because it had worked. Anger because she was now not able to work or be a part of the group’s schedules for a while. Anger was probably the emotion she was feeling the most. It was burning inside her just like the stew on the stove.

     “Fuck! The food!” She jumped up and pulled the pot off the burner, turning the flame off. “God dammit!” She groaned, leaning against the counter. Her mother had put her in such a state of confusion and sadness and anger that she couldn’t even cook right! “I’m just going to have to order,” she muttered to herself.

     The boys walked in just as she placed the order. “Noona? Is something burning?” Hueningkai quickly walked into the kitchen to see Harin leaning against the counter, a scowl on her face. He glanced at the metal pot next to her and peered over it, scrunching his nose. “You really burned food?”

     He was a little upset because he was starving. He was also worried because Harin was an amazing cook and in all the years they had been dorming together, she had never burned a meal. “I ordered chicken. It’ll be here soon. Sorry.” Hueningkai smiled at her and patted her head. “It’s alright. How was your day?”

     “Why are you glaring at the pot like it committed a crime?” Soobin asked as he walked into the kitchen. Harin flicked her eyes over to him but didn’t say anything. “She burnt the food so, it’s the pots fault,” Hueningkai explained as if it was the most rational thing in the world.

     “Right,” Soobin said, eyeing him. “Are you really that mad about it?” He asked Harin and she only groaned. “No! I mean, yes. I don’t know!” She threw her hands in the air, the first movement she had made since Hueningkai had walked into the kitchen. Her voice drew the attention of the others.

     “What’s wrong, Rin?” Beomgyu asked, walking up to her and wrapping her in a hug. Any of them could tell she was stressing out about something. She was never really good at hiding her emotions. At least from them. “My mother came here today,” she spoke through gritted teeth.


    “You didn’t call us?!”

    “Why’d you let her in?!”

    “What happened?!”

     She held her hands up and closed her eyes. Usually she didn’t really care if they all shouted questions her at one time, but right now she was feeling particularly annoyed by everything. “Shut up! I can’t say anything if you’re all talking at once!” They all quieted down, eyes burning holes into her as they waited.

     “She told me that she was pretty sure my dad was the one who had someone following me. To take pictures. She said it was another plan to just get me to leave. She said she wanted to apologize to. For everything. And to call her so that she could do it properly.”

     It was quiet in the kitchen. So quiet you could hear a feather land on the floor if there was one. Clearing his throat, Soobin spoke, “Are you going to let her apologize?” Harin shrugged and her shoulders sagged. Beomgyu rested his head on her shoulder, giving her comfort.

     “I don’t know. Our relationship has been so messed up my whole life and now she all of a sudden cares? Or wants to care? And what about my dad? How could he do that to me? To his own daughter?” She rubbed her hands over her face and Soobin sighed, leaning next to her. She laid her head on his arm.

     “It’s up to you what you want to do, Rin. It’s not our decision to make. We’ll support whatever one you do make. As for your dad, I can’t answer for him. We can talk to the company and see.”

     “There’s no point,” she breathed, “I have no evidence linked to him. And I doubt my mother would actually speak against him about it. Or anything for that matter.” She sighed again and Soobin started running his fingers through her hair.

     “Why don’t we eat and sleep on it?” The others nodded in agreement and Harin only shrugged. “We’ll talk about it in the morning, see where your head is at after you rest some and had time to process it all. We’re all too tired to think clearly on this right now.”

     Harin hummed in agreement. “I’ll go get the chicken!” Taehyun sing-songed as the doorbell rang out. The others followed quickly after him, stomachs growling and waiting to be filled. Harin was still laying against Soobin’s arm. He wrapped it around her and kissed the top of her head.

     “No thinking right now. Right now, we eat, we shower and we sleep. I promise we will talk it all through tomorrow.” Harin nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him a quick hug. “Thanks, Soo,” she murmured. He smiled and gently pushed her towards the living room.

     “It’s what best friends are for, babo. Now, chicken!”

