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  • weebeestie
    23.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago


    #pls pray for my husband who told me he'd order dinner #between me working out and taking the dog for a long walk #and then FORGOT bc he was too busy gaming #resulting in his starving pregnant wife now having to wait 2 HOURS to eat #he'd better hope i perish of hunger before i kill him
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  • thisbibliophiile
    23.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    "yeah the hunger games was a fun read"

    #im kidding dont yell at me #but fr id never known anyone to call thg 'fun' #the hunger games #thg#suzanne collins#mine#the office
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  • three-frogs-in-a-spooky-hat
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i think i’ve accidentally gotten too attached to peeta mellark-

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  • reaperlight
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oh, the Carnage/Cletus actor Woody Harrelson played Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games movies.

    ...That's funny.

    Just imagine this guy in The Hunger Games

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  • wiinterflower
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Catradora Fic - promise

    Word count: 13k

    Status: Finished - Oneshot

    Hunter Games AU

    Tribute Catra

    TW: Violence & Suicidal Thoughts


    She expected it, her name was in the bowl 55th times. It was inevitable. Yet, hearing her name as the chosen tribute from District 7 still feels unreal.
    She needs to survive, no matter what.
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  • captainseaweedbrains
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Years ago, the Flock was shaken when rich and respectable Cary Axson left their secret community to run away with the Outsider Sage Everdeen. Now living under her grandparents’ roof, orphaned Katniss Everdeen Axson bears the weight of her family’s tarnished reputation on her shoulders as she prepares to leave childhood behind and enter womanhood by being Paired with a young man of the Flock. Her grandparents have a fine match in mind, but the Flock's ruling family have had their eye on Katniss and have plans of their own.

    Religious cult Everlark

    The first part is finally done! I cannot believe it! It took me almost a full year to write this bad boy, but it is finally ready! *cue screams of joy*

    This fic truly would not have been possible without the lovely @rosegardeninwinter​. Between brainstorming, play acting it out, editing, and constantly encouraging me to write, this story would not be as we see it today without her wickedly wonderful brain. Thank you, my love, and I hope this is as good as we've played it in chat!

    All mistakes are mine.

    I hope you enjoy the world of Flock as much as Cate and I have!

    Warning: Mentions of cutting palms and blood are involved!!

    Read Part One: The Pairing on Ao3 🥀🦉🌙

    #The Hunger Games #Everlark#Everlark fanfiction#Everlark fanfic#The Flock#My writing #EEEP! I am so nervous #but so excited to share #*holds in breath* #Enjoy!!
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  • friendlyneighborhooddisasterbi
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i wonder how far digital clothing could go

    #hypothetically could i pirate gucci #very strong on the hypothetically because some of their clothes are ugly as hell #maybe outfits with some sort of special effects hunger games style #and making your own designs from open source t shirts #and virtual cosplays? #makes it super easy to get a different body type or a fantasy skin tone #just thought of something that would turn this into a rant but nah were being positive today #holy shit why am i feeling the fuckin cyberpunk today i wanna make a post about f*cebooks new metaverse thing thats in dev rn #anyway ill do that later send post
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  • pantooute
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    losing my mind over this playlist that the author of a book about a SCHOOL SHOOTING put at the end of her book

    #royals by lorde #safe and sound by taylor swift......from the hunger games movie #maam please
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  • timing-is-a-betch
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago



    #im looking at you squid game #you too alice in borderland #squid game #alice in borderland #the hunger games #comfort character#literature
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  • thatsulleninhabitant
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    chris isaak, wicked game || four weddings and a funeral || fiona apple, valentine || eternal sunshine of the spotless mind || anne sexton, lessons in hunger || buffy the vampire slayer || mitski, square || tracy chapman, for my lover || salma deera, letters from medea
    #web weave#web weaving#unrequited love#crush #woke up and chose violence with this one !! #chris isaak#wicked game #four weddings and a funeral #hugh grant#fiona apple#eternal sunshine #eternal sunshine of the spotless mind #anne sexton #lessons in hunger #btvs#spuffy#buffy #buffy the vampire slayer #mitski #retired from sad new career in business #tracy chapman#salma deera #letters from medea #the image quality in this one <<<<< so bad #mentally thriving rn ! #couldve included that scene in that txf ep where mulder says i love you and scully says oh boy #exercised self restraint #q: perhaps we're always hurtling our body towards the thing that will obliterate us
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  • cyrenaica
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    My sister just texted me this and I’m losing my mind. Crotch Peeta…

    #also she has 21k unread emails good gracious #peeta mellark #the hunger games
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  • thebridgehqs
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • mockingjay-sweetheart
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I just love how the People of the Capitol are scared of Katniss's Mother. Like when it comes to the romance part. Like all she said was " Katniss is to young to date". And there are lines like " good luck with your Mother" and " maybe we should run this by Katniss's Mother". But at the same time is letting Peeta come and go as he pleases.

    The Capitol taking children away from their families. Do that without fear.

