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  • wrenforthought
    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    The bestie Ramen got a new reference, heck yeah! 🌈🌊🤘

    Reblogs appreciated, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out!

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  • everyone-deserves-a-pet-name
    04.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    The reason why aliens have not gone public yet is that all the people they've kidnapped to study who are now conspiracy theorists scared them away

    #humans are weird #humans are space oddities #humans are space orcs #i said what i said
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  • thelightworkersedge
    04.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Watch "DIVIDE & RULE - The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE - Vandana Shiva" on YouTube

    Please take a moment to watch. ❤️

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  • charlie-oh-no
    04.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I didn't know about the tv specials until a few days ago... I love these 5 idiots with my whole heart now 😔☝️

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  • blades-go-brrr
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    zephra85: Oh god what did Doc Brown do THIS time

    He made a giant robot lobster, and since he doesn’t do things halfway, I guess he programmed an actual lobster brain and nervous system into it? Something glitched, it panicked because it wasn’t in the water, it ran amok and they had to lure it into a walk-in freezer to catch it.

    The only reason he’s not banned from running experiments at the summer festival is that the year before last, he managed to genetically engineer a special lobster that was all claw meat. 

    #The humans paid special tickets for them. #I forget what the money went towards but whatever it was they were able to buy three. #zephra85#replies
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  • customhairbycatherine
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

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    #best hair extensions #Hair Extensions#hair salon #human hair extensions #Tape-in Hair Extensions #hair extension new york
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  • magical-dramatic-chaotic
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    When you are fearless for the most depressing reasons. 😂

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  • stagenvy
    04.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i only know how to draw two men.

    here’s some more In Your Shoes! au (a roleswap au i made with @vasilisk-vd ) shenanigans and just one... regular.. billford doodle

    1. repping some sick fits based off a J.C. Leyendecker piece 2-3. Pinacle just wants to be evil and intimidate this dumb scientist 4. Weirdmageddon <3 5. love wins.

    #In Your Shoes au #billford #iys! gf #iys au#ford pinacle#bill cypress #human bill cipher #demon stanford pines #bill cipher#stanford pines #canon human bill cipher #gravity falls #gravity falls au #iys gravity falls #canon bill looks like auntie whispers from otgw and im losing it #theyre in love your honor
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  • ivuing
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • volturidoll13
    04.08.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    🖼 Worth A Thousand Words 🖼

    •Part Six•


    Now that the Masters found out and burned down the painting, Demetri is left feeling more hopeless than ever. But after narrowly escaping the burning remnants of London with your life on the line, will you be able to help the Tracker revert back to normal again? Or will the flames have caused too much damage...?

    • angst; fluff; language

    ♡ Taglist: @wallwriterstuff @raindancer2004 @maxnificent @primswan @captain-yeet @alecvolturiswifeforever @like-rain-or-confetti @captainxholmes @vamp-army @perfectcolortreestudent @imaginetwilight2704 @volturi-stuff @nixwolfe @volturiwolf @mytwilightimagines13 @avyannadawn @thevolturiarejustbetter



    I force myself to walk through the hallways, the emptiness in them a stark, loud echo of the abyss contained within my heart at this moment. Nothing feels right, anymore... Not now that Y/N is gone. It's like every bit of light she awoke in me has been snuffed out, all at once. Everything feels like a terrible dream, the lucid kind... The kind where it all seems so real, you wish you could just shut it all out, and wake up from it.

    My eyes ache and burn with unshed venomous tears, my throat feeling very much dry with the lack of words I have to scream or shout in this moment. As I pass by one of the windows, a ragged sigh slips past my lips. I bet Y/N would have loved the view from these windows... The way the city seemed to stretch out forever in all directions...

    A low groan leaves me as I choke back a quiet sob, clenching my jaw against the heartache. As I continue to walk, I find myself aimlessly wandering in the direction of Marcus' private quarters. The memory of his sad expression haunts my thoughts, awakening a new kind of pain in me. A lone tear escapes and rolls down my face as I stagger over towards the door to his study, my heart aching.

    Before I can raise my hand to knock, the door slowly opens, revealing Marcus standing there. He regards me with a solemn expression, nodding once at me. "I was wondering when I would see you. Your presence was to be expected." he murmurs softly. He beckons me inside, and I follow him, shutting the door behind me and leaning against it.