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    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    👻 06 — what’s your venmo?

    masterlist | five | seven

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @faetarou @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer @txtdreamm @junityy @hwallswrld @dear-dreamie @ginghamandgreentea @envirae @sunysunoo ( send an ask to be added )

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  • sooblvr
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    pairing choi soobin x gn!reader // genre angst, unrequited love // warnings none // word count 0.4k // requested here

    there was never a dull moment or conversation with him. even if you weren’t doing anything in particular, his company was more than enough. it was hard to say when you started having feelings for soobin. it seemed like things had always been that way. always giving him lost puppy eyes when he left, feeling butterflies while you got ready to see him, yet getting a rush of sheer peace the moment you saw him. 

    though you were careful not to give in to foolish hope, it was nearly impossible to not let your mind wander when the lights were off, blankets wrapped around your body, half asleep. 

    did his smile linger when you complimented him? had he blushed the time you grabbed his hand to drag him inside a store? was his umbrella actually broken or did he just want to share yours?

    it was the beginning of the end when soobin started spending less time with you. if you wanted to visit a recently opened art gallery, he had already gone. if you needed someone to accompany you to the movies, he was busy. even when you did see each other, there was an awkward coldness to him. 

    you hadn’t been at his dorm for more than five minutes when he walked in with another person. there was a tingling sensation in your hands upon seeing how gently he was holding theirs. his roommates were in the living room playing some new game beomgyu had brought. 

    “everyone, this is my s/o, they’re the person i've been spending so much time with lately.”

    like a deer in headlights, you couldn’t hide your surprise. it’s not like you expected him to be single forever; above everything else you wanted him to be happy. “he’s a keeper,” you smiled at them genuinely. shortly after, you added, “he takes too long to answer texts though.” 

    you went for a long walk after. you had been one another’s go to person for so long, it felt weird to think this wouldn’t be the case anymore. perhaps it was better to distance yourself, sort your feelings out before saying something you’d regret. but before you could get too deep in your thoughts, you received a text from taehyun, “i took back your letter before he could see it. how are you feeling?” 

    the reason you were on the dorm when soobin wouldn’t be home was to drop off your confession letter.

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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    19.09.2021 - 6 days ago


    👻 05 — the creeps

    WC — 1.7k

    WARNINGS — swearing ; jump scares ?? ; supernatural stuff

    NOTES — havent answered any asks but i saw them so u have been added to the taglist hehe. this is so description heavy which is different from what i usually write i am so sorry

    When the Ghost Nerds show up in front of your house Saturday afternoon, you wonder if it is too late to back out.

    They have the Ghostbusters theme song blasting from the car speakers, stickers of their channel logo stuck to the side of the car, and for some reason, Hueningkai is using a megaphone to promote their channel.

    “Check out The Spook Troop on YouTube! Real ghost hunting! New video coming—Oh hey, Y/N!” Taehyun, who is driving, parks the car by the curb and you give them a tight-lipped smile.

    For a moment, you consider just running back into your house, but you weren’t one to back out of your commitments, so you push that thought away. Also the fact that you would be receiving compensation for this job gave you a newfound motivation to see this through.

    You jog to the car and slide into the backseat, placing your camera bag on the seat next to you. “Hi,” you greet awkwardly. You are hardly heard over the music so you clear your throat and try again.

    Lowering the music, Taehyun gives you a slight nod through the rear view mirror. You buckle yourself in, then Taehyun is driving off.

    The song is still playing on low and Hueningkai turns around in his seat to flash you a large grin. You can't help but smile back.

    When he faces the front he asks, “You excited?” In all honesty, you really weren’t, and definitely not as excited as the two of them were—well, Taehyun was still a bit hard to read but you assumed he must be—you were mainly just looking forward to getting your money by the end of this.

    But, from their videos you had watched, even though the production and editing was largely shit, they always seemed to have a lot of fun. You figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and be positive about this.

    “Yeah, uh, totally,” you say, surprised by how sincere you sound. “So, you guys believe in ghosts?”

    “Yes!” Hueningkai exclaims and you find yourself endeared by his enthusiasm. “Well, I do, he’s a nonbeliever.” He jerks a thumb in Taehyun’s direction and the boy in question rolls his eyes, like this is a conversation they’ve had many times before. He doesn’t defend himself so you figure it must be true.

    “Do you need me to start recording now?”

    For the first time since you had gotten into the car, Taehyun speaks. “No, you can start when we get there.”

    Nodding, you ask, “And where is ‘there’ again?”

    “A place called Amity Park. You heard of it?” You shake your head, the name not ringing any bells for you. “Makes sense, the place is basically scrubbed clean from the Internet, almost like it doesn’t exist.”