    The Capitol going against Katniss's Mother's dating policy Terrified

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  • tehawesomestkitteh
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #niko wins the hunger games #oneshot (game)#niko#doodles
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  • concealeddarkness13
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    WHG 16 Day 4 Chess

    Tagging: @ratracechronicler (also thanks for William!), @maple-writes (also thanks for Warren!), @pen-of-roses (also thanks for Conor!), @onmywaytobe, @knmartinshouldbewriting, and @whgmasterofceremonies!

    So, I had figured out some things. First, that I had completely and utterly failed in keeping either Warren or Conor safe, and therefore it was all my fault that they had been hurt. The only tributes I had said I would protect, and I had let one of them almost die and the other really die.

    And second, that I cared so deeply about Warren and Conor that I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I didn’t understand these feelings. I had never felt them before. What did people do when they felt strong feelings for people? Did that make them friends? I didn’t understand.

    When Conor and Warren woke up, I let them have some time to fully wake up before I said anything. And how tired they both looked just reminded me of how fucking tired I was too. I hadn’t slept at all for two nights in a row, and I wasn’t exactly a stranger to that, but it wasn’t something I particularly wanted to continue.

    I shook my head to get my thoughts back on topic. I glanced over at them. “How did you sleep? Are you feeling better?”

    Warren yawned. “I’m well. You?”

    I shrugged. “As well as I can be.”

    They laughed a little. “Fair, fair.”

    “I’m as well as I will get at the moment, hopefully we can avoid some excitement today,” Conor said.

    Ok. It was fine to say what I needed to now. The pleasantries were over. I nodded and looked away from them. “I’m…I’m sorry about all this. If I had actually been competent at protecting you, like I said I would, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

    Warren leaned closer, and I almost leaned back instinctively. “It’s not your fault, Chess,” they said with a gentle voice that almost made me flinch. Why were they being so nice? “Without you I might be dead anyway.”

    I shook my head. “I wasn’t any help with you getting better either. That was all Conor.”

    “You could have killed me if you wanted to.”

    I actually looked at them with surprise. How could I have done that? “Like I could ever do that. You’re way too nice.”

    “That already makes you better than some of the people in here, Troublemaker,” Conor said.

    Who cared if I was better than other people? I shook my head. “That doesn’t mean shit if I can’t protect the people I…care about.”

    “We’re both still alive,” Warren said softly. “It’s okay.”

    Conor sat down next to me and offered his hand, and my chest tightened as I took it, my eyes tearing up. Shit. I stayed quiet as he talked. “Once more, I am at a loss for the proper words. But I…want you to be okay, and blaming yourself won’t help anyone except maybe the Capitol, and none of us want that.”

    “I’m just…I’m sorry.” I looked away from them so they wouldn’t see me cry as tears streaked down my cheeks. “I care so much about you both, and I couldn’t stand to see you die…again. I feel so powerless.”

    Warren smiled and opened their arms in a hug invitation, and I did hug them a little but not for very long. I still didn’t feel like I deserved it. They spoke quietly. “It’s okay. We’re going to be okay.”

    “I am sorry I put you through that, both of you.” Conor said. “But I’m not going anywhere now.”

    I looked over at Conor. “Yeah, I won’t let you. You’re stuck with me now.” I tried to keep my voice lighthearted, but that didn’t completely work. I sighed and sat up straighter. No more wallowing in self-hate, at least for now. “If we are all well enough, we should probably try and find William. He’ll probably be a better protector than me anyway. He has lightning.”

    Conor raised an eyebrow. “Lightning?”

    “He can shoot lightning out of his fingers.”

    “Wow.” Warren also raised their eyebrows. “I’ve never seen that before.”

    “It’s way better than my ridiculous magic.”

    “Where is he?” Warren asked.

    Well, shit. I had no fucking idea. “He never told me where he’d be. Shit.”

    They shrugged. “Well he’s got to be in here somewhere.” They started to get up. “We might get lucky and run into him.”

    Conor nodded and stood up too. “I agree. It would be a good idea to move as anyway, in case anyone wants to come looking for us here and is less than friendly.”

    I nodded and completed the standing up requirement. “Thanks. Let’s go then. I’ll protect you.” I had to protect them any way I could.


    Finally, when the sun had already set, and I was shivering, we found William. He had a nice camp going, with plenty of supplies and even a fire. Nice.

    I grinned automatically when I saw him. Why did I feel so safe around him? Oh well. I ran up to him. “We finally found you! Thanks for not giving any helpful instructions.”

    “Well, had I been able to give you exact coordinates of my intended soiree, I might’ve been accused of cheating.” Sounding obviously sarcastic, but he was smiling genuinely as he looked over at me.

    He stood up and looked behind me, and I jumped. “Oh, you probably don’t know these two yet. Conor from District 1 and Warren from District 11.”

    Warren smiled and held out their hand. “Chess tells me you’re the mastermind behind all this.”

    “Does she? She’s too kind,” he said with a smug ass grin. He shook their hand and turned to Conor.

    But I had to add a little sarcasm of my own. “We all admire your humbleness,” I muttered.

    …And he didn’t even respond. Stick in the mud. Conor shook his hand with a grin and tilting his head. I had to look away before anyone could see my flush. He was way too pretty.

