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    Partners in Crime (Changbin x fem! reader) (FBI/NIS AU) Chapter 1

    A/N: Just a quick note that this story is completely fictional! I'm not too familiar with the NIS of Korea, so it will be combined with my knowledge of the FBI to make things more entertaining for you, the reader.
    Warnings: Again, this story is completely fictional. It does not represent Stray Kids in any way and is purely for your enjoyment. With that being said, it contains depictions of death and weapons. There is also slight swearing.

    The aroma of strong coffee infiltrates my senses. Minho stirs the spoon in his mug and waits for the sugar to dissolve. "Did you get any sleep last night?" he asks, taking a sip. 

    "Actually, yes, for once in my life," I sigh. It was typical for the majority of us to get little sleep around here. We either work so often that we live off of 15 minute naps, or we're kept up by nightmares. The nightmares are quite prevalent in my life especially; the things we've seen aren't very pretty.

    He raises his eyebrows, impressed. "I did too." He takes another sip of coffee before Chan enters the break room. 

    "Good morning, lovelies."

    I smile and greet him. "Good morning, Chan!" Minho just rolls his eyes and mumbles what might be a "hello" of sorts. He has always wondered how Chan was in such a nice mood every morning...and I could never answer him.

    Finally, Felix rolls in to join us. "G'day everyone." We all smile and greet him back as he grabs his designated mug from the counter.

    "Y/N, have you finished putting the files from last week into storage?" Chan asks. 

    "Ugh, I finally did yesterday. This week has been a mess. Did you know some of the info was missing? I had to search everywhere since boss is so damn messy." 

    "Alright Y/N, don't get stressed. It's too early!" Felix chuckles, coming to lean against my table while his coffee cools on the counter. He lightly strokes my hair but is careful not to mess it up. 

    "It's never too early to be stressed when you're me," I mumble. 

    "She has a point." Minho smiles, raising his mug up like he's about to give a toast, then leaves the break room. 

    "When Minho starts his day, that means it's time for us to do the same," Chan says, hastily leaving the room. (Not before giving us a cute smile of course.)

    Now, I'm not one to be worried about starting work when Minho and Chan do, especially if we don't have an active case. If you think about it, do we ever really stop working in the first place? Not in my book. I rest my chin on my hand and watch Felix lazily as he goes to retrieve his drink. 

    "Hey, did you hear someone new transferred to our unit?" Felix asks, keeping his eyes on his mug while walking towards me.

    "No? Who told you that?"

    "Boss man was talking about it yesterday," he says casually. I immediately sit up straight. 

    "And when did he plan on telling us?"

    "Well, I'm not sure. I don't think I was meant to hear it."

    "You what?" I question, raising an eyebrow.

    "I overheard boss man talking about it on the phone yesterday when I was on my way to the bathroom. Let's just say I happened to be in the right place at the right time."

    "Oh brother." I roll my eyes and get up from the table. The thought of someone new taking part in our work is scary, though I'd hate to admit it to him. With an empty gaze, I pat Felix on the shoulder and set out to my cubicle. My desk has a small but cozy set up in...get this...the corner of the office. That makes it a good place to think, so I do just that as I take my seat. Someone new in the unit? Who could it be? "Felix talked as if the transfer had already occurred...why didn't the higher-ups tell us sooner?" I groan quietly, setting my head in my hands.

    You know what? I'm going to ask about it.

    I stand up and march over to the office of none other than my boss, who sits at his messy desk. Though always disorganized, he somehow knows where everything is.


    "Yes, Y/N?" He looks up at me from his seat. 

    "Word around here is that someone was transferred to our unit. Is this true?" I ask.

    Jaehyun looks almost amused by my confrontation. He twirls a silver pen between his fingers. "Yes. We just finished working it out yesterday." 

    As soon as he answers, my mind is jammed with stubborn ideas and concerns. I'm simply too consumed with worry. What if the new person throws off our task? If we don't work strategically together? What if—

    "Y/N." Jaehyun snaps me out of my thoughts. "I know how you are, so I know exactly what you're thinking. I think that all of you will work well together and that is why I allowed the decision for him to be here. There's a reason why he was transferred. He'll be good at this," Jaehyun says, reassuring me. It does make me feel a little bit better in the moment. 

