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  • Your employees have a 6 figure salary, more benefits than anyone can imagine, and they might not even go to work.

    Their primary job duty is to advocate for you and your best interests.

    There is a pandemic right now. We’ve been told to expect 100s of thousands of deaths, and to get over it. We’ve been told our lives are not worth the rich not getting richer.

    Imsgine that you don’t have toilet paper. Imagine you have no money, but still need to pay for rent and food and utilities. Imagine that you are terrified and helpless and confused.

    During this, you are still paying for your employees’ salary, housing, security, and healthcare.

    Come up with your own conclusion.

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  • Gender Positivity;

    The bois will do whatever they need to do for you to feel good as you. Do you need to change yourself? They’ll support you. Do you go by a specific label? They’ll call you it, always, and will never mislabel you

    Don’t want any labels? Consider them gone. Changing day by day? They’ll make sure to ask, every single day.

    All of them, even our bratty boi Pome (Pomegranate, AffectionFellSwapRed Sans) will support you in any way they can. They want you to feel good being you

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  • Jorgito ¿Cómo es que EEUU pasó de tener un puñado de infectados a 300.000 con 8000 muertos, con la muy probable realidad de perder más gente en esta guerra contra un virus nanoscópico que en la Segunda Guerra Mundial contra Hitler? La razón es simple, según The Guardian: Trump creyó que los tests masivos no eran necesarios y que con su habilidad natural y charm, le ganaba al COVID-19. Los resultados están a la vista. Cuando oímos entonces en nuestro país, curiosamente de “baja transmisión comunitaria” según dato oficial, que no es necesario testear masivamente, quienes nos transmiten esa cháchara o están mal informados,  o son completamente irresponsables ya lo hagan por política o para “no alarmar a la población”. Con un influjo continuo de nuevos casos importados con la excusa de la repatriación, y consiguientes violaciones de cuarentena, etc. el panorama para Argentina es sombrío.

    (… por Lenni)

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  • Jorgito, cuando miro a los ojos a la gente, cuando leo miedo, odio, resentimiento y veo que a su alrededor todo está teñido de muerte; cuando intento respetarlos tratando de convencerme de que mi lectura es errónea, “inmadura” o tonta,  y escucho la risa burlona de esa gente que se cree enorme y se mofa de mi, ya no encuentro sentido a mirarla. Quizás Jorgito algún día esa gente entienda que no deseamos ese su mundo, que nos acercamos sólo intentando ayudarla. Será que conocemos demasiado de cerca a la muerte amigo…

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  • I saw people talking shit about China and being xenophobic, so listen bitch, the thing its much more deeper. I won’t be talking about any expecific country unless it is mentioned.

    If you’re xenophobic you’re an asshole, and go fuck yourself.

    There’s reasons to animal trade, and I’ll list some:

    • In some societies eat animals or use them as a medicinal alternative is cultural. Regardless if it’s an ancient thing or an effect of the war.

    For example: In some regions of the world, people used to eat bugs, dogs or whatever due to war. This practice still exist even thought the war is over.

    • I see people “joking” about chineses eating dogs, or bats… It could be true a time ago but the majority of chinese population don’t eat exotic animals. They sell it to rich people.
    • Most of the people who sell animals are poor. They will try everything to survive, and sometimes, they’re forced to it. Lack of information is a big problem too.

    With this being said, here’s the possible reasons of why this keep happening and examples of what to do:

    1. There’s influential people with high positions behind it. We well know how government doesn’t like to bother rich people with laws and kinda close it’s eyes to big and dangerous trafficking groups.
    2. It’s impossible for activists and Ong’s to solve it alone. The problem goes beyond animals: people need information. In Africa, animal rescuers go to schools to teach kids how to treat animals and how wrong the illegal selling is.
    3. Poor people need support. Government need to give people a new source of income, so they can stop the illegal market and still have money to survive. You can’t think ethically when you’re hungry. A large and intense work has to be done.
    4. More severe laws and tactics against illegal market should be created, and rich people need to pay for their crimes 👀

    Stop pretending there’s no animal cruelty or destruction of their habitats in the western world. You find it in make-up brands testing in animals, this chocolate brand that kills orangutans and you still purchase from them, tests of new medicaments on beagles, the livestock causing a lot of pollution, the cruelty in rodeos, the way animals are killed in slaughterhouses, in ways that put them in so much pain. On top of that, we eat things like pigeons and pork (wich is very contamined and need proper preparation).

