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  • How am I supposed to know what’s going on?!

    Me:*Sends a lot of questions to a blog*

    *Some some asks don’t get answered despite me making sure to give them time*

    Me: Are they ignoring those ones or are they needing a lot of time to answer or did tumblr eat the asks?

    The blog’s owner:*Doesn’t make it so that people can message them*

    Me:*Can’t ask them in a DM, so I send in an ask, asking if they didn’t answer them because they made them uncomfortable or something so I can avoid sending whichever type of asks they where, or if tumblr deleted them and I need to resend them*

    *The ask doesn’t get answered while another ask I sent recently DOES get answered*

    Did the ask I sent about them being uncomfortable get eaten by tumblr, or did they ignore it?! Should I resend it, just in case?! How am I supposed to know what’s going on?!?!

    Are they actually ignoring my asks?

    Here’s the type of asks that I send to people that usually get ignored:

    Complementing someone’s header image or avatar image

    Letting them know that I noticed something that catches my interest in their art

    Apparently asks that ask if I’m making them uncomfortable and asking if I should avoid asking certain types of questions

    Not only that, but sometimes fan art I make for some art blogs seem to get ignored too. A tried to send a couple people fan art a couple years ago and never heard anything back. And it was completely appropriate art that shouldn’t have made them uncomfortable in any way. Especially since they reblogged and left positive comments on someone else’s fan art that was in the exact same category as mine.

    I don’t know if tumblr messes up a lot with me, if the notifications about me get swept away because they might be getting a lot of other notes, or if they just plain ignore those kinds of things from me, but the ides that they could be ignoring me hurts really bad.

    ‘Did I bother them? Am I annoying them? Did I offend them somehow? Why won’t they answer me? Why won’t they just tell me what’s wrong and what I can do to fix it 💔?’

    I just feel…like absolute sh*t


    I don’t know if I’m just being too sensitive or what, but it just hurts a lot more than it probably should.

    #complaints#complaining#hurt feelings #maybe i shouldnt interact with other blogs too much unless theyre my friends #maybe i should stop interacting with those blogs #i dont want to bother them #maybe theyd actually be better if i stopped #i dont want to be annoying #i dont want to annoy them
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  • When someone gets hurt outside, out in public, or even with other people around or not, and they yell and/or curse, the right response IS NOT, “Why don’t you tell it to the whole neighborhood.” Them being loud for being in pain is not something you get to mock.

    #asshole parents #why are people like this #hurt#hurt feelings#anger#depression #thanks a lot mom #bad parenting
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  • You hurt me

    I have so much hurt in my heart from you but what do I want? An apology? Closure? Not really…. but… maybe so. I don’t really know… I want nothing to do with you but this feeling creeps up on me and I don’t know what would even make me feel better. I have cut ties and have been healing but the feeling comes back just when I think it’s gone. I wish you were out of my head for good….

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  • A Pome From Finn To Rey.


    This could be forever, baby

    This could be forever, baby

    This could be forever, baby

    This could be forever, maybe

    Do you like the sunshine, do you like the snow?

    Do you wanna talk about it, or be alone?

    I think that you should know that, this could be forever, baby

    Open up your eyes and tell me whatcha thinkin’

    Open up your mind, and tell me whatcha seein’

    Inside of me, where I be fussin’, fuckin’ up this evenin’

    I probably couldn’t fix it if I knew the reason

    Up on the sea, where I see you fallin’ in the deep end

    Is it love? I would really love to know the meanin’

    What’s the grudge that you’re holdin’?

    Hold my hand let me take you to the land

    Where the ocean and the sands are meetin’

    Look at the sun, all we need to see to know our freedom

    Open up your heart, if we don’t love then we fall apart

    This could be forever, baby, I never seen you wetter, baby

    Then when the tears fall soakin’ up your sweater, baby

    I didn’t mean harm, don’t make me regret it, baby

    Cause if I never knew ya, I could never do this to ya

    Hope you understand, they never taught me how to be a man

    Only how to be a shooter, I only need the time to prove it

    Cause this could be forever, baby

    This could be forever, baby

    This could be forever, baby

    This could be forever maybe

    Do you like the sunshine, do you like the snow?

    Do you wanna talk about it, or be alone?

    I think that you should know, that this could be forever, baby

    My teachers told me we was slaves

    My mama told me we was kings

    I don’t know who to listen to

    I guess we somewhere in between

    My feelings told me love is real

    But feelings known to get you killed

    My feelings if I miss it’s true

    I spend my moments missin’ you

    I’m searchin’ for atonement, do I blame my darker tone?

    I know somethings are better left unsaid and people left alone

    Pick up the phone

    Don’t leave me alone in this cruel, cruel world

    Lyrics provide by Vince Staples

    #finn #rey from jakku #pro finnrey#finnrey#jedistorm #finn x rey #sw fandom#sw couple#best friends#unrequited feelings#unreciprocated love#hurt feelings#sad poem#sad post #fake reylo love and empathy #friends to lovers #lovers to strangers #lovers to friends #in my feelings #by law
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  • For once in my life, I really did wish the feelings were mutual…


    Originally posted by skull-heads

    But he found someone else to pine over, so all I can do is be a supportive friend and hide the seed he planted in my heart.

