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  • cynder-wolfy
    08.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    It’s so fun when even literally Lying In Bed still makes you feel fatigued

    #venting in tags lol #I have problems disorder #I have to have so many medial appointments for problems disorder #I phrased that weirdly I Don’t have like any medial apts for anything coming up but I’m very likely gonna need A Lot of them #I think I’m gonna have to literally change my entire med setup #like my anti inflammatories barely work #even if they do work #It Is Not Fucking Enough #and I don’t want to take my like proper arthritis meds bc it makes you sensitive to heat #and I already hate summer time enough as is #so I just. yeah :) #also not vibing in the mental health side of things lately but it’s whatever #is just another thing #to go to the doctors for #not that they can really do anything though thr mental health system in nz is Shit lmao !! #it would just be so cool if I. wasn’t chronically ill. like I’m mostly ok abt it but it just rlly hits sometimes #like I just think it would be neat if my feet didn’t hurt every day #if I didn’t have to lie down at all most days #if I could actually feel well rested. if I could just. not be chronically ill <3 #I’m just really tired
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  • shootingaflower
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I hate zoom meetings so fucking much my supervisor is nice to me and friendly asking how I am and stuff and I'm scared to ask it back because I don't want to seem nosey even though it's a perfectly normal question for small talk but it feels too forward wtf

    #i know i should be asking stuff like how is your family or whatever #but i always think what if he is having a bad time and it hurts his feelings to ask something like that dkdbdkdjdn #my brain is not wired for small talk lets just get down to business and talk about mouse brains please #tasha talks
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  • nat111love
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Isn’t it sweet how lan complained not once but twice and to two different people that nynaeve wouldn’t talk to him. 

    He really wanted her to talk to him but she wouldn’t. Her not talking to him probably kept him up at night.

    Poor baby he was in his feelings.

    #nynaeve al'meara#lan mondragoran #The Wheel of Time #wot#twot #nynaeve x lan #lan x nynaeve #lanaeve #wheel of time #wheel of time on prime #the wheel of time on prime #the wheel of time prime #his lil heart was hurt #he was in his feelings #q
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  • janetsnakehole02
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hawkeye episode 4 you had NO RIGHT

    #NO RIGHT YOU HEAR ME #still love this show tho #just maybe stop hurting my feelings?? maybe?? #hawkeye spoilers #hawkeye ep 4 #hawkeye series#hawkeye#hawkeye show #hawkeye tv show #hawkeye disney+#clint barton#kate bishop#eleanor bishop#maya lopez#echo#jack duquesne#the swordsman#swordsman#yelena belova#florence pugh
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  • adachiame
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    To say she was having feelings of jealousy twinging on her heart would be and understatement, but at the same time, she felt like this was scene of what could have been.  What she could have had, if someone had just looked at her, there was no one else to look at her. 

    She had no one, nO oNe To LoOk At HeR!Why... Why.. Why. Why WhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhy!?  She had been good, she had been selfless, so WHY?!  WHY DID SHE HAVE TO SUFFER!?  WHY WOULDN’T SENPAI COME AND SAVE HER?!

    #ic dash commentary #Needless to say Sakura 'Rafflesia' feels super conflicted at the happiness another self is having with another version of Senpai #She wouldn't do anything to them to ruin these type of moments but it's like it hurts so much to see them be happy #''...Happy People Can Be So Cruel...'' #What could have been
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  • jjmaybank
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    what in the everloving starpollo is this 🙃

    #i think i might have inhaled you / i can feel you behind my eyes #what 💀 #this is very spuffy as well. i think i found it on a spuffy vid actually #anyway it just HURTS #who’s that girl it’s sarah #kara x lee #Spotify
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  • soulinkpoetry
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I can hear your soul.

