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    i think these will always be some of my favorite pics of hyunjin. he's so handsome!!

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    You're My Art

    Summary: You have always loved art. You loved sketching, colouring, painting, you name it. You have always thought that people could never appreciate art like you do. All the people you knew at least, didn’t. However, it all changed when you met him.

    Theme: college au, strangers to friends to lovers

    Genre: very fluffy

    Warnings: none

    WC: 7.8k

    Pairing: Art Student!Hyunjin x GN!Reader

    a/n: Have you seen this boy's artworks? He is so talented, I find his drawings and paintings so satisfying to look at 🥺 So just picture falling in love with Art Student Hyunjin. Oh, what a beautiful feeling that would be.

    Ever since you were 6, you have always loved art. Every year, your parents would get you arts and craft sets for your birthday present. You had a whole shelf of all your art supplies and it only expanded as you got older. From just sketch books and colour pencils, to canvases, a whole array of paints, brushes, easels, etc. Your family appreciates your art despite most of it being abstract with no actual object or person as a main focus. Your friends and schoolmates however, don’t really understand your art.

    Your friends were at least quite respectful about it while everyone else just straight up calls your artwork hideous or meaningless. It upsets you that no one seems to truly appreciate and see art like you do. It always baffles you whenever a classmate of yours just snickers at your artwork during class and goes, “Even a toddler can draw better than you.”

    That comment was unnecessary and it deeply offended you. It made you feel slightly insecure about your art.

    Is it really that bad?

    Am I not doing it right?

    Is my art really meaningless?

    These questions floated around your head for quite a while until your parents reassured you by saying that people just don’t appreciate art like you do. Since then, you’ve been living with that mindset that your parents had rooted into your brain. Every time someone criticizes your artwork, you will just remember your dad’s words.

    “They just don’t have a creative mind to appreciate art enough.”

    Not gonna lie, it made you not care if someone doesn’t like your artwork anymore. It made you understand that art is not for everyone and that it’s okay.

    After you graduated high school, you decided to go to a college which specializes in just Art courses. A whole variety of courses were available that ranged from performing arts to fine arts. As for you, you of course chose fine arts that involve painting and sketching rather than performing and dancing. Unfortunately for you, the school was in a whole different city from your hometown so you decided to move out and find a cosy yet affordable apartment near campus.

    You managed to rent a studio apartment that was just nice for one person to live in. And of course, you turned the living space into literally, your art space with a single bed in the corner for where you sleep and that’s about it. Everything else is for your art space except the kitchen and bathroom. Even so, you were very content with this.

    Art was your hobby but most importantly, your passion. You have no idea where you would be right now if you hadn’t loved art this much.

    You were going to start school in two days but you were already excited. When you submitted your portfolio to the school for your college application, you included all your previous artwork from when you were young, up till present. You explained about your interest and what made you love art.

    Though you weren’t confident in earning a spot in the course, you managed to get in and it blew your mind away.

    This particular college has been your dream school ever since you were halfway through high school. The amount of good reviews and amazing achievements that the students who graduated from this school gave you just enough motivation to work hard and get into the course you’ve been aiming for.

    And here you are.

    Just two days away from the start of your journey in college life doing the thing you loved most and that was art. It still feels so surreal to you. No more mathematics, no more chemistry, no more history…

    Just art.

    Upon arriving at the campus grounds, you inhaled a long breath of fresh air. The morning breeze filling your nostrils as you smiled to yourself. “This is it. No more worrying about other subjects. Just you and art, Y/N. You can do this.” You thought to yourself while you checked your schedule in your email to find your classroom.

    Once you made it, you noticed the door hanging ajar as students began to slowly pile in. Considering nobody was talking to each other, you assumed you were in the right class.

    You managed to find a seat near the middle of the room as there were about 20 seats scattered around the room with art supplies next to each wooden round chair. After you’ve settled down in one, you curiously glance around the room to see your classmates. Usually, you’re not the type of person who is considered friendly but you’re not really arrogant either.

    You’re okay if others approached you first, you just weren’t the type to come up to strangers and strike up the first conversation. Which is something you’ve been struggling with.

    So when you accidentally locked eyes with a guy sitting right next to your seat, you flashed him a friendly smile and said softly in hopes that he would be nice to you, “Hello.” You almost wanted the ground to swallow you whole as the guy simply ignored you and went ahead to turn his back to you before taking out his art materials from his backpack.

    Oh. Right. This is exactly why you hated making the first move into making new friends.

    With that being said, you awkwardly nodded to yourself and whispered a very soft ‘okay’.

    As the time goes by, you realize that everyone in the class seems to be pretty unfriendly. None of them were talking to each other. Some were openly staring and judging other students like they were in some kind of competition.