    I need you to realize that is not everyone who has a job and was raised in a society that gives nice education and oportunities to work. You don’t need to go far to see people looking for food in trash cans.

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  • I never lose sight of the fact that I am a U S citizen living in the most remarkable country in the history of the planet Earth. And because of that, I have freedom! I have rights that are given to me by God, not from any type of a controlled and centralized government. These God given rights were written and forever preserved in the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Hundreds of thousands of men and women have died to keep this promise alive. History is laced with the fight for our freedom and the lives that were lost to maintain this spectacular concept and way of life for mankind. Imagine my friends. We are all born free. One nation under God. As evidenced by all the people that want to come here from other parts of the world.

    So why then, as we are faced with a silent enemy that we call the coronavirus, are we not all working and fighting together to conquer this threat to humanity? Well I’ll tell you why.

    The real enemy we have, my fellow Americans, is far worse than the threat we are currently facing. The danger comes from within our country. And it’s not an invisible enemy. This enemy is known as the Leftist Deep State Globalist regime.

    Their agenda is reckless and destructive. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself as the history of the world will prove my point today.

    When we beat this pandemic enemy, and we will, only one thing and one thing only is vitally important. We must preserve our freedom here in America. We cannot allow the Left to take advantage of this situation and use Congress as a vehicle to usher in a collectivist and centralized form of government that we have been fighting against since the beginning of time.

    As a “Freedom-loving American”, I ask you to keep your eyes wide open and to fight to keep America the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the planet Earth.

    This is not the time to reshape America and diminish our liberty. This is a time to keep our focus on our freedom! You know, “the never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American way”.

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  • https://youtu.be/T9ioLk3tSsk




    In order to be an effective leader you must share your knowledge and create more leaders rather than harbor it and create more followers. A true leader will choose to empower rather than overpower.

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    #we the people #human rights#america#humanity#covid2020#covidー19#coronavirus disease #natural disease pandemic #super heroes#stay home#coronavirus#protect yourself#save lives#captain crozier #united states navy #navy blue #united we stand #breaking news#news updates#news#real news#whistleblowers #whistleblower to saves lives #faith in humanity #we are living in the future #medical for all #health workers#essential heroes #not me us #thank you
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  • why tf are people still saying universal healthcare is a radical idea ??

    🗣️🗣️ vote bernie - save lives !

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  • Jorgito el perrito argentino

    Todos precisamos de héroes. Y si a mano no hallamos a quien encarne ese rol, la fantasía construye a una criatura a quien tamaño esfuerzo le quepa. Jorgito un perro lobo negro y frío, guardián de sueños y estoico centinela de un raro reino es nuestro “superhéroe” y lo seguirá siendo porque confiamos en su instinto, en su fortaleza, en su temple y en su alma. Tomo pues esa ramita que él depositara a mis pies y vuelvo a entregársela, sólo a él; porque nada ni nadie podrá negarle existencia. Jorgito es nuestro amigo, y corre en el viento.

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  • I’m still really confused about my journey in paganism but I haven’t been able to practice or really commune with nature so I feel very weak in my magical abilities TBH like it’s not even a good time to feel powerful or proud, but despite everything I think optimism and purity persists and I still find things to be grateful for every day. 

    I haven’t been able to add to my magical, material drift… I’m still using the Tarot of The Sacred Feminine and it’s been very encouraging, accurate and helpful to me. I’m not sure what others’ opinions or ideas about it might be. Maybe that it’s too easy or maternal for me or meant for female-identified individuals more-so. I think that by “feminine” they likely mean like that which empowers us through like feminine guidance or strength, not that it’s for or about a certain type of person. The thing that irks me about this deck of cards is that it’s heavily focused on masculine v. feminine. It is feminist, so if that’s the kind of paganism that you identify with I think it is technically non-binary and gender inclusive, but I hope I can acquire less gendered items in the future. You would also have to be really conceptual/meta about it to see it in an existential way and I enjoy that because it feels personal (i.e. magical) and some people could see it that way or others might think it’s not simple or straightforward enough. If you like thinking about gender it might work for you but if you don’t like to gender things then I would find something more modern. This deck is only from 2014 so it’s not that dated and kind of apt to our times, probably, too.

