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  • coffeeboy900
    09.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Gavin : My goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to surpass me.

    Nines : You can't say that every time I beat you in Mario Kart because you'll never win

    #i believe that gavin keeps thinking he can defeat nines because he said that he never loses #reed900 #detroit become human #dbh#gavin reed #detroit: become human #rk900#dbh rk900 #inccorect dbh quotes #incorrectquotes
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  • ender-baggins
    09.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago


    My brain is quietly going feral over Cas’s line

    “You asked what about all of this is real? We are.”

    Like... I don’t have the context because I haven’t watched that far yet, but... like, Cas was so sure... so sure that his choices were his own. He was so sure that he chose Dean, not because of Chuck, but because of his own will.

    Cas knew that what he felt for this man, and by extension their little family, was real.

    Apparently my eloquence from earlier is gone, because I don’t know how to express how strongly I feel about this.

    Just... the only being in the universe who has true free will, making his choices out of love, exercising that unique free will for love.

    He knew that his love was real.

    #I’m losing my mind over this #Castiel #what about all this is real? we are. #Cas is probably one of my favorite characters period. #despite not being human he manages to be so human in essence #he becomes a being of love #Cas you beautiful angel #Dean Winchester#destiel #Dean and Cas #team free will #deancas#supernatural#Youtube
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  • pupmkincake2000
    09.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Still the best and still the canon. So many small detailes that make this couple just amazing! 

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  • archangeldraws
    09.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Reunion- Part two

    A King Ghidorah fanfiction

    Doraut AU

    The human crew watches in awe and shock, as all of Ghidorah's heads lean towards their ship and look closely at the woman standing on the railing. She stretches an arm out, placing her hand on the beast's snout and smiles, tears streaking her face. She didn't look scared. Happy even. It was as if seeing a mother being reunited with her lost child. The thought itself was just absurd. How could a human be so happy to get this close to Monster Zero? That thing killed so many people, tried to take over the world, controlled other Titans and ordered them to destroy everything in their path. He even tried to kill Godzilla and died at his hand. Then some insane rich maniacs used his leftover parts to built a robot, again to kill Godzilla and that thing came back to life! How could this strange woman, who they'd only know for a few months and didn't know about any of the things that happened in the last 10 years be so eager to meet this murderous being?!

    King Ghidorah studies the little being in front of him, as if he'd never seen a human before. The fact he's just been standing there for minutes, staring down at them and hadn't attacked yet was a miracle in on itself. Usually, and everyone knew it, Ghidorah attacks on sight. Usually, there was no hesitation. But this time the dragon seems unsure on what to do. The middle head's tongue snakes out, tasting the air. It was as if the woman and the beast were talking, without using words. She had explained to them before, that she could communicate with Ghidorah via telepathy since she was a child. And it.... It used to be her pet. What a strange thought. How could this being have ever been someone's pet? It's been on this world, encased in ice for 20.000 years and she says she was Ghidorah's old master and came from the future, 1.000 years from now. This doesn't make ANY sense!

    Someone screams as Monster Zero's tongue lashes forwards, wrapping around the woman and picking her up. For a second they think it's trying to swallow her and they raise their weapons, ready to shoot. But it doesn't. It just... turns around and casually walks back to the mountain it came from. It didn't attack them, just... Took the woman and left. That's.... weird. “Should.... Should we do something, Sir?” A soldier turns to his commander, waiting for orders. The man that was his superior shakes his head. “No. She asked us not to do anything if we aren't in danger. Even if it killed her, we are not to engage. She wanted this. Monarch's orders.” Everyone on board stood still, not daring to move just yet. No one has every gotten this close to Monster Zero and lived to tell the tale. It's behavior was very unusual. They have to report this. In their fear they didn't even notice the rumble that came from the left head. A low grumbling sound from deep within it's throat. Like a purr.

