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  • enluv
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    types of lip glosses they like on you!

    — ot5 x gn!reader

    warnings: purely fluff + mentions of kissing!

    coco's ♡ note: this has been sitting in my drafts for almost 3-4 months now and just last night I decided to take it upon myself to finish it at 2am when I randomly got a splurge of inspo and motivation to write! so I hope you enjoy <3

    ◖ yeonjun!

    He likes lip glosses tinted with more daring colors. Maybe a red or even a nice purple one. While he'd prefer to not kiss you with it on he also tends to favor ones that have a balance of shine and stickiness. I think he'd also like ones with sparkles, probably even uses them himself when he wants a nice finish with his tint, that's why tinted are a bonus! He thinks of them as a 2-in-1 deal.

    ◖ soobin!

    He hates lip gloss but if you insist then he'll like the ones that have a minty finish. He hates stickiness so definitely buys you oils instead. Prefers without sparkles added in, just a good plain clear and full of shine will do! I would avoid tinted around him though because baby is a little pale so if you kiss him with it on...it might be visible and a scandal could follow! He probably says he doesn't mind but let's be honest he's very into safety and would prefer not putting yours at risk so stick to something thats easily hidden or easy to clean up!

    ◖ beomgyu!

    Honestly, this man would complain SO much about how he absolutely hates your lip glosses because "they're sticky y/n" and "they get all over me when I try to kiss you" but he's the main one buying you them. Like seriously the boy comes back to the dorms with a bag full of new glosses for you to try almost every week. He even offers up the old "guess the flavor" game, thus revealing his ever so obvious true motive. Still, he claims he hates them and that he's only playing to help YOU! Not HIM! YOU!

    ◖ taehyun!

    He literally does not care what you wear because by the end of the night it'll be gone, BUT if he had to choose, he adores the pretty compact ones that give you just the right amount of sparkle and shine. He also likes the ones with a doe foot applicator because according to him those are the quickest ones to apply and this man is always on a schedule, not that he minds letting you take your time though! He does prefer you without gloss though since it's less of a mess!

    ◖ hueningkai!

    He adores all your lipglosses really, from glosses that are extra sticky to the ones that are oily and give the perfect mix to blend a pretty lip! He especially likes the ones that have a flavor to them though, he just likes that after he gives you some nice smooches, he's able to taste the nice fruity or soothing flavors. His favorite would probably be like coconut bliss or something with an odd name but he doesn't mind too much. He is also one of the boys who doesn't complain when you wear them and even offers to get you more!

    taglist! @k6ho @yeoforce @nikis-mum @bloom-bloom-pow @gyuuss @yourlocalhotgf @kyublr @spoooooooooooon @enhacolor @butterfly-skinnylegend @dinosdance @simpforsung @misschubswrites (bold can't be tagged)

    coco's ♡ note: hello remember I love you and to go drink some water! muah <3

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  • bbhyeoliskooks
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ❝𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝.❞

    How TXT friendzoned you.

    𖥻 Genre: 4 cups of angst, best friend!au, unrequited love

    𖥻 Warnings: None

    𖥻 Song: If It Is You (Rosé)

    (Please know I finally opened requests! So if you’d like, I’d love to write you a ship, reaction, imagine/scenario, or just even thoughts about txt!)

    죄 연준:

    » At first, you thought that Yeonjun reciprocated your feelings

    » With all those smooth, almost flirty remarks he made to you every time you saw each other... seriously, how could you not?

    » That’s when you came to a decision once noticing your heart belonged to your best friend, Yeonjun

    » After pining for so long and wishing he was yours, you decided that you would just tell him instead of hiding under the facade that the two of you were only close friends

    » So with a pounding heart and flustered cheeks, you drove to Yeonjun’s house in search of the boy that made you complete

    » Knocking on the front door, you were surprised when there was a loud groan in his house before said boy slowly opened the door... with only a towel wrapped around his torso

    » You looked away immediately before he could speak, “Jjunie, I-”

    » “Who’s that girl?” A sultry voice purred, interrupting you from inside the house, “when are you going to be back? Jun, I need you.”

    » Your eyes widened and you swore you heard your heart crack from inside, eyes glistening with tears that you tried to force away

    » “I’m sorry,” he smirked, not taking notice to the hurt in your face, “I’m a little busy now. I’ll call you later, yeah?”

    » And there he just slammed the door shut once you murmured an almost audible okay, fists clenching tightly at how much heartbreak tore at your chest

    » You just stood on his front door step, tears spilling hopelessly onto the white porch when you realized that you would only be a friend to him your entire life.

    죄 수빈:

    » You were irrevocably in love with Soobin, your childhood friend beginning from the time you first met him... which meant that you were there for his heartbreaks as well

    » His significant others came and went, and each time you hoped that he would be able to see you instead of other people

    » But he proved you wrong every single time when he introduced you to yet another person, hoping the two of you would get along since after all, you both were the most important people of his life

    » You hated how much you were still very much hopeful that he would look at you instead of the other way, so with a brave face you called him over once you were finished studying

    » Of course your friendship with him was incredibly precious and you hoped that he would be by your side forever, but the love overflowing in your heart was unbearable- something you couldn’t take because all you saw was him every time you closed your eyes

    » Soobin assumed that it was another movie night but you were blankly sitting on the couch, staring into space as if something was occupying your mind

    » “Is there something wrong, Y/N? I thought that-”

    » “Soobin, I’m in love with you! I can’t hold it back anymore, but I love you... so so so much that it even hurts... I don’t mean to wreck what we have now, but I just couldn’t take it any longer,” you blurted out without any hesitation, watching his face for any sign of reaction

    » He was paralyzed in his spot, eyes gentle with sadness as he said, “I-I’m so sorry, Y/N...” He paused before his soft voice whispered, “but you’re my best friend, and I can’t think of you as anything different...”

    » You immediately forced a smile onto your face when you heard that, hoping that he wouldn’t possibly be able to see how much it stung even if you were an open book

    » Soon after Soobin left because of the awkwardness, causing you to sob endlessly into your pillows. You’ve always helped him whenever he became depressed from his breakups, and now he himself was the cause of your heartbreak. 

    죄 밤규:

    » Alcohol affected people in many, many ways

    » And with you accidentally confessing everything to everyone- even if it was embarrassing- you chose not to drink at a social situation ever again

    » But when you came to a party with your best friend, Beomgyu, who stupidly gave you a drink once he saw how scared you were, you just couldn’t say no

    » That decision led to one of the worst moments in your life.

    » In fact, you weren’t even thinking of confessing your feelings to Beomgyu in the first place

    » Were the feelings themselves little? ... clearly not, but you did your best to hide them in fear that you would destroy your friendship with him

    » The night went like this: with you drinking too much and throwing up in one of the rooms, causing Beomgyu to take care of you like the good friend he was

    » Bringing you outside to the side of the house, he patted your back as your stomach took multiple twists and turns, creating butterflies in your stomach that you mistook to be the cause of Beomgyu who continually kept asking you if you were okay

    » You just smiled at the boy of your dreams who was trying to take care of you, murmuring almost incomprehensible words of ‘I love you more than a friend’ that he couldn’t understand at first

    » “N-no,” the grin on his face faded once he realized what you said, “you’re lying... Y/N, you can’t possibly have feelings for me! We’re best friends!”

    » Hearing that you instantly pushed him away clumsily, getting up on your feet to run away before he could see your tears

    » ... well, you aren’t sure now- you haven’t talked to him in a while ever since that night and now that he’s got a significant other

    강 태현:

    » In all your life, there wasn’t anyone else you had ever looked at except Taehyun

    » He was literally perfect... it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him with the two of you being in your first year of college

    » He picked you up whenever you were sad, he was there for you and loved you like a best friend- something that you did up until a few weeks after meeting him

    » It was as if the stars brought you together even if your personalities were vastly different, and you held onto that hope no matter how many times he called you his close friend

    » One day he called you over to a cafe and you dolled yourself up, hoping that he would find you attractive- only to find someone he was extremely affectionate with right in front of your seat.

    » “Y/N, this is my significant other!” He pointed at the person beside him, who waved with friendliness towards you

    » In in instant, you felt the world crash upon your shoulders and you gasped something out once the two of you were finally alone, “Tyun, can we talk?”

    » “What’s up?” He said with worry, leaning closer to you when your voice was nothing but a whisper

    » “I-I... I love you. I just had to tell you, and I’m sorry if I ruined this friendship but I needed to tell you!”

    » With a sad expression he explained everything to you as gently as he could so as to not hurt you. However in the heat of the moment you ran out of that cafe, unable to pick up his calls in fear that you would break yourself even more

    » Does he ever realize how much you still think of him? Even if the two of you separated a month ago?


    » Kai was the best person you could ever ask for, as someone who would forever stay by your side

    » He was the best friend you could ever have, so why did you ever gain butterflies for him and him only?

    » You saw something more every single time you hung out with him- in those eyes that sparkled whenever he saw you and that contagious smile you never got tired of

    » Shamelessly you did your best to show him that he was something more... perhaps through prolonged stares, subtle compliments, and laughing at his jokes even if they were too cheesy to be funny

    » And normally you had friend dates right? Friend dates...

    » So this time you both chose to spice up your closets with a few new clothes!

    » Whilst you were shopping for some clothes together, Kai brought you along to one of his favorite stores for a few opinions

    » Everything was going swell until...

    » “You’re so cute, Kai,” the words accidentally slipped out of your mouth when you saw him come out of the dressing room

    » Picking up on all of your signs (one thing that he was incredibly suspicious of before), he shook his head with confusion

    » “We’re just friends, right Y/N?” The boy smiled awkwardly when he saw your face fall apart, “Just friends...”

    » “Yeah,” you admitted, looking away from him so that your tears wouldn’t be able to be seen, “just friends even though I’m completely in love with you.”

    Released: October 24, 2021. (12:55pm)

    Thoughts: Wow. Getting friendzoned is absolutely horrible, omg... I mean I never have since yk keah big scaredy cat to confess her feelings in the first place but like... geez.... that’d make me feel terrible... STOP IM EDITING THIS A MONTH LATER AND I REALIZED THAT I JUST DID STOP 😭😭🙏💔

    Taglist: @chaoticdreaminisode , @dj-fart , @atinyyylove


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  • tinyyblue
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    NOTE: This was the WEIRDEST THING TO EVER WRITE. It’s weird because it’s about a real person and not a fictional character, but I’ve always wanted to write txt because there’s so little content of Kai. Anyways, this is obviously different, and I hope my fellow moas like this ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
    Prompt: pretend like someone is staring at your partner | fluff
    Pairing: Huening Kai x Reader


    As they always say, when you like someone, you always find their face in a crowd first.

