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  • [Hotel group chat]

    Niffty: You’re 🐗ed?

    Alastor: 🐨ty observation!

    Niffty: I know you 🐁ther well.

    Alastor: 🐋 I would hope so!

    Niffty: I’m 🌰s about you!

    Alastor: I 🐝lieve you.

    Niffty: Do you 🍞 me?

    Alastor: 🍩 go there.

    Niffty: I am 🍎ed!

    Husk: 🛑

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  • image

    Babies, absolute babies

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  • [Hotel group chat]

    Alastor: I was so hungry today that my stomach growled in French. …Holy hell.

    Alastor: I would like to clarify that I was teaching French to a guest and that my stomach did not actually speak French.

    Charlie: Bonjour!

    Angel Dust: Le growl~

    Husk: Omelette du fromage.

    Vaggie: Feed me la baguette!

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  • Angel Dust: I love you, Husk.

    Husk: Okay.

    Angel Dust: Why won’t ya say it back?

    Husk: *dramatically lifts head, cups Angel’s cheeks, and looks him straight in the eyes*

    Husk: It back.

    Angel Dust:

    Angel Dust: Oh, fuck off!

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  • [Sorry for my english!!]

    [R16… I… think??]

    OKAY SO. My mind went wild, as always.

    This is an AU where Husk and Alastor died in the same year (1933) and they were lovers. But. BUT.

    Alastor is the first one who died (he was murdered for being in a relationship with another man – remember that in the 30s it was not acceptable to be homosexual -. He was bitten by dogs and shoot several times). As a consequence, Husker went crazy and killed himself immediately after, too desperate for his loss. 

    In this AU Alastor not have sex repulsion for Husk. He was his only exception. So, yes, in my mind they had loving sex sometimes, when Alastor want to. 

    I think it is really cute fdshgfrihg *crying noises in the background*

    Oh, and yes. Husk is still suffering for his loss also in Hell, that’s the reason why he drinks so much: he does not want to think about Alastor’s death. On the other hand, Al cannot understand the motive behind Husk’s addiction to alcohol, because he is not able to remember the past. So, he’s not aware of his love for Husk, the only one who knows how Alastor died. 

    [To be continued???]

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  • Hazbin Hotel x Reader [Songfic - Hotel California by The Eagles]

    Dust scattered across the landscape in front of me. The world was a desolate wasteland and I was the only living, breathing person around for miles. A cool breeze picked up and lifted my [h/c] hair away from my face. The smell of colitas drifted towards me.

    “That’s odd,” I thought. “I’m the only one around but clearly someone, something, is smoking weed." 

    I decided to walk towards the smell, just to sate my curiosity and possibly find some semblance of humanity. I walked for about an hour before I saw anything besides the desert around me - up ahead in the distance, I could see a shimmering light. Racing towards the lights, I found a towering building with a sign reading "Hazbin Hotel.”

    “Oh thank god, maybe these people can help me and I can rest a little,” I said out loud before knocking on the heavy wooden door.

    The door swung open and there she stood, the tallest and most cheerful woman I had ever seen. I kept thinking to myself “God, this could be Heaven or this could be Hell.”

    She smiled at me before speaking. “Hello! Welcome to the Happy Hotel! My name is Charlie, come on in.”

    I followed her into the foyer of the hotel, the lights dim and the room slightly smokey. 

    “We just opened up a few days ago so not everything is ready yet,” she said as she led me to the front desk. “Sorry for the mess, I promise we’re getting it cleaned up as fast as we can." 

    As soon as she spoke about the mess, a young girl zoomed by and grabbed a bagful of trash. "Sorry about that Charlie!” the girl spoke. “This place REALLY needs a woman’s touch.”

    I turned to face the girl and stumbled backwards in shock. She had only one eye! 

    “This can’t possibly be right,” I said under my breath. “Get it together [y/n], you’re losing it.”

    Charlie turned to face me, a look of concern forcing her eyebrows to knit together in the middle. “Do you know where you are right now?” she gently questioned me. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

    “My name is [y/n]” I responded with a heavy sigh. “I’m not entirely sure where I am but… and please forgive me for being rude… does this girl have only one eye or am I delusional?”

    The girl spoke, “My name is Niffty! It’s lovely to meet you!”

    “Okay,” I thought, “this is real and I’m not imagining things. How…why…WHAT is happening here?”

    As if able to read my thoughts, Charlie reached out and placed a hand on my shoulder. “You’re not delusional. You’re in Hell, [y/n]. But that’s okay because you just so happen to be in the one spot that may be able to get you out of here and into Heaven!” She beamed at me and ran around the counter to get my information and check me into the hotel.

    There were voices down the corridor seemingly discussing a heated game of poker. I tried to ignore them while Charlie got me set up, explained the whole situation, and escorted me to my room. 

    The rest of the night was quiet. I laid in bed, trying to mull over the facts that I was dead, in Hell, and stuck here until Charlie could work her voodoo magic to get me into Heaven where I clearly belonged. Sleep didn’t come easily and once I finally succumbed to exhaustion, I was unable to dream.