    Ghidorah leaves the ship behind. Ni thought if thrashing it with a tail, but Ichi decided against it. “Leave it be.”, he told his brother. He moves back up the mountain, back into their cave. He lays down, the middle head bending down to carefully release the tiny being wrapped in his tongue and looks at her with his usual emotionless expression. San was shaking with excitement. He wanted to dash forward and headbutt the human. Like he used to as a Dorat. Some old habits are hard to kill. But he restrains himself. Because now his happy greeting would crush her to mush, if he did so. “Explain yourself. How are you here?” Ni squints his eyes at the woman, not sure if he should be happy or angry. He decided on angry. “How are you still alive? We thought you died a long time ago. If you've been alive this whole time, why didn't you come sooner?! WHY?!” Ni roars, angry and hurt. Eva sighs, collecting herself and stands up straight. “I know you're angry and confused. I will explain everything. Things are not as you think.” “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE THINK?! YOU GAVE UP ON US! YOU ABANDONED US!!” “Ni, please. I didn't abandon you! Let me explain.” “EXCUSES!” “Brother, calm down! Let her talk. We'll decide what to do, after.” Ichi towers over Ni, looking down on his brother in a dominating manner. He's telling him to stay quiet. Ni huffs, seething with anger but he bends down submissively. For now.

    After taking in a deep breath, Eva sits down on the ground. “Do you still remember the day everything changed? When they took you from me? It was horrible. I still remember the looks on your faces as my parents handed you over, just like that. They sold you. They didn't know what they wanted with you, but they didn't really ask either. All we knew was, that the government needed you to 'help mankind', but I didn't buy it. Why would they need Dorats to help mankind? Dorats were just pets, like cats or dogs. I didn't understand. I was just a child.... But I did promise I would come for you. And I kept my promise. Since that day I have been working hard to get you back. I studied hard in school, helped in charities and got in contact with activists. Anything that could have something to do with the government and Dorats. Over the years I managed to find my way to different kinds of people, until I ended up with a rebel group. We had some things in common. Like me they knew something was up, something bad. That our country's leaders were keeping secrets and doing things that were more than illegal. Like me... They had lost their Dorats. I figured out there was a pattern. All the Dorats that were taken had strong psychic abilities. So we collected more information, as discretely as we could. Some of them had connections. We found out that there was a secret lab, hidden down below Mount Fuji. We heard of terrible experiments going on there. That they were working on a biological weapon to take out Godzilla. That was their plan. They wanted to create a titan, one that was stronger than the king of the monsters, to take his place. A new king. One they could control. That's why they chose Dorats for their experiments. Because, unlike other animals, Dorats were a man made being, one that was more intelligent and easy to control through it's mind. Project: King Ghidorah.”

    “How did you know we were still alive?” San snakes closer, looking sad. The information they were getting was very different to what they knew. Not that they knew much. The memories of their abuse was pushed back as far as possible, not wanting to remember what had been done to them. Then again, there were many blackouts in their memory.

    “Like I said, the other rebels too, had lost their beloved Dorats. But the difference between them and you was, after some time, they had received their Dorats back. In urns....” she chuckles, though not in an amused way. “Those sick bastards. After their experiments failed, they burned the bodies and send their ashes back to their owners. So they could 'mourn' them. I never received yours. So I was clinging to the hope that you were still alive. Even years later. But.... There have been days I wished I would wake up to seeing three little urns standing on my dresser. Then you wouldn't be in pain anymore...” She coughs, rubbing some tears from her face. “I've been working with the rebel group secretly for about 2 years, taking on some Taekwan do classes, learning how to use a weapon, how to work computers... I was getting ready to come and get you. We managed to get some connections within the secret facilities. People who, like us, knew that this was wrong. And people who had changed their minds and sided with us. We snuck in. We thought we were prepared. And we were too proud. I lost many good friends that day. They either died or were taken.... I'm not proud of the things I've done. I left them behind and just kept on pushing forward. I was so determined on getting to you, I lost a bit of myself on the way... When I finally reached you... I didn't know what to think. You were no longer my three little boys, but instead.... A monster.”