    This wasnt an exception to Kamal when he spotted you smiling brightly in the centre of the low spinning purple and blue lights of the party, holding a drink in the most gorgeous dress.

    But then again you had always been gorjus (wink)

    You had called him to bring you home, and instead of waiting for you outside, he went into the house to find you himself.

    Smiling in excitement, he walks towards you smoothly with the advantage of his height towering over mostly everyone else, although, as he got closer, he sees that you were talking to an unfamiliar face, of course he didn’t mind, you had your own friends.

    Though as he watches the both of you converse it gives a slight nudge to him when he notices the person staring at you

    Am I overthinking it? He wonders, he could’ve just been someone that didn’t blink very often, he knew those people existed. It doesn’t mean I cant get closer though—

    His thoughts abruptly stop when he sees the person’s hand brush your arm. It was brief, but somehow enough for him to walk through the crowd in a rush. He knew you were pretty enough for this to happen

    “(y/n)” he said in the most enthusiastic voice that he could muster, he glances down at you quickly and catches your surprise.” Im sorry but someone said you were needed over there. Now.”

    “O-okay?.” You stammer, flustered to see your boyfriend so suddenly, and what’s more tugging on your wrist, you nod and smile apologetically to your friend as you were dragged.” I’m sorry, I have to go.”

    “Not a problem,” the friend nods, giving a small smile.” I’ll see you aro…”

    But before you could even hear what he had wanted to say, you were dragged away by Kamal out of earshot. You were worried and slightly annoyed considering you weren’t given any context before being dragged away from a pleasant conversation, but at the same time wondering what had been so urgent that he had to take you away so hurriedly.

    “Kamal what is wrong with— Oof.”

    He had dragged you to a quiet corner of the room, and immediately enveloped you into a big hug. You staggered back a little over his towering weight, everything was happening so fast that it took you awhile to fully register that you were being hugged, reaching for his arms wrapped around your shoulders, you pat them quizzically.

    “Kamal? What’s going on? Are you alright? Did something happen?”

    In silence, he tightened his hug.


    “I just…” he muttered, how was he going to explain his intentions without sounding annoyingly possessive? What if you got mad?” I just…didn’t want you near him.”

    A silence, and then a small chuckle erupted from you.

    “Are you saying you were jealous of him?”

    You pull away but he still looks down on the floor.


    “Yeah.” He cleared his throat, muttering sheepishly.” Yeah I was.”

    You stare at him for a moment and squeeze his cheeks using your palms, holding his head up so he was looking at you, soft brown eyes gazed back at you confusedly. Slowly, you leaned in

    …only to flick his forehead.

    He lets out a sudden small “ack” as you let out a burst of laughter, he held the palm of his hand to his forehead, startled. “ Kai Kamal Huening, you look like a dejected puppy. What are you so guilty for?” You smile.”

    “I didn’t know what your reaction would be.” He mumbled.

    “Just tell me next time you silly boy, you are so cute you know that?.” you said softly, placing a kiss on his cheek, he looked away, slightly flustered.

    “Come on, lets go home,”

    With that, you pull him towards the door using his wrist, and with a comforted smile, he follows happily.

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  • boba-beom
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    we did that too | k.th

    pairing: taehyun x gn!reader (ft hueningkai) genre: angst | drabble warning(s): mentions of jealousy, mentions of trust issues word count: 953 note: unintentional sequel to this taehyun socmed. this has been in my drafts for quite a whilee

    It’s been months since you last saw him, but it’s been weeks since things ended between you.

    You didn’t think you’d be in this position so soon, hoping your relationship would have lasted longer if it wasn’t for the gossip and the immense pressure of trying to be the perfect couple. But it was difficult trying to please his band mates, constantly feeling like you had to go out of your way to impress them in order to accept you for being a superstar’s partner.

    Though your thoughts were swallowing you whole, you almost forgot Hueningkai was sitting beside you in his music studio, casually scrolling through his instagram feed. You peered over his shoulder, watching him quickly scroll past a certain post which he thought it went unnoticed by you, but clearly he was wrong.

    “Wait, wait. Go back up, what was that?” You had no intention to scare the poor boy beside you, but your voice managed to make him flinch ever so slightly followed by an audible gulp. “Sorry, but what was that post that you just skipped?”

    “Are you sure you wanna see it?” He was hesitant, it was evident, and you were mentally asking yourself the same question. Were you ready?

    Hueningkai swiped up to find the post that he didn’t want you to see, afraid of your reaction since he was very aware that you were still sensitive about your recent breakup. A small part of you questioned how Hueningkai was capable of having his two friends date, break up and still, he chose you over Taehyun. You scoff, eyes observing the photo as you see Taehyun being affectionate with what seems to be his new girl, out in the open, at one of your favourite balcony cafes that you always went to.

    Your jaw clenched slightly, feeling a sharp pang in your chest from the way his smile was genuine, and you could see that. You remembered the way he used to always take you to that café a few times after you introduced him to the place, though that time you had to cover up and be discreet; careful not to attract the public’s attention.

    It was the memories of him intoxicating your mind like it was just yesterday when he told you he loved you, his smile showing his teeth, displaying his prominent dimple that you grew to love. But it wasn’t you anymore. There was nothing but envy built up inside of you, feeling a grey cloud constantly hovering above your head as the first couple of tears stained your cheeks.

    “Y/n, we can stop looking at that now. It’s irrelevant now.” Hueningkai gently rubbed your back, regretting even opening his social media while you were around.

    “It’s okay Hyuka,” you force a chuckle, simultaneously pulling the weakest smile which was of no use. “At least he’s happy now, I guess. He doesn’t even have to hide her either!” Letting out a heartless laugh. You weren’t about to go on a rant about the differences between the way he treated you compared to his new flower, and if it wasn’t for Hueningkai comforting you he probably wouldn’t hear the end of it.

    The room fell silent, apart from your irregular sniffles in one corner, you heard Hueningkai’s phone ring but he was quick to decline. Not even a second later his phone rang once more, and yet again you watched him decline it, flipping it over screen side down.

    “Why aren’t you answering it?” You looked at him, and by his reluctant expression, you were able to figure out who exactly was calling. And there it was again, but this time he answered it before you would ask again.

    It was him. You knew it was him. You could hear his faint voice through the phone, and though it was muffled, you hated how it immediately brought you some sense of comfort that you missed but what else could you do? His voice was soft, with a distinctive, joyful tone that he had nothing to hold back anymore, nothing to hide.

    “I’m sorry about that, I’m gonna go in a little-”

    “You’re gonna meet Taehyun aren’t you.” It was less of a question but more of a statement, and if Hueningkai was really someone you could trust he wouldn’t hide anything from you. Please, you were tired of people hiding things from you — of hiding you.

    “Yeah, him and the boys have some new things to release soon enough and they want me to be there to... to celebrate.” There was that instant sinking of your heart. The heaving in your chest was an attempt to control your breathing. You knew how hard he had been working on this album and you were there supporting him through it, ready to celebrate with him once it’s all done, but all these thoughts in your head were becoming useless. Those promises were empty.

    You shut your eyes momentarily, clenching your jaws and finding a stable breathing pattern. There was no use. Who were you to refrain Hueningkai to go see them? You had to understand that they were good friends and you met through Taehyun. It was inevitable that these things would happen and you just had to be the bigger person.

    “It’s fine, enjoy. I’ll see you later.”

    “I’m sorry. I’ll call you when I’m home- actually, call me if you need anything, okay?” His voice was gentle but with a hint of concern, and it would be wrong of you to be mad at him.

    Your head hung low, you weren’t able to say anything else just from the thought of him leaving you to go to your ex. Resorting to a small nod of your head, you felt him rub your back in circles for the last time before exiting through the door.

    Looks like everything always goes back to him.

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  • iyeonjuni
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    pairing: hueningkai x f!reader

    genre: social media au, strangers to lovers, highschool!au

    synposis: as a theatre major, hueningkai has always had a flair for the dramatic. he takes bus 304 everyday and being the night owl he is, falls asleep every bus ride. everytime he falls asleep he wakes up to an anonymous drawing of him along with a note. he says he has a secret admirer but his friends don’t believe him.

    contains: fluff, profanity

    start date: october 27th, 2021.

    status: ongoing

    updates: slow updates (subject to change)

    notes: first and foremost i would like to thank bestie reya for helping me out with developing this au as well as helping me with the synopsis and bff val for being the absolute best and helping me with my indecisive ass 😔. this au was meant to be the second to last one to come out but i was so in love with the idea i wanted to release it early! please send an ask to be on the taglist! hope you enjoy bus 304!!

    all artworks and drawings used in this au belong to me. please don't repost anywhere!

    profiles / chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9 / chapter 10 / chapter 11 / chapter 12 / chapter 13 / chapter 14 / chapter 15 / chapter 16 / chapter 17

    taglist [open]: @beomjundiaries @fairybinie @luvrbin @berrychyuu @odxrilove @bubblejunnies @junluvr @xysthe @tinyyblue @beomgyuanti

    © iyeonjuni all rights reserved. - do not translate, take it as your own and repost on tumblr or any other platforms.

