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  • Hi I can’t draw

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  • [Hotel group chat]

    Niffty: You’re 🐗ed?

    Alastor: 🐨ty observation!

    Niffty: I know you 🐁ther well.

    Alastor: 🐋 I would hope so!

    Niffty: I’m 🌰s about you!

    Alastor: I 🐝lieve you.

    Niffty: Do you 🍞 me?

    Alastor: 🍩 go there.

    Niffty: I am 🍎ed!

    Husk: 🛑

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  • Husk: I’m going out for a walk

    Alastor: You know it’s pretty dangerous to walk outside during Friday The 13th

    Husk: What because a man in a Hockey mask will kill me? Please I bet I can take hi- opens the door and sees Vaggie with a hockey mask AHHHHHHHH

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  • image


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  • Alright another thought came to me

    Animation ideas for Hazbin Hotel

    I’m not an animator (though I would like to be in the future) but for anyone who is, just something you might want to do but it’s up to you really. I love animations and I want to be able to make some one day.

    Charlastor (Charlie x Alastor) animation including the song “Wolf song by OMNIA”. It gives off an innocent Charlie and a sadistic Alastor in it so I thought it would be a cool Charlastor animation. I see it kind of like that one animation I saw named “Wolf song - Coloured Animatic” by Dany Darkly on YouTube (go check it out, it’s beautiful)

    An animation with that one song “My shiny teeth and me” by NateWantsToBattle but with Alastor singing, Vaggie and Angel dust on guitar, husk on drums and Charlie and Nifty as back up singers. Would be awesome to see.

    A creepy animation with Alastor in it with the song “Saint Bernard” By Lincoln. It would be so creepy and on the really epic bits it just goes dark and you see a white silhouette of Alastor in his terrifying form.

    Last one, a BATIM Hazbin hotel au, made by @luminaxandra , animation (please go check out their stuff, amazing art and they make radiodust) with the song “Build our machine” by DAgames. Alastor being the main singer for it, would be so cool (make sure to have credit to luminaxandra if anyone else makes it)

    And yeah, just some animations I thought about and would probably make if I ever learn animation one day. But if anyone else wants to do it, be my guest. Would love to see it and would like, share and follow that amazing person. 😊😊👌👌

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  • #hazbin hotel#Husk#angel dust#twink meme#doodle #If you see me drawing memes it's because I'm already lost #it's because I'm serious into something not so serious
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  • [Hotel group chat]

    Alastor: I was so hungry today that my stomach growled in French. …Holy hell.

    Alastor: I would like to clarify that I was teaching French to a guest and that my stomach did not actually speak French.

    Charlie: Bonjour!

    Angel Dust: Le growl~

    Husk: Omelette du fromage.

    Vaggie: Feed me la baguette!

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  • So because this has been mulling in my head for some time, I am gonna share this headcanon of Charlie instilling a karaoke in her hotel. This is something I have been having fun with

    This is totally something Charlie would do, considering that music is a big deal in her family - she loves to sing, Lilith is a professional singer, and if I recall correctly Lucifer is where Charlie got her music taste from (and according to some traditions, led the Heavenly choir when he was part of God’s host).

    Anywho, here Charlie places numerous songs of various genres and decades, advertsing the karaoke aspect as an excuse to get Hell’s denizens to sing - to bring in new guests.

    By in large it is a crowd magnet, and a lot of the time Charlie’s friends and staff use the karaoke to flaunt their singing skills.

    Husk and Vaggie for the most part refuse to sing, but Charlie really gets to Vaggie with a rendition of Earth Angel by The Penguins, or Your Song by Elton John which she constantly serenades her with.

    Another song I can see Charlie sing is Carefree Highway by Gordon Lightfoot, simply because she finds it soft, warm and nostalgic. I can see Charlie being into the soft and happy songs.

    On a similar note, Angel Dust teases Husk with his own renditions of House of the Rising Son by the Animals.

    At one point Angel also sings I Touch Myself by the Divinyls, in such a loud and over the top matter that he ends up singing it across Hell. Here’s the thing…he didn’t even know he was on the karaoke…in fact that was how he found out there was one.

    Besides teasing, Angel Dust does have a genuine passion in preforming songs; one of his personal favourites is The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Vickie Lawrence - the reason why it’s personal to him is because it reminds him of the circumstances of his brothers death…and one of the reasons why Angel ended up in Hell.

    Alastor, ever the entertainer, is all to eager to share his own swinging, jazzy songs from his era. But I think it’d put a dark reprise to them like he did with Inside Every Demon is a Rainbow. One song I can see Alastor covering is Henry Hall’s Hush Hush Hush (Here Comes the Boogeyman) with his own little twist of course. I can see Alastor claiming there was a “real” boogeyman he may or may not have contempt for in his past life as a serial killer, so he has a bit of a vendetta when he sings this song. Fun fact, there was a cannibalistic serial killer operating around the time period Alastor lived in, and one of his many monikers was “The Boogeyman”. I’m not gonna say his name here, but if you know of him, you’ll know who I’m talking about. He was a real sick bastard.

    Another song Alastor covers is Charlie Daniel’s The Devil Went Down to Goergia…which he does right in Lucifer’s face. Because that’s something he’d do. Rather than get angry, Lucifer goes back home and looks forlorn at a glass cabinet where “Goldie“ used to be. Ans you know what ? Just for shits and giggles, Alastor has a snazzy jazz rendition of Eminem’s Lose Yourself up his sleeve.