    Eva looks up to face Ghidorah once more, trying to read their faces. San looks sad. Ichi looks unmoved. But there was a glint in his eye. If he was feeling anything, he was hiding it very well. Ni... Ni always wore his anger on his sleeve. And now it wasn't any different. “Monster... Yes. Nothing we haven't heard before.” Ichi frowns a little. As if hearing that word come from her mouth actually hurt, for once. “We.... We don't remember any of this... You came for us? Why can't we remember seeing you?” San wore a strained look on his face, as if trying hard to remember something, searching his mind for anything. But there was nothing. “You can't remember because... You weren't there. Your body was, but your minds were.... trapped, or something. It was as if you were a zombie. I shouted your names. I touched you. I even kicked and punched you, just to get any kind of reaction! But there was nothing. Your eyes were so lifeless... When I found you... You were in some kind of underground enclosure. A prison, really. Chained down in every way possible, so you wouldn't be able to even move an inch. Not that you could anyway. When my touch and my voice couldn't reach you, I tried feeling for your minds. But they were just as empty as your eyes. But still, I knew you were still in there, somewhere. I could feel it! I tried to free you, releasing all those chains, but I didn't have enough time. Some of the scientists found me and attacked me. In the middle of our fight we somehow... activated something. I hadn't noticed it before, but they had managed to, I don't know how... Create a time portal. And that thing was big. Big enough for you to fit.” “A time portal? For what?” Ichi looks at her as if she was an alien, saying she was coming in peace. “That's the thing. They wanted you to kill Godzilla and take his place as the new alpha titan. But you weren't strong enough to take him on just yet. So they had the brilliant idea to send you back in time and kill him when he was younger and weaker. And then to use you to control all the titans and become the strongest power on the whole planet. But before they could get you ready, I destroyed their plans. In our struggle, the last of your restrains came lose and you were sucked into the portal.... Ichi, Ni, San... You were send back in time, 20.000 years from now. But we, you and I, were originally from the time 3025... We actually come from the future.”

    It seems like those news actually shocked the golden demise, as Ghidorah sits down, taking all of this in. “Then.... How are YOU here?” Ni asks, looking tired from too much information. “I got sucked in as well. But the portal was unstable and kept changing its time settings and coordinates every few seconds. So I actually landed here a few months ago. We left at the same time, but now there is a time difference of 20.000 years between us. It's unbelievable that after so long, you are still alive! I almost gave up on finding you again. When they told me Godzilla destroyed you.... And how your brain was used for a robot... And how you came back to life. I-... I couldn't believe it, really. But here you are! And we can talk again! Our link is still there... I'm-.... I'm so happy to see you.” Eva chokes on her words, tears swelling up in her eyes again. “To hear your voices after all those years, it's like a dream. And I hope I never wake up from this!” “You... You're not scared of us?” San leans down, sniffing her. “I could never be scared of you.” “We could kill you, you know. We are no longer those Dorats you knew. We are no ones pet. We are KING Ghidorah!” Ichi says this, in a matter of facts. “I know... I know you could. And I came prepared. If you want me dead, you can kill me. I don't mind. I just wanted to see you, one last time.” Her voice is shaking. Not from fear, but from happiness. Happy to see them. King Ghidorah, Monster Zero, the golden demise, the one that is many. King Killer. Ichi, Ni and San. She sits before them, ready to receive death. She's happy, now that she got what she wanted. Seeing them, talking to them. Letting them know that her love for them was so strong, that she is willing to die at their claws if it makes them happy.

    Ghidorah lies down on the ground, placing his three heads in front of the human before them. “Know this. If you leave us again, then we WILL kill you. Understood?” Eva looks up at Ichi. Even though he just threatened her, he didn't say it with as much malice as he normally would. He even smirked a little. “You better stay. Or WE will come find you this time!” Ni snarls, but the sound that came from him was more a purr than a growl. “We missed you.” San licked her carefully and purred even louder.