    That piqued your interest. You leaned a bit forward in your seat. “How did you find out about it?”

    He shrugs. “Old newspaper clippings. Took three days to find anything about it, and that was mainly because I kept getting kicked out of the library.”

    You nod in understanding. For someone who doesn’t believe in any of this, Taehyun sure does take his job seriously. He sounds almost…proud of his work, too.

    Almost an hour later, you are driving past an old ‘WELCOME TO AMITY PARK’ sign that’s practically falling off the wood poles it’s hanging on, except most of the letters were peeled off so it really read ‘W COME TO A I Y P RK’.

    Taehyun slows down the car and turns the music off completely as you guys drive through the town. You decide now would be as good a time as any to start filming, so you take your camera out of its bag, hold up to the window and press record.

    “Woah,” Hueningkai breathes out as he stares out at the town, and you think that woah is a major understatement.

    The whole town is deserted, not a single living soul on sight. Houses line the sides of the road, empty and abandoned, some caving in on themselves. Windows are broken in and doors are falling off their hinges. Trash decorates the sidewalks, empty cans and rogue plastic bags littered everywhere. The more you see, the more you wonder what happened here to make this place essentially…disappear.

    “Looks like a fucking ghost town here,” Hueningkai whispers. “Get it? Because we’re looking for ghosts and this place looks—”

    “We get it,” Taehyun cuts in. Hueningkai shuts up.

    Taehyun stops the car in front of a large, looming building that somehow looked worse for wear than the other buildings you had passed. “Here we are. Amity Park Labs.”

    It is a three storey building with completely blacked out windows—well, the windows that haven’t been broken. As big as it is, you think the building is so old it could capsize at any moment. Paint is peeling off the walls and a large letter ‘P’ stares at you from the top of the roof. You assume it used to spell out the name of the lab.

    The three of you exit the car and Hueningkai and Taehyun grab some of their ‘ghost hunting equipment’ from the boot. You all walk towards the entrance that has been boarded up, the words KEEP OUT scrawled messily in big, block letters and underlined twice across the wood in what looks like red paint.

    Taehyun whistles. “Someone doesn’t want us here.”

    Hueningkai turns to look at the camera and smirks. “It’s gonna take a lot more than this to scare us off. Shall we?” Taehyun shrugs. Together they kick down the boards, causing dust to start billowing. You turn your head away as you cough into your arm.

    When the dust settles, the main door comes into view. Hueningkai pushes it open and gestures for you to enter. “After you,” he says with a flourish and you roll your eyes fondly before walking in first.

    The lobby area is relatively bright, the only light coming from outside through the busted windows. Taehyun wordlessly passes you a torch.

    “The newspaper said there was an accident here—in the 70s. They don’t know exactly what happened, but they wrote it off as a fire that started in the main lab and spread. Tore through the whole town apparently. No one made it out.”

    “Why has it been abandoned? No one tried to fix it up? What about the research they were doing here?” You don’t know if cameramen are supposed to talk, but you can’t help your curiosity.

    Taehyun looks almost shocked at your questions, but blinked it away. He clears his throat before answering. “The government didn’t want to have to deal with the questions and funding. Guess it was easier to pretend this place never existed than to try and continue whatever they were doing here and risk something else happening again.”

    “What were they doing here?”

    Hueningkai, who had wandered away to look around with his own personal camera, speaks up from a little ways away. “How about we find out.”

    Turns out, he had managed to find the floor plan of the building and was able to locate the main lab where you all assumed the accident happened. You would have to go down into the basement, which you didn’t even know there was. The stairs in question feel as though they couldn’t possibly hold the weight of all three of you, but when you all make it down safely, you are proven wrong.

    You don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural in the slightest, but you can’t deny the chill that runs down your spine upon entering the lab. If you thought the outside of the building was depressing, this room was a whole other story.

    Broken glass glitters around on the floor, crunching under your shoes with every step. There were no windows, and even with the light from all three of your torches, you still had to adjust your eyes. Papers were strewn across the room in a mess and there was a lab coat left on a broken machine.

    There were a lot of those, broken machines. You wonder what they were for.

    The two boys split up to look around for clues for…something, leaving you to your own devices. The feeling you got when you entered hasn’t left and you had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen.

    “What exactly are we looking for here?” you ask, trying not to let on that you are ready to go.