    You don’t understand why they were doing that because you were all classmates and at the end of the day, art is supposed to be carefree. No art is too much or too boring. Every single piece of artwork has its own essence and meaning to it, you just need to be open minded and have a creative mind to appreciate them.

    Unfortunately, it seems as though you have been placed with a group of artists who only see their art as the best and the most pleasant one to look at. None of them see and appreciate art like you do.

    What a great start to your first semester.

    As much as you thought that college would allow you to meet new people who share the same perspective and appreciation as you in art, it looks like you were wrong. Your classmates weren’t only arrogant, but they’re also competitive. It’s fine though, you just have to focus on the art content and your professor.

    Who cares if you don’t make any friends in college? The only thing that matters is that you’re expanding your skills and knowledge on something you love.

    It has been almost 3 months now since your first class and it wasn’t a surprise that you were still alone with no particular friends in class. Some were on their own just like you, some were acquainted in pairs, and some were already in a group. At first you did wonder why nobody bothered to befriend you.

    Was it because you were too unapproachable?

    Was it because of all your artwork?

    Was it because they see you as a competition?

    You have absolutely no idea. You couldn’t even bring yourself to think of a reason why they decided to leave you out so you resorted to just minding your own business and not giving a single shit about what they think of you and your art.

    It was a rainy Friday evening and you didn’t really have anywhere to go so you decided to just stay home and paint. You wore your art apron to protect your clothes from the coloured paint and soon, you began to let the brush in your hand move to its own accord. Not bothering to draw a base outline of what you intended on painting. After about 3 hours of focus, you finally took a few steps back to admire the piece you created.

    It was a landscape picture of the ocean from the top of the hill which overlooks the huge cliffs along the side, the waves crashing onto shore below and the pretty sun setting in the horizon.

    You smiled, feeling proud of yourself for doing this freehand. This has been something you’ve wanted to try for so long and you finally managed to do it with the help of your professor during the past few classes. Usually, you would draw a very light sketch on the canvas for the outline and then you would use that as a guideline for where to colour and paint.

    Hence, the reason why you felt proud for creating this art piece free handed.

    Just then, you could’ve sworn it sounded like a dragon was in your studio apartment due to the rumbling sound of your stomach. Oh damn. You were so engrossed in painting, you forgot to eat your dinner. There wasn’t any leftover food from lunch and you still hadn’t gone to the supermarket to buy your groceries yet for the weekend and potentially next week.

    With that being said, you decided to go for your grocery run in the dead of night. Well, not really. It’s only 12:27am.

    Yes. Only 12:27am.

    Since you were hungry, you might as well grab something to eat and buy your groceries too, you thought.

    So about 10 minutes later, you arrived at the 24 hour local supermarket to get your groceries. You remembered to make a list of things to buy in case you forgot. The fact that it was past midnight, the supermarket was quite barren save for some families and a few young adults like you who were probably starving and wanted to grab some snacks to eat at home.

    You were just scanning the shelves for your favourite box of instant pancake mix when you noticed the last box is at the very top of the racks. Not only that, you were too short to even reach it.

    Oh no.

    However, because you wanted it and you have been craving to have pancakes for breakfast these days, you made it your mission to get that box no matter what.

    With that being said, you began to stand on your tippy toes and stretched your arm out as far as you can to even reach for the corner of the box. Of course it had to be a few inches away from the very end of the shelves, making it nearly impossible for you to grab it. After a few failed attempts to try and take it without jumping or climbing, you tried to jump and reach for the box. Much to your dismay, the box fell back.

    Well, that didn’t go too well, did it?

    “Shit… How the hell am I supposed to take it now?” You softly whined to no one in particular as you rested both hands on your hips. You were starting to contemplate on getting a staff to help or climb the shelves and take it yourself.

    However, while you were busy thinking and struggling for the past few minutes, you didn’t even realize that some people who had been walking past the aisle you’re in, had seen you the whole time you were jumping and straining your arms to get the box. And yet, nobody bothered to help you.

    How rude.

    You weren’t giving up just yet so you began to stand on your tiptoes again to try and reach for the box. Right at that moment, a soft voice spoke up from behind you as you turned over your shoulder to find a cute guy staring at you with a finger pointing towards the highest rack on the shelves where your pancake box is.

    “Do you need some help getting that?” He asked to which you quickly replied to avoid seeming like a creep for staring at him too long.

    “U-Uh… Yes please. Sorry to trouble you.” You said before stepping aside and telling him which box you wanted.