    A few hours later, the ship was still there, the crew watched Ghidorah emerge from his cave again and approaching them. Did he kill her after all? Is he coming for them next? King Ghidorah growls at them, but the middle head reaches down once more. On his head? The woman. And she looks very much alive. She waves and shouts at them. “Thank you for helping me! I'll be staying here now. But maybe you can do me another favor? I'll be needing some necessities. Food, clothes, shelter and all that. You got a tent on there somewhere?”

    What a strange request. A human, living among Kaiju? No human was ever allowed to step foot on this island. But this was good. With Eva living on Monster Island and with Ghidorah as her protector, they could study them even better. What's the cost of food, clothing and some electronics and everything she asks for in return for such valuable information? She even promised to help them study Ghidorah more, if he doesn't kill her. As long as they swear not to harm him in any way or use the information against him. So they hook her up with everything she needs. They built a new Monarch outpost near the island, nothing too big and send a small boat towards the island once a week to bring their new 'co-worker' everything she needs. At first she got a big tent that was placed inside the cave. Then Ghidorah allowed some humans to bring containers, to make a makeshift house inside his cave, so Eva could be warm during winter. But they were still cautious. They learned pretty quickly that Monster Zero only allows them near him as long as Eva was there as well. If she wasn't, he would revert back to his old behavior and attack any human vessel coming closer. But they can work with that. And the things they learned was important to them, to understand titans and help the world understand and live with them peacefully. Especially the weekly reports they received from Eva about what Ghidorah was up to, how he interacted with other titans, even Godzilla himself. Which they noticed, would apparently come and check up on the dragon. They learned that Godzilla seemed very surprised to find a human with Ghidorah. Eva also managed to snap some really interesting photos on that island. Of kaiju sub-species they haven't seen before and even selfies with Ghidorah AND Godzilla in the background. Even better when she send them photos of Rodan, who came to visit and Mothra as well. Knowing titans act so human like to visit each other and talk like friends was just... funny.

    Read part 1 here- https://archangeldraws.tumblr.com/post/649687984452648960/reunion

    (Eva is my human OC)

    Do not repost my stuff

    #King Ghidorah#Dorat AU #King Ghidorah Dorat AU #Godzilla#Godzilla fanfiction #Godzilla human OC #Eva #Ghidorah and Eva #King Ghidorah and Eva #Fanfiction #King Ghidorah Dorat headcanon
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    “Women, and especially women of colour, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out. Since the pandemic began, nearly 5.5million women have lost work in the US, and 47million more women around the world are expected to slip into extreme poverty.”

    —Duchess Meghan, #VaxLive

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    UAE Book Award Rejected by Habermas

    UAE Book Award Rejected by Habermas

    UAE Book Award Rejected by HabermasDon Michael Hudson, PhD This is what philosophers DO in the face of injustice. “Prominent German philosopher Juergen Habermas said he will not accept a high-priced literary award from the United Arab Emirates, reversing an earlier decision. The 91-year-old, who is considered Germany’s preeminent contemporary philosopher, told the German news site Spiegel…

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    #Habermas #Habermas Rejects UAE #Human Rights
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    09.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Mao Mao, the feline car model that earns more than most humans

    Mao Mao, the feline car model that earns more than most humans

    Mao Mao, a two-year-old British Shorthair from Chongqing, China, works as a professional cat model and earns between 5,000 yuan ($775) and 10,000 yuan (1,550) per appearance. Mao Mao’s rise to fame was somewhat of an accident: her owner, a man surnamed Zheng, works in the automotive industry, and during an auto show he had the brilliant idea of putting his pet cat into one of the cars. That…

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  • itsonlymarlon
    09.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Not sure if I should apologize to everyone for being broken and unable to realistically pretend to be human for any significant amount of time before and after every interaction, go back into isolation, read a book on how to be a person, or just embrace being an alien, lie to myself, and pretend having an uncanny valley type personality is part of my charm. You know?

