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    22.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #aph china #eugh i need to revamp my Official college au for these guys #yao will still be running a restaurant but he's also doing 230948309 billion side jobs as usual #roshan's gonna be a ta #grad school woohoo #i still don't know where to put india in my very old au; originally he was gonna be a ta and iran was gonna be in grad school but hmmmmmmmm #hws china#musings#aph india#hws persia#aph persia#hws india#headcanon musings#indchuran#aph iran#hetalia #hetalia college au #college au#hws iran#friendly-neighbourhood-desi#ask musings
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    #man's running in the opposite direction the minute anyone mentions familial relations hahahahaha #aph india#hws india #aph 2p india #hws 2p india #answered #hetalia ask blog #artists on tumblr #anon ji#kunal#bharat #did i mention that kunal is the only one who has had therapy in their group- #funnily enough our diplomatic relations with other countries are great but when it comes to majority of our neighbours hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴圆缺,此事古难全. // humans experience sorrows and joy, unite and depart; the moon dims and brightens, waxes and wanes; so it has always been since ancient times.
    — Su Shi, 水调歌头 (Water Melody)

    -> wang yao as the moon

    Part of a space AU co-created with @luyous; ask me for picture sources! Click for better quality. Translation by me.

    #couldn't find any good pictures of yao faceclaims being glowy and silvery bright so this is really just yao as chang e rip #I HOPE I HAVE ENOUGH MOTIVATION TO DO INDIA AND IRAN #aph china#hws china#aesthetic musings #aph china aesthetic #hetalia aesthetic#musings#hetalia#aph#hws #hws china aesthetic #hetalia aesthetics#aesthetic#moon #space au: the sun moon and stars
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    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    India and Pakistan doodles because they’re the dynamic duo

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  • mysticalmusicwhispers
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    lovers’ dreams

    Summary: “A day fit for a spring dream.” And then he kisses Roshan, and they become lost in each other.

    Characters: India (Aditya), China, Iran/Persia (Roshan, genderfluid). Human names used. Indran, Churan, and Indchu for ships!

    Notes: 100% distilled surrealism! This was supposed to be a writing exercise that ran away from me rip. There are many footnotes that explain Many things. Enjoy!

    also on AO3! (there are bonus thoughts and explanations there for anyone who’s interested or slightly confused 😅. everything necessary for you to understand the story is here too but I ramble about my thoughts going into the piece on AO3 lol)


    The willow’s drooping branches hide Yao’s face like a beaded curtain, a bride’s sheer red veil. The spring breeze snakes through the tree, and the sound of wedding suona—sorna rings through the silence. A flutter of phoenix wings brushes past their ear, a whisper on the wind. Roshan walks languidly until they are in front of Yao; it takes a minute—it takes a month. Yao’s face is sharp and his eyes glint, like the jade in his belt. But the kiss is soft when they take his lips in theirs, and it tastes of the rose’s tender petals. The clean sweetness of flowers is warm against Roshan’s face and the fragrance of tea drifts into their nostrils. 

    Yao pulls away, and Roshan opens their eyes to polished jade thorns sprouting up from the earth around them—crisp green, sharp-tipped; elegant, dangerous. So these are the fruits of our love. It is fitting. They lean to kiss Yao again, and this time, a laugh peals through the air when they part. It is not Roshan’s, and it isn’t Yao’s. But it is clear as spring water and tinkles like a bell, a joyous sound, and it makes Yao smile—a smile that is gentle, calculating; sweet, dangerous. A copper coin hides in the corner of his lips. “A day fit for a spring dream.” And then he kisses Roshan, and they become lost in each other.

    When Roshan opens their eyes again, Yao is gone. They are standing in nothingness, a shell of a dream. A liminal plane. A wedding song echoes in the empty space, loud and cheerful, although there are no musicians to be seen playing the dohol, the sorna. Then sprung from the air, a mirror of fate, Aayeneh-ye Bakh, with its customary candelabras flanking it, and with their dots of golden light—miniature suns, sparkling stars. Its face shimmers, clear and gleaming: a pond on a full moon night—and in it, Yao stands, his reflection bright, splendid robes shimmering like gold scales and fine silk. Roshan reaches out a hand, and pulls him into a kiss.