    The male nods as he steps forward and extends his arm up, easily grabbing the pancake box from the rack with little to no effort at all. Of course, he’s tall. Way taller than you to be more precise. He had jet black hair that was at least an inch above his shoulders. He tied his hair up in a half up do with small strands of hair tucked out of his ponytail to frame his face on either side.

    Damn, he is so cute.

    He soon gave you the box to which you took it from his hand and smiled at him politely as you said, “Thank you so much.”

    “You’re welcome.” He said before returning your smile by doing the same. The minute he left, you couldn’t help but wonder…

    Does he live around here?

    Which school does he go to?

    What is his name?

    Does he have a girlfriend?

    Wait what?

    Today was a bright and sunny Wednesday morning. The sun was out blaring down on you, the heat was crazy. Thankfully, you managed to arrive on campus before your body became a sweaty mess. Walking to your art building with your air pods in and music blasting through its speakers, you quietly bopped your head to the beat of the song. Completely in your own little bubble.

    When you arrived in class, most of the seats were already occupied, save for yours and two others.

    Not long after you walked in, the remaining two students entered. You placed your bag down on the ground beside your chair as you went to take some brushes from the table. Some were busy chatting with each other while some just minded their own business.

    You had just taken a box of paint and turned around to put on your side stand when your cup got knocked off the stand and onto the ground with a loud thud. You cursed under your breath as you placed the box of paint down and was about to reach for the cup when a hand had already grabbed it.

    Those hands…

    “I think you dropped this.”

    That voice…

    You watched as the person held the cup in his hand that extended out towards you. That’s when you finally glance up to meet the same guy who helped you the other day with your box of pancake mix in the supermarket.

    “U-Uh… Thanks.” You said quietly to which he smiled, causing his eyes to disappear into two adorable crescent moons.

    “You’re welcome.” He said and you wondered…

    Does he remember you?

    Hmm. Maybe he doesn’t.

    “Have you made pancakes with the box of mix yet?” He suddenly asked.

    Okay, maybe he does.

    “H-Huh? Oh! Y-Yeah! I actually made it for breakfast the next morning.” You said, making him chuckle. Just then, you noticed he was still standing and there were no other seats available so you couldn’t help but ask, “I don’t mean to sound rude, but are you new here?”

    He nodded in response before telling you that he just transferred from his previous college. He didn’t go into details as to why he transferred but all you needed to know was that he’s a new student to the class. So you asked him to sit down in your chair just in time for your professor to walk in. You excused yourself to go and approach your professor, telling him that he has a new student joining your class from today onwards and that he doesn’t have a seat.

    Upon this new information, your professor contacted the department staff to bring in an extra seat and art equipment for the new student.

    When you went back to join him, who was seated quietly on your stool, he turned to you and asked for your name.

    “I’m Y/N. You are?” You asked.

    “I’m Hyunjin. It’s nice to meet you.” He smiled. His smile could easily cure sadness.

    “How long have you been into art?” He asked.

    “Since I was 6. I’ve always found it fun and cool to look at. Especially ones that don’t have any specific object to focus on.”

    “Me too! I mean, I usually draw or paint a specific thing but I do like seeing abstract art. It just gets me to imagine and be creative with what the art wants to portray itself to me.” Hyunjin explained. You were stunned. Nobody has ever said this to you. No one has ever said they liked abstract art. All these years, people have only asked you the same questions and said the same thing over and over again.

    What is so nice about abstract art? It’s just pointless and ugly.

    Why do people even paint those? It’s horrendous.

    What do you even see in these streaks? They’re just lines.

    If this is what you call art, then it’s rubbish.

    So for someone to say this to you, it honestly surprises you. His comment definitely wasn’t seen coming. Unfortunately, Hyunjin mistakes your silence for something negative. Hence, the reason why he quietly spoke up, “Did I… say something wrong?”

    With that being said, you’ve never panicked so fast in your life.

    “What? No! No, it’s just… No one has ever said that to me before. The people I know have always been very negative and not understanding about art, more specifically abstract art. No one in my life has ever appreciated art like I do. That’s why I was a little shocked when you said that.” You explained yourself and you could see the way his eyes softened as he stared at you while you spoke.

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It must be tough to always hear those comments being said to you, huh?” He asked gently to which you shrugged your shoulders at him.

    “I learned to ignore them over time. My dad told me this sentence and I’ve never been bothered by those people ever since. He said ‘they just don’t have a creative mind to appreciate art enough’ and I completely agree.” You smiled. Hyunjin nods because he too has the same mindset.

    Not long after, one of the school staff brought in an extra stool complete with new art materials and equipment for Hyunjin, in which he helped by taking the stool and putting it just next to your space. The minute the professor was about to start, Hyunjin turned to you with a bright smile and whispered to you softly so that he wouldn’t interrupt the professor while he teaches.