    #txt smau#txt au #txt fake text #txt fluff#txt imagines#txt scenarios #txt social media au #hueningkai#hueningkai smau#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai scenario #hueningkai social media au #hueningkai x reader #txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #* bus 304
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  • flwrkisses
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    boyfriend! soobin.

    hi lovelies! thanks again for all the love you guys have been showing to my blog, it's been so long since i've been this inspired to continue to write. currently, my blog is going through major renovations while im off on holiday. sorry for the delay!

    genre: fluff, slight nsfw themes, gender neutral! reader, idol x college student/working class person.

    boyfriend headcannons:

    ❁ yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, heuningkai.

    the confession;

    soobin had fallen for you from the first time he saw you, it was kinda embarrassing if he was honest.

    every time you'd walk into a room his eyes would fall on you, watch you fondly and by the time he was being snapped out of whatever trance you seem to put him in, the boys were teasing him about it.

    his heart would pound in his chest, his ears would turn red and he would be left completely speechless. mentally cursing at himself for not saying anything to you.

    it wasn't until yeonjun approached you to tell you what was going on that you guys finally spoke. was he being a little snitch? yes, but he did help bring you and soobin together.

    if it wasn't for yeonjun you would have never known that the crush you had on soobin was returned. you would have never stayed late after class to talk to him. and you both would have never mustered up the courage to go out on a date.

    after a couple days of talking after class you both exchanged numbers, then a couple weeks after non-stop text messaging soobin called you! and it wasn't just any call, he was asking you out on a date.

    your heart was full hearing him ask if you were free on friday night to go to this cool retro arcade bar. he stuttered a bit, as he asked and you didn't even let him finish before saying yes.

    it took him off guard, but it made him smile from his room. part of him happy yeonjun stuck his nose into his buisness, just this once.

    the date went amazing, you guys laughed and played games until 2 in the morning. you guys didn't even notice it was so late, you both were having too much fun. luckily, the date went so well, it was the starting point for many many more and the start of a very beautiful relationship.

    the relationship;

    as we all know soobin is an introvert, so pda is a big no no for him. he will kiss and love on you when you guys are alone but around others he'd probably hold your hand and leave it at that.

    he hates cheesy things, literally could never do the matching shirts of outfit thing he would literally blow up. everytime he sees one of those couples, he leans over and makes fun of them in your ear to make you laugh.

    expect kisses on your forehead ALL the time. most times he comes from behind, leans his whole body over you just to leave a quick kiss on your forehead.

    he'll most likely sit you on his lap as he plays games. if you play video games as well then you both will be gaming while cuddling. literally each time you guys team up while playing, you guys always win. it makes him so happy.

    he loves coming up behind you and reading what ever you're reading from behind your shoulder.

    also make sure he doesn't spend all his money playing the claw machine games because he will. no matter how bad he is he will want to get you something from it.

    there are cuddles at all times, he loves being with you and touching you in anyway. he usually tucks his head in your neck and happily lays there with you.

    he literally loves any opportunity to get something off the top shelf for you. meaning, expect teasing from him.

    he loves to tease you, and loves it when you do the same to him. it's all jokes so no one is seriously hurt at the end. plus, it shows you both can laugh.

    most times when you guys are listening to music he will rap out loud to make you laugh since he knows you love his awful rapping.

    out of all pet names he can call you, he really likes calling you "bun" or "bunny". he thinks its different from the standard and dry plain old "baby".

    with this being said, he will whine if you call him something like "babe" or "baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everyday pet name. he wants you to get creative.

    watch out because he literally loves kissing you. like he LOVES it. once he kisses for the first time he will continue to do it until he can't get enough.

    he loves when you show interest in things he likes, which in return he looks up things you like as well.

    expect him getting super pouty when he feels jealous, he doesn't get jealous often but when he does; he pouts all day.

    you learn his nightly routine so you help him make sure his desk chair is pushed all the way in, the closet door is closed, and now that you're with him he closes the door to his room.

    being very honest he started washing his face because you do it. he spends time in the bathroom with you washing his face. which ends up in you washing his face for him.

    he's a big baby for most things, will often whine to get his way or to keep you close to him. sometimes to even to get you to bring him things.

    always, always, ALWAYS thinks of you when shopping and often times brings you gifts. and they aren't dumb gifts you would never use, it's actually thought out gifts like things he knows you'd wear or use daily.

    he also loves when you wear his clothes, he loves seeing how they fit on you, how big they are and how small and comfortable you look in it.

    most dates he takes you on are late at night, to parks, arcades, gaming cafes, or to stores for late night ramen or ice cream runs.

    he opens most doors for you, holds doors open, walks on the outside of the sidewalk (the side closest to the cars), guides you through spaces with a hand on your lower back.

    he often times thinks its cute when you beat him in something and you get so happy you brag about it the rest of the day.

    something he will always do for you no matter what, is hum or sing softly at your request. no matter how sleepy he is, he will always sing for you no matter what just because you asked.

    you better believe that you'll be screaming and dancing to the lyrics of all block b songs with him.

    when he's away on tour or working late he will always try to facetime you at some point in the day. even if he has to stay up till 3 am, no matter if you have to scold him for staying up late.

    he will probably come to you when he's looking for advice or a second opinion. he's the leader pf his group and often needs to resolve conflicts or make hard decisions, so he always confides in you to see what you think.

    expect to see him flustered a lot, just because you're dating it doesn't mean you don't make him blush anymore. if anything while in the relationship he's blushing more than ever. he's just still in shock he got the person he wanted the most.

    yes, the boys make fun of him for being so whipped for you. but it's cute, and you're just as whipped for him.

    fights are usually rare, soobin is someone who tries to talk things out before things get out of hand. usually these conversations are kinda hard to have but he always reminds you he loves you at the end

    if for whatever reason he's mad at you, he'll probably get a bit quieter than normal. go to sleep on his side of the bed without a word, probably talk about it in the morning if he's ready.

    if you're mad at him, he would understand. he wouldn't even try to get you to talk to him, he'd give you your space and kiss your head before bed.


    most times soobin is very gentle when it comes to sex. lots of kissing, lots of whispered compliments.

    he's someone who doesn't enjoy quickies, instead he likes taking his time with you and gets off on the fact that you feel good.

    usually he gets a bit more touchy than normal when he's horny or in the mood. he will not want to do anything in public, again thats a big no no. but as soon as he gets you alone in private. it's OVER.

    he likes when you take control, he thinks it's hot but also just enjoys being submissive for the most part. when he's on top he's also very submissive, he needs a dominate bottom to tell him what you like.

    he's going to always, always, always ask if he can kiss or touch you. he will never do anything without your consent no matter how long you guys are together.

    something about him tells me that his neck is very sensitive and gets off on hickies or regular neck kisses.

    he has in fact put on fluffy animal ears and liked the reaction he got from you so, he likes wearing them for you.

    he loves when you leave marks on him. any type of lingering mark to remind him of the night before on his body he likes.

    expect to hear lots of whiney moans, and begging coming from him. he's truly adorable when he's close to his high.

    after care is amazing with him, he thinks of everything. he makes sure you're alright, and probably runs you a hot shower you can both take together. even feed you after with a snack.

    thanks for reading! hope you all enjoyed!

    requests are open! tap here.

    and my masterlist is currently under construction but you all can access it from here. tap here.

    - mari x

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  • thecheesebar
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Only Friends? ~ Final

    Characters: Kai Kamal Huening x Reader/Spider-Man x  Reader

    Genre: Friends to lovers

    Word Count: 1435

    Synopsis: Since moving to New York City, life was…different. You were an average college kid in a new city, taking hard college classes, and with practically no friends. You never were the type to stand out, so why Spider-Man was friends with you, you’d never know. But what happens when a blond boy gets added to the mix?


    Before he can get a word out you rush out of the room. He’s Spider-Man.

    He’s Spider-Man.

    Kai is Spider-Man!

    The thought plays on a loop in your brain. “Y/n wait!” You heard from behind but you ignored his voice. “Y/n!” He dashed to catch up to you and spun you around.

    “Don’t touch me!” You scream causing some nearby to peek at the situation. You glance around at the scene you caused, before whispering, “when were you going to tell me?” You asked and he stared, unable to formulate an answer. “Were you even going to tell me?”

    “I was—“ you turn around before he can even give his excuse. “I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

    “No, you didn’t want me to find out at all!”

    “That’s not true!” He exclaims, and you put a hand up stopping him from talking.

    “Please…I just need some time to think.” He nods and watches as you walk away.

    If anyone asked you what you learned in class that day, you honestly couldn’t have been able to tell them, because all that was on your mind was, Kai and Spider-Man.

    At first you were mad. Why didn’t he tell me? Does he not trust me? Maybe it’s more than that. You thought about your experiences with Kai first, then Spider-Man. Your face quickly turned a darker color as you remember how Spider-Man always acted with you.

    You tried to wrap around your brain that, that was Kai underneath the mask all that time. Which just made you more confused. You were friends with both of them, well you were kind of more than friends with both of them, so why hide it?

    Your brows knit as you ruffled your hair frustrated. Did he just lie for fun? No, that's not like him. How do I even know what’s like him, he’s been lying to me.

    Suddenly you felt like an idiot as your thoughts continued to down-spiral. Was this some sick joke? Was he supposed to woo me as Spider-Man, then woo me as himself.

    You jump, thoughts interrupted as you hear a tiny knock outside your window. You glance at the red masked man outside and you look at your phone’s screen, surprised at how fast time had flew.

    Spider-Man knocks again and you look back seeing his forehead pressed against the window as he waves crumpled flowers in his hand.

    You contemplate letting him in and honestly you just want to give him the cold shoulder, he deserved it! But you open the window for him anyway. He crawls in and you sit on your bed with arms crossed.

    “This is for you,” he says, holding out the messed up flowers for a moment before yanking his arms back, “actually, don’t accept these, you deserve better than this.” He tosses the bouquet out the window before turning back to you.

    “Look I know what I did was messed up,” he moves to sit next to you but you point, “stay there,” he freezes in place.

    He shifts uncomfortably under your gaze as you practically stare daggers into his mask. “Take off the mask,” you command.

    He stands still for a moment before reaching up and slowly pulling the mask off. His fluffy blonde hair stands crazy-like before he runs his fingers through, taming it. It was odd…seeing his face connected to the suit.

    “I’m going to ask you questions and I want you to answer honestly,” he nods, agreeing. “Was it fun leading me on?”

    Kai’s mouth hangs open, clearly taken aback. “Leading you on? No I—,” you raise a hand again and he stops.

    “Did we meet by chance or did you plan it?”

    “As Spider-Man we met by chance—“

    “But as yourself, you planned it?”

    “Planned it? I just walked up to you and said hi,” he chuckled but quickly stopped after seeing your not-so-giggly expression. “Please just let me explain everything.”

    You think about it before motioning him to explain himself.

    “I like you, actually I think I more than like you but I’m not going to touch that part yet,” you rolled your eyes as he shook his head refocusing. “No okay so, I met you as Spider-Man. I one hundred percent agree, I definitely should’ve told you early on but I panicked. I mean, what if you liked Spider-Man and not me.”

    You make a scowl, “that makes no sense.”

    “I know,” he moves to sit beside you on the bed and this time you didn’t stop him. “I know it makes no sense but, it did to me.” He takes a deep breath then lets it out. “When I’m Spider-Man I’m confident,” your gaze duplicates his that lay on the mask in his hands. “Spider-Man is cool, everybody likes Spider-Man. But Kai…”

    Your initial cold ground softened as he continued. “Kai is just…me,” he mumbles with a shrug as he hangs his head unable to meet your eyes. “So I wanted you to meet me as myself, to see if you would still be interested.”

    You hate it. You hated how even though you knew you should be mad, you had every right to be mad, you weren’t. “Are you kidding me?” You asked voice quiet. You wanted so badly to take his hand, and reassure him but you refrained from moving. “You are so sweet and charming. And don’t lie, you have confidence, you’re always so bold when complimenting me,” you blushed remembering how straight forward he was, from when he called you cute to when he asked to kiss you.