    “Welcome back, my dear.”


    It is sunset, and a chill brushes past Yao’s shoulders and winds through his hair. The sky burns red, and fork tongued flames lick at the sun. A world bathed in fire, on the cusp of night. A lotus pond sits before him, and a figure is at its edge—Aditya, adorned in gold, the perfect figure of a prince. He, a dream of glittering palaces and beady emeralds, bright against the glow of the setting sun, sharp against the bloody sky. He holds a lotus blossom out, and Yao takes it. It is pure, tender in his calloused hands. A drop of blood drips from a petal. He lets it float into the water, and Aditya watches with him as the peach pink petals drop before their eyes—the lotus head balloons, then falls with the weight of seeds; it withers, a shell of its fruit. Divine beauty is short lived—seasons turn with the winds of change.  

    Aditya loops an arm around him, bare skin on bare skin, the warmth of the sun hanging around them like a curtain. Their lips meet. The kiss is long, and lingers even after Yao pulls away; it is slightly bitter, but how could it not be? Aditya’s eyes are like black tea, and Yao tastes acrid lily bulbs. The sky has faded into burnt orange, the aftermath of a blaze. Autumn leaves fall from ginkgo trees, golden yellow, bright with memories of the past. Aditya closes his eyes, and Yao watches him sink into a dream.

    The scene shifts before his eyes. The lotus pond morphs into a giant chessboard, and they are on opposite sides. Aditya plays white. Cream colored pawns meet chocolate brown knights, and they watch as kings rise and fall, as steady as the spinning of the world. Chariots race and elephants trumpet; the cavalry fight with long swords and bows, and the peasants use polearms, raised fists. Yao meets Aditya’s eyes, warm but gleaming with an ambition that has never gone away. He nods to his neighbor to the west, to his rival, lover, partner, equal. Aditya smiles.

    “So we meet again.”


    It is afternoon, and the sun is warm on his face. Roshan sits on a bench in the courtyard, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, a pomegranate in the other. Aditya nestles into their side, and they give him a feather light cheek kiss, gift him a wisp of air. They hold out the pomegranate, offers it, and Aditya takes a bite. Roshan takes the other half. They watch as the fruit regrows, seeds become jewels, glittering rubies in folds of red fabric. Roshan holds one up to the light with a critical eye. They spread tawny wings, amber eagle eyes alight with the pride of the past present future. A lion and the sun. The wings disappear—a trick of the light, reality fallen away. Then they hold up the cup of coffee.

    “For you.” Aditya smiles, and offers a cup of black tea in return.

    We have shared many things, and fought over equally many. How will it be in the future? He takes a sip, and falls through the cup.

    A cemetery of swords surrounds them, a memory of things gone by. Afternoon sunlight filters through the trees, winds into Roshan’s hair. Idly peaceful. Flowers sprout through the earth; wither; climb up the rusted metal once again. A vine of roses twists around the hilt of a ceremonial spear, supple and full against cool, glinting steel. The leaves flicker, green yellow dead green again. Its blossom is still fresh red, like passion, like their love, pooling around them like a million memories, a still night in the river of time. Aditya looks at Roshan, different yet the same, a reflection of what they once were. Familiar, always, despite the changing tides and shifting dreams.



    this part might actually be longer than the fic itself rip 😔 reminder that there’s extra rambling on ao3 lol

    Suona/sorna: suona (唢呐) is a traditional wind instrument often played at wedding and funeral processions in northern China! (also used in Southeast China + Taiwan) It’s very loud and has a super brassy sound, but personally I think it sounds alright! The instrument came from Central Asia and is also used at weddings in Iran (where it’s spelled sorna/sarna), where it’s played with a dohol, a large cylindrical drum.

