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  • scrapmice
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    made these for Prima’s artfight profile but ill stick em here too

    #thankfully i will not have to make starlet a human disguise since he's a shapeshifter and can just do what he wants #ocs#prima#vincent drake#2021#original work
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  • startgamc
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    STARTER ☆  @deathboundinautumn​ 

    “Hm...! So this is the famous Avalon café I’d heard so much about.” It had been a long time since she last found herself in Kichijoji. The last time she was around was likely before she moved away from Tokyo altogether. But since she had some time to herself before she moved on to the next part of her new journey, she might as well enjoy what all this place has to offer.

    It was a rather small cafe, but apparently that was part of its charm. So she found herself a seat and smiled up at the man that she presumed was the owner, based on the vague descriptions she’d heard before coming here.

    “I hear you make a mean Katsudon.”

    #deathboundinautumn #{ ☆ Ichinose ; Heartless Doll } #{ ♫ Verse ; Wise And Cool And Clear And Human In Disguise } #here she is!!!
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  • typicalabdullah
    24.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I see what i want to see. I hear to people's opinions, I don't listen to them. I've a predefined image of people which can't be changed no matter how they have improved over time. I want people to do exactly as i want them to do. I worship faces. I am society yet i blame society. I'm a human born to accuse and judge. I'm a preacher who sins. I'm a monster in disguise.


    #humans#monster#disguise #we live in a society #sin and punishment #dark academic aesthetic
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  • olivia200312
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Accident~ RID2015! Optimus x Human! Reader

    Plot: Y/N got into an accident in her house.

    So, this is a true one-shot. This is NOT a lie. I got into an accident this morning. I woke up normally like every other human but when I wanted to move my head, I felt a massive intense pain at the back of my neck and head area. When I stood up, I felt dizzy. I moved a bit but it got so worse that I wanted to lay back down. But I collapsed and my face made contact with the floor. Luckily not hard but I did get a bloody nose. I felt very hot and was pale. But this all stopped when I laid down and slept a bit. My grandmother called my mom and she arrived s fast she can. The ambulance was called and they took me to the hospital. They checked my health and I was allowed to go. I also bit my lip a little bit hard so it's swollen when I fell. I wear a case around my neck and have to take it easy. This all happened on July 16th.

    This continues after You're No Alone and Author! Check them out!

    Author: one-shot where I became a self-published author on July 10th.

    You're Not Alone: on February 5th, my grandfather passed away.

    Head area:

    Brain: Processor / Brain Module

    Head: Helm

    Face: Face plate

    Ears: Audio receptors / Receptor Orifice / Audials

    Nose: Enstril / Olfactory Sensor

    Eye brow: Optical Ridge

    Eyes: Optics

    Mouth: Intake

    Lips: Dermas

    Teeth: Denta/Dentas

    Tongue: Glossa

    Chest area:

    Chest: Chassis / Thoraxal Cavity

    Back: Hexa-Lateral Scapula

    Spine: Bipedalism cord / Back Strut

    Chest and back armour:

    Chest plate

    Back plate

    Mid-section plating

    Neck guard

    Side plating

    Arm area:

    Arms: Arms / Restarlueus

    Forearms: Bitarlueus

    Hands: Servos

    Fingers: Digits

    Arm armour:


    Shoulder pads

    Arm guard

    Lower area:

    Pelvis: Pelvis

    Butt: Aft / Skid-Plate

    Thighs: Tibulen

    Calves: Cadulen

    Feet: Pedes - the high heel bits are called Struts or Heel Struts.

    Lower armour:

    Skirt plates

    Aft plate / Skid plate

    Thigh guard

    Ankle guard

    General/Internal components:

    Muscles: Cables / Pistons - It depends on the area in question.

    Veins: Fual lines

    Stomach: Tanks

    Lungs: Vents - used to stop the con/bot from over heating.

    Heart: Spark

    Tattoos: D-con/A-bot Insignias and the lark

    T-Cog: The thing that allows all Cybertronians to transform, be that their arms or their whole body.