    He motions for me to sit in one of the armchairs, but I shake my head at him. "...Why did they do it?" I ask quietly. He seats himself behind the large oak desk, leaning back and watching me for a minute. When he speaks, his voice is so low, no human would have been able to hear it. "They did it out of fear, my boy." he answers.

    Fear?? The very notion that they would have anything to fear from Y/N is almost amusing. A sad smile passes over my face before disappearing again. "What the hell could they possibly have had to fear?" I whisper, slumping down to the floor in defeat and letting my head rest against the door. "They already have everything. Why would they fear anything?" I add, letting out a weak laugh.

    Marcus remains quiet and pensive for a moment, before meeting my gaze. "They fear that if you stray too far, you will leave us." he answers. I laugh again, shaking my head at him. "No. The only thing that would ever make me leave is the one thing they've already done. They've torn my mate away from me. They have another you on their hands now." I murmur. Marcus regards me with a rueful smile, folding his hands in front of him.

    "I will choose to let that remark pass, seeing as you speak from a place of great pain right now. But hear this, if you will. My boy, this is not the end of things." he says softly. What is he getting at?? Of course this is the end... I no longer have my sweet Y/N by my side. "You don't understand. That girl was everything to me, and they've taken her. They've taken every last chance I might've had at happiness, and snuffed it out, so cruelly." I whisper.

    Marcus regards me with a knowing look, another small smile on his face. "Demetri, my dear boy. I might know better than any one of us here, what that feels like." he reminds me. I nod, the memories of all the stories he once told me about his former mate, Didyme, running through my mind. "It is true, what they say. Grief can change a person. But you should consider yourself lucky, my boy." he murmurs.

    I lift my head to look at him, a hopeless scoff slipping out past my teeth. "Lucky? Why would any of this be considered benevolent? What they did-" I start, but Marcus silences me with a shake of his head, holding up a hand. "Because you fail to realize something. You haven't lost Y/N, not truly." he tells me. What is he...??

    "Sir, what exactly are you saying?" I ask. He sighs, getting up from his chair and casting a kind look in my direction. "I'm saying that Y/N did not perish in those flames, today. She is still very much alive." he answers. My eyes widen, a soft hiss slipping out past my lips. Y/N... She's... She's alive...??!

    》》 ■□■□■□■ 《《

    "Please be aware, my boy. She may not be in a good frame of mind right now. She has also been unconscious for the past hour." Marcus tells me, as we stand outside the door of somebody's room. A frown passes over my face when I recognize the tenor contained within; we're standing in front of Alec's room. "Why here, in his quarters?" I ask. Marcus turns to me with a knowing look again, a faint smile on his face.

    "Nobody would dare cross the path of an angry Alec. It seems to be a safe place to keep her." he explains. I nod, glancing at the door, my nerves starting to wear thin a little. I just want to see my Y/N again, be able to hold her in my arms. That's all I wanted to do, in this moment. I needed to be near her again, to feel that hope she always provided me with. Almost like he can sense the direction of my thoughts, Marcus shakes his head at me.

    "You should also know... Y/N did not escape from those flames unscathed. It took a great deal of effort for that girl to get herself here, Demetri. The price she had to pay for it... It nearly killed her." he whispers. With a somber frown, Marcus gently pushes open the door to Alec's room, motioning for me to enter, before he turns and leaves. Taking a deep, unnecessary breath, I step into the room. The sight that greets me nearly brings me to my knees.

    Lying there on Alec's bed, her eyes closed, is the one person I never thought I'd see again... Y/N. Alec sits in a chair beside the bed, his gaze focused intently on her. His hands rest palms-up in his lap, and dense black mist leaks from them, creating a calm sort of shroud over Y/N.

    Upon hearing the door to his room open and close again, the witch twin looks up at me, a broken sort of expression on his face. It's a hurt I rarely ever get to see, one that I've only seen at least once before... When he and Jane had first arrived, their first week here. He had looked so forlorn then, his expression like that of a kicked puppy. He wears the same look now, as he glances up at me.

    "I didn't want her to feel any pain while she slept." he whispers, as I approach him. Seeing the confused look on my face, he slowly retracts his mist from Y/N, and my heart nearly shatters in my chest when I finally get a good enough look at her. Multiple burns cover both of her forearms and the tops of her feet, not quite third-degree... But nearly there.

    Lighter, less noticeable burns stretch from her jawline down to the base of her throat, likely to heal within a week. Beneath her shirt and around her midsection, someone's carefully wrapped several layers of bandages, a tiny slash of blood peeking through and staining the white cloth. "W-what... What happened to her?" I whisper, my throat burning with unshed tears. Alec swallows hard, looking very much like he himself is about to cry.