    “Don’t listen to what those people say.”

    “Mmm, definitely won’t.” You replied, earning a soft chuckle followed by a nod before he turned back to the front of the class where your professor was teaching something new.

    Maybe you would have a friend in college after all.

    About two hours later, lunch time came rolling in. While everyone was busy keeping their art materials including yourself, a soft tap to your shoulder made you turn around to find Hyunjin standing there with his bag already hanging off his shoulder.

    “Hey, um… Can I join you for lunch?” He asked.

    “Yeah, of course.” You said as he patiently waited for you to finish packing. However, the minute you were about to walk off with him, Hyunjin stopped for a moment as he glanced behind him to where the other students were just chatting away while they slowly made their way to the back door.

    “Aren’t your other friends coming?” He asked, to which you turned to look at where he was staring at. That’s when you realized that he may have thought that they were your friends.

    “Oh, they’re not my friends... To be fair, I don’t have any friends in this class. I mean, not that I have any outside class either but yeah.” You explained as he looked at you with a confused expression. Nonetheless, both of you began walking towards the main building where the food hall was. You both chatted and got to know each other a little more during your walk. You found out that he has been interested in art not too long ago and to add on to that, he also loves photography. More specifically, film photography.

    You ended up buying lunch and sat at the rooftop garden where there’s peace and quiet instead of being surrounded by other rowdy college students in the food hall. Turns out, after a few minutes of talking and joking around, you and Hyunjin shared quite a few things in common other than your interest in art.

    Right before lunch ends, Hyunjin looks up from his can of soda and smiles at you, only to make a very bold statement that makes your heart feel warm.

    “Let’s be friends from here on out.”

    Without a struggle to respond to his words, you smiled as you raised your can of soda to him and gestured in a ‘cheers’ motion while you said, “To the start of our friendship.” Hyunjin soon clinks his can against yours.

    “To the start of our friendship.” He repeated your words before you both said cheers and drank your sodas.

    Days turned into weeks and your friendship with Hyunjin grew even stronger with the time that passed. No doubt he is your friend, you can't deny the fact that he is really good looking. His visuals are definitely a bonus point to his personality. Not only is he cute but he is also kind hearted. He is just a pure sweetheart that wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

    And at this point, after 4 months of knowing him, it was quite obvious that your feelings for him had blossomed.

    You just wished you could say the same for him.

    It was a Saturday afternoon, you had just gotten back from your errands and Hyunjin asked if you wanted to hangout later in the day since it was the weekend. You asked where he wanted to go. He suggested going ice skating then getting some ice cream waffles in which you easily agreed to it.

    A few hours later, you had already showered and changed into a new set of clothes. Hyunjin said he’s going to pick you up so while waiting for him to arrive, you went to your phone that was charging on your desk to scroll through your social media. Upon clicking your Instagram app, you saw at the top of your newsfeed page, Hyunjin’s account with a new story he posted. So you clicked on it and it was a mirror shot of him.

    He was wearing a white shirt, skinny jeans and a bomber jacket. It might look like a simple outfit but he looks so good in them.

    “I swear, he’s gonna be the death of me one of these days.” You whispered to yourself just in time to receive a message bubble from him saying he’s arrived downstairs so you quickly grabbed your things and left, not forgetting to lock your front door.

    The moment you left your apartment complex, he was seen leaning against his parked jeep beside the pavement. He was in the same outfit as the one in his Instagram story post.

    Breathe Y/N. Breathe.

    The closer you got, you start to notice the accessories he wore. The silver chain bracelets on his right hand, the smart watch on his left hand, the simple necklace around his neck, the rings on some of his fingers, the dangling earring on one ear…

    Hwang Hyunjin, I swear…

    You’ve seen him with some of these accessories before but for some reason, today just hits you differently and you wonder why. Once you were about 5 steps away, he looked up to meet your eyes and soon, his own eyes disappeared into two crescent moons when he smiled at you.

    “Hey! You’re late.” He then pouted, jutting out his bottom lip.

    Damn it Hyunjin.

    “By like, 10 seconds…” You joked, to which he rolled his eyes but you knew he never meant it. He opened the door for you and even closed it for you before going to the driver's side. He pulled out of the parking space and drove off into the distance, allowing the sight of your apartment complex to get smaller and smaller in the side mirror.

    The journey to the ice skating rink wasn’t too far away as the ride consists of you two making jokes and laughing about random things. A day with him has never been a bore. You could literally go on and on about art without feeling tired or bored by it. Sometimes you would gossip about students in your class who tend to be slightly rude and egotistical towards you and Hyunjin whenever it comes to individual assignments.