    Penis: Spike

    Vagina: Valve

    Body: Frame


    The alarm clock went off through Y/N's phone. She groaned and reached to put it off. Just as she wanted to move her head, she felt an intense massive pain at the back of her neck and head area. The pain was so intense and aggressive that it paralyzed Y/N to move. She nearly cried because it was very painful! But she managed to push the tears down. She moved her head very carefully. She then managed to stand up but she felt extremely dizzy and hot. She even was pale! Just as she grabbed her things like her phone, the charger, her wristwatch, and her headphones, it got far worse. She wanted to lay down again. She really tried to reach the bed but then... she collapsed. Her face made contact with the ground. It wasn't luckily hard, but she, either way, felt her nose drip out blood. She bit her lip a little bit hard that it will be sure swollen later. She even felt hot! Due to collapsing, she dropped her stuff, creating noises.

    There were fast footsteps heard and the door of her bedroom opened. It was her grandmother. The poor woman looked panicked once she saw her granddaughter laying on the floor. "N/N, are you ok?" She immediately helped her up and made sure that she laid down on the bed.

    "I f-feel weak."

    The grandmother then saw blood drops on the floor, the carpet. She picked up her granddaughter's stuff that was dropped and laid them on the table. "I'll call your mother and clean the blood. Oh my god..." She immediately left the bedroom to call Y/N's mother and once it was done, she started cleaning to get the blood off. Once it was done, she sat down on Y/N's bed and kept an eye on her.

    There were noises heard since Y/N's granny lived in an apartment. There was an elevator. Y/N heard the elevator clearly and it stopped on the floor where Y/N's granny lived. The doors opened and she entered the place. She immediately entered the bedroom. Her eyes widened when she saw her daughter in a weak state. "What happened?"

    "I-I don't know. She collapsed on the ground. She has a high temperature."

    That's when Y/N heard that her mother will call the ambulance. Oh no... Please no needles! Y/N didn't have enough strength to respond she took small naps until the ambulance arrived. It was two grown-up adult males. They were friendly. At that time, Y/N managed to sit up on her bed, her feet touching the carpet floor. She explained everything to the men while her family watched worriedly. They checked her blood pressure and her temperature. Like this one thing where you put your finger in. Y/N's temperature went down back to normal quite fast and she even stood up! She even moved and she felt no dizziness! Huh, looks like her body took the action quickly. Y/N wanted not to get tested but her mother wanted her to. God... She's an overprotective mother since she's single and loved her child dearly.

    Y/N's grandmother helped her granddaughter to actually put her pants on before the ambulance arrived. She carefully stood up while the men made sure that she didn't collapse again. Y/N's mother packed like Y/N's phone, wallet, and the book she published. She had to wait for a few days to finally hold her book in her hands. What's stupid was that she had to pay for her own book instead of getting it for free since she's the author after all. The world was so stupid sometimes...

    For the first time in her whole life, she rode in an ambulance car. One man was driving while the other was with Y/N, writing important information of Y/N's mother's card ID. Y/N herself was 17, almost 18. Let's just say that the accident happened on the day when her mother was supposed to come over and hand her daughter the book. It was honestly a very sad day for Y/N... She was excited to hold her book in her hands but look t that... a freaking accident.

    The ambulance finally arrived at the hospital and Y/N was checked this time by a nurse. Everything went fine. The doctor came to check on her and Y/N explained everything. The doctor explained that the pain might be caused due to sleeping positions or other reasons. And the attack of dizziness, it could be caused by stress.

    "Ever since my father's passing, she had a very hard time accepting that he's not here anymore. I see her constantly trapped with her feelings and emotions. She might have possible autism but it's not sure yet because the tests didn't happen yet. She even confessed that she wanted to commit suicide by taking pills. We are going to a psychiatrist but it doesn't help sometimes." When Y/N looked at her mother, she had a sad and soft look.