    "I think when they burned the painting... It somehow got through and burned whatever world she came from. Marcus said she barely escaped with her life. I bandaged her wounds for her... And I've kept her under for the past hour, so she wouldn't feel any of it." he murmurs. I let out a weary sigh, sitting down on the bed next to Y/N, reaching out to lightly stroke the side of her face.

    She doesn't even stir, her breathing remaining slow and even. "Thank you for looking after her... You didn't have to, and yet you did it anyway." I whisper. Alec nods, scooting closer to Y/N. "Don't even mention it. I know what it's like to burn. It's... I... I wouldn't wish it on anyone, no matter how much wrong they've done me or anyone else. I'm also a bit amazed that she even survived that. She's... She's a fighter, Demetri. The others aren't going to know what hit them." he says softly.

    I nod, taking one of Y/N's hands in mine. "What of Nadya?" I ask. Alec shakes his head, a frown crossing his features. "I didn't see her. Marcus didn't either. I'm assuming she died, but you might have to ask Y/N when she wakes." he answers. I stare down at my sweet girl's hand in mine, my expression solemn. "If she wakes..." I murmur.

    Alec shakes his head at me then, a fierce look in his eyes. "No, not if. When." he says firmly. "Don't you give up on her like that. She never gave up fighting to get back to you, not for a second. From what Felix told us after you left, she all but wanted to fight Nadya herself back in that church. Not only that, she got out. She escaped what was nearly a literal hell. So don't you turn your back on her. She will wake up from this, I know it." he adds.

    I nod, my eyes watering with venom again as I look down at Y/N's face. Even with the faint burn marks, she's still just as beautiful as I remember her to be. My eyes look her over, and it's with an overwhelming sense of pride that I note the familiar cloak around her shoulders. Despite what she went through, she still kept it with her, all this time...

    Letting go of her hand, I stand up and glance down at Alec. "I need to go feed. Please... Can you still look after her for me? I can't bear to almost lose her a second time." I whisper. He nods, motioning for me to go. "She's safe with me, Demetri. Go eat." he murmurs, keeping his gaze fixed on Y/N. With a final parting glance at my sleeping mate, I quietly leave the room, my thoughts a jumbled mess. Y/N... I finally had my sweet girl back again...!

    》》 ■□■□■□■ 《《


    Darkness. Something cold and numbing, washing over each of your limbs, one at a time. The ice comes as kind of a comforting sensation, bringing with it a sense of peace, of better things to come later on. Struggling to open heavy eyelids, the weight of the world resting on them, until... YES.

    Your eyes fly open as you awaken with a start, your breath leaving you in a rattling gasp. Something cold and hard like granite settles atop one of your hands, slowly bringing you back to reality. "Hey, shh... You're okay. It's okay." a voice says, to your left. Turning your head, you see a boy sitting there watching you. He looks vaguely familiar, like one of the many faces that had drifted in and out of your consciousness.

    His crimson eyes watch you carefully, eyes like those of someone else you know... Like the kind man who had saved you from the wreckage of the painting earlier... And like... Demetri. With a choked half-sob, you struggle to pull yourself into a sitting position, and the boy shakes his head at you. "Don't. Not right now. Or at least let me help you." he says softly.

    His voice catches you off guard a little; you'd expected a younger, higher pitch in it. But instead, a deep, soothing tone is presented to you. His brown hair falls almost haphazardly into his eyes, and he brushes it out of the way with a sigh, as he leans towards you. Seeing your wary glance, he holds up both hands in a sign of surrender.

    "I'm not going to hurt you. I've already promised him I wouldn't. Besides, I want to help you, little human. You and me, we're slightly the same. Let me help you, please." he whispers. With a reluctant nod, you let the boy help you into a sitting position. As his hands grasp your forearms, you let out a sharp hiss. "I know, I'm sorry. I have to be careful of where I touch..." the boy mutters quietly, his tone apologetic.

    As he lets go of you, you glance down at your arms, and your eyes fill with tears at the sight. Angry looking burns cover both of your forearms, going all the way up to your shoulders. By some miracle, your hands are left untouched, but the rest of you isn't. Your legs, bare and on display for the boy, hold the same raw burn marks, along with the tops of your feet. The longer you look at them, the more intense the pain seems to grow.