    Phoenixes: wedding imagery in China, where a dragon symbolizes the groom and the phoenix the bride. There’s also an analogue to the phoenix in Persian mythology, a simurgh, which is a benevolent creature that is said to purify the land, roosts in the Tree of Knowledge, and apparently has seen the world be destroyed 3 times. Can symbolize healing, divinity, wisdom, and life. (the simurgh symbolism doesn't have much relevance to the fic but I thought it was incredibly interesting to read about lol)

    Spring dream: very loosely referencing the Chinese phrase 一场春梦 (yi chang chun meng), which literally translates to an episode of a spring dream. It means the feeling that past predictions or events were actually totally wrong and fruitless, like you expected something (probably really good), but then woke up to reality not being up to your expectations? I can’t translate 😔

    Mirror of Fate: In traditional Iranian weddings, a large, elaborate table with flowers and food and different spices is set up (sofreh aghd). A mirror of fate and 2 candelabras are also placed in the center of the table. The mirror represents how fate brought the bride and groom together, and the candelabras represent light and fire. The mirror is there so that when the groom looks into it, the first thing he should see is his betrothed's reflection.

    Lotus blossoms: in China and India and many other parts of Asia, lotuses represent purity (they grow from dark mud but the flowers are pure white/pink), the divine, elegance, spiritual promise, the good part of humanity. so, a lotus with a drop of blood in Yao’s hands would be interesting.

    Lily bulbs: this is purely self projection but lily bulbs (baihe) are used in Chinese medicine and I despise them. They're not super bitter but they taste starchy, bland, and off. Also lilies and lotuses are pretty similar and I thought that would be interesting :>

    Chess: idk if I need a note for this but chess originated as an Indian game called Chaturanga and spread over to China and Iran, among many other places in Asia.

    Tea and Coffee: nothing really special about this besides that Iranians Really Like tea. Decided to make India drink coffee instead for contrast; realistically he’d also be drinking tea lol

    Eagle eyes: the Iranian/Persian symbol of the Faravahar, from Zoroastrianism has wings that are supposed to be eagle wings (I think? correct me if it’s just unspecified). You’ve probably seen it; it depicts a man with spread wings, half kneeling in a side view. Nowadays it’s also a symbol of Iranian culture, history, and national pride, besides being representative of Zoroastrianism.

    Rose: national flower of Iran, and obv I don’t need to explain the other rose connotations. Also I’ve fully adopted the hc that Roshan and all their stuff smells like roses so that’s there too.

    Lion and the sun: getting lazy with the explanations, but the short version is that it was a very important Iranian national symbol for many reasons, moreso tied to the state than culture (imo); it was also on the national flag up till the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Although I’m still debating how much Roshan is associated with the state, I also think sun and lion imagery fits them (glory, golden days, pride and courage). It’s super interesting, go search it up if you wanna read more!

    This whole fic was somewhat inspired by this one, and the indchu bit was also somewhat inspired by this fanart.

    If you made it down here, you have all my gratitude. Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading <3

    #fic musings #the three sections *can* represent specific historical time periods; even if it's very vague; however my original intention was to just have #them kiss in a surrealist painting's landscape; so you can really read it however you want. there are more thoughts on ao3 tho! :> #aph india#aph china#aph persia#musings#aph iran#hws india#hws china#hws persia#hws iran#indran#indchu#churan#hetalia fanfiction#hetalia#aph#hws#hetalia fanfic#hetalia fic #aph china fic #aph india fic #indran fic#indchu fic#churan fic
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    oh to be a school student telling my parents that i need a map of india for a project, at 10 pm.