    So you don’t have to take this seriously if you don’t want to, but I thought I would share it if it helps anyone feel protected or understood and if it is a concept that helps you understand society and navigate your gender or identity like it did for me, that’s really cool too. Gender is a really taboo subjects in rural areas so I think that paganism and witchcraft actually carries a lot of weight and spiritual significance in comparison to other faiths that seem to obscure the identity of the devotee. For that reason it could be a stepping stone for me to avoid conservative religions in a time of crisis, or, as I have wondered, maybe there is truth to it since humans do feel this drive to worship and why “practice” spirituality? In the case of Paganism, I feel like I am allowed to discover deeper meaning in life that actually makes sense in the context I live. 

    I don’t know if I would dedicate my life to it, seeing as my identity carries a lot of significance on it’s own and I want people to be seen and heard politically and intellectually without the confusing concept of “magic” obstructing progress. BUT, I do think that in my personal life, my family, the way I celebrate my days on Earth, and the way I appreciate nature, there is a lot of honesty in paganism that artistically and theoretically, I adore. I don’t think that there is a certain way that I expect to be understood or for paganism to be understood by strangers, but I hope to be able to surround myself with like-minded people and paganism has also allowed for that in ways that politics doesn’t. My priorities are so personal to me even in ways that I can’t express with just my words and choices. Instead of letting my choices decide what I want to believe about myself, I feel like putting some kind of cultural expression before my responsibilities is meaningful and it has actually made me feel more free and improved my mental health in some ways.

    Rather than being cultish and strange - I would rather bring what I know to the forefront of your attention so that it doesn't look like anything shady or racist is going on. I am not a violent person and I don’t think that hate or violence is a personal expression, it’s a possession of anger and ignorance. Maybe by acknowledging what we are missing in life, it would be easier to see what symptoms we have and how to make ourselves healthy, rather than deferring to mistakes and stigmas that have weakened our collective conscience over time. I don’t think there is bigotry in having pride and I think that we just need to do whatever it takes to stop taking ownership of fear and hatred in a non-violent way so that we can grow as people. This is how I retreated to faith, but I’ve found that it’s not as impish as I used to believe it was. I love science and I think there’s a lot of science to our conscience and our reality. It’s about chemistry. Right now I feel cut off from the world and this is how I’m finding another layer of self love and validation for my existence! That’s pretty powerful.

    So again, feel free to have your own opinions and ideas, but I thought I would share the results of my tarot reading because the results were again very significant and comforting to me. I think it’s really important for us to not be convinced that these violent and inorganic events were just a force of nature. There’s something about us as humans that just continues to heal, and I think it’s important to validate that and even to separate that from what goes on in the rest of the world when necessary.


    Keep reading to see tarot results, I know it’s kind of dorky but clichés can be an affirmation when you are having a big perspective! (I wouldn’t lie!)

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  • image

    The Contest — Write & Win

    Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

    — Percy Bysshe Shelley, romantic poet

    A poet’s work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.

    — Salman Rushdie, award-winning writer

    In the name of poetry, we implore you…

    Today, the communist government of China, the world’s largest nation, is attacking the basic freedom of thought and belief that have been a cornerstone of human civilization throughout history. As China’s influence continues to expand to everywhere from the NBA to organ transplantations to hi-tech products in our homes, we must confront the inconvenient, genocidal reality of a regime that is right now forcing its evil agenda on the world. We call on you—poets, writers, fellow human beings—help us expose the especially heinous crimes committed against a peaceful and law-abiding group of Chinese citizens: Falun Gong practitioners.

    We ask you to read real accounts of persecution and speak out, using the powerful voice of poetry, for those who urgently need their voices to be heard.

    This contest is an excellent opportunity for those who have never encountered Falun Gong before to research and learn about it, and through poetry, raise awareness among others who have not heard about the practice and its persecution in China.

    Submissions & Guidelines

    Submit one or two poems of no more than 50 lines each. Poems must encompass at least one of the following themes:

    Advocate for Falun Gong practitioner’s fundamental human rights.

    Expose the crimes against Falun Gong perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

    Express why citizens of the free world should support Falun Gong’s rights

    Traditional poetry with rhyme and meter is recommended but all styles and forms are welcomed. No profanity please. Poems should be submitted as a Word file or in the body of the email to fofgcompetitions@gmail.com by April 30, 2020, midnight EST.

    Winners will be announced on May 13, 2020 in honor of World Falun Dafa Day. Poems will be judged by a panel chosen by FoFG, which will include Evan Mantyk, President of The Society of Classical Poets. The poet must indicate if he or she is an undergraduate college student, or high school student to be considered for respective awards. There is no Submission Fee.