    They always compare either one of your artworks to theirs and if you got better scores than they did, they would throw insults over at you or Hyunjin and would even go to the extent of sabotaging your artwork.

    It’s ridiculous.

    Minutes later, you finally arrived at the indoor skating rink. Both of you abandoned the vehicle and soon entered the building. There weren't many people around so that was good.

    Hyunjin and you went to the counter to rent your skating boots and also pay for the fees. Once you both, or well in this case, Hyunjin, had paid for all of it, you then made your way to the seats near the rink entrance. You weren’t good at ice skating so you didn’t know what to expect. However, Hyunjin claimed that he was an advanced ice skater and that he will guide you. All you want is for him to not make fun of you for you’re about to look like a baby giraffe learning how to walk when you’re on the ice.

    Despite knowing that would happen considering it’s Hyunjin, a part of you can’t seem to be mad if he does make fun of you. After all, you would definitely make fun of yourself anyways. With that being said, the two of you began to walk towards the entrance except you were lowkey struggling to walk in those boots. Hyunjin laughed as he turned around and asked, “Can you walk?”

    “Do you see me crawling?” You asked sarcastically but it only made him laugh even more.

    “You will be once we’re on the ice.”

    “I thought you said you were going to teach me?”

    “I will. I’m just gonna warn you that it won’t be easy though.” Hyunjin said as he steps onto the ice and soon glides backwards away from you with his hands behind his back. He skates in a figure 8 twice before coming back to find you just stuck frozen by the entrance.

    “How am I gonna teach you if you’re not gonna go on the ice?” Hyunjin cackles, clutching onto his stomach while he laughs.

    “What if I fall?”

    “You won’t.”


    “Come on Y/N! We don’t have all day! Let’s go.” He insists as he grabs your hand and drags in you, making you squeak. The moment both your feet are on the ice, your heart almost jumps out of your chest from how slippery it was. You nearly fell.

    Thankfully, Hyunjin was quick to wrap his other arm around your waist and maintained your balance. Your hands flew to his forearms as you heard him ask softly above you. His voice was genuinely concerned.

    “Are you okay?”

    To that, you glanced up to find him already staring down at you. You almost forgot how to speak from being so flustered by how close your face was with his.

    “Y-Yeah… I’m fine.” You replied quietly, all of which, Hyunjin nodded and slowly pulled away from you.

    The next few minutes were spent with you holding his hands throughout the entire rounds of skating in the rink. There were of course a few slips here and there but he was quick to catch you before you could faceplant the ice beneath you. An hour quickly went by and you could proudly say that you’ve barely succeeded in ice skating on your own. This would probably be the last time you try ice skating.

    You left the place after returning the boots, only to then head to an ice cream waffle cafe in town. Surprisingly enough, Hyunjin pays for the dessert too. He even rejects you when you try to give him money for your share of the sweet dessert.

    The only thing he said to you was, “It’s okay, my treat.” When he finally parked outside your apartment complex, he asked if he could walk you to your door.

    This was the first time he ever did this.

    Normally after you spend a day with him, be it from hanging out or on your way home from school, he would either just stay in his car and watch you leave or he would send you to the main entrance of your apartment complex on the days where he chose not to drive to school.

    So naturally, you said okay.

    You’ve known him for quite a while now, he was no longer a stranger. In fact, you could proudly refer to him as your friend at this point. Even so, neither of you has properly been to the other’s place before.

    And because of that reason alone, you wanted him to know that this is your way of indirectly telling him that you’re already comfortable enough to let him know exactly where you stayed. Hyunjin follows you as you lead the way, all the while chatting and keeping your conversation going. Once you made it to your door, you turned to him and saw a small little pout on his face.

    “This is my stop. Today was… interesting I would say.” You spoke up, earning a soft laugh from him before you continued, “Thanks for being patient with me in the rink though… and uh… sorry for squeezing your hands too hard. You have no idea how scared I was to not fall on my ass the entire time.”

    Hyunjin laughed as he throwed his head back, a little habit of his that you adore. Silence fell upon you for a few seconds until he spoke up.

    “I guess I shall leave you to rest then. Goodnight Y/N.” He said, but for some reason, you felt like doing something you’ve never done. So when he was about to walk away, that’s when you called his name softly to catch his attention. Hyunjin turns to face you with a slightly confused smile but still so soft and harmless as he hums in response.

    With that being said, you closed the gap between you two and soon wrapped your arms around his waist. This caught him by surprise but he actually liked it. So to avoid misunderstandings, Hyunjin swiftly wraps his arms around your shoulders and holds you close against his chest, letting you get a good whiff of his cologne. You stayed like that for a while, pulling away only when he did.