    #unrelatable content #i literally took a dna test twice #and both times it couldn't find any human dna
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    💖i don't want to go to work today💖i don't wanna go to work today💖i don't wanna go to work today💖i don't wanna go to work today💖i don't wanna go to work today💖i don't wanna go to work today💖

    #i'd rather stay in bed :) #but no i need to work to earn the right to eat and have a roof over my head #let me be moss and just photosynthesise PLEASE #this human society thing sucks ass #i want to sit on warm rocks by a pond to survive #i believe i'm working until 5ish when the kitchen closes #it's supposed to rain at 5 anyway so we could be shutting then completely #but it's literally blue skies and sunshine right now so i'm not getting my hopes too high
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    It is believed that toxins are flushed through tears as they do with sweat like you might have felt that your skin appears to have more clarity after a great workout. There are three types of tears, BASAL TEARS: Lubricating and protecting your eyes. REFLEX TEARS: To flush out irritants and at last emotional tear. Emotional tears are what we shed in response to emotions. Crying for a long…

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  • nexttimeisnotthesame
    09.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    [Fave HDIGH moments 3/∞] The concept of @DAY6_BOBSUNGJIN *And now Sungjin have a second account: @DAY6__SUNGJIN
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    Sometimes I'm like: wow, I think I'm so punk but in rl I say 'sorry' and 'thank you' all the time and hold doors open for people and wait in front of traffic lights when kids are watching me

    But then I realize

    I moved away from my abusive mother at age 13, I'm going to move away from my abusive father soon (at age 17) even though both of them sabotaged me as much as possible. I took care of a mentally ill person my whole life, I raised myself, I picked myself up every time and I'm still alive and I'm still here to get happy in life. After all I'm still ready to do everything to fucking fight for my well-being and that's really fucking punk. I mean, honestly. When you were raised to hate yourself, self-love is really fucking rebellious

    #personal#self-love #healing from trauma #recovery#escaping abuse#childhood trauma #like honestly I'm so proud of myself #I'm going to fucking make it and there is nothing you can do to stop me #I will be fucking happy and my life will be fucking great and those damn fuckers can rot in their misery #This is about me #treat yourself like a human-being #I love y'all #we'll make it
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    09.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    So like are we still thirsting over vampires because-

    #yes this au still lives rent free in my mind #its going to keep living there because I value it #I really need to learn how to detail dreads eventually #human au#cryptid au#vampire au#vampire#cryptid#osmosis jones#thrax
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    09.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    #millenials#future#human nature #artists on tumblr #musicians on tumblr #photography#fashion #poets on tumblr #mother's day#crazy lady
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    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Random thought is random

    I was thinking abt what kind of high school JROTC kids DBH characters would be ??? like just general positions or some shit. I am also not endorsing the armed forces (i may be a JROTC kid, but i greatly dislike the military [generally]) I just wanted to get this thought out there. If you don’t know anything abt JROTC, this probably wont make sense T-T

    Characters I will list: Connor, Nines, Sixty, Markus, and North. 

    I definitely want to do this for Josh, Simon, Kara, Luther, Gavin, Captain Allen (idk his first name WHOOPS), and Hank. I was going to but this post got too long for me to do all of them in one go (it is 2 am).

    Imma use really nice generalizations and ideas because deadass JROTC can be extra fucking toxic. Some high schoolers constantly have a stick up their ass. :\ 

    Connor: would probably be company 1SG. May have been chosen as a LET 1 to be 1SG, then trained to properly learn to be 1SG during SLTA and became 1SG again that way as a LET 2. Is good at talking with others and leading workouts. Would go for SPO since it involves a lot of talking with people and planning with others. His winning color is blue.

    Nines: wants to be company XO (and probably would be). He can also be company 1SG, as he’s a good disciplinarian if need be, good at drill, and physically fit. Although, he prefers XO because the job requires less social interaction and likes doing paperwork (unlike many other company staff). He would probably go for S-3. His winning color would be either green or brown (his questionnaires usually come up with both as his winning colors, but he think’s he’s green.)