    The doctor looked shocked by Y/N's mother's story. He couldn't help but feel sad for the teenage girl. She suffered a lot and still does. No one deserved to go through this, especially a kid. He looked to Y/N's mother and told her that it's better to continue to go to a psychiatrist. That's when Y/N was finally letten go with her mother. But however, before they can ride fully home, she heard her mother make an appointment with the doctor for a blood test. Oh, come on!


    Optimus heard the news of what had happened. He got very worried when he heard that Y/N fainted. In his processor, he knew that it could be from the stress. Ever since her grandfather's passing, she never got better. She would cry for days, she didn't eat for 3 days which caused her to feel dizziness and headaches. She nearly landed in the hospital because of this. She started having trouble with her emotions and feelings. Not only that, but 2 months later after Y/N's grandfather's passing, her mother had a discussion with her, and guess what she found out, Y/N's other grandfather passed away on December 23th! Y/N never met her other grandfather before. She never saw him but she did saw how he looked from photos. His death was kept a secret for 2 FREAKING MONTHS! Y/N's father went to live in England with his new 'family'. Y/N's father did everything, especially paying the bills but he found out that his girlfriend had enough money to actually pay the bills! She lied the entire time! Y/N's father quickly broke up with her so he lived alone now. Y/N remembered the day very well when she heard the news that her other grandfather passed away in December. She cried. Yes, she may have never met him but she's sad that she lost someone that she could never meet. She wanted always to meet him! But he mysteriously disappeared after Y/N's parent's wedding day! Y/N had so many questions at that time. Had he ever heard of her? Did he know that he had a granddaughter? And many other questions. Y/N was right to be mad at her family. She was furious for days and there's still anger in her, she just doesn't show it. She rather keeps it hidden.

    On the 3rd of July, just as summer vacation began, Y/N traveled to Poland with her mother. Since her grandfather passed away in Poland, both mother and daughter had difficulties traveling. Corona was still out there and the airports were controlling the passengers. You need to have important documents and proof that you are fully vaccinated or negative. Y/N was not vaccinated so she had to the test and let me tell you, it was disgusting! You know, the long thick thin stick in your nose to get the cells? Y/N's mother was also not vaccinated so she had to do the test as well. On the 4th of July; she went to visit her grandfather's grave. It was so painful... Y/N's mother believed that it would ease the pain, but she was so wrong, it didn't ease at all! Y/N wanted badly to talk to her grandfather alone but her two aunts and her mother stood close by. She didn't get privacy at all. She was mad. Y/N refused to eat for hours as well. But eventually, she came to eat when it was time for dinner.

    2 days later, she returned back to the cemetery. She was alone this time with her mom. She had one minute of silence with her mother and FINALLY, Y/N got the privacy she needed. She must have at least talked for 1 hour to her grandfather's grave because she spoke a lot. She was thankful that her mom understood her. She said at the end her goodbyes and wanted to hug his grave, but she felt ashamed, shy, and embarrassed so she only touched the cross and cried. She cried the whole time.

    At that time, Y/N was fighting was depression for months now. It was not easy due to the loss of a loved one instead of an animal. She missed of course her pet friends she lost, but with people was very different. When you lose someone for the first time, it's so painful. It can take a long time to get over with or part pain will stay forever inside of you. Depression cannot be 'cured' but you can control it with your power. It's not easy and it can be stressful, exhausting, and painful as well. Pain can be felt in your heart. What's one of the most important things to NOT ever do to a depressed person was yelling. It happened to Y/N. Her aunt, or her second mother, who lived in Poland, texted her and asked how she was doing. Y/N responded that she's fine. But she also told also that texted if she doesn't get better because of her possible autism or mental illnesses, then she will not go to work. But what Y/N's second mother send next, made Y/N mad. She responded like she doesn't have mental illnesses and that she needed only more explanation. Seriously? That made Y/N cry! Why was she reacting fast? Why was she quickly angry? Why was she having bad days? Why was she losing interest in her activities sometimes? Why had she dark thoughts? Why would she cry a lot? Why was she having trouble with emotions and feelings? Think about other symptoms. Those were clear signs of depression. According to an American's website where the experts knew everything about the loss of a loved one and what can happen further in the future if you don't get better in like 5-6 months after you lost someone, the chances were high that you had depression but it's important to go to a doctor where it helps you and asked questions. It's important, to tell the truth. once it was done, the doctor will finally give you the diagnoses that you were waiting for what's happening inside of you.