    You avoided his eyes for a brief second and you could already hear his little shy giggle.

    “Why did you suddenly wanna do that?” He asked innocently.

    “I… um… I’ve been having a bad week…” You said softly to which Hyunjin pouted and opened his arms again, gesturing for you to hug him. So you did. He wraps his arms around you again and it makes you feel so calm. He holds you for a few more seconds before pulling away to ask, “Feeling better now?”

    “Much better. Thank you.” You giggled, earning a ruffle of your hair by him.

    “Go rest. I’ll text you once I’m home.”

    “Okay… Drive safe…”

    “Will do. Goodnight Y/N.”

    “Goodnight Jinie.”

    “Alright class, I will be giving you an individual assignment. The due date will be at the end of next week. Today is what… Wednesday? You have 9 days to decide on what you want to do. The theme of this assignment will be to create an art piece of something that you love most. It can be an object, a person, a place, an animal, etc. I believe you all won’t disappoint me, yes?” Your professor said, in which everyone in the room responded with a yes.

    “Very well then. At the end of next week, please keep your canvases in an opaque bag. Your art work shall be kept hidden from everyone else’s view except for me. Is that clear?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Amazing. Class dismissed.”

    Sounds of brushes being kept, canvases being put away, sketchbooks being tossed into bags filled your ears as you too did the same. Just as you were keeping your things in your bag, Hyunjin spoke up to you, causing you to turn around.

    “Hey, I heard there’s a new art gallery opening downtown. Do you wanna go with me this Saturday?” He asked.

    “Art gallery? Hell yeah!” You beamed in excitement as he laughed at your reaction.

    “Great! I’ll pick you up at 2pm?”

    “Sure. Can’t wait!” You giggled while you two left the classroom. You were asking each other about what you planned on painting for the assignment, only for you to tease him by saying it’s a secret. You joked with him about painting a portrait of yourself holding a bagel in your hands and he laughed. You already had something in mind. You already knew what you wanted to draw. However, you’re not gonna tell him. It’s an individual assignment for a reason.

    But of course, that’s not the only reason why you didn’t want to tell him.

    Saturday rolls in and you made it a point to wear something nice today. Nobody said anything about it being a date. You don’t have to wear nice clothes for it to be a date. Apparently, Hyunjin has the same thought too. When he told you he was downstairs, you grabbed your things from the table and soon left your apartment to avoid keeping him waiting. Once you made it downstairs, you nearly lost your breath upon seeing his choice of clothing.

    He decided to wear a loose white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, shirt tucked into his denim skinny jeans along with a white cap. He wore a silver chain bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a few rings on some of his fingers.

    Hyunjin scans your outfit and almost immediately, a smile appears on his lips.

    “Don’t you look dashing.” He teased, to which you laughed.

    “I’d say the same for you.” You said as he opened his passenger door for you.

    After he got in, he soon drove off and you blasted your favourite songs in his car. The drive to the art gallery was quite a journey due to the weekend traffic but you still made it. There was a queue to enter the art gallery and only then did you remember…

    “Wait… We don’t have tickets to enter!” You panicked as you saw the main guy asking for tickets at the front of the line before allowing guests to enter the gallery exhibition. With that being said, Hyunjin fishes into his back pocket and pulls out two tickets casually and holds it in front of you.

    “That’s why I bought it beforehand.” He said, making your mouth hang agape.

    “When did you-”

    “Remember when I asked if you wanted to go here with me? I got the tickets the same day I asked. I knew it would sell out fast so I chose not to wait till the very last minute.” He explained.

    Whoever dates him will be the luckiest person on earth. How you wished it would be you.

    “Aww, Hyunjin ah… You didn’t have to. It must’ve been pricey, wasn’t it?” You asked but he simply shook his head and told you it wasn’t too expensive. Yet, you didn’t trust him because you knew art gallery entrance fees can reach up to 60 bucks sometimes. However, he reassured you saying not to worry about the ticket and just enjoy the exhibition with him.

    And that was exactly what you did.

    A few minutes later, you finally entered the gallery exhibition with him, instantly getting excited over the artworks on the wall. There was a whole variety of them.

    From abstract art, to fine art.

    Every time you entered a new part of the exhibition, you couldn’t help but gently grab his inner elbow and point to the art. At some point, Hyunjin would tell you to go check it out first and you saw him holding onto his film camera. So whenever he told you to go on first, you couldn’t bring yourself to get upset knowing he was probably busy taking photos of the art.

    You were just admiring an art piece when a flash of light appeared on the art you were looking at so you turned around to find Hyunjin standing a few feet behind you with the camera aimed at you.

    “Did you just take a picture of me?” You giggled in which he chuckled.