    Sixty: DEFINTELY COMPANY 1SG. Pretty spontaneous (great for PT days) and super social. He is the type of company staff members who walk the line of being too friendly and being serious a lot of the time with his cadets. Serious if he needs to be. Good at communicating with others and making sure cadets actually have fun and like the program. Would probably go for S-5. His winning color would be red. 

    Markus: I definitely think he would go for company commander, no doubt. Super vocal about issues in company. Good at serious talks. Makes sure that things stay interesting and adds variation in plans for the day. Really good at planning and capturing everyone’s attention. Super collaborative and he always reaches out to his staff members to make sure their company runs smoothly. Would go for CSM or ACC if allowed. HIs winning color would 100% be brown

    North: I think she’d be 1SG like Sixty. Super fit, loves conducting PT and correctional PT, if needed. Definitely makes sure her cadets are in good shape. Makes sure to check in on cadets who seem to be having a hard time outside of company time. Always welcomes new cadets, especially LET 1s who upperclassmen. Her company never really acts up because they all look up to her, as she clearly cares about everyone’s individual well-being. Her winning color would be blue for sure!!!!


    Winning Color (JROTC edition) meanings: 

    Brown: These people are Builders. These people tend to be natural leaders. Think company commanders, special teams commanders, and squad leaders. I’ve noticed that they tend to be ambiverts. They’re usually great at public speaking. They’re usually super responsible and put-together. 

    Green: These people are Planners. They’re (obviously) organized and prefer good structure. Planners tend to be good at math and science. They are precise and very analytical. They’re also pretty creative when you allow them to be. Hates being spontaneous. They’re usually introverts. 

    Blue: These people are Relators. They are very in-tune with their emotions and extremely empathetic. These people are usually social butterflies and extroverts. They thrive when working in large groups and teams. Super chill usually and great people to talk to. They always fit right into new communities and groups. 

    Red: These people are Adventurers. They are spontaneous and love trying new things. They are enthusiastic and always moving. They love having fun and taking risks. They are definitely extroverts. They always encourage people to try new things, even if they seem terrifying. If you wanna talk about new experiences, Adventurers are always on board. 

    #dbh #detroit: become human #fun fact : i am a company XO rn #i basically self projected onto nines but i would never be 1sg because i dont want to LMAO #tbh i can lowkey see connor stepping up to be company commander #like he was chosen by the big 5 for his company because they didn't see anyone else fit for the position #connor definitely tells nines and sixty that he got coco instead of 1sg with so much enthusiasm #nines would definitely be happy he got the position he wanted #sixty would be surprised because he thought someone else would be his company's 1sg #no one is surprised that markus got coco like everyone thinks he'd be battalion commander someday #lowkey no one is surprised that north got 1sg either she would be the one interacting with cadets the most
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    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this novel is severely lacking in fanart so here, some outfit concepts for wu xi/ jing qi i did these last few days, im sad they got such little screen time in shl but at the same time WOW free design real estate

    #i’m 40 chapters into qiye and i definitely definitely love them a completely normal amount. totally. #word of honor #qi ye#lord seventh#xiyuan#jing beiyuan#wu xi#my art #what if.... thin eyebrows da wu. Pretty #thank u god for letting me read a book that isnt over 500 pages. the plot isnt too deep but oh my God the characters #everyone feels so Human and it HURTS....... i want group therapy for all of these people #especially helian yi!!!!!!! why is he such a polarizing character in fan spaces he's literally??? not even difficult to empathize with¿ #i want to hug all of them. wuxi my lov.... #i made beiyuan's look far too regal and i want to re-do it bc Ehh im not vibing w it anymore...
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    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i need a fun way to type out the human male aggro noise. i want to add it to my onomatopoeia repertoire

    #i have hrgh and AUGH and snzzz and mmnnff but. human male aggro noise NOW #it's like HWARH #or like#HUAUH #hmm. i'll figure it out
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