    Y/N had to wait sadly. Still waiting. It can take up to almost 1 year or 2 to meet the doctor where the diagnoses can be finally revealed. She had possible autism as well. It was very possible Asperger's Syndrome. It's autism where people have difficulties communicating with other people but also having trouble understanding. The person can talk very well but sometimes can be quiet as a mouse too. People who have it were very unique. They even don't like to be touched all the time and don't like to make eye contact. Y/N's grandmother was the first one to notice the symptoms and told her daughter, Y/N's mother, to bring her to the doctor but Y/N's mother didn't notice anything until finally years later when her father passed away. So, they're on the waiting list. I mean, they had to be.

    But anyway, Y/N's mother caught her daughter crying after she was done chatting with her second mother. Sometimes, Y/N doesn't want to talk about why she's crying but she's sometimes being pushed a little bit too hard which was not smart at all. When Y/N explained why, let's just say that later, Y/N's own mother, started to yell at her. Yes, Y/N had been fighting for months but seriously? Y/N wanted to scream and fight back but she couldn't! But when the fight was finally done, Y/N's heart was full of pain and felt hopeless as well. Y/N's mother should have never yelled at her! The results will be only crying! Sometimes, it can give results of an attack or worse...


    Y/N walked carefully while not wearing a cervical collar around her neck. The doctor said that she didn't have to wear it all the time and recommended to at least sometimes move carefully her neck. Y/N felt pain sometimes but it's healing. She couldn't laugh hard, not yawn widely, etc. It was so annoying! She still couldn't forget her mother's yelling inside her head and those memories will probably haunt her. She already got her first corona vaccine and tomorrow, she needed to take a blood test because ever since the accident, her health was getting suspicious. Y/N decided to confront her mother at the doctor tomorrow and teach her a lesson that yelling at a depressed person was not smart at all. Now that she's a self-published author, she's busy writing about her life to inspire and teach others. Her mother needed to learn too.

    "Sweetspark, when I heard about your accident, I was very worried," Optimus said, who randomly appeared behind her.

    Y/N turned around fully to let her neck heal. "I am fine now. Just giving my neck time to heal. Sorry about worrying you..." She felt ashamed.

    Optimus wrapped her arms around her waist, causing her to relax and lean gently against him. "Please remember that you're not alone, sweetspark. We all are here to help you. What your carrier did was not smart but I am proud of you that you'll confront her about it."

    Y/N only hummed and couldn't help but smile when she felt him leaving soft kisses where she felt pain at her neck and head area. She giggled and Optimus smiled.

    P.S. when Y/N became an author, only her second ex, her family, and her followers on Wattpad congratulated her. None of her friends did. Do you consider this disrespectful rude or heartless?

    Yes, readers. Every detail left there is all the truth, including the yelling as well. I got the first shot of the corona vaccine and I feel still small pain but it's not bad luckily like the HPV vaccine I got once. So painfully... But my mother feared that soon the entire country will force everyone to get vaccinated, except kids under 12. Sorry to disappoint you all about the shot... The part at the end of my friends not congratulating me is also the truth :(. Darn blood test tomorrow! I have a phobia of needles...