    #i hated sst so much i forgot the map work till the last possible minute lmao #brought the map in the morning and did the hw in class after that #avi says random bs #desi tag#desiblr#india
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    17.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    india and indonesia is the unexpected brotp that could exist, I mean they have a lot of influence from each other and their personalities are compatible af lmao

    #hws#hetaliaworldstars #hima give us india chap pls I am begging you
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    16.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Modi abhisar sharma ajit anjum lallantop newsclick aajtak ndtv ravish kumar primetime live tv hw news india tv abp news dhruv rathee bjp con
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    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Drafting Hetalia Nations' Personal Religions

    (this isn't set in stone atm, and it's subject to change. I'm just experimenting at the moment with the knowledge i have)

    I have made this list through assessing: 1) population majority faiths, 2) governing faith/s, 3) cultural influence of outsiders, and 4) the personality of each personification here!


    North Italy/Venice: Pre-Schism Christianity -> Roman Catholicism [devoted]. Influenced by other traditions via trade [specifically from Islam and Orthodox Christianity].

    South Italy/Naples: Shadows of Roman Paganism -> Pre-Schism Christianity -> Roman Catholicism [devoted]. Influenced by a strong Sunni Islamic presence in his region.

    Spain: Ancient Celtic Paganism -> Ancient Canaanite Paganism -> Roman Paganism and Early Non-Uniform Christianity -> Pre-Schism Christianity -> Roman Catholicism -> Islam -> Roman Catholicism [chill about it].

    France: Ancient Celtic Paganism -> Roman Paganism in public, Celtic Paganism at home -> Early Non-Uniform Christianity -> Pre-Schism Christianity -> Roman Catholicism -> Enlightenment Philosophy with Cultural Catholicism [religion is not a big part of his everyday life].

    England: Anglo-Saxon Paganism with Celtic Cultural Influences -> Pre-Schism Christianity -> Roman Catholicism -> Anglicanism -> Roman Catholicism -> Anglicanism -> Roman Catholicism -> Anglicanism -> .... Anglicanism? -> Occultism -> New Age Faiths -> Pagan Reconstructionism with Neo-Pagan Influences [modern witchcraft is a big part of everyday life].

    Scotland: Ancient Celtic Paganism -> Catholicism -> the Kirk [Protestant/Presbyterianism].

    Norway: [I don't know enough, might change]. Old Norse Religion -> Roman Catholicism -> Lutheranism -> Christian with an interest in Occultism [magic plays a big role in everyday life! England was one of the few who first introduced him to Christianity, yet they still do magic together].

    Denmark: [might change] Old Norse Religion -> Roman Catholicism -> Lutheranism -> Agnostic Theism.

    Sweden: [might change] Old Norse Religion -> Roman Catholicism -> Lutheranism -> [???].

    Finland: [might change] Finnish Paganism -> Roman Catholicism -> Lutheranism [Influenced by Orthodox Christianity and some Baltic traditions].

    Russia (my beloved): Early Orthodox Christianity with Slavic Pagan Influences -> Old Believer Faith -> Slow Adherence to Modern Orthodox Christianity -> Marxism -> Orthodox Christianity [devoted].

    Poland: Slavic Paganism -> Roman Catholicism [had to hide faith in USSR days, and used it as a revolutionary tool near its end].

    Prussia (another of my beloved): DEVOTED Catholicism -> Lutheran Reformer -> Prussian United -> Self-defined modern Lutheran, although technically a Non-Denominational Protestant [religion is everything to this man].

    Germany: Brought up following Prussia's faith -> Torn about reconnecting with Roman Catholicism as his heart wishes, for the sake of not hurting who raised him [poor bby ;( follow your truth sweetie Gil will still love u].

    Austria: Judaism -> Judaism at home, Catholicism in public -> modern-day, back to public Judaism [still deciding a sect, leaning towards Reform, maybe].

    Hungary: ???redacted?? Paganism -> Roman Catholicism -> Protestantism -> Roman Catholicism. Influenced by substantial interactions with Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Lutherans and Orthodox Christians, so she's got a lot of really interesting unique personal rituals and traditions.

    Greece: [when do people headcanon him to be born?] Pre-Schism Christianity -> Orthodoxy.