    Nifty, ironically enough sings songs like if Fighter by Christina Aguilera, If I Were a Boy  , Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson, and Take a Bow by Rihanna. She also has a country girl side she shows with Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats.

    Lucifer and Lilith pay their daughter a visit their daughter, they don’t hesitate in taking part in karaoke. They know the real reason Charlie set this up, and someone as prideful as Lucifer isn’t going to let his family get upstaged when it comes to singing.

    Because I picture them as being the lovey dovey couple type, I can see them singing couple songs or serenading eachother; Lucifer plays Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire for Lilith; Lilith sings Magic Man by Heart because that is totally the song of someone falling for a devilish figure

    Together, Lucifer and Lilith have duets in the form of Poison by Alice Cooper, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, and Don’t Pull Your Love by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds.

    Vaggie still refuses to sing, it isn’t until she thinks she’s alone, she sings a lonely ballad to herself. I’m thinking True Colours by Cyndi Lauper or Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee…unbeknownst to her, Charlie is there and as she reveals herself, things escalate into a duet between the two…unbeknownst to both of them Alastor broadcasted the duet across Hell. 

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  • image

    ~~MagicDust Cuddle Times!!!~~

    An amalgam of requests from Amino and Tumblr: Two users wanted snuggles/cuddles and another just wanted AngelHusk. So what better way to please people then fuse them all together!

    (Any Huskerdust suggestions/ideas would be appreciated!)

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  • Angel: Husk you want some Coke?

    Husk: No.

    Angel: Com’on it’s really good!

    Husk: No!

    Angel: Just have some!

    Husk: NO!

    Angel: It’s Hell it doesn’t matter-!

    Husk: (Slams fists) BUTTFUCK!

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  • Now that I’ve gotten the complicated theories out of the way, I’m going to touch on some lighter, unconnected theories. 

    • Husk was likely a soldier in either the Korean War and/or the Vietnam War. VIv said he grew up in a Casino so he grew up around Gambling. This might be just me but he seems to be in around his 50′s or 60′s and he died in the 1970′s. He was likely born somewhere in the 1910′s to the 1930′s, grew up in a Casino and was old enough to fight in the Korean War come the 1950′s, retired from the military and became an alcoholic and gambler. Or he continued service until the Vietnam War, being an alcoholic and gambler in his time off from service. The Vietnam War lasted from 1955-1975 so if he served during that War, he likely died in battle. Or, he retired and died from alcoholism.
    • Niffty’s Sin is likely related to her obsession with cleaning or her obsession with men. She likely killed someone as she doesn’t seem to be the type for brute violence. I feel there are a few possibilities. She could have had her eye on one particular guy and found out he was with another woman. So, she either stalked the woman down and killed her or invited her into her home, poisoned her and disposed of the body in the manner a clean freak would. She also could have fallen in love with a man and found out he was a piece of shit so she invited him to dinner, poisoned him, and disposed of the body in a neat freak way. It’s likely she died trying to dispose of the body, probably caught by the police and shot or injured herself in some way and didn’t get medical treatment. 
    • It’s clear Alastor was 1 a Cannibal 2 Did Dark Magic and 3 a Radio Host. I have a feeling he first got into Cannibalism by mistake. His motif is of a deer and while it’s possible this isn’t his “true form” it’s likely either a conscious decision or a form of punishment for his Sins. He was likely a hunter, hunting deer as one would. On one particular hunting trip, he likely accidentally shot another Hunter, thinking they were a Deer. Either out of morbid curiosity, sheer hunger, or fear of law enforcement, he took the body home and prepared it like he would a deer. He cooked and ate the other Hunter and loved the taste of human so he decided to continue hunting humans, becoming a serial killer. He either got into Dark Magic before or after he became a cannibal and in any situation, he uses his own blood. This magic explains why he’s so powerful as a demon. Lastly, his death is listed as a “dog related incident”. I have a feeling he was on a Hunting trip for people once again, this time in a regular hunting environment, and probably shot the owner of a set of Hunting Dogs. These Dogs then attacked Alastor and killed him. Or, he could have killed someone’s lover who had a set of dogs trained to attack and once the person found Alastor, the owner set the dogs on him as revenge. 
    • Angel Dust’s motif is supposed to represent that of a Jumping Spider and because he was in the Mafia, I have a feeling the reason is simple. He was like a spider when he carried out his organized crime, likely killing related. He probably set elaborate traps in case a deal went south to effectively catch and kill all of the opposing party. He was also likely very nimble and fast, able to get out of tight situations and attack with ease. 
    • Sir Pentious’s age isn’t really clear, only his death date (1888) is. But I have a feeling he’s in his 30′s somewhere, an inventor who made progress but not too much progress. I feel his Sin was likely making his assistants be the test dummies for his experiments with them dying. He also probably tried his weaponry out on random people, causing them to die too. He likely died during an experiment or test gone very wrong.
    • This one last one is Dark. If you don’t want to read about abuse and manipulation, don’t click the read more.

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  • Backup

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  • image

    This should not have took me this long… Nonetheless, I’m actually very proud of this!




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