    All winners will be published on FoFG’s website. 1st Place winners (adult, college, and youth) will appear in print in the Society of Classical Poets Journal.


    1st — $500

    2nd — $250

    3rd — $100

    College (Undergraduate Students)

    1st — $250

    2nd — $100

    Youth (High School Students)

    1st — $100

    2nd — $50


    What is Falun Gong?

    Learn more about the persecution against Falun Gong.

    A bit about poetry forms.

    Visit Falun Dafa Information Center


    Print and post flyer in your local community: at coffee shops, universities, etc…

    Download FoFG Poetry Contest Promotional Flyer

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    1-866-343-7436 or info@fofg.org

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  • The freedom from discrimination, does this freedom really exist as long as there are strong capital investments for the high class? What does it mean for Colonial powers and post-colonial powers to use western reasoning to create racial spaces with in the society? These are issues that even till today are not able to escape, indigenous people re always subjected to discrimination and exclusiveness from the powers in control. David Goldberg tackles this subjects with a steady argument that;

    “Racism becomes institutionally normalized in and through spatial configuration… The rationalities of spatial space –it’s modes of definition, maintenance, distribution, experience, reproduction and transformation- are at one fundamental influences upon the social relation of power” (Goldberg, 185).


    In other words, where you live determines your identity in the society and implicates the role with in the society whether it is an inclusive one or expulsive one. If you are part of the indigenous people while under colonization, the powers who have come to colonize you become the ones who determine your role in society. Goldberg believes that if you are someone who is considered inclusive in your society, you automatically are considered as a “truth” for the society and if you are excluded then you are a “stranger” to your society. The urbanization of racial discrimination became an issue around the 20th century by the European powers. “In the 1950s and 1960s, slum administration replaced colonial administration, exclusion and exclusivity were internalized with in the structure of the city planning throughout the expanding metropolises of the emergent ‘west’ ” (Goldberg, 188).

    In the 1960s and 1970s urban space was defined by class the inner were poor and seen as undesired and outer were exclusive and carried the urban mobility. Creating leisurely areas for the ones who could afford it. By creating different areas within the city that are meant to perform in different ways you take away one person’s freedom and give a surplus amount to another group of people, in the case of the Africans the indigenous people’s freedom were restricted compared to the digenous people in Dakar. By creating these urban locations there is a commercial profit with in an economic outlook. Because of the separation of powers the health issues, job opportunities and living sustainability becomes more difficult for people living in slums which creates an “ Unsanitary living conditions among the black urban poor in many of Africa’s port cities  were excerbated by profiteering slum lords” (Goldberg, 190).  In 1914 at Dakar, the French administration created their own separation of headquarters by urban planner Toussiant who wanted to separate urban blacks from lower white class in order to prevent spreading diseases. Which was made as the “residential segregation” policy. Goldberg also talks about fanon’s idea that colonizers do not live in with the natives but around them and put a siege around them. Which, in my opinion, ties the idea of racial segregation and apartheid, and lets us explore the idea that racial segregation is not only unfair and strips you of your freedom but also alienates you from the society putting you in the position of living with in harsh conditions or being removed by the powers in control.  

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  • Y’know..if someone described the human race without using the word ‘human’, and played it off as describing an original fantasy race, I’d be willing to bet my life there’s a lot of racist, sexist, etc people who would say it’s really unique and original and interesting.

    “They can have albino spots or really dark patterns on their skin and it’s sorta random but sometimes a whole family gets them.”

    “Depending on where they’re from, they have different features to help them live in that part of the world.”

    “There’s a HUGE variety of skin and hair color and texture and the shape of the people themselves. Sure there’s patterns but overall it’s kinda indeterminate. You never know who you’re gonna get.”

    “I have them lots of different cultures around the world so there’s variety in the race, y’know?”

    It all seems so obvious?? People looveeee all of these things in Tolkien, DnD, the Elder Scrolls, any goddamn fantasy game ever made. People love variety and differences and uniqueness when the races aren’t real, but then shun real life people for the exact same things. Love when a fantasy culture has a focus on jewelry but then think of certain Indian or African or other cultural practices that do the exact same thing. Present a character with vitiligo but who’s shades of blue. Neat fantasy character! Give them brown and white skin and now they’re hated or mocked.

    It just pisses me off.

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