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  • dilf-laszlo
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #thank you anon. this rlly means a lot #ive been posting on here because i cant *really* tell anyone irl and he doesnt know my tumblr #so this is the best place for this to go it seems #but yeah. i just. it hurts a lot i miss how he used to be #and i miss feeling safe though and idk i became dependent on him for feeling safe #asks#anons #but when he make me feel threatened and he was the one person who i depended on so much #it just. it hurts a lot and i hate if
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  • clubsouya
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #have u seen the way he talks ab his little sister. i'm funna cream #swoons #and he's so skinny i know his cock is huge and veiny and so so so heavy #like. hangs even when he's hard cos it's so heavy #so warm #i'm actually salivating #i'll cry if i think about it too hard but like i'm i'm distress. i'm so hurt that i'm not on my knees in front of him w his salty coc i'm m #my mouth #him just letting me suck on the head till he cums #n then we go again and i tug on his balls ): #and i can feel them throb and tighten and pulse #and...and. and i know he's musty it makes me so hard #this got away from me #hi zehr#kittysfriends #love letters from zehr #with.gyuu nii #just wanna be ;-; his perfect little sister #tw.incest
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  • alligatestheclotpole
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #asks#anonymous #pistache is the only one holding back my total mental collapse don't worry i kiss her little head often #literally never been worse it's kind of embarrassing #like i spent being 17-18-19 constantly thinking i was going to die #i was so sure of it #and bitch?? i lived but at what cost??? #idk. idk #this is genuinely very healing to read thank u anon. i just fear sometimes #and i keep thinking all my friends hate me and i keep finding 'proof' despite their words to the contrary etc etc etc #i know that i am the problem. but it hurts ! #lately i can't even really draw anymore bc it's so hard to put down how miserable i feel! #and i can't create anything when i feel this way so i have to purge it somehow but i Can't. i can't
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  • flippinfins
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Remember when I used to be all stressed out in our tiny apartment because when covid happened it felt like the walls were caving in? My claustrophobia was at an all time high. I didn’t want to talk or do anything. Remember when I used to say, “Someday we’ll be in our house and we’ll be comfortable I’ll hang mermaids all over the walls”? Remember when when I used to dream about being in my own house? I just took a hot shower in the clawfoot tub I wanted since I was a child. Now I’m having a little piece of dark Cadbury chocolate in bed with a glass of ice water. We just got our first Christmas tree in our house tonight✨🎄I feel really lucky and so loved. I hope you’re all doing well tonight and if you’re not, I hope things turn around for you soon too 💘

    #happy things #it’s nice to have days when I don’t feel emotionally bad for no reason #and I can just see how good everything is #i have a lot to deal with ✨from the past✨ and a lot to work out #but the nice thing is— those things can’t really hurt me or change me anymore #and things really can only get better from here #I’m so happy tonight ♥️ #lmao me getting a student loans email right after posting this #but still things are really looking up
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  • eyesymbolism
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    "claire maybe if you figured out a better system for carrying your things around your bones would hurt less" "claire maybe if you werent trying to wear two sports bras and a backpack at once" "claire this can cause long term issues what do you even have in there" SHUT UP!!! MY BACK HURTY

    #uuuughghg i know the problem but i dont know how to FIX it because i need. all that shit for school. #i hate this so bad i know im making joke poast about it but like i am so sore #i feel bruised all over. as if you dumped a bag of rocks upon me. and i dont evenknow exactly what it is i did to make this happen #& my knee fucked itself up again today at the band performance #every goddamn day a different part of me decides its going to hurt. well im SICK snd TIRED of it
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  • cyanidasmain
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    WOW im depressed

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  • s0cialdisease
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i deserve love and happiness and good things

    #i’m so broken :( i feeel so broken rn #i feel so hurt and small and exhausted #like a tiny flame just barely flickering #barely barely there #it’s ok it will be ok #i’m strong #i’m stronger then i ever could have thought
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  • sulfurcosmos
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ti’s flower diary #3

    okay so i was kind of looking for a flower that could be connected to vampires? just for fun yknow. and i found this really beautiful one.

    it’s called amaranthus caudatus. or more commonly known as... “love-lies-bleeding”.

    there isn’t really much interesting lore i could find besides the fact that during the victorian era, this plant represented hopeless love or hopelessness.

    which kinda makes sense considering it’s name.

    #it also kind of fits the theme of opposites attract #because currently the love the two protagonists feel for each other seems very hopeless #and also the idea of blood #and how sometimes love hurts so much you just lie there bleeding #dang #what an angsty flower #i love it!! #ti’s trivia #ti’s flower diary 🌻✨
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  • sodomiteangel
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    is it chronic pain if its in your bones /gen

    #vague understanding of chronic pain in that from what i know its just when its like. often recurring/constant? and if so.... #pats my bones it aint lookin good chaps bc for the love of GOD why are you always hurting #stg my hand bones feel tighter now its getting colder its like how tf is a bone gonna feel tighter. this is uncomfortable. #also my back is just always sort of aching 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 #rambles#anyways
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  • ivoryratdoggerythethird
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i just finished the first and half the second season of locke & key the other day and holy shit someone explain why the show writers just absolutely hate eden????

    like. spoiler alert ig for those who havent seen it???? but.

    (i go on a bit of a rant here i'm sorry i just have Thoughts)

    first sis gets rejected and left halfway with tyler which yes ok good, he had every right and she's not a victim here, BUT. hotshot here tells his "friends" they slept together; the guys who are, put lightly, clearly not very respectful to her. but ok. ok, whatever, writers love putting in annoying drama exactly like this when dealing with teens, tyler isn't iin a great place, he ditches them later, we can move past.