    “Ghosts,” Hueningkai says simply. He pokes his head out from behind a machine. “Why? You scared?” He puts the torch under his face to give a scary effect and you roll your eyes.

    You stick your tongue out at him. “Shut up, no. This place just gives me the creeps.”

    Leaning back against one of the machines, you cross your arms across your chest. You wonder belatedly about where Taehyun is when you feel two pairs of hands grab your shoulders and you jerk in fear.

    Your hands slam down to your sides, pressing random buttons that turn the machine on. Your eyes widen as it whirs to life and you turn around to find Taehyun staring at you, eyes as wide as saucers. A noise rings out loudly in your ears and your press your hands over them. Then, a big flash emits from the machine so bright you have to shut your eyes.

    Just as suddenly, the noise stops and light disappears, but the ringing doesn’t leave. You feel as though you have just ran a marathon, your chest heaving with heavy breaths.

    “The flash…what was the…flash?” Taehyun and Hueningkai just look at you like you’ve grown two heads.

    “We should go,” Hueningkai suggests, and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You leave the lab, climbing the steps two at time, until you reach the lobby again.

    You barely recognise Taehyun apologising for trying to scare you, the ringing in your ears not fading. You squeeze your eyes shut to try and ease it.

    Outside, while Taehyun and Hueningkai chatter loudly about what just happened and you try to catch your breath, something glints on the ground. You bend to look closer at what it is and find a name tag with the name S. CHAYOUNG.

    You look back at the boards you tore down earlier and your stomach drops. Taehyun’s facts were wrong—Somebody did make it out. Because somebody had to have written the warning on those boards. And they hadn’t used paint—it was blood.

    masterlist | four | six

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @faetarou @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer @txtdreamm @junityy @hwallswrld @dear-dreamie @ginghamandgreentea @envirae @sunysunoo ( send an ask to be added )

    #👻 — ghosting series #ficscafe#txt smau #txt social media au #taehyun x reader #kang taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines#taehyun fluff#taehyun scenarios#taehyun reactions #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai imagines#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai reactions #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt imagines#txt reactions#txt scenarios #q — after hours
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    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    txt - you’re being bullied

    Pairing: TXT x Reader | Genre: angst, fluff | Warnings: bullying, bruises, some blood, swearing | WC: 0.9k

    A/N: Will switch on and off from sister to partner

    request(s): txt reaction to their little sister coming home physically hurt because of bullies at school? pls i love y’all’s angsts sm!!! combing with Txt reaction to you being bullied

    Choi Yeonjun

    (partner): When you didn’t show up to homeroom, he knew something was wrong. You had been quiet and timid all week; nothing like your usual, bubbly and loud self. The two of you may not have been dating for long, but Yeonjun knew you well enough to know something was going on. He found you on the rooftop, your go to place when you needed some air, although this time, you were staring off into the distance with tears streaming down your face, “Y/N?” He said quietly as he walked next to you. You sniffled and held out your phone to him, “Make them stop, Jun. Please," He glanced at your phone, body filling with rage as he saw the messages from random people calling you not-so-nice names. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest as you cried. “I’ll make them stop, baby. I promise.”

    Choi Soobin

    (sister): When you came home with a bruised eye and scraped knees, Soobin knew the bullying was a lot worse than what you had initially told him, “Y/N, what happened?!” He practically screeched as you stepped inside. You refused to look up at him, feeling embarrassed, ashamed and scared. “I-I’m okay,” You stuttered and he clicked his tongue. You were his sister and he knew you like the back of his hand, “You’re not okay. Let me clean you up and then you’re telling me everything. I want names, Y/N," That was his ‘dad’ voice so, you knew you had no other choice. Soobin was going to go straight to the principal tomorrow, maybe even the kids parents. First, he needed to make sure you were okay.

    Choi Beomgyu

    (sister): Beomgyu was annoyed at first when your parents had told him to pick you up from school. He had argued that you were perfectly capable of walking yourself home, but they had told him he needed to regardless of his complaints. That’s what being a brother is, his dad had told him. However, now he was glad that he had to come pick you up. When he walked up to the school gates, he wasn’t expecting to see you surrounded by a group of girls who were pulling at your hair and clothes, yelling out taunts as you did your best to fend them off. When he barreled through the crowd of onlookers, he pulled you behind him, eyes raging at the girl in front of him, “You think this is fucking cool? You’re nothing but scum. Don’t you ever touch my sister again or I swear you won’t be able to touch anything ever again," He grabbed your wrist and pulled you along behind him. You smiled at his back, grateful that he had come to your rescue.