    “It looked nice so I just randomly snapped it. I hope you don’t mind.” He bashfully smiled at you, making you shake your head to tell him you were okay with him taking a picture of you. Afterwards, both of you walked side by side again, admiring and saying out your own creative opinions on each art you see. You were almost at the end of the exhibition, he was still walking beside you while he took pictures of the art.

    Just then, Hyunjin held onto your wrist and said, “Hey, let’s get one picture together.” You agreed to it as you asked where he wanted to take the picture. He made you choose and soon he approached a couple and asked for their help to take your picture.

    When Hyunjin came back to you, he stood beside you and you wondered what he would do. However, the minute you felt him snake an arm around your waist, your heart skipped a few beats.

    You turned to ask him how to pose for the picture but instead, you got slightly flustered by how close his face was with yours as he was already looking down at you. That’s when he smiled and whispered softly so that only you could hear, “Can I go closer?” With that being said, you simply nodded as he leaned down a little more and you couldn’t help but let the corner of your lips curve up.

    The moment you could feel his nose gently brush against his, you heard the sound of the camera click. He playfully nudged his head towards you, feeling his lips graze over yours briefly before he pulled away completely.

    Both of you left after he took his camera back, neither of you dared to acknowledge what happened earlier.

    Lucky for you, he didn’t act like he was awkward or anything so you didn’t as well. Similar to the other night when you went ice skating with him, he offered to walk you to your door. There were times where you would feel like his pinkie was brushing against yours and at one point felt like he wanted to lock pinkies with you.

    When you made it in front of your door, Hyunjin was the first to speak up.

    “I hope you had fun today, cause I definitely did.”

    “Any day with you is always fun.” You teased him in which you see the cute pink tints on his cheeks as he chuckled.

    “This might be random, but do you think I can get a hug before I go?” Hyunjin asked. You of course wanted it so saying no was never going to be an option. Instead of verbally responding to his question, you opened your arms instead for him. He laughed but nevertheless, took a few steps closer and soon wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

    You easily buried your face in his chest as you hugged him by the waist securely. This feels so comforting and warm, you wish you could stay like this forever. A few minutes later, he left not without saying goodnight and when he did, you couldn’t help but smile.

    You knew exactly what to do for your assignment that was due next week.

    Two weeks later, everyone’s artworks have been submitted to your professor for grading. Nobody knows what the other students drew. You were just sitting in your own spaces while everyone was busy chatting amongst themselves including you and Hyunjin when your professor walked in with a bright smile on his face.

    “Good morning class, I have already seen and marked your individual assignment. I must say, I am very impressed with all your works, especially 3 of you which I’m not going to say who it belongs to but I will show the art pieces.” He said as he soon took out a canvas from the opaque bag.

    Immediately, a group in the corner started cheering for the girl who was wearing that smug look on her face. The art was of beauty products and a picture of a girl who looks somewhat like herself. Clearly she loves herself and makeup more than anyone else.

    You quietly listened to your professor explain why this piece was his third favourite, only for Hyunjin to whisper to you, “That’s a little shameless if you ask me.”

    With that being said, you couldn’t help but giggle as you gently slapped his arm. A few minutes later, your professor kept the canvas and went to reach in for the second one as he spoke up.

    “Now this next one, is very simple but has a very meaningful touch to it I would say. Not only did this person include fine art, they also included a small bit of abstract art as well.” Your professor said as he soon took out the canvas.

    Almost instantly, you felt your breath hitch in your throat.

    It was your artwork.

    “As you all can see, this person clearly shows that they love art from all the art materials on the desk, the easel, the canvas, and the arm that belongs to the artist who is also painting a picture which shows an abstract art of a camera. So from this itself, I think this person loves art and photography. I think this is very good.” Your professor explained.

    Just when you thought you could get away from being exposed, Hyunjin decides to whisper to you. Something that you hoped he would never notice.

    “Is… that yours?” He asked, in which you couldn’t help but avoid his eyes.

    “No it’s not, what are you talking about?” You tried to lie but he could see right through you. Hence, the reason why he softly chuckled at you.

    “Liar… If that’s not yours, why aren’t you looking at me when you answer?” He asked, making you click your tongue and roll your eyes at him.

    “Oh hush.” You said as he laughed again and soon turned his attention back to your professor.

    Minutes passed, it was finally time for the last art. Your professor took the canvas out and you could’ve sworn you recognized the art. The art was mostly abstract but you could make out the picture to be someone standing in the middle while they’re looking at a huge art piece on the wall. The only reason why you recognized it is because you’ve seen this picture before.

    The original picture that this art piece was based on.