    Breakfast was at 9am the next morning and I awoke just in time to get ready and go downstairs to the dining room. Charlie delivered some clean clothes for me overnight and I reminded myself to thank her for her generosity and kindness - that can’t possibly be how everyone here in Hell is so I definitely didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get in with someone so lovely.

    When I looked in the mirror for the first time since arriving here in Hell, I noticed that my appearance was mostly similar to how I looked on Earth. My [h/c] was still the same, my smile still great (albeit with sharper teeth), and my skin hadn’t changed a bit. The only thing that was different were my [e/c] eyes - they had changed to a deep and rich colored purple. My form wasn’t anything too remarkable; my only real demon feature were two short horns atop my head. “Well, at least the demon damage isn’t that crazy,” I thought as I finished getting ready and headed toward the dining room.


    Charlie took my hand and led me into the room where several other demons sat around a large dining table.

    “Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to our newest guest, [y/n].”

    A woman sitting next to Niffty looked up from her waffles and smiled at me. “Nice to meet you! I’m Vaggie, Charlie’s girlfriend." 

    I smiled back at her and gave a little half-hearted wave. 

    She continued, "This fella next to me is Husk, that’s Angel Dust, and the guy in the red is Alastor.” Vaggie pointed to each of the gentlemen sitting at the table, none of which really looked up from their meals.

    The man Vaggie had pointed out as Alastor turned suddenly and smiled wide at me. I tried not to recoil at his vicious appearance but my emotions had to have been written across my face. He didn’t mention it though. 

    “It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you, darling. An absolute pleasure.” he said while reaching to grab and shake my hand. His voice was strange, like it was being filtered through vacuum tubes.

    I smiled back and shook his hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you too, Alastor.”

    It was about this time that Angel Dust looked up at me. Grinning, he said “Ooohhh aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, sweet cheeks." 

    Husk chortled but never looked away from his plate.

    "I bet you’re going to have all the pretty, pretty boys out here swooning.” Angel dust laughed. “If you’re ever looking for a good time, I’ve got mirrors on my ceiling and pink champagne on ice. Just give me the word,” he said with a wink.

    I blushed and looked away, slightly uncomfortable.

    Angel Dust laughed again and Husk grumbled something inaudible. 

    “Ignore him, [y/n]. Let’s get you something to eat and then we can find something for you to do here.” Charlie smiled at me.

    I grabbed a plate and immediately dug into my waffles. This was definitely a weird experience but this hotel in Hell didn’t seem too bad. “I could make this work,” I thought to myself, “I’m sure I can check out any time I like, but it’s not like I can ever leave.”

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  • Hazbin Hotel Gem AU!

    There’s one White Diamond (God). I don’t think Lucifer would be a diamond, I’d have to think about what he would be. White Diamond has three colony planets: Heaven (Home World), Earth, and Hell. Gems that defy him and his policies are corrupted and sent to Hell. Since Hell was deemed overpopulated, every few decades he sends some of his loyal guardsmen to shatter those most corrupted. 

    You can read more about the AU story and the decision made for which gem for which character on my deviantart post 

    (I might do fusions in the future, so if you have any you’d like to really see let me know!) 

    I tried to put gem placements over the X marks on the character’s bodies (presumedly their point of death / where their soul exited their body), but we only know the locations of three so far: Vaggie, Alastor, and Cherri. (Charlie doesn’t count.) Everyone else is a mystery, so, unfortunately, I had to decide for myself where to put their placements for the time being.  

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  • When Husk proposes to Angel he has to get three rings.

    One for every left hand Angel has.

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  • Soft Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Asks

    Charlie: Give 5 things that make you happy 

    Vaggie: What’s your favorite color combination? 

    Angel Dust: Give one precious memory 

    Alastor: What’s your favorite song?

    Cherri Bomb: What do you do for fun? 

    Sir Pentious: What place do you really want to visit? 

    Valentino: Give the silliest pick-up line you know

    Lucifer: What is your dream job? 

    Lilith: Give 5 of your favorite fashion trends

    Nifty: Would you rather live in the city or the countryside? 

    Husker: What pet would you like to have? 

    Katie Killjoy: What’s your favorite t.v. show? 

    Tom Trench: What’s your favorite subject in school? 

    Blitzo: What kind of friend are you?

    Loona: What’s your zodiac sign? 

    Moxxie: Sunny days or Rainy days? 

    Millie: What’s your favorite food?

    Stolas: What do you treasure? 

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  • People doing shit and important stuff:



    Also me:



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  • image

    Just more pics I enjoy

    Though I will say I don’t agreee with the fan theory of him being Dr facilier

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  • Charlie: uh… what you got there?

    Literally any resident at the hotel holding all manner of dangerous weapons: … a smoothie…

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  • Husk putting his arm around Angel (sorta).

    #holy hell i finally did something digital that i kinda like #hazbin hotel#angel dust #hazbin angel dust #husk#husker#hazbin husk#angelhusk#huskerdust #husk x angel dust
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  • #alastor#husker#hazbin hotel #ALASTOR FXCK YOU!
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  • This teeny weeny darling goes to a bar just for juice. 

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