    Kang Taehyun

    (partner): When you came home from work with tears in your eyes and blisters on your heels, Taehyun was livid. You had told him earlier in the week that your new boss had been extremely demanding. Making you run and grab him coffee, sending you to run errands instead of him doing them himself. Going off on you when he deemed you were working to slow or not doing it to his standards. It was bullying because you were a female in a predominately male workspace and while you wouldn’t accept it, Taehyun was going to fix it, “Go shower and I’ll meet you in bed,” he said through gritted teeth, grabbing his jacket and slipping on his shoes, "I’m taking care of your problem. He’s never going to treat you like that again.”

    Huening Kai

    (sister): Hueningkai was fuming. Pacing back and forth in your bedroom as you quietly sniffled and played with the hem of your skirt. You had come home with some scratches on your arm, your hair pulled out of its braid and a bloody lip. You had no choice but to tell him what was going on now. You told him how the girl at school was jealous of you, that Hueningkai was your brother. That she had gotten angry when you told her that you were not going to introduce her to him. That she had been taunting you and messaging you repeatedly since then, never giving you a moment of peace, “Please, Kai,” you sighed out, “I just need my brother right now,” He stopped, looking at you with a frown before opening his arms to you. You immediately threw yourself into them and he rubbed your back, kissing the crown of your head. He made a silent promise that he was going to protect you better and he was going to fix this.

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    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    masterlist | three | five

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer ( send an ask to be added )

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    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    masterlist | two | four

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 02 — time of need

    masterlist | one | three

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    👻 01 — creative burnout

    masterlist | prev | two

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    👻 the spook troop

    the spook troop — started 7 months ago. they visit rumored haunted buildings in the hopes of catching real ghosts (they haven’t yet). they don’t take themselves too seriously and almost everything is they post is a joke. the videos featuring their friends always do well. none of their videos have blown up—yet.

    masterlist | prev | one

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    👻 letterboxd ceos

    y/n — the president of the film club. is saving up for a new camera. wants to direct movies in the future.

    yoon — isn’t in the film club but hangs around their meetings anyway. one of the spook troop’s first subscribers. swears she’s psychic.

    jongho — y/n’s co-president. has never been in a fight. makes fun of yeji’s kpop addiction but has a secret twice acc.

    yeji — only in the film club because she needed an elective. constantly changing her hair colour. has beef with yeonjun.

    masterlist | prev | next

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr ( send an ask to be added )

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    👻 mystery inc

    taehyun — 1/2 of the spook troop. does not believe in the supernatural. does the research and picks all the places they visit.

    hueningkai — 1/2 of the spook troop. swears up and down that a friendly ghost helped him out of a slide he was stuck in when he was 8 years old. organises their equipment and edits their videos.

    yeonjun — president of the dance club. lends the spook troop his car on the weekends. has beef with one of y/n’s friends.

    soobin — a part of the film club. sometimes films the spook troop’s videos. scared shitless of everything supernatural.

    beomgyu — y/n’s neighbour. the spook troop’s biggest fan. no one knows if he really believes in ghosts or not.

    masterlist | next

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr ( send an ask to be added )

    #👻 — ghosting series #ficscafe#txt smau #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #kang taehyun x reader #taehyun reaction#taehyun imaginanes#taehyun scenarios#hueningkai reactions#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines #txt social media au #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions #txt x reader
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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    PAIRING — kang taehyun x gn!reader ; huening kai x gn!reader

    — taehyun and hueningkai run a small youtube channel where they visit “haunted” buildings around seoul. when they are down a cameraman, they ask you, the film club’s president, to fill in. they don’t expect to actually see a ghost—or for you to become one. ( loosely based on danny phantom )

    GENRE — smau ; ghost hunting au ; supernatural au ; high school au ; strangers to lovers ; crack ; fluff ; humour ; light angst

    WARNINGS — swearing ; descriptions of violence ; mentions of blood ; injuries ; ghosts ; jokes about dying

    send me an ask to be tagged! header by @samu-sorbet <3 !

    PROFILES — mystery inc ; letterboxd ceos ; the spook troop

    👻 01 — creative burnout

    👻 02 — time of need

    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    👻 05 — the creeps

    👻 06 — what’s your venmo?