    So after your professor had finished explaining why this was his favourite one out of all of them, he kept all the artworks and soon continued with his teaching. All the while, you tried not to think about that art piece. Of course you know it was Hyunjin’s but you just don’t want to acknowledge it.

    With that being said, once your professor had dismissed you all, everyone began to keep their belongings. However, for some reason, Hyunjin and you seemed to be taking your own sweet time with keeping your stuff to the point where the rest of your classmates had already left. And not long after, your professor looked at you two and smiled.

    “Are you two not going for lunch?” He asked.

    “Uh… we’ll go in a bit, sir.” Hyunjin replied, to which your professor soon nodded and left.

    The moment it was just you and Hyunjin left in the room, the room fell silent for a few beats before you decided to acknowledge him.

    “You painted that?” You asked softly in which Hyunjin smiled shyly as he avoided your gaze but nonetheless answered your question.

    “Mhm… Do you hate it?” He asked quietly.

    “No… I actually loved it.” You said as he finally looked at you. His eyes were soft but you almost couldn’t read his expression.

    “The aim of this assignment was to create an artwork of something you love most… Then does that mean…” You whispered your last sentence, too afraid to speak louder. Hyunjin smiles as he carefully scoots closer to you and gently cups your face with one hand while the other holds your waist.

    “Do you need me to verbally confirm it?” He asked in a hushed tone. Your heart was racing in your chest but you wanted to hear it from his mouth so you nodded softly. Hyunjin smiled sweetly before he leaned in to leave his lips just an inch from yours.

    “I’m in love with you Y/N.” He whispers as you feel him caress your cheek with his thumb. Butterflies erupted in your stomach upon his confession and you could’ve sworn your heart skipped a few beats.

    “Good, because I think I’m in love with you too.”

    With that being said, he breaks into a wide smile as he captures your lips in a gentle kiss. It felt so surreal to kiss your best friend but hey, at least the feeling’s mutual. Your mind was swirling when you felt the corner of his lips curve into a smile against your lips. He hugs you closer while you melt in his arms. He pulls away softly, letting his forehead rest against yours while he caresses your cheeks.

    “I’m glad I met you that night in the supermarket.” He said, making you shyly giggle.

    “I was kind of surprised that you remembered me on your first day in class to be honest.”

    “How could I not remember the cute girl from the supermarket that was struggling to get the pancake box at the highest shelf?” Hyunjin teased you and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him playfully.

    “Now you’re just being a flirt, aren’t you?” You said, making him wink at you.

    “Is it working?” He asked.

    A soft scoff left your lips but you also laughed, causing him to capture you in a kiss. The kiss was playful but also sweet, something you knew that just radiates off him naturally for he is the sweetest yet playful boy you’ve ever met.

    You’re just lucky to have met someone who likes you for who you are and also appreciates art like you do.


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    Hyunjin's AOTM practice video

    🥟 : if i were to show what i've already done so far until now i probably won't be this nervous but it's also a challenge for me. i've never danced to a song that makes me this tired until now

    🥟 : really.. this is like.. dancing to thunderous 5 times

    *di.. di.. di.. di.. 😆

    *the sound effects 😁 so cute

    *hyunjin looks happy during dance practice.. he really enjoys the process. it makes me happy too


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    [22102021] AOTM BEHIND

    Hyunjin 💖

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  • they-said-this-i-was-there
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Jisung: Hyunjin, you're my best friend.

    Hyunjin: Best friend? BEST friend?! Bitch, I'm your only friend.


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    ~ Stray Kids Lockscreens ~

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    ~ Hyunjin Lockscreens ~

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    ~ Hyunjin Lockscreens ~

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    Choreo Record with HYUNJIN ♡
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    cute (≧ω≦)

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    my baby i miss you so much<|3

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    Hyunjin's AOTM interview, practice video, and behind the scenes & the reason hyunjin cut his hair

    🥟 : i didn't really want to do what people expected me to do. (i want to show that) i have this kind of strength and dances that i've developed to this point. i think i kinda wanted to challenge myself with something that can meet people's expectations

    🥟 : actually, the biggest reason to why i cut my hair is for artist of the month


    ▪️ Hyunjin said he's had long hair for a while and he wanted to bring a change, and while preparing for AOTM, he felt like he had already shown everything he could and when he thought about what he hadn't shown yet, he thought of his hair; he wanted to show a stronger side.


    *Mmm ... Okay 😢 bye longhair


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    hyunjin moodboard . . . 🗯🧿📚

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    Hyunjin, borderline sobbing: please just call it shampoo

    Jisung: hair soap

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    Hyunjin: I’m in love with you.

    Jisung: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, dork.

    Hyunjin: I know.

    Jisung: Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-

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