    #optimus prime x human reader #optimus prime #x human reader #x reader#reader#romance#tf rid2015#rid2015 #transformers robots in disguise 2015 #transformers
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  • startgamc
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    #{ ☆ Ichinose ; Heartless Doll } #{ Musings ; Ichinose } #{ ♫ Verse ; Wise And Cool And Clear And Human In Disguise }
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  • pineapplesandotheramazingthings
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    today’s “i think i might be weird”moment:

    i’m not great at auditory processing. i often experience a bit of lag before my brain starts to parse meaning out of sounds. usually not a big deal.

    but. ten minutes ago i’m walking to my therapy appointment, headphones out for some damn reason, and someone in a car on the very busy road decided to roll down their window, lean out, and yell some sounds in my direction.

    i haven’t got a clue what they said. my guess is that it was some form of catcalling, since i dressed pretty femme today, but it could just as easily have been an acquaintance trying to say hi or something.

    i have no clue. all i perceived was a blur and some noises. whatever.

    that’s really not that weird, you might say.

    but what did I DO? how did i respond to this?

    i jumped a foot in the air, spun to track the movement of the car, made claw hands, and let out let out the most unholy SHRIEK OF A STARTLED DINOSAUR.

    i didn’t even know i could make that sound. wtf. haven’t made a sound that loud in years. it didn’t even sound human.

    i didn’t mean to do that at all. there was no thought involved. just pure reaction.

    but it was kinda fun.

    might head to the woods and see if i can do it again…

    #me being an eldritch thing poorly disguised as a human person #please don’t startle me in public #yelling out of moving cars may just be the worst form of communication possible #whoever that was deserved what they got
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  • anauwhere
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Antis: ew writing fics about minor celebs is bad! Rps is bad! They hurt children

    The ST eleven actress was harassed and publicly denigrated online by her ex adult boyfriend

    yall: chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp memes that mocks her chirp chirp

    #i love being right and rightfully being disguised by certain hypocrites but at the same time it makes me p sad #humanity is getting worse amd worse and don't come here looking for sympathy. ..I'll let people grow and change if that but until them #no excuses for assholes idc how old you are
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  • theharellan
    21.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #[ iajs theres a reason that he chose an orlesian for his human disguise his face is too elf ] #( asks )
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  • pmseymourva
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Your New Workout Buddy who is totally not a Moon Elf

    #Cyana#oc #human disguise Cyana #gym clothes
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  • cutiedilly
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    I played stardew for 9 hours straight today and I came to a realization

    #emo... depression... likes to eat fish... they look similar #sebastian is just belphies human world disguise i think djsjsjsjsj
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  • caleniaisle
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Shopping trip!!!

    #from addie’s sketchbook #adeleine kirby #dark matter swordsman #kirby 64 #kirbys dreamland 2 #kirby series #the he!! #translation for Adeleines line at the bottom is ‘Is that a question or a challenge’ #I accidentally smudged the pen sorry :( #but here he is!!!! human disguise Mer!DMS!!!!!
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  • the-bonnie39
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago


    So talked with my nan about a chest binder as I’m self conscious about my girl upper parts and she said she’ll look into where to buy them


    #rant #it’s fucking 11:06pm rn #my nan is not human but an angel in disguise
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  • caleniaisle
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    DMS: I can pass as a human!! Nobody will notice!!!

    Also DMS: what the fuck is a “utensil” is that some kind of cool sword

    #news in aqualore! #rumors in aqualore #this technically counts as a shitpost but with actual lore #Adeleine is trying so hard not to laugh when he calls a utensil (fork) a sword #DMS can pass as a human from a visual level but on a physical level he absolutely wouldn’t /hj #he’s in his human disguise for both of these btw
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  • rayveewrites
    19.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    I think those of you who enjoy the Last Player AU would like to know the whole "Undying got murdered" thing was to account for the fact that there was a possibility of there being undead players who weren't just Zloy and Cleo.

    Also that Zloy was originally going to be out if the picture not because he was dead, but because he was in hiding.

    After pissing off the Mafia.