    BUT THEN. she gets publicly humiliated and goes viral in retaliation for some petty words. obviously what she said wasn't cool! i get it! but spitting some stereotypical bully lines doesn't warrant getting yanked around like a puppet (and from kinsey of all people- girl acting like she's never said nor will say anything remotely mean to scot ever) and "deserving" aspect aside, think of how horrifying it was from her perspective! like holy hell she had no idea how she was moving like that.

    and then one fine morning she's minding her own business, in her room, when kinsey's stellar choices pop up to scare the living hell out of her- this girl is on the ground shrieking, she's not okay.

    and when she goes off the assumption that the freaky monster lady thing that looks suspiciously like a strange new girl she doesn't know and hangs with the group she doesn't exactly have love for and has given reasons to hate, is, in fact, that very same girl, who she knows is also working on a no-budget movie set that would probably have things like, say, cheap horror aesthetic makeup and fake claws-

    well, obviously she confronts kinsey at school. and then goes on to be ALMOST MAULED BY THE CREATURE. for what, provoking it? yelling too loud? hitting kinsey? no. because kinsey was intimidated by her. who knows what would have happened if she was alone at the time?

    and what does she do? eden never calls out tyler despite jackie certainly having told her about his lie (it'd be out of character for jackie if she didn't) and she never berates him for saying no (ahem, kinsey, ahem). eden salvages her reputation twice after kinsey and gabe's little prank, playing off her terrifying and confusing experience as a joke like a pro, first after the face flop and then even after that video. eden, with gashes in her cheek and near-death experience just past, accepts kinsey's apology and explanation with ease and admirable level-headedness. eden, despite having no obligation nor reason, helps them with dodge's body and the black door down in the caves everyone in her town is scared of.

    and what does she get? well. forget getting anything- she loses herself instead. and for an entire summer- nobody fucking notices.

    #we even see the demon caging the thing #because it wouldnt leave her alone! #now WE know its a demon but kinesey doesnt #so what would eden just have been hunted by that thing all summer?? #seriously the locke siblings screwed over eden more than they ever even hurt sam lesser #even the demon in her gets abused by gabe/dodge/lucas like dear god #CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE EDEN FRIENDS #I WANT MOMENTS WITH JACKIE OR TYLER OR LOGAN #OR IDFK ZADIE???? ANYONE PLEASE #shes mean but i feel like we crossed the line #after the cafeteria music box incident #locke & key #tyler locke#kinsey locke#bode locke #locke and key dodge #locke and key #eden hawkins #sorry for the rant #jackie veda#my post
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  • royalgoldrush
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #:-( #i’m really sad #i wish i could just forget it #but it makes me uncomfortable to think of you loving someone else #it just doesn’t feel right and it makes me sad #i don’t want to imagine you with her or to see you with her because it hurts #i just keep picking myself apart and pointing out my flaws trying to understand why you wouldn’t chose me #and it makes me sad #i really really sad rn #i’ve been sad all year #:-((((((
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  • advisortotheadvisor
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    piece of characterization that makes me feral whenever I think about it:

    canis specifically, consistently refuses to call people by their names, with the exception of relda (+ a few other grimms)

    the wolf also specifically, consistently refuses to call people by their names. except for relda.

    #sisters grimm #and yes i mean feral in a good way #bcus i feel like there are two intepretations of this #1) canis (even while full wolf) has some subconscious influence over how the wolf acts #2) this is actually a rather deliberate subtlr jab by the wolf #a reminder that relda cant do shit to him without hurting canis as well #mine
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  • wayfaringauthorofficial
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    One day, this kingdom

    will crumble before you.

    There will be no prince

    on a white horse racing

    to come and save you.

    Your James Dean doesn’t care.

    He never learned how to love you,

    how to hold you.

    There is no time to forgive

    and no way to forget.

    These mistakes stain your skin,

    a blood red tattoo

    as a constant reminder

    of the mistakes you made.


    What once was a yellow

    brick road is now

    littered with rubble,

    masked by the fog

    that polluted your mind.

    Still, you walk in a futile attempt to find

    peace and shelter from

    the cruelty,

    the high standards of the world

    you were born into.

    You walk until you can’t stand,

    feet shaky, burned and bleeding

    from the journey in this hell.

    You walk away from the pain,

    away from possessed queens

    who demand a different image,

    all sparkling smiles and

    pencil-thin bodies.


    The waves are growing,

    threatening to take

    you down with the inevitable crash.

    You don’t know

    how to escape.

    No heartbreak, no lesson

    can save you now.

    No weapon and no wisdom.

    You are alone,

    left to your own devices.

    But nothing could have

    prepared you for this.


    #run#amwriting #poets on tumblr #amwritingpoetry#female writers#new poem#poetry #just wrote this #writers of tumblr #amwriting poetry #writers on tumblr #just finished #i don't want to hurt anymore #numb #writing through the pain #i can't feel anything #poets and writers #i'm a writer #writing#personal poem #write it out #spilled ink#spilling words#spilling thoughts#vulnerable #i feel sad #sad poem #trapped in a plastic town #filled with plastic buildings and plastic people #i want to run
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