    "Okay, thank you sir." I bow, the worry from my expression slightly dulling. 

    "Speaking of him, here he is," Jaehyun says, standing up and bowing at someone behind me. I turn to the door to see a handsome man in the doorframe. A man of short stature, but definitely no less intimidating than any other. His muscular build is visible through his button-down shirt. And upon further inspection, the first two buttons are undone...not typical for a work setting.

    Damn it. He's attractive.

    When I look back to Jaehyun, he catches my eyes and understands my expectancy to be introduced.

    "Y/N, this is Seo Changbin. He will be working with you and the rest of the team." 

    Changbin looks to me and bows politely. I return the manner, trying to keep my face void of my emotions. "It's nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you," he says. 

    "As do I," I respond, turning on my heels and nervously heading past him out the door.


    I didn't even think twice before my feet carried me over to Felix's desk. "He's here," I whisper, glancing around nervously before getting his attention. He looks up from his desk.

    "Who? Oh! Wait! What's his name? What did he say?" 

    "His name is Changbin. He said he was looking forward to working with us and I said that I was, too. Even though I'm actually really nervous about it." 

    "Changbin...cool! I'll go greet him. Maybe we—" Felix starts to stand up excitedly, but I quickly grab him before he can go anywhere.

    "Noooo, please don't be the first to greet him. He'll think we're crazy if he meets you first," I plead.

    "Hey, I'm not crazy! Plus, you already met him first. So he already thinks we're crazy." He pats my head and starts towards Jaehyun's office. All I can do is sigh and return to my own desk.


    Not even an hour later, we catch news of the new case we'll be working on. Jaehyun calls us into the meeting room to inform each of us about it. Changbin, Chan, Felix, and Minho file in through the door one after another. By the way they're talking, I assume that the rest of the boys had met Changbin earlier along with Felix.

    After the door is shut by Minho, Jaehyun clears his throat and begins to feed us information. "There have been two homicides in Hongdae in the past two weeks. We think that they're connected due to similarities at the crime scenes, but we don't have a trace of DNA to test."

    I skim over the file of the first murder out of the two. The cops that had been at the crime scene had started to create a profile, but the information could change once we gain more knowledge. "In Hongdae? At 3 AM? Wow, there are a lot of people around there at night. How come there were no witnesses?" I question. 

    Jaehyun gives me a look of defeat. "I have no idea. But I need you all to focus. Two murders in two weeks is quite fast. We need to work as best as we can before someone else is affected."

    We all nod as our boss moves some papers around the table in a stressed manner. I take some time to look through the files with the others, eager to solve the new mystery. It looks like the victims were both male, in their twenties, and in the entertainment industry? I mean, a possible motive could be jealousy. Two attractive young men in the same general career field. One was a manager and producer of a small band, and the other, a radio host.

    The first murder occured at 2:59 AM. The second was eight days later, estimated to be around 3:46 AM. So, both early Saturday morning. We could probably check CCTV footage for anyone suspicious in the area.

    The autopsy results of both victims concluded that the cause of death was a lethal dose of cyanide in their systems. Millions of possibilities run through my mind. The way I think about it, we could be looking for a woman. A small female that can't physically conquer these men? A smart move is drugging. It also allows her minimal contact. But it couldn't have been a pill, could it? They most likely didn't voluntarily ingest anything dangerous. Perhaps the suspect slipped it into a drink or meal. Most reasonably a drink, with the time they would have for the cyanide to kill the victim she wouldn't be able to drag them out of a restaurant per say. My ideas start to create dead ends.

    After looking into the cases and sharing thoughts, I propose that we start with the CCTV footage. "I'll watch it," Changbin volunteers, standing from his seat. 

    Jaehyun hums in approval. "Y/N, accompany Changbin and look into footage of the first victim. Chan and the others can do thorough background checks and find social connections. Dismissed." He turns to leave the room. 

    "J—" I don't even have time to protest before he's out the door. Why would he make me go with Changbin? He couldn't have made Chan to go with him? I swear if I have to put up with this everyday, I'll quit. 