    Turkey: Sunni Islam. Has never wavered from this, although personal interpretations have evolved [see the actions of Ataturk as example].

    India: Ancient Vedic Religion/s -> Brahmanism -> Faith influenced by Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta, and Smarta traditions [umbrella term known in the West as 'Hinduism'].

    China: Religions of the Ancient Chinese Pantheon -> With added Daoism/Confucianism/Legalism and some Buddhist influence -> Marxism -> He says he's not sure anymore. But he still prays to the gods of his ancient pantheon for good fortune, so there's something deeply spiritual within his heart.

    Japan: Ancient Shintoism -> Chinese and Korean [Mahayana] Buddhism -> Nara, then Heian, along with Zen Buddhist influences -> Modern day, he's a cultural Shinto/spiritually Buddhist mix. When Westerners ask him he says he's an atheist because he thinks the question is 'do you believe in the Christian God?' and the answer to that is 'no'.


    getting long so i'll stop here. feel free to share your thoughts!

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    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ⇝ Pottertalia Au ⇝ (Actually more a Hetawarts Au) Here we are with the second part and I must remind you that it was really difficult to find names in the fanon, you know?, I generally accept suggestions about names but in this post in special if someone has something to say about the names, definitely do it. I would be very happy to receive help! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Part II: (Electives) & (Support staff) ... (Electives) Head of Slytherin & Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. Germania- Henning Beilschmidt. He is quiet, brutal, honest, someone not very expressive and not so good with words, however he is a very loving father, although his relationship with his children is complex, especially with Gilbert, because deep down his son has a certain resentment againt him cause he neglected them during his divorce.

    He is patient and tolerant of people but is usually somewhat taciturn and coercive in the way he teaches him. Henning is usually a teacher who likes order and discipline, although because of the subject he teaches he likes strong-willed students and does not enjoy lazy or fearful people, so at the beginning of the year he usually has a couple of dangerous classes and brutal inviting weak students to abandon his subject.

    His favorite students are Matthew & Scott, who have an unusual ability to deal with magical creatures. He likes Matthew for being orderly and very intelligent, he usually tries to support him to put aside his shyness, because he believes that without that he will be unstoppable. With Scott he is surprised by how relaxed and rebellious he is, although many other teachers consider him a very responsive lazy,a Henning likes his honesty and sees in him the potential of a powerful wizard. Professor of Arithmancy. India- Neeraja Patel. One of the youngest and most pleasant teachers, he is polite, pleasant, mischievous, daring and crazy at times, he is good at being discreet and he is a hard worker, as well as being a very skilled magician and a genius in his subject.

    He usually leaves long and complex assignments, he is disciplined and his classes are usually silent, even so he is admired among students, because they learn a lot in his classes and he usually encourages them to make an effort. Arthur appreciates and admires him but Gilbert & Ludwig & Kiku are actually his favorite students, because they have a natural gift for Arithmancy.

    Professor of Divination. Ancient Egypt- Cleo Hassan. Cleo is mysterious and interesting, she is intelligent, charming, some think that she can be a very strict and somewhat scary teacher but they cannot deny the admiration they feel for her, in fact there is a group of students who are her fans and they usually help her with small tasks.

    Her favorite student is Feliks, who in her opinion is the only one with a future in divination. She is very good friends with the headmistress Helena.

    Professor of Study of Ancient Runes. Scandinavia- Sigurd Lodbrok. (No chibi in the image and no design). A very talkative man, with a mysterious aura, he is a friendly teacher with a serious and tough appearance, he sometimes rambles in his classes, leaves many tasks and is severe. He is an excellent leader and is able to control the most rebellious and crazy students, his favorite students are: Mikkel, Lukas, Tino and Berwald, who show great interest in his subject, something that he really appreciates, because many consider it boring. Professor of Muggle Studies. Genoa- Angelo Ricci. A somewhat arrogant teacher with a mischievous humor, he likes students who decorate their notes and are generally attentive, he knows that his subject is not attractive to many, that is why he tries to show very interesting Muggle objects to his students, from the internet many have shown a sudden interest in his subject. Referee and Flight Instructor. Croatia- Marko Horvat. Sometimes he is someone carefree, laid back, disheveled and untidy looking but when he is in a good mood he is someone full of energy, very determined and attractive, he really loves Quidditch matches and feels a great admiration for each team, although he undoubtedly enjoys of the matches between Hufflepuff vs any other house because they are a very fierce team. (Support staff)