    “Well yeah that’s because it was you. But then at the party when you didn’t kiss me and then you kissed Spider-Man. It made me think you didn’t really like me…you only liked Spider-Man.”

    “But I kissed Spider-Man to practice,” you explained.

    “But you said you liked Spider-Man during that kiss.”

    You blushed deeper thinking about the words you exchanged with him. “Well yes, but guess what?”

    He looks at you with eyebrows raised waiting for you to continue. You rest your hand over his, “you’re Spider-Man,” you say with a smile. “All those nights, that was you. I didn’t like Spider-Man because of a little kiss. I liked him before that, that just made me realize.” He smiles a little at your words, “and you know what else?”


    “You are both you and Spider-Man, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.”

    Hueningkai now beaming at your words, nods while rubbing the back of his head, a habit you now found adorable. “Now I feel dumb.”

    “Good.” A moment goes before Kai speaks up again. “So…” Kai’s voice filled the air, “do you forgive me?”

    You think about the question and open your mouth but he quickly stops you, “wait, I’ll be right back!” He announced quickly putting on his mask. He swung out the window, leaving you confused.

    Almost five minutes later, he returns wearing normal clothes and hiding a hand behind his back. “What’s going on?” You ask unsure of what he was about to pull.

    Kai holds out a beautifully organized bouquet with a card, “this is for you.” You can’t hide your grin as you take the flowers. “I know what I did was terrible, and I promise I will be one hundred and ten percent honest with you. These are my apology flowers…”

    Your eyes gaze over the pretty colors of the bouquet while he waits for a response. Wiping the smile off your face you look back up at him, “I don’t agree with what you did, and how you did things.” His expression turns uneasy at your words. “But, I think I understand why you did it. Plus you’re just lucky I hate being mad! So yes, I forgive you,” you prop onto your tippy-toes placing a kiss against his cheek.

    You lean back down, eyes back on the flowers as his hand automatically brushes over where your lips met his skin. “Ah!” He shouts suddenly remembering something. Kai points a finger at the flowers, “they’re also maybe…a would you like to go out officially flowers—if you want to—I mean don’t feel pressured I can handle reje—“

    “I would love to go out with you.” His previously nervous expression relaxes as his excitement takes over and he wraps you in a big hug. “Careful don’t crush the flowers,” you scream. “Ack!” He immediately drops you and you toss the flowers onto your bed.

    You hold out your arms wide, “okay, now.” He grins engulfing you in a hug and you relax letting yourself sink into his arms.




    taglist: @athoughtofblue, @scruffy-l0okin​, @choi-y-n, random anon that I have no idea how to tag on this

    Woooo~🎉🥳🎉That was my first series, how was it? Thanks so much for reading till the end. I am working on another marvel series soon so keep an eye out for that one next week 👀 . Okay I hope you all enjoyed and have a spectacular day/night! ✨✨💕✨✨

    #kpop#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop au#txt#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt au #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together au #hueningkai#txt hueningkai#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines #hueningkai spiderman au #hueningkai as spiderman #hueningkai x reader
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  • verytalented
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    What Happen Last Night

    → Pairings: Yeonjun x black reader → Group; Tomorrow X Together → Pronouns; She; her → Genre; Smut, Fluff. → Warning; female receiving, Male receiving, oral sex, Aftercare, oral sex, multiple sex scenes. → Summary; After a one-nightstand, you try to reconnect with you the guy you had a one-nightstand with. Can you two talk it out? Or are guys going to stay apart? Read more to see. word Count; 1,460 Master list A/N; Sorry for the long wait. @olamidey -😎💚

    “Come on his cute give him a shot.” Your friend yelled to you over the loud music. You rolled your eyes. “The only thing that I’m gonna give shot be to is this drink”. You were currently at the club with a group of your friends, because they drag you out of your cozy apartment on your day off to go to the club with them. Of course, you didn’t mind since it’s has been a while. Anyway, you were still ready for your day off though; but you didn't mind spending time with your best friends. "He's cute give him a chance, and besides you haven't gotten laid in how long?" You felt embarrassed by the sudden call out by your friend. "Hey! don't say that about me, And you know I went through a break up leave me alone," you replied while sipping on your drink. Suddenly one of your friends grabs your arm and drags you over to the table of boys. It was five of them. One thing you didn't expect is for all of them to be very handsome. "Heyy, me and my friends want to come over here with you guys if that's okay." you looked away from the boys looking at you with curious eyes. Being a foreigner in Korea you tend to get a lot of stares so you didn't mind at first. But it's different when you're in front of handsome men. "Sure we don't mind," One of the boys said you didn't know who. - More time has passed, you started to loosen up around them and you even learned their names. The youngest one was Huening kai, the nicest one was Taehyun, the brat was Beomgyu, the tallest one was Soobin, and last but not least the one that was talking to you all night is Yeonjun. After getting to know the five boys. Yeonjun asked you to come back place with him. You hate to agree with your friends at times, but you need to get laid. His apartment was super nice. "Would you like to drink Y/N?" he asked leading you to his living room. "No I'm fine I'll like to stay sober." you smiled at him and laid down on his couch. "You're very pretty Y/N did you know that," he said to you. "Thanks" you felt butterflies from just a silly compliment. You couldn't help these emotions you two only meet tonight. After relaxing on his couch for a bit; one thing lead to another you ended in his room naked laying on his silk sheets moaning his name. "You like that don't you Y/N." You whimper at the tone of his voice. "fuck answer me Y/N" he stopped and his movements "i-it feels so good." he smirked. "Good girl you like this dick". His dick was surrounded by your pussy. "Look what you do to me Y/N". He began to thrust inside of you harder causing your back to arch. He hit your sweet spot over and over again. He went down to your neck kissing it. "You feeling amazing," he said still kissing you on your neck. You couldn't help but let out a pleasurable sigh at the way he makes you feel. "You make me feel amazing Yeonjun." blush appeared all over his face. "I'm glad I make you feel good." He said to you lovingly. Just him being loving pushes you to the edge. You knew that he was close his thrust started to get sloppy. He went down to your ear as you where ready to come. “that’s it come all over this dick” as soon as he said that you came all over his dick. After just one more thrust he pulled out and came on your tummy. “Woah that felt amazing” you said. “ I bet it was let’s get you cleaned up. He pick you up from his bed and walked over to his bathroom. He got a warm towel and clean up the cum that was still on you. He than started to run the bath water for the both of you. After a few minutes your body was met with a warm bubbly bath tub. You muscle relaxer in the water. Yeonjun got in behind you and you two soak in the water together. Once you two where done you laid back down in his bed and cuddled and went to sleep peacefully. - The next morning you woke up first with a massive headache. You got out of bed to find your clothes and phone. Good thing he was sound asleep. You had a good night last night but you needed to get to work. You change into you dress you had on the the night before and called in Uber on your phone. You left

    his apart with a bad feeling you just brushed it off not wanting to over think like you always do. As soon as you got home you change into a your work clothes, and made your way to the big parking garage. You didn’t want to miss this interview. You had to be the one to interview a bunch of people today so you knew it was going to be a hard day today. You finally made it to work with only a minute to spare you Clocked in for the day. - “So how was it last night” you friend as you was wiping a warm cup of coffee. You nervous all of a sudden. “He was amazing. To be honest his better than my ex.” You giggle. You friend looked at you and shocked. “What?” You looked back at them. “I just didn’t expect for you to be this bold” your sipped on there coffee still looking shook. “Anyway I have a big interview to do.” You pick up your bag in made your way to your small office; leaving you friend shocked. - You sat down in you seat wait for the first person to come in. After a couple of minutes there was a knock at your door. “come in”, you said softly. “Sorry, I’m late,” A man replied. “No you’re-" you looked up only to meet with the eyes of Yeonjun. “Yeonjun!-” “Y/N!-" You cleared your throat. “Anyway sit down so we can began our interview” he sat down in glared at you. You have never seen him in a suit and to be fair he looks good in it. You can’t deny that this kinda turns you on. That fact that you’re more nervous than him says a lot and not to mention that you felt bad leaving this morning. After the interview, he was still there in front of you. “Y/N maybe we should talk about something more than just this interview”. Your mind went straight to what happen last night. “Look I’m sorry for leaving you this morning with out saying anything but I really needed to be here” you looked at him with pleading eyes. The only thing he did was a smirk. “Would you like to cheer me up?” You felt of swarm of butterflies in your tummy. He got out of his seat walking over to you. He leans down to look into your eyes and held on to your chin making you look into his eyes. “Come on it only takes a yes. After the all your the one that left.” You look away from his gaze. You nodded your head yes. “Great choice” “Now do me favor, baby girl and get on your knees” you switch positions now he was in you chair in you where on your knees; sitting in front of his semi-hard dick picking through his pants. You where quick to undo his belt because you wanted to make him feel. This is your way of apologizing. You pulled his pants down just enough for his dick to pop out. You held his dick in you hands and started to stroke in slowly. He hisses at your actions. “Don’t be a tease baby”. You started so long licks up and down his dick making him moan. “Fuck y/n” he grab onto the back of your neck. You then put your whole mouth on his dick. You began to suck on his dick. “Just like that-“ he moaned loudly. You pulled off his dick for a second. “Shh, I don’t want them to hear you.” He smirk at you “but that’s the fun of it.” You rolled your eyes. You continue sucking harder on his dick and using your hands for parts you could reach. His breathing started to get heavy you can tell he was so close. “Oh y/n just like that… shit”. “Shit I can’t hold it” he squeezed his eyes shut and thrust into your mouth coming down your throat. You swallowed ever last drop of his semen. “Good girl” “Now what about round 2," he smirks. Like and reblog

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  • thecheesebar
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Only Friends? ~ Part Six

    Characters: Kai Kamal Huening x Reader/Spider-Man x  Reader

    Genre: Friends to lovers

    Word Count: 1162

    Synopsis: Since moving to New York City, life was…different. You were an average college kid in a new city, taking hard college classes, and with practically no friends. You never were the type to stand out, so why Spider-Man was friends with you, you’d never know. But what happens when a blond boy gets added to the mix?


    “I want you to kiss me.” Your words floated around the room and Spidey stood there confused.


    Your hands come up to cover your face, “ugh no,” you whine taking a couple steps and sitting on your bed. You begin to explain the situation, how you went on your first date with a guy you really really liked.