    You let out a soft whimper, and the boy leans forward again, drawing your attention. "They still hurt, don't they?" he asks, his voice barely audible. You nod, letting a few stray tears roll down your face, even though you really don't want to cry in front of him. He moves his chair closer to you, taking one of your hands in his.

    You watch him closely, letting out a gasp when you see what looks like black mist spreading from the palms of his hands out towards your hands. Within a matter of seconds, the mist gently shrouds the rest of you from the waist down, and you lose all feeling in your hands, arms, legs and feet. You shoot a panicked glance at the boy, only to be greeted with a kind smile. "I'm Alec. And... This is what I can do." he introduces himself softly.

    You swallow hard, your heart beating a little bit faster than before. "I-I'm Y/N. You... You can take away the sense of touch?" you ask. He laughs, shaking his head at you. "Not just touch. Sight, sound, taste, smell. All of it, gone. It, um... It kind of ties in with what happened to my sister and I." he explains. His sister...? Noting your confused expression, another laugh fills the room.

    "My sister, Jane... The two of us were burned at the stake as humans. Our village thought we were witches because we had... Abilities... That nobody else had. To this day, my sister can cause you immense pain with just one look. I guess it's because she had wanted everyone and everything to burn back then. Me, I just wanted to become numb to it all. So that's why I'm Gifted the way I am." he tells you.

    His words bring more tears to your eyes, and with the kindest of smiles, he reaches out with one hand to brush them away. "Please. Don't cry for me or for her. It's in the past. We like to live in the here and now. Speaking of... I think someone's been waiting a very long time to see you." he says softly.

    Almost as if right on cue, the door to Alec's bedroom opens, and in walks the one person you never thought you'd ever find your way back to. Demetri...! Your heart skips a beat in your chest, and Alec lets out a soft laugh, leaning back in his chair. As he does, the mist retracts from your body and you let out a soft wince.

    The look on Demetri's face as he stares back at you is enough to nearly break your heart. "I'm... I'm so sorry, Y/N..." he says, his voice cracking a little as he struggles not to cry. You shake your head at him, swallowing hard. "You have nothing to apologize for." you whisper. He slowly walks towards you, coming to sit down next to you on the bed, careful not to touch you just yet.

    "I... I have so much that I need to apologize for. I'm sorry I never went after you, I'm sorry I let her take you... I'm sorry I let them burn your home and do this to you. But most importantly, I'm sorry I failed to keep my word and protect you." he murmurs, his red eyes filling up with tears.

    You lay your hand over his, your thumb tracing patterns over his. "Demetri... You only did what had to be done. I understand that. Besides... It's not like they won, whoever did this. Nadya's gone and I'm still here..." you tell him, trying to reassure him. He nods, looking up at you as the tears finally fall, rolling down his face. "Yes, you are, aren't you? Oh, dolcezza... I've missed you unbearably so..." he breathes, his voice coming out in a ragged whisper.

    You move to scoot closer to him, and wince as your burns make themselves known again. Demetri shakes his head, quickly wiping away his stray tears and moving to sit on your right, pulling you into his side. "Don't try and get up, darling... You need to heal." he whispers. You grit your teeth and look up at him, moving again. "I have to push through it..." you mutter, climbing up into Demetri's lap.

    While the burn is painful, yes... It's not completely unmanageable or unbearable. Not yet, anyway. The cold of Demetri's body temperature seems to help, for the most part. As you relax into him, you pull his cloak closer around your shoulders, breathing in the familiar scent. Demetri lets out a soft chuckle from below you, as he presses a gentle kiss to the side of your head. "I cannot believe you've kept it all this time." he murmurs.

    You nod, turning your head to give him a sheepish smile. "I, um... I lost your lighter, though. Sorry about that." you tell him. Alec lets out a laugh, and out of the corner of your eye, you see him stand up. "I like her, Demetri. I'm off to go hunt. Please, as happy as this is, I would appreciate it if you two are out of my room by the time I get back." he says with a grin, before turning and leaving the room.

    As soon as he's gone, you relax further against Demetri, letting your eyes fall closed. "She begged me to help her, did you know that? Nadya, I mean. I thought you should know. But I resisted, even though it was difficult. I knew I had to fight to get back to you, even if it killed me." you whisper, breaking the comfortable silence.

