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  • abbydakshinsblog
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My religion says that being gay, bi, trans, lesbian is a Sin.

    Oh! Here

    Leviticus 18:19

    Your religion also says that having sex during your period is a sin...How come you ignore that?

    It also says eating bacon is a Sin.

    Leviticus 11:9

    It also says eating lobster is a Sin.

    Cutting the sides of your hair is a Sin.

    Wearing clothes made out of mixed fabrics is a sin.

    Getting a tattoo is a Sin.

    A man trimming the edges of his beard is a Sin.

    Timothy 2:12

    It says a woman is to not hold any position of authority and is to be quiet.

    Deuteronomy 22:20

    That if a woman is not a Virgin on her wedding night , She is to be stoned to death.

    Leviticus 19:19

    It says that planting two different kinds of seeds in the same field is a Sin.

    But that's too hard for you, so you decided that God didn't mean any of that,

    God only meant the being gay part,..

    Listen, If you are going to spread hatred towards others by quoting the bible at them, make sure that you first follow the entire thing.

    Or Cut it down.

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  • werian-wintertid
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ve been writing my personal statement and apparently have moved on past “this is so annoying” all the way to “full blown existential crisis”

    #yes being an english major would be really good but am i Worthy of the subject. am i Suited for the major. #am i not talented in the subject after all. if i'm not talented at the subject i use to define my life what am i worth to myself. #it's all about using storytelling to inject pain and death with a higher meaning #and transforming pain into reassurance but who am i to even talk about that #i'm like 16 i have no life experience i shouldn't be expected to have some deep meaningful insights about human nature #all ready and presentable to share with the ucas form #and i have only one day to get this draft together so there's no time to come up with anything #...i should probably just go to bed #vent post #...i think? #tbd
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  • berriniki
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Literally The Prettiest Person Ever

    #📂m’s rambles #when i tell you i froze when i saw these picture #HES GORGEOUS #THE GOD CONCEPT IS HIM IN HIS NATURAL HABITAT #sunoo is not human he’s a god playing with mortals for fun #must’ve done a little dance when he heard they’re doing a good concept #sunoo stilled when jungwon told him about the new concept #‘did they figure me out?’
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  • sunflowers-and-vangogh
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I say hurtful things masked in the guise of brutal honesty. There’s this need to evacuate something bitter burdening my chest and it moulds into this bile of utter vileness but once the words are out, I loathe myself not because I feel bad for saying those words, no; but because I feel helpless. As if I’m the victim here. It reminds me of the brutal, animalistic nature that is innate to humans; the need to tear open things for the sake of our pleasure and how we continue to mask it instead of addressing it.

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  • randomtimes-com
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Al Naslaa: Saudi Arabia’s mysterious rock formation

    Al Naslaa: Saudi Arabia’s mysterious rock formation

    There are many natural occurrences that might puzzle a traveler. One of them is Al Naslaa, a 4,000-year-old geological mystery, located in Tayma oasis, Saudi Arabia, a strange rock formation perfectly split down the middle with the precision of a laser beam. It is made up of two large sandstone boulders supported by a natural pedestal that appears much too small for its purpose. But what really…

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  • crazycookies73307
    26.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Soo, this mango tree is our neighbor's, but it has always leant slightly towards us (not that I care, I mean the shade is 🤩)

    Anyways, the said neighbor's going to cut it cuz some of my OTHER neighbors think that the tree is a nuisance (when they don't bother to clean up the leaves, it's always the person who owns the place and my family who clean up the fallen leaves) and want it cut. This discussion happens every once in a while whenever there are strong winds or storms and stuff, but it's never been set in stone as it is now😒.

    So this tree's gonna be cut in a few hours and tbh none of my family or my neighbor (the one mentioned first) are happy about this, but if the tree ends up falling or something, that's gonna be an even bigger problem, soo yeah😬

    Me and my family moved hear around 3 years ago, and srsly? I'm gonna miss this tree☹️☹️