    Healer. Ukraine- Sonya Braginsky. She is very affectionate and maternal, she is understanding and affable but when she wants to, she can be fearsome, she is very good at her job, she has nerves of steel and the ability to remain calm and in control in the face of horrible incidents that many astonish. It is known that she fled an abusive home and took her younger siblings with her to save them of a bad life, she gets along well with most people although she can be somewhat reserved. Librarian. Czech- Tereza Novakova. Tereza can be haughty, serious, patient and very hard-working, when she focuses on achieving something nothing stops her, she is pleasant and gets along well with most of the teachers, it is known that she likes literature, especially the romantic one although it is a guilty pleasure. She has a strange relationship with the caretaker, they seem to get along, it is rumored that they went out together for a while, however it seems that it did not work, they they keep their friendship.

    Caretaker. Slovakia- Jozef Horváth. He is someone very tolerant and patient, although messy and irresponsible, yet he is very insistent and tries to do a good job, although with Peeves around his task is very complicated, however he has the necessary skills to survive his position with great courage. He is still in love with Tereza.

    Gamekeeper. Magyar- Ferenc Héderváry. (No chibi in the image and no design). A curse-Breaker who traveled for many years in Europe, his wife, is missing and does not know why he works at school, he is someone serious and cold. He teach to Erzsébet combat techniques and self-defense, he is clumsy to say his emotions and he has some retrograde ideas, he is usually quite calm and unflappable, he spends most of his time in the forbidden forest.

    He dislikes Scott Kirkland because he has sneaked into the forbidden forest late at night many times, Ferenc has sinister suspicions about this very particular student.

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    11.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The Tea Club TM

    Forget the division of the world in East and West, North and South. One actual and very prominent one is between tea and coffee. Hence The Tea Club TM

    Ironically enough, it was Russia and China that founded the whole thing. Ironic because it wasn’t and still never is a friendly gathering between friends. It was a get-together between two hostile neighbours with tensions palpable and just being semi-nice to each other because both sides could profit more from making peace than waging war. Tea time was therefore a time where they could lay aside differences, passive-aggressively sniping at each other or also musing about philosophy, literature and much more.

    Over the years, many more nations have joined the club.

    Iran and India are both regulars here and are very welcome because both Ivan and Yao have good connections to them. Neeraja is more of the calm sort that causes the conversation to go in the direction of mathematic much to Ivan’s delight and Yao’s aguish. Drinks his tea heavily spiced. Yao sometimes drinks chai as a form of courtesy, but would rather stick to his own tea rituals. India knows this.

    While Darya is also very old, she is more of a whirlwind type of person compared to the other elder nations. Especially in the present day, she is heavily involved in politics, in such ways that cause tensions to be continuously high. As such, she is a sort of unregular regular of the club. When she does attend, then the rumour mill starts spinning wildly. Tends to give out fruit candies along with tea. She has the habit of holding a candy or a sugar cube in her mouth while drinking tea.

    She also sees to it that she invites Morocco whenever she can. While Samira is of a more composed demeanour, her entertainer persona comes out when it comes to having tea. Yao doesn’t approve of antics such as pouring tea from over a metre in height and Kiku is mortified by how sweet her tea is. However, they all do agree that mixing mint with green tea is very refreshing.

    Sometimes, Yemen also attends, and the others don’t agree on whether to dread his visits or look forward to them. At least, when he does attend, they make sure he doesn’t make the tea. Because he his brew is so high on caffeine, that it leaves most of them with jitters.

