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  • my shrine be looking like a hot mess lol

    Day 2 of Ptah Protecting the Sun Disc

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  • hyungwon and changkyun doing that move in jealousy ♡

    #hyungwon#changkyun#mx7net#monstaxedits#monsta x#flashing #i made this such a long time ago i forgot about it ksndjcksdnfkjn #may as well post it for kyuns bday lmao #mine#hw#ck#gratuitous gifing
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  • I have a headcanon that Zant and Ghirahim are very competitive.Which brings me to this idea that has been sitting in the back of my brain for a while.

    Imagine Zant and Ghirahim having a crush on the same person and both of them being completely extra and over the top just to get their attention. Here’s kind of how they do it.


    • Cooks for them, if they mention something they would like to eat, Zant will cook it in a heart beat.
    • Will do weird dances to grab their attention.
    • Zant is very good at making poems, and will often write poems for them, the only downside is that he writes the poems in twili. Which makes them ask Zant to read them.
    • Zant leaves things like flowers or trinkets for them to find and when they ask Zant about it , he states that those things remind him of them.
    • When Zant finds out that Ghirahim has a crush on them too he feels that he has to step it up a notch. But instead its like 10 notches.
    • When Ghirahim buys something expensive, he buys something super exotic or he finds the way to bring them something from the Twilight realm.
    • He will be very vocal towards Ghirahim about the fact that he is also interested in them.
    • Whenever Ghirahim is around, Zant kisses the back of their hand just to piss him off.
    • Zant also compliments them  on absolutely anything they do and if Ghirahim is within earshot, he will compliment them even more.


    • Buys them expensive gifts.
    • He is the master of cheesy pick up lines and as seductive he might look, it makes them laugh. 
    • Ghirahim will make jokes and puns to make them laugh.
    • Loves to barge into their room just to talk or gossip about the others.
    • When he finds out that Zant also has a crush on them he goes ape shit.
    • Every time they are near Zant, Ghirahim will find ways to make Zant look like a fool.
    • If Zant is nearby he will grab them by the waist and this makes Zant livid!
    • Ghirahim has carried them down stairs just to spite Zant.
    • Ghirahim also takes them on constant picnic dates.
    • Sometimes he loves to spend the evening with them wearing face masks and chilling around drinking wine and eating snacks.

    In the end they choose to be with both because they both are lovable dorks and they love Zant and Ghirahim way too much to choose. 🥰

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  • Bro I’m like I don’t even know

    Anyways heres this I guess

    I should be asleep right now



    He heh hee hoo

    Click on it of you want to see the glitter better

    Vampire Warriors Link is like not even gonna lie 👌🔥

    #zelda #legend of zelda #loz#legendofzelda#link #the legend of zelda #my art#mfmau#vampire link#vlad#vlad mfmau #hey hey i loke glitter its nice #vampires sparkle? #i heard that was a thing #hw#hyrule warriors
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  • Outfit Planning Is Hard Right Now, so Let Rosie HW Do It for You

    Outfit Planning Is Hard Right Now, so Let Rosie HW Do It for You

    If you’re a regular around these parts, you’ll know our obsession with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—be it her wardrobe or skincare collection—knows no bounds. In our edit meetings, we find ourselves discussing her looks at length and why each and every thing she chooses to wear is faultless. So when we saw that Rosie had compiled all of her latest ensembles into one handy Instagram carousel, we did…


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  • was someone going to tell me about flowers for vases or was i supposed to discover it from my daily scroll through freesciencelessons(.tumblr).com myself?

    #akdhsksjfkf don't rb #cem being my morning newspaper tbh- #anyway i need to find a photo of hayley for my pfp 👀👀 #c/txt#hw #flowers for vases #cem tag
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  • fright night vhs for @fruityxuxi

    #hyungwon#mx7net#monstaxedits#monsta x #happy birthday audrey!! 💝💝💝 #its my first time making a vhs style edit i hope u like it >.< #have u ever seen fright night? the original one from the 70s #well imagine that but u fall in love with the vampire and live forever <3 lmao #also im in here as a supporting character acting a fool #but whats new :) #mine#hw
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  • i feel like chapter 11 dream and thats not a good thing

    #connor.txt #text#heatwaves#heat waves#hw #tagging it all for ppl who dont want to see it #why do i feel like this #i havent even been anywhere close to a relationship in a fucking CALENDAR YEAR #i'm not even excited over the dream jackbox appearance
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  • #age of calamity #hyrule warriors#hw#aoc#hw aoc #hw aoc spoilers #mine#my lp
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  • I’m at my hw and feel a lot like dying

    #Ana#Anorexia#Hw #I'm so disgusting I wanna die #Why tf did I eat so much #I should be ashamed to even exist
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  • Just posted the 3rd Chpt - JR chpt of my Nu’est Fic. Thinking of writing something for Hwanwoong … should I? 