    #morning#mango tree#trees#nature#environment #tree's gonna be cut #sad vent #I always vent to this tree when i dont crave human contact..... who am i supposed to vent to now??? #whos gonna listen to my rants about stupid stuff?? #im gonna cry #😭😭😭#me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #i just 😭😭😭😭 #tragic
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  • harrelltut
    26.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    JEHOVAH OCCULT BIBLE [JOB] WITNESS Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] on Earth [JE = JESUS] @ the Dawn [GENESIS] of QHTut’s Highly Official… U.S. Ancient [USA = PREHISTORIC] Ægyptian American [ATLANTEAN] SUN EMPIRE of Antediluvian [SEA] Human SKY People of WATTSTAX [WATTS] WEALTH ESTATES [WE]… Magically INVOKING [MI = MICHAEL] LORD SUNJATA’s Highly Complex [ADVANCED] Ancient CORPORATE Acquisition Laws by the INGLEWOOD Families of Occult Religions from the Nocturnal Intuition of the Astronomically [CALIFORNIA] Intelligent ANUNNAKI [CIA] SUN GOD [RA] DEITIES… who Electrophysiologically [Spiritually] TECHNOLOGIZED ME [iTUT®] @ QUANTUM HARRELL TECH [iQHT] 11,500 Years Ago… since QHTut Immaculately MATERIALIZE [I’M] CELESTIAL Human CHRIST MIRACLES on Earth [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] from HIGH UP IN:side My Triple 666 [ROYAL] SERAPHIM CHRIST HEAVENS of Archangel [HA = HARRELL] MICHAEL… who Immaculately [MI = MICHAEL] MANIFESTED New [NU] World Order [NWO] KINGDOMS from Inner Earth's [HADES] OCCULTED [HIDDEN] SUN_KING [Sunken] DOME Continent [D.C.] of Ancient [CA] Ægyptian American [ATLANTEAN] Human SPIRIT GODDESS ISIS… who Dynastically [I.D.] Birthed Ægyptian RAMESES’ Lost American [L.A. = NEW Atlantean] SUN_KING [SUNKEN] North American Border Continent [B.C.] STATE ISLAND of 13 PREDYNASTIC Ægyptian American [ATLANTEAN] SUN_KING [Sunken] DOME Colony [D.C.] FAMILIES… Genealogically Recorded @ QHTut's Historically AUTONOMOUS [HA = HARRELL] Underworld [HU = HURRIAN] SUN_KING [Sunken] DOME Confederate [D.C.] Military EMPIRE [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] MONARCHY of the Imperial [MI = MITANNI] HITTITE REICH of the New [NU] BLACK SUN who Scientifically Engineer Ancient [SEA] QUEEN MÓO’s [HATHOR’s]... Highly Classified… U.S. Ancient [USA = PREHISTORIC] Ægyptian American [ATLANTEAN] SUN ATLAS of Globally Expanded [SAGE] Subcontinent STATES Underneath QUEEN CALAFIA’s [KALI’s] WESTERLY COASTLINE of America's [CA's] Mysteriously HIDDEN SUN_KING [Sunken] DOME Continent [D.C.] FAMILY... who Generationally Built QHTut’s Biblically Ancient [BABYLONIAN] FUTURISTIC SKY CITY of Interstellar Luz ATLANTIS [iLA] in 2022 [VI] 👁️👑☥ (at San Diego, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/CURBNTHFllW/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • autumn-imara
    26.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Song Link

    Unfortunately it’s blocked by the company so you’ll have to click the link right here if anyone wants to hear, sheesh. It’s a beautiful song, though. I remember hearing it on the radio and wondering why it sounded like “Human Nature”, but it wasn’t Human Nature. I didn’t know about samples at the time and how you can take part of a song, and then mix it in with another song. This is the radio remix and it’s masterfully done.

    Right Here (Human Nature Remix) Lyrics

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  • autumn-imara
    26.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
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  • bnbc
    25.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    today I got you some scientifically wrong pictures

    #okay let's be real she can't swim anymore #chrome ass too heavy RIP #so these ones are really #FISHY#physic who#oc koulin#cyberpunk 2077#female v #and idk I have more shots but something is wrong with them #they don't look... natural? can I use this word for an artificial human swimming with holo fosh?? #idk juis something is WRONG
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  • booksofrobertgreene
    25.09.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #Robert Greene #The Books of Robert Greene #The 48 Laws of Power #The Art of Seduction #The 33 Strategies of War #The 50th Law #Mastery #The Laws of Human Nature
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  • elizabethanism
    25.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    "Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels."

    Luigi Pirandello

    Six Characters in Search of an Author

    #Luigi Pirandello #Six Characters in Search of an Author #Nature#Humans#Imagination
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  • worldofharley
    25.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Last Elegy

    I do wonder,What plays in the head of a dead man?As all warmth finally fades,What regretful dirge,What orchestral round of applause,A decapitation by piano strings,A bowstring run across the jugular,It’s all static cremating your brain,The reaper hums a gloomy tone in your ear,It’s an aural kill-switch,As the lights finally bleed out,Will it be an elegy for a lifes mediocrity?Or a celebratory…

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  • stargazerinaboat
    25.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    ... in solitude, or in that deserted state when we are surrounded by human beings and yet they sympathise not with us, we love the flowers, the grass and the waters and the sky. In the motion of the very leaves of spring in the blue air ther is then found a secret correspondence with our heart.

    Photo by S L on Unsplash / Shelley, On Love

    #percy shelley #dark academia aesthetic #human experience #in nature we find solace
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