    Warren sat down. “How have you been these first few days?”

    “Like any other stone in the dirt, I suppose,” William said. “I’m not dead yet, which is always a pleasant surprise. I might be getting through to Selet, but I’m not sure. How’re y’all getting along?”

    I pointed at Warren and Conor. “They’re both dead.”

    Warren laughed. “It’s been a rough couple of days to say the least.”

    “Wouldn’t recommend it,” Conor chimed in.

    “You sure look spritely for dead folks,” William said. “But if you insist, I’ll avoid it if I can.”

    Conor shrugged. “I got better, and we’re working on making sure they stay better.”

    I sat down with a sigh, close to the fire. “By some miracle, I’m not dead. But what’s the plan now?”

    William sat back down by whatever he had been boiling. “Soup, hopefully.” Rude. He knew that wasn’t what I was asking. “And a bigger fire to fight off the chill.”

    Oh well. “Good, because I’m fucking freezing. Want me to help with that?” I could make a huge fire, and I could probably actually get warm.

    “I think I might be more an expert on freezing between the two of us,” Warren joked. But I had to stop myself from flinching. They sat closer to the fire and smiled at William. “Thank you, for the soup and the plan.”

    “My pleasure,” William said. He looked over at me. “If it’ll help you keep from freezing, you can gather more wood, but don’t go too far. The varmints that came at me in the daylight were ugly enough—I don’t want to know what the nocturnal ones’re like. Don’t stir anything up.”

    I gave a sarcastic salute and stood up to go find some wood. I kept a small fire on my prosthetics so I could stay a tiny bit warm while I was out there.

    It took a while to find wood, and I was tempted at one point to pet what looked like a sweet bunny, but I remembered that this was the Hunger Games, and it had to be a killer bunny, so I just avoided it.

    When I got back, they were already eating, and I had to tease them. I set the extra wood down by the fire with a huff. “Wow, I leave for a few minutes and you all just decided to eat without me.”

    “To be fair, I believe I missed some opportunities to eat earlier,” Conor shot back.

    I made a face at him. “You got to sleep two nights in a row, so I think that makes up for it.”

    “We were barely getting started. It’s not even cool yet,” William said firmly. “Sit down. You need rest or you’ll be useless as a screen door on a submarine come sunrise.”

    I sat down and did take a bowl of soup, but I waved off the rest part. “Nah. I’m fine.”

    William glared at me, but Conor was the one who spoke up, sounding genuinely concerned. “He’s right you know, you’ve barely slept recently. Don’t think we haven’t noticed.”

    I sipped the soup. It tasted amazing. “Someone had to watch while you rested.” He hummed, still sounding concerned, but he didn’t try to argue. I huffed. “If I’m gonna rest, someone else has to watch the camp to make sure no one sneaks up on us.”

    Warren raised their head. “I think you’ve more than earned a night off.”

    The traitor. I had to make sure someone else would be watching then. I sighed. “Fine. You all will need to figure out what to do if someone sneaks up on the camp then.” Conor looked over at me with a frown, his eyes thoughtful, so I made sure to avoid looking at him.

    “I’m more than capable of defending a camp,” William scoffed. Good. At least someone would watch. I nodded and attacked the soup, not wanting to talk anymore, and I could still feel Conor’s eyes on me.

    #writeblr hunger games #writeblr#whg
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  • exigencelost
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I can't remember the quote or who said it but I'm thinking about that quote about how children already know about the monster; they listen to the story to learn that it is possible for the monster to be slain, and I am thinking about this in the context of, yes, big surprise, Animorphs, and I think part of the intense appeal of Animorphs to me as a kid and now is that it might have been my first exposure to tragedy. Not in the sense of bad things happening in a story but in the sense of grim unrelenting cause and effect, where the evils of the start of the story unfold in easily traceable and irrefutable ways into the evils of the end of the story, and the characters are harmed in lasting and irreversible ways by the things that happen to them, and they all have to keep on keep caring and fighting for each other anyway.

    #series of unfortunate events did not do this #the harm was random and there was no ptsd #hunger games actually did do some of this! i wouldn't call it tragedy but there was cause effect and there was defiance in the face of #lasting damage to the spirit. #but i read that much later and it wasted a lot of my time on heterosexuality #Animorphs
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  • melmalone
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    NO but the way peeta is constantly obvious about his feelings once he and katniss are united in the first games, and katniss is just there like, "hmmm wow i wonder why peeta gave me that bread years ago. i wonder why he went out of his way to try to protect me in the games. oh hahaha he keeps saying i should kiss him, what a funny joke!"

    the obliviousness is too much i'm going to scream

    #melina speaks #the hunger games #peeta mellark#katniss everdeen #when he said 'she has no idea. the effect she can have' !!! he was more right than he can even realize #i get that they played off his love confession as a lie for the games but COME. ON.
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  • hoomdrawings04
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    playing games

    just in twitch now playing some games

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  • wildernessuntothemselves
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #i counted the NEW drabbles I'm working on and they're 20 #that's not counting the full fics or series I'm working on lol #rip me #it's the hunger games out here in my wips #lets see which fics will make it #mort talks
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