    "Bye Y/N, bye Changbin! Good luck!" Felix says, dragging Minho and Chan through the door frame. At this moment I wish I could just melt into the floorboards and disappear. Letting out a sigh, I stand up and adjust my clothing. 

    "Let's go newbie," I say, leading the way out the door.

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    hyunjin... wait hwang hyunjin?!!! ૮₍ ˃̵ࡇ˂̵ ₎ა 

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    #binniesthighs 💌 #binniesthighs hard hours #skz hard hours #stray kids hard hours #hwang hyunjin smut #hyunjin smut#cutie anons
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    yall this picture gives off “senior captain takes a picture with all-star junior” in like some football team or sumn 😩❤️
    #hyunjin looks so fine im like buffering rn #stray kids#bang chan#hwang hyunjin #skz bang chan #skz hyunjin #stray kids imagine #skz imagines#skz imagine
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    ‘i hope my voice reaches to that star’


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    "𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬 𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘦."💕



    Hwang Hyunjin 💝


    •Christmas. The season of greetings. Hyunjin just entered the chaotic household after a walk in the mild snow. He dusted the snow off his coat and hung it behind the door, before excusing himself to go in the kitchen and make some hot coco for himself, whilst seeing the antics his brothers were pulling on each other. With the mug in his hand, he took a seat on the sofa, staring at his brothers, smiling.

    Smiling to the extent that his cheeks were hurting.

    Han was playing around with Jeongin, Minho was as usual, disturbing Seungmin, Changbin was minding his own business, and Chan was merrily eating the new brownies that Felix tried.

    "Yah hyung, keep some for us too!"yelled Jeongin, who now ran towards the duo, Seungmin tailing behind him. Soon, the rest were chasing Chan around the dorm to get some of the brownies. Seeing his brothers playing around and smiling made him realize that he can't stay without them for even an hour. He smiled looking at the 'lovestay' cup in his hand, and then his brothers.

    "It's good to be back home."

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    Hyunjin ~ "NOEASY" Thunderous Trailer

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    [210725] [1:47 AM] 🦙

    Are you sleeeepingg?


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    felix: there’s something so right about sitting on the kitchen counter

    hyunjin: yeah, that’s where the snacks belong

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    What sex with Hyunjin is like (Categories)

    Aftercare - So with him being the sweetheart that he is,I feel like he’d wipe you down with whatever soft item was close to him, or he would go grab a warm towel or something. Afterwards I am sure he likes being affectionate, like having a sweet cuddle session or you two would go showering together. If he went a little rougher during the deed I feel like he would run a bath for you two, he would also bring some drinks, snacks and candles (even if you fall asleep on his chest in less than 10 minutes, mostly).

    Body part - His hands, he would use them to muffle you from crying out his name while he fucks you backstage or in your parents house. Maybe it‘s also because, oh, how good his fingers feel for you when they dance along your clit till you cum all over his cock/hands.

    Cum- >>CUM SHOT<< He feels so turned on by the thought of taking you raw and spilling his cum inside you. It looks, oh, so beautiful and messy when it runs out of your little hole onto the bedsheets. He would love it cause it’s a way of him marking you as his, he finds it such intimate to cum inside you. It would make him feel emotionally and physically more connected to you. I also feel like he’d be into cum play, weather that would be yours or his. He doesn’t strike me as one of those guys that’s turned off at the idea of tasting himself.  He’d enjoy sitting between your thighs watching his cum just ooze out of you, swirling it around his fingers before pushing it back into your little hole. “I want you to walk around all day with my/Opps cum dripping out of your pretty little pussy, can you do that for me baby? (Can you be a good girl for me?)” He’d fucking love tasting you, this man partially lives between your thighs.I also feel like he’s very vocal when he comes, a lot of grunts and throaty moans, while he bites down on any and every inch of skin he can reach. When you come, he won’t let you hide your face with your hands, he wants to see your orgasm washing over your body.