    “He tried to kiss me and I just panicked, I freaked out. I’ve never been kissed before, I had so many questions and so little time to prepare,” you turned to him with determination now on your face, “I just don’t want to do anything wrong. So I want you to teach me.”

    The masked man shook his head in disbelief. “It was awful. I felt like I was in middle school,” you added.

    “Why don’t you just tell him—this person you really really like?”

    “Are you kidding me? I’ve lived on this earth for how many years and I still haven’t gotten my first kiss. It’s embarrassing I can’t tell anyone that.”

    He comes over and sits down next to you. “Then why me?”

    “Well…” you fidget with your fingers on your lap, “you’re my friend and I trust you.” At your little confession he drags his hand down his face, letting out a groan. You give him a moment to think about it and after silence he seems to come with an answer. With a sigh he drops his head and a little “alright,” escapes him. A wide grin fills your face. “Alright?”


    You pump a fist energetically into the air. “Alright, let’s do this thing!”

    Spider-Man shifts himself towards you, while you do the same. “Okay, here we go,” he says moving his hands up towards his mask. “Wait!” You shout, quickly grabbing onto his wrists, “that’s it? You don’t have any tips or anything?”

    “Tips?” He leans back and thinks for a second as you eagerly wait. until he finally says, “just don’t overthink it. Relax.”

    After his two cents you nod and let your hands rest on your lap.

    “Okay,” his hands rise again, and he slowly lifts the bottom of his mask up, stopping right under his nose.

    The only word that leaves your lips was, “wow.” You take a moment to take in the soft shape of his lips. This was the only part of him you’ve ever seen, it was like a whole new territory to you. Shaking yourself out of the little trance, you return your gaze to his masked eyes and he takes this to mean that you’re ready.

    As he begins to lean closer the jitters find their way back into your stomach. Before you can react in anyway, his lips meet yours. At first you tense at the contact but you remember his words. Don’t overthink it, your shoulders relax and you try to clear your mind. Soon your lips are moving together against his and you find your hands reaching up to cup his jaw as you deepen the kiss.

    You separate and breathe out the words, “I think I like you.” He catches your lips in his again for a moment, before pressing his forehead against yours, “yeah well, I know I like you.”

    You two spend the rest of the night cuddling, until eventually you drift off to sleep and when you come to, he’s gone.

    The next day you’re actually surprised to see Kai not in class. It’s no biggie at first and that same night Spider-Man doesn’t appear.

    A whole week flies by and you haven’t heard anything from Kai or seen Spider-Man. You figured you’ve probably scared Spider-Man off. You convinced yourself he probably was caught up in the moment when he said those words to you. But Kai, he had no excuse for ghosting you. Did he do it because you didn’t kiss him? So what if you didn’t kiss him, that was no reason to ghost you. The more you thought about it the angrier you got.

    You reach into your pocket and scroll through your past sent messages, over the past couple of days.

    You: Hey I didn’t see you in class today, hope you’re feeling well.
    You: Are you okay? I haven’t heard back from you. I hope I didn’t scare you off. 😅
    You: Hey send me a message, I’m getting worried
    You: If you didn’t want to talk to me you could’ve just said so

    That had been the last message you sent. “Ugh,”letting out a frustrated sigh you look up and make direct eye contact with the boy you were just texting. He stood like a deer caught in headlights before dashing away.

    “Hey!” You shout chasing after him. He doesn’t get too far and when you catch him, you yank on his arm. Surprisingly he doesn’t pull away as you lead him into a building you’re familiar with. You pulled him into a classroom that you knew would be empty for another hour and slammed the door shut.

    You turn towards Kai and frown once you notice how much taller he is than you. You look around and once you spot some steps you drag him over. After situating yourself a few steps higher than him, you were finally at eye level with him.

    You waste no time to express how you feel. “So that’s it? I don’t kiss you and you don’t wanna hang out anymore?” He opens his mouth to speak but you interrupt before he can continue. “Can you imagine how it feels to never be the “liked one”, never have anyone ask you out, then poof it happens. You really like this person but just cause you won’t kiss them they drop you. Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine it because that’s what happened.”

    Brows knitting you scoff and he covers his face with his hands. You assume he’s irritated at you for snapping at him, but that doesn’t stop you from continuing. “You know this sucks! Why did you ghost me? You don’t think I can handle rejection?”

    His hands pull down his face clearly tired.

    “I told you when you first were interested that you would grow bored of me but you said—mmf.”

    In one swift motion he catches your shoulders and pulls you close, crashing his lips onto yours.

    Your thought process goes out the window as you instantly melt under his touch. Matching his energy your hands clumsily loop around his neck while his hands rest on your waist.

    The kiss becomes more delicate and as it does something about his lips just seems…familiar. You try hard to push that thought away but can’t, and you don’t know why.

    Soon enough it hits you and your eyes shoot open as you connect the dots. You hurriedly shove Kai away from you.

    A moment passes where he just looks at you with confusion written on his face. Your hand reaches up covering your mouth.

    “…Oh my god!”



    *Ugh ignore my terrible kiss scenes I have no idea how to even write them😖😖😖, so please bear with it*

    Also THE NEXT PART IS THE LAST PART OF THE SERIES AHHHH!!! I can’t believe we made it this far. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for the last part

    taglist: @athoughtofblue, @scruffy-l0okin​, @choi-y-n

    #kpop#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop au#txt#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt au #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together au #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines#hueningkai au #hueningkai spiderman au #hueningkai as spiderman #hueningkai x reader
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  • ib9gyu
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    txt when you randomly kiss them !

    warnings: none <3 content: fluff wc: 464

    𖦹 yeonjun

    ─ cocky asf. he would be like beomgyu, saying stuff like "you cant resist not kissing me for one second" but he still loves when you randomly show affection :( you'll definitely have him flustered even if he doesn't express it . he often shows skinship so it comforts him in a way when your affectionate . "can i get another one" and then he'll ask for a hundred more . expect him to have a big fat smile on his face for the rest of the day .

    𖦹 soobin

    ─ he'd simply just stop . he doesn't show any emotion for a hot millisecond then he'll smile so big it physically hurts . he gets sososo shy and just giggles even after the matter . probably goes for another kiss and just smiles into it

    𖦹 beomgyu

    ─ yeonjun 2.0 . if you kiss him randomly, he'll more than likely make fun of you . but its only to show how much he actually loves it . this man will blush, giggle, all of the above . he probably will just bring you into a hug and stay there (so you dont see his burning face) . actually he's glad you initiated it because he would never blatantly ask . he will cling onto you for the rest of the day labeling it as "making sure you don't get lonely"

    𖦹 taehyun

    ─ he would go 😐 . then he would just smile like so cute . he would be so flustered help him . would probably hold your hand and place soft kisses on it :( . like beomgyu, hes glad you made the first move cause he's too scared to maybe cross a boundary, like he isn't sure if you would feel comfortable if he kissed you but little by little he'll get there . he strikes me as the person to do a bunch of romantic activities to show his love, so he'll ask you "do you wanna bake something later" or "do you wanna watch the stars tonight", say yes pls 🙏

    𖦹 huening kai

    ─ for some reason, he's shocked. like is my girlfriend kissing me 😱😱 . this boy would not know what to do . he would be dark red and giggling so much . he'll be really affectionate after though . he also seems like the type that usually shows skinship so its odd for him to see you doing it . if it happens while you guys are watching a movie or something, be ready to get hugged up on and smothered in smooches.

    ©ib9gyu ─ no translations or reposts permitted

    thanks to @xysthe for giving me the idea 💋
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  • gyuury
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    It was 11:27 pm when you heard a knock on your door, who could be here at this hour? You pause the drama you were watching, looking through the peephole and you see a— heavily— masked person, looking around with their arms crossed.

    You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? So you hesitantly open the door, and your eyes met with the stranger’s, and you immediately knew who it was.

    “Kai?” You spoke, surprise evident in your voice. Kai gestured his index finger up to his mouth, indicating to be quiet. “Hi,” he smiles, though he was wearing a mask you could see he was by the way his eyes crinkled.

    You open the door wider for him to go in. You shut the door, “Why- how are you here?” You whisper, smiling at the sight of your boyfriend in your apartment. “I came here because i felt like it,” He replied, “But it wasn’t easy, i had to beg Bighit to let me go.” he mumbled, a small frown on his pretty face.

    “At least they let you go,” You hug him, and he returns it. “Did you see our concert?” He asked you. “Of course! You did amazing by the way, and i can’t believe you didn’t tell me you dyed your hair.” You pout which he laughs.

    “That’s why i kept telling you to tune in, i wanted it to be a surprise.” He lets go of you and he moves to the couch, laying down on the comfortable cushion; you follow him and he makes space for you to lay down beside him, “I’m going to get something real quick.” You run up to your bedroom, getting the blanket and going back to the living room.

    You lay down the couch and put the blanket over, “Your voice never fails to amaze me, Kai.” You whispered and he wrapped his arms around your back, “Thank you, i was worried that i might’ve not done the best..” You frown.

    “You did great, and i know that each and every one of your fans saw that too.” As Hueningkai’s eyes closed, yours stayed open, and you saw him smile. “I’m sad i couldn’t get to see them physically,” you nod in understanding. “I know, but this pandemic surely won’t last forever, you’ll get to see them soon.” You move closer, filling in any possible gaps that were there between you two before.

    He hums, “I really love you y/n.” He mumbled, and the suddenness gets the light red on your face to darken. “I love you too, angel.” He smiles at the petname, and right at that moment you wonder how someone could be so perfect.

    #honestly #i couldve added more but this will be as far as i go❌❌ #it got long and long wasnt my intent but. yk. thats okay #hueningkai imagines#hueningkai scenarios #hueningkai x reader #txt fanfiction#kpop fluff#hueningkai fluff#txt fluff #txt x reader #txt huening kai #hueningkai fanfic#huening txt #kpop x reader #txt imagines#txt fanfic#huening kai#txt scenarios#kpop fanfiction#txt blurbs#kpop imagines#hueningkai blurbs #tomorrow x together
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  • 3nh4
    19.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    the corruption of Huening Kai // part 1

    pairing: subby huening kai x fem!reader

    word count: 925

    summary: kai confesses to you that he’s a virgin. in an effort to take things slow, you two decide to start with dry humping <3

    You lie in bed with your boyfriend Kai, head on his chest and arm around his waist. You’ve been dating for a couple months now but he’s never asked you to go any further than kissing. You wonder if he’s just trying to be a gentleman, like he doesn’t want to make you feel rushed or pressured. Figuring you might as well make the first move in that case, you start to trace circles on his tummy and slowly move your hand downwards to caress his thighs. Kai hums along in pleasure. That is, until you move a bit too far to the left and lay your hand on his member through his sweatpants.

