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    update: bro just forget the entire husker sketch it’s so garbage lmfao

    DAMN!!! forgot about this in my camera roll. oh god— i candobetterwithhuskernowiswear

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    #art#digital art#vivziepop#hazbin hotel #husk hazbin hotel #husk #alastor hazbin hotel #fire alpaca#alastor #niffty hazbin hotel #niffty#husker #the radio demon
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  • Incorrect Quote #370

    Charlie: “You’re not a happy drunk.”

    Husk: “I’m not a happy anything.”

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  • Here is some art..

    So I’ve been drawing Human! Husk and Alastor recently. And I’ve come up with some ideas for if they knew eachother in life and how old they would have each probably been if they did, I hate math but I did MATH just so I could find a year they would have each been alive. I have also made a small comic ,that I’m not gonna post yet, about Husk finding out Alastor was a cannibal. So yeah… I can’t tell if I’m proud of this or not and I might try to change Alastor a bit later.


    I like to think Husk was short in life because I’m pretty short and I like the idea…

    #my art#art#hazbin hotel#husk#alastor#radio demon#husker #i don’t think there’s enough of these two #human!husk #human!alastor
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  • [Human]

    Vaggie: What state do you live in?

    Husk: Drunken.

    Niffty: Constant anxiety.

    Charlie: Denial.

    Angel Dust: Perfection~

    Alastor: Louisiana.

    #source: tumblr #hazbin hotel au #hazbin hotel angel dust #hazbin hotel alastor #hazbin hotel charlie #hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel vaggie #hazbin hotel niffty #hazbin hotel husk #niffty#husker#husk#charlie magne#charlie#vaggie#vagatha#alastor#angel dust#chat post
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    • Angel Dust: It's my birthday!
    • Charlie: Happy birthday! I hope you get to celebrate many more!
    • Alastor: Yes indeed, studies have shown that the more birthdays you have the longer you live.
    • Husker:
    • Vaggie:
    • Charlie:
    • Baxter: No shit, sherlock
    #there are gonna be some bonus birthday quotes today because its my birthday #enjoy! #hazbin hotel#angel dust#charlie#alastor#husker#vaggie#baxter #i dont know man I headcanon alastor as both smart and a dumbass at the same time #incorrect quotes #incorrect hazbin hotel quotes
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  • *shakes and wobbles* a concept

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    • Niffty: Hey, do you have a bag I could borrow?
    • Husker: The only bags I have are the ones under my eyes, and they're specifically designed to carry the burden of my existence.
    • Niffty: Husker, all you had to do was say no.
    #hazbin hotel#niffty#husker #hazbin hotel niffty #hazbin hotel husker #incorrect quotes #incorrect hazbin hotel quotes #source: tumblr
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  • Matching making results for @ntcrow88​ !

    About you

    In their 30’s, but don’t look like it since they’re pretty small.
    Proud of this age though, because they finally found their personality become solid and began to enjoy life. Job was gardening in a cemetary. Arrived in hell the first thing was to find shelter and safety from others. Found some other snake demons after some times past, befriended them. Withdrawn at first, needs time to warm up to people.

    Sin: Wrath, Gluttony

    Cause of death: Motorscooter accident

    What kind of demon do you think you’d be?:
    Snake demon based on a Common Garter snake and the cobra species Naja naja.

    Gender neutral, misanthropic, hates kids, a little “scientist”, introvertred, determined, artistic, can appear social and talkative, result of it is being irritated easily and exhausted, adores biker/rocker stuff (like leather jackets, spikes, and choppers), collector of keychains, plushies, bags, and hats, coffee and food lover

    bilingual (German, English), paranoid personality disorder, short (157 cm)

    What are your 3 best qualities? (What you like about yourself, personality related, appearance related, etc)

    • abilitiy to draw, eye for details and for the little things
    • improved life and clothing style, finally reached a solid personality (lots of identity crises in the past)
    • being passionate/obsessed with certain things (blessing and curse alike)

    3 Worst?

    • issues with speaking with the right tone (can come over as rude or aggressive, doesn’t mean it about 50%)
    • can appear too hateful and irrational when it comes to things they don’t like (kids for example)
    • hyperfixations

    Fears?: getting assaulted/robbed/shot/stabbed/raped/etc.