    Vietnam sometimes pops by with her strong preference for green tea made out of fresh leaves. Warry of Yao as she is, she still has long conversations about literature and mythology with him. Sometimes, she catches up with Ivan. Chung Lien is still communist in many way and there is a brittle sort of camaraderie between them.

    Some other less, frequent attenders would be Japan and Mongolia. Kiku prefers to drink his tea on his own – to him, the tea ceremony is an intimate act, and there are few nations with whom he would perform it and even fewer that would have the patience with it. When he attends, he never serves and also gets the occasional glare from Yao.

    Sarnai is tolerated. That is because she has either bad blood with the other attendees, or is insignificant. While her reign did usher in progress and a few golden ages, Yao, Ivan and Kiku remember the violence of her conquests all too well. Besides, she salts her tea. That is a Mongolian tradition the others detest.

    When it comes to tea lovers, England must be mentioned. However, he isn’t a craved for guest. Most of the others have a bone to pick with him, especially because of how condescending and amoral he was during his Empire days. Arthur knows this, and therefore drags Australia or New Zealand or South Africa along to act as intermediators and sooth ruffled feathers whenever he joins in. Darya has joked that he could be baited with tea, Arthur knows he can be baited with tea. While other nations do add milk to their tea, Yao finds this as something worth critiquing in England. Once, China even yet so far as too add lemon juice to the milky tea.

    Jack only attends when Arthur makes him come with him, and the same goes for Elenore. They both hold idly chit-chat with the others, with him often grating nerves, and her soothing them. Pierce attends favourably when Arthur isn’t around – he occasionally gets invited by India or Russia. While is also on the boat of black tea and milk, he prefers rooibos. Only with honey and nothing else – people have had to suffer broken bones for approaching his cup of rooibos with sugar. Also always has rusks with his tea, much to the astonishment of everybody else.  

    Austria is a religious member of The Coffee Club TM but every now and then, he visits The Tea Club TM. He has a weird fondness for herbal teas, most of which stem from plants in his own forests. If it isn’t that, then it is black tea with a sizable shot of rum. Both of these habits result in many raised eyebrows. Yet he welcome because he isn’t part of the NATO and has permanently resigned himself to being a diplomate. He has sharp wit that is more subtle than England’s. Yao finds his jokes about death to be in very bad taste while Ivan most ends up roaring with laughter.

    Another religious member of The Coffee Club TM would be Germany. Yet every once in a blue moon, he has an East Frisa phase where he has abnormally strong tea-cravings and therefore must attend. It is almost always a surprise. While he and Russia regard each other with suspicion, Ludwig often gets roped into very pleasant conversations with China or Japan or even Egypt.  

    Egypt and Turkey are the more nondescript members of the club for the most part. Both of them are rather quiet, and only attend it together. Are very generous when it comes to tea with all the Sacred Hospitality. Therefore they prefer to have tea outside the club in a closed circle of guests or business partners. Besides, Turkey has a greater preference for coffee.

    The person whom they would all regard as a heretic would be America. Not because of his love of coffee, rather because of his addiction to ice tea. And because of the Southern tea culture – brew the tea with sugar in a pot so that the sugar caramelises and adding lemon juice to it. All in all resulting in a concoction that has twice as much sugar as Coke. However, Kiku has a photo of Alfred drinking tea British-style in an upper class restaurant in Manhattan. Alfred denies everything and many suspect that photo to be photoshopped anyhow.

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    Hi im new 1

    I like this app

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    #answered #aph 2p nyo india #hws 2p nyo india #aph nyo india #hws nyo india #nyotalia#2ptalia#hetalia#anon ji#sharmishtha#arya
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    #i also think that in nationverse nations are a state secret so whenever India posts his Expose most ppl think hes just memeing on #Chinese ppl in general lol #only a few know the Truth 👁👁 #hetalia#hws china#hetalia headcanons#ask#anonymous#hws india
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