    👻 07 — believe me now?

    👻 08 — #vegansforghosts

    👻 09 — take that mr kim

    👻 10 — holy shit, elsa

    👻 more spooking soon...

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  • moonandsunwoo
    10.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #words of my own [writing] #multifandomnet #txt x you #txt reaction #requested! [♥︎] #beomgyu x reader #yeonjun x y/n #soobin x reader #soobin x you #taehyun x reader #taehyun x you #beomgyu x you #hueningkai reactions #hueningkai x reader #huening txt#txt fluff #txt x reader #kpop reactions#tw thighs
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  • beomgyuanti
    09.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    TxT on a road trip!

    pairing:: txt x gn!reader
    genre:: fluff // also ot5 as your best friend group at the bottom!!
    notes:: in honor of the trip i’m going on i made these 💕 once again.. i did not proofread


    can drive and would

    told you to take a nap so you did

    when you woke up he looked so tired but he told you he didn't mind

    and that he didn't want to wake you up when you looked so peaceful

    stayed awake the whole time with you though

    was also in control of the aux the whole time

    and you didn't argue, because his music taste? damn near impeccable

    sang and rapped along with you

    also sang songs to you

    like the sappiest of love songs he could find

    and it made you giggle as you listened


    can drive but wouldn't even offer

    when you mentioned it, he pouted

    "but y/n... you know what happened the last time i was driving"

    he was right, you did know

    so you let it rest as you looked at his cute little pout

    "we can stop if you need to though!"

    was so supportive and tried to stay awake

    held your hand in his lap as he slept

    when you did stop for snacks and gas

    he got you all the snacks he knew you liked

    then proceeded to feed them to you as you continued driving


    can't drive but wanted to soo bad

    complained about you not letting him drive for so long

    kissed you every time you came to a stop

    and pouted if you didn't give him one

    he sang and danced in the most distracting way possible

    he realized y'all's lives were in your hands right?

    when you did almost get into an accident because of it, he teased you

    "yah y/n! you saw that car right?"

    "don't forget you've got precious cargo!"

    "i don't wanna die in this car!!"

    you groaned and gave him the aux to shut him up

    but it was back to dancing and singing for him with a shit eating grin on his face

    though he did calm down quite a bit, he didn't actually wanna die


    can't drive and didn't even want to try

    was fully content to put his trust in you

    like yeonjun, he stayed awake the whole time with you

    you two passed the aux back and forth

    and when it was his turn, he serenaded you almost every time

    it was so sweet and melted your heart

    the chillest passenger you've ever had honestly

    didn't complain over your slip-ups and helped you with directions

    even opened your snacks and drinks for you

    when you both ran out of music to play, he talked with you for hours

    who knew cars were such good places for deep conversation with your lover?


    can drive and did, for like 5 seconds

    he was so excited about it too, finally someone letting him drive? unheard of

    the last straw was when he almost ran y'all off the road

    "kai, i love you so much... but please pull over and let me drive."

    looked like he was going to cry as he got out of the car

    so you hugged him and told him it was alright

    you let him have aux to cheer him up

    also gave him snacks

    and you got a front row seat to the "kai kamal huening show"

    he made you laugh but did his best to not be too distracting

    and he absolutely got food all over your car

    he helped you clean it up after so all was forgiven


    ofc beomgyu was late and when he did get there, fought over shot-gun with soobin

    to which soobin pulled the hyung card

    honestly? the most stressful drive of your life

    all of them fought over aux

    and then proceeded to fight over snack choices

    and who got to sit by who

    got a little bit better once you started driving

    taehyun was giving you directions all the way from the back

    while beomgyu teased you when you made the one wrong turn of the day

    silently wondering why tf you planned a trip with them

    especially when it somehow got turned into a karaoke night??

    so loud, so so loud

    nobody was even trying to stay on key or in time

    you really were hoping somebody was recording that too

    soobin did luckily, and took all the good pictures too

    you didn't think hueningkai would be the most chill, but somehow he was

    mostly just talked to taehyun and slept

    yeonjun tho? so loud with beomgyu next to him

    they just could Not let it rest

    thanked the lord when it was over and you could breathe again

    best memories of your life on the trip though, so you'd definitely do that again

    just maybe with a different seating arrangement

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