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  • You hurt my feelings. This sentiment, unfortunately, is far too often expressed between friends or relatives. While words have the ability to uplift, they also have the power to destroy. Sometimes we don’t even realize that what we’ve said has caused harm - feelings are hurt. Whether or not we receive an apology, this hurt can linger and change relationships - even ruin them. It can also wound us emotionally, leaving scars on our souls and misshaping our view of others. In my first e-book, ‘Minjy the Robot’, the topic of hurt feelings is addressed. The above character - Sylvie - comes to mind when Julien is verbally tormented by someone cruel. He has a flashback to his youth and tries to draw resilience from a story he learned at school. Here is a sample from the e-book:

    Julien was shaking with fear. He knew in his mind and heart that he had done the right thing by going to the store to buy chocolates for the helpers, just as Nash had told him to do. Yet Julien felt helpless hearing the lies that Nash was accusing him of. He just stood there feeling so embarrassed. He could not speak. Julien’s mind was racing. As well, he became frightened by the sight of the red glowing light on Minjy. Indeed, it was a strange, scary sight to him and all of the helpers, but not to Nash.

    Julien struggled to gain some sense of composure and tried stand up to Nash, yet he was too stunned and could not. His heart was so pure and good and he had never been treated so badly like this before. Perhaps it was the shock of it all that suddenly conjured up a memory from his childhood. With his eyes closed, Julien felt as though he was suspended in time as he remembered a story that he learned at school.

    It was from a book entitled ‘Page of Dreams’, and it was about a young girl named Sylvie who loved animals. She was soft-spoken, polite, and the youngest in her class. Sylvie and her first grade classmates were given workbooks containing blank sheets of paper. One day, the teacher brought out a large box of colorful crayons. The students were instructed to use the crayons to draw pictures in their workbooks.

    “Now remember, children,” said the teacher, “please share the crayons with your classmates and put them back into the box when you’re finished. You may draw whatever you like, and afterwards, we will look at everyone’s pictures together.”

    The activity took a good part of the morning and the children were having fun. The classroom was quiet as the students concentrated on their drawings. The occasional giggle broke the silence, as some of the kids became amused by what they had drawn. The children were very good at sharing the crayons, although some did become impatient at having to wait their turn for a particular color to be returned to the box.

    As the teacher observed her students, she noticed that most of them had finished their pictures. Then she made an announcement to the class, saying, “Okay, children, please return the crayons to the box and we will look at everyone’s drawings.”

    Excitement filled the classroom. The students sat with anticipation as each waited for their name to be called. One by one, each child was invited to the front of the room and asked to show their picture to everyone, and to explain what they drew and why they drew it. There were all sorts of drawings of a variety of different things. The students had transformed their blank pieces of white paper into colorful pictures. After displaying their works of art, so to speak, each student received polite applause from the other children and the teacher.

    One of the last students to be called up was Sylvie. Normally shy, Sylvie was anxious to show her drawing to the class and practically ran to the front of the room. Everyone looked at Sylvie’s picture which was drawn on the lower right corner of the paper. The image was that of a rabbit, yet it was so small that it took up a small portion of the sheet, leaving the rest blank.

    One of the students raised their hand and asked, “What did you draw? It’s so tiny that I can’t even tell what it is.”

    “It’s a baby rabbit – a bunny – and they’re suppose to be small,” she replied.

    The teacher looked at Sylvie, saying, “That’s a very nice rabbit, but why didn’t you fill up the rest of the sheet? Rather than leaving it blank, you could have added other things to the picture, like green grass, or trees, or pretty flowers. Certainly those are things that go together with rabbits.”

    Upon hearing the teacher’s comment, some of the children began to laugh.

    “Now, children, it’s not polite to laugh,” said the teacher. “Sylvie has done a good job drawing the rabbit, even though it is rather small.”

    The teacher reached down for a pair of scissors resting on her desk. She cut away the picture of the rabbit from the rest of the blank sheet. Then she held up the small piece of paper for all to see, saying, “Always remember to try to fill up as much of the sheet as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tiny little picture, just like this one.”

    Again, there was laughter from the class and even louder than before. The teacher quickly realized that her remark unintentionally made fun of Sylvie’s drawing. Both the teacher and Sylvie were embarrassed, but for different reasons. The teacher had not meant to make her student feel bad, but rather, was merely trying to teach her class a lesson about art. Sylvie, on the other hand, felt ridiculed and could only think that everyone was laughing at her. She began to cry. Upon seeing her tears, the students stopped laughing and the room became quiet. One of her friends came up to Sylvie and gave her a hug. The teacher apologized to Sylvie, who returned to her desk without saying a word.