    Kai squirms and grabs you by the wrist. “Sorry, that’s— um,”

    “Too far?” you ask.

    You can hear your boyfriend’s heart beating out of his chest. “i’ve just... never done that before,” he replies sheepishly. Instead of looking into your eyes he stares at your hands, grip now loosened around your wrists but still holding you nonetheless.

    “Do you not want to?”

    “i… i do.” You can feel Kai’s hands shaking.

    You sit up and take him by the chin to force him to look at you. “i’d be so honored if you let me be your first, baby.”

    Kai looks up at you with wide, twinkling eyes. You can see all of the fear and trepidation, but the excitement as well. “Please,” he says. “not all at once, but, i’m ready.”

    “What are you ready for, babydoll?” you prod.

    He averts his eyes. “i don’t know… I didn’t think i’d get this far.”

    You laugh and Kai gulps. Whoops, that may have awakened something in him. Regardless, you tell him “That’s okay! What if we just do stuff over our clothes for now? That’s not as scary, right?” He nods a little but you give him a comforting peck on the lips before he gives his answer.

    “Yeah, that’s… that’s okay,” says Kai.

    “Sit up a little then,” you instruct, pushing him up gently against the headboard and straddling his hips. He’s fully hard already, clear as day against his thin sweats. You know better to stifle the snicker that so badly wants to come out of you. It’s just too cute how affected he is without you doing anything besides speaking really.

    “Please t—“ Kai chokes on his own words. “i’m sorry, it’s embarrassing to say.”

    “i won’t do anything unless you tell me to do it, baby. It’s so i can know you’re comfortable,” you say, an evil glint forming in your eye.

    Kai throws his head back, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. “Please touch me,” he begs through gritted teeth with shut eyes and fistfuls of the sheets tightly gripped in his hands. You take mercy on him, not asking him to make eye contact for it to count… yet.

    You oblige, running just your index finger down his length through his pants. Kai’s whole body twitches and you can see the blush starting to form on his face. “More?” you tease, knowing the answer. He replies with a whimper.

    You rub against Kai’s member with a flat palm, kneading into him gently with the ball of your hand. He muffles his whines by covering his mouth with one hand, he rests the other on your arm and rolls his hips up into your touch.

    “Can you… sit on it?” he squeaks out awkwardly.

    You smile at your precious boyfriend fondly. “You’re so innocent, hon,” you say shaking your head but moving up on him nonetheless. You position the bulge in his pants between the slit in your panties.

    He grabs your hips and guides you as you slide back and forth. “Shit,” he groans under his breath.

    “It feels good, baby?”

    “It feels so good.” Kai pouts at you, lip quivering.

    “Better than you imagined?”

    He scrunches his eyes shut and whines “Yes.” You stay like this for a while, both of you rutting and breathing heavy. “Can i… fuck, can we do it a different way?”

    You agree of course and Kai maneuvers you two so that you’re on all fours, face down in a pillow, and he’s behind you with his hands around your waist. He rubs up against your ass, falling down to enclose your body in his and leave kisses on your shoulder.

    “This feels so good,” Kai moans into your shoulder blade, practically panting. The stiffness of his erection on your ass drives you crazy. He humps you until he can’t take it anymore and you can feel a patch of precum soaking through his sweatpants.

    “You can cum if you feel like it, baby. Don’t hold back,” you tell him.

    “Okay,” Kai moans from the pit of his stomach. He moves his hands to grip lower on your hips, fingers digging into you as he bucks erratically, approaching his breaking point. “Fuck, i’m gonna cum. i can, right? Shit, you just said—“ His rambling is cut off by his own orgasm. Groans and whimpers escape Kai as he rides it out. The warm cum soiling his sweats soaks through to your own clothes. Kai rolls off of you and collapses onto a spot on the bed next to you.

    “You did so well, sweetheart. i’m so proud of you for sharing that with me,” you assure him, petting his hair. “So what’s next?”

    Kai looks at you with shame and hides his face, then the dark spot on his pants. “Ask me tomorrow. i’m gonna go change.”

    #txt smut#txt imagines #txt hard hours #txt scenarios#txt drabbles #hueningkai x reader #huening kai smut #txt x reader
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  • mehoneybear
    19.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    txt during sex.


    absolutely loves when you praise his body. that's the secret to make him horny. an "your abs is so sexy" here, "i'd love to feel your hands around my throat" there and soon he's putting you on fours and giving you the best orgasm you've ever had. the law of return is essential on a relationship with soobin, he gives back what he receives.


    also likes to be praised but rather praise you instead. this man was raised to be a gentleman, he likes to eat you out saying how beautiful your body is and how good you're taking him. he starts slowly, prioritizing foreplay so you're as wet as possible (he's worried bc he doesn't want to hurt you), and showers you on compliments and kisses when you get used to his size.


    always, in any situation, asks you to ride him. it's his favorite thing to do. when you're bouncing on top of him and he got your tiddies on his hands, the sweat dripping on his forehead, mouth pouring non senses when he reaches his orgasm. he grabs your ass to help you finish, because you're so tired, but you don't want to stop until he releases his seed into you.


    will certainly put his sex playlist when you're making love. yes, making love. he completely gets in the mood when you're sucking him with r&b playing on the background and he won't stop until the playlist is over, so you need to be prepared, because you'll be tangled up on him all night long.


    loves fucking you face to face (probably his favorite position is missionary), put your legs around his waist so he goes as deep as he can, enough to kiss your cervix. he'll whisper dirty words on your ear and spread hot kisses through your neck while slowly penetrating into you, he likes the way your body trembles when you're cuming around his dick desperately.

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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago


    **✿❀LINE 13: IT'S COMPLICATED❀✿**


    y/n cursed out loud, when she realised that she had went to her shift in a hurry, so she left her house key with ryujin, who was napping at that time.

    just seconds after that, the bell rang, indicating there's a customer. she quickly went behind the counter with a smile plastered on her face, the smile faltering not long after when she saw that it was just taehyun.

    "haha so i have a funny story, mine's with ryujin. in my defense, i didnt know you're gonna be such a forgetful person, leaving your keys home like that," she quickly said, of course, also throwing some shades in.

    "you're unbelievable, how are we gonna enter the house then?" he asked, sounding frustrated.

    "why are you acting like im the only one to blame here? can you relax, doesnt beomgyu has your spare keys?" she sounded pissed off, but lowered her voice nonetheless, not wanting to attract the customers' attentions.

    "fine, i'll ask him,"



    @gyuuss @btxtreads @terrytaehyunnies @miraculyfe @yoonkeehoe @derinxfam @snowfalltxt @taehyunsfel @letmeal0ne @cosmiclele @247byun @cerisetalks @meowtella @shrutiajit @msxflower @lomlyeonjun @lokideadontheinside @arminandjeanandannieandhange @nycol-ie @00-baejin-05 @summery-bat @txtville @wkhdery @stray-bi-kids @mintbgyu @she-is-dreaming @junniesavidreader @sunflowerbebe07 @simpforscoups @multi4lifer @beomjundiaries @whoe-dis @ahnneyong @kac-chowsballs @bucket05 @iyeonjuni @beomsun @day6andetcetera @beomgyuanti @wh4txium1n @carolnina55 @youreverydayzebra @nshitae @milkycloudtyg


    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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  • nichiverse
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #txt scenarios#txt fluff#txt imagines #txt x reader #huening kai x reader #hueningkai #hueningkai x reader fluff #✧ 100 followers event!
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  • blu-joons
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    When Their Plus Size Partner Feels Insecure ~ TXT Reaction


    Your hands pushed Yeonjun away as he tried to give you a hug, settling down for the evening. He tried once again, but as you pushed once again, a sigh came from him, furrowing his eyebrows questionably.

    “You shouldn’t have to hug me,” you suddenly spoke up as you met his eyes, “you shouldn’t be forced to hug someone who is my size, it can’t feel nice for you.”

    Yeonjun moved his hands around your waist again with much more force, “I love hugging you, it’s all that I ever want to do. Your size plays no part in that Y/N.”

    Yeonjun gave you an assuring squeeze as he spoke, pressing a kiss against your shoulder. “I don’t get why you like being with me Yeonjun, I wouldn’t care that much if you wanted to break up with me sometimes.”

    “Why would I ever want to do that? Have you gone mad?”

    “Look at me, that’s why Yeonjun.”

    A soft sigh came from him, “I don’t quite know where all of this has come from, but I promise you that I want to be with you Y/N.”

    “I just don’t understand why sometimes.”

    “You don’t have to understand,” Yeonjun laughed, “but the one thing that I want you to know is that I love you, and right now I really want to give you a hug as well.”

    “I guess I’ll let you give me a hug.”


    The moment you walked into the venue of the awards ceremony, Soobin could tell how quick you were to tense up, eyes darting around the place at all of the incredibly thin idols that were walking around the place.

    “They all look so nice,” you whispered across to Soobin, standing glumly beside him, “they all make me look bigger than I already am, you don’t have to stand with me tonight.”

    His head shook back across at you, “why wouldn’t I stand with you, you’re my partner, and I think you look beautiful. I want to show you off not leave you alone.”

    Your eyes continued to look around the room, feeling your confidence drop with every passing second. “Most people here are probably wondering what you’re even doing dating someone who looks the way I do.”

    “Then it’s a good job most people’s opinions don’t matter.”

    “You’re listening to them, surely?”

    Soobin’s head shook in response to you, “I’m listening to my heart, which is proud and so in love with you, I don’t care at all about other people.”

    “You’re not just saying that, are you?”

    “No way,” he confirmed, wrapping his arm around your waist, “come on, I’ve got plenty of people who I want to introduce you too, I’ll make sure you have the best night.”

    “I’ve no doubt of it, thank you Soo.”


    Once you’d finally finished offloading to Beomgyu about your sibling’s new partner, he grabbed onto your hands, pulling you in front of him with a smile, studying your body closely as you continued to berate yourself.

    “How can you look at me and smile?” You asked him, “I look at her and she just looks incredible, and then I look at myself and I wonder what on earth you see me?”

    His shoulders dropped as he continued to listen, interrupting as you spoke. “I see in you a beautiful person who I am so lucky to spend my life with, that’s it.”

    An ironic laugh came from you as Beomgyu continued for a few moments longer to tell you what he saw in you. “You just wait until you meet her, I’m going to be even more of an outcast in my family Beomgyu.”

    “You know that I would never let that happen to you.”

    “But what if it does happen?”