    Hobbies?: drawing, taking photos, being outside, being alone at home, gaming, listening to music

    I ship you with… 



    While things may start off rocky as he wouldn’t immediately pick up on your tone not intentionally being aggressive, he would definitely apologize if he ever snapped because of it once he understood that it wasn’t meant to be rude or mean. Husk himself comes across as being mean and aggressive, while that can be true, he actually isn’t a cruel person. In fact, this cat has a pretty big heart, you just don’t see it until you start to get close to him! 

    He would absolutely do everything he could to protect you and make you feel as safe as possible. His PTSD tends to make him kind of jumpy and paranoid, so he would definitely understand where your fears come from. Anybody messes with his Naja? They’re getting knocked the fuck out, at the very least. 

    Anytime you need space Husk would understand and would gladly give you time to be alone when you wanted to. Or if you just wanted to quietly hang out with him? Be in the same room but not really talk? That’d be okay too! He’s not very clingy and often requires time to himself as well, but whenever you wanted to spend more time with him he’d take you in with open arms! 

    You may even find that now and then he glances over while you’re drawing, so long as it doesn’t bother you, he’d be happy to watch. Or if you ever wanted to show him your work? He’d love every minute of it.  He likes seeing you happy and would always reassure you that your work looks great. It’s a talent that he can admire, but never really was able to get into himself. If you’re especially proud of a piece you did? Or if you ever gave him any of your art? He would proudly hang it up in his room or right on the bar! 

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  • Husker
    Date: Dec 20, 2019
    Drawn by Ellenyx

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  • Huni Cast X Scoutdante and friends


    If anyone asked why I did this, it’s because Everytime I watch Hunicast streams, I imagine myself on one of them. And I could be pretty good on it too, giving my funny voice acting and the jokes that I make, I’d fit right in.

    Therefore, here’s a drawing adaptation of what it might feel like. Shit, even Ashley Nicoles, AKA the Huni Bun, was drawn in here by me, even though it’s not my best work.

    And also YES I KNOW, everything is not colored right on the two hazbins, I don’t care though, because I was doing this in a rush.


    But here’s an uncolored version because I think this was better.

    #scoutdante and friends #hazbin hotel#vivziepop#hunicast#megaman #megaman fully charged #mega man fully charged #kung fu panda #iceman#airman#master tigress#tigress#angel dust #hazbin angel dust #hazbin hotel husk #husk#husker #ashley nichols art #huni bun#fan art#mashup
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  • Finished the Pride! husk skirts doodle! I love the last one 😊


    Kinda got inspiration for that skirt from vocaloid 😳 he’s also wearing thigh highs. You can pry it from my warm living gay palms 🙂

    #my art #my art 2020 #june 11 #husk in skirts #husker#hazbin husk #hazbin hotel husk #husk #husk says pride is for everyone but the phobes! #pride#bi pride#pride 2020#pan pride#gay pride
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    • Alastor: What's the hardest thing to say?
    • Baxter: I was wrong.
    • Husker: I need help.
    • Vaggie: I'm sorry.
    • Charlie: No.
    • Angel Dust: Worcestershire sauce.
    #hazbin hotel#alastor#baxter#husker#vaggie#charlie#angel dust #hazbin hotel alastor #hazbin hotel baxter #hazbin hotel husker #hazbin hotel vaggie #hazbin hotel charlie #hazbin hotel angel dust #incorrect quotes #incorrect hazbin hotel quotes #source: tumblr
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  • This is what i have so far for the Pride! Husk skirt art


    Husk sporting his pan skirt and gay skirt. Next up is the Bi skirt. It’s coming up but it’ll take some time.

    #husker#husk #hazbin hotel husk #hazbin husk #husk in skirts #pride#lgbtq#lgbtpride #husk says pride is for everyone but the phobes!
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