    The ending to Page of Dreams was Julien’s favorite part of the story and always inspired him. Despite Sylvie’s less than favorable introduction to art, she never became discouraged. She knew from an early age that she loved to draw – it was fun for her - and she wasn’t going to let an unpleasant experience get in her way. Sylvie learned the importance of being resilient. She combined her passion for art with her love of animals and went on to become an accomplished artist. She spent a good part of her adult life travelling to Africa, and her paintings of its unique wildlife became famous.

    At that moment, Julien knew how Sylvie must have felt after being ridiculed. He remembered the moral of the story – to never give up. He learned the importance of resilience and hoped to persevere with Nash. Yet he realized that for now there was little he could do to challenge Nash. Julien was right - it would have to wait for some other time, or perhaps never. Then, in the blink of an eye, Julien turned around and fled, never to be seen again.

    - Minjy the Robot

    Visit our website at: smkrystal.wixsite.com/minjy-the-robot

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  • I dont need more depression I dont need someone else’s problems.. I can only listen & maybe give advice from a personal level. But That shouldn’t matter to you.

    A Random strangers opinion means nothing. It’s like weird you want someone to be upset when you know how bad it feels… and it’s like why are you trying to give me anxiety and make me feel bad??.

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  • When you hide your scars around him.

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  • “We could have a chance”

    Fandom: Original work

    Summary: Connor and Oliver have one last talk in hopes to recover their relationship, but Oliver grew to hate all creatures and it is difficult to accept that the person he loves the most is one of those vicious and evil monsters. 

    Warnings: None, just some shouting and hurt feelings.

    Word count: 425

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  • Hurt Feelings (Slowed) Mac Miller

    Mac Miller – Hurt Feelings (Slowed)

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  • It’s good to have your priorities straight…

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  • Words are powerful.

    Somedays I feel blue.

    Somedays it’s because of something someone said.

    Sometimes it’s because my brain decided to be sad.

    Sometimes it’s because the world can be awful to others and it hurts my heart.

    Sometimes it’s because I’m so tired and my brain feels wobbly but has to wake up and function at 115% again.

    But sometimes, like today, it’s because someone fired a message off without considering someone else.

    I got slapped so hard when I was just starting out in my career for being too terse in emails. Now I reread them 5 times and make edits to seem nicer and cajoling. I make sure there are enough exclamation points so I’m not a bitch. I think about at what hour I send it and how it might affect their day or week in the grand scheme of things, and whether or not this message needs to be sent now at all.

    And today was one of those days where I noticed how little people consider those things when writing to me.

    Spend a little time tomorrow thinking about the messages you send, how you write it, what else people have going on, and notice when you send it. It does matter.

    Sometimes I feel blue because someone hurt me without even noticing.

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  • I do things I love as a way to drown you out of my thoughts, forgetting very well that you know how to swim.

    Once again surfaced feelings take over in waves…

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  • Do you guys ever feel like you’re not meant to be loved? I do and I’m sad 😔

    #hurt feelings#life #cant catch a break #cant always be happy
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  • So my sister just said that she’s been accepted to study honors. I’m very happy for her but I’m a little hurt and confused. When I was studying I asked my dad if I could do honors and he said no, that we simply didn’t have enough money. I myself couldn’t afford to pay for it (still can’t). I accepted the reality of this and moved on. Now, my parents are paying for my sister to study further. We’re in a worse financial situation than we were back then because my father’s job is unstable (the company he works for is bankrupt). While I’m endlessly grateful to have a degree and proud of myself that I helped my dad pay it off, I feel so hurt. Studying honors could have changed so much for me… I often wonder how things would have been different for me if I was given the same opportunity. I would be earning more and would be able to therefore live a life closer to what I want (I earn very little right now, even after having a fair few years experience). They even pay for my sister to stay closer to varsity. I spent hours in traffic to get to college… It cause so much stress… They’re are so many other ways they have made her studying experience better for her. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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  • The subtle clench of my throat as tears burn like bile at the back of my tongue, the taste of my own bitterness a sharp reminder of where I’ve rushed headfirst without thinking of who I’ve raced along beside. The crushing squeeze in my chest as I consider yet again whether I want to hurt him or myself more… loving him has been simultaneously the easiest and hardest thing I’ve ever done. Easiest because when things are well, everything is sky-high and light and it’s so easy to see the rest of forever together, happy, warm and bright… the darkness seems to loom just offscreen until things simmer back down. I crave affection but it seems that I’m alone in that endeavor and I don’t want to be a pest. He swears I never could be but I know better. I’ve been broken enough times to see that I’m doing this to myself this time but there is nothing I can seem to do to stop it either. I am a careening car, sliding off the cliffside because of the patch of ice I saw coming but could not avoid. I want nothing more than to be touched tenderly when he’s awake… in sleep he wants to be as close as possible, but during the day it seems I am just someone to fill a space in the storyline. I know he wants me in his life but I don’t know if he knows that he’s just pushing me away… I don’t have the words to tell him when I try…

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  • All I ever seem to do is push the people I care about in my life away, and though I tell myself “I have no clue why I’m like this” the truth is I already know the answer why…


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