    His head shook back across at you, “trust me, nothing will happen, and I will absolutely make sure of it, everyone will still love you.”

    “I’m not like the rest of them.”

    “You’re the one that I want though,” he assured you, “and I want to make sure that counts for you more than anything else, there’s no one else for me, and you?”

    “Of course, you’re the only one for me too.”


    Your heart sunk immediately as Taehyun walked into the bedroom without a shirt on, showcasing his well-formed body, leaving you dejected as you glanced down at your own figure, unable to draw any similarities between the two of you.

    “I would kill to look like you,” you suddenly found yourself saying before even registering your thoughts. “Do you know how many people would love to have a body like yours?”

    His eyebrows knitted together, glancing across at you in confusion. “What’s suddenly brought that on? You look incredible as you are, I love your body, and should you.”

    Your head shook back across at him as you stared down at your stomach, “I honestly think you’re crazy most of the time for loving me, you should be with someone who has a body like yours, then you’d match.”

    “I match with you perfectly, you’re the only one that I want.”

    “But, how? When I look like this.”

    His shoulders shrugged as he sat down on the sofa beside you, “the only thing I see when I look at you is someone that I adore, I don’t want anyone else.”

    “Do you really mean that Taehyung?”

    “Of course,” he assured, taking a hold of your hand. “Don’t beat yourself up, I love you just the way that you are, the last thing I want is for you to go or do anything.”

    “That means a lot to hear you say that.”

    Huening Kai:

    He stopped in the doorway of your bedroom, watching you with a careful eye as you spun around in front of the mirror in desperate search of an angle that finally made you feel comfortable looking at your body.

    “This is impossible,” you muttered, jumping back as you heard a sigh come from the doorway, glancing across to see Kai staring across at you. “What are you doing?”

    He took a few steps into the room before speaking, “I was coming to see what you wanted for dinner, but I didn’t expect you to be doing this.”

    Your head shook as Kai tried to reach out to take a hold of your hand, “can you be honest with me for a second Kai, when you look at me in the mirror, what do you really see? Don’t fabricate anything either.”

    “I see perfection in my eyes, that’s all that I’ve ever seen.”

    “Now you’re just messing with me.”

    Kai grabbed onto your hand with a shake of his head, “I’m not messing, I’m being completely serious with you, you’re everything to me.”

    “But I look like this Kai?”

    “I know,” he sniggered, “which is why I used the word perfect. I don’t want you to change, or judge yourself either, you should love yourself as you are.”

    “One day, I might be able to.”



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  • beomjundiaries
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    part 11 : note the sarcasm idiota

    note - y/n and yuri's parents are divorced. y/n does not like her father, while yuri is a daddy's girl.

    wc: 509 words

    "baby why did you call ?"

    "it is a lot and i didn't feel like typing it all out so here we are. and how many times do i have to tell you to stop calling me baby?"

    y/n nodded forgetting that her little sister couldn't see her. she let out a slight giggle before saying, "but baby you're my little sister and i love you."

    "you are literally only one year older than me though, and plus me and ryujin are the same age and i don't see you calling her baby. so cut it out already." y/n could hear the fake annoyance in her voice. yuri would never admit it out loud, but the simple nickname made her so happy. it came about because when they were first learning how to talk their dad would always call yuri baby instead of using her name. because of this lil baby y/n thought for a couple years of her life that that was actually her name.

    y/n sighed, "okay hit me with information because we are getting off topic..."

    "okay let's get down to business. so first of all i asked dad how this is even possible. because powers are usually either you have them or you don't unless you take part in a mutation experiment and we know you didn't do that. right?"

    "obviously not."

    "okay, just had to make sure, so dad told me that his great great grandma, so our great great great grandma had psychic powers and apparently she had a vision about two sisters, but she didn't know how far down the line they would occur. it is us. dad didn't think it would be us considering everyone thought you didn't have powers. but grams basically said that we would be a force to be reckoned with like a powerful duo, as long as the older one, that's you, realized their potential in time, like training and unlocking your powers. kinda like charmed but we aren't witches lol. also kinda jealous because apparently you are destined to be the all powerful of our family line, so we gotta get working, i'll help you." the younger one relayed the information that she honestly took notes on to make sure she didn't forget anything. she kept talking, there was a lot to go over.

    if y/n was being completely honest she stopped listening she was just so surprised at this news. not to long ago she was completely normal, now all of a sudden she was destined to be all-powerful. it's a lot to say the least. she tuned back into what yuri was saying "wait what happens if i don't get to my full potential in time?"

    yuri seemed nervous and shut down the question real quick. "if you didn't hear me the first time, don't worry about it, we got this! anyways i gotta get to class! send me your full schedule so that i can make a training schedule. love you bye!"

    that was weird, but nonetheless y/n did what she was told.

    taglist: @lokideadontheinside @00-baejin-05 @iyeonjuni @junluvr @txtville @nycol-ie @mysticore-replies @kac-chowsballs


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  • ningningsplushie
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    first dates with txt

    genre: fluff

    warnings:  kissing, mentions of food, a few curses i think


    i feel like he’d take you on a picnic BUT...hear me out

    at night, with the stars twinkling above you guys

    your two bodies overlooking the city of Seoul, the luminous buildings in the foreground and its monstrous mountains in the back

    the way he asked you out was very last minute but he had actually planned this entire date WEEKS before 

    a nice thick blanket, your favourite drinks and snacks, a small speaker with a specially curated playlist of all the songs that you love or that remind him of you

    you would have ran at the idea of a picnic at night if it was anyone else but since you trust yeonjun so much, you really couldn’t say no

    you two sit until almost the break of dawn, chattering, laughing, admiring each other, and even shedding a tear or two after some deep thoughts

    with him, you felt so utterly comfortable

    it didn’t even feel like a first date. it was more like you’ve been dating him for years

    it’s summer so you don’t think about brining a sweater or coat since it was sweltering just 6 hours ago but you find yourself shivering underneath the gaze of the pale moon

    he notices this immediately and quickly shrugs off his own hoodie 

    you try to decline but he starts whining, his lips forming into his -iconic- pout

    “yahhh, can’t you just let me do this nice thing for you?”

    you giggle and give in, but ask “what about you though? you’re gonna be freezing!”

    this little devil smirks, pulling you closer to him by your hips before replying back with “guess you’re gonna have to keep me warm with your cuddles.”

    he’s so suave it’s killing me


    it’s a no brainer that binnie decides to take you to a little trip around all the independent bookstores around the city 

    you both love reading so he thought you would love this

    he HOPES you love it, he’s really panicking

    but don’t worry soobin! the date’s a success!!

    You thought you’d hit up 4 stores, AT MOST but this boy really ran you around to 15 different nooks and crannies filled with books

    you really couldn’t complain though

    it was heaven to you

    you though soobin was going to buy a few books for himself but he really didn’t. in fact, he bought half the books you picked up but put away since you didn’t want to blow all your money in one day

    he obviously did this behind your back

    you were mad at first cuz hello??? why’s he spending all his money on you?

    it’s cuz he loves the way your eyes light up whenever you pick up a book :((

    he wants to see it all the time. always.

    at the last bookstore, you decided to pick a book you’d both read together

    so when you were all done with your shopping, you hauled all the books into his car and drove to a little park 

    the two of you sat underneath a weeping willow, his back resting on the tree and your head on his lap as you lay on the grass

    binnie also gave you his windbreaker so your bum wouldn’t touch the cold ground :((

    as your sitting/laying there, he nudges you to read the book you picked together out loud

    why, you may ask

    well because he wants to hear your soft voice as he plays with your hair

    after a while your mouth goes dry and you ask him to stop

    he just sits you up so you face him and gives you a bottle of water but before it reaches your lips, he moves your hand away and softly leans in and presses a warm peck to your mouth

    “is that enough to rejuvenate you?”

    like hell it was

    you wanted more kisses from soobin

    and so he gave you more :)


    beomgyu’s very nervous so to hide that, he opts for a casual date!

    it’s something you appreciated because you were also extremely nervous

    he first takes you to the convenience store

    like it’s part of the main attraction for the date and ‘gyu was worried that you were going to think it was a stupid idea

    but you loved it!!

    you bought a few packets of ramen, soda, and chocolate for dessert

    before you begin to dig in, beomgyu perks up and rushes back to the ramen aisle while screaming “DON’T EAT YET! I HAVE AN IDEA!”

    you’re both shocked and confused

    but then he returns with the spiciest ramen he can find

    one for you and one for you

    you begin to protest but he cuts you off

    “no, listen. let’s see you can finish the bowl first!”

    “we both can’t handle heat, we’re gonna pass out,” you retaliate 

    “that’s the fun part!”

    this shithead

    but you give in though cuz you thought it would be fun

    you both start scarfing down the fire ramen, huffing and puffing, hiccuping, and worst of all, tears and snot dripping down your face

    you turn to each other, take your faces in and break off into hysterics, pieces of ramen flying everywhere

    it’s a mess

    but you finished the ramen!

    at what cost though? 

    you’re both in pain, not to mention disgustingly messy on the face

    you wanted to look cute for ‘gyu :((

    but he really thought you couldn’t be more prettier cuz you look so happy and he wants to be the main cause of that happiness all the time :(

    you clean your faces up and it turns out that beomgyu was the one who finished the ramen

    you really couldn’t, the heat was getting to you and you thanked every holy being for that laugh break so you don’t have to finish eating it

    you’re both stuffed so you head to a playground and goof off

    he pushes you on the swings but being the brat that he is, he begins twisting it so that you spin and spin and spin until you get dizzy

    you hop off and attempt to run and tackle him but you fall to the ground while he’s doing his inwards laugh

    he feels really bad afterwards cuz you get dizzy easily and feel a bit weak so he helps you up and feeds you some cold water and pushes you towards a bench so you can collect yourself

    “you’re an idiot, beomgyu” 

    he looks down at his feet and feels horrible :(

    but you nudge his shoulder and hug him

    “but you’re MY idiot”



    it’s a home date!

    he actually chose this because he thinks that the first date should be intimate so what better way to do this than to set up camp at his home!

    he kicked the members out of the dorm ;-;

    but it’s alright though because they’re all chilling with their families

    while you were on your way to the dorm, he began setting everything up

    fairy-lights everywhere, those cool gradient lights on the walls, a projector on the ceiling and a nice fort with white sheets and throw pillows for comfort

    he also ordered your fav foods: pizza, ice cream, chips, fries, burgers, literally EVERYTHING

    he wants you to have options :)

    he wants this to be perfect for you so he lets you pick what you’re going to watch, what you’ll eat, and the activities for later!