    #HW#Hwanwoong#Yeo Hwanwoong#nu'est#nuest#oneus#hmmm #twisted fairy tales #HW getting me ragey with all this rudeness in the comeback
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  • Reposted from @drs.collector 🚗 ‘91 GMC Syclone
    🔥 Repost: @hotwheelsrepost #hotwheelsrepost
    #️⃣ #hw #hotwheels #hotwheelspics #hotwheelscollectors #hotwheelscars #hotwheelsaddict #hotwheelsofficial #hotwheelsjakarta #hotwheelsindonesia #diecast #diecastcars #diecastcollector #diecastphotography #diecastmodel #levesuaminiprapassear #sp #brasil #love #collection #photooftheday #gmc #syclone #salaodiecastfoto #photography #instagood #boanoite

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  • image

    [180330] // [201205]

    #black turtleneck + white shirt... #hell yeah 💞 #mx#hw#hyungwon#burntxtup
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  • I need you to understand that online school is just not the same. Yes we are *insert school grade*, “big kids”, but why does that only come up when it’s convenient for you. We are still kids. And child or adult, we need social interactions. You can’t do that in a class of 200 students on a MS Teams call. We don’t see each others faces, there’s no brunch or lunch break. No real respite between classes that would recharge us. It’s just call to call to call. Then homework to assignment to studies. Our sleep schedules have been thrown off because the world is in chaos right now. We may have been waking up earlier before but now even that 8:00 am alarm is dreadful since we have nothing to look forward to.

    And this is not on you, teachers. There’s only so much you can do at your end, and we know that. But when a pandemic has everyone stuck at home, shouldn’t the administration do something more than just reduce the syllabus. I know that entrance exams and college admissions have been thrown off and yes, that is going to be a problem. And no, I don’t know how we will fix that. But why has our social-emotional health been neglected. What makes you think that having virtual school makes things easier. Sure we don’t spend time on commute, but the world is in turmoil and the fact that my future is to be “decided” in the next few years means that the anxiety and depression that it caused before all this, has multiplied.

    I know we don’t participate in a class, barring a few. But it’s not because we don’t want to. It is satisfying to answer and receive that approval or learning experience. But also consider that not everyone has their own space, having background noise which makes me anxious when I’m called on. Not everyone is comfortable having their voice directly projected to 200 others and recorded as well. And once again, how can you compare our current to situation to what it was before, when it is worlds apart.

    I’m sorry, but it won’t be possible to continue business as usual.

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  • friends don’t leave friends’ high fives hanging ♡

    #hyungwon#changkyun#mx7net#monstaxedits#monsta x #i know theres a few times that changkyuns done this #but the footage is all bad quality :P #not this tho!!! :D #jooheon had to have seen hyungwons hand #he was looking that way but he did not give hyungwon a high five </3 #mine#hw#ck#monchannel 215
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  • image

    A determined Link before becoming the goddess’s chosen one in Age of calamity

    #my art #please don't repost #the legend of zelda #hw#hyrule warriors #age of calamity #link#art#digital art#illustration
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  • 1. Meister Eckhart, Selected Sermons, tr. Claud Field
    2. Hannibal, ‘Sakizuke’, written by Jeff Vlaming and Bryan Fuller, dir. Tim Hunter

    #Hannibal#HW #to love is to render transparent #love is my religion
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    Hey there everyone! It’s been a few weeks now, and I just got informed presential lessons are back again starting tomorrow, which is really exciting!

    Just finished bio, and even if I’m not being as productive as I hoped, at least I have good music!

    How’s everyone? I hope the return to classes was as smooth and safe as possible!! 🥰

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  • Ok but ao3 crashing with a heatwaves chapter being uploaded can be a coincidence ONCE not THREE TIMES

    #why is our fandom like this #this is the only time i will say something #because i just had to #mcyt#heat waves#dreamnotfound#hw#heatwaves#rpf#dnf
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