    Experience- This man could fuck you into next week. It‘s just something about the way he carries himself…as if he knows he could fuck you up in any and every way you’d want him too. Favourite Position- Missionary or you on your back with your legs on either side of his shoulders..any position where he can thrust deep into your pussy. He got that kind of hip-thrust, where he’s damn near to cutting off your airflow every time he rolls his hips against you. I also feel like he’d probably love it when you sit on his lap, but he’d still be a power bottom, guiding your hips to move on his cock at the pace he’d prefer.

    Intimacy: I feel like he could turn anything into a vibe..turn any situation into one where you‘re begging him to fuck you. Weather he’s fucking you, or making love to you, he’ll leave an impression strong enough to give you something to get yourself off to every night.

    Jack Off - Oh him and his right hand are besties…he strikes me as someone with a high sex drive so sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. He wouldn‘t be be shy about it either, he’d do it infront of you. Weather that be on purpose or you just happened to walk in on it….

    Location- The idea of getting caught/ someone watching would be such a turn on for him….but ideally probably his bed/ a hotel so the two of you can do whatever you want and be as loud as you want.

    Motivation- Innocently playing with his hair, only to take a firm grip at the strainds of hair at the nape of his neck. The sting immediately  reminding him of his head being buried between your thighs. Sexting…DIRTY TALK, DIRTY TALK, DIRTY TALK. Tease this man, sit on his lap…whisper in his ear that for some reason your aren’t wearing any panties, grind against his lap….Slide his fingers under your dress to let him feel how wet you are….He lowkey has a praise kink, he really gets on on pleasing you..it strokes his ego watching you fall apart for him,..loving the control he has over your body…be vocal with him, let this man know how good he feels.


    -Cum play


    Oral - Both, he’d take his time with you though, slowly letting his tongue explore every inch of your pussy before sucking your clit between those pouty lips of his. Humming out from how good you taste while his stealthy fingers were being sucked in by your heat. He also loves overstimulation, oh your crying for him to stop? >>Perfect let me just latch my arms around your thighs and bury my face even deeper into your pussy<<, “Stop trying to move away from me, you can handle this..give me another one baby..”  That would be the only hit of Submissiveness with him, when he’s between your thighs this man is aiming to please… He’ll give you whatever you want. Nothing gets him going more than the sound of you coming.

    Pace - I feel like, if he’s horny enough, he won’t be the sweetheart he usually is. But if he’s in the mood for soft sex, he can also go slow and deep, in my mind I feel like his preference is somewhere in the middle..but in all honesty it would depend on what you want.

    Quickie - Again high sex drive so fuck yes to a good quickie..how often? As often as your willing to give it to him. If it’s early and your tired he’d have no problem taking care of the both of you. Either Missionary or spooning. Honestly probably spooning because then he’d have better access to your back and your clit while he rolls his hips into you.Moaning out against the nape of your neck,in his husky morning voice  how warm and wet your pussy feels…

    Stamina: I feel like he’s the type to want you guys to both get yours…chill for a minute then round 2 and 3 and etc. Not necessarily always in the mood to try and hold out forever and a day to cum, he’d rather let you come and slide back in after your pussys already dripping, pulsating,sensitive and swollen. I also feel like he bounces back quickly. Meaning if he ever came to quick and he stayed in you and you guys were making out it wouldn’t take long for him to get hard again.

    Toys: He’d be the type to get you a vibrating dildo or a hitachi, for your needs, when he’s away.

    Unfair- Oh yes, this guy is a tease. He would spent so much time edging you until you cry and whine out his name, begging him to finally let you cum.

    Volume- I feel like he’s not very vocal but you can expect a lot of deep groans and gravely moans..I feel like he swears a lot to when he’s fucking. He’s a groaner…even when he’s speaking to you “God baby you feel so good, so fucking good”. As we all know he’s very good at playing with the animation in his voice, so he can add different tones depending on what you like…sometimes even a hint of neediness here and there. NOT saying he’d fake anything, he’d just alter the way he talks to you depending on what get’s you going…

    Wild Card - He’s the type to get the two of you worked up everywhere. Sometimes you even end up all over each other in the backseat of his car.

    X-Ray - I see him being somewhere between casual and long, with a perfect curve upwards on his shaft that let’s his tip rub with every thrust of his hips up against your g-spot.

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