    #in this version of events #Cleo has disguised herself as Human #and is working as a schoolteacher #and there's a 50/50 chance she's adopted a child #so there's that. #because y'know #this au isn't weird enough normally #last player au #Rayvee rambles
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  • copycatsymphony
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    // one day I’ll decide on a holoform/human au for sw and co. but for now I just mess around and amuse myself

    but I played around in picrew and came up with these for Soundwave, Rumble and Frenzy. SW probably still wears a facemask in his holoform/human form, but went without bc I was aiming to get a good base for when I have the energy to sketch him. :)

    #ooc #me turning robots into human disguises #I like to think that in their holos everyone thinks soundwave is R&F's babysitter or older siblings #and sw is just like: actually I'm their legal guardian #these are my kids karen #NOT my art #for anyone asking I also imagine frenzy refuses to have a decent haircut #he takes scissors to that unruly mop and sw has to justify why one of his lil goblins looks like he was attacked by a woodchipper #gonna attempt sketching smth later #:) #back to replies #delete later
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  • timeblooded
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sometimes, Aevus wonders why he even bothers with having a human disguise. Other than nostalgia, anyway.

    Then discussions like this happen, and he remembers.

    #ic#open #dash commentary tag pending #((I got a hc that)) #((this human disguise thing is something he and Palkia used to do when they interacted with humans)) #((like waaaaaaaay back in ancient times)) #((and that stopped when the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs 'disappeared'))
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  • saltwatertaf
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Daily reminder that you are not immune to propaganda! No one is! <3

    I fall for it, you fall for it, your grandmother falls for it, and we all will continue to do so bc news flash! That’s how it WORKS!

    Which is why we can’t just accept things without thinking about them. Don’t let yourself become an unwitting tool for a regime or harmful system or ideology.

    Think for yourself, even if people say you don’t need to.

    BUT don’t take this as permission to make whatever garbage takes you want. Think for yourself means listening to different people experiencing things first hand. It means paying attention to sources. 

    It means that SOMETIMES you’ll find yourself defending an angle people you despise are also defending, because actually the world isn’t black and white. Don’t let that hatred blind you when it comes to what’s truly important.

    Remember that human rights are above all, and that actually, sometimes people with garbage takes about other things can see this even if they don’t when it comes to others.

    I’m not making much sense, probably, but I hope I got my point across.

    Human rights above all, stop parroting regimes’ propaganda, sometimes people with garbage takes can be right about very specific issues, and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    #taf talks politics #actually i talk basic logic and human rights #cuba #this is about #china#too #and also the #uyghur genocide #and also just #propaganda#in general#soscuba #patria y vida #you WISH the cia had as many nb headcanons as me #alas they’re too transphobic to ever disguise themselves as a fandom blog as weird as mine
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  • dooodle-bug
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dang CP gotta be so nasty #Also I really like that idea of monsters disguised as humans! Ya gotta tell me about how it works and stuff! #ask#rp things#I-use-my-words-to-express-myself
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  • furby-organist
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    brainrot bayou babes ♡

    #// finally colored and cleaned up that sketch from ages ago! #// alexa's human disguise of the hour is FUN TO DRAW #i added a fun song I like on the heart bc I like it. #anyway this was a fun brush test #usedhearts #emotional support space heater #alsquared #circling this empty room (my art)
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  • monnzzter
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    The monstah in a monstah skin, is not a costume custom, a molting process or a camouflage technique. No. Is what any young monster do when it feels admiration for an older monster... also dressed in disguise. Some beings are not stupidly humans as you might think. They just reflect the human stupidity to enlight other creatures about how viral mankind is. Be the best monstah you can monstah be. (be good, be bad, be free) [the instinctive esence of respondability] by mnnzztr intervened & by monnzztruo written. #blackandwhite #blancoynegro #monster #monstruo #costume #disguise #camouflage #camuflaje #reptiles #disfraz #reptiles #virus #humans #humanidad #mankind #humanity #good #bad #free #stupidity #estupidez #bueno #malo #libre #responsabilidad #skin #piel #artwork #collage #digitalart #instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CRUJTTSjK26/?utm_medium=tumblr

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