    Demetri lets out a soft hum, as his fingers play with your hair. "She was Gifted, that's why. She had a sort of compulsion, almost like she could sway you to do anything for her, even if you hated her. Me, I have the ability to track down almost anyone, just by the tenor of their thoughts alone. It killed me to see yours grow further and further away when she took you. I wanted so badly to go after you, but... Felix wouldn't let me. He said I wouldn't have made it if I tried, given the state I was in..." he explains.

    You look up at him then, giving him a tiny smile. "Remind me to thank him for that, later. It's because of him that I still have you." you whisper. Demetri rolls his eyes with a smirk, leaning down to kiss your forehead. "Don't let him hear you say that. He doesn't need an ego boost." he answers. You laugh, and Demetri grins down at you, his red eyes holding so much love in them for you.

    "Gods, just look at you, mia amore... Such a fighter. You're so much stronger than any of us ever gave you credit for. They won't know what to do with you. But I will... I have every intention of keeping you..." he whispers. You let out a hum of content as your eyes close again, your body relaxing and fitting perfectly against Demetri's. As your breathing slows to an even pace, your mate wraps his arms around you, holding you safely in his embrace.

    Whatever the world had to throw at the two of you, whatever circumstances ever tried to keep you two apart... None of it would matter. You knew you'd fight tooth and nail to stay by his side, no matter the cost. And you knew without a doubt that he'd easily do the same for you, in a heartbeat. All the problems of the world... They could wait a while. Or at least until tomorrow... For now, all you had was Demetri. All you needed was Demetri.


    • "dolcezza" = "sweetness"

    • "mia amore" = "my love"


    A/N: And at last, we come to [sort of] a close on this series. I say sort of, because there's going to be a short little seventh part soon, where we get to see how Demetri and Reader are doing a few months from now. 👍🏻 This was WILD, y'all. Thank you for those of you that stuck it out and maybe even got hooked on this series. I love each and every one of you beautiful souls more than words can amount to, to describe it... 💙💙💙


    #SoundCloud #demetri volturi x human mate imagine #demetri volturi x human mate #demetri volturi imagine #demetri volturi #demetri volturi x reader #alec volturi#marcus volturi#imagine #worth a thousand words #part six#tw angst#volturi#volturi coven#volturi guard#twilight#twilight saga#twilight renaissance #i felt so bad for Demetri writing this #and then rereading it absolutely WRECKED me #this was so sad but like... a good sad #like... I felt for him the whole way through #i like how it turned out though #hopefully you guys liked it too
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    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    This is gender swap fanart for @vashilusion


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    My version of bill cipher I love it

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  • not-yossarian
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Why does the impulse to up and move to another country or completely rearrange your life somehow always materialize in the middle of the night when you can’t do shit about it

    #daytime me is so depressing and realistic #@future self please remember to start learning spanish and buy a synthesizer and try to become a less useless human being #i think i might kind of want to be a mailman?  it would be nice to have realized this before spending all that time and money on college #no one cares
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    The fox is his real form!

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    04.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    it’s 1:30 am time for posts not many people will see since i believe the hour of posting is very obscure to my follower base and i feel as though i can say very outlandish, half serious things without recourse

    anyways, do y’all think the gods are aliens (specifically, “ultra terrestrial” and inter dimensional)? what is an “alien”? if i’m having sex with loki is this a form of extra terrestrial to human contact that current paranormal research refuses to acknowledge in its quest to prove the existence of none human intelligences?

    i believe the answer is yes!

    #when i have sex with loki it is an act so sacred and divine that it can i only be described as ‘out of this world’ #anyways #one day we will be forced to acknowledge how cool it is that i and so many other are regularly getting railed by aliens just saying ! #to be serious tho i don’t think human beings are supposed to answer this question it’s just fun to think abt
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    This is my favorite art work so far I love it so much even tho it took more then a day I love it it’s a au of @satchihatchi Egyptian au it’s a mummy version

    #mummy bill cipher #dipper pines #human bill cipher #Egyptian bill cipher #billdipfanart
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    04.08.2021 - 45 minutes ago


    In this day and age, this is a practice made available for all. It does not depend on race, creed or any specificity whatsoever. Everybody, everything can be a topic or, a target. Targeted humiliation is just the manifest inability to process our own demise. People practice this in order to purge the mediocre mechanism of reality as a dimension of life. To cope, is not even a possibility for…

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  • billdipfanfin
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    Siren au but my own twist

    #human bill cipher #billdip#dipper pines #siren dipper pines #pirate bill cipher
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    bo burnham made me cut myself

    #u heard it here folks bo burnham made this poor teenager cut themselves oh the humanity
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