    you arrive and are immediately blown away by his effort

    no one has ever been this thorough for you before :((

    he takes your coat from you and hangs it up cuz he’s the biggest gentleman

    you walk over to the kitchen and brighten up (even more) when you see brownie mix sitting on the counter

    “are we making brownies? :D”

    he swears he feels his heart leap just by seeing how excited you are 

    “only if you want to”


    he allows you to pick a film so that you’d have some background noise but you opt for “Over the Garden Wall”

    perfect fall, goblincore vibes!

    you’re cheekier than him so you dollop some wet brownie mix onto his noise

    he looks at you like this 😠 but you see a smile creeping on his features

    he places some onto the corner of your mouth to get revenge >:)

    you frown and complain how he’s going to ruin your make-up

    so he leans forward and kisses the mix off of your face

    you stand there like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️

    he places the brownies into the oven, grabs your hand and pulls you into the fort

    but you’re still in a trance from the kiss

    he notices this

    so he kisses you again

    but directly on the mouth

    this breaks you out of your reverie and you begin to kiss back 

    but he pulls away 😞

    “you can’t kiss on an empty stomach, now can you?”

    you blush like crazy and shake you head 

    the two of you watch the show, laughing at the top of your lungs while making cheeky comments and eating your food, especially your brownies


    karaoke date!

    ofc he’s going to upstage you, he has the voice of an angel

    you guys rent a room for nearly 3 hours but man! it was the fastest 3 hours of your life

    you guys do a whole bunch of songs

    offbeat to fast raps, off-key to ballads, dancing around to pop songs, you even sing opera, your voices cracking since you’re definitely not trained for that kind of singing

    you swear you can feel the entirety of your body moving from how loud the room is

    at the end of your session, he sings one solo song, called “Amar Pelois Dois” and he dedicates it to you

    you think he’s going to goof off again but instead he stands of the tiny stage in front of you, his one hand on his chest, the other clutching the mic, and his eyes closed as he pours his heart into this Portuguese song

    you tear up at the end at the gesture and his beautiful singing

    when he’s done you clap and run to hug him

    he buries his head into your neck and he’s grinning like a madman :(

    he likes you a lot and wanted to show you it in a meaningful way

    the message was received with success!

    you pull apart and walk out of the karaoke place while holding hands, the goofiest of grins on your guys’ faces

    the definition of young love :(

    you head to a diner for lunch and especially for drinks cuz your throats are dry and tired from singing so much (and so loudly)

    you share an order of fries and a strawberry milkshake! with two straws! in one glass!!

    you try to throw fries into each other’s mouths but you fail

    the milkshake though...

    yeah hyuka was definitely going berserk at this 

    being so close to you, getting the chance to stare into your gorgeous eyes

    this was heaven to him

    he finds a jukebox at the back of the diner!

    so he gets up and inserts a few cents into the machine, picking a song

    you thought he was going to pick something and join you back at the booth

    you didn’t expect him to starts dancing. in. front. of. everyone.

    but he’s doing well

    REALLY well

    so you enjoy the show

    you start to panic when he nears you and grabs for your hands

    “c’mon, join me!”

    “yeah, no, absolutely not”

    he doesn’t take no for an answer and before you know it, he’s forcing you to do all these old dance moves. in. front. of everyone.

    but you don’t care anymore

    cuz you’re with hueningkai and you feel so carefree with him

    at this point, only you and him exist

    again, the definition of young love

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    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Only Friends? ~ Part Five

    Characters: Kai Kamal Huening x Reader/Spider-Man x  Reader

    Genre: Friends to lovers

    Word Count: 1474

    Synopsis: Since moving to New York City, life was…different. You were an average college kid in a new city, taking hard college classes, and with practically no friends. You never were the type to stand out, so why Spider-Man was friends with you, you’d never know. But what happens when a blond boy gets added to the mix?


    Ten minutes before Kai was supposed to meet you, you were staring at your outfit, unsure if you liked the combination. You wore a gray pullover and on top of that, lay a black overall dress. The belt portion of the dress rested just on your waist. You stared at your reflection in the mirror and tilted your head. Was this too much?

    Before you could make any changes you heard your aunt’s voice ring out from downstairs. “Oh hello! You must be the cute boy Y/n’s been talking about.” That was your cue to go downstairs fast. Quickly you grabbed your things and said your goodbyes to your aunt before pushing Kai out the door.

    The frat house wasn’t far. You walked for about fifteen minutes making small talk, before you could hear the blasting music emitting from a house you guys were coming up on.

    As you entered the house you instantly noticed how many people filled the room. It wasn’t overbearingly crowded but it was definitely more than you were used to. You followed Kai who easily weaved through the crowd because of his height. He made his way to the kitchen grabbing a non alcoholic drink and offering one to you. You declined and he nodded, sipping on his own drink. “This is not what I expected a frat party to be like.” You said looking at the people around the kitchen. Your lips scowled as you saw a couple practically eating each other’s faces. “Actually this is exactly what I expected. Please tell me there’s actually fun stuff to do at a frat party?” You ask. The song changes and this makes him smile widely. “Come with me, I’ll show you.”

    Swiftly he takes one of your hands and turns around leading you back into the living room. His hand slips out from yours as he begins to move to the beat of the music. It wasn’t an elegant dance but he definitely looked like he was having fun. You stared both in amazement and embarrassment as he continued. “Come on, don't make me look like an idiot all by myself,” he said over the music while you grinned. Deciding it to be better to make a fool out of yourself now than to regret doing it later. So you danced, giving it your all.

    You danced nonstop and by the time the fourth song ended, you needed a break. So you went off to the kitchen and Kai followed close by. You searched through the fridge before just deciding on water. You took a gulp from the cold drink, which battled against your warm temperature.

    “You’re a good—!” Kai shouted over the music that seemingly got louder. “Huh?” You asked not catching the last part. He repeated himself but you still couldn’t hear him to well. He shook his head and glanced around the room for a moment before his eyes landed on stairs, before they went back to yours. He held out a hand and you took it. Hand in hand he led you up the stairs until you found a secluded room.

    You shut the door behind you, sort of pleased to finally get away from all those people. You turned around and suddenly realized you were all alone with him. You brush off the random pitter patter from your heart that you start to feel and sit down on the floor against the bed that lay in the middle of the room. You pat the spot beside you and he sits down. “What were you saying?” You asked.

    “I said you’re a great dancer.”

    “I hope so, I used to take classes,” his eyes widened at this. “Really? Why did this never come up?” He asked more to himself. “I never had a reason to bring it up,” you said with a laugh.

    “Well I hope I get to see it again, cause you looked hot!” He exclaims.

    His expression matches your own shocked face before he hurriedly backtracks. “Not in a bad way, is there even a bad way of being hot? Not the point, I mean you looked good dancing, and letting loose…that’s what I meant.”

    You let out a hearty laugh at his word vomit, and he visibly relaxes. “That was funny,” you said in between chuckles, your eyes flickering down for a moment before coming back up, “but thank you, the thought was sweet, the words not so much.”

    Hueningkai’s cheeks change into a peachy tone at your teasing, “oh yeah…uh….I’m trying to work on that words and stuff.”

    His laughter joins yours some more before it grows quiet, Well as quiet as a frat party goes. He sits, eyes suddenly fixated on yours. “Ahem,” you clear your throat at the awkward moment and feel your heart rate increase. You reached for the water bottle that rested on your side and took a sip before setting it down in the small spot between you and him.

    “Can I kiss you?”

    What did he just say? Your hand grips the water bottle and for a second you have to figure out if you heard him right. He sits there unfazed and patiently waiting, while you try to come up with an answer. When words decide to fail you, you just give a single nod meaning for him to do so. He licked his lips seemingly nervous. His eyes flickered down then back up before he began to lean in.

    As soon as you realize what’s happening your brain goes into overdrive. This is going to be my first kiss! Is it normal to hear my heart in my ears? Should I be leaning in too? Why doesn’t anyone ever explain this part? He’s mere centimeters away now and you try so hard to stick it out, but at the last moment you chicken out curving away from him.

    When you swivel, your arm hits the opened water bottle that you have next to you, causing it to fall over and spill onto the floor underneath you.

    The distance between you increases as you both lean away from each other. “Ack! I’m sorry,” you quickly stand up and look for something to dry the water while he does the same. Hueningkai assures you it’s okay and he goes to find paper towels, leaving you in the room.  

    Ugh of course this would happen to me. He quickly returns and dabs at the watery mess. After cleaning it up you two move to a different spot in the room letting the spill air dry while continuing on with a random conversation. All throughout the next hour you’re mentally screaming, cursing at yourself for chickening out. It’s not that you didn’t want to kiss him, it’s just…nerves.

    The party itself was pretty boring and nothing much was going on so after some time you decide to just leave. Hueningkai offers to escort you and you accept.

    Now currently on your porch you two are staring at each other awkwardly. You don’t want him to leave, you want to tell him how dumb you felt and how you still wanted to kiss him. But embarrassment stops you from saying anything.

    “Well thank you for tonight. I had fun,” he nodded at your comment and at first he looked like he wanted to say something but a simple goodnight left his mouth before you entered your house.

    You watched from your window as he left before you opened your phone and sent him a text.

    You: Sorry about what happened earlier with the mess and everything. I’ve never been kissed so I was nervous. The truth is I really like you and I hope you like me too.

    You frowned and deleted that last part, retyping the text.

    You: Sorry about what happened earlier with the mess and everything. I was nervous.

    You wait a moment before you notice the speech bubble appear and disappear. You stare at your screen for five minutes and nothing pops up. Eventually you fall asleep. But when you wake up the next morning you read your new text message.

    Kai: It's no biggie!

    You frowned at his short message. It’s no biggie? What does that mean? You try hard not to think about all the possibilities behind his words. But it’s all you could think about.

    Later on that night you go to your regular spot to meet Spider-Man a little earlier than the usual time and surprisingly he was already there. You two walked back to your house in silence and he could tell there was something brewing in your mind.

    You entered your room and he couldn’t just ignore it, “okay, what’s up?”

    You stare at him dead in the eyes and with serious written all over your face you say.

    “I want you to kiss me.”



    taglist: @athoughtofblue, @scruffy-l0okin​, @choi-y-n​​

    #kpop#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop au#txt#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt au #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together au #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines#hueningkai au #hueningkai spiderman au #hueningkai as spiderman #hueningkai x reader
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    37. track 5

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

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    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

    ♡ please do check out the song!!! mylo xyloto album, track 5;;; also because music of the spheres comes out today (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

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